Prelude to Legends: The Hyrule Fantasy

By Christopher Blair

In a time before the Legends...
Before the Epic we know began...

Before a Man became a Monster...
Before a Hero would be born...
Before a Princess would be burdened...

The War had yet to begin...

Chapter 2
The Sword Magnus

Storms began to rage all over Hyrule with the death of Harkanian and Latyra, the Gods of Power and Courage. Everyone knew that a dark omen was being foretold when the sun was suddenly blocked out by the clouds and the inhabitants of the underground began to crawl out to the surface.
None of that mattered though, to a single boy who had survived his escape into the deadly Kokiri woods and collapsed in the entrance to a temple. All he wanted to do was just die and let go of the suffering he had endured. His parents murdered before his eyes, yet he had somehow been able to escape.
The child lay there in the doorway of the strange temple. He began to wonder who would have built such a place deep within the most deadly forest of Tylon. Certainly no one would dare go this far, so why place a temple here?
It was then that he heard a soft voice calling him, beckoning him to enter deeper. Somehow, despite his pain, he followed the voice, racing through the temple's twists and turns as if it was natural instinct. Something was calling to him, for him, something that he could not refuse.
"Hello?" he called, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. As he turned into a chamber, it suddenly flared with light, the boy blinded for a moment before he could see. Walls lined with golden runes and floor tiles made of gems, the room was almost as if a royal throne chamber, save that instead of a throne, a pedestal stood at the end of the chamber with a silver bladed sword thrust into it.
The boy slowly wandered to the monument, looking at the blade with wonder and a gleam in his eyes. So entranced he was that he didn't notice when a man with green streaked golden hair stepped in through the doorway with a smile on his face.
"Grand, isn't it, Harkin of the Tridelans?"
The boy turned in shock to see the glowing man behind him. With wide eyes of realization who this being was, he quickly fell to his knees in reverence. "My lord Alahyde...forgive me for-"
"It is I who must ask your forgiveness," the God replied softly. "For I must place a burden upon you that should not be carried by one so young, but time and circumstances give Me no choice." He knelt down and gently raised Harkin's head to meet the boy's eyes. "You worship Me as a God, and perhaps I am a great being, but I treat you and your kind as My equals. Merely because I am a higher being does not mean that I let Myself believe I am superior."
His soft smile not failing, Alahyde stood up and walked to the sword, then looked at Harkin while the boy stood. His eyes seemed to say that indeed, he felt he was not above those he created, but instead serving their well being. "This Sword was forged by Myself and My two Brothers and Our Sister. Before the one We call Ieyadon become this realm and spread out as the universe, He bestowed a gift to His children, who are the Gods. To Harkanian, he gave the binding power of creation of worlds. To Latyra, the force of brave new life. To Me, He bestowed a responsibility; the power to bestow this Sword to one of My choosing."
"What about..." Harkin paused. His beliefs forced him to not ask such questions. "I'm sorry."
With a soft nod, Alahyde continued. "Tridela? She was granted a power like Mine...but since She was indeed the unifying of Us four, Her gift was that one She chose would be the Chosen One of this realm, and to that being, the Master Sword would shine as if made from the essence of Creation. It will not do so for My chosen, for it is not them it is truly destine for.
"But My Magnus would wield it when they are needed, until the Chosen One is born and of age."
He stepped down from the monument and held his hand out to Harkin with a kind look in his eyes. "Harkin, you are of Tridela's Chosen Clan, and I say this now; you are he who will father the blood who shall one day birth the Chosen One. And you are also My Sword Magnus. You must take up the Master Sword in this dark hour."
Harkin gulped as his felt his knees go weak. True, he was being given a grand task by the Gods, but, he was just a child, not even of age yet. "I, beg your forgiveness, but I'm only twelve, I'm can I face this evil that has forced the Master Sword to be needed?"
Alahyde sighed, then waved his hand to cause an image to appear, one of Ganondorf and his men scaling the heights of a massive mountain. "The leader of the Ulgranda is seeking to gain the TryForce. Before he killed My Brothers, Ganondorf revealed that he is indeed the half-mortal son of our fallen Brother, the dark God Dragmire." With the first angry look his face had expressed since he had escaped his home, Alahyde continued. "The only thing that can fight the power of the TryForce once obtained is the Master Sword, and only one of an innocent soul can be chosen to bear it as the Sword Magnus.
"You came to the Temple of Light here in the forests," he stated as he looked back to Harkin. "Your hearts are pure, and you are of the Clan chosen by Tridela. I will not force this duty upon you, Harkin, but you are the only one who can bear the Master Sword. Once My choice is made, I cannot give it to another. Even Gods have powers that are ir-reversable."
Harkin pondered his choice. One the one hand, this was his God asking him to take on a sacred duty, something any Hylian would gladly die to be given...but he was only a child, what could he do against a God-blooded thief king?
"You will have aid," the God of Wisdom added, quite aware of Harkin's thoughts. "You will not face your task alone, but only you alone will be able to wield this Sword. If you feel you cannot take on this duty, I will understand."
The boy looked at the Sword, then at Alahyde. "I'll do it," he whispered. "If you say that I'm the only one who can bear the Master Sword against Ganondorf's forces, then that can't be pushed away. I'll carry the Sword."
Eyes filled with pride, yet at the same time a great sadness, Alahyde stepped down from the monolith and nodded to the boy. "Then draw the Sword, but know that once you have taken it, you cannot turn away from your choice."
"I know." Harkin breathed deeply and stepped up to the embedded blade. He gripped the hilt, took one last deep breath, then pulled up hard. Light burst out from where the Master Sword was buried in the pedestal, almost blinding Harkin, but he continued to draw out the blade.
"I'm truly sorry," Alahyde whispered as he began to vanish. "You should not have to bear this responsibility, but there is no other way. I hope you can forgive me for all this."

