The Legend of Zelda: Harry Potter and The Oracles of Destiny

By Karl H

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Destiny


After hearing the Legend from the Goddesses themselves James and Adria departed from Hyrule in search of an Ancient Weapon that could piece together the Ancient Mirror of Twilight. They also had to find one boy who could use the weapon to aid them in their quest. This is one of the 10 Dimensions James and Adria need to scout to find the Oracles of Destiny and summon them.



Chapter 1: The Chosen One


A gap opened in the world allowing entrance to two new people. James and Adria stepped out of the portal. They both fell to the ground, warping took alot energy out of them, they both collapsed to the ground falling to unconsciousness.


James stood in a dark room. There were no windows or anything, no escape. Then the goddesses appeared in front of him.

Din spoke “Great Hero. You have arrived in another Dimension. The trip would have taken away most of your energy. The only thing you need to do is rest to regain that lost energy.”

“I understand. So where do I find this ancient weapon and the person who can use it?”

Nayru spoke “You may find him if you ask any person you come across. Only then can you find the weapon.”

“Who is he then?”

Farore spoke “His name is Voldemort. He holds the weapon. But he cannot use it properly.”

James stood there thinking for a minute “So this Voldemort could be the Oracle Protector?”

Din spoke “He couldn’t be because he IS the Oracle protector.”

“Then this shall make my searches for the Oracle a lot easier. So who is the Oracle?”

Nayru shook her head “We do not have a clue. We lost sight of it some 359 years ago when it fell into the hands of a commoner. Known in this Dimension as a Muggle.”

“Well this helps me out. So what should we do when we wake up?”

Farore spoke “Find the Oracle Protector and Oracle then warp back to your Original Dimension and repair the Mirror of Twilight.”

James nodded “I understand.”

Suddenly a bright light appeared above him. It grew bigger and bigger.

Din spoke “You are waking up. Good luck Hero and beware of our Sister.”


James quickly sat up thinking was it a dream he had just ventured into and that he had fallen asleep in the Faron woods again. When he saw Adria lying down beside him it dawned to him it was real. He stood up taking in his surroundings. He noticed a large forest in front of him. It scared him and he turned around and saw a big castle. There were people walking around in black robes carrying wooden sticks and flashing lights everywhere. James immediate reaction they were enemies so he prepared himself in case they attacked. Adria started to come to on the ground beside James. She to saw the Robed People walking around and she stood up and hid behind James. Some weren’t enemies James took this into account because there were two sides fighting to defend themselves and there honour. James and Adria walked over towards the Melee but suddenly a booming cold voice rung saying “You have fought valiantly. Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery.” Voldemort. He had found him but why did he sound so evil, James was wondering but again the voice started

“Yet you have sustained heavy losses. If you continue to resist me, you will all die, one by one. I do not wish this to happen. Every drop of Magical blood spilled is a loss and a waste.”

“James. What is happening? I’m Scared.”

James pulled Adria close to his side “So am I Adria, So am I.”

Once more the cold voice carried on “Lord Voldermort is merciful. I command my forces to retreat immediately. You have One Hour. Dispose of your dead with dignity. Treat your injured. I speak now, Harry Potter....”

James jerked his head upwards listening carefully

“...Directly to you. You have permitted your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. I shall wait one hour in the Forbidden Forest. If, at the end of that hour, you have not come to me, have not given yourself up, then battle recommences. This time, I shall enter the fray myself, Harry Potter, and I shall find you, and I shall punish every last man, woman and child who has tried to conceal you from me. One Hour.”

These final words hung in the air. James had to find this Voldemort. He turned to Adria

“Listen we are going to have to find someone.”

Adria stood still for a minute “Well. OK let’s go find him.”

James and Adria ran towards the Robed people. Once they were spotted many wooden sticks were pointed there way. One man stepped forward stick pointed at there faces.

“Who are you? Are you one of the Death Eaters?”

James looked confused “Death Eaters? What are they?”

The man raised his voice “Don’t try to trick us. If you are lying then we shall punish both of you severely.”

James pulled out his sword and retorted angrily “You dare touch her and it shall be the last thing you ever do.”

Everyone’s sticks around him were pointed directly at James’s face. Surprisingly the man smiled and lowered his stick and he turned around to everyone else “Lower your wands. He is not a Death Eater.”

Everyone except one boy lowered there wands “How do you know he is not a Death Eater?”

The man turned to the boy “Because George, Death Eaters only care about themselves and this young man is willing to put his life on the line for this young lady. I can see it in his eyes.”

The boy slowly lowered his wand but he still kept his eyes on James.

The man approached holding out his hand “My name is Arthur Weasley. This is my son George.” He pointed to the boy who was watching his sternly.

James looked at his hand and took it “My name is James.”

Arthur studied James carefully coming to rest on his ears “My, my what ever happened to your ears? Get on the bad end of a Growth Charm I suppose.”

James looked confused “Excuse me. What are you talking about?”

“Well it is just that they are bigger than a normal wizard’s ears I just thought…… are you some sort of magical creature that wizards have not yet discovered?”

James confused look dropped even more “Listen. I am afraid I have no idea what you are talking about. I am looking for a man named Voldemort.”

A few people flinched then everyone’s eyes suddenly looked directly at James. “You are looking for You-Know-Who. What business do you have with him?”

James wiped away his confused look ready to explain about where he came from.


“…and we were transported here by them. They told us to find Voldemort and that way he could help us repair the Mirror of Twilight.”

Everyone was staring at James in awe. James didn’t like the eerie silence after telling a story. It was broken by a young red headed girl “So you need ……..him to repair this Twilight Mirror and you can summon Oracles to save your land.”

James nodded “Not just mine, but yours and the other 10 Dimensions.”

Suddenly two people ran out from the castle doors towards them. One was a boy with orange hair and one was a girl with bushy brown hair. They both stopped in front of Arthur and the boy spoke “Dad. Harry…. He has gone missing.”

There as a sudden murmuring around them, it was hushed by a stern looking woman wearing emerald green robes. “We must find him. He is the only one that can kill He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Everyone spread out and search for him. He would be wearing his Invisibility Cloak so we search thoroughly.”

Immediately everyone ran off in different directions. James and Adria were left standing there.

James cautiously looked around, This looking brought his eyes to hers. They were full with tears and sadness. James felt sorry for her. Her mother had been murdered in cold blood in front of her eyes. No one would ever want to see that, not even the cruellest man alive would not want to see that. James pulled Adria into a hug holding her close. She immediately started crying over his shoulders. She did not stop until everyone had gathered on the edge of the forest, this caught both there attention. There were sudden screams of rage and sadness. James ran over to see what was happening. He made his way through the crowd to a cloaked man and at his feet was a body. People around James started crying. James asked one of the girls “Who is he? Who is the boy on the ground there?”

Th…that is You Know Who and the boy is….. is…… Harry.”

James’s heart almost leapt out of his throat, he looked at the body at Voldemorts feet. But this Oracle Protector was a murderer. He was abusing his power. Then he looked up at Voldemorts eyes. This was Voldemort, the man he was looking for. His searches had come up with positive results but there were also negatives. Suddenly a giant roar and a high pitched scream turned there attention away from Harry. A giant as trying to flank them and it was running towards them. James looked down at the ground, Adria was cowering on the grass. James broke through the crowd pulled out his sword and sprinted towards the giant. Sword in hand and no plan of what he would do he ran at the giant ready to slash at its ankle. The closer the got the more determined James was to slaying this beast to save his new friends and the Princess of his country and Dimension. James was close enough. He swung the sword at the giants ankle. Mysteriously the blade of the sword started to grow longer. The blade connected and tore the ankle away from the rest of the leg. The giant collapsed to the ground yelling in agony. This was James’s chance. He jumped high in the air and brought the sword down at the giants chest. It screamed in agony, before it died it picked James up and threw him towards the castle. James was flying though the air towards the castle. The giant had thrown him in the direction of one of the towers. James slammed into the side feeling a couple of his ribs and other bones break and the air leaving his lungs making him winded. James started to slide down the side until he was falling at an alarming speed. James used the sword and shoved it into the wall. It went in but it continued to cut down the side of the tower. James thought this would be amazing if he wasn’t going to die. The stone courtyard was drawing closed, he could feel its coldness. Then he suddenly stopped before the ground as if his ankle was caught on something. He looked up at his ankle and saw he was just suspended in mid air and inches from the ground. Then he was dropped onto the ground. He started to fade from consciousness the last thing he saw was Adria running towards him then everything went black.



Chapter 2: Discoveries


James once again re-entered the dark room. He was shrouded in Darkness once more. But the darkness around him disappeared and Three Colourful Glows surrounded him. The Goddesses had appeared before him once more.

James asked quickly “Am I dead?”

Din spoke “No great hero you have lost consciousness. You will wake up soon but before you wake up we have some important matters to talk to you about.”

“Go on.

Nayru spoke “Our sister has invaded the mind of the King in your Dimension and has commandeered her forces to move to the castle. They have done so and looted out the Market. Hyrule is now a wasteland. The only place still standing is the Faron Woods where Hyrules armies have taken refuge. Some people managed to escape the Town Market. Some did not.

James eyes felt like they had popped out of his sockets “Oh she will pay. Send me back their NOW. I will kill her!”

Farore spoke “You cannot win against her. Your only hope is to return the power to the Oracle blade and destroy that crystal.”

James stood there full of rage, but he calmed down “The Oracle Protector is about to be killed and without him we will fail. You must return me to consciousness.”

Din spoke “We will let these matters take there own hands.”

James thought about his previous statement “Hmmmmmmmmm. I see. I suppose that would be best.”

Nayru spoke. “Yes it is best because the person who is going to kill him is on the side of good. He will not abuse his power.

James nodded “I understand. Anyway I need your help. I have no knowledge of this dimension. Can you possibly help me out?”

Farore spoke “We can. Each time before you enter a new Dimension we shall fill you head full of knowledge of that dimension. Does this sound fair to you?”

James nodded “Yes it does.”

Din spoke “Then step forward young hero.”

James took one step forward and the goddesses raised there hands into the air and around James a blue portal began to open. This portal opened up his mind and from no where books flew at his head. Instinctively he put his hand up to protect himself but the books went straight through his arm and into his head. Knowledge filled up in his head. Spell’s, Curse’s, Charms, Everything that there was to know about this dimension.  “Wow. There is a lot about this Dimension.”

