The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Destiny

By Karl H


With the Hero of the Gods killed it is up to his son to save Hyrule, The 11 Dimensions and protect the Oracles of Destiny.



Eighteen Years after Ganondorf the King of Darkness’s Death a new and pure evil power invaded Hyrule. This power made Ganondorfs seem like a joke. With her power she could corrupt the minds of other to do her bidding and that is exactly what she did to Zelda. With this she banished Link from the Lanayru and Eldin Provinces. So Link was forced to go back to the Ordon Village. Over a Year he married Ilia and had a son and they named him (Well Ilia named him) James. James was no ordinary boy somehow he inherited his fathers sword skills and could easily beat Link in a duel. This was at age 10, Now James is 17. Also a year and a half after Ganondorfs death Zelda married a Prince from another Land and they eventually had a Daughter and they named her Adria. She also inherited her mothers looks. She is 16 years old and is always getting in trouble for her rebellious ways. Now  has returned to Hyrule and it is up to James and Adria to put a stop to it.



Chapter 1: The Start of the End


Wind was blowing through James’s hair. He had inherited his fathers looks except he had Brown eyes instead of the Blue. But he didn’t care. James was carrying his fathers sword that his Godfather Rusl had crafted for the Hylian Royal family Eighteen years ago but Link borrowed it for certain reasons his father told him. Today James had discovered a secret Grove off to the right of the Forest Temple. As he was walking through he met puppets that attacked him but he just got rid of them all with a Great Spin Attack. He eventually made it to a small outdoor chamber where Two Stone Statues were just standing there and behind them was an Arch leading to another area. James was getting excited he walked up the steps and into a Smaller Grove and in the middle of it gleamed a magnificent sword. James walked towards it each step he became more anxious as to why it was there. Now he stood right in front of it, the sun reflecting off of it blade as if it has just been recently polished. He placed his hand on the sword but immediately drew it back receiving quite and electric shock.

“Only the Chosen Hero can wield this sword.”

James turned on the spot and saw his father standing there smiling.

“I knew it would only be a matter of time before you discovered this area.”

James was confused “Dad. What is this place?”

“This, my son is the Sacred Grove. It was where the Temple of Time stands. To us this is just a ruin, an illusion but if we were to pass through the Temple Door then we would see it.”

Suddenly around them a wall of Dark Magic surrounded them blocking off any exit and out of no where a woman appeared. James was flabbergasted she was stunningly beautiful.

“Well hello there, Chosen Hero.”


Link was shaking with anger “WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE?”

“Just thought I could pop by and say Hi”

Link let out a snarl “WELL LEAVE YOU ARE NOT WANTED”

“Please there is no need to shout. I came back because since Zelda does not like you anymore I thought you and I could give it a shot.”


James knew it would only be a matter of time before he was dragged into it

‘I see. Well in that case I have no use for you.’

She disappeared again then reappeared in front of Link and drove a sword right through his Abdomen, blood started to come out of the wound and fell onto the grass.


Link fell to his knee’s sword still sticking into his gut he looked at it then to his son


James caught his father before he hit the ground.

‘T…take …t.t….t…this’

Slowly Link untied his belt which magically contained all of his items.

‘D…dad. No please no.’

‘G…goodb… s…….n.’

Link eyes closed slowly. The Great Hero of the Gods was dead. James lowered his fathers body onto the ground slowly


She had the biggest smirk on her face.

‘Hahahaha now the Great Hero is gone. It’s time to leave no witnesses’

She charged at him, James dodged and backfliped away and drew out his sword. She charged at him once again, James blocked and did a jump attack, She dodged and went for a stab but James dodged and attempted a back slice but she disappeared and reappeared behind him and blasted him in his back. James went flying but lost his sword.

‘You can never beat me.’

She picked up James’s sword and it disintegrated in her hand. James looked up and saw in front of him The Master Sword. James stood up slowly. He raised his head up slowly giving this woman a piercing look of pure-hatred and gave a smile which was more fearing than the look of rage. She took a step back. She wasn’t scared of anything but right now she was scared. Scared for her life.

‘Well now it is time to end your young life kid.’

James had been called many things by older people than him but the worst was being called ‘Kid.’

‘You killed my father’ James said softly ‘But now. I shall kill you and do him a favour.’ He yelled out this sentence. ‘I may not have any weapons now, But.’ James pulled out the Master Sword ‘I do now!”

‘You will never kill me.’

She charged at him. James readied himself then did a Jump Strike knocking her sword away and her over. James jumped up ready to plunge the sword through her Black heart. The Sword connected and she screamed.

“AAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO” then she exploded, hopefully never to be seen again. James walked over to his father. Stepping in a pool of his father’s blood. He took up his father hand and shook it saying “It was a pleasure being your son”. He fireman lifted his fathers body and walked back to the village.


Over the next few days the whole village was in total grief over the death of there beloved friend. Ilia had locked herself in her bedroom. James wasn’t sad or angry about his fathers death. He knew his father was proud of him and knew he would now be watching over him from above. When James was younger his father always said ‘When you get older son, You must visit outside the Faron Woods, Like the Eldin province and Lanayru province because this is a small world we live in and its only going to get smaller’. James took this into consideration, He wanted to explore Hyrule instead of maps and illustrations. It was decided.

He would take his horse and explore Hyrule. A vision of three months ago came back to him.


‘Come here son’

James walked over to the Stable.

“Pick any Horse you want son.

James looked shocked “What. What is wrong with Epona?”

“She is getting too old. She can’t travel as far as she could anymore. She can trot through the Faron woods fine but she would die if she went as far as Hyrule Castle.”

“Fair enough Dad

James walked through the stable, He loved every horse here but he couldn’t decide which one.

Then he remembered the Foal Epona gave birth to 6 years ago.

Dad. Where is Aphrodite?”

“Oh excellent choice. Epona’s old foal. Aphrodite would love a good ride. She is in the End Cubicle.”

