Mimi's Adventures: The Whispering Woods

By Mimichan



            Mimi breathed in the fresh scent of the ocean air. It was a casual ride in a tour boat in Termina. The ocean breeze, the relaxing waves…everything was so refreshing. Her, Ark, Link and Zelda were all in the tour boat at the beach. Gabriella, Romani, Kimmie and Karen were back near the shore, playing a game of “Marco Go-Go”. (Marco Polo) Mimi ran her fingers through the waves.

            She was wearing a long T-shirt over her bathing suit, and a long braid in the back. She was also wearing sandals. Ark wore his swimming trunks also with a T-shirt and sandals. Zelda also had on a bathing suit with a T-shirt, and so did Link. Mimi sighed, a long deep sigh.

            “I just wish that this summer could go on forever,” she said. “The ocean breeze, and the bright sun…I don’t want it to end.”

            “This is only the beginning,” Ark said. “Summer just started a few days ago.”

            “I guess you’re right,” Mimi said. “But it’s just so great for it to be summer!” The boat went on more, and then stopped.                

“Hope you enjoyed the ride!” the driver said. The boat was back at shore, and the others were still playing “Marco Go-Go”.

            “Marco!” Karen cried. She was over on the sandy beach.

            “Go-Go!” the others said. They were hiding behind a canoe.


            “Go-Go!!” The girls giggled, and scrambled to their feet. Karen walked quicker, and tagged Kimmie.

            “You’re it!!” she said, and opened her eyes. Kimmie went to the tree and started to count.

            “One, two, three…” the others scurried away. Mimi and Ark ran over to Romani.

            “Mind if we play?” asked Mimi. Romani nodded.

            “Time!” she called. “Ark and Mimi are playing!!” The others nodded, and got back to the game.

            “Marco!!” Kimmie started to walk towards them.

            “Go-Go!!” they called back. Kimmie was quick at the game. She called every so often, and soon was on Ark’s tail. She tagged him on the shoulder.

            “You’re it,” she said. She laughed, and the others ran in hiding while Ark began to count.

            The game went on to sunset when it was time to go back home. They were disappointed, but packed their things and left the beach. They took their horses to get a ride back.

            “So, how was it?” Epona asked. “Me and Ashley had a nice sunbathe. How did you guys play at the beach?”

            “We played a game of ‘Marco Go-Go’,” Karen said. She was on Epona with Romani.

            “That sounds nice,” Ashley said. “Who was last it?”

            “Ark,” Mimi answered. She was on behind him.

            “So?” Ark said.

            “Don’t worry about it,” Kimmie said. “You just got back from the ocean and was a bit dazed.”

            “Next time we come, Ark will still be it,” Gabriella said. She and Kimmie were on Ashley.

            “Actually, I wanted to invite you all over,” Ark said. “Tomorrow afternoon. There’s a storyteller coming.”

            “Does he tell adventure stories?” asked Gabriella. “Or are they legends?”

            “Legends,” Ark answered. “He only comes once a year so, this is your only chance.”

            “It sounds great!” Mimi said. “Mom? Dad? Can we go?”

            “I guess you could,” Link said. “But it’s up to the others’ parents if they can too.”

            “I hope they say yes,” Karen said.

            “Me too,” said Romani. “I don’t want to miss this!”

            “Hopefully we won’t!” Mimi said. They continued to gallop all the way to Hyrule. After a while, they arrived there. Mimi got off Ark’s horse and he headed for Tolkein. Romani took Ashley and Epona back to the ranch, while the others went back to the castle.

            “Good to see you back, King and Queen,” a little girl passed by them and walked over to her father.

            “See you all got back safely!” her father said. They nodded to him, and continued up the path.

            Once inside, the girls could hardly sleep. The next day they were headed to Tolkein, Ark’s home! Gabriella, Kimmie, Karen and Romani had never seen it before but Mimi had. The villages were wonderful. Flowers were almost everywhere and a small river ran around the towns. Also, north of it was a wood. Mimi had never gone into it before so she was going to ask Ark about it. She fell asleep dreaming of meeting all the kind people again, and dreams of what the storyteller’s tales would be of.


      *            *             *

            The next morning it was a bright and glorious day. Mimi had her hair out and instead of wearing her usual garments, she wore a flowery pink shirt with a blue skirt. She felt so happy out under the bright, hot sun again.

            Gabriella had on a green headband and she was wearing a green long-sleeve shirt with different colors going down it. She also had on jeans and wore boots. 

            Kimmie had on an orange T-shirt with blue jeans. Her hair was up in a ponytail, and looked as if she had just brushed it.

            Karen came out wearing a summer-like kind of overalls. (the ones with shorts) Under it she wore a blue T-shirt and she was wearing brown boots. Her blue hair shined and she had on a cap.

            Romani came down from the ranch later that day, and was also wearing something new. She was wearing a white T-shirt and bright blue jeans. She still had on her brown boots but her red hair was in a ponytail on her shoulder. She also had Ashley and Epona with her.

            “Hi!” she called. She ran up to them. “My dad said I could come!”

            “My parents too!” Karen said, and winked. “Today’s going to be the best! I can’t wait to meet that storyteller!”

            “So then what’re we waitin’ for?” Epona asked.

            “Climb on!!” Ashley said. But, there was a bit of a problem. There were five girls and two horses. Only two on each horse, and Mimi was the one left out.

            “Mimi, do you want to take my spot?” asked Karen. She was about to slip off, but Mimi stopped her.

            “I’ll be right back,” she said, and ran to the castle stable. She grabbed a horse, and rode it back to the others. “Here I am!”

            “Then let’s go!!” Gabriella called. She pulled Ashley’s reins, and Romani and Mimi did the same: they were then headed for a ride to Tolkein.


       *            *            *

            Mimi directed them to Tolkein. She often said, “Take a left” or “Follow this path down to the river” and sometimes “we’re almost there!”

            “We’re almost there!” she called.

            “You said that fifty times already!” Gabriella groaned. “I think we get the point!”

            “No, I mean we’re here!!” Mimi pointed beyond the hills. She was pointing to a bright town, even from far away it looked lively. From where they were, they could hear voices, laughter and see the hustle and bustle going on.

            They pushed their horses forward and rode through crowds. Every single person they greeted that person would say “thank you, Heroines” or, “Greetings, Heroines of all the Lands”. Then Mimi stopped and asked a man if he knew where Ark’s castle was.

            “Yes,” the man said. “Right up the street. Keep heading that way and you’ll see it soon.” Mimi thanked him and they continued through the streets. They saw flower shops, potion shops, everything! Soon, they could see the top tower of the castle.

            “It seems pretty far,” Gabriella said. “Hey, are you guys thirsty?” she tapped Ashley’s head.

            “Yes, as a matter of fact I am,” she said irritably. “Now, where’s the water?!”

            “Don’t talk so loud!” Kimmie said. “You don’t want to attract attention!”

            “Well, excuse me,” Ashley said. Mimi got off of her horse and went into a shop a little further up. She looked at the door. It was brown and had a flowery sign in curvy lettering on it reading, “Welcome to the Potion Shop: The Best Potions and Water Around!!” Mimi opened the door, and walked inside.

            “Ah! How may I help you today?” asked the woman behind the counter. She had her gray hair up in a messy bun, and she wore an outfit that reminded Mimi of the pink Kimono back in Japan. But behind all the wrinkles, Mimi could see a soft smile on the old woman’s face.

            “Yes,” Mimi said. “My friends and I would like some water. We’ve traveled a long way.” The woman nodded, and went to the back where there were shelves of bottles and jars: different sizes and shapes.

            “Where is it you come from?” she asked.

            “Hyrule,” Mimi answered. The woman nearly dropped the glasses that she was carrying.

            “Hyrule?” she asked. “That’s miles away! Heavens, it’s amazing a young girl like you made it this far!” She placed the jars on the counter, and began to pour a liquid into it. It looked shinier than water, and the woman filled each jar to the brim.

            “What is that?” Mimi asked, pointing to the jars. “It doesn’t look like any water I’ve ever seen.”

            “That’s because it’s Fountain Water,” the woman said. “Found in the Fountains of the Great Fairies. The water found there can heal any wound, wake up any in a deep slumber, and refresh any who drink it… Tolkein has found it to be a wonderful substance. It was used for a rich medicine, in case no other worked. And a side-effect: It will never spoil.”

            “Thank you,” Mimi said. She hauled the jars into her arms, and put them next to her. “How much do you want for it?” She reached into her pocket, but the lady shook her head.

            “No, no,” she said. “No, I won’t take any money. You’re buying it for your friends, and you seem like a nice, kind child. Take the water and go on to your little adventure.” The woman turned and went to a pot on the stove, which was boiling.

            “Thank you, again,” Mimi said. She was walking out with the jars when the woman looked up.

