Mimi's Adventures: The Final Battle

By Mimichan



Mimi looked out of her bedroom window. The sun was about midday and seemed joyous. Mimi felt a bit happy. Her birthday was coming up, and she was turning 18. Ark’s birthday was just last month, she thought. He’s 19 now.

            Mimi sighed. That night there was going to be a banquet. She was meeting with Prince Joseph, the Prince of Aries. Since Mimi was almost of age, her parents had already created a wedding date for the week right after her birthday. She was wedding someone she never met! Mimi went to her bed, and lay down on it. She rubbed Rose’s back. The little puppy sat up, stretched, yawned, and looked at her.

            “Ark…” Mimi whispered. “Ark…why can’t I stop thinking about him? Why can’t I get him out of my mind? Lately that’s the person I’ve been thinking of…” Rose looked at her inquiringly.

            Mimi sat up, and looked at her bedroom. Her closet was still there, her bed, windows and dresser were everywhere they were supposed to be. But Mimi felt as if it was all gone, like she was in a place she had never seen before.

            “Since when did mom and dad get so cruel?” she asked. “They’re forcing me to marry someone I’ve never met, but…I don’t know why, but it’s Ark that I want to wed. I don’t know why though… Aren’t we just friends?”

            Rose jumped off of the bed, and ran to play with her squeaky bone. Mimi watched the pup toss it up, and caught it. And pushed it all around the room. Mimi flopped onto her pillow, suddenly exhausted. Then, there was a knock on the door.

            “Who is it?” Mimi asked.

            “It’s us,” came a voice, “Gabriella and Kimmie.”

            “Come in.” The door opened, and inside stepped Mimi’s two friends.

Gabriella was wearing the outfit that she wore when they had traveled to Tolkein: rainbow sweater with jeans. Kimmie was wearing her blue T-shirt with a heart in the center, and blue jeans.

Gabriella sat on Mimi’s bed, while Kimmie went and sat in the chair next to her desk.

            “You OK?” Gabriella asked. Mimi smiled.

            “Of course I’m OK!” she said. “I’m not sad or anything, why would I be—”

            “You aren’t, are you?” Kimmie interrupted. “About tonight.” Mimi looked away. She might as well let it out…

            “No,” she said. “I’m not OK.”

            “About the Prince coming tonight?” Gabriella asked. Then, Mimi let out her anger.

            “It’s not fair!!” she cried. “I should be the one to choose who I want to wed! Not my parents! I’m the one who will know who I’d be happy with! I don’t even know this Prince Joe-what’s-his-face, and I already hate his guts! He’s probably a butt-head that thinks he can win me over with words of kindness, and when he’s got me, he’ll ask ‘will you marry me’ and expect me to say yes! But I’m not that kind of person! I want someone who likes me for who I am! I already have someone, and no one, not even the stupid Prince can take that one person’s place!!” Ark’s face appeared in her mind. “No one!!” Ark’s smile… “No one!!!!” She stopped to take a breather.

            Gabriella and Kimmie were both staring wide-eyed at Mimi. Even Rose was still, holding her squeaky bone in her mouth, and staring up at her owner. Kimmie looked at Gabriella, and they both stood up.

            “Who’s this person?” Kimmie asked. “You can tell us.” Mimi hesitated.

            “I’d like to keep it a secret,” she said after a long time. Kimmie walked to the door.

            “I think we have a pretty good guess of who it is,” Gabriella said, and followed Kimmie out to the hall. Mimi stood there for a moment.

            “Maybe Romani has some good advice,” she said to herself, and left, heading for Lon Lon Ranch.


                        *                                                          *                                              *

            Mimi walked into the entrance of the Ranch. When she opened the door to her house, she saw Talon feeding the chickens. He stopped and wiped his brow, and noticed Mimi.

            “Hello, Princess!” he said, and bowed.

            “Don’t,” Mimi said. “Call me Mimi.” At first Talon was startled, and then smiled. “Is Romani anywhere?”

            “Yes,” Talon answered, and went back to feeding the chickens. “I think she’s out in the field singing her heart out to the horses.” Mimi nodded, and left.

            She ran to the huge round gate, and inside were many horses. Mimi looked around and spotted Romani sitting on the ground, surrounded by horses, and singing to them Epona’s Song. Somewhere in the crowd, Mimi spotted Epona and Ashley. She ran over to Romani. Romani looked up at Mimi, and smiled to her.

            “Hi, Mimi!” she said. “What’s up?”

            “I just wanted to get away from the Castle,” Mimi said. “Have you heard about the Prince?”

            “Who’s the Prince?” Romani asked.

            “He’s Prince Joseph of Aries,” Mimi said. “He’s asked for my hand in marriage, and the week after my birthday is the wedding. I’m supposed to meet him tonight.”

            “That snobby Prince?” Romani asked. “All the girls in the Market are in love with him. I don’t know why they do. But I know a bit about him.”

            “Can you tell me?” Mimi asked, clasping her hands together.

            “He’s pretty strange,” Romani said. “He only likes girls who are beautiful and rich. Once he sees you, you’ll fit that part no sweat. He’ll only want you for your money and riches. He basically only wants others to be jealous of him.”

            “I hate him even more,” Mimi said. “I don’t want to meet him at all. I bet he’ll find another girl right after me.” Romani nodded thoughtfully, and turned to the horses. Mimi sat down in front of her, and listened.

            Romani’s voice was beautiful, and singing Epona’s Song seemed as if it were taking Mimi on a ride to another world where there were no worries. Nothing about unfairness, or pain that Mimi was feeling. After a few minutes, Romani stopped.

            “Do you want to have a horseback race?” she asked. Mimi sat up straighter.

            “That would be great!” she said, and the two grabbed Ashley and Epona.

            “Hey!!” Epona cried.

            “Don’t we have a say in the matter?” Ashley asked. The girls ignored them, and climbed onto their backs. They ran forward, and raced around the gate three times. They had the race about six times, and the girls each one three rounds. By that time, Epona and Ashley were wiped out.

            “So…tired,” Ashley panted.

            “Need…water,” Epona said. They both trotted away and went to the water basin, drinking up all they could.         

            Mimi looked over to the exit, and spotted a guard from the Castle. Mimi froze, rubbed her eyes, and looked again. The guard wasn’t standing there anymore.

            “Hey, Romani…?” she asked, but didn’t finish her sentence. Romani’s arms were being held behind her back, and the guard was standing behind her. He had one hand over her mouth.

            “On the King and Queen’s orders, Princess Mimi is to hereby come back to Hyrule Castle,” the guard said, as Romani struggled for release. “The Prince will soon be arriving, and the banquet has started.” Mimi looked over to the sky, and saw the sun that was sinking behind the hills. Sun set had already come and the day was almost over. She turned to the guard and said, “What if I don’t want to meet the Prince?” The guard tightened his grip on Romani’s mouth. She yelped, and struggled, her breath escaping her. Mimi reached out a hand. The guard pulled Romani back and said “The King and Queen would like it if you came back to the Castle to meet the Prince!”

            “I don’t want to meet the Prince!” Mimi said, standing up. “He’s a butt-head and from what Romani told me he only wants people to be jealous of him, and he only wants the kingdom and my family’s riches!”

            “You can’t believe this ranch rat,” the guard said, and Romani glared at him, still struggling against his tight grip. “These kinds of people come up with all sorts of lies!”

            “That’s not true!” Mimi said. “Let her go!”

            “I will once you come with me to the Castle!!” Mimi froze, and stared at her friend who was staring back with eyes that said ‘don’t worry! You don’t have to go with him. I’ll be fine!’ But Mimi couldn’t accept that, and looked down.

            “Alright,” she said softly. “I’ll go.” The guard shoved Romani to the floor, and grabbed Mimi’s arm. She stared back helplessly as Romani rubbed her neck, and stood, wondering how she could help her friend. Mimi wrenched her arm out of the guard’s hand.

            “I can walk by myself,” she said angrily, and stormed off to the Castle.




            Mimi shoved on her blue dress, braided her hair, and placed her tiara on her head.

            “Stupid guard,” she said. “Stupid Prince. Stupid Mom. Stupid Dad.” She irritably put on her earrings, and stomped out of her room, trying to put on her necklace.

            She went down to the banquet hall, and shoved the doors open. The lords and ladies were all inside, eating, talking and laughing with each other. Mimi ignored all of them and stomped over to her seat. She looked to her left and saw an empty chair, most likely for the Prince.

            Mimi looked around and spotted her parents talking to some old guy and a red suit. (Not Santa) She slumped lower in her seat, and a woman next to her poked her shoulder.

            “What?!” Mimi looked annoyingly at the lady who had just poked her.

            “You are very lucky,” the woman said. “My daughter, Cecilia would give anything to be in your shoes. Mimi gritted her teeth, trying hard to not out of pure delight to smack the woman up-side the head.

            “How am I lucky?” she asked, a fist clenched, ready to hit. The woman smiled.

            “You’re marrying Prince Joseph!” she said. “You’re very humorous, thinking you’re not lucky. The Prince would like that in you.” Mimi grinded her teeth until they hurt, holding her fist in her right hand. Then, she stood up, and went to the door.

            “I don’t care what they say,” she mumbled under her breath. “I’m not meeting that Prince.” She opened the door, and there stood the Prince.

            He had blonde hair, green eyes, and wore a crown. He had a pointy chin and was wearing a blue dress robe with cuffs at the neck and hands. He wore the lamest boots Mimi had ever seen, and he looked very, very ugly to her.

            “I stand corrected,” she said to herself.

            “Pardon?” Joseph asked. He sounded lazy, and looked partly high.

            “Nothing,” Mimi said. The Prince looked at her.

            “Are you, Princess Mimi?” he asked her.

            “What if I am?” Mimi asked.

            “Good, good!” the Prince said. He took her hand. “Glad to meet you. Did you get my request?”

            “What?” Mimi took her hand away and wiped it on her dress.

            “My marriage request?”

            “Oh,” Mimi said. “Sorry, but your application has been rejected.”

            “Well, your parents don’t seem to think so,” Joseph said. “Otherwise they wouldn’t be having this banquet! Oh, I do hope we can love each other and live happily!”

            “Who’re you talking to, me or my riches?” Mimi asked.

            “Pardon?” Joseph said again. Mimi sighed.

            “Nothing…” she said. Music started, and people started dancing together on the dance floor. Mimi spotted her parents in their seats, talking to each other.

            “Oh, I love this song!” Joseph said, clasping his hands together. He looked like a schoolgirl who was just asked out. (Ewwwwwww) “Mimi, come dance with me!” Mimi reluctantly followed. She looked pleadingly at her parents, and mouthed, “Help me!!” They gave a small smile.

            “Have fun,” Zelda called. She and Link went back to their talk. Mimi almost saw a hint of sadness in their eyes, but couldn’t tell if she saw it or not. She then began to dance with the Prince, hoping that something, anything would come in to interfere.

            A Wolfo! Mimi thought. A moblin? A bokoblin? Skeleton? Giant spiders? Anything!!

            “What’s wrong, Mimi?” the Prince asked. “You do look very pale.” Mimi was getting sick of this guy. She stepped away from him, and stormed to the doors. Joseph ran after her. When she was in the hall, he called to her.

            “Mimi!” he said, panting. “Wait!”

            “Why should I?!” Mimi yelled, continuing to walk. “I hate you! You’re just a snobby Prince who’s trying to worm his way into my heart! Why don’t you give up and go tell someone who cares?!” Joseph ran up to her.

            “Wait, Mimi,” he said. “Can we not talk about this?” He took her hand, and kissed it. That was the last straw. Mimi pulled her hand away, and smacked him.

            “Don’t touch me!!” she yelled. “I don’t want to see your face in my presence ever again!!”

            “But Mimi—” Joseph stepped forward, but Mimi smacked him again.

            “Stay away!!!” she screamed. “I don’t want to see you! Get out of my sight!!” Joseph ran away, cowering in fear.

            “This seems to be someone I’ve never met before,” came a voice behind her. Turning, Mimi saw Ark. “How is everything?” Tears filled up in Mimi’s eyes.

            “Ark!!” she ran into his open arms. “Ark! You’re here!!”

            “Well, I can’t stay long,” he said, and led her back to the banquet. “About twenty minutes at the longest. I have a few things to help my parents with back in Tolkein.” The two headed back to the banquet.

            Joseph spotted Ark, and walked over to him.

            “Who are you?” Ark asked. “A clown come to entertain?” Mimi had to laugh at Ark’s comment, but stopped as Joseph pulled her to his side.

            “This is my Princess!” Joseph said angrily. “I already proposed!” Ark stared blankly at the two.

            “Is this true Mimi?” he asked. Mimi pulled herself away from Joseph, and back to Ark’s side.

            “I never accepted,” Mimi said. “My parents did.” Ark looked at her, and back to Joseph as Mimi buried her face in Ark’s suit.

            “So, this is going to be a forced marriage?” Ark asked. Joseph shook his head, and pointed to Mimi.

            “She lies,” he said. “She did accept, but she won’t admit it.”

            “I’m not saying I don’t believe you,” Ark said, and stood at full height in front of Joseph. “But I’ve known Mimi since we were kids, and she always tells the truth. Seeing you, something tells me that you lie and cheat your way into things, just to get your way.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Joseph said, trying to defend himself. Ark just gave him a cold glare, and Joseph cowered, running away. Mimi watched him, and looked back to her parents. They were still talking but Mimi knew that they had seen what just happened. Was that happiness in their eyes just then, or had Mimi imagined it?

            “Did you accept his offer?” Ark asked her. Mimi looked up at him, startled, and realized that he was serious. “Tell me the truth.”

            “I didn’t,” Mimi said. “I wouldn’t accept an offer from someone that I’d never met.” Ark seemed to let out a sigh. Mimi couldn’t tell if it was a sigh of relief, or a sigh that he was happy for making her own choice.

            “I’m sorry you have to marry him,” Ark said after awhile. “I can’t do anything. It’s your parents’ choice, not mine.”

            “You can’t?” Mimi felt her tears coming again. “You can’t do anything?” Ark shook his head.

            “But I can do this,” he said, and reached for her hand. “A dance?” Mimi smiled, and danced with Ark.

It was the best time of her life, dancing with someone she loved. Her heart hammered whenever the two went close and back away again, but otherwise everything was fine. All the girls were staring at Ark, mostly Cecilia, but Mimi stuck her tongue out at her. Cecilia fumed and stalked away. After the dance, Ark took Mimi to the food. There, they ate and talked about how everything was going over the year that they had been apart. Mimi’s eyes often drifted to look at Ark whenever he wasn’t looking, and she felt herself longing to kiss his cheek…but when he turned, she’d blush and immediately look away: for Ark seeing her, and of her longing.

“I want to give you something,” Ark said. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a small box. “It’s a birthday gift. I won’t be able to see you for awhile, so…” He handed her the box. As Mimi looked at it, Ark gave her a small kiss on the forehead, and left. Mimi felt herself blush as she touched her forehead. She opened the box and inside was a bracelet. It was wonderful; shining gold, and carved into it was the name ‘Mimi’. She put it on her wrist, and beside the annoying Prince, and stuck-up Cecilia who was asking for Ark, Mimi had a great night.

*                                                          *                                              *         

Over the next few days, Mimi had a wonderful time. She wore her bracelet 24.7 and never took it off. Then, it was her birthday.

Ark gave me two gifts that night at the banquet, Mimi thought. One the bracelet, and the other the… She trailed off in her own mind, and blushed. Today’s my birthday! She remembered. I’m eighteen years old!!

She yelled out some Japanese words from her trip there, and shouted, “HAI, HAI, HAI, HAI!!” (yes, yes, yes, yes!!”

            She jumped off of her bed, and picked up Rose, dancing with her all around the room. When she put her down, Rose was jumping all around the room, and barking happily up at her owner. It seemed as if she was saying, “Happy birthday, Mimi!!”

            “I’m in a good mood, today!” Mimi said. She ran down the hall, washed up for a brief 5 minutes and came back changing into a red shirt, a skirt, pink socks and white shoes. She looked at herself.        

            “Man, I look like a Valentine’s Day decoration!” she said, and laughed. “Come on, Rose!” Her little pooch barked, and followed her outside.

            Mimi grabbed a horse, and on it’s side put a small basket. She put Rose in there.  

“We’re headed for the Woods!” Mimi said, and Rose let out a long howl mixed with barks. Mimi rode the horse forward, and they headed for the Forest.



            O genki desu ka!” Mimi said to her horse. “How are you?” It neighed to her, and she smiled. “I’m happy, too!” she said. “Today’s wonderful isn’t it?” Rose yipped at the sight of a small Kokiri boy. He looked up at Mimi, and smiled.

            “It’s the Princess!” he called. “One of the Heroines!!” The other Kokiri yelled, and circled around Mimi’s horse. The girls patted Rose on the head, and the boys looked at the horse.

            “How is everything?” asked a small girl.

            “Everything’s great!” Mimi said. “Today’s my birthday, and I was just heading into the Lost Woods!”

            “In that case, I’ll go with you!!” came a voice.

            “Navi?” Mimi asked. “Navi, is that you?”