James approached the White horse, It shook its head its mane going with it.

“She is perfect Dad. Thanks”


This brought tears to James’s blue eyes. After sorting out Ranch work with Colin, James was ready. As he was about to depart he looked up at his Mother’s bedroom window, She was not there but she was standing at the front door holding a package. She walked down the steps and approached James.

“Please son take this with you. It would mean so much to your father.”

Excitement flooded James as he ripped open the package to reveal a green tunic.

“Mum. This was Dad’s. Wasn’t it?”

“The very same”

James was lost for words “I….Thanks Mum.”

James pulled his mother into one of his rare hugs. She started crying into his sholder.

“Mum. What’s Wrong?”

“Nothing, Nothing dear. Well off you go now on your big Journey.”

James smiled “OK Mum I will send a letter to you later.”

James mounted upon Aphrodite and they took off at a gentle pace.



Chapter 2: Meeting a New Friend


Hyrule Field. For the first time in his life James was laying eyes on Hyrule Field. It was beautiful. Experiencing the real thing and looking at pictures is completely different. He pulled out a map (He wanted to visit Lake Hylia first) and traced his finger over trail’s and shortcuts then he found he needed to head east to reach Lake Hylia. He took of at a gentle pace gradually speeding up to a sprint. James was almost at the Gate sealing off the trail when he heard a scream. He turned Aphrodite in the direction of the scream and saw a Girl running away from Five Black creatures. James had never seen a monster like it before, It walked on all fours, it had a black body and had weird red markings all over it. James just couldn’t just stand there and ignore it he had to help. He whipped Aphrodite and they took off towards them to help her out. Unfortunately she ran into a dead end and couldn’t escape. The creatures surrounded her and suddenly behind them a wall of pure energy appeared behind them sealing them and the girl inside. James bought Aphrodite to a stop, He had to get in there and help out the young Maiden. He had an idea. He stood up on Aphrodite’s rear and gave her a pinch. Aphrodite didn’t like it and bucked James off, Fortunately this is what James wanted to do and jumped over the energy wall.

“HEY YOU BIG UGLY THINGS. LEAVE HER ALONE” James pulled out the Master Sword and readied himself. The Creatures obviously didn't like being called ugly and turned there attention away from the girl towards James. They were too easy to kill he took out the first four with a spin attack then he turned his attention to the last one but he dropped his sword as it let out a ear splitting shriek, both James and the girls thrusted there hands across there ears. Once it stopped he picked up his weapon ready to kill it. Then from behind he was knocked to the ground and the Master Sword flew out of his hand and slid all the way in front of the girl who had covered her face to hide from her attackers. James looked up in time to see one of the monsters raise is claws ready to strike, James rolled out of the way just in time. James jumped off the ground ready to fight bare handed. One of the monsters ran at him, James stepped to the side and brung his knee up and smashed it into the creature’s chest then he grabbed it’s neck and snapped it. The other monsters came to attack James then he noticed his sword bump into his foot. He picked it up and when the monsters surrounded him he let off a Spin attack killing all of them. They all were sprawled over the ground then they disappeared and the wall of power disappeared around them. The girl stood up, She was no ordinary girl she looked beautiful, she was dressed richly and she wore makeup and her hair looked smooth and shiny as it blew with the wind. She approached him with fear in her eyes. “Thank you. Thank you so much for saving my life how can I ever repay you?”

James thought for a second, he wanted to say a smooth line “Knowing you are safe is payment enough.”

The girl giggled “That’s nice thanks. By the way what’s your name?”

“My name is James, Son of Link and Ilia. What’s yours?”

She smiled “My name is Adria, Daughter of Queen Zelda and King Rodolpolus.”

James was taken aback “What! YOU are the Princess of Hyrule?”

Adria laughed “No I am just her maid. Of course I am.”

James knelt on one knee and looked at the ground “Your Highness.”

Adria picked James off the ground “You don’t have to treat me like royalty. Treat me like….. your best friend, and PLEASE don’t call me princess. I don’t like it.

James smiled and said in a sarcastic voice “Of course your Majesty.” And he sank into another low bow mocking her.

Adria held up a threatening fist “If you hadn’t had saved my life before I …..I’ll”

“Stutter at me.”

“Oh shut up.”

James laughed.



Chapter 3: Mistaken Identity


After meeting the princess and engaging in conversation, James agreed to take her back up to the castle (He continually said just in case anymore monsters attack). He let Adria ride Aphrodite while he walked along side and listened to her complain about her life, before he felt sorry for her but now he felt sorry himself. The castle came into view, It was magnificent. James stopped to admire it’s view he had never seen anything like it. Adria said “It looks better on the inside. C’mon I will show you.”

Adria quickly rode on ahead leaving James behind. “HEY COME BACK WITH MY HORSE.” He yelled but the wind carried his voice in the other direction. He now had to walk the next mile to the castle without anymore complaining. James smiled at the thought of not listening to any more complaining.

James walked into the castle market, the streets were packed with people trying to buy food and certain item’s. Then James spotted something that took his fancy, A Hylian Shield. These were very rare. He knew his father carried one with him when he was on his adventures. He approached the stall. “How much for the Shield?”

The stall owner appeared and said “For you sir. 300 Rupee’s.”

James looked shocked “What! 300 Rupee’s. But it looks second hand though. It has bumps and a couple of burn marks on it.”

“Fine look I will lower the price. 250.”

James gave the stall owner an angry look. “That is still far to high. Oh look I see another stall up there that has one. Maybe it is even better condition and a lower price perhaps.”

The stall owner stopped him “Wait. OK. 200. But that is my final offer.”

James sighed “Fine I will take it.” James handed over the money and walked off with his new Shield. It was just lucky the stall owner didn’t look at the shield because it was in perfect condition. James laughed as he walked away.

