Mimi's Adventures

By Mimichan

Prologue: Link, the Hero of Time had an adventure that had to deal with sealing away a terrible being named Ganondorf, who had an urge to control the land. Luckily, the 7 sages, Hyrule’s protectors, with the help of Link and the Princess Zelda, were able to seal the evil man away… During that adventure, a girl by the name of Mimi, who was at the age of 3 at the time, was there, and saw everything. She didn’t seem like a normal girl… After Link finished his adventure, he was, with permission from the King, able to marry Zelda. The young girl Mimi was adopted into their family, and became the new princess… Mimi behaved just as she was supposed to… We now find her at this moment and find out how much how her life will change…


“Sit up straight, Mimi,” said Zelda.

“Yes Mother,” Mimi responded, who was now twelve years old.

“Now set up your utensils like so…”

A butler walked into the room with a platter of food. Zelda took her food and began to use her knife and fork to eat it, while Mimi on the other hand ate like a beast.

“Mimi!” shouted Zelda. “Unless you learn how to eat like a normal princess you shall not attend the banquet! That’s enough for today. Go to your room.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Mimi. She left the dining hall, and walked to her room.

“Bark! Bark!”

“Hey, Rose!” Rose Mimi’s dog jumped on her. To Mimi, it didn’t matter whether her dress got messed up or not. Zelda could just ask a maid to wash it…at least, that’s what Mimi hoped. She pushed Rose off of her, and got up. Going into her closet, Mimi selected her favorite outfit: A black tang-top, jeans, and a pair of black boots. She took her waist-long hair, and put it up into a waist-long braid. While she put on her boots, she heard a knock at the door.

“Enter!” said Mimi. It was her personal maid, Betty.

Betty was almost like Mimi’s nanny. Like Impa was Zelda’s nanny when she was young. Betty was always there when Mimi needed help. She had brown hair and it was pulled into pigtails on top of her shoulders, and wearing her maid outfit. She was also trained in the way of Ninjustsu, just in case any trouble befell the princess. She may look like an ordinary maid, but she was far from ordinary. 

“Ma’am, where are you going?” asked Betty.

“I’m going to see Romani!” said Mimi. Romani was Mimi’s best friend and lived at the ranch. Also the same age Mimi was, Romani had long red hair that went halfway down her back, blue eyes and was great with animals. Occasionally, Mimi would go visit her.

“You mean the ranch girl?” asked Betty.

“Yup! Take care of Rose while I’m gone OK?” Mimi put on a smile, and Betty couldn’t help but smile back as she picked up Rose.

“You have fun, ma’am!” said Betty.

“I will!” said Mimi. “And I told you, call me Mimi, not ma’am! Ma’am makes me feel old…”

“Yes, Mimi!” Betty responded. Mimi smiled, and ran outside where her father, Link was sparring.

“Bye, dad! I’m going to Romani’s!”

“Wait a sec!” he said. He reached behind him and handed Mimi a dagger. “Your name is known among our enemies,” he said. “Protect yourself.”

“Yes sir!” said Mimi. She equipped the dagger and with that, she ran through the market, and onto Hyrule Field. She ran as quickly as she could, up the hill, and into Lon Lon Ranch, Romani’s home. When she came in Mimi heard Ingo, the ranch assistant’s voice: “I’m always the one to do all the work around here! If it weren’t for me—” Romani cut him off: “You don’t do all the work! I at least milk the cows, feed the horses…”

“Why don’t you just shut up missy!!” said Ingo. Romani came back at it: “Why don’t you?! You’re complaining half the time anyways…”

“Is this a bad time?” Mimi just entered, after hearing enough.

“No not at all!” said Romani. “I’d respect it if you left.” She glared at Ingo, until he shifted with unease. After cursing under his breath, Ingo left. Mimi heard the words “thinks she’s all that” and “what a phony” and “I don’t complain half the time” before he walked into the stable.

“ So, what did you come for?” asked Romani.

“Just for fun,” answered Mimi. “And to probably help you with your chores.” She looked at the bucket of milk Romani was carrying and all the other things that she might need help with.

“Well then…Let’s get to it!” said Mimi. They started out cleaning the horse and cows’ spots, which had a terrible smell if you catch my drift. They milked the cows, and carried the bottles into the wagon. They then fed the horses. Mimi took two horses, and hooked them to a wagon.

“Finally, finished…” said Romani, as she sat down next to Mimi.

“Hey, Romani?” asked Mimi. “The castle is holding a huge party tomorrow. Everyone’s invited. Would you like to come?”

“What’s the party about?” asked Romani.

“It’s honor for the day Ganondorf was finally sealed…and for the age I have become.” said Mimi.


“Because I’m now twelve, I’m able to go on my own adventure! I asked my mom and she finally agreed.”

“What kind of adventure?”

“I’ll tell you when you come!” said Mimi.

“I’m not sure Mimi. I have chores and—”

“Great!” said Mimi. “I’ll send for a ride and you can come that time!”

“Alright I’ll… ask…” said Romani.

“Awesome! See you tomorrow!” With that, Mimi was off.


*         *         *


“Man, it’s this late already?” said Mimi. Out in the distance, she heard a coyote howl. Mimi drew her dagger and spun around. All she saw was the sun that sank beneath the horizon. Again she heard a sound. This time it sounded like the earth was letting something arise from it. Turning around she found she was horribly right. A walking skeleton, about Mimi’s height, began to walk towards her. Its eyes glowed a bright red, but Mimi wasn’t frightened like a normal girl would be.

She slashed once with her dagger, and the skeleton crumpled. More skeletons came and Mimi got rid of them too. This continued throughout the night, and Mimi was actually having the time of her life. Never before had she been involved in this action! After many hours, the sky turned a bright shade of pink, and the skeletons sank under the ground, afraid of the light.

“Yeah, you better run!” Mimi shouted. A cucco out in the distance cried out the signal for morning.

“No! It’s morning already?!” Mimi shouted. “I forgot, I told Romani I’d give her a ride to the castle!!” Mimi took off with amazing speed towards the marketplace.

“No!!!” she screamed when she saw how crowded the marketplace was. Then she remembered what she said: “The castle’s holding a huge party. Everyone’s invited.” How could she have forgotten? And with what she was wearing, no one would think she was the princess and make room for her. Mom’s going to kill me if I don’t get to the castle by 9:oo! That’s when she wakes up. NO! Dad wakes up at the crack of dawn! Hopefully he’ll understand! Mimi then began to squeeze herself through the crowd to the gate of the castle. There the guard stopped her.

“Halt! Who goes there?” he said.

“It’s ME you idiot! Take off that helmet and let me through!” said Mimi.

“OH! Sorry your majesty!” said the guard, letting her through. Mimi gave a sigh of relief, but when she put one foot in the castle…

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??” demanded Zelda.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!” said Mimi.


 *              *            *

Mimi sat on her bed, and stroked the back of Rose’s head.

            “That lecture lasted forever!” she complained. “Even dad was upset, and he’s always out late!” Mimi flopped onto the bed.

“Would you have gotten mad, Rose?” she asked the pup. Rose gave her a confused look. At that moment, Betty walked in.

            “Your Mother would like you to wear this dress to the banquet,” said Betty.

            “You mean she said I can go?” Mimi asked.

Betty smiled and said, “After your father reasoned with her, she said she’ll let it go this time.” Mimi smiled back. Betty placed the dress neatly on the bed, and left. Mimi picked up the dress.

It was light blue, and looked like it would only go up to her shoulders. It had lace on the bottom, and the dress was long enough to go down to her ankles. Mimi changed into the dress, and called Betty back in. Betty took out Mimi’s braid, brushed it till it shined, and put a tiara neatly on her head.

            “You look wonderful,” Betty said. “There may be some boys out there that might swoon over you!”

            “B-be quiet!” said Mimi, blushing. Betty giggled and brushed Rose too.

            “Heel,” said Mimi. Rose walked to her side. Betty then escorted them to the banquet hall, and once the guard saw them he made a motion with his hands to the other guards. They picked up their trumpets and signaled Mimi’s arrival.

Zelda, using her telepathic powers said to Mimi, Smile! Mimi blushed and smiled as she walked to her chair between Zelda and Link. Rose sat in front of Mimi. Mimi sat and slightly grimaced remembering the position she had to put her legs in while sitting down. She winced at how uncomfortable it was but managed. Suddenly she remembered the promise she made to Romani. She looked around and saw her friend’s red hair that stuck out among everyone else. Romani saw her looking and waved. Mimi waved back and saw that she was wearing a wonderful dress that suited her.

It was pink all over, except for a long red apron that hung on the bottom of her dress. It had long sleeves and Romani apparently didn’t pick out a different pair of boots. Mimi sat up straighter and listened as Zelda gave a speech:

“My friends!” she said. “We all remember or have heard about the tragedy that had befallen Hyrule so many years ago… Thanks to the Goddesses and their mercy, the sages, Link and I were able to seal the Evil King Ganondorf away! We have this banquet in honor of that time… We also have this banquet to say that our daughter, Mimi, will be going on her first adventure!”

The crowd cheered, and Romani saw that Mimi was stiff, and blushing as hard as ever. Link continued the speech.

“Now, let us eat, and treasure our last moments with the princess, for she leaves tomorrow morning!”

As soon as he finished, butlers and maids walked into the room. One stepped forward, and placed his tray on the table on the first. He removed the cover to reveal freshly caught fish. The crowd cheered as the food was brought forward. Mimi got up from her seat and ran towards Romani, her long black hair swinging behind her. Rose followed. Romani smiled. Mimi gaped at her dress.

“I never knew you would wear such a dress!” she said.

“Never thought you would either!” said Romani, pointing to Mimi’s dress. Romani’s father, Talon walked forward and shook Mimi’s hand.

“You two go and have fun. I can wait,” he said. While Mimi shook his hand she glimpsed his arm and thought: Wow! His arms are as big as a gorilla’s! I wonder if he ever shaved… Rose noticed how Mimi stared at Romani’s dad’s arms and gave Romani a small bark. Romani said “Um…Mimi?” Mimi noticed what she was doing and turned pink.

“Let’s go get something to eat!” she suggested.

“Alright,” said Romani. “Once we finish, I want you to tell me what you want your adventure to be!”

“Deal!” said Mimi. They walked to the table, took some food, and ate. (Mimi still didn’t master how to eat properly) She gave some of the food to Rose, who ate happily. Rose then walked to Link and Zelda, and jumped up onto Zelda’s lap. Mimi and Romani walked outside, into the garden.

“So?” said Romani.

“So what?” asked Mimi.

“What’s your adventure going to be?” she asked. Mimi pondered the question, and then snapped her fingers.

“I know!” she said. “All of the lands that my dad journeyed to…I want to see what they’re like.”

“But…when you were young weren’t you on the adventure when your father sealed Ganondorf away?” asked Romani.

“Yes…” said Mimi. “But I was young and don’t exactly remember it that well. Besides there are some lands he told me stories about. Some that I’ve never seen before. I’d like to see what they look like, even if dad described it to me.”

“Would you mind telling me what the names are?” asked Romani.

“Sure! Let’s see… Ah yes there was Lybranna, Holodrum, Termina…” Mimi gave Romani a list of names, and when she finished, Romani was dumbfounded.

“Wow… Your dad traveled to all of those places?” she asked.

“Yup!” said Mimi. “And I want to see them all!” Romani thought to herself: If this girl wants to see all of those lands, then she’s stranger than I thought!

“You’ll come with me won’t you Romani?” Mimi asked. Romani stared at her. What should she say?

“I’m not sure…” she said. “My dad… He isn’t exactly capable of tending to the farm…with that Ingo especially…” Mimi pouted and Romani began to think.

“Alright. I’ll…go with you on your adventure,” she said.

“Yeah!” said Mimi. “We’ll have tons of fun! C’mon! Let’s go ask your dad!!”


   *             *            *

            “I don’t exactly see why not!” Talon said when they asked. Mimi and Romani cheered. “As long as”— he looked at Romani—“you take your bow and arrows. Never know what you’ll find in those parts…”

            “Thank you Daddy!” said Romani. Mimi ran to her parents and told them what just happened. They nodded, and Zelda told a guard to ask for everyone’s attention.

            “May the rulers of Hyrule of thy attention please!” said the guard. The crowd immediately quieted, and Zelda’s voice rang through the room.

            “My daughter,” she started, “has found a partner to go with her on her adventure…” She motioned for Romani. Romani cautiously approached Zelda. She stood next to Mimi, and Zelda continued: “Mimi’s best friend, Romani, has volunteered to go with her on her first adventure.” The crowd cheered. Zelda stood and placed one hand on each of their heads and whispered to them, “May the gods watch over you and be safe. Do not trust anyone who looks very suspicious.” Romani and Mimi both turned and bowed.

            “Yes your Majesty,” they said.

            “Prove good name to the land of Hyrule while you’re gone,” Zelda said. “Did I miss anything?” she asked Link. Link stood and said to Mimi: “There are many monsters waiting for any of the Royal family, Mimi. Any who come with you are putting themselves in danger…” At this he looked at Romani who blushed. Mimi smirked.

            “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” he asked her. Regaining confidence Romani finally answered.

