Mimi's Adventures: The Showdown

By Mimichan


Mimi’s eyes fluttered open. How long have I been asleep? She sat up, and hit her head. She then realized that she was under a pile of wood. Mimi pushed on the wood with her arms and felt pain. She gripped her left arm. Blood. Mimi sighed, and remembered what had happened.

            Ganondorf had aimed the ball of energy at her, and it missed by inches. But it left a huge cut. Mimi held back tears. Now isn’t the time for crying. She thought. She lay down on her back and pushed her feet on the roof of the pile of wood. Mimi watched as the wood flew five feet away. She pulled herself out and saw a bright blue light in her face.

            “Hiya!” it said.

            “AAHH!” Mimi screamed and fell back.

            “Whoa! Whoa!” said the light. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

            “Wh-what are you?” Mimi asked, gripping her arm.

            “Why, I’m a fairy!” said the fairy. Mimi then noticed the fairy’s wings.

            “What’s your name?” Mimi asked. She felt as if she knew this fairy somehow.

            “Navi!” Navi? Where had she heard that name before?

            “I’m Mimi.”

            “Mimi?” asked Navi. “You’re the new princess everyone has talked about! Wow! So then…you know Link?” Mimi nodded.

            “Awesome! I’ve been looking for that guy for years!”

            “You have?” asked Mimi.

            “Yup!” That’s when Navi noticed Mimi’s arm. “You’re bleeding!”

            “Uh-huh,” said Mimi. She gripped her arm tighter. Navi glowed and a blue light poured onto Mimi’s cut. It healed halfway.

            “I’m sorry!” said Navi. “I’m not as skilled at healing like the pink fairies! They know all about healing!”

            “Shh!” Mimi tried to quiet Navi down. “It’s alright! I can move my arm…somewhat…” Mimi moved her arm to prove her point. She immediately pulled it back down feeling more pain.

            “We have to get you somewhere and fast!” said Navi. Mimi nodded and stood. It was then she looked around at the rubble that was Clock Town. Everything was destroyed and nobody was in sight. She looked at the ground and saw a blue bandana. The sky was still far from daytime.

            “It was like this when I arrived,” said Navi. “It’s horrible isn’t it?” Mimi nodded.

            “Do you know where the ranch is?” she asked. Navi flew up and down for her nod.

            “Yeah!” she said. “A friend of mine, Tatl, told me where it was. Do you wish to go there?”

            “Very much,” said Mimi. Navi flew beside Mimi, telling her of her adventures as they walked into Termina.

            “…And that’s when—” Mimi pulled her down onto her shoulder.

            “You’re too loud,” she whispered. “Minions of the Evil King can still be here.”

            “Right,” whispered Navi. Mimi pulled her braid up beside Navi.

            “Cover yourself with this,” she said. “It won’t give away where we are in this darkness.”  Navi pulled the black braid around her. Mimi thought it looked funny, not being able to see Navi’s arms but seeing her braid move next to it. Like magic.

            “Avoid that bird,” said Navi. “It can steal any item, including your sword.”

            “Hold on!” Mimi whispered to Navi.




   *            *           *

            Romani poked at her food. They had arrived at the ranch a few hours ago with Anju but she didn’t stay. She went out of Termina with her mom and Grandma. And it was now morning. But the sky didn’t show that. It was nearly pitch black and since Ganondorf had taken over, nothing seemed normal.          

            But, the ranch owners, Cremia and her little sister Jessie, (same outfits, brown hair, brown eyes) had taken them in. Jessie had just come in with breakfast, but no one was in the mood to eat.

            Who would? Romani asked herself. Mimi is, as we believe…She didn’t finish her thought.

            “It’s quiet…” said Gabriella. “Without Mimi.”

            “She was always so happy,” said Kimmie. “Never giving up hope—”

            “Don’t say that!” said Romani. “We can’t just assume that Mimi is dead! We can’t just assume that Ganondorf has won and we’re all doomed!”

            “What if we are?” asked Gabriella. “We need Mimi to help us stop that…that…Ganondorf.”

            “Romani,” said Zelda, “We know that you are Mimi’s best friend and worry about her, but you’re not the only one. We worry too.”

            “Will we go look for her?” asked Romani. Zelda didn’t answer, but her look gave it away. “We aren’t are we?” asked Romani in a trembling voice.

            “Anyone in there?” a voice was at the door. “I could seriously use a bandage…Ouch!”

            “Stop gripping it so tightly!” came Navi’s voice.

            “I’d know those two anywhere,” said Link. He opened the door.

            “Finally!” said Mimi. She took a step in and bumped into Link. “Oomph!”

            “Is that you? Mimi?” asked Romani, coming to the door. “It is you!” she cried, and hugged her friend. “I’m so glad you’re OK!”

            “Let me go! Please!” said Mimi. Romani let go, but everyone else then bombarded her.

            “I can’t…breathe!!” They let go, and looked at her.

            “What?” she asked.

            “You said you couldn’t breathe,” said Gabriella.

            “I didn’t say that,” said Mimi. “It must’ve been Navi.”

            “Navi?” asked Link. Mimi nodded and moved her braid off of her shoulder. There sat Navi.

            “Thank you,” she said. She looked and flew up to Link’s face, and examined him.

“Link!” she said after her inspection. “I found you! I found you! I found you!!” She bounded around him happily. “You’ve grown!” she said quickly. She began to speak to him in a fast tone: “How old are you? 26? 30? 50 or older? Hmm? Hey! Man you’ve gotten taller! You were a short ten-year-old last I saw you!” Link turned redder with each statement. “Ah! I see you married Zelda!” Navi flew to Zelda. “Link thought you were pretty cute when we were kids!” she said. Zelda blushed. “Yup! He also said he’d like to give you a nice big, smoo—” Link grabbed the fairy out of the air.

“That’s Navi alright,” he said. “Still as annoying as ever…”   

“Mmmph! Mmmmphh!!” Navi was trying to speak through Link’s hand. With no success.

“Dad, I think she needs to breathe,” said Mimi. Link released Navi, and she gasped for breath.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Mimi!” said Romani. “We doubted that you were alive. For that, we are sorry.”

“That’s alright,” said Mimi. “Although”—she gripped her arm tighter—“it won’t be alright if I don’t get a bandage.” At that moment, Cremia and Jessie walked in.

“What’s with all the ruckus?” asked Cremia.

“Jessie heard you all talking and then someone asked for a bandage,” said Jessie. (Still speaks of herself in third person)

“I need one,” said Mimi. She walked forward and Cremia looked at her cut.

“That’s the biggest cut I’ve ever seen!” she exclaimed. “How did you get it?”

“I’d rather not talk about it.” Cremia nodded, and told Jessie, “Take her to the barn. There are medicines in there.” Jessie nodded, and took Mimi with her to the barn.

“So tell me,” said Cremia, “why is it you are all here?”

“We’ve had to answer this question a lot,” said Gabriella. “If we told you, Ganondorf might want you to give him information on where we are. We can’t risk telling you, without getting you and your sister in trouble.”

“Ok then, don’t tell me,” said Cremia. “My sister got herself into more trouble than you can imagine.” Cremia looked at Romani. “Are you a ranch girl? You look a lot like it.”

“Yes,” said Romani. “Back in Hyrule I was the only ranch girl there.” Cremia nodded.

“Do you have horses?”

“No,” said Kimmie. “We left them at Romani’s ranch when we left, because we didn’t want them to get hurt.”

“Call them,” said Cremia. Mimi and Jessie came in. Mimi’s arm was bandaged with a white cloth, and she looked better.

“Yes!” said Jessie. “We sing our horses a certain song whenever we can’t find them! They always come back to us.” Jessie sang them a song, and Cremia joined in.

“It goes like that,” said Cremia.

“I have an instrument to play that song on,” said Mimi. She pulled out her Ocarina, and Jessie and Cremia sang along. When Mimi put down her instrument, both of her parents were staring at her.

“What?” she asked.

“That’s the Ocarina of Time!” said Zelda. “Ganondorf is after that, as well as us!”

“I took it out of the messed up castle,” said Mimi. “So he doesn’t have it anymore!” She smiled.

“No he doesn’t,” said Link, “but that’s just another reason that he wants us. He’ll just search faster.”

“Oops.” Mimi, Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani looked at each other.

“You mean you all were included?” asked Zelda. The girls nodded slowly.

“And you didn’t tell us?” asked Link. The girls nodded again.


“We…um…forgot?” Mimi changed her statement into a question. “Sorry?” They glared at her.

“Explanation?” Mimi sighed and with the help of Romani, Kimmie and Gabriella, told them of the adventure.

“…So Navi showed me the way here,” Mimi concluded.

“We’ve got to leave here sooner,” said Zelda, “find those orbs and confront Ganondorf. We haven’t any time to lose.”

“Neighhh!!!” Mimi looked at the window.

“It’s Epona! And Ashley!”

“The one and only!” said Epona.

“We heard a song, left Ingo, and came here,” said Ashley. “Glad we did too.”

“Talking horses!!” said Jessie. “Jessie has never seen these before!”

“ ‘Course you didn’t,” said Epona. “We’re one of a kind.” Jessie began to talk with the horses while the others had a different discussion.

“Leave the ranch,” said Gabriella. “Leave, and take your sister with you.”

“His minions have probably located us by now,” said Kimmie.

“Don’t leave with us though,” said Mimi.

“We might endanger you,” said Romani. “After all, we are the ones he’s after. Seek refuge away from here. Far from here.” Cremia nodded.

“If we stay…” Cremia asked her question. “What if we stay? Will…um…Ganondorf try to capture us, and extract what we know about you?”

“Yes,” said Link. “He will try.”

Cremia nodded. Jessie overheard the conversation and said, “But Jessie wants to stay! This ranch is Jessie’s home!”

“I know Jessie,” said Cremia. “But we have to go. These people”—she pointed to them—“are going to try to stop Ganondorf.”


“Yes him,” Cremia answered. “Since we know what their story is, we have to leave, otherwise…um…” She searched for the correct words to use for ten-year-old sister. “Otherwise, Ganondorf’s servants—”

“Minions,” Jessie corrected. “Jessie isn’t the little kid you think she still is, Cremia.”

“Minions,” said Cremia sighing, “will come to get us, and try to make us tell them what we know.”

“I know!” said Jessie. “Jessie knows that Cremia likes someone named Daniel—” Cremia covered her mouth.

“Not that kind of know!” shouted Cremia, blushing. Navi’s wings twitched.

“What is it Navi?” Link asked her.

“Someone’s coming,” she answered, and flew to the window. Something was coming, and that was two Stalfos. They were riding at an average pace on two skeleton-like horses.

“Quick!” Navi said. “Bring the horses inside!” Cremia pulled Jessie in, while Mimi and Romani took Epona and Ashley into the house. Just in time before the Stalfos came. They stopped about eight feet from the door.

“Open up!” shouted the one on the right. “By order of the Great King Ganondorf, Mimi, Zelda, Romani, Gabriella, Kimmie and Link are to come to him for questioning!”

“Maxi!” Jessie whispered. Maxi, her dog was still outside. She ran and threw the door open and cried, “Maxi!” She ran to her dog that was cowering behind the Stalfos that had just spoken.

“Come on Maxi!” Jessie picked up her dog and ran back to the house, but a Stalfos grabbed her by the back of the collar. She dropped Maxi, and gasped for breath.

“Let Jessie go now, please!” she said, and the Stalfos pulled her into the air.

“Come on out, before this girl dies!” it said, putting its sword at her throat.

“I am not going to just sit here and wait, while my sister dies,” said Cremia. She stood, and walked out to the Stalfos.