Nayru spoke “Yes Young hero there is. Now we know you cannot find this Oracle by yourself so you need to find the Tower of Death.”

James looked up “The Tower of Death?”

Farore spoke “Yes, The Tower of Death. There you shall find what you need to find the Oracle.”

James nodded as if he understood. “I know. It is in the South Atlantic Ocean.”

Din spoke “Very good. Now you must know what dangers lie inside this tower.”

James nodded “Yes it is a Dark Wizard stronghold. It is the Fortress of …” James froze so suddenly “Voldemort.”

Nayru spoke “Yes that is true Hero. So you know what you must do?”

James nodded “Yes I have to infiltrate the Tower and discover the Oracle.”

Farore spoke “Very good. He has records of these things you need to know. Now we must get you back into your body.”

“Before I go I have something to ask of you?”

Din Spoke “Of course hero. What is it?”

“How are these Dimensions connected?”

Nayru Spoke “It is simple. By our Sacred Realm. In each Dimension except the first four it is named something different.”

“OK. But where are the Dimensions located?”

Farore Spoke “On one Planet. All the Dimensions are on Planet Earth. They are just in different times.

James thought about it. It all made sense.

Suddenly a bright light appeared above him and he started to float up. The last thing he saw was the Goddesses then a white flash.



Chapter 3: Finding of the Great Weapon


James was back in his body. His senses were working except sight were he was sleeping. His body was not broken. It had healed. He must have been in a coma. He heard voices. He recognised one voice but there was 1 other voice along with it.

“How is he?”

“He is fine. He is just resting.” James’s heart missed a beat he knew that voice. Adria.

“That’s great to hear. Listen we have someone here to see him. Well actually three people. Right. I’ll leave you to it.”

He heard footsteps then a door close. Then some shuffling and three chairs creak as three people sat down.

One voice came out “How is he?”

Adria spoke “He is fine. Who ever used that spell saved his life. Do you know who did that?”

“That was Harry. He was underneath the Invisibility cloak when it happened and he helped out a bit.”

“A bit. It saved his life. Anyway thank you so much. He means everything to me.”

James couldn’t help letting out a small smile but he hid it by turning over in his sleep.

“Anyway we were sent here to find someone.”

“Who was it?”

“A man named Voldemort.”

There was a silence then “He is dead. I killed him.”

James’s eyes opened and he immediately sat up. Everyone around him fell off there chairs in surprise and fright. James rose from his bed and helped everyone up to their feet. Adria didn’t let go of him after he helped her up. She embraced him continuously saying “I will never let you go.”

James had questions that needed answering “How long ago was it that I had fallen from that tower?”

A boy with jet black hair answered his question “Only 24 hours ago.”

James smiled “Thank you. Now I need to talk to you. Privately if it is OK?”

Harry thought for a second then said “You can say it here. Ron and Hermione will find out either way.”

James nodded “Fair enough. Now. It all started with our great goddesses creating our dimensions……………”

James talked for over an hour explaining about the situation, with awes and gasps of shock. He continued talking until he got to where he was now.

There was an eerie silence after James’s story. It was broken by James speaking once again “So I need your help to find this ancient weapon. It is called the…..” James thought for a moment. “Elder Wand.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione immediately stood up saying “We know where it is!”

James smiled “Of course you do. It is hidden from the world. Never to be used again. Until after we have saved the Dimensional Universe.”

Harry nodded “I see. I will go and get it and come back down here immediately.”

Ron threw out his hand. “No wait. I’ll go get it.”

Ron quickly ran out the door closely followed by Hermione.

James looked at Adria. “Listen. Can I speak to Harry. Alone for a few minutes.”

Adria nodded and walked out the door and closed it.

Harry moved closer to James. “What is it you want me to speak about?”

“Well you see. Voldemort of course as you know is Half Blood. His powers shouldn’t have risen to that level overnight. When the Oracle protector for this Dimension came He meet a woman named Elizabeth. They had a son called Salazar Slytherin. His mother died of unknown reasons his father passed on a locket with the Slytherin family emblem on it and the powers were passed to Salazar Slytherin. Many years later after Salazar left Hogwarts he handed over his locket with his mark on it to his Son. From there it followed through history before coming upon Voldemorts Mother. She knew what powers were bestowed upon this locket and she wanted her son to live a great Wizard. As I said Oracle Protectors give there powers only by handing their most cherished possession to the one they loved. She gave her life to bring Voldemort into this world. In other words her most prized possession was her life.”

Harry sat there, eyes wide staring at James. Not quite believing what he heard but he knew it was the truth. “So that explains how Voldemort got so strong. Yes. It all makes sense now. How could an average Half blood child get so strong in a short time.

James nodded “Yes that’s correct. Now here is one more twist. Considering you killed Voldemort tonight. You are the new Oracle Protector.”

Harry was shocked. Hearing now that he had to be the one to protect the Oracle who he didn’t know about. “So. My job is to protect the Oracle?

James nodded.

“But I don’t even know who it is.”

James looked down “Neither do I. But there is one place that has a record of things like wizards of old. Muggles who have changed to Wizarding world. Those sort of things.”

Harry nodded “I understand. But where is this place and what is it called? I may have been there.”

“The Tower of Death.”

Harry thought for a minute. “Never heard of it.”

“Think about it Harry. This is, or was the Fortress of Lord Voldemort. That is how he was so full of knowledge and unknown spells.”

Ron and Hermione came back. Ron was brandishing the Elder wand.

“We got it Harry.”

James got up. “Excellent. The quicker we can complete our mission, the better.”

Ron and Hermione were confused “What? I don’t understand. What mission? You got Harry and the Elder Wand. What more do you want?”

“I need to find the Tower of Death.”

Ron looked at Hermione hoping she knew what it was. She shook her head.

“That’s OK. No one knows where it is. The only one that did, is now dead.”

Those last words hung in the air. Little did anyone know that these words would lead them on a great adventure.



Chapter 4: Reunited………….In a way.


Over the next few days James recovered to full health. The castle was all fixed (Thanks to Magic.) Thanks to Hermione, James had mastered using a wand (Adria still couldn’t get the hang of it.) They were all ready to depart. Unfortunately they could not apparate there so they decided to fly there. Before they departed they had a feast to celebrate the Wizards freedom. During the feast there was a lot of chatter. James heard something from Hermione that caught his attention. “My Great-Great-Great Grandfather found this relic. He said he found it while tramping around an area in Ireland.”

James immediately faced Hermione “Do you know where this relic is?”

“Well. Yes it is right here.”

“Can I see it?”

Hermione took it off and handed it to James. James examined it carefully. It was a Platinum Medallion with a Sapphire in the middle. But it was cracked down the middle. It was sparkling under the candlelight.

“I knew it.”

Everyone was listening now. “Knew what?”

“Hermione. This is an ancient medallion of the Yoises. An ancient wizarding tribunal who went around and protected muggles from Dark and Evil Wizards like Voldemort. The Yoises Leader had this exact Medallion. It contained powers unknown to this world. It contained the powers of the Oracle of Destiny. You see the Yoises were fighting against a rebellion and they managed to capture the Oracle of Destiny who was commandeering the rebellion. The Yoises extracted the power and placed it in the Medallions Sapphire. One of the Yoises was travelling across Ireland via broomstick, bringing it back to Britain to hide it. Unfortunately they were ambushed along the way and they dropped it and it was never found after that.”

Everyone around him gasped. “So. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather’s Medallion contains the Oracle powers?”

James nodded. “Yes. Anyway did you break it anytime in the past?”

Everyone turned there gaze to Hermione. “Well. I was 9 and I took it off because I was walking along a set of rigged rocks along the beach. I slipped over and it smashed into a rock and shattered the gem in the middle.”

James smiled “Excellent.  Excellent. Excellent. Now you know where you got your Magic powers from and your knowledge of the Wizarding world.

Ron laughed “. That explains so much.”

“That means my mission is complete.”

“That is true Hero. But there is still time to FAIL.”

Everyone turned to the source of the voice. It was the forth Goddess.


“Yes it’s me. I must congratulate you for finding that Oracle. But. Regrettably you must die now. I’m sure you know these two people.”

Two black figures stood beside her. Once they stood in the light they saw who it is. James and Adria. But that was not right. Adria was sitting right beside him. But a better look saw who it was. Link and Zelda. Except they were younger.


“Oh nothing. I bought them back to life and made them 18 years younger and……….shall we say I’m very persuasive and they would like to dance with you.”


“Hmmm that’s very nice to hear. But now you must die.” She turned to Link and Zelda “Kill them all.”

She disappeared. Link and Zelda both drew out swords and slowly walked towards James.

Listen everyone. Get out of here NOW.”

There was a big rush for alternate exits.

“Listen Harry, Ron, Hermione take Adria with you and get away from the castle.”

They all nodded but Adria stayed put. “I am not leaving you.”

Link swung the first blow but James blocked it. “GO ADRIA NOW.”


Zelda ran at Adria but James caught her with Expelliarmus and sent her flying.


Link took another swing but James blocked and knocked from the Sword from his hand.


Harry, Ron, Hermione and Adria ran away from the battle.

James turned to face Link and Zelda who were both standing behind him.

“Hello Dad. Did you miss me?”

Link and Zelda attacked at the same time. James blocked each blow.


Adria regretted leaving James behind. She wanted to go back.

Harry stood in front of her “Listen. There is nothing you can do. The best thing to do now is do as he says.”

“No. I want to go back to him.”

Adria. No.”


She shook off Harry and ran back towards the castle. But Harry cast a body binding curse on her.

“I’m sorry for doing that.”

“I must thank you for doing that. It saves so much trouble for doing it later.”

The Forth Goddess was blocking there path.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had their wands pointed at her.

“Oh please those silly little sticks are no match for me.”

Harry stepped forward “This wand is NOT a silly little stick. It is the wand that can change the future.”

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. You don’t get it do you.”

She snapped her fingers and ropes from nowhere came and bound up all three.

“My master will be happy with this.”

She turned to leave but was blocked off by a young Red Headed Girl. “Leave Harry alone.”

“Silly little girl. You realise that I have all the power here. Not just magic powers but negotiation powers also.”

Harry looked up, he recognised that voice. “Ginny.”