            “Yes, it is!” Navi flew out from behind a tree. “A fairy has to come with you into the Lost Woods, otherwise you’ll turn into a monster.”

            “So, I guess you’re coming along?” Mimi asked. Navi nodded, but it was more like she flew up and down. She circled around Mimi’s head, and they went up the hill into the Lost Woods.

            “Happy birthday Mimi!!” the Kokiri shouted behind her, as they left.

            “Thank you!” Mimi called to them, and they entered the Lost Woods.


            “So, why is it that you’re coming to the Lost Woods?” Navi asked as they were a bit further in the forest.

            “I wanted to visit Saria,” Mimi said. “I’m visiting all the Sages today, just to see how they’re doing.”

            “Saria first?”  Navi asked. Mimi nodded. “Then who?”

            Then it’s Darunia,” Mimi said. “After that, Impa, then Ruto, and last, Nabooru.”

            “That seems like a pretty long schedule,” Navi said. “How was the banquet?” Then, Mimi gazed dreamily into space.

            “Hello?” Navi flew in Mimi’s face. “Love struck, huh? Who was it that kissed you?”

            “It was small, and on the forehead!” Mimi said defensively. Then she added, “Ark.”

            “I heard that you were suddenly sent to be engaged with some guy named Joseph of Aries,” Navi said. “Is it true? Because if it is, you should have your own right to choose who you like, just like Zelda did when she was your age. I mean, she was able to marry Link, and so you should be able to marry your love, too. Doesn’t that just seem fair? It seems fair to me. Don’t you think so too?”

            “It is fair,” Mimi said. “I hate that Joseph. He told Ark that I liked him, but I didn’t. Before Ark left, he gave me this bracelet.” Mimi held up her wrist, and Navi looked at it.

            “It looks hand-made,” she said. “Not at all like it was bought. Nope.”

            “It does?” Mimi asked and looked at her wrist. Then, Rose started to growl, Navi’s wings twittered, and the horse started to neigh. “What is it?” Mimi looked at them all.

            “Someone’s coming,” Navi said fiercely. Then, Mimi heard a laugh. A laugh that she hoped she would never hear again. Then, right in front of them appeared a black portal. Out of it came Ganondorf. He looked the same as if he had just walked right out of the tower once everyone had escaped.

            “Welcome, Mimi,” he said. Mimi sat still, but brought up her courage to speak to him.

            “Why are you here?” she said to him. “I killed you! You should be dead!”

            “You were too kind,” Ganondorf said. “Luckily the Master Sword didn’t pierce through me, and so, secretly I lived.”

            “But how did you survive through the explosion?” Mimi asked.

            “I activated the last of my Power after everyone was gone, and I hid.”

            “What Power?” Mimi asked. “I posses all of the Triforce pieces!”

            “Not for long,” Ganondorf said. “I have a plan. A plan that will make this world, and all others to get under my control!” Mimi whispered under her breath, “Kasumi!

            “You can’t!” Mimi said louder. “You can’t take over the worlds, because I’m here! And my friends as well!”

            “But you’re the only one who can wield the Master Sword to destroy me,” Ganondorf said to her. “The Sword is in the Temple of Time, behind the Door of Time, and you won’t get to it!”

            “Yes I will!” Mimi said. “What makes you think I can’t if I can run quick?”

            “You won’t be running, walking, or moving for a very long time,” Ganon said, and held up a hand. A blast of energy shot at Mimi, and she fell off of her horse, and she was unconscious.

            “Mimi!” Navi flew down to her. Rose jumped out of the basket. Ganon knocked them both away with a swift kick. He stood over Mimi, and placed a hand on her forehead.

            “Now,” he said. “Give me what I deserve.” The three Triforce pieces flew above the ground, and Ganon looked at it, with a look of hunger in his eyes.

            “Finally!” he said, and walked towards it, and stood in front of it, and placed his left hand on the golden power.


            The Triforce then formed into Ganon’s left hand, and he laughed as darkness filled the Woods, all of Hyrule, and every land that existed. In the darkness, all that was seen in front of Ganon was Navi, a small pooch, and a sleeping Mimi. Ganon picked up Mimi by the hand, and she was still in sleep. With his left hand he conjured up another dark portal, and tossed Mimi into it.

            “She will not be found,” Ganon said. “But, if anyone gets past my obstacles, and gets to her, Mimi will only be awakened by a gift in her heart from her love. One kiss.” He closed the portal, and put Rose in the basket. He kicked the horse’s side, and it galloped to the only place it knew: Hyrule Castle. Ganondorf laughed again. He turned around to where the portal vanished and said, “Oh, and happy birthday,” before vanishing into thin air. Navi awoke and fluttered around.

            “Mimi?” she called. “Mimi! Where are you?” Then, a voice filled her head, and she remembered what she had heard from Ganon. The only words she paid attention to were the words ‘love’ and ‘one kiss.’

            “I have to tell the others!” Navi said to herself, and flew away.


                 *                                                     *                                              *

            Navi flew out of the Forest, quick as she could. She flew all the way to Hyrule Castle to find Link or maybe even Zelda. She flew down corridors, startling maids before she flew into two people.

            “I have to find Link!!!” Navi said to them.

            “Navi?” Gabriella asked. “Is that you?” She picked the fairy out of her blonde hair, and looked at her.

            “It is her!” Kimmie said. “Navi, I can’t believe we’re seeing you again! What’s got you in so much of a hurry?”

            “It’s Mimi!!” Navi said.

            “Mimi?” Kimmie asked. “Man, she’s always getting herself in trouble… Hey, isn’t today her birthday?” Navi nodded.

            “We were going to wish her a happy birthday and give her this gift,” Gabriella said, holding out a necklace. It had a heart in the center. “Inside of it is a picture of all of us on Hyrule Field. Do you know where she is, Navi?”

            “Know where she is??” Navi cried. “I know where Ganondorf sent her, but I don’t know where she is!!”

            “Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down,” Kimmie said. “Shouldn’t Ganondorf be dead?”

            “It’s terrible!!” Navi said, and started to babble.

            “Hold up!!” Gabriella put a finger on her mouth. “Start from the beginning. We know about how the place went into total darkness, but how did it happen?” Navi took a few deep breaths, and then started.

            “Well, Mimi was heading to the Woods, to visit Saria,” she began. “She was going to go visit all of the Sages to see how they were doing. When we got closer to the Sacred Forest Meadow, Ganondorf appeared out of a black portal! He said that Mimi didn’t thrust the Master Sword all the way through him, so he lived. He said that he activated the last of his power and lived secretly. He knocked Mimi off of her horse, and then, he took the Triforce right out of her!!”

            “The Triforce?” Kimmie asked. “OK, what happened then?”

            “I was knocked out, but I heard Ganondorf make a wish. He put the land in total darkness, and all of the other worlds too! He wants to command them all!”

            “Everywhere?” Gabriella asked. “All of the worlds? Not just Hyrule?” Navi flew up and down for a nod. 

            “He made his wish, and then opened up another portal, I heard the sound it made,” Navi said. “I think he threw Mimi in it, because he said, ‘No one will find her.’ But then he said something about if she’s found then only the kiss of her love will awaken her! I have to find the King and Queen!!”

            “That love is most likely Ark,” Kimmie said. “But, we aren’t even sure where the King and Queen are!”

            “They might be up in the study, or the library,” Gabriella said. “But, we’ve checked there. We were asking around where Mimi was.”

            “We have to find them!” Navi said. “We have to find them, and tell them about this! Come on! I think I can find Link, because my fairy senses would know him anywhere!”

            So, following the blue light, the girls followed Navi up steps, and entered the King and Queen’s room. Gabriella knocked on the door, while Navi sat on Kimmie’s head.

            “Hello?” she asked. “This is urgent! It’s about the Princess!” The door opened, and standing in the doorway was Link in his green outfit.

            “You know where she is?” he asked them.

            “No,” Kimmie said. She pointed to the blue light on her head. “But Navi here does.”

            “Navi?” Link looked at her.

            “Yes!” Navi said, and flew up in his face. She yelled something at him, but it was such a high shriek that no one could make out what she said. They caught, “unfair,” and “you married your love why can’t Mimi?” and also, “fathead!”

            “What?” Link rubbed his ear. “I didn’t catch that.”

            “I said Mimi’s gone!!!”  Navi said. “She’s in another realm! A different void, not here!!”

            “What’s going on?” Zelda asked, standing walking next to Link.

            “You, of all people!” Navi said. “You gave permission to Joseph to have Mimi! You were able to get your love, and you make Mimi get some…some…some… AAAAACK!!”

            “It’s not our fault,” Zelda said. “We never accepted. The rules of Aries say that when the Prince makes a proposal, the Princess he asks must accept, or face the consequences. The Prince must always get his way.”

            “Isn’t there a way to make everyone happy?” Gabriella asked. No one had an answer for her, so she stayed quiet.

            “Navi says that Ganondorf is back,” Kimmie said. “We have to talk to you.” So, taking a deep breath again, Navi told Link and Zelda of what happened in the Woods. When Navi finished, Link told Gabriella to go get Romani and to meet them at the Temple of Time. She nodded, and left.

            “Come on,” Link said. “We’re going to the Temple.”

            He led them out of the Castle, and to the Temple of Time. They waited there for a bit, and soon, Gabriella and Romani appeared. She had her bow on her back.

            “What’s going on?” she asked. “On the way, Gabriella told me about Mimi. Where is she?”

            “That’s what we’re going to the Sages for,” Link said to her. He led them up the stone steps into the Temple, and they walked inside.

            “How’re we supposed to get to the Sages?” Kimmie asked. “The last time we got there when the Master Sword was pulled out of the Pedestal of Time.”

            “That’s true,” Link said. “I’m not even entirely sure myself. We don’t have the Ocarina of Time with us, but I think I can—”

            “You can what?” came a voice. Out of thin air, Rauru appeared before them. “You think you can just warp up to the Chamber? Young one, if you could do that then Ganondorf would have no trouble at all overtaking us.”

            He chuckled at their startled faces. Then, he raised his hands up and they were whisked away to the Chamber of the Sages.

            Romani rubbed her eyes, and looked around. They were in the Chamber, and all of the Sages looked worried.

            “You’re here!” Impa said, spotting them and coming out of her trance. “That’s good.”

            “Do you know what happened to the Princess?” Navi asked. They all shook their heads.

            “We have no idea,” Nabooru said to the fairy. “If we did, we’d tell you.”

            “We don’t know where she was taken,” Saria said, “but we know how Ganondorf escaped.” She looked at Ruto, who nodded.

            “We were watching the battle Mimi had,” she said. “After she jumped out, Ganondorf moved a bit. He stood, and vanished into thin air. He appeared above the Castle, and with some of his leftover strength, he destroyed his Evil Castle, to make it seem as if he was dead.”

            “When Ruto sensed Ganondorf coming,” Darunia began, “she looked as if she would faint. We were all worried.”

            “So, where is Mimi now, Ruto?” Gabriella asked. “She’s still out there somewhere, right?” Ruto closed her eyes, and began to concentrate. After a few seconds she looked back at Gabriella.

            “Don’t worry,” she said. “Mimi’s heart is still beating, but I can hardly sense her, she’s so far away.”

            “What about the portal?” Navi asked. “The portal that Mimi was sent into? How can it be opened again?”

            “All of you,” Rauru’s deep voice echoed through the Chamber. “Do you know of the five maidens?”

            “The five maidens?” Kimmie asked. “Who are they?”    

            “Long ago, they were captured by an evil wizard,” Nabooru said. “A hero appeared and found each of them, and they helped him seal away the darkness that had covered the land. They still live on.”

            “Shouldn’t they be dead?” Romani asked. “I’ve heard the story about them before, and the time they were in has long since passed.”

            “They have descendants,” Saria said. “The descendants are scattered not only in this world, but in the land Mimi, Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani were sent to, too.”

            “Japan?” Kimmie asked. Saria nodded.

            “Those descendants are the only ones who can re-open the portal leading to wherever Mimi is,” Darunia said.

            “How will we find them?” Zelda asked. “After all, these descendants could be anybody!”

            “That is true,” Impa said.

            “Can’t you guys make something that can like, lead us to where the descendants are?” Romani asked.

            “I can,” Nabooru said. Her hands and eyes glowed, and in front of her appeared five necklaces. They were silver, and had beads. The necklaces flew forward in a different color of their own: pink, green, blue, red and silver. Nabooru relaxed herself, and looked to them.

            “What was that?” Link asked.

            “Those were special necklaces,” Nabooru said. “They will go around the necks of the descendants, and when they’re on them, the new maidens will be able to use their power.”

            “How will Mimi awake?” Navi asked. “The catch? Remember? Only her love can wake her up!”

            “Then I guess we’ll have to bring Ark along with us,” Gabriella said. She turned to the Sages. “Thank you for your help.”

            “Bring the maidens to the Forest,” Saria said. “That’s where the portal can be re-opened.”

            “Right,” Link said, and the group vanished, reappearing outside the Temple of Time.

            “So, do we head off to Tolkein?” Romani asked.

            “I guess we do, if we have to get Ark,” Kimmie said. They went to the Castle, got their weapons and headed to the ranch, got Epona and Ashley, and another horse for Link and Zelda, and then headed for Ark’s homeland.



    *                                                      *                                              *

            “EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! GIANT SPIDER!!!!!” Keiko sat up in her bed, panting.

            “Keiko?” her mom called down the hall. “You alright?”

            “I’m fine, mom!” she called back. “That was scary,” she said to herself. “That spider looked so real!” She looked up, and went over to her window. “Maybe I just need some fresh air…”

            She sighed, and let the wind blow through her brown hair. Then, she heard a tinkling sound, like that of a bell. Keiko looked up, and saw a pink light headed straight for her!”

            “Aaaaaah!!” Keiko tried to jump back, but the light hit her in the neck. “Oomph!” She fell to the ground, and felt a silver necklace on her neck. It glowed pink, and then went normal. “What the heck is this thing?!” She tried to yank it off of her, with no luck.

            “Keiko!” her mother walked to the door. She was wearing a magenta sweater and blue pants, with an apron on her, and her brown hair was up in a ponytail. “Keiko, what are you doing on the floor?”

            “Nothing, mom!” Keiko said, and tried to hide the necklace in her shirt. It still wouldn’t move. It was like a choker necklace. “Just had a bad dream!” She gave a small laugh, and her mother looked at her.

            “I just worry about you, sometimes,” she said. She shut the door, and left the room. Keiko looked at the necklace again.

            “What is this?” she whispered.




            Kasumi walked up to the kitchen with a glass of water, and looked at the TV. The reporter was on it, and everything around him was dark.

            “The town has gone berserk,” he said into his microphone. “Everyone is in panic about the sudden darkness, and people are beginning to worry about the safety of their young ones. Children have spotted strange creatures while they were with their parents. Take this child as an example.” The man held his microphone up to a small boy.

            “I saw a big dog!” the boy said. “And behind it was a skeleton, and they looked like the two monsters that I had in my nightmare!” The kid held up a portrait of a drawing he made. It was more of a scribble and showed a picture of what he said.

            “It looks like a wolf,” the reporter said. “Is it standing on its hind legs?” Kasumi choked on her water, and it splashed on the screen. She coughed and went over to the counter.

            “Those were the monsters Mimi was telling me about!” she said. “The things that were in that war!” Something crashed in her living room.

            Curious, Kasumi went to see what it was. She walked in, and switched the light on. Her window had a huge hole in it, and the apartments below (she moved in an apartment over the year) were outraged by the sudden noise. Kasumi looked out, and saw nothing. She frowned.

            “Did a burglar get in?” she asked herself. She shrugged, and turned back, when a green light flew across her room. “What the?!” Kasumi stared as the green light flew towards her, and looked like a silver necklace. It slammed on her neck, and Kasumi fell over the balcony, and fell from the great height. Am I going to die? Kasumi thought. No!

            Just as she reached the ground she held out her hand in front of her, and a green orb appeared around her. It gently took her to the ground, and she stood up. She dusted herself off, and looked at her hand.

            “Did I do that?” she asked herself. She tugged at the necklace, and it wouldn’t budge. “What is this thing?” She tried prying it off, but the necklace stayed on. Kasumi walked back up to her apartment, and went to her bed, after shutting off the TV.

            Tonight is strange, she thought to herself, I wonder if this sudden darkness will ever lift… She closed her eyes in sleep.



            Janet looked out the window of her room. She was now ten years old. She was frightened of the darkness that had suddenly appeared, and wondered if someone would destroy it. She looked up at the dark sky, and saw a star fly by.

            “A shooting star!” she said. “Quick, make a wish Janet!” she said to herself, and closed her eyes, clasping her hands together. “I wish— EEP!” A blue light had knocked her down on the floor, and a silver necklace stuck around her neck. Janet looked at herself in the mirror, and spotted the necklace, and tried to rip it off. Then she finished her wish.

            “I wish this thing would get off me!!” she shouted, but she knew the wish wouldn’t come true. She yelled, and from the tip of her fingers poured out a blue light, which shattered her mirror. She gazed at it, and then sighed.