“Let her go!” The Stalfos looked at her, and dropped Jessie. Cremia sighed, and walked over to her, only to be picked up by her hair by the other Stalfos! She yelped from the intense pain growing on her head. Maxi ran forward to bite the Stalfos, but the other one kicked him hard, and he went flying back to the door, where he lay, breathing slowly.

“Let my sister go!” said Jessie. She picked up her bow and arrow from beside a crate, and fired. Her arrow missed by inches.

“Jessie is a little rusty, so she needs more practice,” said Jessie. Another arrow, flying from the house, shot forward, and the hand that was holding Cremia was blown clean off.

The Stalfos looked at the inside of the house, and saw Romani holding up her bow.

“Why you little—” The Stalfos never finished his sentence. Cremia had just fired a kick after realizing that a few strands of her hair had been ripped out. The Stalfos fell to pieces on the ground, and his steed ran away. The other Stalfos ran off with it.

“That shows you what happens when you mess with my hair!!” Cremia yelled after it.

“Does Cremia want her hair to look good for Daniel?” asked Jessie.

“Stop it Jessie!” said Cremia, blushing. Jessie giggled. Everyone else walked out of the house. Zelda kneeled down next to Maxi and said, “Heal.” Maxi sat up, his bruise gone, and licked Zelda’s cheek. He then ran over to Jessie who hugged him tightly.

“Gross,” said Zelda, taking a cloth out of her pocket and wiping her cheek. She stood and walked up to the others.

“You did pretty good Jessie,” said Romani, complimenting her. “You just need practice. Although that was a pretty good distraction.” Jessie nodded.

“Can you teach Jessie how to fire arrows?” she asked. Romani nodded, and Jessie walked behind the barn, and came back with ten ghost balloons.

“Jessie uses them for moving target practice,” she said to Romani’s confused look. She nodded and the two walked to the middle of the farm.

“So you can fight,” said Mimi to Cremia.

“I…guess so…” said Cremia. I didn’t know I could.”

“Well then,” said Gabriella. “Since Ganondorf might want you too, you might as well come with us. We could use the help anyway.”


“Of course,” said Link, “you’ll need more training.” Cremia smiled and said, “I guess I do!”

“Mimi, why don’t you train her?” said Zelda. Mimi nodded, and she and Cremia walked to the fence.

“Gabriella, how about you and me practice with each other?” asked Kimmie. Gabriella nodded, and they both jumped back, drawing their weapons.

“Self-control girls,” said Link. “Don’t kill each other.” They nodded and began to practice. Zelda and Link then began to train together.


Cremia’s foot swung hard over Mimi’s head but she ducked. Cremia threw a punch, and Mimi sidestepped it.

“How am I supposed to hit you?” said Cremia.

“Relax,” said Mimi. “Take your time to avoid my attacks, and to watch my movements for the right time.” Mimi swung forward, and Cremia dodged, and kicked Mimi’s side. Mimi was blown back a bit, but kept her ground.

“You’re improving,” she said.

“I can’t believe I just heard that from a seventeen year old who’s so much younger than me,” said Cremia. She lunged forward again.



“Aim your arrow before you shoot, Jessie, not after!” Jessie held up her arrow, and aimed. She shot down the ghost with a pop! Jessie grinned.

“Jessie did it Romani!” she cried. She then began to shoot down the rest of the balloons with ease. Romani smiled. This girl has talent. She thought. We could use all the help we can get for the battles ahead. Jessie then tripped over a stone, and lay there. She does have talent, but she needs to improve it.

“Jessie just lost her footing, Romani!” Jessie said.

“When you’re in battle you’ll have to get up quicker,” said Romani. Jessie nodded and went back to her training.



Kimmie’s dagger went forward for Gabriella’s neck, but Gabriella blocked it with her Hammer, and placed the hammer above Kimmie’s head.

“I win again,” she said. Kimmie growled and they went back at it. This time, Gabriella jumped up over Kimmie to end up behind her, but Kimmie expected that. Kimmie back-flipped right before Gabriella landed, and put her dagger at her throat.

“This time I win,” said Kimmie. Gabriella said nothing. She whipped around and started the next round.



Zelda narrowly dodged Link’s blade. She sent a blast of light at him, but he moved easily.

“You’re rusty,” he said. Zelda lunged forward, and kicked Link hard in the chest. Zelda didn’t stop there; she ran forward, and pinned him to the ground.

“Now who’s rusty?” she asked. She stood up and got ready for the next battle round. She fired more light, and using his sword, Link hit them towards the sky. He ran forward, and did feint slice to make Zelda lose her balance. And she did. Zelda went back, and fell.

“Guess I win this round,” said Link. He helped her up, and Zelda took the advantage. She punched him.

“Never trust your enemy,” she said, watching Link fall. He rubbed his head, and went forward again.

The dark sky began to get a bit darker than it already was, to show that it was sunset. Mimi and Cremia panted on the ground, battered and bruised.

“That was a good training session,” said Mimi. Cremia just nodded, still panting. Navi came out of the house with the horses, and called them to the house.

“Hey!” she called. “I’ve got to tell you something!” Everyone rushed over.

“What is it Navi?” asked Mimi.

“I think that through me, you may be able to see what Ganondorf is up to. We could use it to the advantage, just in case.” The group nodded, and waited as she glowed brighter, and for a time all they could see was light.

After the light dimmed, Mimi looked at herself. She seemed to be in the ghost-like body of herself, as were the others. She looked around and saw that she was in the throne room of the castle.

Well…Ganondorf’s throne room. It looked about the same, except that there was only one huge chair, and on the edge of it were spikes that were a dark brown. The chair’s seat was blue but the arm-holders were still gold.

Then Mimi saw him in person: Ganondorf. He walked to the chair, sat, and seemed to be staring right at them. But, he wasn’t looking at them. He actually was looking at a Stalfos. It was the Stalfos that had come to the ranch.

“I expect you bring news?” asked Ganondorf. His voice was rough and deep.

“I-I-I…” the Stalfos just stammered, and could not get the words out of his mouth.

“Spit it out!” Ganondorf was angry now. “What happened?”

“The p-people you w-wanted us to find outsmarted us, Master,” it finally said.


“Well my partner and I,” began the Stalfos, “w-went to the ranch like you asked. We got there, and there were t-two ranch girls”—Mimi looked at Cremia and Jessie, who seemed to be trembling—“they were there, and my partner took one as she came out of the house. Then th-the older one came a-and m-my partner took her instead. That’s when one of Mimi’s friends”—Mimi shuddered at the sound of her name—“hit an arrow at him, and then after his arm was blown off”—Romani smiled—“the other girl kicked him, and he fell apart. I-I then r-ran away…”

“You didn’t take even one of them?!?” Ganondorf was in a terrible rage. He stood and walked up to the Stalfos, who was still cowering. Ganondorf held up his hand, and blasted the Stalfos to pieces.

How cruel… Thought Mimi to herself, killing someone who tried to help…even if they are evil. Then Ganondorf looked in her direction. Mimi stayed frozen on the spot (or in the air…) He walked forward, directly toward her, and said, “I will find you, Mimi.” She could nearly sense Ganondorf’s presence in front of her. Mimi still couldn’t move. She took a deep breath and…


Mimi screamed. She held her head, as she and the others were transported back to their bodies in the ranch. Mimi stopped screaming, but was still scared. Had he spotted me? She asked herself. No, he couldn’t have… We were invisible… Right? She looked around and saw Navi to her right.

“What did you see?” she asked.

“You mean ‘What did he see’,” said Mimi correcting her. “I think Ganondorf may have spotted me while we were there. He even said ‘I’ll find you, Mimi,’ right at my face.” She shuddered. Would he find her?

“That’s impossible!” said Navi. “I made sure that nobody could see you while you were there! I know! Your spirits went but your bodies stayed in the room with me!”

“Calm down Navi,” said Zelda. “It could be because of his piece of his piece of the Triforce… The Triforce of Power.” Cremia and Jessie had said nothing throughout the whole talk. Then Jessie finally spoke.

“Do you think…” Jessie said. Everyone looked at her to hear what she would say. “Do you think that evil person will come and take Jessie and her sister away?” Jessie slowly started to cry.

“He won’t—” Cremia was at a loss for words. She couldn’t say her sister was wrong, for the question could be a fact. “Let’s just go to bed…” She walked upstairs to the bedroom.

“We’ll be leaving as soon as possible tomorrow morning!” Romani called after them. Mimi walked to the door, opened it, and went outside. Once there she stared at the sky. It was still dark. Not a single bit of sunlight had appeared in the sky ever since Ganondorf had taken over. As if Ganondorf had destroyed the sun itself.

Will we be able to fight? She asked herself. The responsibility, the strength, courage and wisdom that we’ll need… Hopefully my parents, Cremia and Jessie can help us along the way. I’m the chosen one to defeat Ganondorf, but my friends and family will help me along the way.

Mimi turned, hearing footsteps on the grass. It was Epona, Ashley and her friends.

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” said Gabriella. “When we all met…everything was peaceful…like nothing could go wrong…”

“And then the next thing we know, we’re battling monsters, meeting the Sages, and collecting orbs of Light,” said Kimmie.

“We only have three more,” said Romani. “Three more and we’re home free.” Mimi smiled.

“It won’t be that easy,” she said, echoing her dad’s words. “But with our skills and Cremia and Jessie’s effort, I’m sure it might be!”


*             *             *

The next day, Cremia had changed her outfit. It was a yellow T-shirt, with blue jeans that had rips on the rim for design along with her brown boots. (“It’s a sporty look,” she said) Jessie though still had on her regular ranch outfit. (“Jessie wants to be unique in her own way!”)

“Well we might as well be off,” said Ashley, as Mimi and Kimmie mounted. Romani and Gabriella mounted Epona. Cremia went out back, and came back with two full-grown horses. She helped Jessie on one, and saddled on behind her. Link and Zelda took the other horse.

“Jessie is so excited!” said Jessie. Cremia hit the horse with her feet, and they galloped off, with the others not too far behind. She slowed to let Mimi lead. Together, they went back to Hyrule.


*             *            *


Epona slowed down as they reached their destination: Gerudo Desert. Patrolling the entrance were two Gerudo.

“They’re an all female group,” said Mimi, “so we have a chance of getting in. Um…Dad?”—She looked at him—“I think you’ll have trouble.”

“No,” he said. “Last time I came here, they let me become a member, for sneaking in without getting caught…much.” Mimi sighed and walked up to the Gerudo.

“Who are you?” asked one.

“Mimi,” answered Mimi. “My friends and I wish to speak to…” She started mumbling under her breath. “Oh yeah! Nabooru!”

“She can’t speak to ones such as yourselves,” said the other Gerudo.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!?”

“It means,” said the other, “that she’s too busy.” She looked at the others and her gaze turned to Link.

“Well, well, look who we have here!” the Gerudo walked up to Link and shook his hand. “I’ve heard much about you. You snuck into our hideout without getting caught…much!” Link gave her a weak smile.

“Thanks…I guess…” he said.

“Since you’re here I guess we could let you through!” The Gerudo clapped her hands twice and two others immediately came to her.

“Show these people to Nabooru,” she said, to them.

“No need!” said Link. “Just needed your permission.” He looked at Mimi and she immediately got the message. She took out the Ocarina, and played the Requiem of Spirit. In a flash of gold light, they vanished, and reappeared at the Spirit Temple. Zelda glared at Link.

“We could have warped here in the first place if you had told us!!” she screamed at him.

“That would have taken all of the fun out of the adventure Princess!”

“I’m a Queen!!!” The others watched as the two argued.

“Do they do this occasionally?” Cremia asked Mimi.

“Occasionally no, argue yes,” said Mimi. “They did when we were in Termina too.” Jessie opened her mouth to speak, but Cremia covered her mouth, knowing what she was about to say.

“Don’t,” she said, “say anything.” Jessie nodded, and Cremia let go.