Ginny dropped her guard looking down at Harry.


The Forth Goddess ran up and threw her fist right into Ginny’s stomach. Ginny doubled over in pain. The wind had been knocked clean out of her.

“Humans. They are pathetic.”

With that, The forth Goddess disappeared with her captives.


The sound of sword clanging echoed throughout that hallways of the castle. James was doing nothing but defend. He decided to lure them into a trap and separate them so he needed to get an attack in. “Think James. THINK.” he thought. “I GOT IT.” he yelled. James cast ropes from the end of his wand bind Link and Zelda. They both fell to the floor with a thump.

James sheathed his sword “Listen Dad. It’s me.”

Link was on the ground struggling with his bonds.

“Please. I know you are in there somewhere. Please see sense. Fight it. You are strong. You can win against it.”

Link was now looking at him. Still struggling with his bonds. James sat on the ground looking at the two he had just bound up. Thinking. But he was caught off guard and suddenly felt cold steel on his neck. Someone had a sword ready to cut his throat.

“Why would you bind up your own father? It’s not the right thing to do.”

The Forth goddess was standing right behind him.

“You really show your father some respect don’t you. Fighting him. Binding him up.”

“You can talk.” Retorted James angrily.

“Yes I suppose you are right. But things change over time.”

Quick as a flash James rolled away from her, holding his sword at the ready.

Ahh. I see you want a fight. Then you shall receive.”

The Forth goddess charged at him. James dodged and swung his sword down at her head, she also dodged and slashed at James but he blocked.


Ginny Weasley ran up to her father, tears in her eyes.

“Dad. Harry and the others have been kidnapped. That woman took them away.”

Arthur stared at his daughter in shock. “Is this true?”

“Yes I tried to stop her but she caught me off guard.

Arthur held his head in his hands. He couldn’t quiet believe it. “Take me to where they were taken.”


Each blow from the swords were matched evenly. The Forth Goddess was showing no signs of tiring but this had been on for almost an hour and James was almost at his end.

“Ha. I can see you are starting to tire. I will make you a deal. Join us, and your life will be spared. Or better yet. Life or Death?”

James spat at her face. “I will never join you.”

“So be it. You chose death.”

“You are going to be the one who is going to die.”

Quick as a flash James ran up and ran his sword through the Goddesses abdomen. She started to scream in pain lifting her head up. Then she looked down at him. In no pain. James tried to tug out his sword but she grasped it and pulled it into her self pulling James with it.

“I can never die. Not even you Sacred Oracle blade. Restored to power could beat me.”

James was almost touching her nose. “I am willing to put that theory to the test.”

“Very well.” She threw the sword out of her and James with it. “But I will not let you put it to the test.” She grasped her sword and went for a stab. James saw this coming and tried to get out of the way but the sword still plunged into his gut.

Link who was watching the whole thing snapped out of his trance and screamed.


James looked at the sword in his gut. Breathing very hard hoping to stay alive.

“So ends the new Hero.”

“Not yet.”

A wand pointed at the back of her head. A strange boy with dark brown hair was holding this wand.

“You will harm him no more. You will leave this place and never come back.”

The forth Goddess stood up still the wand was at the back of her head.

“You are greatly mistaken. You see. I am the most powerful being in the Dimensional Universe.”

James saw a flicker of yellow in her eyes.

“You have no need for him anymore. Fight me.”

The Forth Goddess started laughing. “You must have a death wish. Very well I will fight.”

The forth goddess lunged at her new opponent but he moved to the side and blasted her and sent her flying up through the walls of the castle, out into the open.


She disappeared.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

The boy ran up to James. A lot of Blood was lost.

“Listen I can mend this. I just need you to stay still.”

James used all his strength and nodded. The boy pointed his wand at James’s wound. Then the wound started to grow new skin. James could feel his strength coming back to him. He stood up. Feeling where his wound was. It was like it was never there.

“James. You are OK.”


James ran over to Link and untied him.

Dad. Your back.”

“Yes I am. What has happened to me?”

“I shall tell you but first we have to restore Zelda’ memory.”

Zelda was looking up at him. Her eyes were entirely white.

“It’s a tricky spell but it should work. It has many uses but this one requires lots of power.”

James pointed his wand at Zelda’s face. A white light burst from the tip of James’s wand. It surrounded Zelda’s head. She started screaming. It was causing her pain. Suddenly the forth goddesses voice came from her mouth.

“If you release her from my enchantment. SHE DIES.”




James used his full power to release Zelda. It was working. James had used the full force of his spell. Zelda was still screaming, then she stopped. She passed out. James knelt down beside her.

“You did well Zelda. You fought her and won.” James pointed his wand at Zelda’s chest. Renervate.

A bright light came from the wand covering Zelda’s chest then Zelda sat right up as if she was asleep.

“What. What happened? Where am I?”

“It’s OK Zelda. You are safe.”

Zelda was staring at the boy. “Who is he?”

James turned to look at him. “Yes. Just who are you?”

The boy sighed. Argh. I knew I should have disguised myself. Very well. My name is Thor. Thor Gryfindor of the Yoises.”

James smiled. “So you are the last of the Yoises. Good to meet you my name is James.”

James extended his hand. Thor looked at it then shook it.


Meanwhile in a Hidden Place the Forth Goddess placed four unconscious bodies on the ground. She then turned towards a throne and knelt keeping her head low.

“Master. I have delivered the hostages.”

A cold voice rung out “Good work. Now we wait and lure them into a trap.”

“But master I have one thing to ask?”

“What is it?”

“Why did we revive Link and Zelda? Surely you know that kid could figure out how to restore there original memory.”

“He has already done so. They have figured out where we are and are on there way here.”

“Really? Then we must be prepared.”

“Don’t worry. Let them come and save them. They can find out the horrible truth later. If the Tower doesn’t kill them. I will.”



Chapter 5: To the Rescue.


James, Link and Zelda, Thor (fully briefed.) were flying there way across the Atlantic Ocean along with Arthur Weasley, his sons and daughter, Neville Longbottom and many more people who were willing to risk there loves to save Harry and the others. James stopped and held out his hand signalling the others to stop.

Arthur flew up to James. “What is it?”

“We have to wait here. The Tower of Death does not reveal itself easily. It only reveals itself to Dark Wizards.”

“But we are all good Wizards. How do we see something that only reveals itself to Dark Wizards?”

“Well it’s quite simple.”

James pointed his wand. Bombarda.

There was a sound of a small explosion and a hole in front of them appeared.

“You see. It’s like an Invisibility cloak. It can’t be seen. But it doesn’t stop it from being solid.”

Suddenly a chain reaction started. A tall black Tower appeared in front of them. Everyone had to crane their necks just to see the top of it. It reached to the heavens.

Everyone was silent. “Well. We have to go in there. I can sense this place has an unspeakable evil inside.”

“I can feel it too.”

There was a sudden murmur but it was hushed by James.

“There are 12 levels to this place. On each level we must pass a task to advance onwards.”


They climbed and climbed and climbed but the top was nowhere to be seen. They had to pass specific tasks on each level. They had beaten 11 levels but there was one more so they could reach the final level. So far everyone was exhausted, the climb was torture but everyone had just escaped being killed by a Dragon before.

Acromantulas, Chimera’s, Dragons. What next? Basilisk’s.” complained Ginny.

James turned to face him. “Believe me Ginny. I don’t want to face one of those next. But who knows what we have to face.”

After many more steps they spotted the entrance way to the final level. James entered first. There was nothing. Suddenly behind him an Iron gate closed behind him sealing him off from the others. Link desperately shacked the door to try get it open but it wouldn’t budge so the only thing he could do was watch his son fend for himself.

“Listen. I’ll be fine. I’ll beat what’s in here and then we can save our friends. OK.”

A cold high pitched laugh sounded off. “Good to see that you think that you could beat me. I am going to enjoy this.” A tall man with black armour, Orange hair and yellow eyes full of hate stepped forwards.

Link immediately realised who this was. It was Gannondorf.


“Oh yes you had best be on your guard.” He pulled out a Glowing White Sword. James could feel its power. “Because you are dancing with the most powerful being in the Dimensional Universe.”

“I hope you don’t mean yourself. You are just pathetic.”

Gannondorf started laughing. “I like your sense of Humour. But our Goddess would be more than willing to kill you if she were here.”

Something clicked inside James’s head “Of course. How could I have been so stupid. The forth goddess hasn’t turned evil. She is under a mind control.”

Gannondorf started to laugh. “Oh very good, boy. You are onto it. You see. When I had taken control of Hyrule. Not only in this Dimension but the First four. My journey for the Triforce drew me to those four I had found the Triforce of Power but I lost the other two parts. Except in Dimension 1 where one of myself managed to hold onto all three. But in Dimension 2,3 and 4 I lost the other two parts. I had complete control over all the first four Dimensions. Considering those are the Dimensions that protect the Four Elemental Pillars.”

“The what?”

Gannondorf started laughing once more. “That is a story for another time. But now we must fight.”

Gannondorf charged at James but James used all of his power and swung as hard as he could knocking the Sword from Gannondorf’s Hand.

“You will do no more harm.”

James kicked Gannondorf onto the Ground and raised the sword high in his hands ready to strike and kill but as he was bringing down the killing blow he moved out of the way and the sword dug deep into the floor. James smiled and pulled the sword. But. It did not come out. It was stuck. The forces in the tower were fighting on his side. Gannondorf walked over to his sword and sheathed it. “Enjoy life the best you can.” He disappeared.

The gate behind James opened and everyone rushed in. James was standing there. Frozen by what he had heard. “Enjoy life the best you can.” “

The Four elemental Pillars. What are the Four Elemental Pillars?” he said to himself.

“I have no idea. But listen son. We have to hurry and save the others. They may be in grave peril.”

“Yes. You’re right. Lets go.”


Adria started to come round. The last she remembered was Harry putting a body-binding curse on her. She took in her surroundings. This wasn’t anywhere she had ever been before. She then spotted Harry, Ron and Hermione lying beside her. She and the others were being held prisoner. She tried to move but she was tied to table. As were Harry, Ron and Hermione.

“Don’t bother. Even if you did get free you’d be back on the table before you would even take one step.”

Adria looked around to try to find the source of the voice. “Who are you? Show yourself.”

A cold laughed echoed off the walls. “I hear fear in your voice. Princess.”