            “I’m just glad this was bought with my own money,” she said. “Tomorrow, I’ll throw it out and tell mom and dad that I don’t want it anymore! But that Chase will try and make them not believe me…”

            “Janet!!” her father’s voice came from the kitchen. “What was that sound? I hope it wasn’t anything expensive!”

            “Don’t worry dad!” she called. “Everything’s fine!”

“I’m coming to see!” her father’s footsteps echoed in the hallway. Janet turned back to the mirror, and glared at it.

“Come on, repair it!” she muttered crossly under her breath and holding out her hands. “I destroyed you, I can repair you! Hurry before dad sees!” Blue light emanated from her hands like they did before, and the mirror’s glass shards put themselves slowly back in place.

“Hurry up!!” Janet whispered. There were four pieces left. “Move!” Three…two… Her father twisted the doorknob.

“Is anything broken?” he asked, and looked around Janet’s room. Nothing was out of place, and everything was normal.

“I told you, dad!” Janet smiled. “Everything’s fine!” Her father smiled at her.

“Alright,” he said. “Go to sleep.” Janet quickly jumped into her bed, and shut her eyes tight. Her father watched her for a few more moments, and then shut the door. Janet sat up in bed, and touched the silver necklace. It glowed a bright blue, and then turned back to itself again.

“I hope this doesn’t stay on me long,” she said, and went back to sleep.




“Just add this…and then add that…no! Kimmie wrote rice! Not mice!” Anju angrily tossed the squeaking animal over her shoulder, rinsed out her bowl, and tried again. “Fish, then salt…”

She mixed the ingredients and cooked it. She put some on a small platter and tried it. Then, something splashed in the small pool of water in the corner. Anju turned, and looked at it. Out of it came a red light. It flew up in the air, shook itself off, and flew towards Anju. She stepped back in time to see a silver necklace, and then it wrapped around her neck. She tugged at it, but the necklace wouldn’t move.

“What is this?” Anju asked, and touched the necklace. “I wonder what it is…” She shook her head. “Time to get back to that recipe!” She got up off the floor, and began again.



Samantha danced around her room. She didn’t know why, but she just liked dancing. She had moved to Kakariko and was living in a house next to the Windmill. It had driven her crazy at first, just hearing the man in there singing ‘Around’ for the millionth time, but then she got used to it. It wasn’t like a light would hit her and strike her dead like she had hoped it would on her first visit. She danced and danced until she was wiped out, and fell on her bed, her brown hair all over.

Then, there was a knock on her door. Samantha got up, and walked over to her door. As soon as she opened it, all she could let out was a squeal as a silver necklace in a silver light clung to her neck. Sam stood up, and touched the necklace.

“That really hurt,” she said. She tugged at the necklace, and tried to pry it off with her fingers, but the necklace stayed put. “Is this some kind of a joke?!”

She tugged as hard as she could, but nothing worked. She fell on her bed, dazed, and fell asleep. Dancing and trying to tug a necklace off made her sleepy, especially since it was nearly the middle of the night.

“I’ll think more on it later,” she said, and climbed

back into bed.


      *                                        *                                              *

            “So, let me get this straight,” Ashley said. “Mimi’s been taken into another realm that can’t open unless we find these five maiden descendants, Ganondorf is back, and Ark has to wake Mimi with a…?”

            “Yes,” Romani said. “You’ve got it.”

            “And we couldn’t go with her?” Epona asked. “That sucks!”

            “You should be glad,” Kimmie said from behind Gabriella. “You aren’t the one lost in another time and place without anyone to talk to, now are you?”

            “That just makes me want to get Mimi out of there more,” Gabriella said. “She’s in trouble, and we should hurry up and get Ark, and start this adventure!”

            “That’s Tolkein right there, right?” Navi asked. She was floating around Link’s head.

            “That’s right,” Romani said. “Ark’s Castle is in the middle of it.”

            “But don’t you think it’s strange for us to suddenly come to Tolkein Castle at this lat hour?” Zelda asked.

            “She’s right,” Navi said. “What if a guard thinks we’re coming on Ganondorf’s command?”

            “They won’t,” Link said. “We’ve been here before.”

            “I hope you’re right about this,” Zelda said. “I wouldn’t want to be locked up in a cage for a said crime made up by some lunatic.”

            “We shouldn’t worry about that now,” Link said to her. “We’re almost to the Castle.”

            The group kept their voices and the horses at a low volume so as to not startle anyone. They rode towards the Castle, and came to the closed drawbridge.

            “This Castle is only open by day,” a guard said. “No one can enter!”

            “What about us?” Gabriella said. “We need to enter!”

            “Not even the Heroines of all the Lands, or the King and Queen of Hyrule!” the other guard said.

            “I’ll handle this,” said Navi, and she flew over each guard, sprinkling fairy dust over them. They looked groggy, as if they just woke from a night of no sleep.

            “The King and Queen!” said the guard who had just spoken. “You all can enter!” He drunkenly stomped his foot, and the drawbridge opened. They left the horses behind, and walked into the Castle.



            Ark was up in his bedroom. He was wearing the clothing he had worn on the day he met Mimi, (bigger size & read The Past) and kept putting a finger on his mouth, remembering what he had done at the banquet. He kept going red at the thought of it, and so he tried to think of something different. Then, someone knocked on his door.

            “Who is it?” he asked.

            “Pizza delivery for Mr. Prince Ark!” came Kimmie’s voice. “Large, pepperoni and sausage, hold the mushrooms and anchovies!” Ark laughed and opened the door. Standing there was Gabriella, Kimmie, Link, Romani and Zelda.

            “Hi!” Romani said. “Glad to see you awake! We’d have killed ourselves if we snuck up here for no reason.”

            “You snuck up here?” asked Ark, surprised.

            “You wouldn’t believe how angry the guards were when they spotted us,” Link said. “I bet they would’ve locked us behind bars for making two guards drunk, knocking out another three, and then threatening the last four we ran into. Man, Gabriella, you’re a pretty good at threatening!”

            “I know,” Gabriella said, smiling. “Those guards don’t know what hit ‘em! Like I’d actually slit their throats with a Hammer if they told on us! Ha! They’re idiots!”

            “You threatened?” Ark asked her. Gabriella nodded proudly.

            “But anyway,” Romani said, “we need you to come with us.”

            “Why?” Ark asked. So, they explained the problem, and when they were finished Ark already had his sword at his side.

            “You seem excited,” Zelda said to him.

            “Come on!!” Navi said. “We’d better find those descendants, and save Mimi!!” She flew down the hall, and the others followed her.


       *                                       *                                              *


            “So, he’s coming again, why?!” Epona asked.

            “Because,” Romani said, “we need him for the adventure. We can use his help.”

            “I’m fine with that!!” Epona screamed. “But why is he on my back instead of his horse?!”

            “I couldn’t steal one,” Ark said. “My parents would instantly know, and I’d be busted.”

            “Why me?” Epona asked Ashley, fake tears pouring from her eyes. “Why not you?”

            “Because you’re you,” Ashley said sarcastically, “and I’m me.”

            “That’s a good reason,” Epona said in the same tone. They were all on their horses, and headed for a anywhere their footsteps would take them. They traveled far and in search of the descendants of the maidens.




            Mimi floated aimlessly on a bright pink orb. The area around her was the colors of a sunset, and her eyes were shut in a deep sleep. Though she could still hear her own thoughts.

            What happened? She asked herself. I can…hardly remember a thing… It wasn’t until she was dreaming did she interrupt it, and remember what happened earlier. Ganondorf made a wish on the Triforce, and it went into his hand, she thought. Then, I ended up here. Why can’t I wake up and just leave? It’s almost as if I’m paralyzed. She tried to make a sound.

            “Mom… Dad… Kim—” But her voice came hardly above a whisper.

            Wake up, Mimi! She said in her head. Just wake up, and this will all be a dream… But it isn’t… Some birthday present. I was hoping for a good day, too. But that Ganon had to ruin it. Why me? Of all people in the world who could’ve been chosen for this…why choose me? Was it always… Was it always my destiny? Ever since the day I was born?

            Those questions rang through Mimi’s head, and no solution came. Then, she began to dream again…



            “…As long as you both shall live?” the priest asked.

            “I do,” Joseph said. A chill ran down Mimi’s spine as the veil was raised in front of her face, then, something touched her forehead. Looking up, Mimi saw that she was reliving the day at the banquet when Ark arrived. She looked at her wrist, and Ark left the dark room.

            It was pitch black, and Mimi was suddenly five again, in her nightgown with her teddy, and running after Ark, still 19.

            “Wait!” she called in her small voice. “Wait up, Ark!” He vanished in a wisp of light, and Mimi was left all alone. She looked around, and then at her hands. She was holding the Master Sword and in front of her stood Ganon. She raised her blade, and something slit her throat. She collapsed and looked around.

            She was in a sunlit field. In the center of it was a tree, and under the tree was Ark. He was wearing a blue suit, and smiled at her.

            “Sit next to me, Princess,” he called to her. Mimi stood up in a white dress, and ran to him. As she drew closer, Ark vanished and in his place was Joseph. He patted the grown beside him.

            “Sit down,” he said to her. Mimi started to run away, but the tree and Joseph never got any further away. Joseph stood and walked towards her.

Mimi clenched her fist as her nightmare raged on. And, because she was asleep, the dream would never end.    


   *                                           *                                              *

“Where should we head to first?” Kimmie asked. “The descendants could be anywhere.”

“That’s true,” Gabriella said. “But did that stop us when we searched for the orbs of light?”

“No!” Romani cheered.

“Did we get depressed?” Gabriella asked.


“Did we continue?!”


“We continued on!!”

“That’s enough of your preaching, Gabriella, we have work to do,” Epona said. Gabriella’s face went red.

“Sorry,” she said, crestfallen.

“But, Kimmie is right,” Ark said. “The maidens could be anywhere. How will we know where to look?”

“We’ll journey to each land we visited,” Romani said.

“That would include the lands over seas,” Kimmie said. “It would take ages for us to get there and back.”

“How about Termina?” Romani then suggested. “We haven’t been there in a while, and after that we can go to Japan!”

“It seems like a more logical ordeal,” Zelda said.

“What the Hyrule’s logic?” Link asked her. She shook her head.

“Let’s head for Termina then,” she said, and they galloped off for the far off land.


The next day, the group reached Termina, but not without running into some stray monsters every now and then. Even though it was morning, the sky was as dark as it could be, and light never showed. They rode into town, and looked at the empty streets.

“It makes sense,” Ark said.

“Sure does,” Navi said. “Who would walk the streets with monsters appearing so often?”

They headed for East Clock town, and went into the Inn.

(“It seems that something’s calling us in here,” Zelda had said. “We might have found someone to aid us in this epic quest.”

“Will you stop talking like that?!” Link said, obviously irritated. “I can’t stand it!”)

            They walked in, and looked around the deserted place. No one was in the waiting room, and it seemed like everyone had vanished off the planet. The only noise to be heard, was sounds coming from the kitchen along with a voice.

            “Stupid sauce!” the voice said. “Why’d it have to fall on the recipe sheet? Now I’ll never figure this out!” A few more sounds of clambering and clatters came. “That doesn’t go in there!!” the voice said. “It’s supposed to go in the fish! I already tried adding flour, and accidentally put in a real flower! That obviously won’t work! Oh man! Why can’t this soup for grandma just be as easy as one, two three?!”

            “Anju?” Romani went to the desk. “Is that you, Anju?” The voice and noise stopped, and Anju’s head poked out of the kitchen doorway.

            “Romani!!” she said happily. “You’re here!”

            “I’m not the only one here,” Romani said. Anju came to the desk, and looked at everyone. She nodded to the King and Queen, and her eyes rested on Ark.

            “Who’s that?” Anju asked. “A friend of yours?”

            “Yes,” Gabriella said. “He’s Prince Ark of Tolkein. He’s here to help us on a journey.” Ark bowed to her.

            “What is this journey about?” Anju asked.

            “We have to find five maiden descendants!” Navi said. She started to explain the situation. “And then, the necklaces spread across. They’re supposed to attach to the descendants, and if we find them then that person has to come with us back to the Forest in Hyrule. We haven’t found anyone wearing a necklace yet.”

            “Is that so?” Anju asked. She put her hand around her neck, and her fingers touched the silver of the necklace. She immediately drew her hand back, and smiled to them. “Well, I hope that you find a descendant quickly,” she said. “This Ganondorf guy has put us all in danger!”

            “Are you OK?” Kimmie asked. “You sound nervous.”

            “I’m not nervous!” Anju said. What I’m nervous about is that I’m a descendant of a maiden from years ago, Anju thought. Is this necklace sure it hasn’t got the wrong person?

            “What were you doing back there?” Ark asked, pointing to the kitchen. “We heard you talking to yourself.”

            “Well,” Anju said, “Kimmie and the others left me a note for all the recipes that they made while they were here. Grandma fell ill, so I’m trying out the soup that they wrote how to make.”

            “You need help?” Romani asked. Anju nodded.

            “That would be great!” she said, and led Romani to the kitchen. The others went up into the rooms, and there had a talk on what they should do. Downstairs, Romani was busy warming water for the soup. She looked at Anju, who seemed to be in a rush with what she was doing.

            “Slow down,” Romani said to her. “Otherwise, the soup won’t come out as it’s supposed to.” Anju nodded, and turned away. But, Romani had already seen something silver on her neck.

            “Well, we’re almost done!” Anju said, covering her neck.

            “What’s that necklace?” Romani asked, pointing. As she did, it glowed red, and Anju did too. There was a bright flash of red light, and Anju was suddenly wearing a red dress. Her hair no longer had curls but was normal, and seemed a bit longer than it was before. She had red earrings, and red bracelets. When Romani saw her necklace, she shrieked. The others came down as quick as they could.

            “What happened?” Gabriella asked, and spotted Anju she covered her mouth.

            “Is that you, Anju?” asked Kimmie. Anju nodded to her.

            “So, you’re a descendant of the maidens?” asked Romani.

            “I guess I am,” Anju said, and looked at herself. “I didn’t want to tell you before because I was wondering if the necklace chose the right person. And it did.”

            “Necklace?” asked Ark. Then, around her neck he spotted a silver necklace. “So, then should we bring her back to the Forest?”

            “ASAP,” Link said. “We need to hurry, because monsters might come now that she’s revealed to them. Ganon will want her dead as soon as Anju’s found.” At this, Anju shivered.

            “Come on!” Zelda said. “We should get out of here!” They quickly ran out to the horses. As they got on, Anju looked at them all, realizing there was no space for her.

            “Come on me,” Ashley said. “I’m no ordinary horse, and I can hold you.” Anju stared at her, and yelped.

            “The horse is talking!!” she said, pointing to her.

            “I know!” Epona said. “Ain’t it cool?”

            “The horse is talking!!!” Anju said again.

            “We know, now get on,” Kimmie said. Anju just gaped.

            “THE HORSE IS TALKING!!” she yelled.

            “WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME, NOW GET ON MY BACK!!” Ashley shouted.

            “S-s-s-h!” Navi said. “Don’t be so loud! We could get attacked!” Anju gulped before climbing on top of Ashley behind Gabriella.

            “Is this safe?” she asked.

            “Don’t worry!” Ashley said. “I’m safe!”

            “That seems less encouraging coming from you!!!!” Anju squealed, as the horses took off at high speed heading back to Hyrule.




“So, this is the Forest?” Anju asked. They were in an area of it that had four tunnels leading in every direction. In front of them led a tunnel to the Sacred Forest Meadow.

            “This is it,” Romani said. “You’re to wait here I guess. Or up with the Sages?”

            “Here,” said Saria, walking out of the Meadow’s tunnel. “She has to stay here with all of the other maiden descendants who come. They all stay here until the portal is opened.”

            “How do you know I’m a descendant?” Anju asked. “Are you sure you haven’t got the wrong person?”

            “The necklaces don’t lie,” Nabooru said. She appeared next to Saria. “You’re a descendant, no doubt about it.” The other Sages appeared around them.

            “Your great, great, great uncle’s father was the maiden’s cousin,” Ruto said to Anju. “That’s how you’re related, and her powers are now yours.”

            “Powers?” asked Anju, staring at her hands. “What powers? I’m just a clumsy woman who doesn’t even know how to cook soup!”

            “There are some things in life that take a while to understand,” Darunia said. “Some things in life don’t reveal themselves to you until the time is right.”

            “So, you have four more maiden descendants to find,” Impa said to the others. “Where are you going to go next?”

            “Japan,” Kimmie said. “We’re going to Japan. It could take us a while to get back, though.”

            “We’ll keep Anju safe,” Rauru said. “Don’t worry about a thing.”

            “Are you ready?” Zelda asked. She had a white portal behind her. “We’ll stay here while some of you head into the portal leading to Japan. I have to stay in order to bring you back.”

            “I’ll go,” Romani said.

            “Me too,” said Gabriella, pointing to herself. “I’d like to see Japan again.”

            “We’ll stay here,” Kimmie said. “If you find a descendant, bring her over.”

            “We will,” Romani said, and she and Gabriella jumped into the portal.




            “So, it won’t come off?” Kasumi asked.

            “No!” Keiko answered. “It’s stuck around my neck, and it keeps on glowing pink!”

            “Mine keeps glowing green.”