“Jessie was going to say that someone in a gold light was coming from the sky, but no one would listen.” Mimi looked at her.

“A gold light…?” She turned and saw Nabooru watch as Link and Zelda continued to argue.

“Arguing won’t solve any problem,” she said. Zelda and Link stopped arguing, and looked in her direction. She had a smile on her face. “Long time no see hero.” She walked forward and looked at them all.

“I see new faces,” she said scanning the group. Her eyes rested on Mimi. “Hello Mimi.” Mimi smiled, and introduced the others. “This is Cremia”—She pointed to Cremia—“and her little sister, Jessie.” Jessie waved. Nabooru nodded to her.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said. “Ever since Ganondorf took over…again…the sky has been as dark as…as…dark! Well, because of that, the spirits are wandering around aimlessly. Especially the Poe.”

“Poe?” asked Jessie. “Are those the ghosts that hate the world?”

“That’s right Jessie,” said Nabooru. “And because the evil here is so great, they have doubled in numbers and are scattered all over Hyrule. I have to find and destroy each one of them. But I need help. Are you up to it?”

“Yes!” said Mimi and her friends.

“Great! We’ll get started right now. But we will take different routes to find them. Mimi and Gabriella, you take the Poe somewhere in Lake Hylia. Kimmie and Romani, you go to Hyrule Field near the forest. Cremia and Jessie, you take the field near Kakariko. And the couple”—She looked at Link and Zelda—“will take the field near the marketplace. I’ll stay in the desert, and Navi, you stay with me. Clear?” Everyone nodded. “Good. Oh, and remember, that if you look at the Poe too long, they will disappear, and it would be futile to hit them until you look away.”

“So you mean that don’t stare at them, otherwise they will vanish until you look away?” asked Cremia. Nabooru nodded. “So basically try to hit them before they vanish?” Nabooru nodded again.

“Do they just disappear or is there something to show you where they are?” asked Gabriella.

“They hold a lamp,” said Nabooru. “That lamp won’t vanish with them. That’s where you can tell where they are.”

“So, now that we’ve got that settled,” said Mimi, “let’s get started!” She pulled out her Ocarina, played a tune, and they appeared on Hyrule Field. Link and Zelda ran to the marketplace, Romani and Kimmie near the forest, Cremia and Jessie near Kakariko, and Gabriella and Mimi to Lake Hylia.


“Is anything here?” asked Jessie. She and Cremia had just arrived at Kakariko’s staircase, and were looking in the river and around the tree.

“They’re ghosts remember Jessie?” said Cremia. “They could be hiding, so keep your guard up.” Jessie nodded and continued to search. She stuck her head in a bush and said, “Hello?” Then a lamp appeared in her face, nearly blinding her. She jumped out of the bush, and the Poe came out. It floated around, and Jessie launched an arrow, trying not to stare. The arrow hit, and the ghost vanished, leaving a spirit.

“Should we take it?” asked Cremia. At that moment the small spirit vanished. “Maybe not.” Then, out of nowhere, about ten more Poe appeared.

“Jessie believes this will take awhile,” said Jessie. Together the two launched forward.



Kimmie looked at a tree, and climbed up it. Once at the top, she searched for any sign of a Poe. We’ve been looking a long time. She thought. Will we ever spot some Poe?

“See anything?” Romani called up to her.

“No, nothing,” said Kimmie. “Just a bunch of trees and bushes and…what’s that?” She had spotted something, but it wasn’t a Poe. It looked like Ganondorf’s minions. Only two though.

“Minions!” Kimmie jumped down from the tree and landed next to Romani. “We have to hide!” Romani nodded, and they searched for something, anything, that they could hide behind. Romani’s eyes fell upon a thick bush. “Here!” she said, and pulled Kimmie in just in time. They made sure they were hidden and peeked out to see what the minions were up to.

“We have to find those girls, before we’re killed like that Stalfos was!” said one.

“I know,” said the other. “But what will we find if we don’t look?” The other beast nodded.

“I wonder what he’ll do to them if those girls are captured?”

“Probably rip out their hair, kill them, make them suffer to death…” the beast went on. Kimmie gasped a bit too loud. The minion talking stopped, and looked at the bush. “What’s that?” It leaned forward to peer into the bush. Romani had covered Kimmie’s mouth, and they waited. As soon as the minion reached down, it heard something. The sound of a crow.

“It’s the boss,” said the other. “He wants us back at the castle ASAP.” The other one glared at the bush.

“I’ll deal with that later,” he said, and followed the other. Kimmie and Romani waited until they were sure that the minions had really left, and jumped out of the bush.

“Make us suffer?” said Kimmie. “Romani, would he really do that?” She looked at Romani.

“I wish he didn’t,” she said. “But we can’t worry about the future. We have to find those Poe!” They began their search again. They scouted the whole area around the Forest entrance and found nothing.

“Do you think that Nabooru was sure about some Poe being here?” asked Kimmie, looking very closely at a bush.

“I hope so,” said Romani. “She’s a Sage, so I guess we can trust her.” Romani put her hand on a tree, and a Poe appeared holding its lamp. It ignored Romani, and looked at Kimmie. Looking at her, it made the scariest ghoul face ever. Kimmie screamed so loud that Romani thought that even the gods could hear her wherever they were. The face grew scarier, and scarier, until Kimmie was screaming at the top of her lungs. Birds flew from their nests, and rabbits crawled out of their holes to escape the noise.

To stop the madness, Romani fired an arrow straight at the Poe. It froze, still with its hideous look, then disappeared, dropping the lamp. The lamp crashed on the ground, leaving a spirit. Ignoring the spirit, Romani ran up to Kimmie, who was still screaming. She covered Kimmie’s mouth and looked around.

“Be quiet!” she said in a frantic whisper. “That Poe wasn’t like the others! It was probably trying to make you scream, to give away where we are to the minions. Its plan worked too.” Kimmie yanked Romani’s hand off of her face and said, “Well why didn’t it try to make you scream?” Romani said nothing.

“I don’t get scared as easily,” she said after a while.

“What’s that supposed to mean??” said Kimmie, half yelling and whispering at the same time. Romani tried to quiet her but it was too late: almost twenty maybe even more Poe appeared and cackled.

“Next time, shut your mouth,” said Romani as the Poe moved in.



Gabriella moved her hand through the cold, Lake water. It felt so refreshing, and it soothed her. She put her Hammer down beside her, took her hand out of the water and looked at the reflection of the full moon. Its shine rippled across the Lake, making beautiful colors shimmer on it. To Gabriella, it was something that could calm her down at this time.

She picked up her Hammer, and turned. She walked over to Mimi, who was talking to a scarecrow. It had startled Gabriella at first, talking to an inanimate object made of nothing but straw. She got used to it though, for his name was Bonooru, and Mimi was asking him about any Poe sightings. Gabriella walked to them.

“…Sure you haven’t seen any?” Mimi was asking.

“Nope!” said Bonooru. “But if you can play me a song on that Ocarina of yours, I’ll tell!”

“So you have seen Poe?”

“Not unless you play me a song on your Ocarina.”

“So if I play a song on my Ocarina, you’ll just magically see a Poe?”

“My musical heart wants a song.”

“STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT!!” Mimi was red in the face now, so Gabriella decided to step in.

“Bonooru, how about we play you a song together? That way you’ll get your music, and we’ll get the information that we want.” Bonooru seemed to be thinking about the bargain. Finally he said, “I have seen a Poe, but I’m not telling exactly where or what it was doing here, until I here my MUSIC!!” He started dancing around like crazy.

“Alright!” said Gabriella. “I just need an instrument.”

“Reach into my pocket,” said Bonooru. Gabriella did just that.

“Why do you have a flute in your pocket?” she asked.

“I’m really interested in music, so I have one with me just to hold it out and let the wind blow into it. I press the buttons sometimes too if my arms aren’t stiff from this position.” Gabriella sighed, and put the flute up to her mouth. Mimi took out her Ocarina, and they played their melody.

“Happy now?” said Mimi, putting away her instrument. Gabriella stuck the flute back into the scarecrow’s pocket.

“Yes, much!” said Bonooru. “Now the Poe…” His straw-like head moved around as it scanned the Lake. Gabriella shivered. This was a sight for soar eyes!

“There!” said Bonooru. He turned on his side, and pointed a straw arm at the middle of the Lake. “It was over there with at least a dozen more, or so!”

“Thank you,” said Mimi. The two took off to the middle of the Lake. Once there, they looked around.

“I don’t see anything,” said Mimi. She looked at the huge tree, and knocked on it. She turned.

“Nothing,” she said to Gabriella. Gabriella’s eyes weren’t on Mimi, but something behind her.

“Well I guess we played that song to the scarecrow for no reason,” said Mimi. Gabriella whimpered and pointed a trembling finger behind Mimi. “Who thought we should trust him?” Mimi continued. “I mean he is a scarecrow after”—she looked at Gabriella’s face—“Are you OK?” she asked. “You look pale…” Gabriella squeaked out a small, “Behind you, Mimi,” before gripping her Hammer. Mimi had a confused look on her face and turned, to come face to face with the Poe. It had on a scary face (like what Kimmie saw) like its comrades and Mimi had just looked at the face up close. She took a giant step back, next to Gabriella.

“Hi!” she said. Mimi gave the Poe a weak smile. It cackled in reply, still with its creepy look. “We heard about how you started wandering the planet, and—” Gabriella whispered to Mimi, “What are you doing? Trying to make them our friends??” Mimi shrugged, and continued with her talk.

“—And would very much like it if you left. You know back to your graves? Come on, one at a time. The graves are at Kakariko and waiting. Oh! And when you get in, be sure to keep your arms lamps and…err…floatation-like legs in the grave for the rest of forever so that we may never see you again! Bye-bye! I hope you enjoyed your stay!” Not a single Poe moved an inch.

“So you aren’t leaving huh?” said Gabriella. The Poe cackled and moved forward still with their scary faces on.

From where Bonooru was, he can hear the girls scream.


“Should I have told them about the Poe’s scary faces?” he asked himself. He heard the thuds of Gabriella’s Hammer, and the swishes of Mimi’s blade. “Nah, they can take care of themselves!” 



Link’s sword whipped through the Poe, and it vanished. There’s no end to them! He thought. Zelda had about ten Poe stuck in a blue ball of light that was squeezing them harder and harder. Finally, they vanished with a pop, and the lamp’s crashed leaving behind spirits. They had already decided to leave those behind; they weren’t going to help anyway.

“Link! Behind you!” Zelda shouted. Link turned, and slashed at the Poe, and it disappeared, scary look and all.

“Thanks!” Link called back to her. She nodded and destroyed the remaining two Poe. They looked around. The shards of the broken lamps were scattered all over the dead grass. Thump! Thump! Thump!

“What’s that?” said Zelda. Link looked over the hills, and saw two of Ganondorf’s minions, followed by a crow in the sky.

“Hide!” Link said to Zelda. She tossed her arms into the air, and the two became invisible. They watched and listened to the minions that were getting closer.

“…Saw something in there!” one said.

“It could have just been a rabbit,” said the other.

“But I did see something!” said the minion again. “We could have ignored the crow, and searched in the bush! I’m sure I could smell two of the chosen ones!” The other minion stared.

“You need that “finding pig nose” of yours to take another test. I couldn’t smell anything in that bush.”

“That’s because you weren’t trying!” The two beasts were in front of Link and Zelda now. The one who had said he found the bush stuck his nose in the air, and sniffed around.

“I smell something else,” it said. “The same sort of scent those two in the bush have. And there are two here…” He sniffed around again. “Adults…Man and woman…” He snarled. “Link and Zelda!!!” It stopped sniffing.

“I smell it too,” said the other. They began to sniff around and got closer and closer to Zelda and Link.

This isn’t good! Zelda said telepathically to Link. If we stay here, those…things…will surely capture us!