            “Yes King. I am willing to help my friend while we venture through the many lands we encounter.”

            “That was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question,” Link said.

            “Oh!” said Romani. “Then yes! I-I’ll go!” Mimi looked at Romani’s face.

            “You’re blushing,” she said. Romani covered her face.


     *             *            *   


Mimi sat on the branch and stared at the entrance to the marketplace. Where could she be?

Instead of wearing a dress, she wore her black tang top, jeans, and her favorite black boots. Her hair once again was in a long braid.  She also had her dagger with her. Mimi had entrusted Rose to Betty, hoping that she would keep her from harm. Soon people started coming out of their homes and stared at Mimi in the tree. Mimi stood up in the tree as she saw Romani running towards the market.

“Finally!” said Mimi. She jumped off the tree and waved to Romani. She waved back. As she came closer, Mimi could see that Romani had her bow slung across her back. She had on a dark blue T-shirt with a red sweater, which went down and was tied at her waist. She wore light blue capris, and her same brown boots.               

Link and Zelda then walked towards the two girls were standing there, waiting. Mimi couldn’t handle it anymore. Tears sprang to her eyes and she hugged her parents. Although they weren’t her real parents, Mimi knew she would miss them much.

            “I hope that your adventure is a safe one,” said Zelda.

            “We do too,” said Romani.

            “Remember to protect yourselves and any who get involved in case of danger,” said Link.

            “We will dad. Promise,” said Mimi.

            “Let’s go,” said Romani. They began to walk out of the marketplace. The villagers waved, and said good-bye as the girls left.

*              *            *

            “Romani, let’s go to your place and take some horses. It would be a whole lot easier, and save us some time,” said Mimi.

            “That’s a great idea,” said Romani. They changed their course, and headed to the ranch. When they arrived…

            “ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!” shouted Ingo. “I will not, I repeat will not, allow two young ladies such as yourselves go on such an absurd adventure!!”

            “Since when did you care?” asked Romani.

            “You have a point there,” said Ingo. He shrugged. “Well if you die, it ain’t my fault! Take whatever horses you want!” Romani selected the horses: one had beautiful light-brown hair and dark brown mane. The other had red hair as dark and bright as Romani’s hair. This horse had a white mane.

            “This one”— Romani pointed to the red horse—“is Epona. This one”— she pointed to the brown horse—“is a girl also and hasn’t been named yet. What would you wish to call her?” After a moment, Mimi answered.

            “Ashley,” she said. “That’s the only name I can think of.”

            “Alright!” said Romani. She mounted her horse, and Mimi mounted Ashley.

            “We’re off!” cried Mimi. They left at a high speed on the stallions, and started their adventure.


Two years later the girls are now 14 and are headed to their last stop: Termina. We now find them at this moment, in the field of Termina…


            “Exactly how did your dad save this place, Mimi?” asked Romani.

            Mimi replied, Many, many years ago, the moon was… well let’s just say that it had a makeover. A hideous makeover. Anyway, the moon was going to crash into Termina, but because my dad was there, he somehow called on the Giants; the 4 protectors of Termina, and stopped the moon from falling. If I told you the full story, we’d be here a while.”

            “Spare me,” said Romani. Mimi laughed, and stared at the entrance to the town of Clock Town, the busiest place in Termina.

            “Wow…” said Romani.

            “Cool,” said Mimi. They rode their horses forward, and stopped at the gate.

            “Ready?” Mimi asked.

            “As I’ll ever be,” said Romani. They urged their horses forward, and entered the town.



  *             *            *

            “It’s as busy as the marketplace!” exclaimed Mimi. They dismounted their horses, and walked them through the crowd. They emerged to find themselves in the east side of Clock Town: East Clock Town. (How obvious…)

            “Look over there!” said Romani. She pointed towards an Inn. Mimi took a look at the sign, which read: Stock Pot Inn.

            “Why don’t we check it out?” asked Mimi. They tied their horses to a nearby pole, opened the door, and walked inside.

The Inn wasn’t exactly big, but wasn’t small either. To the right a long bench was against the wall. Most likely for waiting. Next to it was a plant. Ahead, there was a hallway that veered left. In the northeast corner of the room, was a desk that also had a book on it. Reading this book was a young woman, of about 19 or maybe 20.                  

She had short red hair that went to the bottom of her ears, and then curled. She had on a red shirt with short sleeves, and a long skirt to her ankles. She had on brown leather shoes.

Mimi walked up to her and asked for a reservation in any of the rooms.

“Why yes,” answered the woman. “Your room will be our Knife Chamber (not as bad as it sounds) on the second floor. Here is your key.” She handed Mimi a key, and wrote the reservation in the book.

“Thank you,” said Mimi.

“You’re welcome,” said the woman. “Tell me, why are girls as young as yourselves here?”

“We’re actually travelers,” said Romani. “Journeying all the lands.”

“What are your names?” asked the woman.

“I’m Mimi,” said Mimi. “And this is my best friend, Romani.” Romani waved.

“I’m Anju,” said Anju. “So your travelers huh? Guess you won’t stay long…”

“Actually we might stay a while,” said Romani.

“It isn’t like we have anywhere else to go!” said Mimi.

“In that case, I hope you enjoy your stay!” said Anju.

“We will!” Mimi and Romani said. They waved good-bye, and exited. Once they were outside they saw two other girls, about Mimi and Romani’s age complimenting the horses.

The girl on the left had short, curly blonde hair. She wore a small green dress with a ribbon tied in the back. Her socks were knee-high, and she had on black shoes.

The other girl had shining black hair pulled into pigtails. She had on a blue T-shirt that had a heart in the center, with a mini skirt. Her socks went all the way a bit above her knees. She too had on black shoes.

“Who are you?” asked Mimi not unkindly.

“Oh are these your horses?” asked the girl with pigtails.

“Yes…” said Romani.

“They’re beautiful,” said the other. “My name’s Gabriella by the way! And this is my friend, Kimmie!”

“Hello!” said Kimmie.

“I’m Romani,” said Romani. “And this is my friend, Mimi.”

“Mimi?” asked Kimmie. “As in the Princess Mimi?

“You’ve heard of me?” asked Mimi.

“Yeah!” said Gabriella. “You’re the new princess! And you’re on your first adventure! Everyone’s heard about you!”

“It’s such an honor to meet you,” said Kimmie. “Why don’t we show you around?”

“That’s very kind of you!” said Romani.

“They have great game shops, and there’s so much to do!” said Gabriella.

“The town is always busy!” said Kimmie. “C’mon! In here!” The four of them walked into a game shop called Treasure. Behind the desk was a girl. Probably eighteen. She had a pink T-shirt on with a blue heart in the center, and her short purple hair shined.

“Hello, and welcome to Treasure!” she exclaimed. “I’m Carol, and I’ll be telling you the rules! It’s simple: Get to the treasure chest in under forty-five seconds, and win! But there’s a slight twist to this game! So…who’s going first?”

“I will!” said Kimmie.

“Twenty rupees!” said Carol. “Take this,” said Carol. She handed Kimmie a headband with bunny ears. Kimmie turned pink with embarrassment.

“GO!!” shouted Carol. Kimmie ran forward with inhuman speed. Apparently the bunny hood gave her the instincts of a rabbit. Suddenly the square tile in front of Kimmie’s foot rose.

“Whoa!” said Kimmie as she jumped back. The square tiles all around Kimmie except her right were blocked. She took the tunnel and ran. Then she saw it: the treasure box. As she stepped forward, the block right beneath her rose! Her friends stared as Kimmie was sent up in the air as the tile rose up. Kimmie jumped off and screamed. She landed, rolled forward, and hit the treasure chest. With only two seconds to spare Kimmie opened the box and got fifty rupees!

“Yes!” she said. She walked back to the others and showed them what she got.

“I want to go next!” said Romani. She was given the bunny hood and off she went. Dodging every risen tile Romani reached the treasure box in exactly twenty-five seconds. She opened it to reveal fifty rupees.

“Awesome!” she said. She ran back to the others who complimented her on her good work. Next was Gabriella. She did just as good, and kept her balance when the tiles rose. In twenty-four seconds, she reached her goal. Like the others, she also got fifty rupees.

Now it was Mimi’s turn. She took the bunny hood, and charged into the room. Mimi slightly tripped but got back up changing her trip into a front flip. She landed on a tile, which rose into the air. Jumping, Mimi landed one square away from the treasure box. Using some of the acrobatic skills Mimi learned, Mimi made it through, lunged forward, pushed it open, and earned her fifty rupees, all in forty-four seconds.

When she got back, Carol congratulated her on her progress and acrobatic skills. As a bonus Mimi earned forty more rupees. Mimi split it up amongst her friends and they left.

Back in East Clock Town, Gabriella led them towards archery: Romani’s turf. She nocked an arrow, and hit all the targets. She earned two hundred rupees for her perfect score. The others tried…without much luck. But the man behind the counter gave them twenty rupees each, just for trying. The girls thanked him and together, they left.

“Wow, it’s already gotten this late!” said Kimmie.

“Time sure does fly!” said Gabriella.

“Are you two staying at the Inn?” asked Romani.

“As a matter of fact, yes!” Gabriella answered.

“Are you?” asked Kimmie.

“Yeah!” said Mimi. “Let’s go!”



     *             *            *

            “Oh, I’m sorry!” said Anju. “I accidentally booked you four for the same room!”

            “That’s alright!” said Kimmie.

            “Yeah, you can’t help it if you’re forgetful,” said Romani. They all heard a rumble. Mimi held her stomach.

            “So hungry,” she moaned. “Need dinner…”

            “You’re going to have to cook it yourselves,” said Anju. “I unfortunately can’t cook.”

            “No problem,” said Mimi. “I picked up some skills from the cooks back at home.”

            “I also know how to cook,” said Romani. “Mimi taught me.”

            “Kimmie and I learned from our parents,” said Gabriella. “So we can also make good meals!”

            “How about we put our skills together?” asked Kimmie. “We’ll make a great meal!” Anju led the four to the kitchen.

            “Help yourselves to anything you need!” she said. With that said, Anju went back to the desk. Mimi searched and searched the shelves, but there wasn’t anything there!

            “What?!? There’s nothing to use to cook!!” she shouted. “ ‘Help yourselves to anything you need’ she says…”

            “I’ll go to West Clock Town, and buy some food,” suggested Kimmie.

            “I’ll go with you!” said Gabriella.

            “Think you could buy some clothes too?” asked Romani. “Not new ones, just what we’re wearing right now in a bigger size.”

            “Sure thing!” said Gabriella. “Think we can use the money we all got? This seems like a lot to buy.”

            “It also sounds expensive,” said Kimmie. Romani ran upstairs, and came back with 540 rupees. (She found an extra hundred in the chest in their room)

            “Hopefully this is enough,” said Gabriella, pocketing the money. They left, and Mimi and Romani waited in the waiting room with Anju. A few hours later, Kimmie and Gabriella returned, with food and clothing.  They went into the kitchen and looked at the ingredients they had.

            “Perfect!” said Mimi. “You two really have a sight for good food.”

            “It’s a gift,” said Kimmie.

Romani cut up salad, while Mimi was over the stove cooking rice. Kimmie put some fish and fries in the oven and let it cook. Gabriella seasoned and finished the rice while Mimi took out the fish a while later. Kimmie then was helping Romani cut up tomatoes and carrots for the salad. Mimi went to Anju, and asked how many people were to be served.

            “Thirteen,” she said. “Counting you four.” Mimi went back to the kitchen and helped split the food onto thirteen trays. With the help of Anju, they delivered the food to everyone in the Inn. After that was done, they all sat to their own food.

            “This is delicious!” said Anju, taking another bite.

            “Yeah, we did pretty good!” said Gabriella.

            “Hey…Mimi?” asked Kimmie.


            “I didn’t even ask you…Why are you two here?”

            “Yes, tell,” said Anju.

            “It’s a pretty long story…” said Mimi. So she told Kimmie, Anju and Gabriella of the banquet, and how she was eligible to go one her first adventure. She also explained that this was they’re last stop.

            “Your homeland sounds so amazing…” said Gabriella.

            “I wish we could see it…” said Kimmie.

            “You’re in luck!” said Mimi.

            “We were planning on leaving anyway,” said Romani.

            “When?” asked Kimmie.

            “In a few days. Early in the morning,” said Mimi. “If you wanted to come, you’d have to wake up at the crack of dawn with us.”

            “No problem!” said Gabriella. We’ll wake up.”


    *             *            *

            A few days later…


“Hurry up, Kimmie!” said Romani.

            “Hold on!” said Kimmie. “I’m leaving a note for Anju with our recipes.” Once she finished, Mimi went out to Epona and Ashley. Loading the bags onto each of them, Mimi mounted Ashley. Soon, Romani, Gabriella and Kimmie walked out. Romani mounted Epona, and Gabriella swung on behind her. Kimmie mounted behind Mimi.

            “Yah!” shouted Mimi. The horses ran at a fast gallop, and left Clock Town.




     *             *           *

After a long travel, we find the four girls on Hyrule Field, heading towards the marketplace…


            “This is it!” said Mimi.

            “We’re almost there!” said Romani. Mimi was so excited. She had been gone for two years, and was finally back home.