            “So you have a necklace too?”


            “Well, I’m glad that I’m not the only one.” Kasumi and Keiko were at Kasumi’s apartment, and talking to each other about the necklaces that had attached to them the other night. Kasumi ran her fingers on the silver necklace’s beads.

            “I wonder why we have them,” Keiko said after a while.

            “Do you think they’re magic?” Kasumi asked. Keiko stared at her.


            “Magic,” Kasumi repeated. “When my necklace attached to me, I fell over the balcony, but before I fell, I stretched out my hand and an orb of green light appeared around me! I landed on the ground like I had just walked out!”

            “Magic?” Keiko frowned. “Let’s find out.” She stood up, and walked out into the pitch-dark sky.

            “What are you doing?” Kasumi asked. Keiko faced the dumpster, and raised her hands in front of her. From the tip of her fingers came out a bright, pink light. It formed around the dumpster, but nothing happened.

            “Nothing happened,” Keiko said. She walked towards the dumpster. “The light sure wasn’t anything special.” Kasumi gaped at what was behind her, struggling to warn Keiko.

            “K-K-Keiko…” she whispered, pointing. Keiko stared at her.

            “You seem pale,” she said. “Is everything alright, Kasumi? Huh? Kasumi?” Keiko looked at her finger, which was pointing behind Keiko. She turned, and covered her nose. Behind her was a dumpster monster. Its eyes had appeared on its lid, and its mouth was where the trash went. Its arms were two small chicken legs and its feet were small stubs. Keiko waved a hand in front of her face, backing away.

            “P.U.!” she said. “What are dumpsters loaded with these days?!” The monster roared, and launched out of its mouth a toilet paper roll that wrapped around Keiko!

            “Keiko!” Kasumi said, and ran to the monster. “Let go of her, beast!” She whacked it with her punches and kicks, but nothing worked.

            “Help!!” Keiko shrieked. The toilet paper pulled her inside the lid of the dumpster. It let out a burp, smiled, and turned to Kasumi.

            “Keiko!!!!!” she yelled. She started pounding on the dumpster. “Keiko!!!!!!’

            “Kasumi!!!!” Keiko’s voice came out small. Can a dumpster digest someone?

            “Let my friend go!!!!!” Kasumi yelled, and the necklace around her neck glowed a bright green. Inside the dumpster came a pink light. Kasumi stepped back, her eyes full of rage.

            Her eyes and hands glowed green, and her hair started to fly around her. Not noticing, she rose to float in the air. Inside the dumpster, Keiko also began to glow pink. Her short brown hair flowed, and she punched at the inside of the dumpster. It roared in rage, as Keiko came out through the hole she made. She flew up next to Kasumi and they looked down at the monster.

            “Beam of Light!!!!!!!” they yelled, and from their hands erupted the color pink and green. The lights formed together, and shocked the dumpster. It roared again, and exploded, heaps of trash flew everywhere.

            Kasumi and Keiko gently floated back to earth, and fainted, wiped out. Suddenly out of nowhere, a skeleton appeared. Behind it were bokoblins, spiders, and moblins. They all circled around Keiko and Kasumi, who were still on the ground.

            “Sorry, guys!” came a voice. “But our friends still have a long life ahead of them!” A spider was squished, and a bokoblin was ripped in half. An arrow hit the floor behind it.

            “Long time, no see, huh?” asked Romani. She and Gabriella landed in front of Keiko and Kasumi. “We haven’t had a fight for a while!”

            The skeleton growled, and charged forward. Gabriella and Romani both attacked, but the skeleton merely split in pieces and formed again in a wisp of sand.

            “Yikes!” Gabriella said, as the skeleton swung its sword down. Romani rolled around it, stood, and fired a hard kick. The skeleton turned around. The next thing the girls new, was that they were up in a corner, gasping for breath.

            “That really hurt,” Romani said. “Why can’t we hit it? Those other monsters vanished quick.”

            “Maybe we lost our touch,” Gabriella said. She faced forward again, and a spider was up in her face. She went pale. Romani and the girls all new Gabriella was arachnid phobic, ever since the day she squished a huge spider and the goop and hair landed on her. The spider hissed, and Gabriella screamed. The spider seemed to like being afraid of, and wrapped Gabriella in a silver thread. It wrapped around her, and Gabriella couldn’t move at all. No matter how hard she struggled, the thread stayed where it was. The spider smacked her to the ground, and put its mouth over her, to suck out her blood.

            “Don’t touch her!” Romani said. She stood up, and drew an arrow. It fired at the spider but nothing happened. The pincers were almost on Gabriella’s throat. She gulped, and shut her eyes.

            “Leave her alone!!” Romani looked over, and saw Kasumi. She was in a green glow, and there was plain anger in her eyes. The spider looked at her, and cowered in fear. “Take the thread off of her!” The spider didn’t move. Kasumi walked forward, and placed a hand on the spider’s head. A shiver went down her spine; Romani could see that she was nervous, and the spider’s head exploded. Gabriella stared at her, and wiggled up to sitting position. Another girl walked up, and ran a finger down the thread. It snapped, and Gabriella was free.

            “Thanks,” she said, rubbing her wrist. “Both of you.” She looked at Kasumi, and then to the girl, spotting their necklaces. “Are you?” She didn’t finish her sentence.

            “No time,” the girl said. “These monsters need to leave this place, once and for all!” She and Kasumi jumped into the air, floating back to back. The put their hands in front of them, and began to glow. Romani and Gabriella watched soundlessly, like they were in theaters and watching an intense martial arts movie. Light escaped the girl and Kasumi’s hands, and they moved in a circle, blasting away every last monster in the area. When they were done, they floated back to land.
            “That was incredible!” Gabriella said. She looked from Kasumi to the other. “I’m Gabriella by the way.”

            “I know,” the girl said. “Kasumi’s told me a lot about you. You’re Romani, right?” Romani nodded. “I’m Keiko.”

            “Where’d you find those necklaces?” Romani asked.

            “They just attached to us,” Kasumi said. “We don’t know why, but they just did.” Romani and Gabriella looked at each other.

            “You remember Mimi, right?” Gabriella asked. The two nodded. “She’s in trouble.” So, the two explained to Keiko and Kasumi about Ganondorf’s return, the sudden darkness, and Mimi being locked away in some other realm and the portal leading to her could only be opened by the maiden descendants.

            “How do you know we’re descendants?” Keiko asked. Romani and Gabriella looked at each other again.

            “The necklaces don’t lie,” Romani said.

            “How are we supposed to get to Hyrule?” Kasumi asked. “That place is in another dimension!”

            “That’s true,” Gabriella said. “We forgot to discuss to Zelda how to get back.”

            “Zelda?” Kasumi asked. “Mimi’s mom?” They nodded.

            “Maybe we can try to contact her,” Gabriella said. “With Keiko and Kasumi’s energy we could try and communicate from the different worlds we’re in.”

            “They have to save their energy,” Romani said.

            “It’s worth a shot,” Keiko said. Romani looked at them, and nodded slowly. So, the four sat in a circle and shut their eyes. They began to form images in their minds of Zelda, Link, Ark, Kimmie, Anju, and the Sages… Everyone. Soon, they got a response.

            “Did you find a descendant?” came Ark’s voice.

            We did, Gabriella said, communicating through thought. We found two, and their names are Keiko and Kasumi.

            “Well, I’m sending you a portal,” Zelda said. “Be ready. It won’t stay long and it might appear far from you. You’ll have exactly ten seconds to get to it.”

            “Why ten?” asked Link.

            “Because, I used almost all my power on the first portal, and this one won’t be able to stay long.”

            All right, Romani thought. We’re ready. The four stood up, and a portal appeared near the apartment door.

            “Let’s go!” Keiko said. They ran to the portal at top speed. Kasumi and Keiko flew fast, and Romani and Gabriella ran. They made it to the portal in the nick of time.

            As they traveled through, a light appeared around Keiko and Kasumi. When they looked at themselves they realized that their outfits had changed.

            Keiko wore a pink dress. She had on pink bracelets, and earrings and her necklace stopped glowing pink. Kasumi was wearing a green dress with green bracelets and earrings. They both looked at themselves, and toppled on the grass of the Forest.

            “Glad to see you here,” Link said to them. Kasumi looked around.

            “What is this place?” she asked, standing up.

            “It’s Hyrule,” Zelda answered. “You’re in the Lost Woods, near Kokiri Forest.” Keiko looked around, and spotted Ark. She looked him up and down, and examined his face.

            “Can I help you?” he asked nervously.

            “I knew it!” Keiko said, and smiled. “You are him!”

            “What?” Ark asked.

            “Oh, that’s right, you don’t understand Japanese,” Kasumi said in their language.

            “Who taught you how to talk Hyrulian?” Link asked.

            “Mimi,” Kasumi said. “Would you like me to translate?” Ark nodded.

            “She says ‘you’re him’.”

            “Him who?” Ark asked. Kasumi repeated the question in Japanese to Keiko.

            “From the picture!” she said. “The picture that Mimi brought with her to Japan! She says she takes it along with her a lot. Are you two lovers or something?” Kasumi had to laugh, as she repeated what Keiko said to Ark. He went totally red.

            “I…uh…” he couldn’t speak at all. Kasumi laughed at Ark. He seemed funny when he didn’t know what to say.

            “Well?” Keiko asked. Ark looked to Kasumi for help.

            “He’s not sure,” she said to Keiko. “I think he’s going to think about it.” Ark sighed with relief.

            “I don’t like this,” Keiko said to Kasumi. “I don’t understand a single word that they’re saying!! Teach me, Kasumi!”

            “Ok! Ok!” Kasumi said. She turned to the others. “So I guess we’re staying here, then.”

            “Yes,” Saria said. “Until the other two descendants are found and the portal is re-opened.”

            “Let’s go,” Zelda said. “I think I hear something calling.”

            “Again?” Navi asked. “Is it a necklace?”

            “Are you a talking ball of light?” Kasumi asked. Navi turned to her, flying up and down in rage.

            “No, I’m a fairy!” she said. “F-A-I-R-Y. Fairy!”

            “I don’t believe—” Keiko began, but Kimmie, Romani, Gabriella and Kasumi covered her mouth.

            “Don’t say that!” Romani said. “Navi could vanish if you say that!”

            “Well I d—” Keiko began, but Kasumi covered her mouth again.

            “Shush!” she said. “Don’t say anything!”

            “Fine!” Keiko said, and moved Kasumi’s hand off of her face. “Can I think it?”

            “NO!” they all said. Everyone looked to them.

            “D-don’t worry about her!” Kimmie said. “She’s just thinking about what she should do while she waits!” The girls gave a weak smile.

            “I was not!” Keiko said.

            “Shut up!!!” Kasumi said, trying to quiet her. “Shut your mouth! Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!” Navi flew toward them.

            “Is something wrong?” she asked.

            “No!” Romani said. “Nothing’s wrong, Navi!”

            “Well, then we should head to Kakariko Village,” Zelda said. They got on their horses, and left the Woods.


                     *                                     *                                              *

            “So, Kakariko is where we have to go?” Ashley asked. Zelda nodded.

            “Something just seems to be there,” she said. “It might even be a descendant.”

            “Probably,” Kimmie said. “And I hope so. I’d like to get Mimi out of that world that she’s in. Who knows what can be happening to her?”

            Same here, Ark thought. I hope that she’s safe.

            “We’ve arrived!” Epona said. “On our right we have the ever so gloomy Kakariko Village! Please avoid sticks, stones, monsters and, AVOID BEING KILLED!”

            “OK!” Romani said. “You don’t have to get so upset.” Epona mimicked her.

            You don’t have to get so upset, she says,” Epona mumbled under her breath. “Yeah right! If you leave us here, I’ll…I’ll…”

            “You’ll what?” Ashley said.

            “I don’t know,” Epona said thoughtfully. “I haven’t really threatened anyone before.”

            “Are you counting out the time you threatened a horse at the ranch that you’d get rid of all of his daily meals by eating it yourself, just because his hoof slipped making you trip?” Ashley asked.

            “As a matter of fact, I am,” Epona said.

            “And the time when you fell for this horse, and this other horse liked him, and you threatened to kill her if you didn’t get the guy?”

            “Don’t ruin my image!” Epona said.

            “What image?” Ashley asked.

            “So that was the quarrel I heard in the stable,” Romani muttered as they walked up the steps to Kakariko.


            “This way,” Zelda said, as they walked through the town. “Something’s this way.”

            They walked up more steps, and in the dark, Romani thought she saw a Wolfo up on the roof of a house. They passed the well, and Kimmie looked into it. The water was in the well, and there was a ladder on the side. But, there wasn’t anything to hold a bucket for people to get water. Kimmie ran her fingers through the water.

            “Come on, Kimmie,” Gabriella whispered to her. She followed them to a house. It was a bricked house, and smoke was in the chimney. There was a welcome mat, and on the sign read ‘Samantha’ in curvy lettering.

            “Samantha?” Romani asked. “Is it…?” She knocked on the door.

            “Who is it?” came a soft voice from inside.

            “Friends,” Romani said. The door slowly creaked open.

            “Friends?” A girl’s face appeared in the doorway. She had long brown hair and brown eyes and she was wearing a light green gown. The girl then spotted Romani.

            “Hi, Sammy!” Romani said, and waved.

            “Romani!” Samantha said happily, and hugged her friend. “I’m glad to be seeing you again! I’ve heard about the adventures that you’ve had, and you’re called Heroines of all the Lands.”

            “That’s right,” Romani said. “And these are the others”—she pointed to Kimmie and Gabriella—“this is Kimmie, and this is Gabriella,” she said. “This is Ark. You remember him, right?” Samantha nodded.

            “The Prince who met Mimi twelve years ago,” she said. “Yes, I remember him.”

            “Uh-huh!” Romani said. “And, I’m sure you know, that this is Link and Zelda, the King and Queen of Hyrule.” Sam stared at them, and curtsied.

            “A pleasure to be in your presence,” she said.

            “How polite,” Zelda said. “You were raised well. Where are your parents?” At this, Sam looked away.

            “They were killed when the darkness spread,” she said softly. “A skeleton came and killed them.” She looked sadly at her feet.

            “I’m sorry,” Zelda said. “I didn’t—”

            “It’s not your fault,” Sammy said to her. “My parents were trying to protect me. They said I could help stop this all, help seal away the darkness, and that they weren’t going to let me die. They were probably just making that up, because that’s what all parents do: protect their children.” She laughed, and her laugh sounded like a little girl. “I’m just glad I have company,” she said, as they sat around her table. “It’s gotten lonely because no one visits me anymore. The town is so deserted.”

            “Why won’t people visit you?” Kimmie asked.

            “It’s because of the light that entered my home yesterday,” Sam said. “They think it was a spirit, and now, no one goes in any distance of my home.”

            “Did you see what the light was?” Ark asked. Sammy nodded.

            “It was a silver necklace,” she said. “It was glowing silver and just attached to my neck.” She pointed to the beads around her neck. “It just won’t budge.”

            “Is that—?!” Romani stared at her friend. “Samantha, are you—?!”

            “Am I what?” Samantha asked. She poked at her necklace. “I really wish that this thing would come off.” Then she looked at everyone.

            “Where’s Karen?” she asked. “And Mimi?”

            “Karen is at home,” Gabriella said. “Mimi is…” She trailed off.

            “Mimi is what?” Samantha looked at her. “Did she go away for a while?”

            “She hasn’t gone away,” Navi said, and flew up to Sammy’s face. “She’s gone.”

            “A fairy?” Sammy asked. “Mimi’s gone?” Navi sighed, and began to explain everything to her.

            “Because you have a necklace,” she said, “you’re one of the maiden descendants to help us seal away this darkness. You have to come with us to the Forest!” Sam stared at her, and then looked down at the table.

            “So, my parents knew all along,” she said softly, “that I was a descendant to help the Heroines of all the Lands… They did it because they knew my destiny…”

               “They did it for that,” Ark said, “and to protect you. You’re their daughter after all.” Sam looked at him, and smiled.

            “You’ve matured since that day, twelve years ago,” she said to him, smiling. “Now, you’re someone who helps. Back then you didn’t want to have anything to do with other people. I’m happy for you.” Ark smiled back.

            “I guess I have,” he said. Kimmie looked at Ark, and then to Samantha. They look like a brother and sister, she thought, after a long time reunited.

            “So, I’ll be going with you to the Forest, then,” Samantha said, and stood up. “Shall we go?” she opened the door. “I honestly would want to be anywhere but here at this time.” She walked out, and the others followed. They were headed to the exit, when Samantha stopped them.

            “Wait!” she said. “I have to do one last thing.” She ran to the Kakariko Village Graveyard.

            Sam walked down rows of graves until she came to the last two in the row. They were her mom and dad’s.

            “Hi, mom,” she said, sitting down in front of them. “Hi dad. I’m leaving for the destiny you were talking about before your death, remember? A necklace came to me, and then some friends came and told me that because I had the necklace, I was a descendant of a maiden from long ago. If you knew this, then I forgive you for never telling me. I guess you didn’t want to make me worry.”

            The others came to the graveyard, and watched Samantha talk to the graves. I feel so bad for her, Romani thought. She doesn’t have any family, and she’s being taken away from her home. But she knows it’s for the better.