Adria’s eyes widened.

Ahhh. Yes I know that you are a princess. Considering I am from your Dimension.”

“What? You are from my Dimension?”

“Yes I am. Are you shocked to find out that I can travel from Dimension to Dimension?”

“Who are you?”

A soft laughing came from the Shadows “The better question is. What am I?”

Adria was confused. “What do you mean ‘What am I?’.”

“You see. When I said that, I meant that I am not………..human.”

Your…………..Your not?”

“Of course not. Now it is time for a little bit of torture to begin.”


James suddenly felt a sharp pain. He knew Adria was being tortured, he had to hurry. The stairs just kept going on and on. Then he heard some screaming. Not just one voice but four. They were all being tortured. James sprinted up the stairs. The quicker he went the louder the voices were getting. Then he saw a doorway. Just before James entered everything went quiet. James feared for the worst. James drew out his sword and bound through the doorway. He found Adria passed out, blood pouring from her head. Harry, Ron and Hermione were OK. But they had cuts and bruises all over them. James ran over to them and cut them free. Hermione leapt into Ron’s open arms, crying all over his shoulder. James turned all his attention to Adria. She was not moving an inch. He feared for the worst. Was he too late? James picked up Adria’s hand and felt her wrist for a pulse. An extremely huge sigh of relief came when he felt the throbbing against his fingers. But it was weak. Dangerously weak. James gave a quick flick of his wand and sealed up the cuts over her body. She did not wake. Everyone else pilled into the room. Ginny ran over to Harry and they embraced. Link and Zelda ran over to James and Adria. Zelda immediately came to her daughters side and cradled her close to her chest, hoping she would wake.

“Listen we have to get her out of here. She needs to go to St Mungo’s. It is the best we can do.”

Hermione approached them “But we can’t apparate. You said.”

“Yes but we couldn’t apparate here considering we did not know what it looked like and where it was. I did but I couldn’t have brought all of you at once and as you know apparating is no easy feat.”

“Very well.”

“Now listen everyone. Whoever can’t apparate cling to someone who can. We are all going to St Mungo’s.”



Chapter 7: Every Mirror has Two sides.


Adria recovered from her injuries. The healers said another minute of two she would have died. But every half hour for the next 72 hours Adria was required to take a Blood-Restorative Potion. Harry, Ron and Hermione had minor injuries but they needed fixing up anyway.


With everything all sorted James, Adria, Link, Zelda, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Thor were all ready to depart back to Dimension 3. The Goddesses stood before them.

Din spoke “Well done Hero. You did well to find the Oracle. Now we can bring together all the Oracles and save our Sister.”

Nayru spoke. “We know of what has happened to her. We know the spell on her can be broken we just need to find its source.”

Farore spoke. “But to more important matters. Are you all ready to go back?”

Everyone nodded.

Din spoke “Excellent.”

A blue portal opened in front of them James stepped through. He fell in like water draining down a sink hole. Everyone was close behind. They then were all slammed hard onto the ground. They were back in Hyrule. James stood up and looked around. Dark clouds were swelling above then it started to rain. But it hadn’t rained in the Desert for 2000 years. Something was definitely not right. Link and Zelda looked up into the rain. They also knew this was not right. James stepped forward toward the frame of the Twilight Mirror.

“James. When the Mirror is repaired and we enter the Twilight Realm we are all going to assume different beings.”

“Really. Damn. How can we stay in our normal shapes?”

Link thought for a minute. “Maybe if we all had a Master Sword then we would all keep our Normal shapes.”

The Goddesses appeared before them. Din spoke. “Yes you are correct Link. Fortunately we can give you these.”

Din held out 8 Golden Flowers. “These flowers from the Sacred Realm will allow you to keep your normal shapes.”

They all took them and put there in their pockets.

Nayru spoke. “Oh Great Link that weapon you carry it would not be fitting for you.”

“Why do you say that o great ones.”

Farore spoke. “It carries the enchantment our sister put on you.”

Link immediately pulled it from his scabbard and threw it away.

Din spoke. “Wise choice. We can give you a sword we crafted ourselves. It is as light as a feather and as strong as Diamond.”

Din passed down to Link a silver sword. Link stepped forward and accepted it. He bowed and stepped backwards.

Nayru spoke. “For all of you we give you the same gift.”

Nayru made 6 more Swords appear from mid-air and everyone (except James and Link.) took them.

Farore spoke. “Now it is time. O Harry Potter step forward to the frame of the Twilight Mirror.”

Harry slowly walked towards it but was suddenly stopped by 10 Twili creatures falling from a portal above them. The Goddesses quickly disappeared and Harry backed away slowly. James pulled out his sword and charged at them. Link followed suit and they both attacked the twili in unison. James and Link both killed the final two at the same time. James and Link both placed there swords in there scabbards with a nice *shing*.

James turned to Harry “You can try it now. Just walk to the mirror and repair it.”

Harry nodded and pointed the Elder wand at the Mirror Frame.


Nothing happened. James looked at the Mirror thinking. “Wait Harry try Reparo Maxima.”


It worked. Tiny fragments of the Mirror came flying towards the frame. It took the Mirror two minutes to re-assemble itself but finally the only link to the Twilight Realm was open. It activated quickly and the portal opened. James stepped towards the Mirror. It had actually worked. He could get the final Dimensional Watch piece and pull together the Oracles. James turned to face the others. “Get ready everyone. We are going into the Twilight Realm.”


“You failed me Gannondorf. You allowed him to live. Right now he is on his way to us.”

Gannondorf sank into a deep bow. The Forth Goddess was standing right beside him. “I’m sorry master. He caught the better of me.”

“But the Tower’s dark forces held the sword in the ground long enough for you to kill him. You have one more chance. I will not tolerate failure anymore.”

“Yes master.” Replied the Forth Goddess and Gannondorf and they both walked away.”


The Twilight Realm. Everyone was standing in a group after entering the Twilight Realm. James stepped forward. He turned and faced the others. They were all looking at him. “Well guys this is it.” His words echoed in the Twilight.

“It so. Strange here. Like it is eternally dark here.”

Link nodded “It’s how it’s meant to feel. This place is the exact opposite of the light world.”

Suddenly Twili guards rose from the ground and pointed there weapons at them before they had the chance to react. They were taken prisoner and they marched up to the throne room where Midna was sitting on the throne. Her eyes widened when she saw who was approaching. “Link. How on earth did you get back to the Twilight Realm?”

“We had a lot of help. James would you mind explaining what has been going on?”

“Sure Dad.”

Midna stared down at them “Link. Is that your son?” Link nodded. “Wow. That’s great. Link and Zelda have a son.”

Zelda started to blush. Link did to. James started talking “No. It’s not like that. You see……………………………..


James went on to explain everything that had happened in the last 2 weeks. “…………..and then we turned up here.”

Midna was staring at him. Not quiet believing what she had heard.

“So we need the Watch part so we can save the Dimensional Universe.”

Midna nodded and pulled up a necklace with the watch part they were looking for.  Midna held it out. James walked up and took it from her. “Thank you Midna. You are the true Hero now.”

Midna smiled but then changed to disbelief. She was staring hard out behind them. Gannondorf and the Forth Goddess were standing there, swords drawn.

“So. You repaired that pathetic Mirror. Excellent you just fell right into our trap.”

“Trap? What trap?”

The Forth Goddess disappeared then re-appeared behind Midna and put the sword to her throat. Midna started struggling but then gave up. The Goddess was too strong.

Gannondorf walked towards James holding out his hand. “If you would please give me that.”

James looked at it then to Gannondorf and turned to look at Midna whose eyes were filled with fear.

“Give it to me. Or she dies.”

James didn’t want anymore innocent blood spilt. He slowly but surely handed over the Watch piece. Gannondorf took it and placed it in his pocket. Gannondorf snapped his fingers and Twili guard appeared around them. “Take them to the dungeons.”


Everyone was placed in different cells. There hands were bound so they could not do anything but sit there. James was racking through his brains for a plan. There was nothing he could do. They were left to die inside these cells. A door opened and the sound of footsteps came towards them. A stranger wearing a black robe walked in. “Listen the Twilight Princess would like to see you all. Go now.” All the guards that were protecting the cells ran out the door and up the stone steps. The stranger turned to face them. “You do not belong in this realm. I am here to help you.”

James jerked his head up higher. “Help Us? Why?”

“Things have changed a lot since the two outsiders came. Our Princess is never here. You just caught her as she was about to leave. ‘On an errand.’ She called it.”

“Errands. What errands would those be?”

The stranger shook his head. “I am not sure. But anyway.”

The stranger snapped his fingers and the chains binding his hands disappeared.

There was a sigh of relief from the other cells. They must have lost there’s also. The cell doors opened and everyone walked out into the corridor.

“Now hurry. We must leave.”

They all followed this stranger to the armoury where there weapons were.

“Listen before we go any further I must know something.”

The stranger looked out the door checking the corridor outside. “Well if you must.”

“Who are you?”

The stranger turned to face them. He lowered his hood revealing his face. He was a Twili. An ancient one for starters.

James took out his sword and pointed it at this Twili. “Are you leading us into a trap.

The Twili shook his head “I am here to help you. Like I said our Princess is not well.”

James thought for a minute. If he trusted this man he could be telling the truth and lead them to safety or could lead them to there doom. But if he didn’t trust him then he would have to navigate the Twilight Palace.

“Very well. Lead us on.”

The Twili nodded and they left the armoury. They all sprinted and exited the palace. The portal back to the Light world was ahead of them but there path was blocked by three people with swords. A better look saw that it was Gannondorf, The Forth Goddess and someone in a hooded robe.

“I see you escaped from your prison that these two put you in. Very well. You shall die here.”

The Twili stood on front of them throwing out his arms. “You will have to go through me first.”

All three of them laughed. “Very well.”

James walked out and stood in front of the Twili. “You will not harm him.”

“He is one of my own. He needs to die.”

“What? One of your own? Who are you?”

The Robed person lifted there hands and pulled down the hood. It was Midna.


Midna nodded “Yes it is me. It was I who took control of the Forth Goddess. It was I who revived Gannondorf.”

Link was shaking with anger. “Why Midna? Why? You were my friend?”

“Exactly Link. WAS. I only went along on your Journey because I needed the Fused Shadow. With it’s power I would be unstoppable.”