            “Oh, and before I forget,” she said, and walked back to the counter. “The storyteller is in town until tomorrow morning. His story is going to be about the Whispering Woods to the north.”

            “The Whispering…Woods?” Mimi turned around, suddenly interested.

            “Yes,” the woman said. “The story will be tonight, in the square. Be there or you’ll miss out!” Mimi nodded.

            “You’re a very kind person,” she said, picking up the jars again. “I hope the business you run here attracts many customers.” The woman smiled.

            “Thank you for your kindness,” she said, and waved to her. Mimi walked out to the others.

            “What took you?” asked Romani.

            “Just bought some water,” Mimi said. “The woman told me that it’s a special kind of water, so don’t drink it up all right now. I think just a sip would help.” They all took a sip; one tiny sip. They put the caps back on, and felt refurbished.

            “That was great!” Epona said. “I’ve never had such water!”

            “The woman also told me that the storyteller is in town today,” Mimi said.

            “Really?” asked Gabriella. “Where?” Mimi shrugged.

            “I’m not sure, but she said that he’d be telling a story about the Whispering Woods.”

            “What’s that?” asked Kimmie.

            “It’s the Woods just north of here,” Mimi said, mounting her horse again. “But I know that I’m just too excited to wait!” She kicked her horse’s side, and they galloped forward, towards Tolkein Castle.


      *             *            *

               The ride there wasn’t all that long as they thought. The castle was just a few yards beyond them, and they came to a drawbridge. In front of it were two guards, one on each side.

            “Ride slow,” Mimi said to the others. “And behave yourself!” She said that to Ashley and Epona, who were having fun kicking around the dirt like they were wild animals. It took Romani and Gabriella a hard time to control them.

            “Who are you?” asked one guard.

            “We come from Hyrule,” Mimi answered. “I am Princess Mimi and these are my friends, Gabriella, Kimmie, Romani and Karen.”

            “The Princess!” the guard said, and he bowed.

            “The Heroines of all the Lands!” breathed the other. They bowed low, until their helmets fell over their heads.

            “Continue on!” said the other guard, standing up. “We are sorry if we were rude.” Mimi nodded, and they moved their horses at a trot.

            Behind the first gate was an open area that circled around the castle. Nothing was really there other than more guards. Romani started to sweat.   

            “Don’t worry,” Mimi said to her. “It’s alright. These guards won’t hurt us.” Romani nodded, and they continued through that entrance to the castle itself.

            It had a huge doorway with another moat, much like the entrance to Hyrule castle. Two guards were in front of the entrance, and they bowed as Mimi and the others rode passed. On the way, they got off. Their horses were brought to the stables, and they entered the castle.


            It was pretty huge, and the room they entered was the biggest out of all of it. There was a set of stairs further up on either side of the hall. Up where they led, was a balcony leading to all different rooms. They had a sort of bridge going across from each balcony, connecting them together. In front of the girls was a red rug leading all the way forward to a huge door, from the floor to the ceiling. The girls walked slowly, as if something would jump out at them in the giant place.

            “I never knew Ark had such a huge castle,” Romani breathed. The others nodded. They strode up to the door ahead of them, and looked it up and down.

            “I’m not sure if it’s light,” Mimi said.

            “Let’s see,” said Karen. She walked up to the door, and pushed with all of her might. It creaked open just wide enough for the girls to slip through. They did, and the room that they found themselves in was a bit smaller than the last.

            The walls and ceiling were made of marble. And decorated with blue curtains hanging on the walls. Across from them were three chairs, all set up like the ones back at Hyrule Castle. The two on the left and right were tall, and the one in the middle was smaller, and it looked Ark’s size. They had a red cushion on the seat of them, and from where Mimi was standing, looked welcoming. She snapped out of her trance and looked around.

            “Hey, does anyone know where Ark is?” she asked. They shook their heads. So, to pass the time, the girls explored the room that they were in. They looked at the huge windows, which were half the size of the door they entered and they were decorated with such colorful designs that the girls felt happy thoughts pop right into their heads.

            Mimi was looking at the chairs when she heard someone a few feet from the door.

            “Yes, Gyro,” Mimi heard  a woman’s voice say. “We are very thankful that you could come, and grateful that you made it here safely.”

            “Ah yes!” came a gruff voice. “Very pleased, indeed!”

            “Thank you, King and Queen.” It was obviously Gyro speaking. He sounded old, tired, and weak. His voice was also gruff like the King’s. They have a beard, Mimi thought. I can tell from their voice. “I am truly grateful to you too, that I was invited to come and share my stories again.”

            The voices got closer and closer, and then, the door creaked open. The girls moved quickly and stood near the door, waiting to introduce themselves to the rulers of Tolkein. The door opened, and the three adults froze at seeing the girls. They waved helplessly. Karen, with her always being the energetic one, barely had the nerve to squeak out “Hi.”

            “Who are you?” asked the Queen in a commanding voice. She wore a blue dress, and her brown hair was in a braid about halfway down her back. The King had on red robes, and a crown placed on his head, like the Queen. He had a brown beard, and looked surprised. In the middle of them, the storyteller, Gyro was wearing blue robes, and a rope tied around his waist. He had a gray beard like Mimi suspected, and short gray hair with a bald spot on the top of his head. He continued to look back and forth between the King and Queen, wondering what happen next.

            “Answer me!” said the Queen. Her voice was soft before but now it was just creeping the girls out. “Out with it! Who are you?” Gabriella cleared her throat.

            “We’re friends of Ark,” she said. She wasn’t talking loud but soft. Under the Queen’s glare she could hardly get the words out of her mouth.

            “Speak up!” the Queen ordered. Gabriella shut her mouth tight, and shut her eyes, standing perfectly still.

            “We’re friends of Ark!” she said again, regaining her confidence. “He invited us here, to hear the story of the storyteller.”

            “Yes, I remember him mentioning that at dinner last night,” the King said. “Weren’t you listening, Eleanor?” The Queen looked at him.

            “Probably,” she said. She looked at the girls again. “But I never expected them to be girls.”

            “Wouldn’t you?” asked the King. “You are one yourself.” He pointed to Mimi and whispered in Eleanor’s ear, “I think that’s the Princess of Hyrule! Whenever Ark mentioned her name…Mimi I think it was, he went red! I think he fancies her.” Eleanor looked at Mimi. Mimi blushed looked up and over to the blue curtains as if they were the most interesting things she’s ever seen.

            “She seems a bit…shy, and quiet,” she whispered back to the King. “Darius, do you think it would be a good choice to have Ark have her?”

            “She is a Princess,” Darius said, and he walked forward to the girls. They stepped back a bit.

            “Do not worry!” he said to them. “We welcome you to Tolkein Castle!” He bowed, and they did a small curtsy back to him.

            “Where is Ark?” Mimi asked. “This Castle is so big. I don’t think we can find him in this place.”

            “Ark is in the upper rooms,” Queen Eleanor said. “You will find him in the kitchen or in his room gazing out to the town.”

            “If you want, we can have a guard lead you there,” King Darius suggested. “Would you like that?” Mimi nodded.

            “Thank you,” she said. They walked past him, and out to the entrance room where a guard was waiting. He led them down tons of corridors, down halls and past doors. When they reached Ark’s room, Mimi had given up counting the halls they had gone through. This place is bigger than I thought, she said to herself. I wonder if the land is too.

            “Here we are,” said the guard. He bowed to them, and walked away. Mimi knocked on the door.

            “Ark?” she asked. No answer. “Ark are you in there?”

            “Just open the door!” Karen said. She walked past Mimi and opened the door. “Ark, we’ve arrived!” she said. They looked around, and spotted Ark in the corner. As soon as they did, they went back, red.

            “Maybe it was a good idea to knock,” Karen said, and sank to the floor, red in the face. A few minutes later, Ark came out of his room: he was wearing a black, long T-shirt and baggy jeans.

            “We’re really sorry!!” The girls bowed in front of him.

            “We didn’t mean to…um…intrude while you were…yeah…” Kimmie trailed off.

            “Forgive us!” Romani said.

            “Apology accepted,” Ark said to them. Mimi was the one who was the most red and hadn’t uttered a single word. They all went downstairs and outside to the warm day. When they asked a guard to check on their horses, he nodded, ran off, and came back.

            “They’ve fallen asleep,” he said.

            “Let them,” Mimi said to him. “They’ve had a long journey as it is.” The guard nodded.

            “Are you going to the square?” he asked them. “Gyro has just left and his story should be starting soon.”

            “Already?” Ark looked up. The sun was low in the west, and the moon was slowly appearing. “We’d better go, before we miss it!” The six ran off, quick as they could towards the square. They reached it just in time. They walked forward to a small circle of children. In the center of them was Gyro. He was talking to a little boy.

            Ark, Mimi, Romani, Kimmie, Gabriella and Karen all sat down, and watched Gyro stand up, straight and tall.