            “Well, good-bye,” Samantha said. “I’m leaving, but I’ll come visit you again.” She stood up, and as she did her dress turned silver, silver bracelets appeared on her wrists and silver earrings. She turned, and walked back to everyone else.

            “Ready?” Kimmie asked, as Samantha walked to them.

            “Yes,” she said in her soft voice. “I am ready.”




            “You can talk?” Sammy asked.

            “Yes,” Ashley said. “Now, don’t you go screaming ‘the horses are talking’, otherwise we’ll go nuts!”

            “Ok,” Sam said. “I won’t.”

            “You better not!” Epona said. “I’ve had enough yells for one day.”

            “Including your own?” Ark asked. Epona neighed in response. The sky went darker to show that night was approaching. Soon, it was hard to navigate so they had to rely on the bright, blue glow around Navi.

            “Turn left,” she said, as they reached a huge tree. “The Forest is right around the corner.” So, they reached the Forest, and went through the Kokiri Forest to the Lost Woods. There, they met up with Anju, Kasumi and Keiko.

            “You’re back!” Keiko said. Kasumi had obviously taught her how to speak the language here. “And you’ve brought someone with you!”

            “Yes,” Link said, getting off, and Zelda after him. “Her name is Samantha.”

            “Hello,” Samantha said, looking away. “I don’t want to be a burden, just here to help.”

            “Good!” Kasumi said. “We’ll need your help if you’re a descendant.”

            “Come here,” Anju said, and Sammy stepped forward. “We’re waiting for the final maiden descendant. There are four here now.”

            “Right,” Zelda said. “Just one more. I can’t hear anything calling, though. We’ll have to search by instinct.”

            “That just makes the adventure more interesting,” Gabriella said, rubbing the handle of her Hammer. “But, we have to hurry up.”

            “Be safe,” Sam said, as they rode away. “And come back soon.”




            “Janet, how many times have I told you to go to sleep?” Janet’s father asked. “About a hundred?”

            “It was more like two…” Janet said. “I counted.” Her father sighed.

            “You have to sleep,” he said. “Maybe this’ll blow over by tomorrow morning.”

            “What morning?” Janet asked. “It’s been dark for two days.” Her father looked at her, then said, “Just try to get some rest.” He then left the room, shutting the door behind him. Janet climbed into bed, and tried to sleep, but her eyes stayed open.

            “I can’t sleep,” she said. “It just feels as if I’m someone who can help get rid of this darkness.” She tried to shut her eyes again, but a huge thud interrupted her.

            “Charles!!” her mother screamed. Janet ran to the door, and heard voices. “Chase!!!”

            “Where’s your daughter?!!” yelled a deep voice.

            “I’m not telling you!” her mother answered. Janet could hear her footsteps stepping back.

            “Tell us, or die like your husband and son!!” yelled another voice. Her mother cowered.

            “No!” she said.

            “Then die!!!!!” Footsteps ran forward, and her mother screamed. Janet slammed open her door.

            “Am I who you want?” she asked. There were two skeletons in the hall. One was at the door, holding a sword, and the other had its sword at her mother’s neck, ready to slit her throat. He immediately let go of her, and she collapsed to the floor.

            “You!” he said. Janet looked at the ground and saw a body that had a blood mark on his back. Next to him was her brother.

            “Daddy!! Chase!!” Janet ran towards her father, but the skeleton at the door swooped her up, and held her over its shoulder. “Put me down!!” Janet pounded on its back, but her hands just slipped through the ribs, and came back up again.

            “Let go of my daughter!!” her mother cried, and ran towards the skeleton. The other held out a fist, and her mother ran into it on accident. A huge cut came from her forehead, and she collapsed next to Charles, dead.

            “She was stubborn,” the skeleton said, looking to the other. “I won’t tell you killed the husband if you won’t tell that I killed the wife and son.”

            “Deal,” the other said, and began to walk out.

            “Mommy!!” Janet screamed. “Put me down!!” Tears came down her cheeks. “PUT ME DOWN!!!!”

            A tear fell on Janet’s necklace, and it glowed blue. She punched the skeleton, and it clambered to pieces. She landed on the ground, panting.

            “What the?!” the skeleton took a step back, but Janet held out a hand. From it came a blue light that wrapped around and squeezed the skeleton and it too burst into pieces. Janet gasped for breath, and tried to walk out of the house. As she did, her outfit changed into a blue dress. On her wrists came blue bracelets, and blue earrings.

            “What is this?” Janet asked. She touched her silver necklace. “Ever since I got this thing, I’ve been using power, and…and where did this dress come from?!?!”

            She walked down further in the town of Tolkein. The day before she had heard that Prince Ark had escaped the Castle. Why? Janet thought. Why would he do something like that? Janet walked further and further in the town. Then, she heard galloping horses.

            “Horses?” Janet asked, and turned around. “Ah! It’s the Prince and the Heroines of all the Lands! Along with the King and Queen!” As they rode forward, Janet bowed.

            “Pl-pleased to meet you all!” she stammered.

            “You don’t remember us?” Gabriella asked. “It’s only been a year.” Janet slowly looked into each of their faces. Memories of a carving on a tree and watery orbs filled her thoughts.

            “You helped us in the Whispering Woods!” she said.

            “That’s right,” Kimmie said. “Glad you remember.” Janet smiled. She did remember! Behind her, a moblin walked up and put its spear at her throat.

            “Don’t move,” it said. “Otherwise the maiden descendant dies.”

            “Descendant?” Romani looked at Janet, and saw her outfit and her necklace. “Oh no!”

            “That’s right,” the moblin said. “I won’t hesitate. Master won’t like it if Mimi was brought back to fight him.”

            “Mimi?” Janet asked, and gagged as the spear was put tighter on her neck. “B-brought back t-to fight?”

            “Let her go!” Ark said. He wasn’t about to have someone in his country to die.

            “Why should I?” the moblin smiled gleefully, and moved the spear, to make them think he was going to cut Janet’s throat.

            “He said let her go!” Gabriella drew her Hammer, and swung it down on the moblin’s head. Nothing happened. “What the?!”

            The moblin moved its spear from Janet’s throat, and swung it at Gabriella’s head. She ducked, but the moblin kicked her to the ground. As it walked for her, spear raised, Kimmie got off of Ashley and thrust her dagger into the moblin’s back. She pulled it out, and the hole she made just healed itself. It rounded on her, and kicked Kimmie to the ground. Now, everyone was off of their horses.

              Navi fluttered around the moblin’s face to distract it. Ark ran forward and sliced the moblin, only to be knocked down, rubbing his stomach. Zelda fired light beams at the moblin. It vanished, and reappeared behind her. It put its spear to her throat, but Link came in and slashed the spear in half. It gasped, and punched him, sending him flying backwards.

            “Don’t touch them!!” Janet cried, and held out her hands, sending a beam of blue light into the moblin. After the light vanished, the moblin yelled, and collapsed in a puff of smoke. Janet looked at her hands.

            “You’re a descendant,” Romani said, holding her head. “So, you have to come with us.”

            “Why me?” Janet asked. “Am I special or something?”

            “You are,” Ark said. Janet stared at him, surprised that he said that to her.

            “Navi, you explain,” Link said. Navi flew into Janet’s face, and started to tell her of how Mimi was captured and sent through a portal, and how finding the maiden descendants would help, because they were the only ones who could reopen the portal leading to her.

            “You’re the final one!” Navi concluded. “You have to come with us! We can save Mimi, and then this darkness will soon end! We have to leave, now!”

            “Where will we, the descendants I mean, go after this is finished?” Janet asked. “After the portal has been re-opened?”

            “You’ll go back to your normal life,” Zelda said, “knowing that you will sometimes have to come and help us out, and that you’re a maiden descendant.”

            “What life?!” Janet asked. “My parents and brother have died, my home is ruined… Where am I supposed to live?!”

            “With us!” Kimmie said. She looked at Zelda and Link, and they nodded. “You can live with us. We have enough room.”

            “In Hyrule Castle?” Janet asked her, dumbfounded. They nodded.

            “Well, I guess my family would want me to be happy,” Janet said. Then she nodded to herself. “Alright! I’ll go!” Relief spread over everyone’s faces as they led Janet back to the horses.

            “So this is the descendant?” Ashley asked. Janet opened her mouth, but Link covered it.

            “Don’t,” he said. “They get annoyed if you say it.” Janet just nodded as he let go of her, and climbed onto Epona’s back, in between Ark and Romani.

            “Ready?” Romani asked her. Janet nodded, and they headed for the Lost Woods.

                        *                                              *                                              *

            “The final descendant should be with them,” Kasumi said.

            “I hope they’re OK,” Keiko said.

            “Don’t worry about a thing,” Anju said. “I’ve known then for a long time and they aren’t ones to let their guards down!”

            “Yes,” Sammy said. “She’s right.” At that second, hooves could be heard in the distance. They came closer and closer, and Epona, Ashley and another horse came into the tunnel. On behind Romani was a small girl dressed in blue. She slid off and walked over to them.

            “Hi,” she said, shyly. “I’m Janet.”

            “Pleased to meet you, I’m Kasumi!”


            “I’m Samantha but you can call me Sam or Sammy.”

            “My name is Anju.” Janet walked towards them. Everyone else got off their horses, and walked forward. Then, the Sages appeared around them.

            “So, everyone’s here?” Nabooru asked.

            “Yes,” Kasumi answered. “All of us.”

            “You did an awesome job,” Saria said.

            “Thanks,” Gabriella said. “We did, I guess.”

            “Now, stand in a circle,” Rauru said to the descendants. “Your powers will do the rest.” The girls nodded, and stood in a circle. Suddenly, words entered their minds and they felt like they had to speak them.

            “By my power,” they all said together, “I command a portal to open. May it lead to where the Princess sleeps in the realm she lies in. May it lead whoever goes there safely, and quickly.” Their hands began to glow, as a small colorful portal appeared. “By my power!” they said. “I command this portal to arise!!!!”

            KABAM! A portal appeared in their circle. It was a mixture of all the colors that the maidens were, and wavered like water.

            “Only one of you can go in,” Janet said, turning.

            “It should most likely be Ark,” Sam said. “He is the one who must wake her after all.”

            “Be careful,” Anju said. “And bring the Princess back with you.”

            “I will,” Ark said, stepping towards the portal.

            “Be ready though,” Keiko said. “We aren’t that good at this, so it might a bumpy ride.”

            “Please bring our friend back safe,” Kasumi said. Ark nodded, and stepped into the portal.

            “Before you leave,” Zelda said. Ark turned. “We just want you to know, that we wanted her to be with you. Mimi.”

            “She’s really fond of you,” Link said. “She couldn’t stop talking about you. We weren’t expecting that other guy to ruin her happiness.” Pink flushed through Ark’s face. He nodded, and walked into the portal.

                        *                                              *                                              *

            “Ark. Ark! Wake up, you sleepyhead! Ark!!!!” Ark’s eyes snapped open.

            “What happen?” he asked.

            “I found you asleep. Are you OK?” Ark looked beside him, and saw Mimi.

            “Mimi?!” he stared at her. “Wait, so you’re OK?”

            “Of course I’m OK!” Mimi said. “Why wouldn’t I be?” She laughed. “Oh! You look so cute when you’re confused!” Ark went red.

            “Wait a minute,” he said. “How is it that you’re awake?”

            “I already got the kiss!” Mimi said, happily.

            “From who?” Ark asked.

            “Joseph!” Mimi said. “He really is a nice guy. Come on! I want you to meet him!” Ark sat up, and looked at the place he was in.

            It was a huge green field, and Ark spotted a cottage. In front of it was a flowerbed and rising from the chimney was smoke shaped as…hearts?!

            “Joseph?” Ark asked, and headed to the cottage. Inside, Mimi was at the stove cooking up a soup. Next to her were a boy and a girl.

“Hurry up, mommy!” the girl said.

            “We’re hungry!” said the boy.

            “Alright! Alright!” Mimi said. She took whatever she was cooking off the stove, and placed it on a table. The boy and girl quickly helped themselves. At the head of the table was Joseph. He was reading the Hyrulian Daily. Mimi gave him a small peck on the cheek, and Ark went pale.

            “OK!” he shouted. “I think I missed something! You’re awake, you’re in a cottage that looks like it’s from Hansel and Grettal, a flower bed, a chimney that coughs up hearts, these two kids are calling you mommy, and now, you gave a kiss on the cheek to Joseph?!”

            “Yes,” Mimi said. “The wedding was three years ago.”

            “Three years ago?!” Ark stared at her.

            “You’re Ark, right?” the little girl walked up to him.

            “Yes,” Ark said.

            “Mommy says that it didn’t work out between you two,” the boy said. Now, Ark was confused.

            “What?” Ark asked them.

            “It’s true,” Mimi said. “I’m sorry Ark.” Ark looked at Joseph.

            “Did you manipulate her or something?” he asked him.

            “Not at all,” Joseph said. “I did nothing of the sort.” OK, I’m lost, Ark thought. I crossed through a portal, Mimi’s been in it for two days, and now she’s saying she’s been married to Joseph for three years?!?!

            “What’s wrong?” Mimi asked. “You look a bit pale.” She made a strange sound in her throat, like an alien or something, and twitched incredibly.

            “Are you OK?” Ark asked.

            “She’s fine,” the girl said, an angry look in her eye. “She’s perfectly normal.”

            “She doesn’t look normal,” Ark said. Then, Ark felt immense pain in his stomach. The boy had run forward and gave him a hard punch.

            “Nice going,” Joseph said, standing up.

            “He was getting very suspicious,” the girl said. “I would have done the same.” Ark looked up, trying hard to see through the blurriness of his eyes.

            “He’s on to us,” Mimi said. “We might as well head on with the Master’s orders.”

            “Right,” the girl said. She stood over Ark, and placed both small hands on his face. Her eyes glowed, and the next thing Ark knew, was that he was up in the air.

            “Keep him there,” Mimi said. “I need a clear shot. Mimi cannot be awakened.”

            “You’re not…her…” Ark said slowly, his breath escaping him. “Where’s…Mi…mi…?”

            “You won’t be seeing her for the rest of your life,” Mimi answered. Her palm glowed and she was charging up to hit Ark with a blow that would knock him dead…literally. Ark coughed, and with his hand, although it was hard to move, grabbed his sword.

            He thrust it down, and it landed in front of the girl binding him. She gasped, and Ark fell down, just in time before the blow the imposter Mimi blew a hole through the ceiling. She muttered a curse under her breath.

            “I told you to keep him still!!” she yelled at the girl. She yelped.

            “Ah! I’m sorry!” she said. The boy pointed behind Joseph.

            “Look out!” he said. Joseph turned around, and as he did, Ark put his sword at his throat.

            “Don’t move!” he said. “Otherwise your so called Joseph here meets his fate.” The imposter took a step forward.

            “Daddy!” the girl said. She also stepped forward.

            “I said don’t move!” Ark yelled to them. They froze in their steps.          

            “Ark…” the fake Mimi said. “You wouldn’t…” She gave him a pleading look, the one the real Mimi always gave him when she wanted something desperately.

            Don’t lose yourself! Ark yelled to himself in his head. She’s an imposter. Don’t fall for her dirty tricks!

            “Ark…” the Mimi stepped forward again, and her eyes began to water. “Don’t…”

            “Too bad!” Ark said. He stabbed his sword through Joseph’s back, but a hole merely appeared in his back. Ark stared. “What the?!” Joseph turned to him.

            “You can’t kill me,” he said. And drew a knife from his back pocket. He swiped it over Ark’s head, but Ark ducked and rolled to the door.

            “Maybe I’m not a killing person,” he muttered. “But like all of Ganon’s monsters, they have a weakness!”

            “Don’t move!” the boy said. He was standing in front of Ark. “I won’t hesitate to kill the one who has to awaken Mimi.”

            “You sure about that?” Ark asked, and smiled. The boy growled, and aimed a high kick. Ark blocked it, and swiped his sword straight through the boy. Unfortunately, the girl used her strength, and knocked Ark’s sword to the back door. The boy grabbed him, and tossed him towards it.

            “Yes, I’m sure,” the boy said. Ark held his head, and looked up. The boy, girl, Joseph and Mimi were walking towards him. Ark took a deep breath, and opened up the door behind him. It was a bright white light, and Ark stepped through, to find himself up in the air.

            “What?!?” Ark fell down, down, down, and landed in a hill of sand. He coughed, and looked up. He was in a huge desert, and when he looked up, all that he saw was the blue sky, no cottage to be found. In front of him was a small town, and Ark went into it, hoping that there could be some help there. Ark stood up, spat out some sand, and ran to the town. Once there, he looked around.

            He was in the marketplace of the town he had just entered. The street went far ahead, and lining it were outdoor shops selling fabrics, fruits, meats, jewelry and some things that Ark had never even heard of. He walked down the street, looking at the shops and people buying items. Ark continued to walk along the road, avoiding carts, wagons people and all kinds of things. Sometimes even a stray dog or cat. Ark stopped in front of an outdoor shop with different fruits: oranges, grapes, mangos, bananas, grapefruit…all of that. Standing in front of the apples was a small girl who stuck out among everyone else.