            “Whoa! Whoa! Slow down Epona!” said Romani.

            “What’s wrong?” asked Mimi. Romani pointed to the entrance to the marketplace. Mimi gasped. The drawbridge had been torn down, having to force the girls to leave the horses behind. They were tied to the sign, and the four walked inside…



     *             *            *

     Mimi was surprised how much the place changed: There was absolutely no one in sight, making it seem like a ghost town. All the buildings were torn down, and Mimi saw the spear and helmet of one of the knights.

            “You live here?” asked Kimmie.

            “Unfortunately…yes,” said Mimi, and walked to the tree she had sat in while waiting for Romani on her leaving day.

            “Why did you leave, Princess?” The voice sounded faint and soft, as if whoever it was just woke up.  Mimi turned, drawing her dagger.

“Who’s there?” she said. Looking around, Mimi spotted a small girl about six, walking out from behind the torn down building of the Potion Shop.

She was wearing a tattered white dress, with spots of mud and dirt on it. With her short brown hair, she had hazy, almost dazed brown eyes.

            “Who are you?” asked Romani. The girl ignored the question.

            “When you left, everything changed,” she said to Mimi. “There is no one left…” The wind blew hard, and everyone except the girl covered their eyes. When they looked up, all that they saw that there were zombies, Re-Deads, that were surrounding the girl.

            These beasts, would jump on you, and would feed off of your brain. They only appear when something terrible had befallen the area.

            “Move!” said Mimi to the girl. Romani took out her bow.

            “These were the only friends I could find when everyone left. They protect me like I was part of their family…” said the girl. The Re-Deads then began to slowly walk forward.

            “We don’t have time for this!” said Mimi to the others. “Follow me!” She ran in the direction of the castle, and the others followed her. When they reached the castle, they saw two guards in front of the entrance. They weren’t humans, but were a mixture of a pig and a bull. But what they were guarding was no longer the castle Mimi knew.

            Its walls were black, and the towers no longer had flags on them. She could see the faint outlines of her old castle, but everything else was dark and dreary. All Mimi could tell was that something happened.

            “This way,” she whispered.

            “That’s the way to the guards!” Romani said in a frantic whisper.

            “I know,” Mimi whispered back. She jumped forward and knocked out each of the guards with one kick each.

            “Come on!” she said, and ran into the castle. Cautiously, the others followed, hoping the guards wouldn’t wake yet.

            Inside the castle was just as bad. Mimi looked at the walls and saw different weapons. The red rug was now a dark blue, and two beasts were patrolling the entrance to a door. Where are my parents? She asked herself. She ran up a flight of stairs to the most sacred room of the place. Kimmie spotted Mimi and motioned for the others. Unfortunately, the guards spotted the end of Gabriella’s skirt, and followed.

            Finally the girls caught up to her.

            “Mimi…?” said Gabriella. They just watched as Mimi walked forward to a small table that had an instrument on it. It was blue and was known as…

            “The Ocarina of Time!” said Romani. Mimi nodded and snatched the instrument and heard footsteps.

            “They came this way!” said a gruff voice. Mimi looked around at the door, and began to search for an escape. “Protect anyone who gets involved…” Mimi remembered what her father said at the banquet. Gabriella opened a window.

            “It’s our only option!” she said and jumped without screaming. Kimmie followed, then Romani sat on the sill, waiting.

Mimi hesitated.

            “Come on Mimi!” said Romani, and jumped.

            “Hurry up!” said the voice again.

            “I think I stubbed my toe!” said the other.

            “They’re getting away!” said the gruff one. Mimi took a deep breath and jumped out. She refrained from screaming and rolled as she landed.

            “We have to get out of here!” said Gabriella. Mimi led the way and they ended up in a Temple. The Temple of Time.

                 With high ceilings, this place could have been mistaken for a church. There were three windows on a high part of each wall, on the left and right. There was a long rug on the floor, and ahead was an alter with three different stones in three hollows. Mimi walked forward to huge door that was behind it and stared. Kimmie walked forward, and knocked on the door with her knuckles.

            “Solid,” she said, and stepped back. Suddenly, something in Mimi’s memory hit her…


            A small girl was standing behind a young man dressed in green. The girl watched and listened as the man played a tune on the Ocarina of Time. When he finished, the huge door behind the alter shut. Before it did, the girl caught a glimpse of a sword stuck halfway in a stone…


            Mimi regained her consciousness and stood in front of the alter. Taking out her Ocarina, Mimi played the tune she remembered from her childhood memories.

            Suddenly, the huge stone doors opened, and Kimmie cautiously stepped back. As the doors opened, the girls entered. Mimi stepped in first, and saw it: the sword stuck halfway in the stone.

Romani spoke first.

“Isn’t that—?”

“The Master Sword!” Kimmie continued. “I’ve heard stories about it. My parents would tell me about a hero who traveled through time to save everyone.” Mimi walked up the steps leading to the sword, and grasped it with both hands. Taking a few deep breaths, she tugged and the sword pulled free! Mimi gasped for her breath as a blue light surrounded her and expanded to fill the whole room. The four screamed, and vanished…





            *              *           *

            “Awaken, young heroines…” said a voice. Mimi’s eyes fluttered open.

            “Where am I?” she asked. She looked around her and saw her friends. Gabriella woke up and rubbed her eyes. Kimmie and Romani woke next.

            “Where are we?” asked Romani. Mimi looked in front of her and saw an old man dressed in yellow robes.

            “Who are you?” she asked.

            “I am Rauru, the Sage of Light,” said Rauru. “I have been awaiting your arrival. Right now you are in the Chamber of Sages.” Mimi stared and saw the Master Sword was on her back. Her dagger was now on Kimmie.

            “I have much to tell you four…” said Rauru.

            “We’re listening,” said Gabriella.

            “Good,” said Rauru. “Now, you four are not ordinary girls. You have a mission.”

            “A mission?” asked Kimmie.

            “Yes,” said Rauru. “Mimi, when you left on your adventure, you took Romani with you. That was a smart move. If she had stayed, she would have been tormented by Ganondorf himself.” Romani said nothing but gave Mimi a look of gratitude.

            “Wasn’t Ganondorf sealed away?” asked Kimmie.

            “Yes,” said Rauru. “But alas, he escaped from the Evil Realm. When he escaped, he immediately took over the land of Hyrule. He seized the chance you were not there, Mimi.”

            “Why me?” asked Mimi.

            “You are a descendant of Link the Hero of Time, and Princess Zelda. Because of that, Ganondorf knows that one day you would rise to defeat him with the help of three others.” Rauru looked at Gabriella, Kimmie, and Romani. “Fortunately, you have found those three. With that, you shall train as the heroines of all the lands.”

            “All the lands?” asked Mimi.

            “Yes, all the lands,” said Rauru. “Ganondorf’s plans have grown over time.” As soon as he said that five others appeared.

                One was a child. She had green, short hair with a headband, and blue eyes. She had on a green tang top with a dark green sweater underneath. She also wore dark green boots that went up to her knees, and green shorts.

            “I am Saria, the Sage of the Forest,” said Saria.

            The next girl was wearing a long blue dress. One side went down to her ankles, and the other went to her knee. On the rim of the dress was a design of seashells. She had blue skin and was barefoot. Her eyes were violet. She was obviously a Zora, the water creatures of Hyrule.

            “I am Ruto, Sage of Water,” said Ruto.

            The next one was a Hyrulean species know as the Goron. This one had spikes growing on his head, and was very fat. (‘Course they all are…)

            “I am Darunia, Sage of Fire,” said Darunia.

            The next one was a young woman with dark skin. She was from the Gerudo race, thieves on the outskirts of Hyrule. She had her orange hair tied up into a high ponytail, and wore a gold necklace. She had on a belly shirt that was white, and had on baggy pants. Her shoes were leather and curved at the tip.

            “I am Nabooru, Sage of Spirit,” said Nabooru.

            The last Sage Mimi recognized as her mother’s caretaker, Impa. She had on an armored leotard. On her belt were a bunch of knives. She had on black boots, and her short silver hair was up in a ponytail.

            “I am Impa, Sage of Shadow,” she said.

            “Now that we have all introduced ourselves,” said Saria, “how about we start training?”

            “A wonderful idea!” said Nabooru.

            “Alright then…” said Rauru. “Mimi, use whatever tactics you need. You will face off against Saria.” Mimi and Saria vanished and reappeared in a forest.

            “Oh boy…” said Mimi.

            “Just my luck!” said Saria. “Let’s begin!” Her eyes and hands glowed green, and she ran towards Mimi.

            “Kimmie will face off against Ruto!” said Rauru. The two vanished, and reappeared on top of a lake. Luckily there was some sort of shield between Kimmie and the water, allowing her to move freely.

            “Ready?” asked Ruto. Her eyes and hands glowed blue, and she summoned a water tentacle she made from the water. Kimmie drew her dagger, and stepped back.

            “Romani versus Nabooru!” said Rauru. Those two vanished, and reappeared in the middle of the graveyard.

            “Yes!” said Nabooru. Her eyes and hands glowed gold, and from the gravestones rose spirits. Romani drew her bow and arrows and got ready.

            “Lastly, Gabriella versus Darunia!” said Rauru. The two vanished and reappeared inside a volcano. Darunia tossed Gabriella a big hammer to use as a weapon.

            “Megaton Hammer,” said Darunia. “Use it wisely. Good luck!” His eyes and hands glowed red and from the lava arose a fire dragon. Gabriella gripped her hammer and began to sweat from the heat.


            “Just give up,” said Saria. Mimi was binded by a vine that seemed to squeeze harder the more Mimi squirmed. Using her sword, Mimi cut at the vine, which snapped. Saria suddenly lost control and was open for an attack. Mimi tackled her to the ground and put the blade to Saria’s throat as she tried to get up.

            “Dead,” said Mimi. “I win.” Saria sighed and they reappeared in the Chamber of Sages.


            “C’mon, you can do better!” said Ruto as her water tentacle raced towards Kimmie.

            “You’re right! I can do better!” she said. She stopped running, and jumped backwards in the air and landed on top of the tentacle. Sliding down the back of the tentacle, Kimmie jumped off, and before she landed, gave Ruto a swift kick. Ruto flew back a few feet. They then reappeared in the Chamber of Sages.


            “Yikes!” said Romani, nearly getting hit by a ghost’s lantern. She fired an arrow, making a direct hit, and the ghost retreated to it’s grave. Romani aimed three arrows and hit three ghosts in a row. She ran forward, and punched Nabooru in the gut. Nabooru doubled over, and Romani gave he a nice kick sending her halfway across the graveyard. They vanished, and reappeared in the Chamber of Sages.


            “Dodge, dodge, dodge, YIKES!!” said Gabreilla dodging a fire blow from the dragon. Gabriella took a deep breath and did a huge flip into the air, hitting the dragon’s head as she did. It fell to the floor, and Gabriella ran forward and hit Darunia’s foot with the Megaton Hammer. Darunia cursed and held his foot.

            “Yeah!” said Gabriella, and held up the peace sign. They reappeared in the Chamber of Sages.

            “It seems,” said Rauru, “you are the chosen ones.”

            “You mind explaining how we destroy Ganondorf?” asked Kimmie.

            “It’s not as easy as it seems…” said Saria. “He has much power now…”

            “But with you four, it may not take long,” said Nabooru. She rubbed the back of her head. “Kid, you’ve got a hard kick!” Romani smiled.

            “Thanks!” she said.

            “There are seven orbs…” said Impa. “Seven orbs of light that can help. They are the answer, and you are the key.”

            “When these orbs are collected, they form together, and spread light through the worlds that are covered in darkness,” said Darunia.

            “As you find them, they should sink into the Master Sword, for safe keeping, and it will also enhance your power,” said Ruto. “They must be found. We need that Evil King gone and peace restored as soon as possible.”

            “How are we supposed to do that?” asked Mimi. We’re only fourteen.”

            “Not exactly,” said Saria. “You’ve been here training with us for three years. You just can’t remember it. You’re now able to go on and find the orbs, with the new strength you have obtained.”

            “Good luck, heroins,” said Rauru. That was all they heard before the four girls vanished. It was then Mimi remembered.

            “Where are my parents?” she cried.





         *            *           *

Mimi and the others ran out to Hyrule Field, and untied the horses.

            “Watch your ankles!” said a voice. They looked around.

            “Move your foot!”

            “That hurts!

            “It’s the horses!” said Gabriella.

“Finally, smart one saves the day!” said Ashley. “How many times do I have to say ‘Move your foot!??” said Epona.

            “Sorry!” said Romani. “Hey, wait! I’ve known you both since you were foals, and you choose now to talk? …Since when could you talk?!”

            “I had technical difficulties back then…” said Epona. “And…for the second question…I have absolutely no idea.”

            “Mimi!” said Ashley.

            “Oh!” said Mimi and moved her foot.

“Now, where are we going?” asked Gabriella. Mimi didn’t know why but had an urge to go to the forest.

            “The Forest!” she said. The horses neighed and galloped off.