            “Good evening friends!” he said to them. A fire near them crackled.

            “Good evening, Gyro!” the kids said back to him.

            “I have a wonderful story to tell you!” Gyro called to them.

            “What story is it about?” asked the little boy he had been talking to earlier. He had black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a sweater, and jeans.

            “It is the story of the Whispering Woods,” Gyro said to him.

            “Why is it called the Whispering Woods?” asked a little girl.

            “That’s what the story is about,” Gyro said. “Now, here’s the story…

“…It began in this very town of Tolkein. The winds were blowing softly, as soft as this young one’s cheek.” Gyro touched a small girl’s cheek. She laughed. “It was spring, and children were outside playing, grownups were working. When their children would ask them about the Woods, and why they couldn’t go, the parents merely answered ‘If you go to the Woods, it will call you in, and kill you, so never go near it, unless you don’t want to come back.’ And so the Woods stayed to the north, silent and untouched…

“One day, a young boy, Koru, and his friends were playing ball. Koru decided to make it more…exciting. So, disobeying his parents’ rules, he had the group run to the north, and tossed the ball back and forth, right near the entrance to the Woods.

“The ball went back and forth, back and forth, over, and over again, until Koru, who’s idea it was for them to go to the Woods, stopped them. ‘Let’s go closer!’ he said. The boy’s listened and went a bit further. The ball they tossed went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… Then, Koru grew bored again. ‘Let’s move closer!’ he said again. The group listened, and went closer to the Wood. Much later, the ball they tossed fell, right near the first tree of the Woods.

“The boys were scared. They didn’t want to go and get it. They feared that the Woods would draw them in. ‘Go get the ball, Koru!’ said one. ‘Yes!’ said another. ‘We do not wish to be drawn in the Woods. You are the brave one, after all.’ Koru walked and picked up the ball. He looked into the Woods, and saw how beautiful it was. It was a color mixture of blue, and green. The tree trunks, and the leaves themselves were almost calling him…

“The boy walked into the Woods. He walked in, and walked towards a pond. He looked in the pond, and thought it so beautiful with the sun’s rays shining in it. When he looked back, he saw that the others were gone! He waved his hand, and walked further in, and tossed the ball behind him.

“When he was further in, Koru was eating the berries off a bush in the Woods. Then he heard it. It was a voice, a wonderful voice that sounded welcoming. It whispered, ‘Koru! Koru! Come to me, Koru!’ Koru had eaten the berries. They were enchanted, and once eaten, he heard a voice calling to him. Koru followed the voice, and vanished deeper into the Woods.

“There, he met a carving of a Great Fairy. He touched it, and light seeped through the carving, engulfing him in water. Koru was suddenly to weak to yell for help, and he fell into a deep slumber…

“It was said, that the Great Fairy was evil, and had once, many years ago been sealed away by a Great Hero. She was then sealed into a tree, never to release her treachery on the world again. But, they say she still lives in the tree, calling for young children and drawing them in for their energy and youth, and one day, return to the world and have her revenge against the one who sealed her away… Koru was her first victim, after thousands of years. Some say that she still calls children to come to her…

“The next day Koru’s parents found the ball lying in the grass to the entrance of the Woods. They were sad. They called Koru from the entrance, and got no answer… They left, and for many years, the Whispering Woods stayed to the north, silent and untouched…



“It’s still said today, that you can hear the Fairy whispering to you, and you can hear her… ‘Jake!” he looked at a little boy. “ ‘Anthia’!” he looked at a little girl. “And, if you listen closely, you can still hear the Fairy whispering… ‘Koru! Come to me, Koru!’ …And that’s how the Whispering Woods got its name.” He bowed, and the crowd clapped.

“Wasn’t that great?” Ark asked Mimi, as they stood up. He pointed to the north. “I wonder if that legend is true…”

“Let’s not worry about it!” Mimi said.

“What’s the matter?” Ark said. “Scared?” Mimi went red.

“I am not!” she said, and the others headed for Tolkein Castle. “I’m not scared. I was just making sure you weren’t.”

“Right,” Ark said sarcastically. He followed the others. But, Mimi was scared. For when she was listening with everyone else, she thought she heard a voice whisper, ‘Mimi! Come to me, Mimi!’ She shivered, and ran to Ark’s side, grabbing his arm. She looked back at the Woods.

“What if it’s more than a legend?” she asked quietly. “More than a legend…a true story?” She shook her head. She was scared, and there was nothing she could do to change it.


         *            *         *

            It was midnight. Late at midnight, and everyone was asleep. A girl of about 9 crept up and out of her bed and shook her brother awake.

            “Wake up, Chase!” she whispered to him. He groaned, and turned over on his side. “Chase wake up!” The boy, Chase, sat up, and looked around groggily. He was about six years old, and was a bit irritated.

            “Janet, go back to sleep,” he said, and his head flopped down on the pillow again.

            “But I can’t sleep!” Janet said. “Remember the storyteller’s story?” Chase nodded, and slowly sat up. “I want to find Koru.” If Chase wasn’t so tired his jaw would’ve dropped, but instead he fell asleep.

            “You do that,” he said. Janet shook him awake again.

            “You’re coming with me,” she said.

            “But our parents, and Gyro said to not go near the Whispering Woods!” Chase said. Janet covered his mouth and listened. Their father groaned and turned over in bed.

            “Don’t be so loud!” Janet whispered hastily. “We can’t let mom and dad know.”

            “But we can’t!” Chase sounded worried. “I want to live and be with family and friends! I don’t want to get called into the Woods!”

            “Then we won’t eat the berries,” Janet said to him. She literally dragged him out of bed, and they each put on a spring coat over their pajamas.

            Janet pulled Chase along the street, and they headed north for the Whispering Woods.

            “I don’t like this,” Chase said. He stopped. “We should go back!”

            “No, Chase!” Janet was excited. “We’re almost there! And we get to meet Koru!!” Chase shook his head.

            “What if Koru and the story are just…that’s it…a story?” he asked her. “They aren’t real.” Janet’s lower lip trembled.

            “Let’s go, Chase!” she said, and grabbed his arm. “I promise we’ll be back by breakfast!” Chase solemnly nodded, and they headed further. Soon, they reached the Whispering Woods.

            “We should go back, now,” Chase said. “We’ll call Koru once, and we’ll leave!” Janet cupped her hands to her mouth.

            “Koru!!” she cried.

            “Not that loud!” Chase whispered. “We could wake everyone up!” He looked back at the town, and a light switched on. Someone looked out, and not seeing anything, moved, and turned the light back off. Chase then looked up. It was a moonless night, and the stars were shining brightly. All the same, he was frightened.

            “Come on, Janet!” he said. “We have to go home!”

            “Not yet!” Janet said. “I think I got an answer!” She called again. “Koru!!”

            “I’m going home!” Chase said. “And if everyone wonders where you are, I’ll tell them I tried to stop you, but you wouldn’t listen.” He stood there a while, waiting for Janet to respond. She didn’t and so he ran back home.

            Janet looked around after he left, and searched for him.

            “Chase?” she asked. Nothing. “Where’d you go? Chase! …Forget him.” She turned back to the Woods, calling. “Koru!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!”

Janet walked to a small pond, which wasn’t far from where she just was.  I wonder if this is the same pond that Koru looked into, she thought. She then saw another reflection next to her. It looked like a boy a few years older than her. He had black hair, brown eyes, and he was dark-skinned. He wore a light brown T-shirt with ripped up jeans.

“Koru?” Janet turned to the boy. “Is that you?” The boy slowly nodded, and began to shimmer away.

“Follow me,” he whispered. “This way, Janet.”

“How do you know my name?” Janet asked him. Koru said nothing but walked away, and vanished. “Wait!” Janet ran after him. As she did, she heard a voice whisper, ‘Janet! Come to me, Janet!’ And she did, hearing that voice the whole way. 

She followed Koru to the center of the Woods. There, there was a small watery orb. Inside was a sleeping Koru. Janet stared. Wasn’t she just following him? Or was that a ghost-like image?

“Koru?” she walked forward, and touched the orb. It stung her, and she drew back. “Is that you?” Then, Janet noticed a huge tree next to the orb. Carved in it, was an image of a girl, about Janet’s age.

“The Great Fairy!” Janet stepped forward, and touched the carving. Light seeped through it’s cracks, and Janet was enveloped in a watery orb, just like Koru! “Help!!” she screamed, but she couldn’t breathe. Her eyelids became heavy. “Help me…” She whispered for help again, and fell in a deep slumber. The eyes of the carving opened, and closed again.

“Just a few more…” the Fairy whispered. “Just two more…” She laughed. “Then I will have my revenge!!!”



 *             *             *

That morning, Mimi awoke in a guest room in Tolkein Castle. The others were next door to her, but still sleeping. She had woken early, to catch Gyro before he left. She pulled on her clothes, and quietly crept out of the room, down the hall and out the door.