Light burst out of every doorway and window in the temple as the release of the Master Sword became known. Flaring out of the entrance to the temple, light flowed out and into the sky like a beacon. No one, unless they had no sight, could ignore it, a glowing pillar reaching towards the heavens.
Even as far as Death Mountain, the towering pillar could be seen clearly. The Ulgranda stopped in their climb and saw the shaft of silver stretching high into the clouds. None but two knew what it meant, but all felt that something had happened.
"He's made His choice of a champion."
Ganondorf frowned, knowing that Agahnim was right. "Alahyde has chosen his Sword Magnus. Someone has drawn the Master Sword from its sleep." He turned back to the path he had been told to follow. "We have to hurry, before my dear uncle decides to throw out some more tricks from his robes."
The band resumed their course despite the pillar of light coming from far in the distance. It wasn't long before Ganondorf led them to a formation of rocks in the shape of a triangle. He grinned and dismounted his horse, nodding to Agahnim and stepping towards the formation. "Sunset by the triad stones," he remarked, looking to see what light could pierce the massive cloud cover dying away as the sun set. The faint wisps of a rift in the fabric of reality revealed themselves, widening as the dying sunlight touched them and transformed into a massive gateway.
Golden light poured out of the rift, Ganondorf looking back at his band, then glanced to Agahnim. "Things may get rough with those less than totally loyal," he whispered. "Make sure they do not attempt to steal my goal. If they do, kill them."
"Understood," the Drow replied, clenching the hilt of his sword as he followed Ganondorf into the gateway. In an instant, he felt as if his body was on fire when he stepped through the rift. Agahnim fell down in pain, Ganondorf turning to see his lieutenant letting out smoke.
"What's wrong?!"
"This place..." The Drow fought to speak, his pain greater than he knew from even the burning rays of Hyrule's sun. "It's worse than sunlight to me, I can't block it!"
Ganondorf looked around, then up to see than this place was nothing like Hyrule; the sky shined golden instead of blue, the waters a metallic silver, and the very earth itself was like gold. This was a place of the Gods, it was no wonder that Agahnim was burned to even set foot here. He helped the Drow back through the rift, then looked to his men.
"Do not follow me," he ordered, eyes narrowed in seriousness. "You see what it has done to the royalty of the Drow. Only I can set foot in this realm beyond the gate." He turned and went back through, ears tuned incase some of his men decided to disobey. When he was satisfied that he was alone, the man continued into this golden land, following the shining gold "sun" that rested upon some kind of pyramid. It took what seemed to him like days of travel, but in time, he arrived at the steps of the pyramid.
Ganondorf smiled as he walked up the flights of stairs, eyes gleaming with a black light. He came upon the dais that topped the monument, and what welcomed his eyes was a shining three piece triangle, golden like pure essence.
"At last," he whispered, reaching out for the object. "After years of waiting, the power of the Gods is mine...the TryForce is mine!"