            Not if I can help it. Link thought. He took his sword, and sliced down on one of the beasts’ head. Zelda was shocked. The other monster stopped its sniffing and looked at its partner.

            “Not another one…” he mumbled to himself. He leaned down to see how his partner had been killed, and Link’s sword slashed down again on the monster, killing it. Zelda sighed, and released her grip on her magic, making them visible again.

            “What did they mean by ‘two in the bush’?” asked Link, moving the monster’s body over with his foot.

            “Bush?” said Zelda. She frowned, and began to think. “Kimmie and Romani went to the Forest entrance, didn’t they?” she said. “So it must have been them!” Link nodded. Together, the two headed for the Forest. Up ahead, the crow flew away to the castle.



            Nabooru patted her hands together as the Poe’s lamp crashed on the desert sand. She looked around. She could see almost nothing in the darkness.

            “Ganondorf is raising in power,” she said to herself. “Hurry heroes…you need to hurry…”

            Behind her, something stirred. Nabooru turned around, and thought she saw an even bigger lamp.

            “What was that?” asked Navi.

            “Show yourself!” Nabooru shouted. Nothing. “I’m waiting!” Nabooru cautiously moved forward, Navi circling her head, and Nabooru’s glowing hands held in front of her. “Who’s there?” Then she heard something. It sounded like the rattle of chains being clanked together. Nabooru pulled the sand from the dirt, and threw it towards the sound. The chains clattered around as the beast dodged the sand.  Nabooru took a deep breath, and slowly turned around. Navi gasped.




            “KYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Mimi put her sword on her back, and turned in the direction of the Desert.

            “Was that Nabooru screaming?” asked Gabriella. Mimi shrugged. The two jumped into the water, and swam up to Bonooru.

            “My musical self weeps for the condition of that girl,” he said, when they asked him if he too heard the scream. “In my mind, I hear funeral music…”

            “Someone has faith…” said Mimi so that only Gabriella could hear. They took off, with Bonooru still talking.

            “…Had legs and an actual voice, I would sing at that funeral…”



            “…Rip out your hair? Make you suffer to death? Kill you?” asked Link. He and Zelda had just arrived at where Romani and Kimmie were, and they told them about what they heard from the two minions.

            “Yes,” said Kimmie. “Will he try to kill us?”

            “Try to yes,” said Zelda, “kill you no. You’re the chosen ones, so you can stand up to him. Sure you might get a few bruises here and there, but that won’t stop you from succeeding in killing Ganondorf.”

            “So, were we chosen by destiny to defeat Ganondorf, or were we just selected?” asked Romani.

            “Destiny,” Link answered. “We should probably—”


            “What was that?” said Kimmie.

            “Wasn’t that Nabooru’s scream?” Zelda asked Link. He said nothing, but ran forward towards the desert.



            “Hurry up, Jessie!” Cremia called. “Nabooru and Navi need help!” Cremia and Jessie had taken off as soon as they heard Nabooru scream. They now where at the marketplace.

            “Jessie can’t run as fast as Cremia!!” Jessie called to her. “Your legs are too long!!” Cremia stopped running, and turned to face Jessie. Jessie caught up to her, and began to pant. Cremia sighed, and crouched on the ground.

            “Get on my back,” she said. Jessie smiled happily, and climbed on. “Hold on!” Cremia said. With Jessie on her back, Cremia ran forward.

            “This is just like when Jessie and Cremia would play outdoors together so many years ago!” said Jessie.

            “You remember that?” Jessie nodded. Cremia started to get used to the load on her back, and began to run faster.




            “Let her go!!” Navi flew forward, and released bits of blue light over the beast. It was stunned, but kept its grip on Nabooru. “Use some of your Sage magic, Nabooru!”

            “I-I can’t!” Nabooru called back. Navi didn’t seem convinced. She respected the Sage’s answer, and glowed brighter.

            Link? Link, can you hear me? She called out with her fairy magic to the Hero. Link! We need help! After a moment, she heard an answer.

            Navi? Is that you?

            Yes! Navi answered. Where are you?


            Really? You don’t seem far away anymore…

            “We aren’t.” Navi then realized that she was no longer listening to a telepathic voice, but rather a voice that sounded right below her. Navi looked down.

            Link, Zelda, Mimi, Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani were all standing there, and looked a bit worn out.

            “We got here as soon as we could,” said Link, stepping forward. “Sorry ‘bout the hold up.”

            “It’s alright,” Navi called, flying over to them. “I’m sure you did your best.” Cremia let Jessie down off of her back.

            “What seems to be the problem?” she asked, straightening up. Navi said nothing but faced where the monster was holding Nabooru.

            “That is the problem,” she said. Nabooru was in a tight fix. The monster wasn’t visible, so it was hard to see. All that could be seen was Nabooru struggling against a ghost-like hand.

            “If you’re all finished, I could use some saving here!!!” Nabooru yelled to them.

            “What is that thing?” Mimi said. Romani fired an arrow. As it flew forward Zelda hit it with a beam of light, creating a Light Arrow. It burst in midair, giving a glimpse of what they were up against: the hugest Poe they had ever seen. This ghost also had on its ‘scary face’. It noticed them, flew in their face and cackled. All of them screamed.

            “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” The Poe cackled with laughter, and vanished taking Nabooru with it. Link was the first to spot where it was.

            “Over there!” he said, and pointed; at the topmost point of the Temple, was the Poe. It had tied Nabooru to the statue’s hat. She was kicking at the beast furiously.

            “Untie me, freako!!” she yelled. She froze, and looked at the height she was at. “On second thought, don’t untie me…” The Poe said nothing. Nabooru gave it a weak smile. “You’re not gonna kill me, are you?” Mimi heard this and thought, Well that’s a stupid question… The Poe cackled, and moved his ghost-like finger across its neck, and pointed to Nabooru. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said. The Poe stared at her, and she stared back. Finally, the Poe flew down away from the statue, and down towards the others. It held up its lamp, and swung it forward, knocking them off their feet.

            “That’s going to hurt in the morning,” Gabriella moaned, sitting up. She rubbed her back. “Ow…” She tried to stand, but couldn’t. “What the—??” She looked at her feet, and grabbed one, trying to pull it free from the sand. Then she saw two black hands on her ankles.

            “Let me go!” Gabriella cried. The hands gripped tighter, and Gabriella closed an eye in pain. “That…hurts! Let…go…” The Poe’s hands were gripping her and a purple light had come from it. The light had creeped up, and Gabriella had breathed it in, and fainted. The Poe rose from the sand, and cackled. It picked Gabriella up, and flew high into the sky.

            Mimi picked herself up, and walked over to everyone else, waking them up.

            “What happened?” Kimmie sat up.

            “Up there!” Mimi pointed to the Poe in the sky. As they looked closer, they could see a knocked out Gabriella in its hand.

            “Put her down!!” Link yelled. The Poe surprisingly shrugged, and dropped Gabriella from the devastating height.

            “You idiot!” Zelda yelled at Link, hitting up-side the head. “She’s going to die because of the height she falls from! What made you think you could tell the Poe to put her down, when it was evident that it would have just dropped her?!?” Link opened his mouth in reply but Jessie stopped them.

            “Don’t fight,” she said. “That’s the same thing that made Jessie and Cremia’s parents break up…and our father…” She didn’t continue. Zelda looked at her.

            “We’re sorry,” she said, and smiled. Jessie smiled back.

            “Sorry to ruin this,” Romani said, “but what is Mimi doing??” She pointed in the direction that Mimi had set off. Mimi was running at top speed towards where Gabriella was about to fall. She took two more steps, and jumped. She grabbed Gabriella out of the air and landed, perfectly on the sand. There, she put Gabriella down.

            “Wake up,” Mimi said. “Come on…don’t tell me she’s really knocked out…” Slowly, Gabriella’s eyes opened. Mimi breathed a sigh of relief.

            “What happened?” Gabriella said. “I remember something gripping my ankles, and then nothing…”

            “I think you fainted,” Mimi said. “But now, we have to help the others rescue Nabooru.” Gabriella nodded and stood. Just as she did, the Poe’s lamp swung over her head. Gabriella ducked just in time, and the huge lamp hit nothing but sand, and stuck there. The Poe started to try and pull it out.

            Gabriella took this advantage. She took her Hammer off of her back, and jumped over the Poe. As she went over its head, she gave it a hard whack. The Poe’s head inclined. Gabriella landed on the other side of it, and stuck her Hammer back on her back. Romani fired five arrows, one after the other, at the Poe. It brought up its lamp in time, and sent the arrows flying straight at her. Link came in, and blocked the attack with his sword.

            “Thank you,” Romani said to him.

            “No problem,” he said, and ran off to the battle. Zelda was holding up her hands, and beams of light emanated from them. She put her hands in front of her, and the light hit the Poe directly. It froze in place dropping its lamp.

            Kimmie drew her dagger, hopped, skipped and then jumped, high in the air. She landed right on the frozen Poe’s head. Fancily, she twirled the dagger in her hand, and thrust it in to the Poe’s forehead. It withered in pain, and its hand grabbed its lamp. It then swung it to where Kimmie was standing. Kimmie had already jumped off, and instead the Poe nearly knocked itself out. Mimi looked at her dad. He nodded, and they ran forward. They did a series of sword combo slices on the Poe, and it vanished. Its lamp fell, and in its place were the shards of it. The shards then formed together, into an orb.

            “What are you doing?!?” Nabooru yelled. “I’d appreciate it if one of you came to get, me, DOWN!!”

            “Sorry Nabooru!” Mimi said. “We’ll get you down!” She turned to the others.

            “Who should go?” Romani asked.

            “Why not Mr. Link?” said Kimmie. “He’s used to climbing high walls.”

            “Me?” Link pointed to himself. Kimmie nodded. “I’m sure you’ll be able to climb up,” she said. Link sighed, and walked over to the platform with the Triforce mark on it. He searched his pockets, and took out his Longshot. I hope this works. He thought. He aimed his Longshot at the point above Nabooru’s head. It clicked on the pad, and Link was pulled up. As soon as he was on the statue’s head, Link took his sword, and cut the ropes on Nabooru. She fell, but did not scream. Instead, she took a pile of sand and molded it in to a sand-like platform. She landed on it, and Link after her. The platform descended, and the two were safely on the ground.

            Mimi looked at the orb. It was glowing brightly, almost beckoning her to take it. Mimi drew her sword, and walked forward. She kneeled, and placed a hand on the orb. It shined, and flew in to the Master Sword. Mimi held the sword up high, and it glowed with strength and a hope in the darkness. Navi flew over to where Mimi stood.

            “You have but two more orbs to find,” she said. “I will not continue with you any further. I am going to go home to the Forest, and await your safe return. But Mimi…” Mimi looked at herself, noticing that she was getting more faint as the bright light was about to send them away. “…Be careful…” That was all she heard before Nabooru and Navi vanished from her view. 


      *           *           *

            Mimi’s feet gently touched the soft dirt. She opened her eyes and looked around. She and the others were safely in front of the Gerudo entrance. Something nudged her side. Turning, Mimi saw the horses. She smiled at them and drew her sword. It was shining brightly in the darkness: a beacon of hope.

            “Just two more,” Mimi whispered to herself.

            “So two more,” Romani said. “Two more orbs to find.” Mimi nodded.

            “We should head off to find them shouldn’t we?” Kimmie asked.

            “Where should we head first?” asked Gabriella.

            “Why not to Kakariko Village?” Zelda said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my attendant Impa. I sort of miss her.”

            “Sure why not?” Mimi said, smiling. “To Kakariko!” She and Kimmie mounted Ashley, Romani and Gabriella to Epona, Jessie and Cremia to their horse, and Link and Zelda to the other. Together, they rode off to their destination: Kakariko Village.