       *            *           *

            “I’ve never been here before, yet I say something’s wrong,” said Romani. The Kokiris, forest kids, were said to live here. They always stayed ten years old for their life, and never grew up.  Their homes were once beautiful tree houses but now their homes were demolished. Mimi urged Ashley towards a hill, and they galloped up it. They rode through a tunnel, and entered the Lost Woods.


            All around, there were tunnels. Somehow Mimi was able to tell which direction to go.

            “Once we pass through this tunnel,” she said, “we’ll be in the Sacred Forest Meadow.” Whatever that is. She thought. Ashley walked through and they found themselves face to face with a Moblin, a huge monster that had on armor, and a huge spear.

            Mimi dismounted Ashley, and Kimmie came off next. Romani and Gabriella dismounted Epona and faced the monster.

They all took out their weapons and made a combo attack: Gabriella slammed the Megaton Hammer down, making the beast loose its balance, and it fell to one knee; Kimmie used her dagger, knocked the spear out of his hands and poked both arms with it. She distracted him and jumped out of the way just as Romani launched two arrows: one in the head, and one in the chest. The second arrow missed but Mimi took care of that by swinging the Master Sword into the beast’s heart. (If it had one)

All of this happened so quickly that the Moblin had no idea what happened. After Mimi slashed, the beast fell, face first, behind her.

“That was amazing!” said Ashley.

“Cooler than cool!” said Epona.

“We should leave you two here just in case something else happens,” said Gabriella.

“Stay here,” said Romani. The two horses lay where they were and stayed. Mimi and the others walked to a maze and climbed the wall. It wasn’t all that big, and all of the tunnels led to the same place: A tall staircase that led to another staircase.

The girls jumped across the top of the maze and ran up the stairs to see a huger Moblin. The girls got ready to fight but then…

“Take this!” came a girl’s voice. The Moblin looked around and then vines from the ground came up and squeezed the Moblin and it vanished.

“Direct hit!” said the girl again.


“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” said Saria. She jumped down from her tree, and walked up to them.

“Glad to see you! I could use your help,” said Saria. “The Moblins have been appearing in great numbers. I can’t fend them off alone. There is also a huge Moblin that is the leader. If you can help me destroy, or get rid of it, I would be very grateful.”

“No problem!” said Kimmie.

“We’ll help you get rid of this leader,” said Mimi.

“It’ll be easy!” said Gabriella.

 At that moment, a huge, monstrous gigantic Moblin came up behind them.

            “Scratch that,” said Gabriella.

            Saria used her powers and a leaf appeared out of nowhere under her feet. She flew up, and pulled vines with her. Wrapping them around the Moblin, Saria squeezed as hard as her power would let her.

            “I could use some help here!!” she said, as the Moblin snatched her out of the air.

            Gabriella ran forward, and slammed the hammer down on the Moblin’s foot. It gave a terrible scream and held its foot, dropping, Saria in the process.

            “Come!” she said to her leaf. It flew under her, and caught her in midair. Now the Moblin was angry! It swung its ax down, and aimed it straight for Gabriella.

Too paralyzed to move, Gabriella just stood there. Saria summoned a branch from a tree, and pushed Gabriella forward, letting the ax hit nothing but air.

            Mimi took this advantage, and broke the stick that held the ax. The Moblin swooped his arm down and grabbed Mimi! Romani immediately fired an arrow. This arrow was true. It hit the Moblin right on its wrist, and he dropped Mimi.

            Saria flew under her and caught her on the leaf.

            “Thanks!” she said. Saria nodded and commanded the leaf to go back down. Planting two feet on the ground, Mimi suddenly felt strange as if she was suddenly filled with power. Too much power.

            I need to release this energy! She thought.

            “Get out of the way!!” she yelled. Gabriella, Kimmie and Romani moved from their battle position as Mimi pointed her sword directly at the Moblin. Almost as if she commanded it, the Master Sword shot forth a beam of light, and hit the Moblin, square in the chest. It keeled over, and collapsed, dead.

            Mimi panted for breath, and fell to her knees. I didn’t mean that much energy! Romani kneeled next to her.

            “Look!” said Gabriella. She pointed to where the Moblin’s body once was. Instead there was a bright orb, just floating in midair.

            “Go on,” said Kimmie. She pushed Mimi forward. Mimi cautiously approached the orb, sword held in front of her. As she got closer, the orb accidentally touched the edge of her blade. Mimi gaped as the orb slowly sank into the Master Sword. Suddenly, Mimi felt her energy return to her. She walked back to the others who were as surprised as she was.

            “Thank you,” said Saria. “You got the orb, and helped me.” Mimi and the others smiled.

            “Your welcome,” said Romani. Saria nodded, and vanished in a wisp of green light.

            The four walked back to Epona and Ashley, who were still staying.

            “What was that?” asked Ashley.

            “We heard clashes and screams and then saw a bright light, nothing, and then another bright light!” said Epona. “What was that?”

            “We’ll talk about it later,” said Mimi. They mounted, and left the woods.

            When they got back to the forest, they’re smiles of their accomplishment, turned to sorrow.

            “I just wish there was something we could do…” said Romani. As soon as she said that, the Master Sword began to glow. Mimi pulled it out, and it pointed towards the forest. Out of the sword, shot the orb. It hovered over the village for a while then expanded. It’s light shimmered and the forest was brought back to life: Kokiri started coming out of their new homes, and all of them stared at the light. It turned back into an orb, and sank back into the Master Sword. The Kokiri stared at the girls.

            One of them stepped forward, and asked, “Are you  friends of Link?” Before Mimi could answer, a bright light surrounded her and her friends, and the girls with their horses vanished…




    *            *            *

            “Ouch!” said Mimi as she landed in the middle of Hyrule field. Looking up she saw the others around her. Looking above her she moved out of the way just in time before Ashley and Epona landed on her.

            “Oy…” said Epona.

            “Thanks for breaking our fall,” said Ashley. Mimi smiled at their sarcasm and woke the others up. Romani stared.

            “What happened?” she asked.

            “Somehow the orb teleported us to Hyrule field,” said Kimmie sitting up.

            “Tell it to find a different mode of transportation,” said Gabriella, rubbing her shoulder.

            “Where should we head to next?” asked Mimi.

            “I’d like to see the lake,” said Romani.

            “Right, then,” said Mimi, mounting Ashley. “Let’s go!” Romani got on Epona, and Kimmie got on behind her. Gabriella got on with Mimi.

            “Yah!” With that, they were off. (Again…)



   *             *             *

The lake was no longer its beautiful self.

The last time Mimi saw it, it was full of pure, clear water. It always glistened with the morning sun and bright moon. Mimi, when she was young would always go there when she was feeling upset, or just to play.

Not anymore.

The lake was nearly dried out, and all that there was, was mud, mud, mud. She growled at how much Ganondorf changed her home.

Gabriella dismounted and walked to the edge of the lake.

“Someone’s there,” she said. Gabriella pointed to the middle of the lake, where there was a small island. On it was one tree, and next to the tree was…

“Isn’t that Ruto?” asked Kimmie. It was. Ruto was staring at the lake with a sorrowful look on her face. She also seemed to be saying something to herself.

Mimi, Romani, and Kimmie dismounted, and crossed the two bridges that lead to Ruto.

“It’s dying,” Ruto said when they caught up to her. “The lake will surely die if I don’t do something. But I can’t do it alone.”

“You need help?” asked Mimi. Ruto turned and just noticed them.

“You don’t know how much,” she said.

“What seems to be the problem?” asked Romani.

“As you can see,” said Ruto, “the lake is nearly dried out. Except”—she pointed to a small fragment of water, deep enough for someone to have to dive—“there. In it is the entrance to a Temple. The Water Temple. Something inside seems to be feeding off of the water. I need your help to figure out what it is.”

“We’ll do what we can,” said Gabriella. Ruto’s eyes and hands began to glow blue, and she created air bubbles, that surrounded the girls’ figure, allowing them to move freely, but not without the water around them.

“So you can breathe while you’re in there,” said Ruto. “The water outside may be drained out here, but not in there.” As she turned, a water tentacle, much like the one Kimmie fought, arose from the water!

“Stop it, Ruto!” said Mimi.

“I-It’s not me!” Ruto said. The tentacle came down, and missed Ruto by inches. It hit the ground and splashed.

“This is exactly why I need your help,” said Ruto. “Lately, these tentacles have been coming out of the Temple and attacking the shores.” After saying that she jumped into the small fragment of water and vanished into a tunnel.

“Ready?” said Romani.

“One—” Mimi counted.

“Two—” said Kimmie.

“Three!” they shouted. The girls jumped into the water. Luckily Ruto made them the air bubbles otherwise, the girls wouldn’t have been able to stay long. They swam forward into the tunnel.

“About time,” said Ruto. Everywhere there was water. Not a spot without it. Because Ruto was a Zora, she was able to breathe underwater. (Lucky…)

“We should split up,” said Ruto. “There are five tentacles in this whole area.” She jumped and swam quickly to a section of the Temple. Gabriella went next, then Kimmie, Romani and then Mimi.

Thanks to the air bubble, Mimi was able to breathe as if she was on land. She sank to her feet at the bottom of the Temple, and walked inside a tunnel.

Mimi then found herself at a dead end. She looked around, and something caught her eye above her. She looked up and saw that the tunnel went upwards. She jumped slowly, and swam to the top.

Mimi pulled herself to the surface, and looked at her surroundings: in front of her was a platform, and then a statue on a higher platform. It was tall and was very stiff. It had a dragon-like head that startled Mimi, but she relaxed. The room wasn’t filled with water all over, so Mimi could see blue walls, and a high blue ceiling.

Hoisting herself onto the platform, Mimi thought Nothing’s here…I’m going to try a different room. As she turned, there was a splash. Mimi turned and saw a tentacle. Maybe I won’t try another room! She thought. Mimi spotted something strange in the tentacle. A red nucleus. Drawing her sword Mimi slashed at it, and the tentacle vanished. In its place was a small bright orb.

“This must be a fragment of the whole orb,” Mimi said. She grabbed it, and tucked it in her pocket. Done with that, Mimi dove out.


Gabriella was swimming pretty quickly for someone that had a heavy Megaton Hammer on her back. I wonder where a tentacle could be…She thought. Ahead of her she saw a tunnel. Gabriella urged herself forward, and swam through the tunnel. She looked out to find that this room wasn’t filled with water like the rest of the place.

She pulled herself out of the water, and onto the surrounding blue platform. Only the middle of the room had water. Everything was blue, and Gabriella rubbed her eyes and stared at the blue wall and the low, blue ceiling.

Turning, Gabriella saw more blue: a blue, water tentacle!

“Whoa,” she said rubbing her eye. I need to see color after I get through this!” Gabriella took her hammer off of her back, and prepared for battle. Gabriella, like Mimi, spotted a red nucleus in the tentacle. She swung her hammer at it, and it smashed out of the tentacle, hitting the wall and the tentacle vanished.

“You think this place would have better monsters!” she said. As the tentacle disintegrated, the drops of water formed a small orb. Gabriella grabbed it, stuffed it in her pocket, and left.


Ruto summoned a blast of water, knocking the nucleus out of the tentacle. The water droplets formed a small orb. Ruto grabbed it, and dove back into the water. I hope the others are getting through, she thought. The last thing I need is a chosen one dying!


“That didn’t exactly take long,” said Kimmie, as she watched the nucleus wither on the floor and vanished.

“Huh?” Next to her was a small orb. She pocketed it, and dove into the water.


Romani swam forward with intense speed. She thought she heard someone behind her, and took off. I probably lost it. She thought. Wrong! Out of nowhere, a Tektite jumped at her.

Romani was quick: she drew her bow and arrow and gave a direct hit to the Tektite. Though because she was under water it didn’t exactly connect. But the Tektite was scared off, from a piece of wood flying near to its face. Swimming forward, Romani saw a huge tunnel. She swam up it, and found herself in a huge room. There were four blue platforms in the center, and along the walls were spikes.

Romani pulled herself out of the water and looked at her reflection. She gasped. Is that a split end?? She began smoothing her hair. This is the last time I ride in Ruto’s air bubble! She said to herself. Suddenly, Romani’s reflection began to shimmer.

“What..?” said Romani.

Two huge eyes appeared in the water and stared at her.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Mimi heard the scream.

“Romani!” she said. She put the Master Sword in front of her and it pulled her forward. It let out an outburst of speed, and drew Mimi forward.

“Whoa!!” she said, and passed Gabriella, who also heard the scream. She swung her hammer down and the water split like two waterfalls on either side of her, allowing her to run forward on the sand. Kimmie jumped out of the water next to her, and started running.

Ruto put her hands together in front of her, and began to swim forward, making a water tornado of herself.


“Help me!!!!” screamed Romani. She screamed again as a gigantic water squid rose from the water and grabbed her. It’s eyes blinked as it lowered her to its mouth. Then a blast of water splashed its eyes.

It dropped Romani and let out a roar. Ruto struck again, but this time on the water was Mimi. As the water connected, Mimi struck off all of the squid’s tentacles. Romani then was carried safely to the ground on a water fountain Ruto made.

Kimmie jumped on Gabriella’s shoulders, and Gabriella grabbed her and tossed her in the direction of the squid, jumping after her. They each hit the squid’s eyes and fell back.

