Mimi's Adventures: The War

By Mimichan



 “Twenty-five pounds?! That’s incredible!”

            “Hah! In your face, Ark!”

“You better be glad I let you get that part of the lake!!” Mimi gave him a smile. She and Ark were at the fishing pond in Lake Hylia, and seemed to be having a good time. For Mimi anyway…

“That’s a new record!” said the man behind the fish tank, removing Ark’s twenty-two pound fish and putting Mimi’s in.

“Stop rubbing it in!” Ark said. Mimi laughed.

“You seem a bit more cheery than usual,” she said. Ark went red.

“So?” he asked.

“Nothing!” Mimi said. “It just makes me happy to see you like this.” She placed her fishing rod on the counter. “We’ll be leaving now.”

“Leaving?!” Ark yelled. “Hang on! I still should get the opportunity to beat your record!!” Mimi pointed to the sky.

“It’s late Ark,” she said. “We should get going. My parents and the others will most likely be wondering when we’re going to get back.” Ark’s shoulders sagged a bit.

“I should be heading back to Tolkein anyway…” he said. Mimi looked at him.

“Why not make your visit a bit longer?” she asked. “You could stay a few days. My parents won’t mind, and we have some extra rooms.” Ark shrugged.

“I guess it could be alright,” he said. Mimi smiled.


     *            *         *

“Please?” Mimi gave her parents a ‘puppy-eyed’ look.

“You know that doesn’t work,” Link said. Mimi pouted.

“But why can’t he stay?” she asked. “You let Gabriella and Kimmie stay!”

“Because,” Zelda answered, “he has his own land to rule. His parents might be wondering when he’ll get back. And Gabriella and Kimmie have to stay here. They don’t exactly live anywhere.” Mimi began to think.

“Couldn’t we send a let—?”

“The mail doesn’t arrive to someone until three days after it’s sent,” Link said. Mimi’s head drooped.

“OK,” she said, and left the room. Ark was leaning against the wall, and as soon as Mimi saw him, she shook her head.

“It’s alright,” he said. “My parents would probably say no too. I should probably get going.” He waved, and left the room. The door shut behind him, and as it did, Kimmie, Gabriella, Romani and Karen walked in.

“What’s wrong?” Karen asked. She had a suspicious look on her face. Mimi didn’t like it.

“Ark had to leave,” she said.

“Are you worried that he’ll get back home safely?” asked Romani. Mimi nodded.

“And I hope that he doesn’t run into any trouble,” she said. “After everything we’ve been through, the trouble could be even worse for those that we know.” The others nodded in agreement. Karen stretched.

“Well, I have to go home,” she said, and smiled.

“I do too,” Romani said. “Bye!”

“Bye!” They waved good-bye as Romani and Karen left. Mimi, Gabriella and Kimmie turned around and walked up the steps. They each went into their rooms, changed into their pajamas, and went to bed.




Pitter! Patter!

Mimi was awake in her bed later that night, and was listening to the rain hit her window.

Pitter! Patter!

            She sighed. Tomorrow is going to be gloomy, she thought, so much for meeting the others and playing. Mimi immediately sat up. She had heard footsteps. They didn’t sound like the footsteps of anyone she knew. And it was late at night. Also, the bathroom was on the other side of the hall.

            Something moved on her bed. Mimi looked down and saw her dog, Rose. She was growling softly and staring at the door.

            “Grrrr…” Mimi quietly got out of her bed, and grabbed the Master Sword next to her dresser. She held it at the ready, prepared for anything that would pop out at her. Rose’s hair stood on end, and she was growling angrily than ever. Mimi looked at her pup.

            She usually wouldn’t growl like that unless something sinister was approaching. Hopefully it wouldn’t be that bad. Then, the doorknob on Mimi’s door moved. Mimi began to sweat, and took deep breaths. The door opened faster, and the light from the hall that was used for the guards shined in her face. Mimi covered her eyes. When she opened them she was used to the brightness that was filling her room. Rose was growling softer and had jumped off the bed. Mimi walked to her door and saw nothing there. She breathed a sigh of relief.

            “Do you think those guards could have stopped me?” came a voice. “I’m trained to avoid them.” Mimi couldn’t move. Someone was in her room. The voice sounded relaxed and seemed like a girl’s voice. Rose barked and jumped behind the door like a wild animal. Something or someone came out from behind it, and landed quietly on Mimi’s bed. Mimi slowly turned around.

            On her bed was a female Gerudo. She was wearing mainly black, to camouflage with the night. Mimi’s grip on her sword became tight.

            “Why are you here?” she said to the Gerudo. She smiled.

            “I am here to deliver a message,” she said. “A message for the Princess.” Mimi’s look became a look of anger.

            “I’m not going to listen to you!” she said. “I can’t trust you. Who knows what you’ll do to me after the message is delivered?” She got in ready stance. The Gerudo’s face went serious.

            “Take your best shot,” she said. Rose struck first. She growled loudly, like a wolf in the night, and bit the Gerudo’s leg.  The Gerudo fell on one knee, and used one hand to push Rose off of her. Mimi charged forward, yelling, and swung her sword down on the Gerudo.


            Two swords interlocked. The Gerudo’s and Mimi’s. The Gerudo smiled again.

            “You have as rough tactics as your father,” she said. Mimi growled.

            “Why do you continue to smile?!” she yelled. “I’ll wipe that smirk right off your face!!!” Mimi pulled her weapon back, and sliced downwards. But the Gerudo somehow escaped: the next thing Mimi knew was that Rose was on the floor, panting, and she had accidentally swiped one of her pillows in half. Then she felt someone’s presence by the window, and turned. There was the Gerudo. Her hand was on her side, and the window was open.

            “Before I leave I’ll tell you my message,” she said. Mimi didn’t move; she was listening closely. “My clan is preparing. We are going to avenge the death of Ganondorf. He was the one who let us roam.”

            “Let you roam?” Mimi asked. “What do you mean? The Hylians and Gerudo’s had a war years ago. That time has passed!” The Gerudo smiled.

            “Our attack will be stronger than that of the war,” she said. “Screams will be heard in the streets, homes will be invaded and blood will shed. Your people will be gone… Be ready. We’re being nice enough to warn you.” Mimi was still confused, even as the Gerudo jumped out the window and Mimi looked out, hearing her footsteps and rain mix together.

            Pat! Pat! Pitter! Patter!



         *          *          *

            The next day was wet. The sun was obscured behind clouds and gloominess seemed to be at the gates. It was early in the morning, and Mimi sighed. She was in her blue dress and tiara, looking out the window that the Gerudo had jumped out the night before.

            What was that? She thought to herself, that person…what did she mean? ‘Prepare yourselves’ for what? The Gerudo already had a war, and we became friends… Or did we? She closed her eyes, still thinking, when something wet tickled her ear. Mimi’s eyes snapped opened in alarm, but it was only Rose.

            “Oh…” Mimi sighed again. Rose whined. “I know. I’m confused too…we should probably tell the others…but I’m not sure…” Rose whined again, and Mimi heard a small groan from the pup’s stomach. “Oh! You’re hungry!”




            Rose ate happily. Mimi stood up, and put the food back on the counter. She kneeled back down, and stroked Rose’s fur, when the pup glanced at the door. There was Link.

            “Mimi?” Link gave her a look of questioning. Mimi looked down, and tried not to make eye contact with her father. Somehow, whenever she looked at him, Link could tell what was on her mind. “Why are you up? It’s early.”

            “I was wondering the same thing,” Mimi said softly. “I guess I couldn’t sleep…” She still didn’t look at Link, although he could almost tell Mimi had something on her mind.

            “What’s wrong?” Link asked. “You’re quieter than usual.” Mimi looked at the clock on the wall: 5:30. Mimi sighed for the third time that morning. She might as well tell him. So Mimi told Link of the Gerudo that had snuck in without the guards noticing. And of the message that had been delivered to her. When she finished, Link was perplexed.

            “I’m confused too,” Mimi said. “Didn’t Hyrule already have a war with the Gerudo? After that we all got along, right?” Link didn’t respond. “Dad?”

            “Go occupy yourself,” he said. “I need to wake up your mother.” Mimi knew what that meant. Whenever there was a problem and the parents had to talk, it meant business. She decided not to ask questions, but put away Rose’s clean bowl, picked her up, and left the room. Link was still deep in thought.