His exploring the market made him hungry but he spotted a café close to the fountain and ordered some food. After he was done and paid for his food out of the corner of his eye he noticed a portrait of him up by some castle guards. He ran over to it and it read “If you spot this man, Please call some Guards he is WANTED” This word was printed boldly on the bottom. What did James do? He had never set foot inside the castle before maybe talking to Adria was treason. Then it hit him, It was his father’s picture not his. Suddenly from behind he was thrown on the ground face first and some people stood on his back while more tied chains around his arms. One was saying “You are under arrest. Anything you say or do will be considered a confession towards the Hylian Royal Family.”

They pulled James up to the ground and walked him off towards the castle. James pleaded his innocence “What have I done? Let me go.”

The Guards snapped at him “Shut up or we will do it for you.”

They dragged James up to the castle and they took him up to the throne room where the King and Queen were sitting. All the Guards sank to there knee’s and forced James to his. One stood up and said “Your Majesty’s. We have just captured Link as he was trying to sneak into the castle.”

James yelled out maintaining his innocence “I wasn’t trying to get in I was reading a poster about…” James couldn’t finish his sentence as a fist slammed into the side of his face. The Queen stood up and approached James. She spoke calmly “Why did you try to sneak in?”

James continued a maintain his innocence “I wasn’t trying to sneak in I was reading a poster when these… threw me to the ground and tied me up.”

Zelda starred down at him “You know perfectly well that I banished you from the Lanayru and Eldin Provinces and right now you are in the Lanayru. You have chosen not to obey this law.”

“Look do I look like Link?” James wished he had taken this back he knew it was a stupid thing to say.

“Funnily enough you do.” Zelda turned her back on him. “Take him to the dungeons.”

The guards started to drag him away but James wouldn’t leave without a fight. The guards saw this and restrained him even more. One guards picked him up by his head and said “If you think you can take us all on. I would love to see you try.”

James smirked “Sure” and he head-butted the guards in his face and threw the Guards that were hold him off. They all fell to the floor. James backflipped away from them. They all got up and ran at him, The first one dived but James jumped and kicked him on top of his head and sent him smashing his face onto the floor. James stood on one foot and held one in the air threateningly against the other guards. They ignored this and surrounded him. They all dived at him but James jumped up and they all hit each other with a sickening crunch. James laughed at them “Is that all you have got?” This angered some and they drew out there swords. “5 on 1 that is very un-fair especially since I have my hands tied behind my back.”

All the guards charged at him, James taunted them by yawning and waited for one to get close then he fell onto his back and used his feet to pick up one of the guards and throw him into the wall head first and he slid down not moving an inch. James kicked him self off the ground and kicked one more of the guards in the head knocking him over and out. James needed to get his hands free then he noticed the keys on one of the guards belt. James readied himself then ran at them and knocked some over and snatched the keys from the guard with his teeth then ran and jumped out of sight. All the guards looked around for him but could not find him. James had the chains off his wrists and it felt god not to have heavy iron chains around his wrists anymore. All the guards looking for him were armed and James’s sword and shield were taken from him but he spotted them lying on the floor forgotten by the guards. He could get them and put up a good fight or he could give himself up and explain everything to Zelda. They both were good options but then Adria walked in and approached her parents asking them “Mother, Father what is going on? I could here this commotion from downstairs.”

“Darling a prisoner is resisting arrest. Now come here before he could take you hostage.”

Adria stood safely beside her mother and noticed the sword and shield lying on the ground. She recognized them. Out of site James saw this and decided it was best if he got back his weapons but he needed to get them quickly. As quick as he could run, James ran towards his weapons and quickly gathered them and turned to look at Adria “Hello Adria. So how is my horse?”

Adria was shocked “James. Well I was going to return it. I was hoping you would come and get her so………….” The rest of her sentence was cut short by the guards grabbing James and forcing him to the ground.

“Wait what are you doing?”

“Sorry Princess but he has attacked us and he has been placed under arrest.”

Adria looked at her mother “What did he do?”

Zelda responded “He has broken the law that I set in place 17 years ago.”

“What would that law be? Make sure my future daughter is not allowed to have friends.”

Zelda was taken aback “No of course not dear. It was that Link was to be banished from the Lanayru and Eldin Provences and now he has returned and he is right over there under all the guards.”

Adria retorted angrily “I don’t care about Link but right now you are showing how rudely you act towards his son.”

Zelda looked shocked “What? This is his son?”

“Yes he is. Now I would appreciate it if you men got off of him.”

Zelda walked towards James and looked deeply into his eyes “Oh. I see you are too young to be Link now. Guards release him immediately.”

As soon as she finished that sentence all the guards got off James helped him up.

“Now please leave us” and Zelda walked back up and sat on the throne.

All the guards mysteriously melted out of sight. Adria ran up to James and took his hands “Listen I am so sorry about this.”

James hushed her “It is ok. At least I was not thrown in the dungeons, Besides I could have escaped anyway.”

Adria laughed and took James up to meet her parents. “Mother, Father this is James.”

Zelda starred into his eyes “Oh I see Link had blue eyes and you have brown” Zelda shook his hand “Listen I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

James smiled “That’s OK. It’s not the first time I have been mistaken for my father.”

Zelda laughed as did the King and Adria.

The King stood up and shook James’s hand “I am King Rodolpholus of Hyrule. It is a pleasure to meet one of my Daughter’s friends.”

“The pleasure is all mine sir.”

Adria butted in “I have known James for about 2 hours, Do you know he saved me from being killed by some monsters.”

Zelda and Rodolpholus looked shocked.

“What! Why would they want to attack my daughter?”

James looked stern “I am not sure but I am suspecting they were summoned to kill her by someone else, these were no ordinary monsters. When you were around them it felt like darkness had fallen and it would never come back.”

Zelda’s eyes widened “Were they black and have red markings all over there bodies?”

James looked surprised “Yes. They did. How do you know this?”

Zelda went on to explain when her kingdom fell to the Evil King Zant and how her land became shadow.