“But Gannondorf broke a piece of it thus rendering it un-useable.”

“Oh it’s quite simple. I drained the power from it. The longer I held onto it the more powerful I became. Until I had extracted all the power from it. Then I had a plan. While Zelda and yourself were being teleported I had a little chat with Gannondorf. We decided to work together and take control of the Dimensional Universe. Over the past 18 years I had taken control of the mind of the Forth Goddess. She was in exile in another dimension. Hiding from her sisters. I placed her under one of the most difficult spells I had ever done. It took a very long time but she then was finally under my control. I used her to invade Zelda’s mind and gave Link a limited place to live. It then became easier to track him down after that considering he could have hidden anywhere in Hyrule. But the Goddess caught up with him and killed him. Unfortunately she was stopped by you.” She pointed to James. “Anyway I called her back after and we planned to kill the Princess. Once again you crossed my path and we failed our objective. So we tried once more and we failed once again. So I decided I would get rid of the Oracle and we completed that mission. But we tried once more to kill you. We of course failed. So when I heard that you had gone to another Dimension I decided to revive Link and Zelda and put them in a trance. I knew you wouldn’t fight back against your own Father and Queen. But when you captured them I sent the Forth Goddess after you. She would have completed her mission if it were not for you.” She pointed to Thor. “Thor Gryfindor of the Yoises. Your ancestor was Godric Gryfindor was it not?”

Thor nodded.

Ahhh. Excellent. Anyway our story continues. Before the Goddess fought you I had her kidnap those four and hide them in the Tower of Death. I thought ‘If she can’t kill them. I will let someone else.’ So I revived Gannondorf and had him wait on the final floor. During the fight he just couldn’t win so he fled back here.”

James had heard enough. “So it was you. Everything bad that has happened to Hyrule was your doing.”

“Very Good. Yes it was. I the Twilight Princess take responsibility for everything bad that has happened. The Twilight that spread through to the Light World. I allowed myself to lose some of powers. It was all a setup.”


James pulled out his sword and sprinted towards Midna. Before he even got close he was blasted back by a ball of energy from Midna’s hand and slid across the ground back to the others. James held his abdomen getting up off the ground. “How did you get so powerful?”

“Same way as the Fused Shadows. I extracted all my power from the Forth Goddess. But considering all her power is now mine. I don’t have any use for her anymore”

Midna clicked her fingers and the black crystal on the Forth Goddess’s head shattered. She then collapsed to the ground.

“We have things to do Gannondorf. We will let them enjoy themselves for a bit.”

Gannondorf flicked the watch piece towards James. James caught it.

“Good-Bye hero. We shall meet again.”

Midna and Gannondorf disappeared. James ran up to the Forth Goddess to see if she was alive. She was breathing but it was terribly laboured. James picked her up over his shoulder and walked towards the portal to the light world.


Everyone stood beside James and they all warped back to the light world.



Chapter 7: Lies that protected the Truth.


As soon as James touched the ground in the Light world the Goddesses appeared in front of him.

Din spoke. “You have saved our sister. We are eternally in your debt.”

James placed the forth Goddess safely on the ground. Everyone crowded around her. This was the woman who had been causing all the trouble. If James pulled out his sword and plunged it into her heart he could end the burning in his heart. Her eyes started to open. They were full of sorrow, James really started to feel sorry for her.

Wha…….What happened to me?”

Din knelt beside and placed a soothing hand on her sisters cheek. “You were under mind control by Midna. The Twilight Princess.”

Shock was introduced to the forth goddesses face. “What? She was always so good. Why would she do that?”

Nayru spoke “We do not know. We have a few guesses each unlikely as the other.”

The forth goddess reached up and took Nayru’s hand. “I am so sorry dear sisters. Could you possibly ever forgive me?”

Farore knelt down beside her sister. “Of course. It was never your fault. We will forgive you.”

James stepped forward. “Listen when we were in the Twilight Realm we had a little chat with Midna.”

Din stood up. “Yes we know. Even we were hoodwinked.”

James nodded “Yeah but your sisters power was drained and now Midna is the strongest being in the Dimensional Universe.”

Nayru spoke. “Yes we know. We can restore our sisters power. We can also re-ignite her Triforce part giving you the full Wind Triforce.”

“Wind Triforce?”

Farore spoke. “Yes. There is two more Legends you need to hear. We have been using Lies to Protect the Truth. But we cannot do it anymore. You see as Gannondorf said he split himself into four different beings and placed them in the Dimensions that protect the Elemental Pillars.”

Everyone crowded around them. Hermione stepped forward. “Can you tell us more. I would like to know about the Dimensional Universe?”

Din spoke. “Of course I’m  sure you would all like to know.”

Harry nodded. “Of course.”

Ron shrugged. “It can’t hurt to have some back-round knowledge.”

Thor gave a small nod. “I would like to know Great Goddesses.”

Link and Zelda both nodded.

Nayru spoke. “Excellent. Now we also created ways for an ultimate hero to emerge in case the Dimensional Universe was in peril. That would be now. We made four Triforces each protecting the Four Elements. Fire. Earth. Wind and Water.”

James nodded and Farore continued on. “When we dis-ignited our sisters Triforce part. The Triforce of Love. The Elemental Pillars were safe. But now we have to re-ignite her part the Pillars will be at risk. Midna and Gannondorf could swoop in and take them. Fortunately they will not be activated until all the Triforce parts. Power, Wisdom, Courage and Love are all together. You have the Triforce parts of Courage and Wisdom. We have the Triforce of power. We took it back from Gannondorf before he died.”

“Wait how do I have the Triforce of Wisdom?”

Nayru spoke. “Zelda died in your arms. You were the closest living thing close to her and I housed it inside you.”

James nodded. “I understand.”

“Now take this Triforce of Power.”

Din held in her hand a small Golden Triangle. The Triforce of Power.

Din held out her hand. “Take it young Hero.”

James stepped forward and reached slowly for the Triforce part. He could feel its power radiating from the Triforce of Power. James felt a sudden burst of want. He was getting the Triforce of Power. He wanted it. But the real him kicked back in and he quickly came back to his senses. He touched it. He felt as if he was getting electrocuted. The power of it ran through him quickly then it stopped. James felt more powerful. James looked down at his right hand. There were three glowing Triangle on his hand.

Din spoke. “Now for the final part.”

Din, Nayru and Farore pointed there hand towards there sister. Sparks started to shoot from their hands and they dissolved into there sisters chest. After her power was restored she stood up and had a pink aura around her. The Forth Goddess was restored.

James smiled but had one thing on his mind. “By the way what is your name?”

The forth Goddess spoke “My name is Serenity.”

“Serenity. I like that name.”

Serenity smiled. “Thank you Hero.”

Nayru spoke. “It is time to re-ignite the Triforce of Love.”

All the Sisters joined hands and muttered some unknown language then a golden orb started glowing in the middle of them. A high pitched whining started and everyone threw there hands up to their ears. The Orb started to grow bigger then it shrunk then exploded leaving behind a Golden Triangle. Serenity stepped forward and took the part, she then turned to James and walked over to him.

“Here young hero. Take the part.”

James reached for the part and took it. He once again felt a sudden surge of power flowing through him. Then it stopped. He looked down at his hand. A bright full golden triangle was there.

“You now control the power of Wind. Just think what you want it to do and it will do it.”

James nodded. He now controlled the Wind Element. This could come in great use in the future. But there was one thing that the Goddesses missed. “What is the other Legend?”

“Very well. The final Legend is the Four Swords.”

“What is the Four Swords?”

“The Four Swords are the Four Master Swords of the Four Dimensions. There power radiates to each other so they all conceal the same powers.



Chapter 8: Unfortunate Circumstances.


They set up camp that night in the Mirror chamber. James had a lot of explaining to do to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Thor. They sat in front of the fire while James talked about everything from when Link was killed up to that day.  Everyone was silent after James had explained everything. The silence was broken by Harry. “Now that. Is a story to tell your grandkids on a Sunday.

Everyone laughed at Harry’s joke.

“But anyway what do we do now?”

James thought for a minute. “Well the Ordon and Faron province are the only safe place we can stay here in this dimension. But I think it is time we took back what was taken from us. Don’t you think?”

Link nodded. “Yes we must take back Hyrule. But how?”

James thought. The normal him would never come up with a plan but he had the Power of Wisdom helped him. “We will apparate to the Faron woods and we can then meet up with the survivors and then hatch a plan there.”

Everyone looked at each other then decided it would be a good idea then they could get more information there. James, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Thor were the only ones who could apparate but James was the only one who knew where the Faron woods were from that bunch.

“I will have to take you each, one at a time. Dad you come with me first.” Link nodded and took his arm. “Excellent. Now.”

James apparated to the Faron woods 6 times. Apparating took a lot out of you. Adria was the last.

“C’mon Adria take my arm.”

Adria stepped forwards but didn’t take his arm. “Listen James. I have something I want to tell you.”

James stared at Adria. “What is it?”

Adria held her hands together in front of her and looked down at her shoes. “Well it is hard to say.”

“I wont laugh. Go on tell me.”

“Well…………………………………..No don’t worry it’s not important.”


“Don’t worry James. Lets just go.”

“Very well. Take my arm.”

Adria took his arm and the apparated to the Faron woods.


Every man was on there knees all staring in the direction of Midna on the balcony of the Castle.

“I want you all to attack the Faron woods in a week. Kill everyone there. Leave none alive.”


Everyone started cheering.

Gannondorf was smiling. “Those men have found there ruler.”


James and Adria arrived at the rendezvous point where everyone else was waiting.

“Right are we all here excellent. Lets go.”

They all set off through the forest but they didn’t get far when hundreds of spears were pointed at them. The Royal Soldiers were all staring at them. The captain stepped forward.

“What business do you  have here? Speak quickly.”

Zelda stepped forwards. “Stand down all of you at once. We are here to take back the Castle.”

“Queen Zelda.”

All the soldiers sank to there knees. “We thought you were dead.”

“I was. Now take me to the rest of the soldiers.”

The Captain stood up and lead them to parts of the forest where everyone was staying. They finally made it to the Ordon Village were James ran to his house were he was expecting his mother to be inside. James burst through the door. She was not here. James went back outside to Link who was anxious to hear the news. James shook his head. Link nodded. “It’s OK son. She will be safe somewhere.”