            “Someone snuck in?” Kimmie asked. Mimi nodded. “A message…of preparing ourselves? What does that mean?” Gabriella made herself comfortable in the armchair. Romani and Karen were on the couch, Mimi was kneeling near the table, and Kimmie was across from her. The five were in one of the living rooms of the castle, and Mimi had just told them of the encounter the night before. Mimi moved her hands up and down her braid.           

            “The Gerudo already had a war,” Gabriella said.

            “That’s what I told dad and the Gerudo,” Mimi said to her.

            “S-s-h!” Romani said. She had gotten up and had an ear on the door, listening to someone. Karen got up and went to the door with Romani. She turned around and looked at Mimi.

            “Mimi, I think you should listen to this,” she said. Mimi stood up, and also put her ear on the door. On the other side, she could hear her parents and others talking. She beckoned the others, and they came over. It was Link’s voice…

            “…Could be more dangerous than any battle I’ve ever been in,” he was saying.

            “Of course it could be!” came Zelda’s voice. “Link, this is serious. Why would the Gerudo go to Mimi, and not to us?”

            “Maybe we should go to the Gerudo, and see what the problem is,” came a guard’s voice.

            “That seems like a good idea,” said Zelda.

            “But what of the Princess and her friends?” came Betty’s voice. Everyone seemed to ponder the question, for there was a moment of silence.

            “We’ll leave some guards and maids here, while some of our best fighters go to the Valley, in case any trouble arises,” said Link. There were murmurs of agreement. Mimi felt herself sweat. She moved a bit from the door, but not far enough for the conversation to die away.

            “There’s no time to lose.” Mimi recognized the voice as Sen, the Captain of the Guard. “We should get this sorted out as soon as possible.” Chairs were pushed out, and the girls scurried away from the door. Then a yell came from outside.

            “HELP!!!!!!” Gabriella looked out the window, and motioned for the others. They ran over to her. Outside, running for the center of the market was a man. His clothes were ruined, and he looked like he’d seen a ghost. “HELP ME!!!”

            “What’s wrong with him?” Kimmie asked.

            “Let’s see,” Karen said. She was at the door, and already had it open. The girls all ran at top speed down to the market. They heard the steps of the grownups, and took a different path. This one was shorter, so the girls reached the man first.

            “What’s wrong?” Mimi asked him. He was breathing heavily, and was dripping wet. Mimi kneeled in front of him.

            “Princess!” the man said. “Thank goodness… I was attacked!”

            “By what?” asked Gabriella.

            “By beasts!” the man answered. Although it was still early, people began coming out of their homes.

            “Move! This man needs medical care!” The Marketplace doctor came out of his building next to the Potion Shop. He also had an umbrella by his side. It was then Zelda, Link, Betty and the others arrived.

            “Where is—?” Zelda began, but she spotted Mimi. She ran forward, and looked at the man, and the doctor. “Will he be alright?”

            “With some treatment and rest, he should be,” the doctor answered. Zelda breathed a sigh of relief.

            “Dad!” A little boy came running from his home near an outdoor shop. “Dad! Dad are you OK?” The man nodded.

            “This is your father?” Link asked the little boy. He nodded. “He’s going to be a bit tired, and weak, so give him a chance to—” The boy hugged his father tight.

“—Breathe,” Link finished. The man winced, and his son released him.

“Are you OK?” he asked. His father nodded.

“I’ll be fine,” he said.

“Mind telling us why you’re all hurt?” Kimmie asked. The man coughed.

“I was riding near the river, just to explore for awhile. I had never been outside the market other than to Kakariko you see,” he began.

“The river near the Forest?” asked Mimi. The man nodded.

“I was riding near the river,” he said, again, “ to explore, and it began to rain. I stopped and got off my horse and looked around. I heard a rustling behind me and when I turned around, my horse was gone! I went to look for it and I searched behind a tree. The first thing I saw were bones. I didn’t see my steed taken so apparently my horse was…eaten by something without my noticing. I backed away from the tree, and fell into the river. When I came back out, my eyes were blurry co I couldn’t see much. But what I did manage to see was a girl. She was standing on top of a tree, and right below her were wolves! They were standing on their hind legs like regular people!”

“Wolfos,” Mimi said.

“That’s what they were called?” asked the man. “Well, those Wolfos as you call ‘em, they came forward and all I saw were teeth. Bright red, teeth. I yelled and swam out of that water, and tripped. A Wolfos I think managed to give me a few cuts and bruises here and there, but I kept running here, quick as I could.” The villagers looked at him.

“I told you my story,” he said. “And now, I’d like to…rest…” He collapsed.

“Just tired,” said the doctor. With help, the man was taken to his house.

“Come on, Mimi,” Gabriella said, and she and the others headed back to the castle. But Mimi stayed behind, the rain hitting her head. She looked up at the gray sky.

“Girl…?” she said. “Wolfos…?”




“Where are you going?” asked Mimi. Link mounted his horse, and Zelda mounted hers. Around them, five guards were mounting their horses too.

“To Gerudo Valley,” Zelda answered. “We’re going to see what they want, and if there’s a problem that needs to be solved so that a war doesn’t start. We don’t want to repeat history.”

“When are you getting back?” Mimi asked.

“Probably not until this evening,” Link said. “Take care of yourself.” Without anything else said, he led the others off onto the rainy field of Hyrule. Mimi watched them, and waved.

“Be careful,” she said. She walked back into the castle.

“They’re headed to Gerudo Valley, aren’t they?” Betty asked as Mimi came in. She nodded. “Don’t worry. They’ll be back in one piece and I’m sure they’ll have this all sorted out.”

“I hope you’re right,” Mimi said. Betty gave her a reassuring smile and the two headed upstairs.




“We’re almost there!” Link yelled over the rain. “Just a bit further!” The group was making its way down a steep hill towards the deserts of Gerudo Valley. As they got there, the rain began to slow, although the clouds were still gray.

“Is this it?” Sen asked. Link nodded. The group rode forward, and crossed a bridge to the gate of the entrance to Gerudo Fortress.

“Is there a problem?” asked one of the guards.

“Yes,” Zelda answered. “One of you came to my daughter’s bed last night, and told her that you all wished to start a war. We’ve come to see whatever is wrong so that no battle should start.”

The guards looked at each other.

“This way,” one said. Everyone got off of their horse, and led them to another guard. They all then followed the two Gerudo.



“Why would we start a war?” The group had entered the Fortress, and was talking to the leader of the Fortress, Sabrina. She was wearing white clothing, and had short red-orange hair.

“That’s what we want to know,” Zelda said. “One of your thieves snuck into my castle, and gave my daughter that message.” Sabrina began to think.

“Was this Gerudo as you say, at a young age?” she asked.

“We don’t know,” Link said. “We weren’t given all the details.” Sabrina gave him a worried look.

“She was, wasn’t she?” Sabrina asked in a trembling voice. “Oh no…” She mumbled under her breath, Megané.

“What?” Sen looked at her.

“Megané!” Sabrina said louder. “Megané, oh no…”

“Could you fill us in here?” Link asked. “We’re kind of clueless.” Sabrina sighed.

“Megané was the youngest out of all of us,” she said. “She was a great Gerudo, and learned quickly… But then, a day came when she felt like she was wasting her energy here. So she left to start something new. She left without us noticing, and a few days later we looked everywhere for her, but nothing.

“That’s when Ganondorf first took over. She joined him, and when you first defeated him she was defeated as well. But, when his second defeat came, she was angrier than ever. We caught wind of mysterious deaths around too. It was most likely her doing out of rage. We then realized that Megané was avenging the death of the Evil King. She sent us a letter after such a long time, and told us everything. She said she’d start a war like no other, worse than the one our lands had ever had. We don’t know what will happen though. She told your daughter to prepare for a war, right? That makes sense. She couldn’t deliver a message like that to the King and Queen, but rather, someone her own age.”

“That explains why she told Mimi about this, and not us,” Zelda said.

“We’ll help,” Sabrina said. “We’ll help in any way we can to fight in this war.”

“So you knew her,” Sen said. Sabrina nodded. “She wants to kill every last one of us. But why?”

“Because,” Sabrina said, “Just in case Ganondorf returns, no one can rise to defeat him. Though we hope he won’t reign again.”

“So there’s no choice?” Link asked. “We have to fight, no matter what?”

“If you turn down Megané’s challenge, she’ll deliver a surprise attack,” Sabrina said.

“Her and what army?” Sen asked. He stifled a laugh.