Everyone listened is awe as she explained about how Link saved Hyrule and what happened after he had saved Hyrule. When Zelda explained abut this woman James let off a snarl of pure hatred towards this woman.

“James.” Adria asked “What’s wrong?”

James looked down at his reflection on the marble floor “You see 6 days ago when me and my father visited the Sacred Grove this woman appeared and tried to take Link back. Unfortunately when he told her that he was married and that I was his son. Then She……she……killed…..him.”

Adria looked shocked “Oh James I am so sorry.” She pulled James into a hug out of sorrow. Zelda was sitting there here hands clenched the ends of the armrest and her eyes opened wide.

Rodolpholus also looked shocked “I am sorry to hear this. Is there anything we can do?”

James thought for a minute then replied “Is it all right if I stayed here while I explore the rest of Hyrule?”

Rodolpholus nodded “Consider it done. After all you did save my daughter and I owe you that much.”

James smiled “Thank you sir.”

Adria (who had her arm over his shoulder) walked James out of the throne room where Adria summoned the Guards who captured James and asked them to beg for forgiveness. James stood there and laughed “Listen. It is ok. It’s fair enough that you mistook me for my father but I forgive you, and I did find it rather funny.”

Adria smiled “Just don’t do it again. OK. Dismissed”

They all bowed and left. James found this funny how all the guards were the royal families lap dogs. Having the princess for a friend, he could get used to this.



Chapter 4: Hylain Market Day


The sun shone through the open window blinding James who was still asleep in bed. James was half expecting his mother to come barging through the door asking him to come downstairs and get some egg’s for breakfast. The door did open but Adria ran in and jumped on the bed and accidentally knocking James off. James picked himself off the floor and climbed back into bed, much to the pleading of Adria.

“C’mon James we have a lot to do today.”

James put his head back on his pillow “What time is it?”

“It is 6:30.”

James sat bolt upright “What. It’s far too early for me to be up I normally wake up about 9. Why are you up so early?”

Adria laughed “It is because today is the Annual Hylian Market Day. Everything is at a lower price and I need some new dresses also I needed someone to help me pick out a few.”

James was shocked, he had never been shopping before “Adria, Don’t you have…. Well friends that are…well….you know…..Girls?”

Adria gave him a look that made him fall out of bed again and he quickly climbed back in “No. My parents are strict when it comes to my friends. You are my only one.”

James was shocked “Well that is not very fair.” James reluctantly got out of bed again “Well today is your lucky day. Today you shall make some friends and Believe me I will help you.”

Adria shrieked in happiness “Excellent, I’ll just quickly go get dressed. If you come quick you can help me choose a dress to wear.”

Adria ran off leaving James to get dressed. He sat there wondering what the day was going to be like, he shuddered at the thought.

James slowly (and on purpose) got dressed into his father’s green tunic and went to find Adria’s room. It wasn’t too hard to find after he asked one of the maid’s where it was. James approached the door and knocked there was a gasp a rustle of clothes and the door opened slowly and Adria was standing there in her dressing gown. “James. Come in.” Adria opened the door and allowed James entrance “I can’t decide between this one and this one.” She showed him two blue dresses that looked exactly the same.

“Well. They are both the same.”

Adria laughed and slapped him on the arm “No silly. This one is Aqua blue and this one is just plain blue.” James smacked himself in the head “Of course how could I be so stupid.”

Adria laughed “OK now that you have helped. You can go downstairs and have breakfast while I finish up here. I will be down in 20 minutes.”

James left the room and went downstairs to the Dining room where he met Rodolpholus.

“Good Morning James. Did you sleep well?”

James nodded “Yes thank you sir.”

“That’s great. Would you like to take a seat? The cooks will bring out breakfast in a minute.”

“Thank you sir.”

The doors burst open and the cooks walked in carrying steaming hot plates of food and the placed them on the table and left the room. James looked at the food and his mouth started to water but he wanted to be polite and let the King start first so he waited.

“Pleas go ahead and start I have to check on the problem in the east.” The King lifted up some papers showing James.

James was intrigued “Why? What is happening in the east?”

“Well we have had some invaders from a different land and they have captured the Arbiters Grounds and are threatening to attack the castle if we do not give up our kingdom.”

“Really. Well if you need and/or want my help, just ask.”

Rodolpholus smiled “Thank you. Now I can see you eyeing that food so tuck in.”

James didn’t need telling again he grabbed the nearest plate and piled heaps of bacon and egg’s on his plate and scoughed it down, never had he had as much food as he wanted, it was heaven. Adria walked in and sat down beside James and laughed when he choked on his food. “You shouldn’t eat so much. Your stomach will burst.”

“It wont, I’fe got a ftomach of fteel.” James emptied his mouth “Sorry. What I meant to say is that I can eat heaps and I don’t gain weight. Does that make sense?”

Adria cracked up laughing “No I doesn’t.”


After 3 more helpings James and Adria left the castle walked down to the market.

Adria did most of the talking on the way down but when James had the chance he asked “So, What is the Arbiters Grounds?”

Adria looked at him “Father has been talking about the bandits hasn’t he?”

“Well he didn’t tell I asked.”

“Oh well ok. The Arbiters Grounds were in old times where Hyrule’s worst prisoners were sent to be put to death. They say they used an ancient Mirror to banish there body and soul into darkness.”

James shuddered at the thought “Well I will have to be careful around you. Your father could send me through that mirror.”

Adria laughed “Don’t worry about me. I can look after myself.”

“And what would have happened if I didn’t turn up yesterday?”

Adria gave him ‘the look’ “I would have handled them just fine.”

“Yeah right. And you just happened to be screaming for help.”

“Oh shut up.”


James had to be honest, this was one of the worst afternoons ever. He was always bored but pretended to be interested. When Adria went to sit down and have a rest James let off a huge sigh of relief but managed to pass it off as a yawn. As soon as they sat down Adria spotted something she liked and was about to drag James with her but he said he was going to check a stall down the street there. Once he was out of sight he leaned against a pillar muttering under his breath “Thank god that’s over.”