            While everyone was wearing dark colors, this girl had on a white dress going down to her knees. She had on white sandals, along with a white hat, but the brim was covering her face so that you couldn’t see what she looked like. She was short enough to be about seven.

            “You must be hungry,” Ark said. Without looking at him, the small girl nodded. Ark plucked a ripe apple from the basket, and handed it to her. “Here.” The girl gratefully took the apple, and her small, soft hands.

            “Thank you,” she said. Her voice was soft, and small, almost as if it housed many wise things to tell.

            “You’re welcome,” Ark said.

            “Hey!” the man behind the counter walked up to them. He wore a white shirt, dirtied up by sand, dirt and mud, and a brown vest. He wore a small hat on his head that only covered a portion of his head and brown pants, along with brown shoes that curved at the toes. “Thief! Guards! A thief!”

            “I’m no thief!” Ark said.

            “Tell that to the Sultan, boy,” the man said, and three guards ran up to them. The girl dropped her apple as she turned to Ark while the guards headed towards them.

            “Follow me,” she said, and grabbed Ark’s hand. The two ran down the street, avoiding people and crowds and headed for the alleyways. The man pointed in their direction as the guards ran past him. The girl led Ark down many alleys, through small holes and past tall houses; anything to get away from the guards.

            “Down here,” the girl said. They ran down another alley, hopefully the last. It was very thin, and Ark had to go in sideways while the girl walked facing forward. Once they took the next turn, the guards stopped in front of the alley that they just entered.

            “Where’d they go?” asked the burly one, most likely the leader. “Blast it!”

            “I don’t know, sir,” said another.

            “We’ll let them run today,” the leader said. “Come on. We have to go ask for a description from that man.” They walked away, and Ark and the girl were safely hidden behind a huge house, sitting in a corner.

            “Thanks,” Ark said. “For the help back there.”

            “You were brave enough to steal an apple,” the girl said. “And to get away. The guards usually catch their victims.”

            “You seem to know a lot about this place,” Ark said. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something familiar about the girl.

            “I do know much,” the girl said. Ark wanted to ask her if she’d seen Mimi anywhere, but she most likely didn’t. He might as well try.

            “Have you seen—” he began.

            “You are looking for someone, are you not?” asked the girl. “The Princess…Mimi, correct?” Ark stared at her, but brought the strength to nod. He could almost see a smile on the girl’s partly hidden face. She formed a circle in front of her that glowed pink, and inside the circle appeared an image of Mimi. She was asleep in an orb, and her face was full of fear, even though her eyes were shut. She was most likely having a nightmare.

            “Yes, I’m looking for her,” Ark said, staring at the image of Mimi. The girl smiled.

            “She is your love, correct?” she asked. “But, she has been sealed away in this void, until the kiss of her love is given to her?”

            “How did you…?”

            “I can read your mind,” the girl answered. “So don’t go thinking things that you’d want to keep secret.” Ark nodded slowly.

            “Do you know where Mimi is?” he asked her. “And…what’s your name?”

            “My name is Claire,” the girl said. “And yes, I know where she is, because of the background.” Claire looked at the image of Mimi again, before sending away the circle. “She is in that place…yes…there…”

            “There, where?” Ark asked. “You know?”

            “Yes, I do,” Claire said. “She is in the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset.”

            “Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset?” Ark asked. “Where’s that?”

            “Up in the mountains,” Claire answered. “Up, high in the mountains. It is called Never-Ending Sunset, because, as you can tell, the sunset never ends there. No one has ever journeyed to those Hills, and come back alive.”

            “What happens to them?”

            “Some say that they go mad with seeing nothing but the sunset,” Claire said. “Others say that they try to leave and get lost, while others say that while climbing back down, they miss a step and fall from the great height.”

            “How high are the mountains?” Ark asked.

            “One hundred and seventy meters,” Claire said.

“That’s a long fall,” Ark said. Claire only nodded. After a while, she had a thought.

“I can take you part of the way to the Hills,” she said. “I can take you to the base, and you can go from there. Hopefully no trouble will get to us on our way.”

“That’d be great!” Ark said. “Should we leave now?”

“Yes,” Claire said. “I know a secret route to the edge of town.”

So, the two left from behind the house, and went down more alleys, and eventually through a tunnel, reaching the edge of town. Once there, Claire looked back.

“Something wrong?” Ark asked, looking to her.

“No,” Claire said. Her voice sounded like it housed thousands of secrets, so there couldn’t be anything wrong. “I just feel as if someone is following us.”

“Maybe you’re just a bit tired from the run,” Ark said. “It was pretty far.”

“Someone is following us,” Claire said. She brought her hands up in front of her. That position reminded Ark of someone, from long, long ago…

“Yes, someone was following you,” came a voice. A few feet in front of them was the leader of the three guards, and on either side of him was another guard; the same ones from earlier.

“We weren’t expecting you to come out of hiding,” the guard on the right said. “We luckily were given a description of what you look like.”

“And now, we find you,” the other guard said.

“Come quietly, and nobody gets hurt,” the leader said.

“Over my dead body!” Ark yelled, drawing his sword.

“That can be arranged!” the leader yelled, and drew his own sword. He raised it over his head, and swung down. But, Claire had jumped in between them, and formed a blue diamond around her and Ark.

Nayru’s Love? Ark thought. No, it can’t be…

“Don’t touch him!” Claire said. “He has something to do!”
            “Well, little girl,” the leader said, putting back his sword, “if this kid had never stolen that apple, then he wouldn’t have to be brought to the Sultan!”

“Go!” Claire shouted to Ark. “I’ll hold them off! You get out of here!”

“But what about you?” Ark asked. “I can’t just leave you here with them!”

“I’ll be fine…” Claire said, so softly that Ark could barely hear. Even though the brim of her hat covered her face, Ark could tell that Claire was nervous of what would become of herself. “You go!”

At that moment, the spell Nayru’s Love broke, and the leader grabbed Claire. She yelled, and her hat drifted to the floor. Ark was surprised at who she was.

Claire had black hair pulled up into a braid, and soft brown eyes. She wasn’t Claire, but a six-year-old Mimi.

“Claire!” Ark yelled.

“I’ll be fine!” Claire yelled. “Just go! Don’t worry about me! Head straight for the Never-Ending Sunset and ignore any tricks or traps that may lie ahead!”

“Shut up, girl!” one of the guards said, and knocked her out. Claire yelled again, and fell asleep.

“Claire!” Ark took a step forward, but something dazed him. Everything was becoming a blurred image: the guards, the town and the desert. Everything then vanished from sight.



                        *                                              *                                              *

            “He’s been gone a long time,” Gabriella said. “You think Ark’s OK?”

            “Sure he is!” Link said, trying to comfort them.

            “I hope you’re right,” Romani said. “Otherwise, this darkness will never end. I can’t even see my hands in front of my face!”

            “This place has become quite lonesome,” Samantha said. “This darkness is almost taking away every last thought that I’ve had of hope.”

            “Me too,” Zelda said. “It’s hard to focus when something is taking away every thought of happiness.”

            “I bet that this is exactly what Ganon wanted,” Keiko said. “I wish Ark would hurry.”

            “It won’t be done easy, Keiko,” Kasumi said. “Ark is probably facing mirages, monsters and anything that will try and stop him from reaching our friend.”

            “Please…don’t…” Kimmie said. She had her hands on her head, and was looking down at the dirty grass of the Forest. “Don’t…say things that will make us even more depressed. Just like Keiko said, this is exactly what Ganon wants, and we can’t give it to him. He wants our fear and screams of terror. But we have to give him something different…the complete opposite…”

            “Courage,” Anju said. “We could use courage.”

            “Happiness,” Janet said. “We could think of things that will make us happy.”

            “Hope,” Gabriella said. “Hope of defeating this darkness.”

            “Light,” Zelda said. “To shine in the darkness.”

            “Strength,” Link said. “To fight back.”

            “Faith,” Navi said. “Faith to believe in Ark, and that he’ll make it to Mimi.”

            “Right,” Kimmie said. “All of those things are what Ganon despises. We have to show him that we aren’t afraid, and that we’re still happy and faithful. We believe that this darkness will end.”

            “And we’ll believe that until it comes true,” Romani said. “When all of this is over, and it will just be a bad memory, or a nightmare…”

            “I have faith,” Gabriella said, as a raindrop landed on her nose. “Faith that Ark will come back, and with him…Mimi.” With that said, rain poured down lightly on everyone, still shining with hope.


                        *                                              *                                              *

            “Good morrrrrrrning!” Ark opened his eyes a bit. “Glad to see you awake!” Ark sat up. He was in a huge green field, like the one that he entered in. Up farther ahead, Ark could see the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset. He looked to his left, and saw Mimi. She was wearing her blue dress, tiara, and her same sweet (cute to Ark) smile.

            Oh no, Ark thought. I’m not going through this again. It’s just a mirage, Ark. Just a mirage. She’s not real. The real Mimi is up in the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset.

            “You OK?” Mimi asked him, still smiling. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” She giggled.

            “I might have,” Ark said, standing up.

            “Ark, you’re so funny!” Mimi said, standing next to him. She laughed again, and now, Ark was just freaked.

            “So, who are you?” Ark asked, heading towards the Hills. “Another mirage? An image? A figment of my imagination?”

            “No!” Mimi said. “I’m Mimi, remember? The Princess!”

            “Sure you are,” Ark said. “The Mimi I knew didn’t giggle as much as you.”

            “So, you want me to stop giggling?” Mimi asked. “Alright! No more laughing! Yeah!”

            “Whatever.” Ark continued on towards the Hills, but Mimi continued along with him. He traveled over small mounts, through cracks in high walls, and still Mimi followed. When they were about a half-mile away from the Hills Mimi asked, “Where’re you goin’?”

            “I’m going to the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset,” Ark answered. “Why are you following me?”

            “Because!” Mimi answered, still smiling. “I want to be by your side, forever and ever!” OK, now Ark was really freaked out. He gulped, and walked a bit faster, and the ‘mirage’ Mimi had a bit of trouble catching up.

            “Why do you keep following me?!” he yelled at her, walking quicker.

            “I already told you!” Mimi said. She jogged up next to him. “I want to be by your side!”

            “To kill me?” Ark asked.

            “No,” Mimi said. “It’s because I like you.”

            “How can I believe that coming from a monster?” Ark continued to walk ahead, and the two soon came to a river.

            “I’m no monster!!” the ‘mirage’ Mimi called across to Ark as he jumped over the raging water, landing on the other side.

            “If you’re no monster,” Ark said, “then you could jump this river no problem.”

            “I’ll prove it!” The ‘mirage’ Mimi rolled up her sleeves, and (Ark went red) pulled her dress up to her knees. “Here I come!!”

            ‘Mirage’ Mimi jumped over the lake, and didn’t make it all the way. Instead, she landed headfirst in the water, and the current pulled her down.

            “Ark!!!” she called. “Help!!!”

            “I’m not helping a monster!” Ark called back to her, and continued to walk on.

            “I’m not a monster!!” Mimi called, her eyes full of tears. “Help me!!”

            Save her, you idiot! A voice yelled in Ark’s head. Save her! She’ll die if you don’t do anything!!

            I’m not saving a monster! Ark yelled to the voice. She isn’t real. So, why would I save her?!?

            Do it!!!!!

            “No,” Ark said. “Just ignore her calls for help, and she’ll just vanish. Just like the cottage and that desert town…ignore it, ignore it, ignore it…”

            He continued to walk on. Even as Mimi’s cries died down, Ark could still hear her voice ringing in his ears. He nearly beat himself for not helping, but he knew that the real Mimi was up somewhere in the hills. High up in the hills…

            “I didn’t save her,” Ark repeated to himself thousands of times. “I didn’t save her because she wasn’t real.”

            “How can you say that?” came a voice behind him. Ark turned around. Oh no…

            “I am real,” Mimi said. “Real as you, with flesh and blood…”

            “No, you’re not!” Ark said, and continued to walk. This Mimi was wearing a black tang-top, jeans and her black boots. Her hair, as always was pulled up into a braid.

            “I’m as real as you are…” Mimi said. Now, Ark turned. Was it his head, or was he hearing more than one voice? Unfortunately, it was not his head. Standing behind him were two of Mimi.

            “Real…” Mimi began double, and double until Ark could almost believe that there were enough of Mimi to cover the whole area that they were in. “Real…” They continued to double, and Ark ran for the Hills. Always hearing shouts of different replicas shouting after him.

            “Look at me, Ark!”

            “Look at me!”

            “I’m Mimi!”

            “Look into my eyes!”

            “Aren’t I the Mimi you remember?”

            “Turn around, Ark!”





            “You’re not real!!” Ark yelled. “Just an image…you don’t exist!”

            “I do exist!”


            “Come back!”

            “I want to be with you!”

            “Ark, wait!”


            “Stop, Ark!”


            The yells followed him until Ark was sure that they were gone.

            “I think they’re gone,” Ark panted. “At least, I hope they’re gone…”

            He looked around. He was at about halfway up the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset. He apparently had run up there without noticing. That was good. He wouldn’t have wanted to stay down there with all those copies of Mimi yelling and screaming at him, like crazed fans after meeting a rock star.

            “I wonder how they were doubled…” Ark said to himself as he started to walk up the rounding path. Then, it hit him. Of course! Why didn’t he think of it before?

            It’s because they have the original! He thought. The original Mimi! Because they have her, she can be continually copied. So, if I don’t want this to continue, I’ll have to save Mimi. And quick!

            With that thought in his head, Ark began to run up the path leading up to the summit.


            Dirt. Dirt. Dirt. All Ark saw was dirt. Dirt on the walls, the ground, and even on his feet. Hopefully he would reach the summit soon. And he did. At the top, finally, was a wooden door.

            “A door?” Ark walked up to it. “Up here?” The question is, can I trust it, he thought. I don’t know where it leads. He placed his hand on the knob. But, it was his only option to save Mimi. He turned the knob, and opened the door, revealing a white path. “Hope I go where I need to,” Ark said, and walked in. The door shut right behind him.



            I’m not in a green field again, am I? Ark opened his eyes, and found him standing in a place, which its name suited perfectly. He was in the Hills of the Never-Ending Sunset.

            “So I’m here,” Ark said, and looked around. Everything was mainly orange and well…the color of a sunset. He looked down to see if he was in the sky. Below him was still the color of the sunset, and nothing else. “Now I see what Claire meant when she said that people go mad from seeing nothing but the sunset,” Ark said, and started to wander. He stopped, and looked back at the door. It would still be there, right? No time to worry about it, Ark thought. I have to rescue Mimi!

            He ran off to explore, but didn’t see much. Then, he spotted a pink orb off in the distance. Could it be Mimi? It probably is, Ark thought. Then there was no time to lose. He ran forward to the orb, and in it was Mimi.

            She was in her black tang top, jeans, and boots and her hair was up in a braid. Her face still looked like she was having a nightmare, and Ark walked up in front of her. He felt terrible seeing Mimi like this. How would you feel if you were having a nightmare that you couldn’t awaken from? How terrible can the nightmare get? Ark shook his head. No, he thought. I’m here to put an end to Mimi’s nightmare.

            He kneeled down, and on Mimi’s wrist, Ark spotted the bracelet he had given her. Mimi then began to float down gently, and Ark caught her as she landed in his arms. Ark looked at Mimi a while longer, and then bent down, giving her the kiss of true love that she had wanted.

            Mimi’s eyes blinked, and she blushed at seeing who was giving her a kiss. She went so red, that she could almost tell that Ark could tell she was awake. But, he didn’t realize, at least, that’s what Mimi thought. She moved her arm a bit, and Ark sat up.

            “Morning Princess,” he said, and smiled. Mimi didn’t know why, but her eyes began to fill with tears of joy or sadness; she couldn’t tell which.

            “Ark!” she said, and hugged him. “You’re here!” Mimi began to sob uncontrollably, and Ark made her look up, and wiped a tear off of her cheek.

“It’s OK,” he said, as Mimi just started to cry again. “Do you have to cry?” Mimi sniffed, and her cries became softer.

“How are we going to get out of here?” she finally asked, still hugging Ark.

“I haven’t gotten to that yet,” Ark said.

“You haven’t?”


“Does it matter?” Came a deep voice.

“Ganondorf!” Mimi said, and pulled closer to Ark, feeling safe by his side.

“You won’t need to think about how to leave…” Ganon said. “You won’t be leaving at all!”

The ground began to rumble. Then, appearing slowly was a giant moblin. It had a mace on one shoulder, and an ax in it’s other hand. It growled, and swung the ax down. Ark pulled Mimi out of the way, and they dodged the ax just in time.

“Mimi,” Ark said. Mimi looked at him.


“Stay safe.” That was all he said. Ark then charged up to the moblin, and jumped up onto its head. He pulled out his sword, and stabbed down into the skull. The moblin cried out in pain, and fell to the floor. Mimi ran up to its face, and summoned a ball of energy.

“Take that!” she yelled, sending the energy into its face. The moblin yelled again and grabbed Mimi!