“Her army of Wolfos,” Sabrina answered. Her look wiped the smile right off Sen’s face. “Let me tell you, those brutes don’t show mercy. If they’re told to kill, they’ll kill without hesitation. Young and old alike will die. It just won’t matter to her.” Zelda headed for the exit of the Fortress.

“Thank you for your help,” she said. “We’ll be prepared for battle by tomorrow morning.”

“You’re going to fight? So soon?” Sabrina asked.

“I will protect my people,” Zelda answered, and left. Sabrina turned to the others.

“Let her know that my Gerudo will come and help in the battle,” she said. They nodded, and also left.




Mimi paced up and down the living room. Where are they? She looked at the clock: 7:oo. They said they’d be back by evening!

“Stop worrying, Mimi,” Gabriella said. “You’re going to give yourself a headache.” Mimi stopped moving, and went to the window.

“They’re here!” she exclaimed happily. Her look turned to fear as she saw the looks on everyone’s faces.

“Sen, get your men ready,” Link said.

“Yes sir!” Sen galloped quickly down the path.

“We have to be ready by sunrise,” Zelda said to him. “Sunrise, when all of this will begin, and hopefully after a short time forgotten.” They rode for the castle.

“What is it?” Romani asked. “Is everything OK?” Mimi moved from the window, trembling.

“Mimi?” Karen took a few steps towards her.

“We’re fighting,” Mimi’s voice almost cracked with the fear in her tone, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. “We’re fighting.” Tears formed in her eyes, and Mimi broke down. Karen tried to comfort her friend.

“Don’t cry,” she said.

“How can I not?!” Mimi yelled. “How can I not cry for whatever my future is going to be! How can I not cry, for a huge war that might destroy everything?” She sniffed. “How?” She began to cry again.

“Let’s all go to sleep,” Kimmie said. “We should rest after today.” Karen and Romani headed for the door. When Karen opened it, Betty was there.

“You aren’t going home tonight,” she said. “You’re to be here at the castle until its safe. After all of this, the streets aren’t safe either, not even with a skilled defender around. Your rooms are the two next to Gabriella and Kimmie’s. Don’t worry though. Your parents have been informed.” Karen was confused, and Romani was nervous. But they nodded, and Betty led the four girls out of the room.

Rose poked Mimi with her snout, and Mimi relaxed. They also went to bed.



 *              *           *

The castle was quiet the next morning. But Mimi and the girls were all being protected wherever they went. Guards would patrol around them, and make sure they were safe. Mimi could hardly get used to it, even as the clock struck noon in the dining hall.

“Twelve o’ clock,” Gabriella said. “And still no war.”

“Maybe we won’t fight today,” Karen said. “It could be later this week.” But they all knew inside that the war was going to be that day, just not that second.

Mimi was over by the window and was watching the borders of the field. Knights and warriors were all in an even crowd, and positioned to fight. In front of them, Mimi could see her parents.

Over the hill, someone ran towards them. Mimi looked as close as she could from where she was, and saw that it was the messenger. He ran up to her parents, and told them something. They nodded back, and said something to him, and the messenger ran into town, shutting his door behind him. Even from the window, Mimi could hear him lock his door.

Then, from the west, the Gerudo arrived. They weren’t wearing any armor, but were in their fighting outfits, so that they could move easier. Mimi caught the name Sabrina as Zelda spoke to the leader. Obviously that was her name. The groups moved together, making an even bigger army.

Mimi looked out over the hills again, for something had caught her eye. It was a Wolfo. But it was behind a bunch of trees and bushes, and no one noticed it.

Mimi started to panic. What if that Wolfo killed someone? She saw it slink past a guard, and got into town. Still no one noticed it. The Wolfo was at the door of the man from the other day now. And still it wasn’t seen. Mimi couldn’t take it anymore. She opened the window and stood on the sill. She hesitated hoping that the sort of floating spell she learned could save her. But her motivation was given: The Wolfo stretched out a claw to break the door down.

“Mimi!!” Karen ran towards the window, and looked around. “Where’d she go?”

“Look!” A guard from outdoors spotted Mimi in the air. Mimi had completely forgotten her sword, but there was no time to get it. The Wolfo already broke the door down.
            Inside, the man was on the bed, still sleeping from the day before. The boy sat up, and saw the Wolfo in his doorway. He screamed and stood in front of his dad.

“Take this, you pile of fleas!!” BAM!! The Wolfos stood there a while, dazed, and then collapsed. Behind it was Mimi. Her fist was forward from her punch, and she had a serious look on her face. “That’ll teach you…”

“Th-thank you!” the boy stammered. Mimi looked at him.

“Get far away from this room,” she said. She said it so sternly that the boy almost yelped at her anger. Mimi left him and walked towards the army. As she got there, her father was the first to spot her.

“What are you doing here?!” he yelled at her.

“I’ve come to help,” Mimi said strongly.

“You can’t just march into battle!!” Zelda yelled. “It’s too dangerous!!” Mimi pushed her bangs up to reveal her forehead, where a golden Triforce glowed.

“I have Courage, Strength, and Wisdom,” she said. “I can help in this war.” Zelda looked nervous for a moment, and then sighed.

“I guess you can,” she said. Mimi wasn’t looking at her, though. She pointed to the hills.

“Someone approaches,” she said. It was Megané. Behind her were tons of Wolfos growling, snarling, and showing off their teeth.

“It’s her,” Link said.

“Megané,” Sabrina continued. Megané smiled and cupped her hands to her mouth.

“I’ve come for a war, Hylians!” she called. “I hope you’re prepared, because no lives will be spared!!” For a while, no one moved. Zelda whispered to Mimi, “Go back to the castle. I know you posses the power of the Triforce, but it’s still too dangerous. Go back.” Mimi didn’t need telling twice. Her fear had gotten the best of her. She ran away as quick as she could.

Unfortunately, Megané noticed a dress sweep past a guard’s horse. She looked at the Wolfos by her side, and tilted her head toward Mimi. It immediately got the message. It tilted its head back, and let forth a long howl. It ran forward, and pelted through the crowd with incredible speed.

Mimi ran as quickly as she could and didn’t look back, until that moment. The Wolfos behind her was gaining on her. She ran faster and faster, but could still hear its snarling voice. Finally, she stopped and turned. The Wolfos didn’t however, and continued to run. Mimi jumped out of the way, and behind her was a tree. The Wolfos slammed right into it, and fell.

Mimi panted, turned and ran towards the castle again.

Back on Hyrule Field, no one struck first yet. Megané became irritated. She looked at her army of Wolfos.

“Time for them to die,” she said. The Wolfos howled, and ran forward, into a battle that could change Hyrulian history. But Megané kept four back.

“Wait,” she said to them. “There’s a select few that I want you to kill.”

“Let us march into battle!!!” Zelda yelled.

“Protect everyone you care for,” Link said, “and fight!” The army cheered, and charged forward. There was a bunch of confusion throughout the War: Gerudo’s were attacking the Wolfos on the right and would often leave their battle to help someone else. The Hyrulians were slicing with their knives and swords, with Zelda in back firing spells. She turned around and saw Megané and a few Wolfos headed for the castle. She contacted Link, and they followed.



“You could have killed yourself!!” Karen cried to Mimi.

“I can take care of myself,” Mimi said to her.

“So then why the Hyrule did you jump out the window?” Romani asked. “I don’t call that taking care of yourself!”

“I was saving the man and his son from the other day,” Mimi said. “If I didn’t do anything there would already be two deaths in this land.”

“I think there’s going to be more if we don’t leave,” Gabriella said, looking out. Megané was running towards the castle with Wolfos next to her. Right behind them were Mimi’s parents.

“Why’s she here?” asked Mimi.

Because, Zelda’s voice telepathically entered Mimi’s mind.


Yes. That Gerudo wants you all gone. She’s trying to avenge the death of the Evil King, by killing the ones who killed him. Mimi stood stock-still.

  Hurry! Take Gabriella, Romani and Kimmie to the courtyard! Your father and I will meet you there.

What about Karen?

Take her as well. We can’t risk losing her for the sake of your safety. Now go! Before it’s too late!

Mimi nodded, and turned to everyone else.

“My parents are meeting us in the courtyard,” she said to them. “We have to hurry, before that Gerudo and her Wolfos get here. Follow me.” The girls nodded to each other, and left the guards in the room.

Running down flights of steps, the girls moved quickly and headed to the castle courtyard. Once there, they looked around.