From nowhere a calm voice said “Are you also having girl troubles?”

James jumped and turned around to see a boy about his age.

“Yes funnily enough. How do you know?”

The boy smiled “I am also in the same situation as you. My girlfriend is over there.” And he pointed towards a girl dressed in the same dress as Adria checking out a stall.

“Ha ha well fair enough. Oh by the way I’m James” James held out his hand

They boy took it “Nice to meet you I’m George.”

James smiled “Well we must be the two most unluckiest guys in Hyrule.”

“Nay, The entire world.”

They both laughed at there jokes and went off down the street talking.


“How much for the dress?”

The stall owner answered “For you me dear. 50 Rupee’s.”

“Excellent I’ll take it.”

Adria handed over the money to the stall owner and walked off back towards the fountain where she last saw James. She hoped he hadn’t gone too far because she wanted to show off her new dress. He wasn’t there so she sat and waited for him. Then out of the corner of her eye she spotted someone who looked like him walk down an alleyway so she ran to go see if it was him. But he kept on walking fast and turned a corner so she followed, as she turned the corner she felt a sharp pain on the top of her head and she felt dizzy before passing out. The man smiled and picked up her limp body and put it in a oversized sack before carrying it and placing it on a cart and riding off into western Hyrule he put down an envelope addressed to Zelda.


Down by the south entrance James suddenly had a felling through his body that something bad had happened. He shuddered it felt as though something important had been taken against its will. He shook it off and decided to go find Adria and head back up to the castle.

“Thank you James. For helping me save from killing myself of boredom. Well, see you some other time.”

James waved goodbye “See you.”

James walked off towards the fountain where he said he would meet Adria. 10 minutes passed and she wasn’t there. 20 minutes passed and she still wasn’t there. Half an Hour had passed and she still didn’t turn up so he decided to check some of the stalls. Two of them said she had purchased dresses from them and walked off. When he came to one more they said “She purchased a dress from me yes. Then she walked off towards the fountain waiting for someone then she took off down that street and into the alley.”

James sprinted towards the alley and walked down it then stood on something. A note addressed to Zelda and a dress. James curiosity caught the better of him and he opened it and read “If you wish to see your beloved Princess again. Leave one sack full of orange rupee’s by the Bridge of Eldin. If you fail to co-operate then she will be killed.” James thought this was a joke and yelled out “Nice one Adria. You can come on out now.” James waited and waited, but no answer. What if Adria has in fact been kidnapped. This worried James and he bolted towards the castle.


When James reached the throne room door he was sweating but barged in anyway. Around a table were Knights and the King working out a battle strategy against the bandits but James interupted “Sir I have some important news.”

One of the guards snapped at James “How dare you interrupt this important Battle strategy.”

Rodolpholus hushed him and asked “To what honour do I owe you this interruption.”

James handed over the note.  Rodolpholus’s eyes darted across the page several times. When he looked up his eyes were full of rage. “Where did you find this?”

“Down an alleyway. I can show you if you would like.”

“Lead the way.”

James showed the guards and the King where he found the note and they searched the area until they came up with a conclusion that there was no sign of a struggle so obviously she had been ambushed from behind. The King sent out a search party to find her. James felt somewhat responsible for letting her out of his sight, he should have stayed with her. He was about to go out and search himself when he was stopped by the guards at the gate.

“What are you stopping me getting out for?”

“We are not allowed to let anyone in or out of the castle grounds.”

James shook his head “Listen. I have to go out and find her. It was my fault she was kidnapped.”

The guards gave him a piercing stare “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean to say is I let her out of my sight when we were down in the market.”

“Well it may have been your fault but what if you kidnapped her and she is tied up somewhere.”

James looked angry “How dare you insinuate something like that on me. I would never hurt her.”

“It is a possibility.”

“Oh I don’t have time for this.” James threw two punches and knocked out the guards.  “Sorry but you deserved it for two good reasons.”


“Is she safely locked up?”

The man bowed “Yes mistress. She is gagged and tied up.”

“Excellent. OK lets go through the plan once more. I shall create a dummy of our princess and you take the real her and hide her up the faron woods. Take her to the deepest part of it so none of the villagers there wont accidentally stumble upon her. It would be best if we killed her before you take her because she would struggle too much. I shall leave that honour with you for I have other plans. Remember I shall not tolerate failure. That incident in the woods was a slight set back on the attack but things happen. Now go.”

The man bowed deeply once more “Yes mistress.”

With that the woman disappeared into thin air.


James brought Aphrodite to a halt at the Bridge of Eldin (The moon was out and right above him so he wanted to make himself as small as possible) and decided to leave her here because if he was going to try to rescue her Aphrodite would make too much noise going across the bridge. He didn’t know where she was but something in his heart told him to search in this area and it also held fear. Fear that something bad was going to happen. He swiftly crossed the Bridge and ran up a trail but stopped when he spotted and opening in the hillside. Could Adria be down that small trail. Something inside him told him that this was the place where she was being held. James ran up the trail to find a set of run down houses, this could be the perfect place to hold someone hostage. James didn’t know which building she would be in so he closed his eyes and walked slowly. The will to find her was strong and some kind of force was drawing him to her. He walked for another minute and opened his eye’s in front of him was a house that had it’s windows boarded up and a lock was on the door and it wasn’t rusted like the others. The force he felt was very strong here enough to make you cry. He noticed an opening in the board, big enough to look through. What he saw shocked him, a man was standing there holding a sword ready to strike and Adria was lying on the ground her eyes opened wide in complete shock. The man dropped the sword and bent down and untied the gag and said “I want to hear you beg for mercy before I kill you.”

Adria spat in his face. “Never.”