    *             *              *

            Ashley’s hooves stopped violently at the staircase. Mimi dismounted, and looked up the stairs. She and her mother had many times visited this place. It was always so peaceful, and the villagers were so nice. But now, the place seemed ominous and vacant.

            “Something terrible has befallen this place,” Zelda said. “I can sense it. And it will get worse. Everyone, be careful.” The group nodded and walked up the staircase.



            Mimi felt her jaw drop as she looked at the village. The houses were destroyed, and had toppled over. The Windmill had been torn to pieces and one of its wings was in front of the well. Mimi looked up at the volcano, Death Mountain, where the Gorons lived. She had paid no attention before, but now she could see it: the ring around the mountain seemed to be a black cloud, with thunder. That was the worst the ring could get.

            Zelda walked up to the well. She placed a hand on it, and looked inside; it was drained out. She sighed, and walked back to the others.

            “Where do you think Impa could be?” she asked.

            “Who knows?” Link said. “This place is nearly dead. All we can do is pray to the gods that Impa was able to save herself and villagers.” Zelda didn’t respond.

            “I hope you won’t yell at me, Hyrulian Queen, for making you worry.” Zelda turned and looked around. Her eyes stopped on her shadow, which was shimmering on the ground. It morphed, and out of the shadow Impa came up from the ground. “How’s everything?”

            Zelda was almost crying, but kept her emotions out of the way.

            “I’m glad to see that you’re alright,” she said. Impa frowned.

            “Ever since you got that Triforce of Wisdom, you’ve been speaking like you’re elderly. Much less than the Zelda I raised.” Zelda smiled and hugged Impa.

            “You haven’t changed at all,” Zelda said, letting go of her. Impa smiled.

            “I guess I haven’t,” she said. “Ah! And who are these two?” She looked at Cremia and Jessie.

            “This is Cremia,” Gabriella said, pointing to Cremia. “And her little sister, Jessie.”

            “It seems these two are helping you on your journey, Mimi?” Impa asked her. Mimi nodded.

            “Along with the others,” she said. Impa looked at the Master Sword on Mimi’s back.

            “I sense you have two more orbs to find,” she said. Mimi gaped.

            “How did you—?”

            “I’m a Sheikah. Get used to it,” Impa responded.

            “Yes, we do have two more orbs to find,” Romani said.

            “I see,” Impa said. “So Mimi, why don’t you tell me of your travels?” Mimi nodded, and began the story.

            “After we left you and the Sages, we headed off to the Forest…” Through the whole thing, Impa listened patiently. She nodded her head a couple times, and when Mimi described her trouble with the “saving the worlds” as she called it, Impa could understand that she believed she wasn’t ready for the responsibility. Mimi began to feel better as she told her story. She felt as if there was a pain inside of her, and she was letting it out with each word. She felt different though… It was a strange feeling.

            Could this be a normal emotion? She asked herself.

            “…Then we left Nabooru with the fifth orb, and came here,” Mimi concluded. Impa nodded.

            “You seemed to have some difficult times on this journey,” she said. “It’s a shame I have yet another task for you.” Mimi’s shoulders seemed to sag. “But don’t worry! With everything you’ve endured I know you can handle this.” Mimi gave a small smile, but it faded, as soon as they all heard an eerie cry. It was much more freighting in the almost dark surroundings. The shriek came again. Impa looked around, drawing the weapon on her waist. After a moment or two she put it away.

            “ Redeads,” she murmured to herself. “Follow me.” Impa walked away to the entrance of the graveyard. “I believe one of you has an instrument to play.” She looked at Mimi.

            “Oh!” Mimi took out the Ocarina of Time, and held it to her mouth, ready to play.

            “Do you know the Nocturne of Shadow?” Impa asked her. Mimi, still with the Ocarina, shook her head. Impa smiled, and whistled the tune. She played it twice, and Mimi copied. The sound came out beautifully. There was a light, and the group vanished.



     *             *            *

            Mimi opened her eyes, and looked at her feet. Under it was a stone that had the Triforce mark on it. Impa paid no attention, turned, and walked down the stairs behind them.

            “Hurry up!” She called to them. “The sooner this is done, the sooner Ganondorf’s reign will end!” The others nodded, and followed.

            “Where is this?” asked Jessie.

            “Dunno,” Cremia answered. She kicked the dirt with her boot. It brushed forward, and it a large stone door. Kimmie gasped. All around the room were unlit torches. In the center of the huge circle was a small round platform with a fire sign on it.

            “I remember this,” Link said, he walked and put his hand on a lamp. “Place must have sealed itself when I left.”

            “ ‘When you left’?” Gabriella asked. “You’ve been here before?” Link nodded.

            “Hero,” Impa called. Link turned. “Do you remember the beast that was sealed here?” Link’s look became more serious and he nodded again. “I think it’s back.” He gaped.

            “Back?” he said. “No! When Navi and I were last here, I killed that monster!” Impa shook her head.

            “It’s come back…for revenge against the Hero. And since you aren’t that Hero anymore…” Impa’s gaze went to Mimi, who looked at them all.           

            “Wh-why are you all staring?!” she said.

            “She may be the one the beast is after, but the only one who can help destroy it, once and for all,” Impa said. She looked at Zelda. “Do you and your daughter know how to cast Din’s Fire?” Zelda smiled.



            Mimi stood on the small platform in the middle of the room. She stood with her back to Zelda.

            “Do you remember what I taught you?” Zelda asked her. “This is power-consuming magic so use only the amount that you know you can handle.” Mimi nodded. They both searched for their inner power, and released it. From their palms, came the burning red that was Din’s Fire. It lit up all of the torches, making light shine in the room.

            On the other side, the stone door rose, revealing a dark hall.

            “Come on,” Impa said. She ran through with the others close behind.





            Mimi could hear her footsteps echo in the passage they walked through. Impa was leading the way. Since she was Sage of Shadows, she could see in the darkness. Zelda also helped: she held a fist of glowing light up in the air, giving them a few glimpses of the hall that they walked in; it wasn’t really a hall, but more like steps. Steps that led up, and up, and up, and up…

            They seem to go on forever, Mimi thought. Romani slowed down and walked beside Mimi.

            “Are you OK?” she asked her. Mimi was startled by the question.

            “Of course I’m OK!” Mimi said, smiling. “Why wouldn’t I be?” The others walked forward, but the two girls stayed behind.

            “It’s just…” Romani looked at the floor. Mimi’s smile vanished and she looked at her friend.

            “Are you OK?” she asked.

            “Mimi…” Romani’s voice was softer now. “If anything happens to me…or any of us…promise me this…” Mimi nodded. “Take care of yourself.” Romani looked close to tears, but she held them back. “Do you promise?”

            “Promise,” Mimi answered.

            “Hey you two!” Gabriella called down to them. Kimmie and Jessie were next to her.

            “This isn’t time to just sit around and talk!” Kimmie called.        

            “Let’s go!” Jessie said. They ran off to the others at another huge door. Romani gave Mimi a sorrowful look, and ran up the stairs.

            “What’s she so upset about?” Mimi asked herself. She shrugged and ran up after her.

            Impa put her hand on the door.

            “I sense a great Shadow creature in there,” she said. “Be ready.” Jessie and Romani took their bow and arrows off their back; Cremia rolled up her sleeves; Link and Mimi drew their swords; Kimmie took out her dagger; Gabriella took the Megaton Hammer off of her back; and Zelda’s hands glowed.         

            “Alright,” Impa said. “Now once we’re in, be prepared for anything that can happen. OK?” The others nodded. Impa nodded back, and opened the door.






            Mimi could hardly see in the room. Her eyes though, adjusted quickly. She could see the scared faces of her friends, and the serious looks of her parents and Impa.

            I wonder how I look now… Mimi thought. She shook her head. Her grip tightened on the Master Sword.

            “There are so many to protect…” she whispered to herself. Her thoughts went to the little girl in the center of the marketplace with the Redeads, Romani’s father, the Kokiri, Gorons… All of them. Including the Zora. “I must protect them all.” The ground under her feet rumbled.

            “What in Hyrule?” Romani said. Suddenly, up right in Jessie’s face appeared a humongous hand. Jessie didn’t move an inch. The hand opened, and snatched Jessie.

            “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jessie screamed as loud as she could. “Put Jessie down!!!!” She struggled. But the more she did, the more the hand squeezed. “St-stop it! Jessie can’t breathe…” Cremia’s face turned to a look of horror.          

            “Jessie!!!” She yelled. After her training with Mimi, Cremia was able to jump high, and her hits became more powerful. With that, Cremia jumped, and gave the hand a hard kick. It released Jessie, and waved itself in the air. Jessie stood there on the ground, pale as a ghost.

            “J-Jessie feels…strange…sister…” she said. She looked at Cremia, smiled, and fainted.

            “Jessie!” Cremia kneeled down and began to shake her. “Jessie, wake up!” Nothing. Cremia jumped back, and shrieked. A dark hole had appeared under her sister. From it arose a dark hand. It pulled Jessie in to the hole, and vanished. Cremia jumped forward, pounding the spot her sister was taken.

            “Jessie!” she called. “Jessie… I couldn’t…protect you…like all the other times…” Cremia choked back tears. At that moment, another hand appeared, swooping down for Cremia. Link got in the way, and sliced the hand with a hard blow. It flung back, and withered in the air. Mimi ran to Cremia’s side.

            “Cremia!” she said. “Come on! We have to get out of the way!” Cremia’s face was hardly shown behind her bangs. “Cremia?” Cremia punched her.

            “This is all your fault!” she said. “If you never came into our lives, Jessie and I wouldn’t have gotten involved! I should have sent you away the moment I saw you!” Cremia was really crying now. “I shouldn’t have let you…come in our home…” Mimi had a hand on where she was hit. Her look turned to despair.

            “I’m…sorry…” she said. Cremia looked at her. “I am causing trouble for everyone, and I’ve hurt you, causing you to lose your sister. I never meant for that to happen.” Cremia put her face in her hands.

            “Jessie…” she said. Mimi stood.

            “Let’s go.” She walked away, still with sword in hand. Cremia heard Jessie’s voice echo in her head: “Jessie will try her best!”  

            She said that before we came in here. Cremia thought. But that hand never gave her a chance… Wh-what?!? Cremia noticed a red light shining on her lap. She looked to her right, and saw a huge eye. Cremia did a backwards crab-walk on the floor, moving as quickly as she could away from the eye.

            “It’s back,” Link said. Cremia looked at him. “Bongo Bongo.” At first she though he was crazy.

            The Bongo Bongo character rose from where it was and floated in to Mimi’s face. It examined her for a bit, than moved back. It placed its hands right over her head.

            “Mimi!” The hands moved down, and instead of grabbing Mimi, one grabbed Cremia, and the other Gabriella.

            “We couldn’t let you…get caught,” Gabriella said, trying to breathe at the same time.    

            “Sorry…for hitting you,” Cremia said. Mimi stared.

            “No…” she whispered. The hands flew in the air, and slammed the girls on the ground. They lay still, and a black hole formed under them. It captured them just as it did Jessie. “No…” Mimi covered her mouth. I am a burden! She said in her head. I can’t even protect— Her thought was interrupted, as Impa grabbed Mimi, and jumped out of the way of an incoming hand. It squished the ground, and moved back to its position.

            “Are you alright?” Impa asked her, putting her on the ground.

            “I-I think so,” Mimi said. She held her sword in her hand, still having not used it. She turned, and ran off to the battle.

            Zelda was firing one attack after another, so quickly that Mimi couldn’t make out what she was throwing. Romani was firing arrows as quick as she could, while Link hit the hands as they tried to move in.

            “I have to help,” Mimi said. She yelled, and charged forward. Her sword slashed at one of the hands, but the other made it past, including past Link, grabbed Zelda, slammed her on the ground and went back. Zelda was then captured.