“Aren’t they supposed to be here?” asked Karen. Mimi looked up at the sky. It was still gray, and raining. Then she sensed something behind her. She turned and saw her parents. Zelda was on her horse and Link next to her on his.

“You’re all here?” asked Zelda getting off.

“Yes,” answered Mimi.

“Good.” She walked towards them.

“Mom, what’s going on?”

“No time to explain now,” Zelda answered. She waved her hand in front of them and behind them came a white portal. “Wherever this takes you, promise you’ll be safe.”

“You don’t know where it leads?” Romani asked. Zelda shook her head.

“Take good care of yourselves,” Link said. Just then, a Wolfo came and jumped in front of the girls. Sabrina landed right in front of it.

“GO!!” she said to them. “We’ll hold them off!!” Megané jumped from her spot on the wall where she was hiding at that moment.

“No!” she said. “You aren’t going anywhere!” Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani all jumped in the portal.

“Come on Mimi!” Karen said. She jumped in. Megané quickly moved forward, but Mimi moved back a bit. A Wolfo went forward and she received a cut on her leg from it. She landed in front of the portal, and yelled a bit too late though. She gripped her leg, and looked back at the portal. It was starting to shimmer away. For a split second it vanished, and reappeared again.

“GO!!” Zelda said to her, as she fired at a nearby Wolfo. “I’ll bring you back when this is all over, or when we need your help…but for now, stay safe!” Mimi nodded and jumped into the portal.




 *              *           *

A 17-year old Japanese College student sat on her couch watching TV. She had long black hair, brown eyes, and wore a white T-shirt along with jeans with holes at the knees.

“Yeah!” she cried, and punched her fist in the air. “Beat ‘em up, Sasuke!!” She then heard a ripping sound from outside.

“What was that?” She sat up, and put on her shoes. She grabbed her coat and umbrella and ran out the door. The girl went to the side of her house, and saw the dumpster. “I know I heard something…” She moved towards the dumpster and looked around it.

“Is anyone…or anything there?” she asked. No answer. After a while she heard a voice. She couldn’t understand it though, so she could only hear someone speaking. The girl moved towards the voice, and saw another person of about her age.

She wore a blue dress, and had on a small tiara. She also had pointy ears. She seemed kind, but what caught her eye was the girl’s leg had a cut on it, and it was bleeding.

“You’re hurt!” The girl looked up at her, and moved back.

“Who are you?” she asked. The other blinked.

 “I’m Kasumi.” The two spoke two totally different languages, and couldn’t understand each other. But Kasumi had a feeling she was being asked her name.

“Mimi.” Kasumi was confused. The girl, Mimi, couldn’t speak Japanese at all!

“How did you get here?” Kasumi asked. Mimi sat there with a confused look. “Come on.” She motioned for Mimi to follow her, and they went into Kasumi’s house. There, she put a blanket around Mimi, and sat her on the couch.

             “Thank you,” Mimi said. Kasumi was tired of not getting a single word of Mimi’s and tried to speak her language.

            “Here, you say ‘arigato’ which means ‘thank you’,” she said. “Or ‘domo arigato’ meaning ‘thank you very much’.” Mimi nodded.

            Domo arigato,” she said. Kasumi smiled.

“Now, I’ll teach you the rest of my language, so that we can communicate,” she said, and began to teach her the Japanese language. Mimi was a quick study and mastered it easily. Soon she was telling Kasumi how she had gotten there.

When she finished, she looked at the ‘box’ that had flashing pictures on it. She listened as one of the characters with pink hair ran up and strangled a boy with blonde hair in mainly orange.

“NARUTO!!” the girl yelled. “ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED?! AAH! THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!” The boy, Naruto, gagged.

“OK!” he said. “Sorry! Sheesh!”  

            “What is this land?” Mimi asked when she finished.

            “This is Japan,” answered Kasumi. “We’re in a town called Tokyo.”

            “Tokyo,” Mimi repeated the name.

            “So you came here through a portal?” Kasumi asked. Mimi nodded. “And there’s a war going on in your homeland, so you can’t go back until this Queen Zelda person, your mom, makes another to bring you back?”

            “She was trying to keep me safe,” Mimi said. “I came here with four others like I told you, but I think we may have been separated.”

“You can stay here!” Kasumi said. “Until you find your friends and get back home.” Mimi nodded.                    “I guess it could be OK,” she said.

            “You need some new outfits,” Kasumi said to her. “With the time we have left before school’s back tomorrow, we could buy you some clothing so that you fit in.” The girls got up, and Kasumi led the way to the store. On their way there, Mimi had a question.

            “Kasumi?” she asked.


“What is ‘school’?” Kasumi stared at her.

“I have much to tell you,” she said.




“You seem like nice kids… Follow me.” The two girls were at the store down the street from Kasumi’s, and searching for outfits that would fit Mimi. The lady they were following seemed like she didn’t care about anything in the world.

            “Here’s the woman’s section,” she said. Kasumi and the lady bowed to each other, and Mimi got the impression she was also supposed to bow.

            “Now, how about we search for a school uniform?” Kasumi said. Mimi gave her a questioning look. “Come on.”

            Mimi stared at the Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. She held one on her to see what it would look like.

            “It seems small,” she said, trying to smooth the skirt down.

            “Try it on,” Kasumi said. “Let’s see how it looks.” Mimi reluctantly nodded, and walked over to an EMPLOYEES ONLY room. Kasumi grabbed her by the shoulders before she opened the door, and led her to the changing rooms.

            Mimi came out a few minutes later, wearing the school outfit, but still had on her tiara. Kasumi looked at her, and took off the tiara. She gave Mimi the thumbs-up.

            Next were regular outfits. Mimi tried on T-shirts, jeans, tang tops etc… She had a few outfits now, so then Kasumi led her to another part of the woman’s section.

            “These are Kimonos,” she said. “We’ll buy you this one”—she picked out a blue Kimono with colored flowers decorated on it—“and this.”—she picked out another Kimono, which was pink and had a wonderful design of colorful dots in the background.

            “They’re beautiful!” Mimi said, and her eyes almost shined.

            “Try them on,” Kasumi said. Mimi went back in the changing room, and when she came back, her hair was in a bun wearing the blue Kimono.

            “I really like it,” she said. She went back into the room and put on the pink Kimono. It looked nice, but not as good as the blue one.

            “They’re for Japanese celebrations,” Kasumi said, after Mimi had changed back into the outfit she arrived in.    

The two left the section and headed for the counter. Kasumi paid with strange coins (“They’re called yen,” she said) and they bowed to the man next to the register, and he bowed back. The two then headed back for Kasumi’s place.

            “We should head to bed,” she said, folding Mimi’s new outfits neatly and putting them in a dresser. “This is your new room.” She turned on the light.

            “It’s wonderful!” Mimi said. The room had a background of pink: the walls and ceilings. In the corner was a bed and next to it the dresser.        

“It’s the guest room,” Kasumi said to her. “I hope you like it.” She walked over to the door. She smiled, and left Mimi to change and slip into the bed. As she did, she grabbed her leg. It was bleeding a bit, even though it was already bandaged. She looked at her tiara that was in front of her.

            “I hope I find the others soon,” she said. “And I hope mom gets us back, and we can go home.” She sniffed, and softly cried herself to sleep.


 *                  *             *          “RISE AND SHINE, MIMI!!” CLANG! CLANG! Mimi pulled the covers over her head. Kasumi pulled them off. “Come on! We have school!!” Mimi sat up.



Kasumi smoothed her skirt down and hopped on her bike.

            “You sure you don’t want to get on?” she asked, as Mimi ran beside her, toast in her mouth. She shook her head.

            “I’ll run, it’s OK!” she said. Kasumi gave her a reproachful look. Mimi smiled. “So where are we going?”

            “Ino College,” Kasumi said to her. “It’s tons of fun and you’ll make great friends.”

            “Will we be in the same class, Kasumi?” Mimi asked. Kasumi nodded. She then noticed Mimi’s ears.

            “You’re gonna have to hide those,” she said, and pointed to her. Mimi looked at her.

            “Doesn’t everyone have ears like this?” she asked. Kasumi shook her head. She reached in to her school bag and pulled out a cap.

            “ I brought it from home. Wear it on your head,” she said, as Mimi took it. “That way no one will think you’re an alien.” Mimi put it on.

            “What are aliens?” she asked. Kasumi sighed.

            “Never mind.”