Romani regained confidence and fired three arrows at the beast. Ruto froze them turning them into Ice Arrows. They struck the beast, and it froze over.

Mimi struck again and the squid’s frozen body and it crashed into pieces. From the squid’s frozen body, came am orb. Romani held it and the others’ pockets began to glow.

Out of the pockets came the fragments of the orb. All of the fragments sank into Mimi’s blade, and the five of them vanished.


*               *             *

“We’re back on the island…” said Mimi. Her sword glowed. She drew it, and the orb once again floated out of the sword. It hovered over the lake, and expanded, and formed a huge amount of water that filled the lake back up.

Once the lake was filled, the orb floated back into Mimi’s sword.

“Thank you,” said Ruto. “You helped me refill the lake.”

“Quick Mimi! Before you forget!” said Kimmie. Mimi nodded.

“Wait,” she said. Ruto looked at her.

“I—” started Mimi.

“—Want to know where your parents are and to make sure they’re safe,” said Ruto.

“How did you—?”

“I can read your mind,” said Ruto. “They’re alive and well. I can sense it. So don’t be discouraged.”

“Do you know where they are?” asked Mimi. But Ruto was already gone. Then Mimi heard Ruto’s voice in her head: Go to the Gorons on Death Mountain. They can help!



*             *               *

Mimi was riding Ashley on such a fast gallop, that Romani and Gabriella were having trouble keeping up.

“Come on!” Romai urged Epona.

“I’m going as fast as I can,” said Epona. “Ashley’s just younger than me and able to take more discipline.”

“You’re not that old!” said Gabriella. She looked up and realized where they were: Death Mountain. Mimi got off and so did Kimmie. They left Ashley at Kakariko, and walked into a tunnel. Romani and Gabriella did the same thing. The sign read: Goron City.

Once they were all inside, the main color was brown; there were brown paths, walls and all of the Gorons were dark brown.

Romani and Gabriella spotted Mimi and Kimmie walking down one path, and into a tunnel.

They ran forward, and caught up to them. When they walked inside they found an empty room: there was a small table with a pot on it on the right, curtains on the ceiling, and a statue. It was pulled partway open, and the tunnel behind it was dark.

Mimi stepped into the tunnel.

“This way!” her voice echoed in the passage she was in. The three hesitated, and followed.


“Mimi! Great to see you, pal!!!” said Darunia, giving Mimi two huge thumps on the back and smiling. Mimi nearly fell over.

“Great to see you too,” she managed to say.

“I see you brought your friends with you,” he said. “How’s it goin’?!?” he smiled, giving them each a smack on the back. They fell over one by one.

“It’s going well…” Romani croaked.

“Good, good!” said Darunia. “Now why are you four here?”

“I wanted to know if you knew where my parents may be,” said Mimi.

“Unfortunately, I don’t,” said Darunia. “Sorry, I couldn’t help.” Mimi nodded holding back tears. Will I ever find them? She motioned for the others to follow her.

“Wait!” said Darunia. They turned and faced him.

“I will tell you where I believe they may be…on one condition.”

“What condition?” asked Gabriella.

“There are dragons, fire dragons, that are in the lava. I’d like it if you could help me get rid of them. If you help me and my people, then your reward will be my telling of where your parents may be,” said Darunia.

“We can’t go into the lava,” said Mimi.

“With this you can,” he said. Walking forward, Darunia placed a gold bracelet on each of the girl’s wrists. “With these, you can swim in the lava like it was water.” Mimi walked over to the edge of the rock platform she was on. Mimi stared at the lava. Is this safe? She asked herself. What would dad— Before she could finish her thought, the rock below her gave.

“AAAHHHHH!!!!!” she screamed, falling into the lava.

“Mimi!!” Mimi sank into the lava and looked around. Am I going to die? She looked around under the lava, and noticed that her bracelet had formed around her: a barrier allowing Mimi to swim through the lava.

She looked around again, and saw a sort of tunnel. Moving towards it, Mimi spotted a long shadow on the wall. She gasped, and went back to the surface.

“Mimi!” said Kimmie. “You’re alive!”

“Not for much longer!” she said. Mimi frantically pulled herself up, just as soon as a fire dragon arose from the lava.

“What is that?!” said Romani.

“Fire Dragon!” said Darunia over the roar.

The dragon blew fire towards them, and they jumped out if the way in the nick of time. Darunia re- directed the fire at the dragon. It dodged, growled, and fired a fireball. Darunia destroyed it, and Gabriella jumped onto the beast’s head. She slammed her hammer down, and jumped off. Kimmie jumped and slashed its face and Romani fired an arrow. It hit the monster between the eyes, and Mimi slashed at it.

The dragon was no more.

“I found a tunnel,” said Mimi. “When I was in the lava. That’s where the dragon came out of.”

“Let’s check it out!” said Darunia. He dove into the lava. “Come on! The lava’s great!” He dunked himself under the lava again. The girls looked at Mimi. She nodded, and they jumped in after him.

Mimi led the way, and soon they were through the tunnel. They swam upwards, and looked around.

The room was full of pillars on the floor and the high, rocky ceiling. In the center of the room was a lava pit, and in the pit were four dragons. In between them, was an orb of light.

“How do we get their attention?” asked Romani. Apparently Darunia took care of that.

“Hey Dragons!” he shouted waving his arms. “Come and get me! You can’t even get me! With your body fat and…” He went on to insult them

“Y-You dimwit!” said Mimi.

“Get over here, NOW!” said Romani. But Darunia continued.

The Dragons roared, and sent fire straight at them. Mimi and the others pushed Darunia out of the way, and hid behind a huge rock.

“You dimwitted…” began Mimi. “I don’t even know what to call the way you just acted!”

“I had to get their attention somehow!” said Darunia, giving them a weak smile.

“We could of talked about it!!” said Gabriella loudly. A little too loudly. The Dragons melted the rock, and glared at them.

“Nice going, genius,” said Kimmie.

“RUN!!!!” screamed Romani. The girls and Darunia ran off screaming their heads off. The loud noise caused the rocks above the Dragons to collapse on top of them.

“That was fairly easy,” said Kimmie. Mimi jumped up to the orb, grabbed out of midair, and landed. The orb sank into the Master Sword, causing it to glow.

Mimi drew it, and the four were teleported to the entrance to Goron City.

    “Thank you,” said Darunia. “You helped me with the Dragons and in return got an orb.”

“Where are my parents?” asked Mimi. “You said you’d tell if we helped you.” Darunia scratched his chin.

“I suggest going to an area where you can keep yourself hidden,” he said. “Like the mountains of Termina. Our Brother family lives there, and might help.”

“Thank you,” said Mimi, smiling. Darunia smiled, and vanished in a wisp of light.

“To the other mountains!” cried Romani. They all laughed, and left.


   *             *           *


 “So, why are we going to the ranch first?” asked Ashley.

“It’s too dangerous,” said Mimi. “I’d hate it if two horses like you got hurt.”

“You’re too kind,” said Epona, with sarcasm. Romani noticed.

“I know you hate Ingo,” she said. “But you’ll have to obey him.” They rode into the ranch to see Ingo, with a sorrowful look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Romani.

“It’s your father,” he said. Fear showed clearly on Romani’s face. She ran into her house, and up the stairs. Kneeling next to her father’s bed, Romani felt her dad’s forehead.

“He’s burning up,” she said. Mimi could sense she was close to tears.


“Romani? Is that…you?” asked Talon, in a croaky voice. “You’ve grown so much…. You look like your mother…”

“Daddy, don’t speak,” said Romani, tears pouring down her cheeks. “You need your rest.” Talon put his hairy hand on Romani’s smooth one, and fell asleep. Romani stood, and left.

“Is he…?” asked Gabriella. She didn’t need to finish her sentence.

“No, he’s not dead,” said Kimmie, feeling his pulse. “Just in deep sleep.

“I’m going to talk to Romani,” said Mimi. As she left the house, she could see Romani talking to Ingo.  He nodded, and took the reins of the horses. Epona and Ashley gave her a sober look, and followed Ingo.

Romani walked out of the ranch, onto Hyrule Field. Mimi followed her.


“He’s very sick,” said Romani. She stared at the setting sun. “Ingo said he got sick just last week. He may not…he may not…” Romani began to cry. Mimi tried to comfort her. Romani just continued to cry.

“Romani…” she said.

“What if he dies, Mimi?!” said Romani. “I can’t live under Ingo! He’s not as kind as my dad! I just can’t stand it! What if, soon, really soon, I’m standing over my dad’s grave?!”

Romani tried holding back her tears, but just started crying again.

“I’m sure that won’t happen,” said Mimi. “You’re father will be cured, and you’ll stay with him.”

Romani rubbed the tears out of her eyes.

“Thank you Mimi,” she said. “Thank you. I know my dad is sick, but I can just pray that he’ll get better.” Mimi smiled. Romani stood, stretched and walked back into the ranch. Mimi stared at the setting sun for a while, and then walked back.

When she entered, she heard Kimmie, Gabriella, and Romani laughing with amusement at the horses. Mimi walked forward, and also started to laugh.

Ashley was running around with Ingo’s shoe.

“Come back here, you crazy horse!!” screamed Ingo, running with one shoe on.

“I’m open! I’m open!” said Epona. Ashley tossed the shoe over Ingo’s head to Epona, who caught it, and put it on the ground.

She suddenly turned green. She sniffed the shoe, and sat over it, and relaxed. After a while, she sighed, sniffed the shoe, and fell over.

Mimi and the others laughed as hard as ever, as they realized what just happened.

Ingo picked up his shoe and tipped it over. He turned beet red as something brown poured out. He glared at the horses.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. “I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU POOP IN MY SHOE!!!!!!!!!” Kimmie fell over, and so did Gabriella with laughter. Romani held her ribs as Mimi fell, enveloped in a silent laughter.

Ingo ran after the horses, but they were too quick. Mimi and the others left, still laughing.



  *             *           *

Although the trip to Termina lasted longer it was safer. Without the horses pounding feet, they didn’t run into many enemies. The girls’ feet were indeed softer than the horses’. After a few days of travel, we find the girls back in the Inn…


“Your recipes are wonderful!” said Anju enthusiastically. “I saved your room just in case you ever came back, and look! Here you are!” She laughed and gave them a huge hug.

“You’re squeezing the rest of the life out of us!” choked Mimi. Anju let them go and waved a hand in front of her face.

“P.U.!” she said. “No offense but you four really stink!

“Could we use your showers?” asked Kimmie. Anju led them to the shower room.

“Thank you!” they said. Anju smiled, and went to her desk.

The girls got into the showers, and felt tons better. Mimi gasped as she felt a sudden pain in her ankle.

“Ouch!” she fell to the floor of the shower.

“What’s wrong?” asked Gabriella, moving the curtain, towel wrapped around her.

“My ankle,” said Mimi.



 *             *          *

Zelda held her ankle.

“Ouch!” she said. Link sliced up the Tektite, and it disappeared.

“My ankle…” said Zelda. Link put her on his shoulders, and they walked forward.



 *             *           *

“And, bam!” said Mimi snapping her fingers it started hurting just like that!” The girls were back in their outfits, (That were clean again) and were thinking about what just happened. They were upstairs in the room. Gabriella sat on the bed, with Kimmie beside her, Romani sat at the table, and Mimi sat on the other bed.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore?” asked Kimmie.

“No!” said Mimi. “The pain just came and went!”

“Maybe…” said Romani. Everyone looked at her. She continued.

“You think that there’s some sort of link between Mimi and her parents?” she asked. “Like when they get hurt, she gets hurt, or the other way around?”

“It’s absurd,” said Gabriella, “yet it could be true.”

“We have to find my parents quickly,” said Mimi. They nodded, and went to sleep…


“Hello?” asked Mimi. She was in a dark, black room, and was in her blue nightgown.

“Hello?” she called again. Suddenly the little girl Mimi had met appeared.

“You left us to die…” she said.

“I didn’t mean to!” said Mimi. The girl morphed into three people: Kimmie, Romani and Gabriella.

“You can’t save us,” said Gabriella.

“You’re as worthless as a fool,” said Kimmie.

“You’re a disappointment,” said Romani.

They’re right! I can’t save anyone! I may be seventeen, but I’m so clueless!

The girls morphed into one, and formed Ganondorf.

“It’s been a long time, Mimi,” he said. “Last I saw you, you were a child…”

“Go away!” Mimi said. Ganondorf raised his hands, and fired a huge ball of energy…

“Mimi!” Mimi woke with a start, to see Gabriella looking at her. Romani was sitting up next to her, and Kimmie sat at the edge of the bed.

“Are you alright?” asked Gabriella. Mimi felt her cheeks: they were warm and were dotted with cold sweat.

“You were talking in your sleep,” said Romani.

“Saying “No, I didn’t…mean…’” Kimmie mimicked her tossing and turning in the bed.

“Romani woke us up and we woke you,” said Gabriella.

“Thank you,” said Mimi.

“We’re getting ready to leave,” said Romani, getting up. “Pack.”



   *            *            *

Link leaned Zelda up against a tree.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered. She was panting, and was very pale.

“We’re going to leave to find a doctor for you,” Link said. “There are some Gorons that live nearby and can help.” Zelda tried to smile but it turned into a groan as her ankle hurt more. Link set up a fire, and tended to Zelda’s ankle.