The man looked angry and he slapped her across the face leaving behind a big red  hand mark. James had seen enough he walked over to the door drew out his sword and kicked the door, smashing the lock and lifting it off it’s hinges. The man turned on the spot to see James standing there sword in hand and pure rage on his face. This man quickly grabbed his sword and lunged at James. James dodged and the man stumbled and brung his elbow down at the back of his neck knocking him to the ground and out. James then ran over to Adria and released her from the ropes bound around her legs and wrists. She instantly jumped and pulled James into and hug and started crying all over him. “Adria it’s OK I’m here now.”


James tied the mans wrists and put a rope around his neck like a leash and made him walk towards the castle. After they crossed the Bridge of Eldin he tied the rope round the saddle and James and Adria mounted and went off at a slow pace with the man walking behind. At this pace it would take them the rest of the night to make it back to the castle. Adria was nodding off so James said “Go to sleep. I will hold onto you.”

Adria smiled and put her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.



Chapter 5: A New Legend


The sun started to rise from over the desert. Adria was still asleep against James and they were now crossing the wooden bridge into the western entrance. Once they walked through the guards were about to rip James off his horse but they noticed Adria in his arms and let him pass but stopped him when the man walked through that gate “Who is that man?”

“He is the one that was holding Adria prisoner and I think he may have kidnapped her.”

The guards stood down and James continued going. As James was walking up to the castle a crowd gathered around them (Somehow word passed very quickly around the market) and they booed and threw stuff at the man (James had to stop so that the man could get back to his feet after a pumpkin smashed into the side of his face). They made it to the castle where James dismounted Aphrodite and carefully took Adria down because she was still asleep and he told the guards to take the prisoner up to the throne room where he would receive his punishment from the King and Queen. For some strange reason the man did not put up a fight and he was unusually quiet. James said “Take extra care with that man. There is something strange about him.”

The guards got iron handcuffs and put them on his wrists and walked him off up towards the throne room. James also followed but turned off on the 4th landing to take Adria up to her room. James carefully placed Adria in her bed and pulled the covers over her. He grabbed a nearby chair and sat at the bed’s edge wanting to make sure she didn’t leave his sight again but his body caught the better of him and he fell asleep.


Adria woke with a start remembering yesterday thinking she was still in the Hidden Village but when her eyes focused she noticed it was her bedroom, she was confused then she saw James lying beside the bed asleep then she remembered. Adria smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he woke with a start.

“What ?!? Where am I? Oh Good Afternoon Princess.”

“Good Afternoon James. Did you sleep well?”

James laughed “Of Course. Yourself?”

“Not too bad. My head is a bit sore but that’s it really.”

The door burst open behind them and Zelda ran and pulled her daughter into a bone crushing hug repeating over “I am never going to let you out of my sight.”

Adria shook off her mother “Mother, Clam Down I am OK now.”

Zelda sat on the edge of the bed “How did you escape?”

Adria looked confused “What do you mean? Didn’t the guards tell you James saved me.”

Zelda froze then looked to James then to Adria, then back to James. A stunned expression filled Zelda’s face “How did you save her? How did you find her?”

James was waiting for this question “Well I figured that they would camp out near the Bridge of Eldin and I searched that area. It was strange though. It was like a force was drawing me towards her. Something I wanted. Something that I begged to see safe again.”

Zelda sat there for a minute (She ignored Adria’s Awwwwwww) “Interesting. James could you come with me please.”

This was not a question, it was a request. James followed Zelda out of the room and upstairs to the throne room where she locked the door and sat down on the throne she glanced from side to side and pressed a secretly concealed button. From behind Zelda part of the wall started to rise. Behind this wall was The Master Sword. That could not be right, it was in James’s scabbard across his back. “Excuse me but how can there be a Master Sword here and there.”

Zelda smiled “This is what I wanted to show you. It is a very long story but I am sure you would understand. Will you hear it?”

James nodded “Yes of course.”

“Well it all started when Three Goddesses descended upon the land we now call Hyrule and created the world. Din was the Goddess of Power. She used her flaming strong arms and cultivated the land. Nayru was the Goddess of Wisdom. She poured her spirit and gave Law to the world. Farore was the Goddess of Courage. She gave life so those could uphold that law. Once they had finished there deeds they left this land leaving behind a Sacred Relic. The Triforce. Unfortunately they poured too much of there power into the Triforce. They saw this and fled. Before leaving they summoned the six sages and the sages used all of there power to extract the surplus power and sealed it inside two Swords. The Master Sword and that Blade up there called the ‘Oracle Blade’. The sages also made a mistake and took far too much power from the Triforce and hid most of it inside the Oracle Blade. They decided it would be best if they separated the power from the blade so they took some of the power and gave the powers to 11 Beautiful Maidens. They were gifted with wisdom and knowledge. For every Maiden the sages made a protector. These protectors would be gifted with Lightning Sharp Reflexes and Unbeatable fighting techniques. For even more safety the sages separated 10 of the  Maidens into 10 different Dimensions. 1 remained here where as they were all separated. The Power of the Oracles would not shield them from death. The power of the Oracles could only be passed on to the one the Oracle loved most deeply. The Oracle Protectors could also die naturally or by murder. The Protector powers could be passed onto another by a simple ritual or they could go to the one who killed them. There is another part to this. The sages made an Oracle Protector a  leader of the Protectors. Only this leader could control the passage to different dimensions so in case they needed to call all of the Oracles together. Then they could perform a ritual and put the power back into the Oracle blade and use it to stop whatever evil is roaming. Most of the Power still houses inside the Oracle blade and the Master Sword still houses its power also. You see the original legend with the Hero chosen by the guards was made up. It was made to protect the Oracle Legend.”

James sat there mouth aghast “Wow. That is some Legend. That still does not explain why I felt Adria’s presence.”

“It is simple. When the Oracles are in danger the Protector can sense it and they quickly find the Oracle and save them from danger.”

James eyes widened “You mean to say that I am the protector of this Dimension and Adria is the Oracle.”

Zelda smiled “Yes you are the protector but Adria is not the Oracle. You found her through your own instinct. The Oracle of this dimension is me.”