    *            *           *

            Karen and the others walked down the street. A couple of times, she thought she saw long black hair. But when she looked again, it was always a dog or someone else. They had all traveled through the portal, but somehow had gotten separated from Mimi. The four could hardly understand what the people around them were saying, but luckily, while they were wandering, someone gave them a book on how to speak “Japanese”. Apparently the language here. Gabriella had tried to pay him, but he didn’t take it and rather walked away.

            Kimmie flipped through the book’s pages and was saying hi to everyone in their language, and the others read the book too. Karen still couldn’t understand though. So Romani gave her the book, and soon she was talking to the others in Japanese.

            “Where do you think Mimi could be?” Romani asked them, looking at a girl whose hair was also black.

            “I don’t know,” Gabriella answered. “She could be anywhere.”

            “Where do you think she could end up?” Karen asked. She pointed to buildings. “That hotel? That house? That restaurant?” Kimmie sighed, and looked around.

            “She honestly could be anywhere,” she said. “Who knows if we’ll find her within a couple of days?” The others nodded. As they walked forward, Karen’s foot accidentally tripped a boy of about their age.

            “Oh! Sorry! Sorry!” she said, and helped him up.

            “Watch where you’re going!!” the boy yelled. He turned to walk away, and then looked at them again. “Hey, I’ve never seen you guys here before.”

            “We aren’t from here,” Romani said.

            “So where are you from?” the boy asked. The girls couldn’t answer. “I’m waiting.”

            “Uh…we’re from a…um…a big country,” Gabriella said. “Yes, and it’s really far away. You’ll need a more than a horse to get there.” The boy looked at her, non-believing, and said, “We don’t travel by horse. We travel by car, train, plane or boat.” Gabriella turned red. The boy then noticed their ears.

            “Your ears…they’re…” he stared. “…Pointy.”

            “Well, your ears are round,” Kimmie said.

            “Last I checked, everyone’s ears were round,” the boy said back to them. “By the way, I’m Haru.”



            “I’m Kimmie.”

            “And you can call me Karen!”

            “Well, hi,” Haru said. “You guys seemed worried. Are you looking for someone?”

            “Actually we are,” Karen said. “She has ‘pointy ears’ like us, and a long black braid. We last saw her in her tiara and blue dress.”

            “The ears, tiara and blue dress will help,” Haru said. “The hair won’t. Almost everyone here has black hair. I don’t think I’ve seen her.” The girls’ shoulders drooped.

            “So you haven’t?” Romani asked. Haru shook his head. “I see…”

            “Why don’t I show you guys around?” Haru asked them. “While I do, we might bump into your friend… uh, what’s her name?”

            “Mimi,” Gabriella said. “Her name is Mimi.”

            “That’s a nice name,” Haru said.



     *           *          *

            Kasumi stopped her bike at the bike rack. Mimi looked up at the huge school. It was pretty wide, and looked as if it housed thousands of lessons. Lessons to learn more about where I am, Mimi thought.

            “You ready?” Kasumi asked. She had her bag on her shoulder, and gave Mimi hers. “We can’t be late. The teacher will have us in for detention for sure.” Mimi nodded, and followed her, biting back the question, “What in Hyrule is detention?”

            Kasumi opened the door of class 2A. The whole class was full and all Mimi could see were students talking, laughing and joking. Kasumi led her to a desk a row away from the window. Next to it was an empty desk.

            “This is my seat,” she said. “When the teacher comes in, he’ll want you to introduce yourself to the others. And you’ll need a last name. What’s your last name again?” Mimi tugged on her cap.

“Hyrule,” she said.

“No, that won’t do,” Kasumi said. “Tell him your name is Mimi Trang. After you introduce yourself, don’t forget to bow.”

            “Why?” Mimi asked.

            “It’s showing your respect,” Kasumi answered her. At that moment, the teacher walked in the room.

            “Good morning class,” he said, and walked to his desk.

            “Good morning Mr. Tatsuki,” the class chanted. Mr. Tatsuki looked around the room.

            “Ah, I see we have a new student!” he said, his eyes resting on Mimi. She looked at the floor. “Come introduce yourself.” All eyes were on her as she walked to the center of the front of the room. She looked at the whole class.

            “Hello, I’m Mimi Trang,” she said, and bowed. “This is my first visit here so please accept me!”

            “Where do you come from, Ms. Trang?” Mr. Tatsuki asked. Mimi froze. Kasumi walked up next to her.

            “She’s my sister!” Kasumi said. Mumbling went around. Mimi heard, “I didn’t know Ms. Trang had a sister!” “Is she serious?” “I never knew…” Kasumi continued.

            “She’s my sister, and was gone in Osaka for awhile and went to school there! And now she’s back!” She and Mimi smiled.

            “Welcome, Ms. Trang,” Mr. Tatsuki said. “Glad to see you’ve decided to come back to Tokyo. I will tell you that you’re not allowed to wear hats in my classroom.” Mimi looked at Kasumi. She nodded sadly. Mimi gulped and took off her cap. No one seemed to notice her ears for they were slightly hidden behind her hair.

            Mr. Tatsuki nodded to them, and the two sat down. They then began the lesson. Mimi was sitting in the desk by the window next to Kasumi and was scarcely paying attention. She looked outside, for something red had caught her eye. She looked out, and saw Romani, along with the others. A boy was with them, and looked like he was showing them around Japan. Mimi stood up.

            “…And so as you can see—” Mr. Tatsuki saw Mimi standing. “Ms. Trang please sit down. We’re in the middle of a lesson.” Mimi didn’t look at him, but bolted out of the room. Kasumi stood and followed.

            “Mimi!” The class all went to the window, as they saw Mimi and Kasumi walk out to where Romani was spotted.

            “What are you doing?” Kasumi asked her. Mimi stared at the spot where her friends had just been standing.

            “They left,” she said.

            “What are you talking about? Who left?” Kasumi asked.

            “I saw them right here,” Mimi said. “With a boy… And I couldn’t get to them in time.” Kasumi took her hand and the two went back to their class. Up ahead, around the corner of the street, Romani looked back.

            “What’s wrong, Romani?” Haru asked.

            “I thought I saw Mimi’s braid,” she said.

            “Probably not,” Gabriella said. Romani followed the others, but still looked back.


            After class, people began to talk before they went home. Kasumi took Mimi to meet the other students. She was shy at first, but then began to talk to everyone. She and Kasumi then were speaking to another friend of hers, Keiko.

            “Pleased to meet you, Ms. Trang!” Keiko said, bowing to her. Mimi bowed back.

            “Nice to meet you too, Keiko,” she said. “Call me Mimi, though.” Keiko nodded.

            “So, how was Osaka?” Keiko asked.

            “What?” Mimi stared at her.

            “Osaka? Remember? You were there before your return to Tokyo.” Mimi blinked.

            “Oh!” she said. “Oh, it was fun.” Keiko smiled.

            “Glad to hear it!” she said. “I’m moving there soon, and I just want to know someone else’s opinion of Osaka.”

            “Oh, that’s right you’re going there on the next vacation. Right?” Kasumi asked her. Keiko nodded.

            “I hope I get used to the environment that will be around me,” she said. Kasumi gave Mimi a warning look, so she didn’t ask what an “environment” was. So she changed her thought.

            “I hope so too,” she said. She and Kasumi walked back to their seats.

            “So what do you think of Japan so far, Mimi?” Kasumi whispered to her.

            “I think it’s alright,” Mimi answered her. She pushed her braid off of her shoulder. As she did, Keiko got a glimpse of her ears. She ran up to her.

            “Your ears!!” she said. The whole class looked at her, but she kept going. “Your ears!! They’re pointy!!” Mimi covered them and Kasumi gaped at Keiko.

            “So what if I have pointy ears?” Mimi said. She didn’t care if the whole class was staring at her. They can stare all they want. They can’t change how I look, she thought.

            “I knew we weren’t the only ones!!” Everyone looked at Keiko. “They do exist!!” She stood up on Kasumi’s desk. “Aliens!!” Looks turned to awe and disbelief. Keiko paid no attention.

            “We aren’t the only living beings in the universe!!” Keiko said. She pointed to Mimi. “There are aliens…and she’s one of them!!”

            “That’s enough!” A boy stepped out of the crowd. He looked irritated. “Keiko, that’s enough out of you.”

            “But it’s true, Aaron!” Keiko said to him.

            “Would you like it if someone called you an alien?” Aaron asked her. “Look at Ms. Trang!” He pointed to Mimi, whose eyes were trying hard not to cry. “I don’t think she likes the idea of being called an alien.” Keiko looked at Mimi.