    *             *           *

Mimi planted her foot down in the soft dirt. Another memory hit her…

She and young Link walked into a huge Temple covered in Ice… Link and her watched as a huge beast crashed into the wall and shattered… The two of them walked into a bright blue light, and appeared in the spring of the mountains…


 Mimi jolted back to her consciousness and looked around. Her friends were staring at her.

            “Are you OK?” asked Romani.

            “Yeah, I’m fine,” said Mimi. They walked forward. Soon, the girls walked to a huge stone door. In front of it, was a Goron in a guard’s armor.

            “Halt!” It said. “Who dareth walk to the sacred land of the Gorons?”

            His accent was so funny and old, that the girls immediately started to laugh.

            “Whyeth do thee laugheth at me?” asked the Goron. The girls laughed harder.

            “If he continues to talk like that, I might die!” said Kimmie in between her laughter.

            “He keeps saying “eth” after nearly all of his sentences!” said Gabriella.

            “This guy’s a riot!” said Romani.

            “I bet he wouldn’t dareth to become America’s new Comedian!” said Mimi.

            “Wherever that is!” said Gabriella. The girls laughed harder until tears sprang from their eyes. The guard stomped his foot.

            “Why does thee laugheth at me??” he demanded. While the girls laughed, an elderly Goron walked out, and smacked the Goron across the head.

            “That’s one of the reasons I weareth this armoreth!” said the guard, holding his armored head.

            “What are you ladies looking for?” asked the Goron.

            Mimi wiped a tear from her eye.

            “We’re sorry sir, but we’re…we’re…” Mimi burst out in laughter again, as did the others.




            From where Link and Zelda were they could here the girls’ intense laughter bounce off the walls.

            “That way!” Zelda pointed. She gripped Link tight and Link ran forward.



            “SILENCE!!!!” screamed the elder. The girls froze. “Now tell me what you want…” Mimi took three deep breaths, and spoke.

            “You see sir,” she said looking at the elder. “We’ve come here looking for two people.”


            “Well one is a woman. She has blonde hair, and is mostly likely wearing a pink dress.”

            “Her hair looks like this!” said Romani, putting her hair in Zelda’s hairstyle.

            “Except it’s blonde,” said Kimmie.

            “And she has a crown!” said Gabriella, forming a tiara shape over Romani’s head.

            “The other is a man!” said Mimi. “He has on a green hood, and a green tunic.”

            “And leg warmers!” interrupted Romani, fixing her hair.

            “On his arms too!” said Mimi. “What are those things called?” she asked the others.

            “Pantyhosen, I presumeth,” said the armored Goron. The girls broke out in laughter.

            “Stop!!” said the elder, smacking the guard upside the head. The girls quieted.

            “Okay, okay,” said Mimi. “No more.”

            “Pantyhosen,” said Gabriella. They all started laughing again.



            “Where are they?” asked Link looking around. Then they heard the girls’ laughter again.

            Pantyhosen! HA!” They heard. Zelda stifled a laugh.

            “What?” Link asked.

            “Nothing!” said Zelda. “Put me down, I can walk now.” Link let her off. Zelda looked at Link’s legs, and laughed. Link still didn’t understand but Zelda ran off.





    *               *            *

            The elder smacked the guard again.

            “QUIET!!!” he yelled. The girls took a few deep breaths, and looked at him.

            “Now, you’re looking for a man in green, and a woman in pink?” he asked.

            “Yes!” said Mimi. “Have you seen them?” The elder pointed behind them.

            “I think I have,” he said. The girls turned. Standing next to a hill, was Link and Zelda. Mimi couldn’t believe it! Her parents, standing there, and they were alive! Just like Ruto said they were! Tears jumped into Mimi’s eyes as she ran up to them.

            “Mom! Dad!” They smiled, and Mimi ran into their open arms.

            “I’m so glad you’re alright!” said Mimi between sobs.

            “How have you been doing?” asked Link. He looked at her friends. Kimmie, Gabriella, and Romani turned red.

            “H-h-hi!” was all they could say. They were nervous to be in the presence of royalty. 

            “We’re sorry,” said Zelda. “We meant to wait for you, but…things changed…” She looked at her friends and the Gorons. The elder ushered them in so Mimi could be alone with her parents.

            “Why did you leave?” asked Mimi in a firm voice.


            “Why did you leave?!” she half screamed at them. “I was expecting to see everyone and to be able to see them again!” Zelda opened her mouth to speak, but Mimi stopped her.

            “No!” she said. “I don’t want an excuse. I want an answer!” Tears appeared in her eyes again. “Ganondorf returned, but you didn’t fight to save your people! You ran to save yourselves!” She stared at them. “Well?”

            “We wanted to save them,” said Link. Mimi looked at him.

            “You were the Hero of Time,” she said. “You could have saved them! But—” Link stopped her.

            “There is a reason we couldn’t save them,” he said. “You.” Mimi gaped.

            “Why me?” she asked.

            “Perhaps,” said Zelda. “It is time for us to tell you what happened…”



When you left, everything was peaceful…until one day…

 Link and Zelda walked into the Temple of Time just to see it again after so many years. A bright blue light surrounded them, and they disappeared.

            “Awaken!” said a voice. The two looked around to see all of the Sages on their medallions.

            “We fear something is wrong,” said Saria.

            “What something?” asked Link.

            “The seal…” said Impa. “Is breaking.”

            “T-The seal breaking?” asked Zelda.

            “Unfortunately so…” said Darunia.

            “We called you here to help us give the seal more power to seal Ganondorf,” said Ruto.

            “Let’s get to it,” said Nabooru. The sages, Link and Zelda made certain hand signals with their hands, and began to glow. A rumble, and they stopped.

            “What’s going on?” asked Saria. She looked around, and Nabooru pointed to the seal. It cracked.

            “AH HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAH!!” Came Ganondorf’s evil laugh. There he was, standing in the center of all the Sages.

            “How did you get loose?” Zelda asked. Ganondorf held up his left hand, and the Power triforce glowed. From it came a burst of a dark light, and he vanished…


            “Ganondorf had finally done what he planned to do,” said Zelda.

            “Break the seal,” Link continued. Mimi stared at them.

            “Only part of his plan has succeeded,” said Zelda.

            “What’s that part?” Mimi asked. Although Mimi heard it when she was young, she didn’t remember what Ganondorf’s last words were.

            ‘Someday when this seal is broken, I shall exterminate your descendants. As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand…’ That’s what he said,” said Link.

            “What does this have to do with me?” asked Mimi.

            You’re a descendant,” said Zelda.


            “You may not have been born into the Royal family,” said Link, “but you’re part of it. Ganondorf knows that as long as you live, he can’t control everything.” Mimi gave him a confused look.

            “You are part of the Royal family,” he said. “You have the blood of a hero that can rise and defeat Ganon. Like what I did when years ago, I was able to help seal the being away. It’s your turn now.”

            “No…” Mimi ran off. The voices from her nightmare echoed in her head: You left us all to die…You’re a disappointment…You’re as worthless as a fool… Mimi began to cry.

            I am worthless! She thought. I’m just a girl! A child! If I tried to save the world, I’d mess up, and everyone would die! NO! I won’t accept the responsibility! I don’t care if it’s my job. I just…just… She stopped her thoughts as she walked to the frog lake. She kneeled down and stared at her reflection.

            Can this girl save everyone? She asked herself. NO!! She slapped the water, making her reflection ripple across the water.

            “You believe that you are going to fail, and let everyone down. You also think that you aren’t the heroin everyone needs.” A soft voice said, getting louder as it came towards Mimi.

            “Hi, Romani,” said Mimi wiping away her tears. Romani kneeled next to Mimi and stared at her reflection.

            “You were always good at telling how I felt,” said Mimi.

            “As were you,” said Romani, smiling. “Why are you so upset?” she asked. “I walked out to your parents, and saw you running, so I followed.” Mimi sighed, and told Romani about what she was told.

            “So you think you’ll die, trying to save everyone?” she asked. Mimi nodded.

            “You won’t die,” said Romani. “Everyone makes mistakes. I sometimes feed the horses straw instead of hay. But I learn from my mistakes, and move on.”

            “But your problems never had to deal with so many lives on your shoulders,” said Mimi. Romani said nothing.

            “I know that you’re trying to cheer me up,” said Mimi. “But—”

            “You’re not alone,” said Romani. “You have your friends and family be your side.” She gave Mimi a thumbs-up. “Remember that.” Mimi smiled.

            “Thank you,” she said.

            “C’mon,” said Romani. “We’re going to be late for supper.”



   *              *            *

            “WHAT IS THIS?!?!” screamed Mimi, staring at her plate. Because these creatures were Gorons, all they ate were rocks. Mimi looked around the table, and saw the Gorons eating as quick as they could.

            Everyone else on the other hand was staring at the rock on their plate. Zelda put a hand over her food, and the rock glowed a bright light. The light vanished, and instead of a rock on Zelda’s plate, was a dinner that would have been served in the castle. Mimi stared at the rock on her platter.

            Mom taught me all of the spells and incantations she knows. Thought Mimi. Reach for the power, and I’ll be able to do exactly what mom did. Mimi placed her hand over her food, and summoned her power.

            Her rock glowed the same bright light as her mom’s and changed into the same meal Mimi ate at the Inn. Her mouth watered. About to dig in, she could sense Zelda’s eyes on her. Mimi sighed, and began to eat properly.

            Zelda seemed satisfied with this, so she went back to her eating. Mimi put down her knife and fork, and stood up. Walking to her dad, she changed his rock into the same meal Zelda had. She changed Romani, Gabriella, and Kimmie’s rock into the same meal Mimi had. All of them ate happily.

            “I’m glad you’re all here,” said the elder Goron randomly, after they finished. “Especially you Link.” Link smiled. “You know that Ice Temple that you went to, to destroy the creature that threatened to freeze us all?” Link nodded. “We have a new problem. After spring returned, the Temple melted, and in its place was a volcano. This volcano was extinct, as we all knew, but we have been hearing it rumble often…”

            “So you think that this volcano is a sort of “zombified”?” asked Kimmie.

            “Yes,” said the elder looking at her. Kimmie’s face turned pale under his gaze.

            “What do you want us to do?” asked Gabriella.

            “The volcano is not acting on its own,” said the elderly Goron. “We have been hearing roaring the past few days, and the volcano always threatens to erupt. We believe that there is some sort of monster, a Lizalfo most likely, that has somehow gained control of the mountain, and wants to destroy our colony.”

            “And you want us to stop it?” asked Gabriella. The elder nodded and looked at her.

            “Is that a problem?” he asked her, as she went pale.

            “No, sir!” she said quickly.

            “Good,” he said. “Well, good luck.”

            “We’ll try what we can,” said Zelda. She looked at Link.

            “Time for bed!” he said. The four girls moaned, and went to the rooms Gorons showed them to. As Mimi walked in her room, the Goron that escorted her looked her up and down. She glared at it, and it scurried away. Mimi changed into her PJs, and went to bed. A few hours later, she began to toss and turn…


            She was walking down a hallway, which was lit by torches. She took one, and continued walking. Mimi walked silently, not even hearing the sound of her nervous breath. She opened a door after leaving her torch in another stand, and walked inside.

            Standing in the center of the room was him: Ganondorf. He heard Mimi, and turned around.

            “You finally came…” he said. “I have been waiting!” Mimi drew her sword, as Ganondorf drew his. They lunged forward, and…

Mimi gasped for breath and held her stomach. The pain had felt so real! She had lunged towards Ganondorf, but before she could strike, his sword ran straight through her body. Mimi grimaced. What if that actually happened? She shook her head, and ran out of her room. She followed the hall, and ended up at the entrance to the Gorons’ home. She looked to her left up in the sky, and saw the volcano. As soon as she looked at it, the ground shook.

            Mimi looked away and ran towards the cliff. She stopped far from the edge, and sat to watch the sun rise. She may not look at the sun from Lake Hylia, but felt like she was there.

            “I had a feeling you’d be up.” Mimi turned around and saw her dad.             “Missing Lake Hylia?” he asked. Mimi nodded. “I remember when you, Zelda and I would always go there and watch the sun set and rise.”

            “I’d also come there when I felt depressed,” said Mimi. “Even if it was a long walk.” A moment of silence as the two watched the sun rise higher.

            “Dad?” Mimi broke the silence. “How did you save Hyrule? You were my age, so you must have been scared.”

            “I was scared when I was young,” said Link. “But as I grew older, I gained more confidence in myself and was able to confront Ganondorf, and win.” Mimi stared at him.

            “You seemed brave when you fought,” said Mimi.

            “That’s exactly what Zelda said”—he looked at Mimi—“after the battle was over.”

            “Was I there?” Mimi asked.

            “Yes…” said Link. “You were only about six at the time.” It may have been a long time ago, but Mimi could still remember the day clearly. She had jumped and swam to the other side of the lake when Zelda sat closer to Link. From the other side, she could still see them. Mimi had covered her eyes screaming, “Make it stop!!!! Make it stop!!!!!!!” over and over again.