She ran through the town to Gyro’s tent, which was in the square. If I hurry, I can catch him! Mimi thought. She ran quicker. The sun was barely shining through to the town. It was a bit dim, but Mimi could still see. She stopped, and saw Gyro’s tent. He was outside, packing up his things, and stomping out the last of the fire he just used for breakfast. He swung his bag over his shoulder and was about to leave, when Mimi stopped him.

“Wait!” she said. Gyro looked at her.

“Well, if it isn’t the Princess!” he said, and chuckled. “What can I do for you today?”

“I have a question…about last night’s story,” Mimi said.

“Go on, go on,” Gyro spoke to her. “I haven’t all morning.” Mimi gulped, hoping her questions weren’t stupid and idiotic.

“What happened to Koru?” she asked. “Was he ever found? Was your story true? Is that evil Fairy really searching for children and plotting revenge against the Hero who sealed her away?”

“That’s more than a question,” Gyro said. “I’ll answer the second to last question, to make the other answers make sense.” Mimi nodded as Gyro cleared his throat. “The legend I told you all was true.” Mimi gaped.

“It was?” she asked him. Gyro nodded.

“Koru was never found, people looked and called, and still got no answer. The Fairy is also real. She was sealed away by A—” he stopped himself. “By the Hero, and she is plotting a revenge plan against him. And yes, she is still searching for children. But, to come back she only needs four. Koru was one, so now she only needs three more.”

“Who was the Hero?” Mimi said. “You were about to tell me.” Gyro looked around frantically, as if searching for an excuse. I can’t tell her! He thought. She’ll be worried sick for him!!

“Uh…um…” Gyro continued to look around. But the stare in Mimi’s eyes made him give up. “Ark’s ancestor.” For the second time, Mimi gaped at him.

“Ark’s ancestor?!” she said. “That means that Ark’s in trouble!! Oh Hyrule! Ark!!!!” She was about to run to the castle, but Gyro stopped her.

“Please don’t tell anyone other than your friends and Ark,” he said, “that the legend I told was true. I wouldn’t want to make them worry. Promise me!”

“I promise!” Mimi said, and Gyro let her go. She ran to the Castle, and Gyro left the town.

“Koru…” he said. “My long lost friend… I shouldn’t have run away with the others… I should have tried to stop you…” He walked away.



“Ark!!!!!” Mimi was yelling as loud as she could so early in the morning. She ran up the stairs, and shot open Ark’s door. “Ark! I have to tell you something!!” She looked around for him, and spotted him at the window.

“Morning,” he said to her, not looking to her. Before Mimi could speak, he stopped her. “I know,” he said. “My great, great, great grandfather, when he was my age, sealed away the Great Fairy that was terrorizing everyone. After that, people believed she would never come back, and he was known as the Great Hero…”

“Ark…” Mimi took a step forward. “You knew didn’t you? That the story was…” She trailed off.

“True,” Ark finished. “I did know. I just didn’t want you to worry.” He continued to look out the window.

Poor Ark, Mimi thought. He has to go through an evil being, like I had to do. He must be nervous…

“I’m not nervous,” Ark said, almost reading her thoughts. “Well, I am a bit wondering how I should pull this off with so many peoples’ lives on my shoulders.”

That’s how I felt when I found out about having to face Ganondorf, Mimi thought. I killed him, but I have this dying feeling inside that he’ll come back… And he will. I just know it. And that’s probably what your grandfather thought, Ark. Thinking he didn’t deserve to be called the Great Hero, wondering if the Fairy would come back…

“But…you have friends on your side,” she said. She didn’t want to hurt him. “Friends that will help you all the way, if this Fairy girl comes back. We’ll help you, no matter what it takes!” Ark stood and walked over to her. The kind smile he gave her made Mimi blush and look away.

“Thanks Mimi,” he said. “I hope the battle won’t be too hard, and that you guys really will be on my side.” At that Mimi had to smile to him.

“We will,” she said. “Including me. Now, let’s go get breakfast!”

“But, it’s six in the morning,” Ark said. Mimi’s stomach groaned.

“If you show me to the kitchen, I’ll have breakfast made for all of us!!” she said. Ark nodded and they headed for the kitchen. Down passageways, through many doors, down tons of floors, and then up again. On the way, Mimi saw a portrait, it looked almost exactly like Ark, but under it, it read: The Great Hero. By the time they reached their destination, Mimi staggered to the nearest chair.

“How big is this place?” she asked him.

“Pretty big,” Ark said. “Would you like some help making the food?” Mimi walked over and examined the stove.

“That would be helpful,” she said, and turned a knob. On the stove, a fire burst out, way to big to use. Mimi squealed, and Ark switched it off.

“Very helpful,” he said and Mimi smiled.

So, the two made a great breakfast: eggs, bacon, ham and cheese etc… Then, Mimi asked Ark something.

“Got any rice?” she asked.

“I think there’s some up in the cabinet there,” he said, and pointed.

“Any bread?”

“Same place.” Mimi opened up the cabinet. She took the rice first, and tried to remember the instructions on how to make rice balls. She cooked it up, and molded it, forming a tray of them. She took the bread and made gyouza, dumplings. When she finished, Ark looked at her work.

“What are they?” he asked. Mimi pointed.

“These are rice balls,” she said. “And this is gyouza.”


“Japanese for ‘dumpling’,” Mimi said. She picked one up. “They probably don’t taste as good as the ones I tried… Do you have plates?” Ark went to another cabinet, and opened it. Inside were tons of plates and cups. He took down two, and closed it.

Mimi took one, and placed her breakfast on it. Ark also tried it.

“The dining room is right near here,” he said, and opened a door. “We’ll eat there.” Mimi followed him, and they ate their breakfast in the dining room. Mimi liked the food, even the gyouza, which tasted better than she thought. They finished their breakfast, and when they did, the others came downstairs, dressed and ready for the day.

“Something smells good!” Gabriella said. She went into the kitchen. She came back out a while later, and had four plates with food balanced on her: two on her head, and one in each hand. She placed it all on the table, and sat down while the others ate.

“So, what did you guys think of that story?” Romani asked them, setting aside her empty plate a while later.

“It was interesting,” Karen said. “At least I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it.”

“It was interesting,” Kimmie said. “I was wondering how the story would end. But…wouldn’t a story like that have a happy ending?”

“Normally it would,” Gabriella said. “I want to know whether or not that was a legend, a true story, or just something made up to scare children.” At this, Mimi looked at Ark. He wasn’t looking to her, but away from all of them.

“Is there something you guys know that we don’t?” Romani asked them.

“You both seem so quiet,” Gabriella said. “What’s wrong?” She looked from one to the other, waiting for one of them to speak up.

“It’s a secret,” Mimi said, “that I believe Ark has been keeping.” Everyone looked at her, but she continued. “I was given permission from Gyro to tell you, and only you the truth of the story…

“The Hero that he told us who sealed away the Great Fairy, was actually Ark’s great, great, great grandfather. And, the story was true.” The girls stared at her in confusion. “I could retell the story, a bit of it anyway…

“Gyro said that there was a Great Fairy, who was terrorizing the land. Then, someone rose to defeat him, Ark’s grandfather. He battled the Fairy, and sealed her away in a tree. I think she’s been plotting revenge against the Hero, ever since then.

“After the battle, the villagers knew Ark’s grandpa as the Great Hero. But inside, I think he felt the same way I did. He probably believed, that one day the Great Fairy would come back again, and that he didn’t deserve to be called ‘Great Hero’.

“So, the Great Fairy was still sealed away in the tree. But she was still plotting. Plotting against the Hero. To come back to life, she needs four children. Koru, as from the story, was the first victim years after the battle, but many years before we were born. He was captured, and now, the Great Fairy is still searching for three more…

“But…I’m worried for the Hero,” Mimi concluded.

“Why?” asked Karen. “Didn’t he die of old age or something?”

“He did,” Mimi said. “But I’m worried for the Hero of our time.” She looked at Ark. “The Hero destroyed the Fairy and she was plotting against him. Ark is, from a portrait I saw, the spitting image of his grandfather. So, I’m guessing that the Fairy will think him the Great Hero, and battle him.” The girls looked at Ark.

“So you knew that this was a true story?” Kimmie asked him. Ark nodded.

“And you didn’t tell us?” Romani asked. “Why?”

“I didn’t want you to worry,” Ark said.

“Better safe than sorry though,” Gabriella pointed out. “If we didn’t know, then we’d be worrying later, after we found out that the legend was real, after we found out who the Hero was, and worrying about the battle…” She trailed off, seeing the look of concern in Ark’s eyes. She looked away.

“We aren’t mad at you,” Mimi said to him. “We just want you to be safe…” She stood up, and left. The others followed her, but Ark stayed where he was.