            Link scowled, and slashed at the hand. It vanished. Mimi smiled.

            “One left!” he said.

            “AAAAAHHH!!!!” Mimi turned.

            “Romani!” she called. The hand slammed her on the wall, and she fell to the ground. Mimi ran up to her. “Romani wake up!” Romani slowly opened her eyes.

“Mimi? …Remember your promise…take…care…of yourself…” She was then captured. Mimi sat there.

            “She knew that would happen,” she said. “That’s why she made me promise…”

            “Oomph!” Her father landed beside her. “Ack…face plant…” Mimi looked at him.

            “Dad?” He didn’t answer, but the hand did: it appeared. That meant her father was captured. It pulled him in to the hole, and vanished. “Dad…” The hand grabbed Impa, and it tossed her through the ceiling. She immediately vanished, most likely transported to the Chamber of Sages, from being thrown to such a height. That and the Sages probably summoned her back, so that she would continue to play her role as the Sage of Shadow. “Impa…” Mimi stood up.

            Bongo Bongo watched with its red eye.

            “You’ve captured my friends… My family…” Mimi said to it. A light glowed around her. “You took them away from me…” The light was stronger now. The beast shielded itself with its only hand. “You took them away, not even thinking of the consequences you’d face…” Mimi glared at it, eyes glowing with power. “For that…” She raised her sword. “I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!!” She charged forward, yelling, and sliced Bongo Bongo. She landed behind him, kneeling. She put her sword back in its sheath. The beast roared, and split in two. It vanished in the darkness. Mimi turned.

            “I will never forgive,” she said. A light orb then appeared. Mimi walked forward, and touched it with her hand. It glowed brightly, and it sank into the Master Sword. The Master Sword glowed, even in its sheath, and she vanished.





            “I see you are here, Mimi, wielder of the Master Sword.” Mimi was facing Rauru, the Light Sage. Her look was still cold, and her bright smile didn’t show. “I see also…that you have changed…” Rauru concluded.

            “Much,” came Saria’s voice. “What’s wrong? This isn’t the Mimi that I know.” Mimi turned to her, still stone-faced.

            “I have no time to waste here,” she said. “If you haven’t noticed I must rescue my friends…and my parents.” Saria stared at her.           

            “Seem to speaking words that mean you’ve got an important mission, kid,” said Nabooru. “You’re problem doesn’t seem to be the only thing troubling you.”

            “Nothing but saving them,” Mimi answered.

            “This is troubling me,” said Ruto. “Mimi, are you sure that you’re OK?”

            “Why wouldn’t I be?” Darunia sat up, and said, “It’s going to happen. The Triforce will…” he didn’t continue. The Sages looked at him, and nodded, understanding. Although it wasn’t on her face, Mimi felt confusion, power, despair, and a little hope all at once. What’s happening to me? She suddenly felt alone, but her cold look gave nothing away.

            “We shall bother you no more,” said Impa, sitting cross-legged on her symbol. “There is nothing we can do, but let Mimi continue with what she wants.” The others nodded. Mimi looked at herself, as she started to disappear.

            “Oh, and Mimi,” she looked at Saria. “The last orb should be near them.” Mimi said nothing. Saria smiled and waved.

    *              *             *

            No time to lose, no, no time. Mimi ran at a high speed towards the marketplace to the castle. Time to put my fears aside, and face the ultimate evil: Ganondorf.

            “Caw!! Caw!!!” Mimi looked up. A huge crow was flying in a circle in the air, about fifty feet up. Mimi glared at it.

            “A secret spy,” she whispered to herself. “Ganon you can’t fool me!” She put a hand in the air, and using one of the spells Zelda taught her, killed the crow. It fell from the sky and landed in the empty moat. Mimi crossed the broken drawbridge. As she did, she remembered the horses. She played Epona’s Song.

            After a while the horses ran up to her.

            “Any baddies to fight??” Ashley asked. “Well? Huh? Huh? Huh? Are there? Are there, are there, are there?!?”

            “Go and stay at the ranch,” Mimi said to them.

            “Why do you sound so…sad?” Epona asked.


            “OK! OK!” Ashley said. “Don’t have to yell!” The two spoke to the other horses, and left.

            Mimi watched them go. She sighed and walked to the drawbridge again. She froze in place as she saw the drawbridge fixed right beneath her feet.

            Looking up, she saw her childhood friends, Karen and Ark.

            Karen was Mimi’s friend ever since she could remember. She had short blue hair, blue eyes, and was wearing her favorite green T-shirt with overalls. Always cheerful, Karen was the one that made Mimi the happy carefree girl she was today.

            Ark was a Prince from the land of Tolkien. Since he was the Prince, Mimi was to marry him, but didn’t like the idea of it. The Prince was wearing a white long sleeve and sweats. His hair was a light brown, and he had green eyes.

            The two were Mimi’s age and visited her often.

            “A-Ark?” Mimi said. “Karen? Is that—Is that really you?”

            “The one and only!” Karen said. Her voice was the cheerful one that Mimi remembered.

            “You seem down today,” Ark said. Mimi didn’t look at him.

            “My life has changed,” she said. “In many ways, I believe it will never be the same again.”

            “Don’t say that!” Karen said. She held up a fist. “The Princess Mimi I know always takes the path she wants! She chooses the life she has!!”

            “What if the life you had was changed without your permission?” Mimi asked. Karen’s over-confidence vanished from her face and asked, “What’s wrong?”          

            “You can tell us,” Ark said. “After all, what are friends for?” Mimi sighed and began her story of the adventure she had. Like when she told it to Impa, Mimi felt like a huge burden on her shoulders had been lifted off of her.

            “…That’s why…I must hurry,” Mimi concluded. “I can’t waste any time.”

            “We understand!” Karen said. She put her hands in her pockets. “If I had to do something important, I’d rush into action! Heh, heh, heh!”

            “Same here,” said Ark.

            “You two haven’t changed,” said Mimi. Her hand was up wiping her eyes, and her face was down.

            “Huh? Mimi, are you crying?” Karen asked. Mimi looked up, with her bright smile.

            “No!” she said. “I feel so much better! Thank you!” She hugged them tight.

            “That’s good,” said Ark. As Mimi hugged her friends, they vanished. Her look turned to surprise, but she heard their voices: K: You’ll find ‘em! A: Don’t worry. Just trust yourself, and you’ll win! Mimi smiled as her surroundings turned to the destruction Ganondorf caused.

            “Thank you,” she whispered. She stood up, dusted herself off, and walked in the Market.



            Mimi drew her sword. She was ready for that little girl this time.

            “You came back.” The voice came from the tree. The girl sat there, on the branch, swinging her feet back and forth. “Are you sure you wish to see my family now?” Mimi glared at her.

            “They aren’t your family!” she called to the girl. The girl scowled.

            “Just because we don’t look alike doesn’t mean we can’t be a family!” the girl said back. “Look at you! You look nothing like King Link or Queen Zelda yet you are their daughter!”

            “This is true,” Mimi said to the girl quietly. “But that gives you know reason to be with—”

            “Be quiet!” the girl yelled. “Be quiet! I don’t want to hear anything from you! What gives you the right to speak to me that way?!?” Mimi didn’t answer. “We’ll see if that side of you can handle this!!!” The wind blew hard and Mimi covered her eyes like before. When she opened them, the Redeads stood in front of the tree.

            Mimi didn’t flinch as the beasts moved closer to her, though she heard screaming the beasts didn’t paralyze her. Instead Mimi charged up the Master Sword, and released a huge blast of power. The wind from the blow destroyed the Redead, and the girl fell out of the tree, landing on a pile of soft dirt. Mimi put her sword away, and sat the girl up against the tree.

            “Are you alright?” she asked. The girl coughed.

            “I’m sorry,” she said. She sounded like the six-year- old she really was. “I was rude, so I’m sorry.”

            “Don’t worry about it,” Mimi answered. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I accused you of not being with a real family.” The girl coughed again.

            “My name…is Mirabelle,” she said. “And I have…something to tell you.” Mimi listened closely. “Do you know the saying, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’?” Mimi nodded. “In this case, from what I heard from…him…I’d keep my friends close, but my life-long friends closer… If I had any.” Mimi smiled. Mirabelle smiled back, shut her eyes, and fell asleep.

            I can’t leave her here, Mimi thought, because it’s too dangerous. She lifted Mirabelle up, and put her on her back. With her, she walked to the Temple of Time.


Mimi’s footsteps echoed in the sacred Temple. She took the girl off of her back, and placed her sitting down, in front of the alter.

            “Sages!” Mimi called. “Hear me! Take care of this girl, until I find her true parents!” A bright light enveloped Mirabelle, and she vanished. Then came Rauru’s voice, and he said, “We will take care of her.”

            “She’ll be safe with us,” said Nabooru.

            “Go head off to your mission!” Saria called.      

            “And good luck to you,” said Ruto. Mimi nodded, turned, and walked back to the exit.


       *            *            *

            “I can’t exactly remember if this is how dad described Ganondorf’s castle,” Mimi said to herself. “But I know that because he was already here, that Tower should be unlocked…” She was walking down the steps of the entrance. “This way is different from when the others and I came through.” Grunt. Mimi froze in place. Grunt. Right in front of her, was a Moblin. Its spear was held in its hand, and it swung forward. Mimi remembered the training she had with her dad so many years ago, and one word popped into her head:


            Mimi rolled around the Moblin, and as she got up, sliced its back. The beast fell forward, dropping its weapon, dead. Mimi then remembered what happened after she left the mountain in Termina.

            No hesitation. She thought. Now is not the time. She ran through the door that was ahead of her. Looking around, she found herself in a huge room.

            In front of her was a huge tower, obviously Ganon’s Tower. And circling the room were doors, each with a Sages’ medallion on it. But, the entrances were sealed shut with a rock or giant stone in front of them.

            “Guess dad took care of that,” Mimi said to herself. She ran ahead to the Tower and walked through the dark passage.


            “Nice interior. I would have chosen more color, but this is Ganon’s Tower…” Mimi looked at the room: it was circular with two torches. A staircase was on the right, and a blue rug was on top of it. “Guess I should take the stairs seeing as there is no elevator… Ugh. I hate this.” Mimi took two steps towards the staircase, and froze. She clutched herself. Something was squeezing her. And it seemed to continue to squeeze.

            “What is this??” Mimi fell to her knees, a hand on the wall. “Ouch…” Then she remembered. How could she have forgotten?



            “Do you think that Mimi may have a connection to her parents?” Romani asked. They were in their hotel room. “Like when they feel pain, she feels pain, or the other way around?”


            Of course! Mimi thought. Her parents most likely were having trouble. And whatever that trouble was, it was squeezing the life out of them…and Mimi.

            “I…have to save them…” she said. Mimi slowly pulled herself up, still holding herself, and walked up the stairs. Then the pain went away.

That was soon, Mimi thought. She took the chance and ran up the steps, taking three at a time. A door.

This is not surprising, she thought. Wonder what’s on the other side? She opened the door, and walked through. 

A tail whipped out at Mimi as soon as she entered the room. Mimi dodged it, almost expecting that to happen, and looked at what she was facing.

It looked like the giant Lizalfo she had seen in the volcano, except these were regular sized and looked a whole lot older. They carried long, thin, sharp swords, and had on a bit of armor.

“At least I get to see some more action,” Mimi said, unsheathing the Master Sword. It was glowing brilliantly and just spelled death for the monsters. They took no notice of this and charged forward. A smirk crossed Mimi’s face and she slashed once. The Lizalfos fell and their weapons hit the floor. Mimi ignored them, and continued through the next door, which just opened.

Mimi ran up more steps, to be hit by pain once more. She stood and waited there until the pain subsided. As soon as the smarting was over, Mimi walked on again. Another door. She walked through, and got a warm welcome from two Stalfos.