            Mimi smiled. Those days were fun before she left on her first adventure. If she had decided to stay, she and her friends would all have been tortured and maybe even have died, from sickness or murder. Mimi shuddered at the thought. How could Ganondorf be so cruel? Mimi pondered her question for a moment then answered. Because he’s a sick, twisted little… Mimi went on in her head, surprised at her use of language.

            “Are you alright?” Link asked her. He had just looked at her. Did her look give away her thoughts?

“Come on,” he said. “We’re going to be late for breakfast.” He stood, stretched, and walked back to the Gorons’. Mimi sat there for a few more minutes, and then left.



 *               *             *

            Mimi pulled her tang top on herself and left her room. She met with the others outside of the entrance.

            Zelda had apparently cut her dress up to her knees, allowing her legs to move freely. She had on pink tights, and her same high heeled pink shoes. Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail, and she smiled at Mimi.

            Link was still wearing his same green outfit, with his hood: the works. He also had a long sword on his back. It was long enough going down to the tip of his boots. Obviously the Gorons had given it to him. Looking at his legs she saw his ‘tights’. She remembered the other day and tried not to laugh.

            Romani had on her blue capris, and her brown boots. She had on her same blue shirt, and red sweater that was on normally, but instead of buttoning it, it was tied at her waist. He red hair was out as usual, and was shining brightly in the morning sun.   

            Gabriella had on a new blue dress that the Gorons gave her. It had a ribbon in the back like her old dress. Her white socks were up to her knees, and she still wore her black shoes. The only different thing about her was that she was now wearing a blue headband.

            Kimmie still had on her blue T-shirt, with a mini-skirt. Her socks went up above her knees, and she had on black shoes. Instead of pigtails, Kimmie had a long ponytail.

            “Is everyone here?” asked the elder Goron. “Good. Now, the volcano is over the hills and across a pit. Link can lead the way from the last time he went there. Once you get there, destroy the beast, and the volcano should become extinct once again.” The group nodded, and left, with Link leading the way.

            “Do you know where you’re going?” asked Zelda.

            “I know what I’m doing Princess!” said Link. Zelda turned red.

“I’m a queen, thank you very much!” she said. Link shrugged.

“Whatever,” Link said. Mimi smiled. They may be lovers, she thought, but they still act like kids! The six ran forward and came to a huge pit.            

“How far down is it?” asked Gabriella. Romani walked forward and shot an arrow in the pit, listening to when it hit the ground. After a long pause, they heard a faint thunk! as the arrow hit ground.

            “Does that answer your question?” she asked. Gabriella nodded. Clink, clink clink…THUD! Everyone looked at Link who had just fired his hookshot and it had attached to the tree. As it pulled, he felt himself move toward the other side of the pit. He passed Zelda, and grabbed her to pull her across with him.

            “Y-You idiot!!” she yelled as they swung across. “YAAAHHHH!!!!” They landed safely on the other side, yet Zelda was cursing at Link like mad. Link hookshotted the tree next to Mimi, and came back.

            This time, he took Romani. As he pulled her, Romani flushed, and fear showed on her face at the same time.

            “WAAHHHHH!!!!!” They too made it across, and Romani was as stiff as a stick when she stood next to Zelda. Zelda poked and waved a hand in front of Romani’s face, yet she still didn’t move.

            Link came back, and took Gabriella.

            “C-can’t we talk about this!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!” Link put Gabriella down next to Romani.

            “I don’t ever want to do that again,” said Gabriella. Link came back with Kimmie, who for a moment looked wide-eyed then…

            “AGAIN!!AGAIN, AGAIN!! That was so much fun!!!!” The others looked at her.

            “Um………yeah…………sorry…” she said.

            “Ready?” Link asked Mimi. She swayed on her feet.

            “Erm…Dad…I’m not sure about—” Too late. Link swooped her up, and they were launched across the pit.

            “Land!!” said Mimi, when she landed.

            “Link!” yelled Zelda. “You could’ve killed us! You here me?! KILLED!!!”

            “At least I had a plan!” Link yelled back. “You didn’t have an idea—”

            “I did too! We could have floated across but no! Link has to be the hero again and save us from death! I’ll tell you mister! You didn’t save us but—”

            “Why do you always have an excuse for one of my ideas?! It was brilliant too…”

            “ ‘Brilliant’ he says! HA!” Zelda mimicked. “That had to be the most surprising, stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of!” They went on to insult each other in the strangest ways, some Mimi didn’t understand.

            “They fight like they’re old geezers,” said Romani. The girls laughed. Link and Zelda rounded on them.

            “WHAT’RE YOU LAUGHING AT?!?” they screamed.

            “N-Nothing! Nothing!” Link and Zelda walked ahead, but the girls still laughed whenever they weren’t looking.

            Then they reached it: the volcano. It was probably as big as Death Mountain, maybe even bigger! There was no cloud above it of course, because it was ‘extinct’.

            “We might as well go in,” said Zelda. The group nodded, and began to look for an entrance. It took a while before someone found it.

            “Found it!” Kimmie called. She pushed her feet into a loose mound of rocks, and there was the entrance. Luckily, it was big enough for Zelda and Link to fit.

            “Is it safe?” asked Gabriella. Nobody responded. Kimmie jumped through the hole.

            “Whoohoo!!” she cried. They then heard the thump and swish of dirt as Kimmie landed. “…Ouch! …I think it’s safe!” she called up. The rest jumped in one by one, Romani being last.

            “Whoa…” she whispered when she came in. ‘Whoa’ was right. The room was full of lava except for a bridge, a pretty worn bridge leading across. Gabriella kicked a stone into the lava. It sizzled, and melted.

            “That’ll hurt,” said Kimmie.

            “Too bad we left those bracelets with the Gorons, huh?” asked Mimi. She put her foot on the bridge, and it rocked back and forth. “It doesn’t seem stable,” she said, and stepped back.

            “A contest!” Romani said.


            “A contest!” Romani said again. “We’ll all do some sort of flip over the bridge, and see who’s flip is the best! We’ll get over the bridge, and have fun at the same time!”

            “It sounds like fun…” said Gabriella.

            “You wanna join in?” Mimi asked her parents.

            “No thanks,” said Zelda. “You can have your own fun.” She threw her arms up into the air, and with Link vanished and reappeared on the other side. The girls gaped at her.

            “Y-You could’ve taken us with you in the first place!!” Mimi yelled at them.

            “Have your contest!” Link yelled back. “We’ll wait!” Mimi fumed. Then she saw Kimmie get ready for her jump.

            She took a few steps back, and ran forward. She jumped into the air, front-flipped about four times, and then landed.

            Gabriella took a deep breath, and lunged forward. She jumped into the air and held herself, and flipped in a circle. As she came towards the ground, she placed her hands first, and did a twirling back flip landing next to Zelda.

            “Go Mimi!” Gabriella called. Mimi took several deep breaths and jumped. She jumped an inch away from the ceiling, flipped forward with her arms out, and feet in, and landed. That was actually fun! She thought.

            “She’s so graceful!” said Kimmie pointing to Romani. Romani had jumped up, and had done a mixture of everyone’s jump, landing with Gabriella’s twirling back flip, and through out her arms for applaud.

            “Ta-da!!” she cried. Everyone clapped their hands.

            “You definitely won, Romani,” said Gabriella, still clapping and smiling.

            “I didn’t know you were so good at acrobatics!” said Kimmie.

            “Well I’d have to thank Link”—she looked at him and blushed—“he taught Mimi and I how to do that when we were about ten years old. Thank you.” Link smiled.

            “No problem!” he said. Again Romani blushed.

            “Enough of this,” said Zelda in a clearly irritated voice. “We’ve got work to do.” She turned, and opened the door.


            This room was pretty big, but there was no detail. The whole room was white, and you’d have to look twice to see two doors next to each other that totally blended in with the room.

            Zelda walked towards one of them, and placed her hand on the doorknob. Before she turned it, she faced the others.

            “We should split up,” she said. “Two groups. Link, you go with Gabriella and Kimmie. I’ll take Romani and Mimi.” She motioned for the girls, and they followed her into the door. Link took Gabriella and Kimmie, and walked through the other door.



            “What is this, some sort of twisted maze?!?” Mimi yelled. The maze was indeed twisted. It had jagged turns and even zigzagging walkways.

            “Mimi,” said Zelda, looking at her daughter. “Remember what I taught you, about focusing your thoughts.” Mimi nodded, and with the help of her mom, concentrated on finding the correct door. There were plenty of them surrounding the maze. Romani just gaped. The two slowly began to take the left passage in to the maze. Romani got the sense to follow them and walked forward.



            Link put his hand inside the wall, and pushed a hidden button. The barred door immediately opened, and the three walked through. Once they were inside, a small Lizalfo, Kimmie and Gabriella’s height, fell from the ceiling, and landed before them. It threw back its head, and breathed fire. It returned its gaze to them, and prepared for battle.

            Link drew his sword, Gabriella her Megaton Hammer, and Kimmie her dagger. The Lizalfo jumped forward, but with one swipe from each of them, it vanished.

            “How easy was that?” asked Gabriella.

            “Easy enough,” said Kimmie. “Too bad Ganondorf won’t be that easy.” The door ahead of them opened, and they walked through it.



            “I hope this is the right one,” said Mimi, putting her hand on the doorknob. She turned it, and they walked through. On the other side was a huge, empty rock full room, with a door up ahead. Romani ran towards it, but Zelda grabbed the back of her collar.

            “Don’t,” she said. “It could be a trap.” And a trap it was. A Lizalfo appeared in front of them, and gave them the look of hunger. They could clearly see their reflections in the monster’s eyes, but weren’t afraid.

            Zelda’s hands glowed, while Romani took her bow and one arrow off of her back, and Mimi drew the Master Sword. The Lizalfo slashed with its sword, and the girls struck once. The Lizalfo winced, and collapsed, its body vanishing, while the others didn’t have a scratch on them. The door across the room opened.

            “Let’s go,” said Mimi. They rushed forward, and opened the door. They ran through the door. On the other side, was a blank wall.

            “Dead end,” said Romani. They turned to leave, but Zelda stopped them.

            “There are switches all over the room now,” she said. “If we take a step in any direction, three boulders will fall from the ceiling and crush us.” They wanted to be safe rather than sorry. So the girls nodded, and stayed put.


            “Isn’t that an orb?” asked Gabriella, staring across the room that they had just entered. She looked around the walls. They had a bunch of holes evenly scattered on them, and they seemed suspicious to Gabriella.

            “Do you want to see if it’s safe?” asked Kimmie in a mocking voice. Gabriella huffed. Kimmie smirked, and plucked out a long strand of her hair. She placed it in her palm, and blew it forward. As the hair breezed past, bombs were fired out of the holes on both sides, and destroyed the hair strand.

            “That isn’t safe,” said Gabriella.

            “No kidding,” said Link. “Obviously these bombs will blow us to smithereens if we even take one step forward.” He walked up to the closest hole, placed a bomb in front of it, and lit the bomb. He stepped back and watched.

            “What’s that?” asked Kimmie.

            “Another one of my brilliant plans.” The bomb exploded. All of the holes’ bombs reacted to the explosion, and exploded as well. As the explosion reached the other side of the wall, Gabriella squinted at it as the wall shimmered like a hologram. She caught a glimpse of Romani, Mimi and Zelda before it returned to normal.

            The wall was done. All of the holes had exploded, making them nothing but scars on the wall. Except for the wall Gabriella glared at. She walked in front of it, waiting. Kimmie then realized what she was doing.

            “Get way from there!” she said. Gabriella folded her arms, and smiled.

            “Do your worst,” she said to the wall. As if in response, the bombs fired out of the wall, straight for Gabriella.

            “Gabriella!” Gabriella still stood, as the bombs passed right through her, as holographic images.

            “Just as I thought,” she said. She drew her Hammer off of her back, and swung it down into the wall. It shimmered, and vanished. Mimi, Romani and Zelda stared as the wall to their right vanished. Link gave them a small smile.

            “She got out of hand,” he said, while Gabriella swung the Megaton Hammer onto her shoulder. Kimmie paid no attention to this however, but walked towards the orb. As her hand touched it, it immediately passed through it. She gaped.

            “It isn’t real!” she said. “It isn’t real!” she said louder, for everyone’s attention. She gave the orb a blank stare. Above her head, the ceiling opened an above trap door. In it was a giant boulder!

            “Kimmie!” shouted Gabriella. She ditched her hammer, grabbed Kimmie out of the way, and jumped into the room with everyone else. They watched as the huge boulder rolled passed, and slammed into the door.

            “Th-Thank you,” Kimmie said to Gabriella.

            “You’re welcome,” said Gabriella picking up her hammer. Zelda, Mimi and Romani gave Kimmie, Gabriella and Link a horrified look.

            “You weren’t supposed to jump there!!” Mimi shrieked at them.

            “What?” they asked.

            “The place is booby-trapped!!” said Romani. “That’s why we haven’t moved!” This was true. Throughout the commotion, the three had stayed perfectly still. Zelda had sensed switches everywhere in every space of the room, like I said before. If one was stepped on, three boulders would have fallen, and crushed them. Unfortunately, Gabriella, Kimmie and Link had stepped on three switches, and so the boulders all fell.