“ARK!!” Mimi screamed. She gasped for breath as the moblin began to squeeze her tightly. She choked, and began to pound on the moblin’s fist with the last bit of her energy. “P-put me down…” she said, still trying to breathe.

“Let go of her!” Ark yelled up to the moblin. He ran forward, yelling, and stabbed his sword in the moblin’s arm that was holding Mimi, and cutting it right off. The moblin roared again, and fell to the ground. Ark and Mimi then both hit the moblin square in the head, causing it to disappear as if it was never there. Mimi panted.

“That was just a test,” came Ganon’s voice. “When you fight me, I’ll make sure you never see the light of day ever again!!”

Then, everything went black.

“Ark?” Mimi put out her hands. “Where are you?”

“Over here,” came Ark’s voice. “You should see a light.”

“A light?” Then, Mimi saw it. A pure white portal: their ride home.

“Come on!” Ark said. He was standing in front of the portal. “This way! We can leave through here. It was the portal that I entered in!” Mimi nodded, even though Ark couldn’t see it, and followed him into the portal.


            *                                              *                                              *

“Look!” Romani pointed to where the portal once was. “Someone’s coming!” The others all sat up. They were asleep, and even though had a good rest almost forgetting everything, the darkness around them brought them back to reality.

“Do you think that it’s Ark and Mimi?” Kasumi asked.

“Hopefully,” Keiko said. “I’d hate it if something happened.”

Two figures appeared in front of the portal, and the portal vanished in the wind. There was Ark, and by his side, was Mimi.

“Mimi!!” Her friends and parents ran up to her.

“You’re OK!” Gabriella said. “You’re always getting yourself in trouble.” At this, Link looked at Zelda.

“What?” Zelda asked, confused.

“I think she got that from you,” Link said. Zelda flushed.

“Is it a crime?” she asked.

“How are you?” Janet asked Mimi. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m OK,” Mimi said. “I had a long nightmare, but Ark saved me from it.” All of them looked at Ark, who went red, remembering how he saved her.

“What?” he asked.

“I knew you two would end up together,” Kimmie said, mockingly. “A perfect couple!” Mimi blushed, and covered her face.

“This is a nice reunion,” came a voice, “but there’s still some work to do.”

In the Forest appeared all six sages: Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru.

“Pleased to see you’re back, Mimi,” Saria said. “How was everything?”

“A bit on the weird side,” Mimi said.

“Well, things are going to get weirder,” Impa said. “Ganon has almost full control of our world and the next, and we have to stop him.”

“Where is he?” Anju asked.

“His lair is deep underground,” Ruto said. “In the middle of Hyrule Field.”

“How deep?” Gabriella asked.

“Deep enough,” Darunia said. “It’ll take a while to dig down.”

“With what?” Link asked. “Our fingers?”

“I’m sure that some of you have magic that will dig down deep enough,” Impa said, looking at the descendants, Mimi and Zelda.

“The Master Sword is also needed,” Nabooru said. “To slay Ganondorf, and seal him away for good.”

“Right,” Mimi said. “Should we head for the Temple of Time?”

“Why do you think we’ve come here?” Rauru asked. He put his arms up in the air, and all of them vanished and were warped to the Temple of Time.



Mimi walked towards the altar in front of the Door of Time. Link followed and pulled out the Ocarina of Time. He played the Song of Time, and the Door opened. Mimi nodded to him, and walked inside.

The Master Sword was still in the pedestal, just the way she had left it the year before. Mimi placed both hands on the hilt, and tugged on the Sword. It moved, and Mimi held the sword high in triumph.

“Now what?” she asked softly, sunning a finger on the Sword’s sharp edge. “What now?”

“Right then,” Rauru said. “Now, to Ganondorf’s lair.”

“Like we said,” Ruto stated, “Ganon’s lair is right below the center of Hyrule Field. Good luck to all of you.” The Sages disappeared.

“Let’s get going!” Romani said.

“We should get this finished, as quick as possible,” said Samantha. “Let’s go.”

The group exited the Temple, and headed for Hyrule Field.

Once there, Gabriella stroked the dirt with her forefinger.

“Right,” she said, standing up and smoothing down her blue, knee-length dress. “How do we get this going?”

“We should try to channel our energy,” Zelda said to Mimi and the descendants. “That way, we can work together and dig down to Ganon’s lair.”

“Then let’s go,” Keiko said, and punched a fist into her other hand. “We need to give this Ganon or whatever what-for!”

“Then what are we standing around here for?” Kasumi asked. “Let’s start!”

Zelda, Mimi and the descendants all formed a circle over the center of the Field. Their hands all began to glow, along with themselves, and they did certain hand signs, too confusing to make out. Then, from each of them, a beam of light shot for the floor. It dug down deeper, and deeper, and soon, they were walking down through their tunnel, hands held out to continue the path that they made.

“Let’s follow before we lose ‘em,” Link said. All of them jumped into the tunnel after the girls, and walked down into pitch darkness.


            *                                              *                                              *

“Is this grass?” asked Romani, rubbing her feet on the ground. “Aren’t we supposed to be in dirt or something?”

“It is grass!” Gabriella said. “But I can’t tell where we are.”

“Will this help?” came Zelda’s voice. She held up her hand, and a light came from it. Around her were the descendants and Mimi.

“That helps a lot,” Ark said. “So, where are we?”

They looked around, and realized that they were in the Sacred Forest Meadow. It was all black and white though, like a flashback.

Then, up from the stairs came the hugest moblin that they had ever seen.

“I remember this!” Mimi said. “We fought this thing back when we were searching for the seven orbs of light!”

“Me too!” Kimmie said. “And if I’m not mistaken, we have to fight this thing all over again!”

The moblin swung its mace around over its head, and swung it to the ground. All of them jumped back in surprise. The moblin roared loudly, and continued to slam its mace down over and over again.

“How did—” Link began to ask. But the moblin’s mace swung down, and they dodged again, “—you beat—” THUNK! “—this thing—” THUMP! “—last time?”

“Last time—” Mimi said, before dodging again, “—the Master Sword—” BAM! “—charged energy—” KATHUNK! “—and hit the moblin—” THUD! “—killing it!”

“How did—” Ark asked, before dodging again, “—you charge” BAAM! “—the energy?”

“How should—” Mimi asked. BAM! “—I know?!” The moblin roared again, and the group took the chance to hide behind the steps of the Forest Temple.

“Well, you were the one who charged the energy!” Ark said.

“Just because I charged it, doesn’t mean I knew how I did!” Mimi shouted.

“Will you keep it down?!” Janet said, putting a hand on each of their mouths. “Sheesh! You argue like a married couple! The moblin will hear you if you don’t shut up!” Too late. The stairs of the Forest crumpled behind them, and when all of them turned around, there was the face of the huge moblin.

“I have a plan,” Gabriella said.

“We’re listening!” Anju said.


“Sounds good to me!” Keiko yelled. The group tore off and ran around the moblin, facing behind it.

Suddenly, the Master Sword on Mimi’s back began to glow. Not again! She thought. Why’s it glowing now?

The Master Sword began to vibrate violently, harder than any massage. Mimi quickly ripped the sword out of its sheath, and pointed it at the moblin. Anju, Janet, Kasumi, Keiko, Sam, Ark, Kimmie, Gabriella, Romani, Link, Zelda and Ark all cleared out of the way while a beam of light shot out of the Master Sword. The moblin was hit, just like before, and everything went completely white…


Mimi’s eyes snapped open. She and the others were all on one huge platform, and circling around it were doors. Plenty and plenty of doors.

“What was that all about?” Ark asked. He looked at Mimi. “And how did you charge up your Sword?”
            “How the Hyrule should I know?!” Mimi said. “I already told you, it happened automatically!”

“You should still know!”

“Well sorry, Mr. Picky, but I don’t know!”

“Will you shut up?!!” Janet yelled, glaring at the two of them. “Honestly! They should take Joseph outta that wedding right now, and put Ark in! You and Mimi would be a perfect match! You bicker enough, anyway…” Ark and Mimi both blushed. They looked at each other, and immediately looked away.

“I think you hit a nerve,” Samantha said. “Mimi usually doesn’t blush like that unless she’s embarrassed, or in lo—”

“SSSSSH!!!” Mimi ran forward and covered Sammy’s mouth. “Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!” Link snickered.

“What are you laughing about?” Zelda asked.

“Nothin’,” Link answered.

“What just happened there?” Gabriella asked. “It was like a flashback!”

“It was,” Romani said, looking at each door. “I think it was a flashback. Everything was black and white, and we defeated that thing in the same place we did before!”

“Was that the first monster we fought last time?” Kimmie asked. “You know, like a boss or something?”

“Yeah,” Mimi said. “So, if that was the first, then what was the second monster we fought? Does anyone remember?”

“Wasn’t it that giant squid?” Romani asked. She shivered. “I could never forget that thing grabbing me…”

“Well, if it was that giant squid, then that’s obviously what we’re fighting next!” Navi said. “Let’s go!”

“You remember how to beat this, right?” Samantha asked.

“Yes,” Mimi answered. “We had a bit of help from Ruto, but it isn’t that hard.”  All of them crossed through the door in front of them.




“So, this is it, right?” Ark asked. He gestured to the black and white room.

“Uh-huh,” Kimmie said. “That water is where the squid came out.” The water began to ripple, and out of it appeared the squid, still as ugly as ever.

“How ironic,” Romani said, cutting her eyes at Kimmie.

“Heh, heh! Oops!” she said, giving Romani a weak smile. The squid splashed down a watery tentacle, but, everyone moved out of the way just in time.

“Time to rock and roll!” Mimi said, drawing the Master Sword. “Yeah!!”

She jumped up, and sliced some of the squid’s tentacles off. She landed and fell next to Zelda, who held back a laugh.

“Now who’s laughing?” Link asked her. Zelda covered her mouth, and glared at him.

“There are more!” Janet said.

“Hey!” Mimi walked up to her. Think you can launch me over to the squid?”

“I-I think so,” Janet said, startled that Mimi was speaking to her.

“Great!” Janet drew back her hand, and then pushed it forward, sending blue light out of her palm. Mimi jumped on the light and flew into the squid’s face. She cut him up a bit, and landed back next to Janet.

Like before, Kimmie jumped onto Gabriella’s shoulders. Gabriella grabbed her, and launched her to the squid, jumping after her. Together, they cut off a few arms of the squid, leaving it with nothing.

“This is where it gets hard!” Mimi shouted.

“Yeah!” Romani called back. “This is when Ruto gave me Ice Arrows!”

“How’re we s’posed to get that?” Gabriella asked.

“I have some!” Link said, and charged his bow. Out of it flew an Ice Arrow, freezing the squid in its tantrum.

“Now!!” Mimi shouted. Every single one of them jumped forward, and gave the squid a huge knock. Everything then went bright, and they appeared back in the room of doors.

Gabriella rolled her shoulders.

“Now what?” she asked. “What was the next monster we fought?”

“The dragons!” Mimi said. “We fought them next!”

“How do we get rid of them this time?” Romani asked. “Last time we screamed.” Ark, Link, Zelda, Janet, Sam, Keiko, Kasumi and Anju stared at them.

“You screamed?” Link asked.

“Yes,” Gabriella said. “We screamed.”

“We had Darunia’s help,” Mimi added. “So, we weren’t alone.”

“First you charge up a sword without knowing how,” Ark said, “then you impress us by actually fighting, and now you’re saying that you beat dragons by screaming?”

Gabriella, Kimmie, Romani and Mimi all nodded.

“Yes,” they said together.

“Wow,” Zelda said. “That’s…pathetic.” The girls shrugged, and all of them walked in the next door…



The caves and walls were all the same as before. Along with the three dragons that were in a circular lava pit.

“How do we defeat them?” Romani asked frantically. “We can’t scream like we did last time!”

“Well, no one said this would be easy, now did they?” Gabriella asked.

“Well, don’t draw their attention,” Mimi said. “We don’t want a repeat—”

“ ‘HOY! FIRE-BREATH!!” Janet waved her arms, getting the dragons’ attention.

“You were saying?” Kimmie asked.


“What are you doing?!” Keiko and Kasumi ran forward and covered Janet’s mouth.

“Do you want us to get killed?!” Keiko yelled.

“I got their attention, didn’t I?” asked Janet.

“Just like Darunia,” Kimmie said. “What now?”

“We try to survive!!” Mimi yelled. All of them sprinted away from the fire coming from the dragons, and dodged behind a huge pillar.

“What now?” asked Zelda. Ark punched the wall.

“Why don’t these things come easy?!” he yelled. The force of his punch vibrated up the wall, and from the ceiling, a huge boulder crashed down. Mimi peered over the huge rock, and looked at Ark.

“I have a plan,” she said.





“You remember what it is, right?” Kasumi asked.

“Of course I do!” Keiko said. “I love that song!”


The two stood next to each other, and in front of the three black-and-white dragons.


“Go!” Keiko said. The two then began to sing.

“Is this what your plan was?” Gabriella asked Mimi.

“When I said diversion, I didn’t exactly have singing in mind,” Mimi said, watching them sing a song called, ‘Fly High’. The song when reaching the end went like this…


Keiko: I can fly high! Spread out my wings and soar among the clouds!

Kasumi: I can fly high! Reach for the stars that aren’t far away tonight!!!

Both: I can fly high! Higher than the sun, the moon and the stars

Keiko: Higher than heaven, and earth!

Both: I can fly…



            The two both bowed. The dragons surprisingly applauded.

            Arigato! Arigato!” Keiko said.

            “Thank you! Thank you!” Kasumi said. “We’ll be here tomorrow night at seven!!”

            “You will?” asked Ark.

            “Don’t ruin it!” Mimi said. “That was actually pretty good.”

            “Good?!” Link said. “I couldn’t understand a word they were saying!!”

            “That’s because it was in Japanese!” Romani said.

            “Do you have to know everything?” Zelda asked Link.


            Then, the clapping stopped and the three dragons leaned in on Keiko and Kasumi, a look of hunger in their eyes.

            “D-Don’t you want an encore?” Keiko asked shyly.

            “Yeah…” Kasumi said. “Y-You know before you eat us?” A grumble from the dragons’ stomachs was the reply.

            “Can you put your plan into action now?!” Keiko yelled.

            “NOW!!” Mimi said. Ark, Kimmie, Romani and Gabriella all punched the wall behind them. The wall rumbled, and above the dragons rocks fell from the ceiling, covering them in rubble. Everything then went bright…




            Here we are, again, Mimi thought. They were back in the circular room with doors.

            “OK, what next?” asked Samantha.

            “The giant Poe,” Link said. “The one that we fought in the desert.”

            “Alright,” said Janet. “Sorry about what I did.”

            “Don’t worry about it,” Kimmie said. “The lame-brain Darunia did the same thing.”

            “That idiot,” Gabriella mumbled. They then walked through the next door, and defeated the Poe the same way they did last time. But it went quicker for they had extra help this time.



     “Now, it’s Bongo,” Mimi said. “This is the monster that took the hostages.”

            “So, we should watch out,” Zelda said. “We wouldn’t want to be caught again.” Everyone nodded, and went through the door…




It was dark, just like before. Then, a white light shined, most likely having to be Bongo’s eye. Mimi turned and looked up, and as she did one of the hands came down and tried to smack her. She ducked and instead it headed for Janet!

“Get away!!!” she screamed. She held out her hand, and a burst of magic shot forth and hit the hand. It recoiled and flew back to its position and hung in midair useless.

“Don’t let your guard down!” Mimi yelled to everyone. “We can’t let ourselves get captured!”

Everyone nodded, and began to attack at Bongo. The battle was drawing to an end, but then something happened.

Bongo roared and flew up in the air. When coming back down, it slammed hard on the floor creating a huge gaping hole. Luckily, no one fell through it, but out of it appeared a bunch of dark hands!

“Get this off me!!” Kimmie yelled. “Argh!!” She was trying to pull her ankle free of a hand. She reached for her dagger, and cut the hand, and it vanished. Kimmie stumbled back a bit, and a hand from behind her grabbed her neck and covered her mouth. She tried to scream but it came out as a muffled shout. Then, she was pulled deep into the gaping hole…

“Kimmie!!” Gabriella jumped for the spot her best friend had vanished. “Kimmie!!!!!” She drew her Hammer and began to pound on the ground. Then, it cracked. “Ah!”

“Look out!!” Romani cried. The ground beneath them cracked and gave way. Kasumi, Keiko, Anju, Janet and Sam all flew and hovered in the air, trying to catch everyone falling. Because they were new at this, they missed, but it wasn’t their fault; as everyone fell, hands came and pulled everyone down quicker. The only one who was saved was Mimi.

“Everyone!!” she yelled, trying to pull free of Sam. “Everyone!!!!!!!!”

“Mimi!!” The last face that was seen was Ark’s being pulled deep into the pit. Mimi yelled out Ark’s name three times before giving up and choking back sobs.

“That’s it!!” she yelled. Sam nearly stumbled in the air, and accidentally dropped Mimi. The other descendants created a small bridge leading from Mimi over to Bongo. “That’s the last straw, Bongo!!” Mimi yelled, drawing the Master Sword. “You have no right to take away my friends and family again!!!!” She charged forward, and stabbed the Master Sword into Bongo’s eye. It roared, and as always, the girls ended up back in the door room…



“Hey, look!” Janet said. She pointed around the room. “All of those doors are gone!”