            “I guess you’re right,” she said. She jumped off the desk, looked one more time at Mimi, and went to join the other girls.

            “Thanks Aaron,” Kasumi sighed. “You’re a life saver.”

            “I still can’t believe she’s my cousin,” Aaron said, looking at Keiko.

            “Thank you for sticking up for me!” Mimi said. Her hands were in her lap. “I mean it.” Aaron went red.

            “It’s just a reaction,” he said. “Really.” Mimi looked at him, and a vision of Ark came into her head. He blushed like that when he was helping me out from the boys in Kakariko, she thought. When I first met him.

            “You remind me of someone I know,” Mimi said to him. “His name was Ark, and he blushed just like you did after he helped me with other people. Like Keiko.” Aaron turned to her.

            “Really?” he asked. “I remind you of that person? Is he your friend?”

            “I’m engaged to him,” Mimi said. Aaron’s jaw dropped.

            “You’re WHAT?!?” he yelled. Kasumi was also surprised. Aaron looked at her. “Did she tell you this before?!” Kasumi shook her head.

            “Sis, I didn’t know you were engaged!” she said. Mimi nodded. Oh, she’s a princess! Kasumi thought. So this Ark guy must be a prince!

            “Yes,” Mimi said. “I can’t explain though. You wouldn’t believe me.” Keiko heard the conversation and walked over.

            “Do you have a picture of him?” Keiko asked. Mimi nodded.

            “I take it with me a lot,” she said, and looked through her bag. She pulled out a picture of Ark, and blushed. “Here.” She gave the picture to Keiko.

            “Well isn’t that sweet!” she said, giving it back after she looked at the photo. Mimi put it back in her bag.

            “Kasumi, are you sure you’re related to this girl?” Aaron asked her. “She’s like engaged and you’re like…not.” Kasumi nodded.

            “I’m happy for you,” Kasumi said to Mimi. She smiled to her, and Mimi smiled back. Keiko looked at the clock.

            “Is it that time already?” she said, and grabbed her bag. “Sorry guys, but I have to go. Mom wanted me home by supper.” She bowed to them, and ran out.

            “I should get going, too,” Aaron said. He grabbed his bag, and left right after Keiko.

            “We should go home,” Kasumi said. “We don’t want to be here too late.” She and Mimi packed their bags, and left. In the hall, they met up with Mr. Tatsuki.

            “Ah! The Trangs,” he said when he spotted them.

            “Hello Mr. Tatsuki,” they said.

            “I’m glad I found you,” he said. “Do you two mind taking these papers to the office for me?” He held out some papers.

            “Sure,” said Kasumi. She and Mimi took half. “Let’s go, Mimi.” She briskly nodded, bowed to the teacher, and followed Kasumi.

            On the way, Mimi looked at the top of the papers in her hands. She had a hard time understanding each word. Though Kasumi taught Mimi her language, she failed to teach her how to write it.

            “Kasumi?” she asked. “What does this say?” Kasumi looked at her and looked at the papers.

            “Oh, I forgot to teach you how to read and write Japanese,” she said. She looked at the papers again. “This is school Committee stuff. People signed up to different jobs to help out the school. Things like that.” Mimi nodded.

            “So we’re taking the results to the office?” she said. Kasumi nodded.

            “We’re taking it to the principal,” she said. “A principal is like the leader of the school. He makes the rules, and a Vice Principal makes sure that they’re followed.”

            “Did you sign up for anything Kasumi?” Mimi asked.

            “Yes, I did,” Kasumi answered. “I signed up to be President of the Tennis club.” The two walked forward, down more halls, and soon came to the office.

            “We’re here,” Kasumi said, and opened the door. Inside were a bunch of adults on the computer or writing at their desk. It looked pretty busy. Kasumi led Mimi down a hall to their left, and came to a secretary.

            “Oh, hello Ms. Trang,” said the woman behind the desk. Her brown hair was up in a bun, and she wore a pink sweater with light brown pants.

            “Hello, Ms. Kano,” Kasumi said. “This is my sister, Mimi Trang.” Mimi bowed.

            “Hello,” Mimi said. Ms. Kano nodded to her.

            “Pleased to meet you,” she said. “I didn’t know you had a sister.”

            “Well, she came back from school in Osaka the other day,” Kasumi said.

            “But I won’t be here long,” Mimi said.

            “Oh?” Ms. Kano asked. “You’re headed back to Osaka?”

            “I might,” Mimi said.

            “Well I hope you have fun here in Tokyo,” Ms. Kano said. “Ah, are those the papers for the school Committee?” Kasumi nodded. She placed the papers on the desk, and Mimi put hers on top of it.

            “We’ll be leaving now Ms. Kano,” Kasumi said. She and Mimi left and went out onto the streets.

            “Today was interesting,” Mimi said. They were walking back home. “I just wish during today I could have run into my friends.” And I had reached them earlier, she thought.

            “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find them again,” Kasumi said. “Hey, you want to go out for dinner?” Mimi began to think. “You’ll like it, trust me.”

            “OK,” she said. The two walked further down the busy streets of Tokyo and into a restaurant.(Mimi didn’t know what it was called) A waiter came to their table.

            “What would you like?” he asked them.

            “We’re not sure yet,” Kasumi said. “So we’ll each have water for now.” The man nodded, and left.

            “How am I supposed to order?” Kasumi looked at Mimi. She was holding the menu up and straining hard to figure out the confusing symbols. Kasumi picked up her menu and looked through it.

            “How about this?” she asked. She pointed to a part of the menu. “It’s a special meal: rice balls, noodles, and a gyouza. It’ll taste really good.”

            “What is gyouza?” Mimi asked.

            “Dumplings,” Kasumi answered her. “But anyway, while we wait, I’d like to know the letters and sayings of your language.”

            “O-OK…” Mimi took a pencil and notebook out of her bag, and began to write. Kasumi was very interested, and loved the Hyrulian language already.

            “That’s it,” Mimi said, ripping out the paper and giving it to Kasumi. “At least, all I know anyway. There are some words and letters that I don’t understand at all.” Kasumi slipped the paper into her pocket.

            “It’s an amazing language,” she said. The waiter came back to their table, with their water.

            “Have you decided?” he asked.

            “We have,” Kasumi said. “We’ll have the special meal; one for each of us.” The waiter bowed, and left.

            “I hope it’s as good as you say,” Mimi said to Kasumi.

            “It will be,” she said. “Trust me.” They then began to talk about their homelands to each other, and comparing them and realizing how different the places and traditions were. They began to discuss different holidays when someone outside caught her eye.

            Right outside, was Karen. She seemed to be looking right at them. Mimi smiled, and felt tears run to her face. She wiped them away quickly. Karen looked right back at her, but didn’t seem to see her. On the other side, she was talking to the others.

            “I think I see Mimi in there!” Karen said, and pointed. The others quickly came over.

            “Really?!” Kimmie said, running next to her. She then saw Mimi’s bright smile. “Mimi!!” They all ran into the restaurant. Kasumi sat up.

            “Everyone!” Mimi smiled. She couldn’t believe she was seeing them again!

            “So this is Mimi,” Haru walked in. Romani walked in next to him. As soon as she saw Mimi, her smile appeared again.

            “Mimi!!” she hugged her friend. “You’re OK! I knew I saw you somewhere!”

            “Why don’t you guys sit down?” Kasumi asked. They all sat down at tables next to them. “So these are your friends Mimi?”

            “Yes!” Mimi said. She looked at Haru. “What’s your name?”

            “Haru,” he said. “I was showing your friends around Japan.” He helped them with making their order.

            “So do you like Japan so far?” asked Kasumi to the others.

            “It’s great!” said Romani, biting into her gyouza. “This land is wonderful!”

            “It’s so crowded, too,” Kimmie said, as she slurped up the noodles in her bowl. (Haru taught them how to use chopsticks) “Our homeland isn’t even as crowded as this!”

            “I still miss home,” Mimi said. “The green fields, the horses, mom, dad, Betty…Ark…” The others nodded.

            “I miss dad too,” Romani said.

            “Yeah,” Karen said. “I feel homesick for mom and dad.”

            “Let’s face it,” Gabriella said. “We love this land a lot, but we’ll still miss everyone.”

            “I wonder if mom can get us back,” Mimi said. “I really miss her.” The waiter came back a while after, and Kasumi asked for the check. He gave it to her, and the price was 6200 yen. She was surprised at first, but Mimi handed him a green rupee. He took it, and let them leave. (It was mistaken for an emerald)

            “I should be headed home,” Haru said, looking up. “I really have to feed Bruno.”