James smiled. They searched all night for her. They didn’t find her. Rusl walked towards them. Surprised to see Link he ran up and embraced his old friend.

“Link. How on earth are you alive?”

“That is a story for another day. Can you help us? Where is my wife?”

Rusl’s face immediately sank. “I think you should come with me.”

Rusl lead them to a meadow in the forest. James knew this place. It was where he spent hot, sunny days here. It was beautiful in the light. Rusl walked over to a small grotto. He pointed to something the brought James’s world crashing down. A tombstone. He read aloud. “Her Lies Ilia. A Good mother and Wife. May she Rest in Peace.”

Link collapsed to his knee’s and started crying. James couldn’t believe it as well. He turned to Rusl who answered the question he was about to ask. “She went to Kakkariko Village to get some supplies. Her and some of the Army. Unfortunately the other side had taken over the Village. Renando managed to evacuate everyone. But they had not passed on message to us. So they went in. Only one came out. Ilia.                                           We hurried to save her and we brung her back to the village. She then took off in the middle of the night and came to this Meadow. She died during the night and we found her here. I’m terribly sorry for your loss.”

James felt the hottest surge of rage pulsing through his body. He was about to lose control so he stormed away. He didn’t know where he was going but his feet seemed to lead him to the Sacred Grove. We walked up to the Pedestal where the Master Sword would be. He then collapsed to his knees and lifted his head up and let off a scream full of rage and hatred. He didn’t know how long he was screaming for but his eyes started to go fuzzy and everything went black. He had passed out.


The Dark Room. He was back here. He slowly got up off the ground and looked around for the Goddesses. Surely they appeared in front of him. James had only one thing on his mind.

“Why did you let my mother die?” he said through clenched teeth.

Din Spoke. “We asked her if she wanted to live. Or if she wanted to Pass. She chose to pass.”

“But why?”

Nayru Spoke. “She thought you were dead. When she heard about the castle being taken over she thought you had been killed. She then wanted to help out as much as she could to help others in need.”

“She was always good at that.”

Farore Spoke. “Yes. Now is a time for action. Midna has commandeered her forces to strike the Faron Woods in 7 days.”

“7 Days!”

Serenity Spoke. “Yes young hero. She of course will not be joining the battle. Neither is Gannondorf she has left them under the command of Zant.”

Zant. So she has been reviving old allies of hers.”

Din Spoke. “Yes she has. She has also revived The Dark Lord, Voldemort.”

“What? She has done WHAT?”

Nayru Spoke. “Yes it is true. You need to take back the castle. Only then will you have taken back Hyrule.”

James nodded. “I understand. Can you send me back now?”

They all nodded and James started to float away from them into the white light.”


James woke up in the Sacred Grove. It was late afternoon. He got up and slowly walked back to the camp. When he got back everyone stood up. James beckoned them to follow him. James quickly whispered into Zelda’s ear. “I need you to make the Captain listen to me.”

Zelda nodded. They all walked to the Captain of the Army.

Zelda stepped forward. “Listen to James. He has a plan to take back Hyrule. Understand?”

“Yes your Highness. What is your plan sir?”

“How many Soldiers do we have here?”

“We have 10,000 soldiers. Also 100 Elite Soldiers Ready at your command.”

“Excellent. We need to take back the castle. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now here is my plan. We send  all of your Soldiers to the gates of Kakkariko Village. There is a passage from Lake Hylia that leads to the back of the Graveyard there. Unfortunately it goes underwater. If we send a lot of the Soldiers through there then we storm the village and take it back. We can then use it as a camp then re-establish our communication with the Gorons. During this is happening we send someone up to Zora’s domain and get them to come down to the village. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. We attack the castle in 6 days.”



Chapter 9: To Kakarikko Village.


James, The Captain, Harry and Hermione lead of the Elite Soldiers to Lake Hylia. Link, Ron and Thor had taken the rest for a full frontal attack. They could only travel by night and they all went swift. Thor would send a Patronus to the others when they were ready. Link was leading his Soldiers to a safe point and wait for the Patronus. It took them 2 hours to get to the Lake considering there were Twili patrolling Hyrule, So they had to travel swiftly by night. James pulled out a rope and thanks to Hermione would extend to whatever size you wanted.

“Now listen. I am going to swim through this hole to the Graveyard. I will send you a Patronus when I am to the other side. Hermione and Harry will cast the Bubble-Head charm on you which will allow you to breathe underwater. When we are through I will send a Patronus to the others and they will start the attack. With the enemy occupied trying to hold them back we flank them and force them to surrender. Understand?”

Everyone nodded.


James put on the Iron boots and cast the Bubble-Head charm over his own head and started to walk into the water.

“Wait James. Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh yes of course.”

James handed one end of the rope to Harry and he tightly secured it to a tree.

“See you all soon.”

James started to walk into the water. It was cold but he would be alright. It was like he was holding a long piece of rubber. The rope extended with him like tape measure. It took James over 10 minutes to reach the other end. James ditched the Iron boots and swam up and tied the rope to the King Zora’s grave. James forgot to apparate and take up a messenger to the Zora’s. So he apparated back to Lake Hylia.

“You were meant to send a Patronus remember?”

“I know. It’s just we forgot to take a messenger up to the Zora’s.”


James nodded. “I will take one of you. Who would like to go?”

One soldier stood forward. “I will sir.”

“Great. Now just take my arm and hold on tight. Oh and I have tied up the rope so all of you start heading through.”

The soldier grasped James’s arm tight and they apparated to Zora’s Domain. When they got there the soldier immediately let go and fell to the ground. He was fine he was feeling a bit sick for the Apparating. James and the Soldier walked towards the Throne Room of Zora’s Domain. It was dark, no torches had been lit so they could not see. James whipped out his wand and cast Lumos. What they saw made James almost throw up. Bodies everywhere. The Zoras had been wiped out. James walked slowly through the bodies looking for survivors. There were none left alive. But one was. He was very near death. James ran over to him looking down at his abdomen seeing a sword wedged inside it. James picked up the Zoras hand. The Zora looked at him. He spoke weakly “I……..I’m glad you came.”

“What on earth has happened here?”

“They…………….They came before we had any warning.”

“Who was it?”

“The……The Twili and Gannondorf. They were accompanied by on…………………..e more………………………….She………………………………………..She…………………………….”

He spoke no more. He was dead. James closed his eyes picturing the scene. He slowly got up.

“I think we can go back. There is nothing more for us here.”

The Soldier nodded.


Everyone was through the passageway to the Zora’s Graveyard. They had climbed through the whole into the Kakarikko Graveyard. They had secured the perimeter and held some of the bandits prisoner, they all knelt with there hands behind there head and spears pointed at them. James walked forwards to the captain who was standing at the entrance.

“I sent a couple of spies into the village. They should be back any minute.”

James nodded. “Good. This gives us a bit of knowledge at how they are doing there thing.”

Two men came round the corner. They approached the captain. “Sir. They are all in the houses. They have Barnes held hostage and he is supplying them with bombs no one guards him because he knows he will not get far. We noticed they had cannons at every entrance into the village. They would wipe the others out before they even had a chance to attack. The Gorons are safe. They have managed to keep the bandits at bay so they leave them alone.”

“OK. Thank you.” He turned to James. “We need a plan of action now.”

James thought for a very long time. “I……………….I am not sure how we can do it. I think we should go back to the rest and work out a plan with them.”

The Captain nodded and they walked back to everyone else who had set up a small camp. They had food cooking and were setting up weapons. James then started working a plan through his head. He sat there eyes closed thinking hard, very hard. Night had fallen when a plan hit James like a bolt of lightning. James ran to the captain who was in a tent with some soldiers looking at a map of the village.

“I have a plan.”

The captain smiled “Excellent. Please share.”

“OK. Well Harry and you sneak to one entrance and destroy the Cannons. Then Hermione and myself will sneak to the other and destroy the others. Some of the others rescue Barnes then they destroy his shop and the weapons cache. Some more will sneak up the mountain and enlist the help of the Gorons. We will destroy the Cannons first considering they and the weapons cache will make the most noise which will draw the most attention.”

The Captain thought it through. “Yes. Excellent plan James. OK. But what will we do with the prisoners? We can’t leave them here.”

“Tie them up. Then I will sort them out.”

“OK. Well you heard him men. Spread the word.”


James had just sent a Patronus to the others explaining what they were doing. Once the heard the explosions of the cannons they were to charge a full frontal attack. Harry and the Captain hidden by Disillusionment charms were lying down on a cliff above the cannons at the south entrance to the village. James and Hermione were doing the same at the north entrance. A few soldiers went up Death Mountain to the Gorons and another set went to help Barnes. They would destroy the cache when they saw a fire arrow shot into the air from up the mountain. Then when they heard the cache get destroyed then the cannons would be last. The rest of the soldiers were waiting in the graveyard waiting to attack when the full army charged down the gates as were everyone else in the village. James was staring down at the cannons and there were a few guards down at the cannon.

James spoke in a quiet whisper “Listen. Once we have destroyed the cannons we need to kill them. It will only make things easier.”

“What? B……….but I have never killed someone before! I can’t do it now.”

“Hermione listen. These men would kill you first chance they get. Think of what they have done to other people? Would you really let someone live after that? Besides they would be as evil as Voldemort.”

“Well……………………I’ll try. But if I can’t I will try to stun them.”

“Very well. Oh wait, hold on Expecto Patronum.”

A silver bug leapt out from James’s wand and crawled on the direction of where Harry and the Captain were.

“Is that your Patronus?”

“No. I changed its appearance because it would look bad if a Silver Dragon flew over the village and landed where Harry and the Captain are, Wouldn’t it?”

“Your Patronus is a Dragon? That is amazing. You must show me sometime?”

“Sure. If you really wante……………..”

His words were cut short by a terrific explosion.

“Now. Quickly.”

Both James and Hermione jumped up and pointed there wands at each cannon. They both yelled the same thing and a light erupted from each wand and hit the cannons causing them to explode. James took the charm off him and jumped down and pulled out his sword and started fighting with the guards. Hermione shot spells from above. James had never killed another man before but he forced himself to think of why he deserved to die. James heard shouting from the middle of the village. The bandits were heading his way just like he wanted. He quickly took care of the rest of the guards then quickly climbed back up to Hermione.