            “RUN!!!!!!!!” Kimmie screamed.

            “What about the other switches?” Mimi asked Zelda.

            “Forget it and RUN!” Zelda yelled. They didn’t need telling twice. They all screamed and ran. The boulders were going at a fast pace, and were quickly gaining up on them.

            “FASTER!!!!!!” Romani shrieked. Everyone quickly ran faster, and jumped through a doorway. The boulders smashed into each other, and pieces of rock flew everywhere.

            “Hit the dirt!” cried Link. Everyone jumped on the ground and covered their heads. The boulders smashed into the doorway.

            “There goes our only way out,” said Link. They stood up, and dusted themselves off. Mimi examined the room that they were in, and noticed that it wasn’t as different as the room that they fought the Lizalfo in, except this room was darker.

            “Why are you in my chamber?” hissed a snake-like voice. Everyone took out their weapon, and Zelda held up a hand and it glowed, lighting the room. From a darker corner walked the hugest Lizalfo the Mimi had ever seen! It looked pretty much like the original but well, bigger.

            “I demand an ansssswer!” The voice hissed again. It took a moment to realize that the voice was coming from the giant lizard-like creature. It took a step forward.

            “Are you the one controlling this volcano?” Link shouted up at it.

            “Yessssss!” the voice hissed back. Zelda turned to Link.

            “Was it that obvious?” she asked. Link shrugged. The huge beast took another step forward.

            “Why do you destroy?” Mimi called to it. “Why do you intend to destroy the Gorons? They’ve done nothing to you!”

            “Becausssse!” said the Lizalfo, its voice echoing throughout the room. “Destroying is cool!” They just stared at it. “What?”

Zelda struck first. She sent a beam of light at the beast’s ankles, sending it to the ground.

“I wasn’t ready!” it complained. Obviously this thing was just a kid. Since the monster was low enough, Kimmie ran forward taking out her dagger. She slashed at the head. The monster cried in pain, and began to stagger to its feet. As it rose, Romani fired three arrows at the beast’s neck. It fell once more. Link and Mimi jumped drawing their swords. They slashed five times each, and the Lizalfo vanished as its cold body fell to the ground. In its place was an orb.

“Good work everyone,” said Zelda. She looked and nodded to Mimi. She nodded back and walked to the orb. As soon as she touched it, it sank into the Master Sword and they all vanished.



   *              *             *

            “Three more orbs, and we can finally confront Ganondorf,” said Mimi looking at the Master Sword. They were near the entrance to the Gorons’ home to tell them of the good news. Mimi then realized what just happened.

We finally found four Orbs of Light, like the Sages said. She thought. But what about the monsters? The Lizalfo was just a kid…How horrible to have died at such a young age! The squid…it was most likely trying to give water to its…children. What if it had children? My friends and I killed it with the help of Ruto…. And…and the Moblins! What if they were just forced to help Ganondorf? They may have been trying to kill Saria and us, but they could have been trying to protect their young from his clutches! Now…what if the children never see their parents ever again? What will they think…? The dragons too. I know that the first two were bigger than the other two. They could have been a family! And…I helped kill them! NO!! Mimi shut her eyes in frustration. What have I done?! She screamed in her head. She dropped the Master Sword, and ran.

            “Mimi!” Gabriella called after her. “Not again…”

            “She’s been upset about this saving the world business hasn’t she?” Zelda asked Romani. She nodded.

“She seemed so depressed when she ran the first time…” Romani said. She hated seeing her friend this way. Romani began to follow her. Gabriella and Kimmie followed.


      *              *            *

            “Why me?!?” Mimi screamed over the horizon. The sun once again was starting to set. “Why was I chosen?!” she screamed at the sky, hoping a Sage would answer her. Nothing. Mimi began to cry.  “Why…?” she whispered. “I don’t want to save…I don’t want to kill…anymore…”

            “We don’t either,” came Kimmie’s voice. Mimi turned around. Gabriella, Romani and Kimmie were standing behind her.

            “We don’t want to save,” Kimmie continued. “It is a huge responsibility.”

            “We know how you feel,” said Gabriella. “We have realized…” she hesitated. “We have noticed that you have been down lately. Is something wrong?”

            “You can tell us,” said Romani. “We are all on this mission together.” Mimi sighed and told them of her troubles. About the squid, moblins, lizalfo, and dragons.

            “You think that we aren’t killing monsters, but rather…hylians? Like us?” asked Gabriella. Mimi nodded.

            “It just seems like that. Like we were killing members of our community, or maybe even making these beasts closer to…extinction.” They all stared at her. “I know,” she said. “I’m weird.” She laughed to herself, and began to laugh harder.

            “What’s so funny?” asked Gabriella.

            “Because,” said Mimi. “I’ve been so uptight lately, and trying to relax, but never could. I’ve been so upset about what is going on now instead of what is going to happen in the future. I’m weird!” She laughed again, and the others laughed with her.

            “We’d better get going,” said Gabriella. “Zelda and Link are probably wondering where we are.” They nodded and walked back to the Gorons.


            Mimi had a good night sleep that night. Not a single nightmare. That’s good. Mimi thought the next morning. She got dressed, and went down to the entrance. She waited for about five minutes then everyone came out. I wonder how the horses are doing…



    *             *            *


            Epona relaxed over Ingo’s shoe again.

            “Yeah!” Ashley said. “She did it again!” Ingo came running over, and the two horses ran to the stable. He looked at his shoe, and turned green.

            “These horses are gonna be the death of me,” he said.


             *              *             *

            Mimi breathed in the smell of travel. They were on the road again. They had said their good-byes to the Gorons, and had gone on their way. They had decided to stay in Clock Town to rest, and so they left. Mimi sighed. From what happened yesterday, she felt better for laughing it off.

            “We just have three more orbs to find, confront Ganondorf, and we’re home free!” cried Kimmie.

            “It won’t be easy,” said Link.

            “We know,” said Gabriella.

            “Of course it won’t be easy,” said Romani. “We’ve fought dragons, moblins, a giant squid, and a giant Lizalfo. Those battles weren’t exactly easy. But we had help.” Zelda’s eyes widened.

            “And you’re still alive after that?!” she screamed. She ran and hugged Mimi. “I’m so glad that you’re alive!” Mimi choked and gagged.

            “Mom!” she croaked. “I—(cough)—had help!” Zelda let her go. Mimi rubbed her neck.

            “Relax, mom!” she said. “I was trained by dad.”

            “That’s why I’m worried!” Zelda said. Link glared at her. She laughed, and they continued to walk through to South Clock Town. (Obvious…)


      *            *             *

            “Is it me, or is Clock Town even busier?” asked Romani. It was. The annual Carnival was coming, and everyone was excited and was running around all over town.

            “Mr. Link,” said Romani. “What’s going on?”

            “The Carnival of Time,” answered Link. “It’s an annual festival that happens once a year in the blue moon.”

            “Blue moon?” asked Mimi.

            “Yes,” said Link. “They have it to appreciate the four giants and also build a tower that is high enough to reach the Clock Tower entrance.” He pointed to the Clock Tower. “It’s also a custom to make a hand-made mask of your own design.”

            “Oh!” said Romani. A man had just come through with a long piece of wood.

            “Sorry miss!” he said, and jogged away.

            “I remember this!” said Gabriella. “Kimmie and I would always join in on the fun. We have our masks from the other times too.”

            “The food, activities, games…” said Kimmie. “This is one festival that you won’t want to miss!”

            “Could we stay for it?” Mimi asked her parents. They nodded in approval.

            “I don’t see why not,” said Zelda.

            “Yes!” the girls shouted, and ran to North Clock Town.

            There, they sat in a small circle, and began to exchange ideas for their masks.

            “I’m going to do a Deku Scrub!” said Kimmie.

            “Mine will be a Zora,” said Romani.

            “I think that I’ll do a giant,” said Gabriella. “What about you, Mimi?”

            “I don’t know,” said Mimi.

            “C’mon, you have to have some sort of idea!” said Kimmie. “It will be no fun without one.”

            “I know…” Just then, a small boy, about seven, (pretty short though…) walked up to them. He wore a blue bandana, blue jeans, brown shoes, and had the number 1 on the back of his shirt which had blue sleeves.

            “Who’re you?” he asked.

            “That seems like a pretty mean way to ask it,” said Gabriella.

            “Mind asking more nicely?” asked Romani. The boy fumed.

            “Who are you?” he asked, after calming down.

            “I’m Romani.”




            “I’m a part of the Bombers!” said the boy.

            “Bombers?” asked Mimi.

            “Not that kind of bomber,” said the boy.

            “So what do you do?” asked Gabriella.

            “I help protect the town, from baddies! Like that imp! But he’s long-gone…” he said.

            “Sure,” said Mimi. The girls stood up, and went to the East. There they met up with Link and Zelda, at the Inn.

            “We’re making a reservation,” said Link.  He walked inside, and the girls followed.


            “You’re back!!!” Anju cried when they walked inside, hugging the four girls. “You have grown too! You’re also just in time… The carnival is coming tomorrow!” The girls choked under her grip. Anju let go, and looked at them all. Her gaze came to Link.

            “You…” she walked up to him. “Mr. Link?” she asked. Link nodded. “Yes, just as I thought. The forest child from that day so many years ago!” She smiled. “And you’re back!” She squeezed him. Zelda scowled.

            “You can let go now!” Link choked. Anju released him.

            “Well, I’ve got an extra room!” she said looking at them all. “It’s across from the one you four”—she looked at Mimi and the girls—“used last time.” She signed them in, and the six walked upstairs. Link and Zelda took the new room, while Mimi, Gabriella, Romani and Kimmie took the same one they used last time.

            “Should we start our masks?” asked Gabriella. They nodded, and began to carve masks. (Gabriella had made a quick dash to the store) Gabriella’s was a giant, Romani’s a Deku Scrub, Kimmie’s a Zora, and Mimi’s a giant. (“I couldn’t think of anything else!” she said)

            Gabriella put on her mask.

            “How do I look?” she asked. They liked it of course. The rest of them put on their own mask. The girls had put much work into their masks, and they looked wonderful.

            “I think that these are pretty good!” said Mimi, taking off her mask. “Even though I’ve never made a mask before, this came out well.”

            “Mine too,” said Romani. They changed into their PJs, and sat on the beds.

            “Tomorrow is the Carnival,” said Gabriella.

            “It’s so exciting!” said Kimmie. “I can’t wait too see everything again! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there’s a band coming too.”

            “A band?” asked Mimi.

            “Yes,” said Gabriella. “The Indigo-Go’s. They’re a Zora band, and they will be playing their hit song, Ballad of the Wind Fish. I heard it’s pretty good.”

            “This sounds like fun!” said Romani. “I can’t wait to see it!” Mimi nodded. The girls went to sleep, and the lights went off. Mimi tossed and turned in the bed minutes later…


            “Dad?” she called. “Mom? Romani? …Anyone?” No answer. She looked behind her, and saw Ganondorf. Attached to the wall in front of him were Zelda, Link, Romani, Gabriella, and Kimmie. They had a cloth tied over their mouth, so they couldn’t speak.

            “Which should I kill first?” asked Ganondorf. Mimi whimpered. She reached for her sword, but it wasn’t there. Ganondorf held his hand up to Romani’s face.

            “Your best friend?” he asked. “Or maybe…” His hand moved in front of Link.

            “No…” said Mimi.

            “Oh?” said Ganondorf. “She doesn’t want you to be killed.” He said to Link. “What I faithful daughter… But I have waited far to long for this moment.” His palm glowed, and everything went black.

            “MIMI!” Mimi heard someone call her. “MIMI!” She couldn’t answer. “MIMI!!” Mimi collapsed with the smell of smoke in the air…


            “MIMI!!” Mimi sat up straight.

            “What?” she looked around. She looked out the window, and saw smoke rising against the dark sky.

            “Mimi!” said Kimmie. “The town is on fire! We have to leave!” They were still in their PJs, but the girls left. Except Mimi. Something was drawing her to the porch outside.

            “You go ahead,” she said.

            “Are you nuts?!?” said Gabriella. “This building will collapse and burn down with us in it! Anju has a wagon outside. We’re going to the ranch!”


            “Mimi!” said Romani. “Grab your sword and let’s go!” Mimi ignored her. She did pick up her sword, but went out the exit upstairs to the porch. Gabriella pulled Romani downstairs, where they left with Anju and the others.

            Mimi opened the door, and walked out. She gaped at the Town. Everything in sight was either obscured by smoke or covered by fire. Everywhere people were leaving through the nearest exit. Mimi stepped forward, and stopped. She could sense something. And it was powerful.

            From under the porch, came the one and only Ganondorf. He smiled.

            “Do you like it?” he gestured at the Town. Mimi shook her head. “I thought so,” he said. “You heroes always need to see peace…” He held up his hands in the air. “You shall be the last one!!” he yelled. His hands up into the air began to form a dark ball of energy. Mimi was paralyzed on the spot. She just stared as Ganondorf began to aim the energy at her.



            Anju stopped the wagon as Romani looked back after hearing a shriek.


            “Mimi!” Romani looked back at the Town. It slowly began to glow black on the edge of it.



To Be Continued…




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