            “Bruno?” Mimi asked him.

            “My dog,” Haru answered. “He’s probably at the door, waiting for me to get home.” He smiled and waved.

            “Bye!” they called. They watched as Haru jogged down the street.

            “Let’s go home,” Kasumi said.

            “Home?” Gabriella asked.

            “You guys can stay at my place,” Kasumi said. She looked at Mimi. “I have more than one guest room.” So, the six headed to Kasumi’s house. There, they changed (Mimi gave them a few outfits) and went to bed.


Mimi walked down a lonely path, with nothing but darkness surrounding her. She could see nothing, so she might as well have had her eyes shut.

“Mom?” she called. “I want to know where you are! Dad! Please answer me!” Nothing. Mimi stopped walking, and stood where she was.

“Where am I?” she asked. “There’s nothing here. Am I dreaming?” She looked around. “Where is everyone? Kasumi! Romani! Kimmie! Karen! Gabriella!!” Still nothing. Mimi sank to her knees, and hugged herself. “Everything’s so quiet…” Then she turned. She had heard a tearing sound. She walked in the direction of the noise and found herself in the green fields of Hyrule. She smiled.

“I’m home!” she cried. She laughed and ran forward. “I’m home! Mom! Dad! Betty! A—” She froze. In front of her was a mass of bodies. They were the bodies of the knights fighting in the war. Mimi walked through it.

She saw everyone: the man whose horse was eaten, his son, Mirabelle, Mrs. Seichi, (See Book2) Link, Zelda, Betty, Rose, Karen, Gabriella, Kasumi, Kimmie, Romani, Talon, Epona, Ashley…and further through the crowd, Ark. Mimi gasped.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!” dropped in front of him, flashes of everyone dead going through her mind. “This isn’t happening!” she screamed over and over. “This isn’t real!! It’s only a vision…just another nightmare!!”

“Oh, it’s no nightmare,” a voice said. Megané appeared behind her. “This is far from a dream…” she drew her knife, and jumped forward.

“NO!!” Mimi covered her eyes. “This is just a dream! Wake up! Wake up!!” But through her self-punishment, nothing but the vision of her parents, friends and Ark raced through her mind. “WAKE UP!!!!” Then everything went black again. Mimi was curled up, staring blankly at the ground.

“It’s a dream…” she said. “A dream, and nothing but a dream… Why won’t I wake up? Wake up…”

A Wolfo jumped at her from behind.


            Mimi woke up, sweating. Was it a dream? She was still in the bed at Kasumi’s house, and it was still night.

            “It felt…so real,” she mumbled. She stumbled out of bed, and went to the kitchen. There she got herself a warm glass of milk. “Maybe this’ll send me to sleep,” she said. As she walked past everyone’s room, she saw the vision of them dead in her dream. She shivered, and got back under the covers.

            No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get to sleep. She tried to shut her eyes and think of something fun that happened. Like the day they met Kimmie and Gabriella. The first time she met Ark. The excitement that was building up in her when she was granted permission to go on her first adventure. Nothing helped, especially the last thought, which led up to her encounter and battle against Ganondorf. She sat up again.

            “I’ll never get to sleep,” she said.

            Not with that attitude you won’t. She recognized the voice, and the saying. But where was he?

            “Ark?” Mimi got out of bed. “Are you here?”

            If you mean by here, in Hyrule, then yes, Ark answered.

            “Are you contacting me?” Mimi asked. She held her hands together, hopeful.

            As a matter of fact I am.

            “How?” Mimi asked. She felt kind of stupid talking to the air. “How are you contacting me?”

            Your mom, Ark responded. That’s how.

            “It’s so great to hear your voice again!” Mimi said. “I miss you all, so much!”

            Yeah, I miss you too, Ark said. I mean, we miss you too! Mimi could almost see him blushing.

            “So, how is everything?” Mimi asked. “I hope it isn’t anything bad.”

            That’s what I called to tell you about, Ark said. You see, after you left, the Gerudo and Hylians were having trouble in the war. So, the warriors of Tolkein came to help. My parents were dragged into it too. I haven’t seen them in a while. The war seemed to drag on for days until I finally got a report… You’re not going to like it though.

            “I can handle it!” Mimi said. She then decided to talk to him through thoughts. Tell me.

            OK… Ark said. Things aren’t going well. The Hylians and Gerudo are going down in numbers, and Megané hasn’t even lost a single Wolfo.

            So, we’re losing?

            No! Ark tried to reassure her. We aren’t losing!

            Don’t lie to me, Ark, Mimi said it in such a commanding voice that she could picture Ark nervous. We are, aren’t we?

            Yes, Ark said. But there’s still a chance. Queen Zelda’s going to send another portal your way, to bring you all back. The war’s died down a bit, so it’s safe enough for you all to help. We could use the Heroines of all the Lands’ help a lot.

            Are you sure?

            Yes. Zelda answered this time.


I’ll be sending you a portal right now. If the others are asleep, wake them.

            But mom, there’s a problem.


            We made a new friend, her name’s Kasumi. When you sent us through that first portal, we got separated, and I hung out with her until we were reunited. Should we leave without telling her?

            …Yes…but if you want, leave her a note. A note explaining everything briefly.


            Come home safe, came Ark’s voice. That was the end of the conversation.  



            “Kimmie! Gabriella! Karen! Romani!” Mimi called them in a frantic whisper. “Wake up!” She ran into each of their rooms, and shook them awake. “Get dressed. Quickly!” Mimi ran back into her room, and changed. At the store, she had re-bought her outfit: a black tang top, jeans and boots.

            “What’s going on?” asked Kimmie, yawning.

            “Just get dressed!” Mimi said to her.

            “Is she our foster mother?” asked Gabriella, putting on her shoe. Romani shrugged.

            “Whatever’s wrong,” Karen said, “it sounds urgent.”

            They found Mimi in the kitchen, writing a letter to Kasumi. She stuck it on the fridge, and opened the door. While passing it, Gabriella read the note:


Dear Kasumi,

            The others and I have to leave. Something urgent has arisen in Hyrule, and my mother, Queen Zelda, is sending us a portal to get back home. It was nice getting to know you, and domo arigato for the hospitality. Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime.


Mimi, Karen, Gabriella, Romani, Kimmie


            She had wonderful handwriting, and seemed to have explained the problem quickly. She also had written it in the Hyrulian language.

            “So we’re leaving in another portal,” Gabriella said.

            “Come one Gabriella!” Kimmie called. “We have to leave!” Gabriella nodded, and headed for the door. She met Mimi and the others out on the street.

            “The portal should be appearing any second now,” she said. They nodded. Gabriella’s heart was thumping so hard she could have sworn the others could hear it too.

            Then it appeared: the portal. It was white just like the first one they traveled through, but this time they knew where it was leading. Karen went first, then Romani, Kimmie, and Gabriella. Mimi looked back at Tokyo.

            “Sayonara…Japan…” she said, and jumped through.



     *            *          *

            Ark paced back and forth in Hyrule Castle. He was worried if Mimi and they others would make it back, and not get separated like the first time. He soon stopped, and stared at the couch. Right in front of it, was the white portal. The girls crossed through, and Zelda released her grip on the magic.

            “Ark!” Mimi spotted him and ran up to him. “You’re here!” She hugged him tight, and Ark felt his own face go warm.

            “Hi, Mimi…” he gasped, under Mimi’s tight grip. “I can’t…breathe…” She let go, and hugged her mother.

            “I’m glad you’re all safe,” Zelda said. “The refugees of the market are all in Tolkein. Karen, you will be taken there.” Karen nodded.

            “What about our weapons?” Mimi asked. “We have to help in the war, right?” Zelda looked at a guard. He stood straight and tall as three others marched beside him, each holding the girls’ weapons on a pillow.

            Mimi picked up her Master Sword, Kimmie her dagger, Romani her bow and arrows, and Gabriella the Megaton Hammer.

            “Is Ark fighting with us?” asked Romani. She looked at him.

            “I have to!” Ark said. “My people are in that war too, and I have to help them!”

            “Well you won’t be alone,” Mimi said. She put her blade in front of her face, and swiped it down. “We’re fighting as well.”



            “Keep going!!” Sabrina called. She had a huge gash on her shoulder, but didn’t show the pain she was feeling. “We must! For the sake of the future of Hyrule!!” The army continued to battle. Trying their hardest to destroy the Wolfos.