“Yes it is me. This may not shock you but your father was the Oracle Protector but passed on his powers to you before he died obviously.”

James racked his brains. He couldn’t remember his father giving him some sort of powers. “How is that possible? Wouldn’t he have needed to perform some sort of ritual?”

Zelda nodded “Yes you do. It is quite simple. The old Oracle protector must give up a cherished possession to the one they love. Only through this can the powers be passed over.”

James thought for a second wondering what he received from his father that gave him the Oracle Protector powers. Was it the Master Sword? But he remembered his father gave him his utility belt. James looked down at the belt then back at Zelda.

“So how would be the best way to protect you?”

“Oh no James. The best thing to do once an Oracle was a child it would be safer to protect the child because if the child dies before the oracle and the oracle cannot produce anymore then the Oracle powers would then go into the killer of the oracle.”

James understood everything, there was a banging on the throne room door and Zelda quickly sealed away the Oracle Blade and opened the door. One guard walked in. “Excuse me. But Adria wishes to talk to James.”

“Ok Thank you tell her I will be there soon.”

“Yes sir” and the guard turned and walked away.

James turned to face Zelda “Well I had best get going.”

Zelda nodded “Yes. I shall talk to you later.”

“OK.” James turned his back on Zelda and walked out the door.



Chapter 6: Passed On.


James Slept uneasy that night, He was plagued with Premonitions of the future. They were The King, Queen and Princess were tortured into insanity to a certain extent where they killed themselves. Just thinking about brought tears to James’s eyes. He pulled off the covers because he was far too hot underneath them for he was sweating hot although it was fairly cold outside. James could not let this premonition became reality. He pulled himself off the bed and got dressed. It was still moonlight so he decided to go for a walk. James did not know where he was walking only he knew his feet carried him to his destination. The Throne Room.

He sat on the throne and said out loud “I cannot let these dream become real. I must not.”

“There is nothing you can do to stop young one.”

As soon as that sentence started James’s sword was out of its scabbard ready to fight this stranger. “Who are you? Show Yourself!”

In front of him 3 figures appeared, One was Red, One was Blue and the other was Green.

The Blue one spoke “When you became Oracle Protector you would have these Visions of the later future. But it would be beyond your power to stop it.”

James was confused. His mouth could not move, but when it did these words came out “Who are you Three?”

The Green one spoke this time “We are the Goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore.”

James’s eyes widened then he sank to his knee’s instantly “Great Goddesses. I am not worthy to look at you.”

“Child. Everyone is worthy to look upon us. No matter what sin or deed they have performed. We will always love our children.”

James stood up. “Why have you come to me?”

Din spoke “We have come because it is time for you to summon the Oracles and stop this evil that is threatening to destroy Hyrule, nay the entire world in this dimension.”

James looked horrified “What? Is it this woman that I killed in the sacred grove?”

Nayru spoke “She never died. She continues to live at this precise moment.”

James was still confused “How did she live? Who is she?”

Farore spoke “She cannont be killed by use of the Master Sword. She is regrettably our sister. She was the middle part of our Triforce but something corrupted her mind. She was always invisible but when the Triforce was touched by Ganondorf her heart became evil.”

James stood there taking all of this in “So this evil is your sister and when Ganondorf touched the Triforce her heart was filled with evil?”

Din spoke “Yes it is true. She then hid away and gained her power through a way we do not know. But she gained it quickly. We tried to find the source but our searches turned up with nothing.”

“How do I stop her?”

Nayru spoke “You must restore all the oracle power back into the Oracle Blade and then stab her in the head where that black Crystal is forged into her head. That crystal is what is making her evil, if the can be destroyed then she may fall out of her spell or if she has placed all of her Goddess power into it then she will die.”

“I do not know how to get the oracles back to this Dimension.”

Farore spoke “You must collect together 3 pieces of the Oracle watch. Fortunately we always carry two of them with us.” Farore and Din held out there hands and James reached and took them from the Goddesses. “Where is the other piece?”

Nayru spoke “It is in the Twilight Palace. The link was destroyed 18 years ago by the Ruler of the Twilight and she is what is protecting that piece under our orders.”

“Then how do I get into that Twilight Realm?”

Farore spoke “You will have to travel to the 10th Dimension and get an Ancient weapon that can repair anything if used correctly.”

“What is this weapon I am meant to get?”

Din spoke “Unfortunately you cannot use it. There is one boy that can use it. You must bring him and that weapon back to this dimension.”

“I understand. But I wont be getting far because I can’t travel to that dimension.”

Nayru spoke “We will use our power and send you to that dimension. You had best take this item with you.” Nayru held out her golden arm and James took from her a Golden Ocarina

James held it in his hand “How do I use it?”

Farore spoke “You play the Dimension Melody Song. That shall return you to this dimension. Here is how the song works.” Farore pulled out a harp and played a tune. When she had finished she nodded to James saying that he should try it. James put the Ocarina to his lips, he did not know how to play an instrument, let alone an Ocarina. But suddenly he started blowing and repeated the tune Farore had played before him. James took the Ocarina away from his lips and looked at it and it started glowing.

Din spoke “The Ocarina has recognised the song and now all you have to do is think what you want to play and you shall play it.”

“Thank you great goddesses I shall no let you down.”

Nayru spoke “Is there anyone you wish to tell all of this to?”

James though for a minute “Yes I would like Zelda and Adria to hear this.”

Farore spoke “Very well. Go and bring them to us, we shall wait here.”

“Excellent, Thank you.” James ran off.


After much pleading James eventually got Adria out of bed and headed in the direction of Zelda and Rodolpholus’s room but was stopped outside the door by a Guard. “By what privilege do you have walking into the King and Queens room?”

Adria cut in front of James “He is with me. Now go inspect the barracks or something.”

The Soldier bowed and walked off.