*              *              *

“Mimi, where are you going?” Gabriella asked her. Mimi looked at her out of the corner of her eye, still walking.

“To the place where we got the water,” she said. “I wanted to help her out a bit. Her shop looks a bit dusty and it isn’t inviting in any customers.” She turned down the road, and opened the shop door.

“Is anyone here?” Kimmie looked around. It was pretty gray and dusty and, even though she wasn’t there before, she could tell that no one ever walked in there.

“It’s the girl from the other day!” came a soft voice from the counter. It was the old lady, and she was still wearing the pink ‘kimono’.

“Hello!” Mimi said. She walked over to the counter.

“It’s nice to see you again,” the woman said. “Are these the friends you were telling me about?”

“Yes,” Mimi said. “This is Kimmie, Romani, Gabriella and Karen.” They waved.

“Please to meet you,” they said.

“To you too,” the woman said. “Now tell me, how is it I can help you?”

“To help you,” Mimi said. “I wanted to help you with your business here. You know, clean the place up, and decorate it… That kind of stuff.”

“I would greatly appreciate that,” the woman said. “Oh, and while you’re here, call me April.”

“That’s a nice name,” Gabriella said. “Where should we start?” April pointed to the shelves.

“Could you clean those for me?” she asked them. “It’s a bit hard for me to make it clean back there.”

            The girls nodded, and found dusters to clean off the shelves. They weren’t colorful, so Romani filled a pot with water, and they sponged up the place.

            As Karen sponged a shelf, she saw a shining brown color behind the dust. She sponged harder, and soon there it was: a beautifully painted shelf that was in hiding. Karen smiled, and wiped down the other shelves, and they too were shining.

            “Hey April?” she asked. April walked over. “Were you hiding these?” She pointed to the painted shelves.

            “Oh!” April rubbed her hand on them. “They’re beautiful! They must have slipped my mind.”

            “This too!” Gabriella beckoned the others. “Look!” She pointed to the bottom of the wall. It was white. The girls sponged upwards more, and spotted a lovely flower design on the rim of the wall border. Sponging higher, they saw a yellow wall with orange stripes going up and across.

            “It’s beautiful!” Mimi said. “This place isn’t that dirty, April.” April looked around, and looked at her countertop. She walked over to it, and scratched it. Under the dust was a dark, and shiny brown.

            “Let’s clean girls!” she cried. “I’ll go get more water, and some plants. Also a new sign.” She ran outside.

            “Come on!” Romani said. “Let’s clean!” They started to sponge the walls and the countertops, and when April got back, everything was colorful. She placed the water on the stove; she’d use it later. She went back out and came in with two plants. She put one on each side of the desk. They then hammered the new sign on the door: “April’s Shop: Come and get a Life-Time Supply of Potions and Water! The Best Around!”

            Kimmie and Romani stationed themselves at the entrance. Customers were arriving and Gabriella, Mimi and Karen were helping April with the sudden rush.

            “Thank you! Come again!” April said to a customer. Another one walked up. “How can I help you?” Mimi was running back and forth between April and the shelves grabbing items and cooking potions, refilling jars with Fountain water, and occasionally, Karen came to help out. But she was at the counter next to April mainly, helping her with the orders.

            “Mimi!” April said to her. Mimi stood straight. “I need a jar of Fountain Water and a Red Potion! Quickly!”

            “Yes!” Mimi ran to the stove, and poured a red liquid into a jar that was given to her from the customer. She filled the other with Fountain Water, and gave it to Karen, who handed it to the man.

            “Thank you,” he said, and handed Gabriella one hundred rupees. She gave him the change of twenty.

            “Come again!” April called to him. She relaxed a bit. “That was the last one,” she said. Romani and Kimmie came back in, and looked worried.

            “Gabriella! Mimi! Karen!” Romani called to them. “There are parents across the street. We don’t know what’s up, but we heard something about the Whispering Woods and a little girl!”

            “Oh no!” Mimi, Karen and Gabriella ran to them. “Oh, thank you April!”

            “Thank you,” she said. “You gave me a wonderful business!” They bowed and left the room. They ran across the street where a bunch of people were crowding around a woman, holding her son close. She was sobbing hard.

            “I really did try to stop her!” the boy was saying.

            “She went into the Whispering Woods?” asked a man in the crowd. “Just to find Koru from the story?”

            “She thought it was real,” the boy said. His mother continued to cry and held him tighter until the girls were sure he couldn’t breathe.

            “Oh, Chase,” she said to the boy, “I’m just glad that I still have one of you. But why did Janet wander off like that?”

            “To find Koru,” Chase said. “I already told you.”

            “But she’s been gone since what was it, midnight?” said a woman in the crowd. Chase nodded.

            “She thought that the story was real, and that she could find Koru,” he said.

            “But it was just a story!” said someone else. “How could it be true? I’m sure that Janet is just playing a dumb trick and will be back sometime today.”

            “Her ‘dumb old tricks’ don’t last this long,” said the mother. “But she should be back by now…”

            “I wonder…” the girls heard someone say. The crowd then dispersed as Chase and his mother went back inside. The girls went back to April.

            “What’s wrong?” she asked them when they came in. “You all look terrible! Did something happen?”

            “A girl is gone,” Mimi said. “Her name was Janet and at midnight she went to the Whispering Woods, to find Koru.”

            “But it’s just a story!” April said. “I’m sure Janet should be back by now. Why was she gone long?” The girls all looked at Mimi, who shook her head.

            “I promised Gyro,” she said. She turned back to April. “I’m sorry, but we have to go. We have to speak with Ark.”

            “Well, before you do,” April reached in a drawer in the counter. “Take these.” She handed them some rupees. “It’s your share of the money we earned today.” The girls took the money, and left. On the way, Karen stopped and looked in the river.

            It was shining under the afternoon sun, and Karen was feeling hot. She splashed water on her face, and dried it with her sleeve. As she stood she looked to the north, to the Whispering Woods. She froze. Someone was right in front of her.

It was a fairy, a Great Fairy. She wasn’t that tall, and she looked like a 9-year-old girl with wings and a long white dress. She also looked like a ghost: hardly visible, but not invisible in the light. She had long red hair, as dark as blood, and red eyes. Karen couldn’t see those eyes smile with kindness as a normal Fairy would.

“Who are you?” Karen said, stepping back.

“A friend,” the Fairy whispered softly. “Come to me, Karen.”

“How do you know my name?” But the Fairy was already headed back north.

“Come to me,” she whispered again. Karen tried to stand where she was, but it was like an invisible thread was pulling her to follow the Fairy. Then, Karen’s mind just went blank. She couldn’t sense anything, or hear anything. All she knew was that the Great Fairy girl was having her follow her into the Woods.

Once she entered the Fairy’s area, Karen was still blank. She saw a girl and a boy each in an orb of water, but didn’t see if they were Koru and Janet. She felt the Fairy’s presence vanish, and a carving on a huge tree trunk shined. Karen went forward, and touched the carving. As soon as she did, she came back to her senses. Water tentacles wrapped around Karen and formed around her. The next thing Karen knew, was that she was in a water orb, and could hardly breathe.

“Help!” she said, but her voice merely came out as a whisper. “Someone…anyone…Mimi…” She fell into a deep sleep in the watery orb, like Janet and Koru.

“One more…” the Great Fairy whispered. “Then I will be free!”


   *             *            *

Kimmie and the others were at the entrance to Ark’s castle when she stopped. Karen wasn’t behind her, and she wasn’t in front of the others!

“Hey!” she called. The others stopped and looked at her. “Where’s Karen?” The girls looked around.

“I thought she was with you,” Romani said to her. Kimmie shook her head.

“So, where did she run off to?” Mimi asked. “You don’t think she went to the…?” She didn’t continue, for the others were already heading into the Castle. Mimi followed them.

They ran down the entrance to the throne room. In there, they found Ark’s parents: Queen Eleanor and King Darius. They were having a conversation, but stopped after seeing the girls.

“Ah!” King Darius said to them. “I see the girls are back!” He looked among them. “Er, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that there’s one of you missing?”

“It’s Karen,” Kimmie said. “We don’t know where she went.”

“We were hoping that you would know,” Gabriella finished for her. “And if we could speak to Ark,” she added, seeing Mimi.

“Well, we don’t know where she is,” Queen Eleanor said. “And I highly doubt that Ark does. All the same, Ark I believe, is up in his room. He’s been in there, worrying all day. I think company would be the best for him. From you all, especially you, Princess Mimi.” Mimi nodded, and led the others to Ark’s room. They shut the door, and Darius turned to Eleanor.

“As you were saying?” he asked her.

“As I was saying,” Eleanor said. “I’m worried. What if the tale that Gyro told was true? After he told the story, a child, Janet went into the woods, and never came back! And after that, another! Karen! What should we do?”