“But there’s a new door,” Samantha said. “Right there.” She pointed next to them, and sure enough was a huge door with a huge crown on it.

“It most likely wasn’t revealed until all of those monsters were defeated,” Anju said. “Let’s go.” All of them walked towards the door. Mimi reached it, and turned. All the others were being barred out by an invisible force field.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mimi. “Why aren’t you coming?”

“There’s something here!” Kasumi said. “And we can’t get through!”

“This barrier isn’t going to let us come with you, Mimi,” Keiko said, her voice reproachful. “We’re sorry, but you may have to go alone!” Mimi slowly nodded.

“I’ll be as quick as I can,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll get everyone back and this will all be over! Promise!”

You better keep that promise!” Navi called. Mimi had to smile, and opened the door leading to Ganon’s lair…




It was almost pitch-black in the room that Mimi entered. She looked around, and it would have been even better if she just shut her eyes. But, where was he?

“Show yourself!!” Mimi called into the darkness. “I want everyone back, and I’ve come to fight!!”

A light shined somewhere in the room, and in the center of it was Ganondorf.

“Well, well, well,” he said. “It seems you got out of the portal. Tell me, who was it that saved you?”

“I-I-I…” Mimi couldn’t even make herself speak. She wasn’t going to tell him, but she felt afraid…afraid of what, though?

“Was it…let me guess…” Ganondorf scratched his chin. “I know, Prince Ark of Tolkein, correct?” Mimi didn’t respond. Was she paralyzed?

“Where are they?!” Mimi finally mustered up her strength to speak. “What have you done with them!?”

Ganondorf just smiled, and turned sideways. There, appeared another light. In this light were Kimmie, Gabriella, Romani, Link, Ark, and Zelda. They were held against the wall; it was obvious that Death had made a return as well as his owner.

Mimi stepped forward. Everyone was looking at her, with relief on their faces. Mimi began to run towards everyone.

“You’re OK!” she said. Suddenly, an arm went out, and caught her before she could step forward again.

“You aren’t seeing them,” Ganondorf said. “Not by a long shot.” He pushed his arm forward, and Mimi went flying back. She hit the ground, panting, trying to regain her breath. “Get up!”

Mimi felt something beneath her, and she was pelted in the air. She yelled as she realized that Ganondorf was using his strength to toss her around. She first hit the ceiling, then the wall. Ganondorf tossed her to another wall, and Mimi landed on it. A huge hole appeared where she was slammed. The grip of the magic released on her, and she slowly slumped to the ground.

“That should have done her,” Ganondorf muttered. “Now, for my other victims…” He turned around to everyone else. He held out his hand, with the Triforce glowing on it, and walked forward…

Where am I? Mimi thought. The place around her was gray, and rain fell from the sky. She was under a tree, but the leaves were gone, no shield for the rain hitting her face. Mimi’s eyes were hazy, almost hypnotized. Did I die?

Rain continued to fall, and soon, Mimi was wet. I feel so cold…very…cold… The rain continued to fall, with no sign of it ever stopping. If I’m dead, then this definitely isn’t heaven…

“Mimi…” Who’s…there…? “Mimi…”

The voice called. Mimi was able to open her eyes a bit, and see the Sages.

“Wake up…” said Ruto. She spread her arms out, and the rain stopped, and sunlight poured down on them. “You have to wake up…”

“If I do, then I’ll lose…” Mimi whispered.

“No, you won’t,” Darunia said to her. “You have strength beyond any.”

“But he has the Triforce…”

“Awaken,” said Rauru’s firm voice. “Awaken, Heroine, and battle for truth and justice, just as you did before.”

“You won that battle, didn’t you?” asked Saria. Mimi slowly nodded, even though her strength was slowly evaporating with the sun’s rays.

“There are so many that you wish to protect,” Impa said. “So many, and you’d hate it if you gave up on them.”

“And we’d hate it, too,” said Nabooru. “So, please Mimi, wake up, and fight.”

“But, I can’t…” Mimi whispered slowly. “I’ll…try…but I know I can’t…”

“We’re by your side.”


“And everyone else,” said Romani. “We’ll be with you in all of your battles. All of them.”

“And we’ll do the best that we can to help,” said Kimmie.

“So, you have to wake up,” said Ark.

“Wake up…” Mimi said to herself. I have to wake up…”

Then, she felt everyone’s hands on hers; supporting her, and helping her continue. Yes, Mimi thought, I have to wake up… Her feet stood firmly on the ground, and the hands supporting her vanished. Mimi fell to the floor, and hit solid ground.


“Ow…” she said, and rubbed her nose. “What…?” She spotted Ganondorf walking towards everyone, and her courage immediately came back to her.

“Leave them alone!” Mimi said as loud as she could. “It’s me you want, remember?”

Ganondorf froze in his tracks, and turned.

“How can you be alive?!” he shouted to her. “No one can survive that! Especially not you! You aren’t strong!”

“I am strong!” Mimi said. “Stronger than you, because my strength comes from my friends and family. Your strength is not even above the strength of a fly’s because you rely on power, and that’s why your attack failed to kill me.” She stepped forward. She almost saw a hint of fear in Ganon’s eyes, but he hid it with anger.

He stepped forward as well, and vanished. He reappeared behind her, and thwacked her forward.


“Go and say your last good-bye’s while you still can,” he said. “And make it worth the wait.”

Mimi struggled to her feet. She walked forward, and leaned against the wall.

“How’s everything?” she asked.

“Mimi, are you alright?” asked Zelda. “That looked like it hurt.”

“More than it looked,” Mimi said.

“Mimi, get my bow and arrows,” Romani said, and tried to turn a bit. “They can help.” Zelda lit them with light from her hand that she was able to use because her hand was a bit free.

“Light arrows,” she said. “All of them are Light Arrows.”

“Use them wisely,” Link said. “They could come in handy, trust me.” Mimi nodded.

“Be safe,” she said. Then, she walked past Ark.

“Mimi!” he said.

“Yes?” she turned to him. Ark blushed.

“Um…never mind.” Mimi smiled, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ark went even redder.

“For the banquet,” Mimi said. “I never got to pay you back.” She winked, and ran off.

“Ah…love is in the air,” said Gabriella.

“Ark and Mimi, sittin’ in a tree…” Kimmie began to sing.

“Sh-shut up!” Ark said. He tried to turn, but couldn’t, and was stuck listening to Kimmie.

“Oy, pig-face!” Mimi called. “I’m ready for a battle!” She was determined, and that was easy to see.

“Then get ready!” Ganondorf said, and drew two swords.

Then, it was like an all-out war. Ganon’s swords and the Master Sword would interlock, and then go back, to slice forward again. Then, Ganondorf sliced once, then again, and kicked Mimi back, and laughed at her. She growled, and launched a Light Arrow. It hit Ganon and he keeled over. Mimi took the chance and sliced him. Then, she jumped back as the battle continued. Mimi kept taking openings to hit Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, and attacking.

Then, Mimi launched another Arrow after about the fifth time. It hit Ganondorf, and he froze. Mimi sliced forward again, and Ganondorf yelled loudly.

“This…isn’t over!!” he yelled. “Far…from over…” He flew up in the air, and yelled again, light flooding from him as he began to transform.

“Is he…?!” Link asked.

“No!” Zelda yelled. “Mimi!”

“Get out of there!!” Link called. “It’s way to dangerous!!!”

“Why? What’s he doing?” Mimi asked.

“Get over here!” Mimi yelped at her father’s anger. What was going on? She turned to look at Ganondorf again. His transformation was almost complete. Mimi could see huge horns on his head, and a large reptilian tail. Then, she remembered from when she was three years old.

Dad fought this thing!! She thought. Not good! Not good at all!

She ran off towards everyone, but then a ring of fire appeared all around her.

“No!!” Mimi yelled. Her heart began to beat quicker, and quicker until she thought it might burst. “N-No!!!!”

“Mimi!!!!” her parents called for her, but it was barely heard amongst the roars if the fire. She suddenly felt like a little girl again, crying for release like an animal in a cage. “Let me out of here!!” she yelled. “I don’t want to fight this thing!” KA-THUD! Mimi slowly turned, a tear on her cheek. “No…”

Ganon roared loudly. Mimi was just glad that she couldn’t see exactly what Ganon looked like, his yellow eyes were enough. Where do I hit him? Mimi thought. Ok, Mimi, think of him as an actual animal. What do you hit on Rose that makes her yelp in pain? Mimi began to think, while dodging sword slices from the golden weapons in Ganon’s hands. Then, she saw Ganon’s tail. Rose’s tail appeared in Mimi’s mind and she remembered the time she stepped on it while taking her food to the table.

“That’s it!” Mimi said. “Now to stun him…” She charged a Light Arrow, and fired it between Ganon’s eyes. He froze. “Now!!!!” Mimi rolled behind Ganon and thrust her Sword into his tail, and then sliced three times. Ganon roared. Mimi repeated doing that, and in three blows, Ganon was on the ground. “This is it, Ganon!” Mimi yelled. “You’re days of ruling are…over!!!!!!!!!!” She sliced her Sword into Ganon’s face three times, and yelled and stood up.

“Six Sages!” Mimi called. “Now!!”

“Let’s do it!” Saria said. She and the other Sages all formed into balls of energy, and opened up the portal leading to Ganon’s Evil Realm…

“This isn’t over!” Ganon yelled. “I’ll get your descendants…I swear I will!!” And that was the last of him…


Mimi pulled herself up above ground and helped everyone else up. From the tunnel that they had just exited came a white light. It spread all over Hyrule and every world. Happiness was spread everywhere for everyone again…all except Mimi.



“Today…is it…” Mimi whispered. “My doomsday has approached.” The wedding. No one could forget her wedding, especially Mimi. She was sitting in one of the chairs set up in front of the Temple of Time where the wedding was to take place. It was all over. Mimi’s life was all over.

“You aren’t happy about it, are you?” asked Gabriella. She, Kimmie, Romani, Karen, Sam, Keiko, Kasumi, Anju and Janet had accompanied her.

“No, I’m not,” Mimi said. “Who would be?”

“I know I wouldn’t,” said Anju. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“I just wish something good can happen…” Mimi said.

“Ark promised that he’d come,” Romani said. “If that makes you feel any better.”

“A bit,” Mimi said.

“And we’ll be there too,” Keiko said.

“Always,” said Kasumi.

“What are friends for, anyway?” asked Karen. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Joseph doesn’t start any funny business.”

“Thanks,” said Mimi. “You’re all great friends…” She hugged each of them, and left to get ready.


“You OK?” asked Zelda, brushing Mimi’s long black hair out.

“I’m fine…” said Mimi quietly. “I actually wish I could be fighting monsters rather than marrying that stuck-up, Joseph.”

“I agree with you,” Zelda said. “Just keep in mind that we never wanted this to happen. Your father, all of your friends and I wanted you to end up with who you wanted.”

“You never accepted?” asked Mimi. Zelda shook her head.

“I wouldn’t want you to go through the unfairness that my dad tried to put me through,” she said. “But, in the future, something will happen that will make you happy.” She left. Mimi sat there, staring at her reflection in the mirror.

“Why me?” she asked. “Someone else would fit this part perfectly…” The door creaked open, and inside stepped Joseph.

“Hello!” he said happily. “Today’s the big day!” He sat down next to her. “Now, I just want to go over something with you…” Mimi heard a click, and turned, and jumped. Joseph was holding a pocketknife.

“What’s that for?” Mimi asked.

“If you don’t accept me…” Joseph said, stroking the knife’s edge, “then I won’t hesitate.” He spotted the bracelet on Mimi’s wrist. “What’s that?” Mimi tried to hide it, but Joseph tugged it off. “A bracelet?” he asked, and studied it. “I never got this for you. Who’s it from, Ark?” Mimi didn’t respond. “I’ll hold on to this,” he said, and held the knife in front of Mimi’s face.

“What are you doing?” Karen and the others walked in. “Nothing bad, I hope?” Joseph put away the knife and walked out. “What was going on, Mimi?” Mimi just looked at her bare wrist, and put a hand on it.

“Nothing,” she said, choking back sobs. “Nothing at all…”



Romani smoothed down her red dress. Where is he? She thought. Ark said he’d be here…Mimi would be totally hurt if he didn’t show up… She began to fiddle with her hands.

“You OK?” asked Link, who was sitting next to her.

“I’m worried for Mimi,” Romani said. “I want her to be happy…”

“Us too,” said Kasumi, who was sitting behind her. “We all want her to be happy.”

“Without her happy, none of us are,” said Janet.

“That’s true,” said Keiko.

“Here she comes,” said Samantha. Navi was sitting on her brown hair.

“Oh, poor Mimi…” Navi said. “Poor, poor, Mimi…”

Joseph stood up the row, and Mimi was walking up it. Behind her, holding her long dress were two other girls: one was Mirabelle, and the other was unknown. Mimi reached Joseph, and stood next to him. Then, the priest began his speech.

“…Any objections why these two should not wed?” the priest asked awhile later. Romani stood.

“I object!” she said. Joseph frowned, and held his pocketknife near Mimi’s hand.

“Yes? Continue,” said the priest. Romani looked at the blade in Joseph’s hand.

“Never…mind…” she said, and sat back down.

“Right, continuing on,” said the priest. “Joseph, do you take Princess Mimi of Hyrule to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Joseph answered with the two words that made Mimi shiver.

“And, do you Mimi…” the priest turned to her, “take Prince Joseph of Aries to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Mimi spotted the look in Joseph’s eye, and the knife in his hand.

“I-I…I…” Mimi tried to say something. I do not! She yelled in her head. I do not! No! Where is Ark? He said he’d be here!

“Looks like our countries are going to be united, eh?” asked the King of Aries. He nudged Zelda’s arm. “Am I right?” Zelda smiled awkwardly, and moved closer to Link. Don’t say it Mimi, she thought. Make your own choice. It’s your choice…  

“I-I…I…” Mimi looked around her. “I…I…I don…” There was a horse neighing in the Market. A mumble started in the crowd as everyone turned. Ark jumped off of his horse, and walked down the row. He was in his white suit, and he walked down the aisle.

“I…” Mimi still couldn’t speak.

Just say what your heart wants, Gabriella thought.

Say it like you mean it, and be happy, thought Kimmie.

We all want you to be happy, Link thought.

“Make your choice, Mimi,” Romani said. “And make it a choice that you won’t regret.” Mimi almost got Romani’s message, for she stood straight and tall, ready to respond.

“It’s your choice, Mimi,” Mimi whispered to herself. But she couldn’t do it. She fell to her knees, and covered her face. “I…”

“Mimi,” a voice said behind her. Mimi turned, tear-stained, and was face to face with her love. Ark moved the veil off away from her face. “It’s your choice.” Mimi choked back sobs, and muttered the two words that everyone was ready to hear, and made everyone’s heart stop. Ark felt himself blush.

“Ark!!” Mimi hugged him so tightly, that he fell over. “I do!” The priest smiled.

“You may now…” he said, “…kiss the bride.” It was a happy ending for a princess. Mimi kissed Ark before he could speak, and her friends and family, all laughed and cried with joy. Joseph cursed. His parents also did, and they left. Mimi spotted the bracelet on the ground, and put it on her wrist. She smiled, and hugged Ark tighter, happy to be by his side.



Epilogue: That my friends, was the happiest day of Mimi’s life. She had wedded the one she loved, and lived happily. Her friends were happy for her, especially her parents. As you can see, Mimi’s life changed a lot… She was a Heroine that history would never forget, and a girl that heroes ahead, would look up to…



            “Well, I better go,” Janet said.

            “Where will you go?” asked Gabriella. “Your family…” They were all out on Hyrule Field, and had a different outfit on as well.

            “I have a grandma!” Janet said happily. She smoothed down her pink T-shirt, and shorts. “You’ve met her. Her name is April.”

            “April is your grandmother?!?!?!” Janet proudly nodded.

            “See you all later,” she said. She snapped her fingers, and vanished in a wisp of blue light.


            “I have to go too,” said Anju. “That soup won’t cook itself!” She also vanished in red light.

            “Later!” Keiko said, and smiled. “We’d better go back to Japan. School’s starting, ya know?”

            Sayonara!” Kasumi said. The two friends vanished.

            “We did it!!” Mimi cried. “The battle’s over! I can’t wait to go home!!”

            “Don’t you mean Ark’s home?” asked Sam.


            “You’re his wife now,” said Romani. “So, you’ll be at his place.”

            “I…what?!” Mimi stared at them all. What’s going on?!”

            “It won’t be that bad,” said Karen, waving a hand as if shooing away a fly. “You’ll be with Ark, Mimi’s—”

            “—True love!” everyone finished for her. They laughed, and Ark and Mimi blushed.

            “See ya next week!” said Kimmie, and winked. They all headed back to Hyrule Castle.

            “Let’s go,” said Ark, and kissed Mimi’s forehead. She went red, and covered it.

            “A-Ark!” she yelled. He laughed.

            “Race you to the horses!” he said, and took off.


The End


But…it’s not over…Mimi’s Adventures, is far from over…






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