They were pretty tough, but not tough enough for Mimi. She beat them easy. (Too bad Ganon won’t be easy!) Mimi ran through the next door, and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was another door. (“How many more?!?” Mimi said)

Through this door were two Iron Knuckles. They had their sword/ax at their side and were frozen stiff. Mimi walked forward, drawing her sword.

“Are you not going to fight?” she said. She poked it with her sword. The beast came to life. “Oops.” One ax and one sword swung hard over Mimi’s head: she ducked, and back flipped some good feet away.

I am never going to do that again in my life, she thought. With good tactics, Mimi made it halfway through the battle. Their armor was off, but that let them move more quickly. Then it happened: Mimi did another back flip, and landed. As she did, the squeezing pain hit her.

N-no! Not now… Mimi stuck her sword in the ground beside her, and kneeled holding her stomach. The pain was stronger this time. Mimi felt like screaming. Why me?!? The two Iron Knuckle took this advantage. One slashed with the ax, the other it’s sword. Mimi winced. Is this the end…? Nothing. Mimi opened her eyes. The Iron Knuckles had just frozen in their attacks. Then…his voice came.

“Don’t kill her…” he said. “I would like to take care of that myself.” A dark beam shot from the ceiling, and the Iron Knuckles were destroyed. Mimi stared at the helmet that had fallen to the ground. “Proceed heroin. For those will be the last steps you take!!”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself!!” Mimi yelled. No answer. She picked up the Master Sword, and put it back in its sheath. Ahead of her was an oak door. “Time to repay my debt to him in full.” Mimi walked through the door. She was prepared.




      *            *            *



 The room was very dark. Mimi could hardly see anything. Then something rustled.

“Mimi! Is that really…you?” Mimi turned at the sound of her name.

“Who’s that?” she asked. “Romani?”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out! OWCH!!!!” Mimi held herself. The squeezing pain again. “This is killing me!!” Mimi staggered over to where the voice was coming from. She walked forward, stretched out her hand, and felt something spiky. It was rough and felt like if you smacked it the wrong way it would leave a huge gash in your skin.

“Romani? Are the others with you?” Mimi asked.

“What do you think Sherlock?” came Kimmie’s voice.

“Come on, where else would we be?” asked Gabriella.

“We were all captured the same way am I right?” asked Cremia.

“Yes!” Jessie said. Mimi felt a smile crawl across her face. They were all there.

“Mom? Dad?” she asked. “You here too?”

“Yes,” came Zelda’s voice.

“Unfortunately in a tight fix,” said Link. “I’m sure you should say hi to the villagers, Mimi.” What? Mimi turned, and saw a cage that was visible in the darkness. Inside it was everyone from the Marketplace. At the front of the cage, was Karen.

“Karen??” Mimi almost shouted. She felt a tear come to her eyes. “Karen?” Karen turned around, with her bright smile. She laughed. “Karen!” Mimi ran to the bars of the cage.

“Long time no see!” Karen said. “How’re ya doin’?”

“Not that well,” Mimi said. “Karen…” she blushed. “How…is…um…”

“Ark?” Karen said. She was still smiling, and Mimi thought she saw an, ‘I-knew-you-liked-him’ face on. “He’s doing well. Though when he heard about when you were leaving, he seemed a bit upset that he couldn’t see you off.”

“Why?” asked Mimi. Karen’s face became serious.

“It’s because of him…Ganondorf,” she said. “Ever since that bright light appeared from the T of T—”  (Mimi and Karen always called the Temple of Time the T. of T.) and he showed up, he’s been causing trouble for all the worlds. The postman would often bring in news of mysterious deaths in Tolkein, Ark’s place, and of the destruction of sacred areas, near and far. So I guess you could say Ark and his parents have had a lot to deal with lately.” Mimi just stared at her. “You OK?”

“Mimi!” The two girls turned. “Mimi! You’re here!” A woman of about twenty ran up to the bars. “Mimi I’m so glad to see you!” Mimi came out of her trance.

“Oh, hi Mrs. Seichi,” she said.

“Mirabelle!” Mrs. Seichi said. “My daughter! Have you seen her? When his minions came to get us, I got separated from her! Do you know where she is?”

“Don’t worry, she’s safe,” said Mimi. “But I can’t exactly tell you where she is. It will lead to many questions.” She looked at Karen and gave an, ‘I’ll-tell-you-later’ look. Karen nodded.

“Please,” said Mrs. Seichi, “after all of this…take me to Mirabelle. I miss her so much.” Mrs. Seichi almost cried.

“Don’t worry about anything,” Mimi said. “I’ll get you all out of here. I promise.” Karen looked at her sadly, and then said, “I wish you luck.”

“I’ll need it,” Mimi said. She turned and walked back to the others.

“So?” asked Gabriella. “How was seeing the Marketplace community again?”

“It was alright,” Mimi said. “But what’s the deal with this? Why are you…sort of on the wall?”

“When we were captured,” said Zelda, “we were put on the wall, and these vine-like things crept out of the wall, and bound us here. Every time we move, it squeezes us.”

“I figured that out a while ago,” Mimi said. They nodded. Romani had told the two adults of the whole “pain” thing. She turned around, and walked ahead.

“WHERE ARE YOU GANON?!?” Mimi screamed at the top of her voice. The others and townsfolk didn’t move at all, afraid that by Mimi’s voice Ganon would come and kill all of them. “I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!!! LET THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE FREE!!!”

“Now be reasonable, Mimi…” came a deep voice. “Why would I do something like that?” Mimi turned and froze. There, sitting in a throne, was Ganondorf. He had a smirk on his face. “Are you going to answer my question?” Mimi spat on the ground.

“Why would I answer a question that comes from a mangy rat like you?” she said angrily. Ganondorf sneered. He stood up and snapped his fingers. Immediately, the room lit up. Mimi could see what was now binding her friends and parents. As soon as she did, she wished she didn’t see it; it made her sick.

The “vine-like thing” that Zelda had said, was strange. It was brown, and had spikes on it. Even from far away, you could see the roughness of it. They expanded every now and then, and shrank again. Like how your chest moves when you breathe.

Then Mimi realized: every time the vine “breathed”, the squeezing pain would hit. Obviously it was sucking the life out of them…literally. Mimi winced. How could she fight Ganon and have these attacks and endure it at the same time?

Ganondorf sneered again and said, “They’re called “Death”. I gave them that name because they bring death.” He laughed. Mimi didn’t find it funny.

“Why do you kill people this way?” she said. Ganondorf looked at her. “Why do you kill? For your own amusement? Just to watch a person’s life end by the strength of your hand?”

“It is how I am,” Ganon said after a pause. “The feeling of killing someone… It makes me happy.” He smiled at her. Mimi took three steps back. “It will make me happy if I kill you too.” Mimi gasped.

No! I have too many to protect I can’t just—

“Aah!” She fell to her knees. The pain had come again. Stronger than ever this attack could kill them at that moment. She screamed and hit the floor. The others also screamed. They felt the life being sucked out of them. Will this ever stop? Mimi clutched her chest. It was throbbing painfully. At one moment, she thought her heart stopped altogether. Ganondorf held up his hand, and the pain stopped. Mimi still felt sick, and ill.

“Wh-why did y-you d-do that?” she stammered. She was still trembling.

“I’d like to take care of you another way,” he said. He walked over to his throne. “I won’t fight you just yet. But my friends would love to.” Two shadows, as quick as light darted out from behind the throne. They jumped forward, and hit Mimi so hard, that she was blown halfway across the room and hit the wall, leaving a huge hole in it. She then fell off the wall and hit the floor. She sat up and rubbed her mouth with the back of her hand.

“What was that??” she said, and stood up.

“I’m sure you will recognize them,” Ganon said. Mimi stared. Recognize what? One of the dark creatures stopped in front of Mimi. For a second, Mimi saw her caretaker’s face…Betty.

“B-Betty?” Mimi took a step forward and froze. “It couldn’t be…” Betty’s kind face disappeared, replaced by the dark version of her. Mimi then remembered Mirabelle’s advice…

“Do you know the saying, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’? Well…from what I heard from him… I’d keep my friends close, but my life-long friends closer… If I had any.”

“Her fighting skills were of use to me,” Ganon said. “As was the little one. I’m sure you remember her too?” Now Mimi was confused. Little one? The other shadow crept behind Mimi, and pounced on her. The force shoved Mimi to the floor again. She looked up and saw her dog, Rose.

“Rose? Is that…you?” The answer was given in a growl. Mimi pushed herself off the floor, and jumped back and keeled over again. Apparently, Death was having feeding time.

“Karen, will Mimi be alright?” A little boy in the cage walked up to Karen, who was sitting in front of the bars.

“I hope so,” she said, and thought to herself, if she won’t be all right, then I don’t know what will happen.

Mimi screamed again. The pain felt like it wanted to squeeze her until she exploded. This time, she thought for sure she couldn’t endure it. She hit the floor again. Shadow Betty and Shadow Rose stood there, and for a moment, sadness crossing their face.

“What are you doing?!?” Ganon yelled to them. He growled. “Then I will take care of this.” He stood, and as soon as he did, Betty and Rose turned on him. They launched forward, but Ganondorf smacked them away easy. Mimi, still struggling against her pain, slowly looked up.

Why…do I feel my parents’ pain? She thought. This Triforce or whatever…what does it have to do with me? Darunia said something about it…but he didn’t continue. Oh well… It doesn’t matter. Whatever it was, I won’t be alive to see it. I might die right now… Maybe I should just give in… A tear went down her cheek. Then she heard voices in her head. The voices of the Sages.

“Don’t give up, Mimi!” Saria said.

“You’re the one everyone needs,” said Ruto.

“If you give up now, what will become of all the worlds?” asked Darunia.

“The worlds…” Mimi mumbled.

“Think of your friends and family!” said Nabooru.

“Think of them, and the reason that you fight!” called Impa.

“For justice!” Rauru said. “For peace…”

“And for light to shine for all!!!!!!!” the Sages cried.

“For justice…” Mimi repeated. “For peace. And light to shine on all… Yes… That is the reason that I fight.” She stood up. Betty and Rose were on the ground next to the wall, panting. Mimi could almost sense the darkness rise out of them. Ganondorf smiled. He walked over to Death’s captors.

“Why do you kill?” Mimi repeated her question from earlier. “Amusement?”

“I told you…” Ganondorf said. “It makes me proud.” Mimi growled. The pain had stopped, but she again was still trembling. Ganon paid no attention, but looked at each captor’s face. “Whom to kill first?” Mimi froze. He wouldn’t! Ganon’s hand moved in front of Romani’s face. Fear showed on her immediately. “Your friend? Or maybe…” His hand moved in front of Cremia’s face. “…This one?” Cremia began to sweat. “Ah, I know…” He struck the bonds off of Link with a single blow. “Your father…the former Hero of Time.” Mimi sat there. No!

“Don’t!” she cried. Ganon hit Link and he hit the floor. Mimi grabbed her side. She had felt the pain. Ganon put a foot on Link’s back, and pushed. Link screamed, as did Mimi. She held her back.

“Not so tough now, are you?” Ganon said, smirking. He raised his hands on the air, and a dark energy ball began to form. “I’ve waited long for this moment…” The ball was almost charged up now.

“STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ganon froze. His left hand was glowing. He released the energy, and looked at it. His Triforce mark…was gone! Link’s hand also began to glow, and through the Death you could see a light that was Zelda’s left hand. The glowing stopped, and the room rumbled. All eyes turned to Mimi.

She was breathing heavily, and the Master Sword was drawn. Ganon took one look at her forehead, and stepped back. Mimi’s forehead had a golden glow to it. The golden glow was coming from a Triforce mark. Wisdom, Power, and Courage, all shining brightly in a single triangle. Mimi’s long braid had come out, and her hair flowed.