“I…I don’t know,” Darius said to her. “We might inform the country but if we do, it might be false! But if we don’t, then it might be true and we’ll all be in danger!”

“Would you rather be embarrassed, or trying to protect your people?” Eleanor asked him. Darius began to think.

“I’d rather protect,” Darius said. “But, how will we tell everyone? What if the story isn’t true, and…where’s our proof?”

“Two children missing,” Eleanor said. “That’s our proof.”



Mimi led the girls up many halls, and through many doors, just as they had gone through in their first visit to Tolkein Castle. They reached Ark’s door and stopped.

“We should knock,” Gabriella said. “We don’t want to repeat what happened.”

“Good idea,” Mimi said, and knocked on the door. “Ark!” she said. “Are you there? Answer me! Ark!”

On the other side of the door, Ark was sitting in front of the window, watching the town below. The sun was starting to set. He ignored his door. Mimi and the others were there. They were knocking and the door and calling him. After a while it stopped, but Ark was sure that the others were still there.

He continued to look out the window until he heard footsteps leaving. He sighed. At least they’re gone, he thought. I wouldn’t want their company right now. I already feel guilty for hiding that ‘legend’ secret from them. His look saddened. They probably only want to warn me about this, he thought again. They probably don’t even want to actually talk to me. I don’t blame them… He sat up and looked at the door. It had silently creaked open, and there standing in the doorway was a concerned looking Mimi. I knew it.

“Ark, why did you shut yourself up in here?” Mimi asked him. Her voice didn’t sound at all like anger, but more soft and kind. “The others and I wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?” Ark said to her. “To just warn me about that Fairy? Just to make sure I’m alive?” His voice got louder until he was almost yelling at her. “To make sure I’m alive, to fight that Fairy?! What if I don’t want to, huh? What if I don’t want to follow in my great, great, great grandfather’s footsteps? Why can’t my father fight?!”

Mimi stepped back suddenly. Ark had never yelled at her before, and she felt a bit upset at herself, for hurting him. Her eyes felt teary, but she wiped them away.

“You don’t have to yell at me!” she said to him, in his same tone. “I was just worried! I was worried that you would be upset about all this, like I was! Just worried about you, and I wanted to comfort you! But instead, you yell at me! Was it wrong for me to be worried? Was it so wrong of me to come and try to help you?!” She felt her own face grow hot, and tears fell down her cheeks. “Will I be arrested for trying to help?” she asked, and her vision grew blurry from her tears.

This must be how mom felt, she thought, when dad first yelled at her. I wonder if this is how she felt, when she was worried for dad to go on his adventures… I wish I didn’t yell at Ark. He yelled at me, but there was no reason for me to yell back at him! Oh, you stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid idiot! She fell to her knees. Why did you do that?!?!

She tried her hardest to wipe away her tears, but they kept coming down. Ark stepped forward, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Sorry,” he said. Mimi stopped, and looked at Ark’s hand, and then looked at him. “I didn’t mean to yell at you,” Ark continued. “I guess I was just angry.”

“Me too,” Mimi said. “My anger took over and I yelled back. I did mean what I said. The others and I are worried, and we wanted to tell you something. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s Karen. She was the third.”

Mimi felt Ark’s hand tighten on her shoulder. She winced and he let go.

“Come on,” he said, and grabbed her hand. “We should go to the others.” He led her down to the entrance, where the others were waiting.

“Are you OK?” Romani asked Mimi. She had seen her face, and it was wet with tears.

“I’m fine,” Mimi said, wiping her face. “You shouldn’t worry about me. Karen was the third, if you didn’t notice. Now, the Fairy needs only one more to—” She didn’t finish, for they heard a scream from outside. The group rushed out to the town. Up north at one of the exits to Tolkein, was a girl. She was their age and was staring helplessly at a boy headed towards the Whispering Woods.

“What happened?” Ark ran up to her. The girl was horrified.

“It’s my brother!” she said. “My little brother! He said that he heard a voice call him, and then he went blank! I tried to snap him out of it, but he just looked at me, and when I saw his look it wasn’t the look of him. It was like a different person entirely!”

“That’s when you screamed?” Gabriella asked her. The girl nodded.

“I really tried to get him back to earth,” the girl said. They left the girl, and ran up to the boy. Romani ran in front of him, stretched out her arms, and blocked his path to the Woods. The boy looked around, and saw the others blocking him too. His stare was heartless and cold, not at all kind. Gabriella brought up the courage to speak.

“We don’t want to hurt you,” she said. “We just want to bring you back to your sister!” The boy stared at her, and at first was confused. Then his reply came.

“I have no sister,” he said. “I have no relatives. All that I know is that the Great Fairy calls to me.” He squeezed between Romani and Ark, and continued running to the Woods.

“We have to follow him!” Mimi said.

“But it’s dark!” Kimmie said. “How will we be able to see him?”

“We will,” Mimi said to her. She put her hand on her forehead. “Trust me.” So, the group ran into the Woods, and followed the little boy.


    *           *          *

It’s hard to see in a Forest. Especially at night in the Whispering Woods. Occasionally, Gabriella, Ark, Mimi, Kimmie or Romani would trip over some root, which they could swear wasn’t there before. They lost the boy a few times, but Kimmie would jump up and over branches and spot him on some hill or path. The boy looked back at them, and continued. He evidently didn’t care about who was following him, or not just as long as he reached the Great Fairy.

At a certain point, they all jumped up into the trees. Gabriella jumped a few above the boy. She hung her legs around the branch, like she was sitting on it, and fell back. She tried to grab the boy but, unfortunately he saw her and as soon as her hands went down he dodged behind a rock, and went down a different path.

Soon, he was at another tree, and in front of it was a circular brook. In the center of it, was an even bigger tree, the highest in the whole Woods. In front of it were three water orbs: One held the girl, Janet, another held Karen and the last, was obviously Koru. On the tree’s trunk there was a carving. It was the carving of a Great Fairy. She looked hardly above 9 years old. And to think that Fairy is so young, but can cause as much damage as Ganondorf, Mimi thought.    The boy waded across to the tree and looked at the carving. He suddenly came back to his senses and looked around wearily. He saw the carving, and touched it. The others gasped as water seeped through the cracks of the carving. It wrapped around the boy who screamed for help. He then was put into a watery orb just like the others. He moved slowly, and grabbed his throat, struggling to breathe. He then shut his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

They all watched as light seeped through the cracks of the carving. They covered their eyes, and when they opened them, standing in front of the tree was a small girl. She had long blood-red hair, and red eyes. She wore a long white gown and had white wings. They looked white, but Mimi could tell that they were full of evil. The Great Fairy looked at herself.

“It’s so good to be back again,” she said. Her voice sounded a bit grown up for her young appearance. “I was wondering when I would ever come back. It doesn’t matter. I can call my minions again!” And she did. She threw her arms into the air, and her wings flapped open. From the ground erupted spiders, moblins, skeletons, and little bokoblins. They all turned to the girl.

“It’s good to see you all again,” she said to them. “I am now back, and we can continue to wreak havoc on the world, worlds beyond, and all of its people!” Her army of demons yelled. The Fairy quieted them.

“S-s-h!” she said. “I think we have company.” She looked over to where Ark, Mimi, Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani were hiding. Ark pulled Mimi close.

“Oh sure, protect her, why don’t you?” Gabriella said to him. He ignored her, and they all jumped down from the tree. The Great Fairy looked at Ark, and her look became of rage.

“YOU!!” she said to him. Her red hair flew up and her wings lost their white glow, going black and her white robe ripped and under it she wore a black shirt and black pants with black boots. Her eyes turned cat-like, and she looked pretty unnerving.

“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SEALED ME AWAY!!!!!!” she yelled at him. “YOU’RE HIM… THE GREAT HERO!!!!!!” She flew forward and landed in front of Ark. She shoved Mimi to the side, and flew up in Ark’s face. She raised her fist, and charged up energy in the palm of her hand. Ark, realizing what was happening, pushed Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani out of the way.

The Fairy flew up higher in the sky, and shot down the ball of energy.

“NO!!” Mimi jumped forward, and moved Ark. The ball came down, quick as lightning, and hit Mimi instead.

“MIMI!!” All of them ran to her. She was on the ground, and lay there. She wasn’t moving at all. She also had cuts and bruises all over her. “MIMI!!!!!!!”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on that to happen,” the Great Fairy said. “But at least someone’s gone!” She laughed, and her laugh sent chills down the girls’ spines. Ark drew his sword out of the sheath on his side. He glared at the Fairy.

“Oh, well the Hero is angry now!” the Great Fairy laughed again, that same cold laugh. “What’s the matter? Is the wittle Hewo gonna kill me, because I hurt his girl?”

“What if I am?” Ark called to her.

“And he’s not alone,” Gabriella said. “We’re with him. You didn’t just hurt the Princess. You hurt our friend.”