            Then, out of nowhere, a flash appeared: A sword swung and destroyed a Wolfo in front of a helpless soldier; a dagger sliced up one that was in front of Sabrina; a Hammer swung down, stunning five Wolfos, and then squished them; about six arrows killed three Wolfos; and another sword slashed up another about to dodge into the market.

Megané looked up, and on a hill saw five people: Mimi was standing in the middle of them all. Ark was next to her, and in front of them, on their knees facing Megané was Kimmie, Romani and Gabriella. They all had a fierce look about them, as if the first Wolfos to touch them or an ally would be in their grave. Mimi pointed directly to Megané.

“Your reign of terror ends now!” she said. “Your Wolfos will have blood shed on you, no innocent will be killed, and all will be saved! This war ends now!!”

The Hyrulians and Gerudo blinked, surprised at their sudden saviors. They then cheered, more loudly than before. They had Romani, Kimmie, Gabriella and Mimi, the Heroines of all the Lands on their side, including Prince Ark, who was the best fighter from his land. The Wolfos and Megané seemed to realize this, and backed away. In the crowd, Mimi spotted her father. He looked proud of her, and she smiled. She glared at Megané and drew her sword.

“May we?” Gabriella slammed her Hammer on the ground, and placed it on her shoulder.

“Let’s go,” said Mimi. They were the first to attack. They ran through the army, and charged right up to the Wolfos. Kimmie stood in front of one.

“Boo,” she said. It whimpered, but didn’t get away quick enough for it hit the floor, not even seeing her attack. Then the war started again.

The Hylians were in the lead now, and the Wolfos were slowly decreasing. Soon, there were five left. Mimi and the others took care of those in one swipe. They hit the ground, but there was still Megané.

No matter how hard she tried to hide it, Megané still looked frightened. She stepped back, until she couldn’t move anymore. (Which was about two steps ^_^)

“I’ll take care of this,” Mimi said. She stepped forward, and the others stayed behind, watching. Even the Gerudo and Hylians were watching interestedly, as if they were watching a fighting movie. If they could, they’d probably have popcorn and soda with them.

“What’s wrong?” Mimi asked. She walked towards Megané, sword at her side. “I thought you were waiting to kill me.”

“I am,” Megané answered. Mimi could hear the fear in her tone. “Just, not this second. It’s not the right time.”

“It is,” Mimi said. “Everyone’s watching. One on one match. No one else. You could take the opportunity to strike now, with your training of being able to avoid.” Mimi said the last sentence so sarcastically, that Megané clenched her fist. She yelled, and charged forward, drawing needles from her pocket.

Mimi put her sword back in its sheath, and waited.

“What’s she doing?” Sabrina asked Link.

“Be patient,” he said. “She can take care of herself.”

Megané charged forward with such speed, that everyone thought Mimi would get hit for sure. But, she didn’t. Megané threw the needles at Mimi, who didn’t even move. She just watched as Megané moved forward. The needles came forward, but landed on either side of her. Megané got angry, and ran forward for hand-to-hand combat.

She punched, kicked and did all that, but nothing worked.

“Why can’t I hit you?!” Megané yelled.

“I learned patience,” Mimi answered. Megané yelled again, and charged forward. Still nothing hit.

“Are you even moving?!” Mimi pointed towards the ground. When Megané looked down, she saw footprints around Mimi’s feet. So she was moving.

“It’s strange too,” Mimi said. “I was moving but you still didn’t see me. I wasn’t all that fast.” Megané threw another punch but Mimi blocked it.

“Here’s the thing,” she said. “I fight to protect, and for my people. You fight for revenge, and anger. That’s not what makes you stronger.” Megané looked at her. “It makes you weak.” Megané threw a kick.

“Are you done?” Mimi asked. “I think it’s my turn.” Mimi kicked high, her leg went straight up, and Megané went flying. When she got back up, Mimi was right in front of her, and punched three times, the last one being the hardest, slamming Megané to the floor. She gave her a nice X kick, and Megané put her hands on her back, yelling in pain. Mimi put the Master Sword at her throat.

“I could kill you,” she said. “But I hate to kill. I only killed those monsters because they were the true menaces. But you’re a Hylian. One of my people. I’d hate to give a bad impression to the others.” At this she looked to everyone else.

“Why don’t you kill me?” Megané said. “I want to die. I killed many of your soldiers, and I should get punished for it. So strike me now. I really couldn’t care less if you killed me, and burned my body to never remember me.” Mimi began to think.

“This is ridiculous!” A man from the Hyrulian army called. “My brother was in this war, and now he’s dead! Gone! Kill that Gerudo girl!! She doesn’t deserve to live!!” He and some other knights started to chant, “Kill her! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!” Mimi glared at them.

“Silence!!!” she yelled. They immediately quieted. She turned back to Megané. “I’ll let you live to right your wrongs.”

“Why?” Megané asked. “Why won’t you kill me?”

“I already told you,” Mimi answered. “I don’t like to kill. It’s a beautiful day so why not enjoy it? …But”—she put the Master Sword next to Megané’s throat again—“if you harm anyone else in Hyrule, I won’t hold back.”

She turned and walked back into the Market, headed towards Hyrule castle.

“She may have been a real pain,” Ark said to Romani, “but she does deserve to live.” He also headed for the Market.

“Does she?” Romani asked, looking over at Megané, crouched on the ground. “She seems like she wanted to give up her whole life…just give up on it, and exist somewhere else…” She watched as Megané sobbed into her hands. Then, she pulled something out of her pocket, pushed it into her chest, and fell, unmoving.

Romani stared. Did she just…? She didn’t continue her thought. But, she saw Sabrina and the other Gerudo run over to Megané, looked at her, and sadly took her to Kakariko. As they passed her, Romani saw the limp body of Megané. She was smiling, happy that she was gone.

“She did…” Romani wiped a tear off her face, and followed everyone to the Market.  


      *            *          *

            “So the war’s finally over. And the refugees have come back safe!!” Sen called over everyone in the Market. “We had the help of the greatest warriors of all time, and won!! Whaddya all think o’ that?!” Everyone cheered: The Hylians, Gerudo and townsfolk.

            “No more menaces!” A woman shouted.

            “No more pain!!” A man over at the Potion Shop cried.

            “Hopefully this won’t happen again!!” Mirabelle said. Mrs. Seichi held her hand.

            “That’s right little missy!!” Sen called to her. “We all thank the Heroine and her friends for helping us!!” He pointed to a tree. Standing under it was Mimi, Gabriella, Romani, Kimmie and Ark.

            “Thank you!!” they all cried.

            “You’re all welcome!!” Kimmie said.

            “Now if you don’t mind,” Karen walked up to Sen, and stood in front of him. “Let’s all party!! For the fun of it, and in celebration!!!!” Everyone cheered. The Windmill man came in with his music box and started to play a happy tune. Everyone grabbed partners and started dancing. The younger kids danced with their dogs or danced with each other in a circle. They all partied, and danced. They had a wonderful time.




            The next day was a bit gloomier. Everyone wore black while they were in the Kakariko graveyard. Megané was in a coffin, still smiling like she had before.

            “…Was a great friend and Gerudo, and for that, we are grateful to her,” Sabrina finished. She went back to the crowd. Link gave them the signal, and the gravediggers placed Megané’s coffin in the ground. Everyone then left.

            “I feel bad,” Karen said. “Megané may have tried to kill, but she still didn’t need to kill herself.”

            “I have a feeling we might meet people like that,” Gabriella said.

            “Probably,” Ark said. “You never know what kind of people you’ll meet in this world. And worlds beyond.”

            “Like the kind Kasumi,” Mimi said. She looked up at the blue sky. “I wonder if she got my letter.”

            “I hope good things come for her,” Romani said.

            “Maybe we’ll see her again someday,” Kimmie said. “Who knows? Maybe Queen Zelda will give us another portal ride to Japan.”




     *           *        *

            “So they went back home.” Kasumi put her hat on. “It won’t matter.” She looked at the letter again, and walked out. “I’ll see them again one day,” she said. “Something just tells me that in my heart. After all…” She smiled. “Once you meet someone, at another point in your life you’ll see them again, and have another crazy adventure.” She looked up at the blue, cloudless sky, and the images of the girls came into her head.

            “May good fortune smile on you…friends…” She walked down the street, and headed to the park.


To Be Continued…

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