“Great job Hermione. You were great. Now. Apparate back to the woods. You will be safe there.”

“But. Ron is here. So is Harry. I can’t leave them here. What if they don’t come back?”

“I promise you they will. Go quick.”

Hermione reluctantly nodded and disapparated.

“Time for the fun to begin.”

James looked down and saw the bandits looking around investigating the area. He checked to the south east and saw his army was charging towards them. The bandits were to pre-occupied. This was going better than expected. He checked behind the bandits and the elite’s were gathered and ready to defend in case the bandits charged them down.


A cold voice was in the air. James looked around then spotted the bandits thinking one of them must of said it. The bandits looked around and spotted the elites and the army. They were trapped in the canyon leading to Kakarikko Village.


Who was saying that? It must be from the village. It could have echoed off the canyon walls. James ran along the cliff and jumped down to the elites.

“Listen. Me and Harry are going to find that voice. Just defend against them.”

The captain nodded and Harry ran to James and they sprinted up to the village. They meet two figures in black blocking the way to the village. James and Harry skidded to a halt. One drew out a sword and the other drew out a wand. James and Harry drew out there swords and wands ready to fight. Harry passed his sword to James and James gave his wand to Harry.

“Good to see you again Harry.”

Harry almost dropped the wands when we saw who it was. Voldemort! What? How are you alive still?”

James cut in “She revived them.”

Harry nodded then turned all his attention to Voldemort.

James focused on the other. “I see she also revived you to Zant.”

Zant started laughing. “You are right boy. The Twilight Princess did revive me. For one purpose. To kill you.”

“Funny how she always does things that end up failing in the end.”

Zant disappeared and then reappeared in front of James. “She also doubled our power so we will not be easier.”

James mocked him. “Oh I always love a good challenge. You are still not quite good enough.”

Zant had had enough. He slashed at James but James blocked without hesitation. James used his sword and threw Zant to the ground. Zant’s sword slid away from his hand. Zant clambered across the ground towards his sword but James was too quick and jumped on top of it. “You have lost Zant.”

“He has not.”

Voldemort was now pointing his wand at James’s heart. “He has.”

Harry was now pointing both wands at Voldemort. James and Harry had the advantage over there opponents. “Drop it or you will meet death once again, Tom.”

Voldemort snarled at Harry but when he turned to face James a sword was pressed at his throat.

“Harry take his wand.”

Harry nodded and Voldemorts wand flew from his hand to Harry who whipped away James’s wand and caught Voldemorts wand. “Now destroy it.” Harry dropped it and a light erupted from the Elder wand and destroyed Voldemorts wand which had been lying on the ground. “Bind him up.”

Ropes flew from Harry’s wand and wrapped themselves tightly around Voldemort. Voldemort lost his balance and fell onto the ground.

James turned all his attention to Zant, but he was not there. He must have fled. James then walked towards Voldemort who was struggling to get free. James traded back Harrys sword for his wand.

“What should we do to him Harry?”

Harry smiled. “We can take him to them to show they have no chance to win anymore.”

James laughed. “Wise decision Harry.” James pulled him to his feet. He then cut the ropes on Voldemort but salvaged some and tied his hands behind his back. “Now if you would. Start walking.”

Voldemort started to walk towards the Melee. Harry couldn’t help but fight back a laugh. He had never seen Voldemort give into someone’s wishes before. When they got back to the fight they had seen that the Bandits had given up shortly after they had gone to take on Zant and Voldemort. They were all bunched together. James started to make his way through the guard to the bandits.


All the bandits took out bombs and lit them.

“Its nothing personal but we never let away our secrets.”

They all pulled the bombs close to there chest.


All the soldiers ran in different directions. James had just managed to turned around and run a couple of steps before a massive explosion erupted and threw some soldiers who were close away. It caught James and sent him flying. He slammed hard into the canyon wall and fell down to the hard ground. James felt extreme pain then passed out.



Chapter 10: The Most Powerful Being in the Galaxy.


2 Days passed from there victory. James was lying in a bed careful not to strain himself because he had not yet fully healed. James slowly got up and went outside. Soldiers were re-pairing some of the damage to the village. Guards were stationed at the entrances to the village and Goron were helping put the village back together also. A sudden scream made James jump six feet in the air. “JAMES.”

Adria came sprinting at James flinging out her arms and jumping at James. James caught her but lost his balance and they both fell to the ground. Adria picked herself up off the ground and helped up James.

“I’m so sorry. I am just so glad to see you again.”

James smiled “Me to. Tell me what’s been happening?”

“Well we are trying to repair some of the damage to the village. Tonight the army intends to attack Hyrule Castle full frontal.”

“Full frontal.” James barged from his room and went to find the captain. When he found him he picked him up by the shirt.

“James. To what pleasure do I owe this?”

“Why full frontal. They will be expecting it. If you go on with it you will be leading them to there doom.”

“It is the only way.”

James lowered the captain. “There is another way. We would have the element of surprise on our side if we took another way in.”

“I’m listening.”

James sat down at a desk and pulled a map of Hyrule towards him. He took a quil and ink and started sketching as he was writing. “Well. We shift the entire army during the night to the Hidden Village. During the day we stay there for 48 hours then when the army goes to attack the Faron Woods. We send half the Army back there to gather the Ordonians so they would not be killed. I will lead those men back there. We will then all gather at the Hidden Village. On the night they go to attack the Forest we then sneak into the castle and take control of the Weapons they would have used against us. If the army comes back to take the castle back. We wipe them out.”

The captain stared at the Map. He nodded. “Yes. That works. That Zant would have told them about us taking back Kakarikko Village. They would send scouts to check on us then we trick them into thinking we went back to the forest. That is perfect.”

James nodded. “It would be wise to send some of us back to the Woods now so they can see us.”

“Very well.” The Captain walked towards one of his men. “Gather everyone here. Now.”

“Yes sir.” Immediately he pulled out a trumpet and started blowing to signal everyone to them.

When they were all gathered Harry and Ron cast the Muffialto so if there were any spies they wouldnot overhear. “LISTEN.” The captain boomed out. “WE NEED HALF OF YOU TO ACCOMPANY JAMES BACK TO THE FARON WOODS. THE OTHER HALF STAY WITH ME HERE THEN WE SNEAK UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS TO THE HIDDEN VILLAGE. DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND?”

“YES SIR.” Everyone yelled.


Half the soldiers grabbed Spears, Swords and Shields and ran to the Southern exit. James watched them go. He approached the captain. “Listen. Take great care of Adria and Hermione. They are the key to stopping this evil. If anything happens to them. I will turn up and help out. Harry and Thor come with me and Link Zelda and Ron go with you.”

The Captain nodded.

“Excellent. We shall meet you in the Hidden Village. Ask the Gorons to accompany you they may be extremely useful.”

The Captain nodded once more.

“Good. Well. Goodbye for now.”

James shook his hand.

“May the Power of the Goddesses protect you James.

James nodded and He and Harry set off for the Faron woods with half the army.


Midna. It seems the army is heading back to the Faron woods.”

Midna smiled. “So Zant was correct. They did take the village back. Very well. In 2 days we will send the army to destroy them. Me and Gannondorf are going away. I trust you to look after the castle. King.”

Rodolpholus nodded. “I would guard it with my life for the Twilight Princess and ruler of the Dimensional Universe.”

Midna and Gannondorf left the throne room.

“Would you really leave him in charge Midna?”

“Yes I would. It is all part of my plan. I know for a fact that only half the army is headed for the Faron Woods. They intend to evacuate the Forest then set up camp in the Hidden Village then surprise attack the castle.”

“What? Well then we must inform everyone.”

Midna held up her hand. “NO. They are all worthless. Once I gain the other Goddess Powers then I will have control of the Galaxy.”

“Yes Midna. Tell me. How did you know that they were to do all that?”

“When I got Serenitys Powers she enabled me to listen on in every conversation in this pathetic land.”

Gannondorf started laughing. “Oh very good. Very good Midna. But how do you intend to capture the Goddesses and extract there powers?”

“Oh it is very simple. Follow me.”

Midna lead Gannondorf down into the torture chamber where Four glowing figure were tied up in chains. The were all struggling to escape there bonds.

“You are stuck in a chamber where you powers are worthless. Besides those chains are 50% diamond. There is no way you will be escaping in a hurry.”


Midna started laughing. “Oh but I will and already have. All that is left is to drain your powers.”

Midna stepped forwards and placed her hand on Dins head and started muttering words of an unknown language. Suddenly the glow from Dins body grew dimmer until there was no more glow.

“Your power is now mine Din. Now for you Nayru.”

Midna placed her hand on Nayrus head and repeated the same process.

Mmmmmmmmm. I love this power flowing through me. It feels good. Now two more.”

Faore spoke. “But you already have Serenity’s powers.”

“Yes that is true but she has more power and it would be useful not to let it become such a waste.”

Midna placed one hand on Farores head and the other hand on Serenity’s head. She drained the power from both of them completely. They were all lying on the table. Not moving a muscle.

“Unfortunately they will love. But they are just mere mortals.”

A black Aura surrounded Midna. Gannondorf could feel the power radiating off Midna. She was now the most powerful being in the Galaxy.


James felt the hugest surge of power go through him like and electric shock. Something was wrong. He could feel it. It was coming from the castle. He knew the power, it was the Goddesses. But they were in peril. James halted and turned to Harry. “Listen I have to go somewhere. Can you take these men and get to the Woods?”

“Of course. You can trust me.”

“Thanks Harry. See you later.”

James disapparated to the Castle Throne Room. It looked the same. He cautiously looked around checking to make sure he was safe. James took out his sword and held it at the ready. Someone teleported 20 feet away from James. Then someone else did also. Midna and Gannondorf. James steadied himself. He could feel Midna powers. They were extreme. James could barely take it.

Ahhh James. How very nice to see you.”

Midna. How………………Why are you so powerful?”

Midna folded her arms. “Well you felt it. The surge you felt was the Goddesses Power being extracted from them. They forcefully housed themselves inside me.”


Midna and Gannondorf started laughing. “You heard Midna. What you don’t know now she is the most powerful being in the Galaxy. You cannot stop her.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.”