“Oh, I’m shakin’ in my boots!” the Fairy said. “I could never be more scared!” Her army laughed, and she quieted them.

“How can you fight?” Ark whispered to the girls. “You don’t have your weapons with you.”

“We can fight without them,” Kimmie said.

“We have fists, and strong kicks,” Romani said. (NOT THE SHOES)

“And, we have branches, twigs, all kinds of things around us,” Gabriella said. “Don’t worry.” Ark nodded, and faced the Fairy’s army. The Great Fairy stayed in the air, flapping her wings to keep herself steady.

“Move Mimi somewhere safe,” Ark whispered to Romani. She nodded, and went to grab Mimi. The Great Fairy saw her, and sent a ball of darkness straight for her. Kimmie grabbed a branch off the broken ground, and tossed it up. The ball destroyed it, instead of Romani.

“Smart move,” the Fairy whispered to herself. Romani picked up Mimi, and placed her behind a bush, far from where everyone was.

“Stay safe,” she said, and put her down. “Don’t die on us.” She then ran back to the others.

“Are you ready?” the Fairy said. “My army is, and they’re just itching to see your grave.” A bokoblin shouted to her, a most annoying shout. “Knock yourselves out.” The Fairy laid in the air, and watched, like she was watching TV. The bokoblin laughed.

“Na! Na na, na na, na na, na na!” it cried. (play Wind Waker) The demons charged forward. Ark slashed at any who came to him with his sword, trying his best to stop any who came to the others. The girls were behind him, kicking and punching the monsters that got past Ark and came to them. They were pretty good, and had good team attacks.

Ark grabbed a moblin, and tossed it up; Gabriella and Kimmie jumped high, and each smacked him back down with a kick. Romani and Ark punched up, and the moblin flew back up. When it hit the ground, They all gave it a huge X kick. It yelled, and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Throughout the battle, the Great Fairy watched, interestedly. She flew down at one point, and spoke to some of her monsters. She whispered something to them, and they nodded with delight. They ran forward, away from the battle and towards Tolkein. The Fairy flew up, dodging a high kick that had come from Romani.

“Nice try!” she said, and flew up in front of a tree, continuing to watch the battle that raged below her.

Ark jumped back, and landed beside Kimmie.

“Can you do something for me?” he asked, slicing a spider, killing it.

“I’m listening,” Kimmie answered. She kicked at a skeleton, and knocked it down to a million pieces, and it vanished.

“You know the Fairy’s wings?” Ark said. “I need you to try and get them off of her. That way, she won’t be able to fly and dodge all of our attacks.” Kimmie stopped and looked at him.

“I hope this plan of yours works,” she said. “I don’t want to have to do this and find out she can move at the speed of sound and still dodge our attacks.” She jumped up into a tree and vanished.

“I hope so too,” Ark said, and continued to fight.

Kimmie hopped from tree branch to tree branch heading up higher and higher. She then reached the top of the trees, and right ahead of her she saw the Fairy. Her wings were outstretched to keep her airborne, and she didn’t seem to notice Kimmie.

Kimmie ducked under the trees, and pulled a huge branch from a tree. She stayed still, and heard a rustling as the Fairy turned, and moved back to the battle. Kimmie gulped, and jumped back up. She took of her shoes, and left her socks. She moved as silently as her feet would let her. Then, she was right behind the Great Fairy. She raised the branch, and swung across.

The Fairy gasped, and put her hands on her back. She watched as her wings vanished into thin air. She turned, and saw Kimmie holding the branch.

“You conniving little…” she said, and drew back her hand to charge. She threw the ball at Kimmie, and she fell below the trees. She sat up, and watched as the Fairy jumped down from her spot on the tree.

“I guess I’m fighting,” the Fairy said. She looked around, and saw that her army was gone. She growled and jumped for Ark, Gabriella and Romani.

Through it all, Mimi still slept.


    *            *           *   

            While the battle raged on between them, the Fairy’s servants that she sent away were headed to the sleeping Tolkein. They crept silently into the castle, tying up all of the guards they went by. They did it without a sound, so no one noticed.

            The monsters all went into the girls’ rooms. They ripped up everything in sight. Then, they found what they were looking for: the bottles of Fountain Water. They tossed them on the ground, and the water splattered everywhere.

            “Why are we doing thisssss again?” hissed a spider.

            “In case the plan fails,” said a skeleton. “They won’t be able to drink the water and wake up those kids.”

            “What about finding or buying more?” asked a bokoblin.

            “The nearest Fairy Fountain is miles away,” answered another skeleton. “And we should destroy the shop that sells it.”

            “And the owner?”

            “If she doesn’t fight back,” answered the skeleton, smiling maliciously. They jumped out, and headed for April’s shop. There, they broke down the door. April jumped out of her bed, and ran downstairs. She gasped as she saw the monsters in the room destroy and take all of the Fountain Water and potions that she had. April stood still, not knowing whether to fight, or stay back.

            “Don’t move a muscle,” a voice said behind her. April turned, and saw a small bokoblin pointing its triton at her. All three points scratched her back. “If you move, I won’t hesitate,” the bokoblin said.

            So April watched helplessly as the last drops of her water and potions fell to the floor.

            “Our work here is done,” a skeleton said. He pointed his sword at her. “You were smart: you didn’t interfere.” He then left, with the others following him. The door shut, and April ran to the shelves.

            “It’s all gone!” she said. “Everything those girls worked so hard to do…gone!” She sobbed, and covered her face. “Now how will people get their potions? I had the only shop that sold it…”


      *            *           *

            Ark jumped back, avoiding a flying kick from the Fairy. She jumped high in the air, and fell back down. She jumped into Romani who stood there, dazed. Her eyes turned red, and the Fairy began to control her.

            Romani ran forward, and punched Ark. He blocked it with his forearm, but didn’t fight back.

            “Are you afraid to hurt this girl?” the Fairy asked, through Romani. “You wouldn’t want to pain the Princess more, would you?” She ran forward again, and kicked Ark. He flew back, and slammed into the tree. He looked up, and saw the orbs.

            “I wonder if this will…work,” he said, and staggered up, rubbing his chin. “That may have been the Fairy, but Romani still has a hard kick!” He ran over to the orbs, and raised his sword high, cutting the water binding the girl Janet. She hit the floor, still asleep, and was covered in water. He put her against another tree, and dodged another punch from Romani. He turned around, and saw more of the Fairy’s monsters come out of the bushes.

            He turned back, and saw Romani lying on the floor. She was knocked out and beat, but she was still alive. Ark went to wake her up, but from behind came an enraged Gabriella! Her eyes were red like the Fairy’s and she was in a towering rage.

            “You let her free!!” the Fairy said through her. “You won’t free the rest!” She ran forward sending three punches, one after the other. The next thing Ark knew was that he was up in a bush, holding his shoulder. He couldn’t fight back, because if he did, the others would get hurt, and not the Fairy. Then, Ark noticed something.

            “Gabriella’s punches are stronger than that,” he said to himself. “One punch killed a monster, and three punches were used to hit me. When I released Janet, did the Fairy get weaker? Maybe…” He sat up, and pulled himself out of the bush. He looked around, and saw Romani and Gabriella fighting off the remainder of the monsters. “Where’s Kimmie?” he asked. He looked around.

            From up in the tree, someone landed on top of him, and stuck a tree branch near his throat.

            “I can use this girl’s talent of surprise,” the Fairy said through Kimmie this time. “Maybe with a little brainwashing, she’ll be a new servant!”

            “Not if I can help it!” Ark said. With the hilt of his sword, he hit Kimmie in the side. She rolled off of him, and he stood up. “Sorry, Kimmie,” he said, and ran for the huge tree.

            He stopped in front of the orb holding the little boy. He sliced it open, and the boy hit the ground. Ark sliced at the orb that was holding Koru. Then, he moved out of the way, and pulled the two to the tree with Janet. The Great Fairy was out of Gabriella. She fainted, and the Fairy ran towards Ark, and tried to hit him. He dodged, and her hit, hit the tree leaving a huge dent. Luckily she was too weak to have it collapse. Ark ran as fast as he could, and ran up to the orb holding Karen. He raised his sword up. The Fairy ran towards him.

            “NO!!” she said, but didn’t make it. Ark sliced the orb containing Karen. The Fairy screamed as she was pulled into the tree. Ark picked up Karen, and moved out of the way as the Fairy was sealed in the tree again. He placed Karen next to the other hostages, and ran to everyone else. He caught the last words of a skeleton that Kimmie had just knocked down.

            “My pals and I got rid of all potions and Fountain Water in Tolkein,” it was saying. “The hostages and the Princess will die within one hour if no Water gets to them.” It laughed. “And the nearest Fountain is miles away. I wish you no good luck.” Romani stabbed it with a punch, and it died there, vanishing in a puff of smoke.