“You’ve hit my last nerve Ganon!!” Mimi yelled to him. “I will not take any more!!” Ganon couldn’t move. Mimi walked forward. “This will be the last day you see!!” She yelled, and charged forward. She slashed with her sword, but Ganon blocked with his own.

Mimi jumped back, and an epic battle began; the sound of swords clanging together, of feet shuffling on the floor, and of the bright light that was shining around Mimi. Then, the attack came: Death had attacked once more. Mimi didn’t keel over like before, but grabbed her side and thought, I can’t battle if this keeps hitting! She jumped over Ganon’s head, and landed in front of Romani. She slashed at the Death around her, and got rid of the others’ too.

“Mimi!” Romani said. “Thank you!” Mimi smiled.

“Get the others out of here,” she said. Zelda ran over to Link, and leaned down.

“Link? Are you OK?” she asked.

“That seems to be a stupid question,” Link answered. “Let’s think; I was hit down by a blast of energy, then got a nice kick in the back. Do you think I’m OK?!” Zelda smiled. She put her hands over him, and he was healed.

“There,” she said. “Come on. We have to get out of here. This place will fall any second.”

“What about Mimi?” Link said. He sat up, and rubbed his side.

“She’ll take care of herself,” Zelda answered. She tilted her head over to where Mimi was. Mimi was attacking Ganon with good timing, and each blow did much damage. “Let’s go!” The two stood, and ran over to the cage.

“Queen Zelda!” A man ran over to the bars. “King Link! Oh, thank the gods!”

“We’ll get you all out of here,” Zelda said. “Stand back…” She hit the bars with a burst of magic, and they collapsed.

“This way!” Gabriella called. “Away from the battle!” She was standing in front of the door.

“We have to hurry,” said Kimmie. She helped an elderly woman out the cage. Romani was carrying Rose, and Link was carrying Betty.

“We can’t leave Mimi behind!” said Cremia.

            “She’ll be fine,” said Romani. “I know her. She can handle herself.” Karen stood next to Jessie.

            “She’s right!” Karen said. “Mimi can handle herself.”

            “We just have to trust her,” Jessie said, smiling. They escorted the last villager out the door. Karen, before exiting, looked back at Mimi.

            “I wish you luck,” Karen said again. She exited the doorway. Romani, Gabriella and Kimmie stayed behind with Zelda.

            “Kimmie, Gabriella,” Zelda looked at them. “I need you to make a distraction for Romani.” They nodded, but looked a bit confused. “Romani, give me an arrow.” Romani took one, and handed it over to Zelda. She lit it, and it became a Light Arrow.

            “What should we do?” Kimmie asked. Zelda closed her eyes, and concentrated.

            Mimi! She called. Mimi, can you hear me?

            I’m listening.

            Kimmie and Gabriella are going to help you create a distraction.


            Yes. While you three keep Ganondorf busy, Romani is going to fire a light arrow while he isn’t looking.

            Then what?

            After he’s stunned, you deliver the final blow!


            Zelda nodded and turned back to the others. They nodded to her, and Gabriella and Kimmie ran off to start the distraction. Romani adjusted her bow.

            Gabriella attacked first. She swung her Hammer down on Ganon’s head, and he recoiled. That was Kimmie’s turn to strike. She swiped her dagger about ten times under twenty seconds at Ganon. Through all this, Mimi was constantly slicing away with the Master Sword.

            Then they heard it: the sound of Romani releasing her grip on the arrow. The girls jumped out of the way, and the first thing Ganon saw was a bright light. It flew forward and hit him square in the chest. He moved back, but then Mimi swiped three times: horizontal, vertical, thrust. The last blow it Ganon between the eyes. He roared, and collapsed. He was gone…forever.

            Mimi panted and nearly fainted. She would have hit the floor if Kimmie hadn’t caught her.

            “Thanks,” Mimi said. Kimmie nodded.

            “But you can’t faint now,” she said.

            “You have something to find before this place is gone,” Gabriella said. Romani smiled and pointed to Mimi’s sword as the castle began to rumble. Then Mimi remembered what she was told at the Chamber of Sages…


“The last orb should be near them!” Saria said.


            “Right!” Mimi sat up. “You guys get out of here. I’ll find the final orb.” Zelda, Romani, Kimmie and Gabriella nodded, and exited. Mimi carefully began to search the room, keeping her balance as a pillar fell behind her. She stepped behind the throne, and found a treasure box.

            “That’s convenient,” she said, and opened it. Sitting inside of it was an orb. Mimi smiled. “Got it!” She touched the orb with the Master Sword, and it sank inside. “All seven orbs of light!” Zelda then contacted her.

            Do you have it? She said.

            As a matter of fact I do! Mimi answered.

            Good. Now get out of there! Once you’re out, go to the center of the market, and raise your sword high! The orbs should take care of the rest.

            Got it, mom!

            Good luck.

            Mimi looked around the room, and spotted the way the others had left.

            “I can’t go through all those doors. It would take to long!” she said. Her eyes fell on a window. “Hmm…”



            KAAAAABOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! The castle exploded.

            “I hope we can fix that,” Mimi said. She had jumped out the window and was falling down. She landed and rolled forward. Mimi turned and looked back at the castle rubble. “I’m glad that’s over with!” She said, and ran towards the market.



            “ALL HAIL PRINCESS MIMI!!!!!!” the crowd yelled. Mimi looked around. All the villagers were standing there, and Mimi could see the fallen bodies of ReDead.

            “Hold your sword to the sky, Mimi!” Gabriella said. Her friends were also in the crowd. Mimi searched it for Romani, and spotted her. She was standing next to her father. He was on crutches, and seemed to look much better. Obviously Zelda had quickly brought him to the market, and healed him.

            Mimi smiled, and raised her sword to the dark sky. It glowed, and the seven orbs of light flowed out of it. They circled in the air, and then expanded. Their light was bright, and the sky was once again blue. The town was restored, and the worlds celebrated. Justice had found its way back again.




      *           *              *

            “I got it!!!” Epona snatched the ball out of the air. “In your face, Ashley!!”

            “That isn’t fair!” Ashley complained. “I haven’t caught it once!”

            “You snooze, you lose!!” Epona said. She stood on her hind legs and started doing the moonwalk. “Go me! Go me! Uh-huh! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!”

            They were out on Hyrule Field, with Gabriella, Kimmie, Karen, Mimi, and Romani. Everything had become normal after the orbs restored light to the land. Cremia and Jessie had left for Termina. They were probably there by now.

            “Your horses are hilarious!” Karen said to the others. Mimi had filled her in on the adventure that they had. So now, Karen knew about how the horses could speak.

            “We think so too!” said Romani.

            “Oh! I almost forgot!” Mimi said. She ran back to the marketplace.

            “What’s wrong, Mimi?” Kimmie called.

            “I’ll be right back!” Mimi said. “Play without me!”

            “If she says so…” Gabriella said. Epona tossed the ball to her, and she passed it back. That time, Ashley caught it.



            “Mrs. Seichi!” Mimi called. “Mrs. Seichi!!” Mimi ran through the crowds to the entrance of the Temple of Time.

            “Ah! Mimi you’re here!” Mrs. Seichi stood on the steps. “Are you going to show me to where my daughter is now? I believe this is the place you told me to meet you.” Mimi smiled and nodded. The two walked in to the Temple.

“Rauru!” Mimi called. “I’ve got Mirabelle’s mom!”

            “Excellent!” Rauru said, appearing.

            “Yeah! Excellent!” said Nabooru. She appeared holding Mirabelle, and handed her to Mrs. Seichi.

            “I still think that you need a more colorful shirt,” said Mirabelle. Nabooru went red in the face.

            “This is the color that all Gerudo have!!” she yelled.

            “I think they’ve become good friends,” said Saria, floating down next to Rauru. She looked at Mimi. “Seen you’ve restored light. Good job!” Mimi smiled.

            “It’s all in the wrist!” she said. They all laughed.

            “Thank you for taking care of my daughter,” said Mrs. Seichi.

            “No problem,” said Nabooru. The Sages vanished.

            “And thank you too, Mimi,” Mirabelle said.

            “You’re welcome!” Mimi said. “I’ve got to go back to my friends. See you later!” She took a step forward, then stopped and looked at Mirabelle. “Next time, know who your real family is, and know they care.” Mirabelle nodded.

“Sorry for the trouble,” she said. Mimi waved it away.

            “Don’t worry about it,” Mimi said. And with that, she departed for the field.



            “What took you?” Gabriella asked.

            “I had to get Mrs. Seichi and Mirabelle back together,” Mimi answered.

            “Did you get that done?” Karen asked. Mimi nodded.

            “Hey, what’s that?” Romani pointed over the hills. “Don’t you see it? Someone’s riding in this direction on horseback!” She was right. Someone on a horse was riding towards them. Karen put a wide smile on her face.

            “He’s here!” she cried. “He’s here!!” Everyone looked at her in confusion. The person on the horse waved. As he drew closer, Mimi could see that on the horse…was Ark.

            “A-Ark?” she looked at Karen. “He’s here??” Karen nodded.

            “I sent him a letter explaining what happened, and he sent a letter back saying he’d come as soon as he could!” Karen smiled. “I’m actually quite proud of myself!” Ark’s horse galloped faster until he was right in front of them. (If you’ve ever played Super Smash Brothers Melee, then imagine Ark wearing Roy’s armor and all that)

            “Long time no see, Mimi!” He looked at her. Mimi could feel her face warm up.

            “Hi…” she didn’t look at him.

            “So you’re Ark?” Kimmie looked at him. “You seem nice.”

            “You’re a Prince, right?” asked Gabriella. “Does that mean you’ll have to marry Mimi one day?” At this, Mimi blushed. She looked at Ark who was also red.

            “I can’t exactly answer that question…” he said, his face turning normal.

            “Well that’s OK,” said Romani. “Did you come here for a visit, or what?”

            “A visit,” Ark answered. He slid off the horse. Karen looked at Ark, then to Mimi, and began to think. Then said the first thing that came to her head.

            “Romani, Kimmie, Gabriella and I promised the maids at the castle that we’d help clean up!” she said.

            “We did?” asked Romani. Gabriella stomped on her foot. “Owh, yeah!” She changed her yelp of pain in to a statement.

            “We’d better go!” Kimmie said. The girls ran off to the castle.

            “That was sudden…” Mimi said softly to herself.

            “Um…” Epona looked at the grass. “I’ve got to go help Ingo clean up the messes at the ranch!” she said.

            “But you’re the one who made the mess,” Mimi said.

            “All the more reason to help clean it up!” Epona laughed to herself, and walked towards the ranch. Ashley kind of sat there.

            “Where’s everybody going?” she looked around.

            “Ashley!” Epona said. “Come on!” Ashley looked at Ark and Mimi.

            “Ohhhh,” she said, and followed Epona to the ranch. Mimi had no idea what to say.

            “Mimi?” She turned and faced Ark. “I was wondering…would you like to go fishing at Lake Hylia with me?” At first Mimi stared at him.

            “Yeah!” she said. “I haven’t gone in a long time, and it would be nice to have relaxation! Let’s go!” She mounted Ark’s horse. “Coming?” Ark mounted on behind her.

            “And we’re off!” Mimi pulled the reins of the horse, and in less than a second they were galloping towards the Lake.

            My name is Princess Mimi, Mimi thought to herself. I am the wielder of the Master Sword, and protector of the Triforce. I have wonderful friends and my life could never be better. I defeated the Evil King, and brought peace back to the land. For that, I’m proud of myself. Now, I’m off to go fishing with Ark, so I hope I catch more than he does! I wonder… If I have another adventure, what will it be?

                               To Be Continued…








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