James charged at Midna with every ounce of speed he could muster. He swung the Oracle blade at Midna but before it even touched her James was blasted back away from her. He went flying and crashed through the throne. James picked himself up. James then ran at Midna again but this time she caught the bladewith her hand.

“When will you ever learn?”

She threw her fist as hard as she could at James. It caught James in the chest and sent him flying back once more. This time he hit the wall extremely hard and left cracks rippling up the wall. James fell to the ground front first. James could not move. She was far too powerful for him now. James looked up and saw Midna walk towards him slowly. James tried to get up and get out of here but he was in far too much pain to even lift a finger. Midna knelt down beside him and turned him over. James looked up into her eyes. He saw the lust in her eyes for more power.

“I shall let you live. Tell you what. Lets make a deal shall we. Muster up as many people as you can and take on my army. Restore the Oracle Blade. I want to fight. I want a challenge. For me to kill you now would seem a waste when you can be even more powerful. I will give you 1 month. 1 month then I will be back.”

She clicked her fingers and James’s body was healed instantly. James picked himself up off the ground and looked down into Midna’s eyes. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But he did need more people to fight for him and more time to get powerful.

“2 months and we have a deal.”

James held out his hand. Midna stood up looking down at his hand. Then a smile swept across her face from cheek to cheek.

“Very well. 2 months. I will draw my forces back to the Desert. I will expect to see you there in 2 months time.”

She took his hand and shook it.

“Now Midna. Could you please restore the Goddesses Powers back to them please? It would help me on the way to getting more powerful.”

Midna started laughing. “I am not stupid James. But you do make a good point. Very well I will restore there powers.”

She snapped her fingers and the Goddesses appeared before her with there auras glowing around them once more.

“Besides. If necessary I can take that power again and increase my powers ten-fold.”

Midna disappeared. Gannondorf was standing there watching him. He drew out his sword and walked towards James. James used the Wind powers and his sword came floating to his hand from where the throne used to be. Gannondorf immediately stopped and then sheathed his sword. He turned around and walked out to the balcony that saw the courtyard below.


There were some shouts then he felt heavy footsteps. James ran out and stood beside Gannondorf looking down upon the army. It was huge. They filled up the castle grounds and then the entire market. But that was not it. They went on for as far as the eye could see. This was going to be very difficult. If he rounded up armies from other Dimensions he would be leading them to there death.

“Until next time Hero.”

Gannondorf disappeared. The goddesses approached James.

Din spoke. “Thank you very much for helping us. We heard your conversation from down in the torture room.”

“How could you hear our conversation?”

Nayru spoke. “She did not extract all our power. If she did that punch she hit you with would have gone straight through you.”

James threw his hands up to his chest and looked at it. He pictured Midnas arm sticking out of it. Augh. No. We must stop her. But how can we do it?”

Farore spoke. “You restore the Oracle Blade, Merge the Elemental Pillars and receive God Powers.”

“Receive God Powers. What do you mean?”

Serenity spoke. “We will surrender our Powers to you so you have a fighting chance to defeat Midna. It is a terrible risk but we are willing to participate.”

James thought about it. “Wait. Why would it be a terrible risk?”

Din spoke. “Surrendering all our Powers would kill us.”

“What? No. I will not do that.”

Nayru spoke. “Then we have a problem. If you did have the Oracle Blade restored and Merged the Elemental Pillars you would still not be powerful enough to challenge Midna. You would not even be close.”

“But………..You will die and then the Dimensions will fall out of balance.”

Farore spoke. “They will not. Our powers need a living host. If the powers stay alive then the Balance in the Dimensions would still be safe.”

“But what if I die? What would happen then?”

Serenity spoke. “If you died then balance in the Dimensions would become unstable. Thus destroying the entire Galaxy.”

James shook his head. “No. I will not accept your powers. I WILL NOT. THERE WOULD BE TOO MUCH AT RISK.”

Din spoke. “But then if Midna extracts all our powers then the Galaxy would be destroyed anyway.”

“But why didn’t it get blown up or however the Galaxy vanishes when she extracted your powers?”

Nayru spoke. “Because if she drew out more of our powers then she would go into a Power Overload and explode. The Explosion would be enough to destroy the Entire Galaxy. So either choice you choose will end the Galaxy. Unless you win.”

James sighed. “I am not good with power. It would destroy me from the inside.”

Farore spoke. “You are strong James. You will be able to handle it. The only thing that would set you off is pure hatred, anger and sorrow. You would then lose control of yourself.”

James though about it for a very long time. He needed this power to destroy Midna and save the Galaxy. If he did take the power and get killed then the Galaxy would be destroyed. If he didn’t accept and Midna took all the Goddess Powers then she would destroy the Galaxy. So much was at stake.

“Very well. I will accept your Powers O great Ones.”

Serentiy spoke. “Wise choice Hero. Stay calm you will feel an extremely huge surge of power going into you. Here is one more thing. Once you collect the Elemental Pillars our powers will be unlocked. We will fill your head also with knowledge of the 11 Dimensions. Do you understand?”

James nodded. “Yes I understand.”

The Goddesses closed there eyes. The Aura surrounding each of them glowed brighter and brighter. Suddenly James felt the hugest surge of Power going into him. It was so strong that he couldn’t help but start screaming. It was extremely painful. He felt like he was going to pass out. After two agonising minutes it stopped. James then collapsed to his knees. He started breathing hard and heavy. The experience was nothing he had ever felt before. It was far too un-natural. He slowly got up. He looked down and saw the Goddesses all lying on the ground. They were struggling to breathe. James knelt down beside Nayru and picked up her hand. She looked up at him weakly. “Please………….sa…………ve………………………………….t…………………………..he……………………………………………………………………Galaxy.”

James closed his eyes and felt tears grow up in his eyes. He opened his eyes and saw Nayrus eyes close. She was dead. James slowly got up. He looked at Din who was also Dead. Farore breathed her last breath then she went silent. Serenity was still managing to hold on. James leapt over Dins body to Serenity.

“I’m sorry ………………..for ever……………………..ything I ……………………….did to……………………….yo……………………….u.”

“It’s OK. I was not your fault. You were under mind control.”

“Bu……………….t I should hav……………………..e been……………………………………………strong……………………..e……………………………..”

She passed. Serenitys spirit left the earth but left her body behind. James stood up once more looking down at the Goddesses bodies. He then looked at his hands. He felt the power pulsing through his body with every beat of his heart. He then looked at the setting sun. He had 2 months to save the Galaxy. He had managed to secure the castle. He then teleported to Kakarikko Village. He was greeted by a shock of surprise.

“James. Why are you back here?”


James finished telling his story. An eerie silence was hanging around the air.

“So now I must leave to the other Dimensions and round up an army and restore the Oracle blade. I must be leaving soon.”

“How do we now it is not a trap?”

James sighed. “I have a feeling Midna talked the truth this time.”

“Very well. Men we go back to the castle now. Lets go.”

Everyone started moving off. Adria approached James and took his hand and took him someplace secret.

“Listen. If you are going I want to come with you.”

“You want to come with me?”

Adria nodded. James sighed and looked at the ground. “I really don’t know how to say this in a polite way so I’ll just say it straight. I will not take you with me. I am not being rude but you would slow me down a bit. I need to get it done quickly. I’m sorry Adria but it is best if that was the case.”

Tears started to swell up in Adria’s eyes. “But. I want to come with you. I can help out somehow.”

James took Adria’s hands and held them tight. “I want you to come also but it would be extremely dangerous. If anything happened to you then I would never be able to forgive myself and my life be cease to exist without you. You must understand, you feel the same way for me to. I can feel it.”

Adria stared into James’s eyes. James stared right back. Her sapphire eyes were just gorgeous he could not stop staring. The contact was broken when Adria leapt into his arms and laid a kiss on James’s lips. She pulled away from him. She looked shocked. “I’m…………’I’m sorry James I don’t know what came over me.”

James laughed. “It’s OK. I was about to do the same.”


James nodded. “Yes.”

“Then I will tell you what I was going to tell you at the Mirror Chamber. I have never felt the same way about someone else before. What I am saying is that I am in love. With you.”

James’s heart leapt from his chest. He had been feeling the same way about Adria. “Really? Well I suppose I should say the truth also. I feel the same way.”

Adria looked at James deeply. She pulled James into another kiss. James also returned the kiss. This felt good, James thought throughout that encounter. They broke apart after what seemed like a Millennium. Adria smiled then giggled. “That was for us. Now.”

She kissed James once more but it was only a quick peck on the lips. “That is for good luck.”

James smiled. Adria. I………………….I don’t know what to say.”

Adria put a finger on his lips. “Just say I love you and save the Galaxy.”

James smirked. “Well Adria. I love you and I will be back. Only this time I will be a different man.”

Adria blushed. “You are perfect now. I can’t wait to see this changed man.”

James smiled. James searched through his pouch. He knew it was in here somewhere. He had it on him at all times after he brought it at the Market sometime before his adventures started. “Aha. Found it.”

James whipped out a necklace. It was in the shape of a heart with a Red Ruby in it.

James placed it in Adria’s hand. “I will always be with you if you wear this.”

Adrai looked at it then back to James. “James…………….It beautiful. Thank you.”

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her. James placed his hands around her hips. This may be the last time he may be close to her. He wanted to enjoy it to the last. They stayed in each others arms for a very long time. Adria was resting her head against his chest and James has resting his jaw on top of her head. “James. I love you.”

James kissed her on the head. “I Love you to Adria.”

They broke apart. James turned to walk away but a hand turned him around. “Before you go take these with you.”

Adria took off her scabbard and handed over her sword to James. James took it and tucked it into his belt. “And this.” Adria took off a ring that was on her ring finger. It was a silver ring with Diamonds going around it.

“Just something for you to remember me by.”

James looked at the ring then looked at Adria. “Thanks. I ……………………….I. Thanks Adria this means a lot to me.”

Adria smiled. “It means a lot to me this necklace. Now get going. You have the Galaxy to save.”

James nodded and pulled out the Dimensional Watch and placed it on his wrist. After putting it on it lighted up and a number came up. It said 3. There was a dial on the right side of the watch. He turned it to until the number 1 came up. It beeped once then a blue portal opened in front of him. James looked back at Adria and gave her a wink. Adria returned it with a blow of a kiss. James turned back to face the portal. He walked into it feeling the same feeling of being squeezed down a drain pipe.


To Be Continued...

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