            “One hour?” asked Kimmie. “I hate to say it, but the beast is right. It will be impossible to find a Fairy Fountain in less than the time given!” She rubbed her side. “It feels like a stick ripped through my skin!” she said.

            “That was me,” Ark said. “I had to get you out of the way to get to the water orbs.”

            “I don’t know of any Fountain locations, either,” Gabriella said. “How will we get it?”

            “We should take them to the Castle,” Ark said. “It’s almost morning, and we can leave when it’s light.” They nodded, and picked up the hostages. Romani went and got Mimi, and they headed for Tolkein.



            As they entered the town, people walked out of their homes. There were no happy faces for anyone, especially Ark’s who was carrying Mimi. The town gasped as they saw the motionless bodies of Mimi, Karen, Janet, the boy and especially Koru.

            In the Castle’s nursing room, all of them were put into beds. But, none of them awoke.

            “What should we do?” Gabriella asked. “Should we get Epona and Ashley?”

            “I’m not sure,” Ark said. “We probably should go and get to the Fairy Fountains as soon as possible. But one hour? By the time we get to Hyrule and back it might be too late.” They all stood there in silence, thinking.

            “I’m going to the Woods,” Ark said, after awhile. “I might find something.” He left, and headed north.


            Ark walked deep into the Woods, trying to remember which way and direction he had to go to get to the Great Fairy. He walked down a sloped hill, and walked a bit further down a path. There, he saw the tree.

            He walked towards it, and looked at the carving. The Great Fairy was curled up, like a lost child with no home. Her hair fell in front of her face, so you couldn’t tell if she was angry or sad in her position. Ark sighed and walked around the tree.

            “There has to be something…” he said. He looked up in the sky: it was almost noon, and the sun was high in the sky. “Time’s running out,” Ark said. He walked back to the front of the tree, and was about to leave. He walked through the water, and stopped. “Wait a minute…” He reached down, and ran his fingers through the Water. Not just water…Fairy Fountain Water.

            “Of course!” Ark said, he pulled out a bottle (everyone carries one in this world) and put some water into it. “That skeleton was getting us on the wrong track! He wanted us to think that we had to travel far to find water, but the whole time it was here! Even if an evil Fairy lives in this fountain, it doesn’t matter! It’s still Fountain Water!”

            He ran down through the woods. I hope I’m not too late, he thought. He ran quickly through the crowds of Tolkein, and headed for the Castle. He ran up the stairs to the hospital.

            “We only have three minutes left!” Gabriella said to him. She spotted the bottle in his hand. “Hurry!”

            Ark poured water down everyone’s throat. They all woke up wearily.

            “Where am I?” asked Janet. She looked around. “What happened?” The boy, and Karen also sat up.

            “Was I asleep?” asked Karen, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. They all looked at Koru, who aged before their eyes. He grew a long beard, his head was bald, and his features looked old and wrinkly.

            “Huh? What happened?” he sat up, and blinked. He jumped back. “Who are you?”

            “We saved you from the Fairy,” Kimmie said. “The least you could do was be grateful.” Koru looked at her.

            “I don’t know you,” he said, “but thank you for saving me. I thought I’d never get out.” He looked at Ark, who was walking over to Mimi. “Is that the Hero?” he asked. Romani shook her head.

            “His descendant,” she said. “Prince Ark.”

            “Ten seconds,” Gabriella said, pointing to the clock. “Then it’s all over.” They all watched as Ark lifted up Mimi’s head, and poured the Fountain Water down her throat.

            “…One,” Gabriella finished her count down. “Did it work?”

            “Mimi?” Ark propped her up on her pillow. Mimi didn’t move. “Wake up. It’s all over now.” The others watched helplessly as Mimi didn’t stir.

            “Mimi?” Karen’s eyes filled with tears. “Don’t die…” The others also began to cry. Even Koru, who had no idea who he was crying for. They all crowded around Mimi, as Ark pulled her our of the bed.

            “She didn’t…” Gabriella didn’t finish, for her tears choked up her last her words. They all felt strange, as a tear formed in Ark’s eye.

            “Wake up, Mimi,” he said. He held her close, and Mimi’s arms wrapped around him.

            “You…do care…” she said softly. “So you can cry…” Ark let her go, and wiped his eyes.

            “Mimi!!” Karen hugged her friend. The others also crowded around her. “You’re alive!”

            “Don’t do that to us!” Gabriella said. She tried to look serious wiping away her tears, but a smile of joy appeared on her face. “You had us all worried.” Mimi looked at them.

            “I guess I did,” she said.

            “I think it took awhile for the Water to react to her,” Romani said, wiping her eyes. Mimi couldn’t help smiling.

            “Why are you smiling?!” Kimmie’s face was red, and she still had a teary face. “You were nearly dead, and us all worried!! You can’t just smile when someone’s crying!!” She started to shake Mimi. “Don’t you have any sympathy for yourself!!!!???!!!??!”

            “Sorry!” Mimi said. Kimmie released her. “You haven’t changed. You try to make it look like you aren’t upset, even when you are.” Kimmie blushed.

            “So?” she asked. Mimi smiled, and turned to Ark.

            “You were crying too,” she said to him. “Were you really that worried for me?” Ark went pink.

            “I…um…I, uh…” he couldn’t get any words out of his mouth. “I um…… …Yes.” Mimi hugged him.

            “You do care!” she said happily. Ark went red.

            “Mimi…” he said, and she jumped back onto the bed.

            “So, is everyone back?” she asked. “What did I miss?” The little boy and Janet ran over to her.

            “Princess Mimi!!” they cried, and hugged her.

            “We were so worried, when we saw you sleeping on the bed!” Janet said.

            “It was like a story, that we can tell everyone!” the boy said. “I’m so happy that you’re OK!!”

            “What’s your name?” Mimi asked him. “I never heard your name before.” The boy shifted from side to side.

            “It’s Marcus,” he said. “My name is Marcus.”

            “That’s a nice name,” Mimi said to him.

            “You think so?” Marcus asked. His eyes shined. “I never really wanted to be called Marcus. I don’t like that name.”

            “What would you like to be called?” asked Janet. Marcus began to think.

            “I want to be called Jonathon!” he said. “If I didn’t have Marcus, I’d like that name.”

            “So, now whenever you’re with us, you’ll be called Jonathon,” Karen said. She took off her cap and placed it on his head. “Jonathon. I like it!” Jonathon pulled on the cap.

            “Me too!” he said. Mimi went over to the window.

            “What is it, Mimi?” Ark asked.

            “Nothing,” Mimi answered. She looked at the bustling town. In it, she saw Gyro the storyteller. “Gyro!” she said, and ran to the door. She thrust it open, and ran downstairs.

            “Gyro?” asked Gabriella. “The storyteller?” They followed Mimi.



            Mimi ran down to the entrance, and waited for Gyro. He walked inside, and the first person he saw was Mimi.

            “Hello, Princess,” he said, bowing. “Great to see you again.”

            “You too,” Mimi said. “I’d like you to see someone. Someone from your story.”

            “Could it be?” asked Gyro, following her upstairs. On the way, they ran into the others. Koru was looking at the Castle walls, when he heard his name.

            “Koru?” Koru turned. There standing in front of them was Gyro. “Is that you?” Koru smiled.

            “The one and only!” Koru said.

            “My friend!” Gyro ran forward, and shook Koru’s hand so hard, it looked as if his arm would fall off.

            “You know him?” asked Kimmie.

            “Yes!” Gyro said to her. “It was a true story, and I was one of the boy’s that was too nervous to go and get the ball in front of the Woods! I’m sorry dear friend!” he said to Koru.

            “You’re forgiven,” Koru said to him. “But, I would have liked it that you did try to stop me…” Koru trailed off. They all then went to the top of the Tower, and watched the town below.

            “I have something to add to your story,” Romani said a while later, as the sun began to set. She cleared her throat.


            “After Koru’s parents gave up, years later the Hero’s descendant, Prince Ark came. He was told the tale of the Great Hero, and kept it a secret from his friends. They found out, and were determined to help him.

            “Then, three more children were plucked from the land of Tolkein: Janet, Karen and Jonathon. The Great Fairy was then free, and called her minions. But Ark and his friends battled the Fairy and her monsters, and she was sealed away again.

            “Later, the hostages and an attacked Princess went back to the Castle, wondering where to find Fairy Water…” She trailed off. “Ark, you continue.”


            “The Prince Ark went off into the Woods, and found out that they had been set on the wrong track. He found Fairy water from where the Great Fairy was, and ran back to the Castle,” Ark said.

            “He poured the Water into the throats of the hostages, and after awhile, the Princess awoke from her slumber.

            “The Great Fairy was still in her tree, gone, forever.”

            Then all of them at the same time said, “And the Whispering Woods stayed to the north, silent and untouched.”


                                    To Be Continued…    


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