Adria smiled “You see you need to now how to show them who’s boss.”
James remarked “If I was royalty then I could but for now you have to do all my dirty work.”

Adria slapped him in the arm “How very rude. But I shall let you way with it.”

Adria pushed open the door and quietly walked up to her Mother. “Mother. Wake up.”

Zelda woke with a start “Adria. What are you doing?”

“James says he needs us up in the throne room. He says it is extremely important.”

Zelda looked at her daughter thinking it was a joke but when she spotted James’s stern look she took it seriously and get up and put on a dressing gown and followed James and Adria up to the Throne room. James opened the doors allowing Adria and Zelda entrance. James locked the doors. Then the Goddesses appeared. Adria and Zelda immediately sank into a bow.


“So now James has to bring together the Oracles and kill your sister.”

Din spoke “That is true.”

Zelda was quiet the whole time it was Adria that spoke “So now I must give up my Oracle Powers into the Oracle Blade to help James kill you sister.”

Nayru spoke “Yes.”

“Then I shall do all I can to help James.”

James smiled “Thank you.”

Adria was staring at James “Listen James I have something important to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

“Well it is hard to ask ………… can I come with you on your quest?”

James stood there thinking for a minute “Zelda. What do you think?”

Zelda smiled “It is your choice.”

Adria approached James and grabbed both his hands “Please James?”

James looked at her then to Zelda then back to her, he could see tears swelling up into her blue eyes. “Well………OK. But you must listen to everything I say.”

Adria shrieked in delight and pulled James into a hug “Thank you James thank you.”

Farore spoke “Din, Nayru. Can you feel that?”

They both nodded

Farore turned back to James “We are sorry Oracle Leader.”

Suddenly they were frozen where they stood and the windows were covered with the energy wall as was the door. There was no escape they were trapped. James looked around then they heard a high pitched laughing echoing around the room. “Quick Adria Zelda up by the throne. RUN”

Adria and Zelda went up to the throne and waited, James stood in front of them ready to protect them, Unfortunately he left his weapons down in his room. He was un-armed. Zelda saw this and quickly pressed the concealed button under the throne arm-rest and said “James, Quick. Grab the Oracle Blade.”

James ran around behind the throne and grabbed the sword. As soon as he grabbed it he felt it’s power coursing through his veins. It was extremely light. He felt it’s sharpness. It was severely sharp. It was perfect. James ran back round in front of the throne but noticed there was a Sword at Zelda’s throat threatening to cut it at any will.

“Let her go NOW. It is me you want.”

“Well that is true but I also want the Oracle and her child.”


The Goddesses sister thrusted her arm at Adria and sealed her inside a cage of energy. “I shall deal with you later. Now back to our Queen.”

“Let her go. Please I beg of you.”

“Very well then.” She threw Zelda towards James. “But not alive.” She threw her sword at Zelda and it connected with her chest. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOTHER.”

Zelda fell to her knee’s looking at the sword stuck in her chest. Blood started to pour from the wound. James caught her before she fell forwards. With her last living breath she said to James “P..please protect m… d..a..u..g….h….t…e…r.” Zelda held up her hand hoping to hold her daughters hand one last time but could not reach and it fell to the ground with a thud. Zelda’s eyes closed. She was dead.

“Humph. She stayed alive longer than I thought. Oh well she died none the same.”

James pulled out the sword of Zelda’s chest and placed her down softly on the ground. This was all far to familiar. Adria was crying uncontrollably behind her cage of energy. James muscles were flexing he was looking down at Zelda’s corpse then he looked up at her. “You have killed too many people. You deserve to die a horrible, slow, painful death.” There was a strength inside James he never knew and he snapped her sword cleanly in two. She saw this and looked shocked. That sword was made of an unbreakable metal and he snapped it like a twig. James picked up the Oracle Blade off the ground and threw it at her. She dodged it and it went flying further. “You missed.”

James smiled “Did I?”

The sword changed direction and came flying back at her and went through her head. She fell to her knee’s then she disappeared and the sword fell to the ground with a clatter. James went and picked it up. Around them the energy fields disappeared and Adria ran over to her mothers body and started crying once more. James walked over and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She stood up and placed her arms around his chest and started crying onto his shoulder. The Goddesses unfroze. The approached James and Adria they spoke slowly and sadly “We are sorry for your loss Adria. Now you have inherited your mother’s powers. James it is your job to protect Princess Adria now.”

James nodded “I understand. Now I think it is best if we started our quest.”

The Goddesses nodded “Yes it would be best.”

The Goddesses used there power and they warped to the Mirror Chamber.

James had never seen this place before “Where are we?”

“We are in the Sacred Mirror Chamber. It was where the link to the Twilight Palace was.”

James nodded “I see. Why do we need to come here?”

Nayru spoke “This is where the Oracle Leader can warp to a dimension.”

James understood “I see. Well lets get going then.”

James turned to Adria but she wasn’t there. She was sitting on the steps leading to the destroyed Mirror of Twilight. “Excuse me please.”

James walked over and sat beside Adria “Listen. I know it is hard to lose a loved one.”

Adria snapped at him “No you don’t.”

James retorted “Excuse me I do. I lost my father to that same woman. I know exactly how you feel.”

Adria looked sorry “I surpose that is true. I am sorry for yelling at you.”

James stood up “I understand. Now I need your help in my quest. Will you help me?” James held out his hand.

Adria looked at his hand then smiled “Of course James.”

She took his hand and they walked together towards the Goddesses. “We are ready O Great ones.”

They nodded and in front of James and Adria opened a portal. “Please step though and you shall be transported to the Dimension.

James yelled “Wait. You didn’t tell me who we are looking for or what we are looking for.”

Farore spoke “ We shall tell you upon arrival.”

James nodded then he looked at Adria “Are you Ready?”

Adria nodded “Yes.”

“Then lets go.”

James and Adria walked into the portal leaving Hyrule behind them.



To Be continued in Harry Potter and the Oracles of Destiny!!

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