Just as he was about to touch the golden object, he turned to see a group of his men racing up the steps. The deep blue blood on their hands was enough to tell the story; they had betrayed him! "Fools!" he bellowed, drawing his scythe and slamming the staff end onto the dais. "I told you not to come here, and so you betrayed my orders!"
"You told us that only you could walk in this land," one of the thieves snapped. His sword was at the ready, and the look in his eyes told of the thirst for more blood. "Seems only the Drow can't set foot here, but the rest of us are just fine. Oh, and we put Agahnim out of his misery."
Ganondorf's eyes went sharp as a snake's. These fools had killed the Drow prince! Had they no idea what consequences awaited them if he spared their miserable lives? That they would be dealt a pain worse than death? No, they wanted what he had been seeking almost all his adult life, to take what was his and claim it as their own.
There was room for only one master of the TryForce.
"So you thought to let me join him?" The Gerudo-born thief lord growled in anger. "Utter stupidity. Do you not know my birthright, the meaning of my very name?! I am Ganondorf, God-blood son of the Dark God Dragmire!" Fear in their eyes now, good. Let them know who they dealt with. It would make his victory all that more enjoyable. "Meet your deaths!"
With a thrust of his hand, Ganondorf assaulted his former band with black lightning, the bolts tearing through the leaders of the group and dropping them dead. As the remains of the group tried to figure out a course of action, Ganondorf rushed down and dismembered them brutally with his own bare hands. There was no question who was superior then; the Gerudo man stood alone among the corpses that were once his men. Who needed the traitorous scum anyway? Once the TryForce was his, he would have an entire universe to draw from.
Ganondorf walked back to the TryForce, and, this time with hands stained in blood, took hold of the sacred object. "Now, it's mine!"
"If thou has dream or deepest desire," echoed a quartette of soft female voices. "Wish for it..."
Ganondorf laughed as the golden light of the TryForce flared out and became deep red. His wish was more than the Gods could have ever prepared for. "I wish," he hissed, the grin on his face wide and cruel. "I command...for eternal power, and rule, over the cosmos!"

A massive shockwave billowed out violently from the rift on Death Mountain, sweeping out to race over all Hyrule. The skies cracked with lightning, the lakes boiling and a deep red mist descended from the mountain to the castle in the central continent. The Drow that had been killed by Ganondorf's former band suddenly revived, but they all were like reanimated mindless corpses, all save one.
Agahnim, his skin burnt beyond healing, stood and found himself being restored by the feeling of death around him. His wounds, once pouring out blue blood, now were filled by a glowing green fluid, one he knew.
"Necroplasm?" he whispered in confusion, then realized what had happened, and how he was back. "I'm a phantom..."
"Only half dead," came a welcome voice. Agahnim turned, then bowed to his master. "I've managed to restore some life into you," the Gerudo continued, then gestured for his lieutenant to stand. "Sadly, even the dead cannot be fully revived. It will be enough though."
Agahnim nodded and took his position at Ganondorf's side. "I thank you, sir. I'm sorry though, that I failed in keeping the men from following you."
"You did what you could in your condition," Ganondorf replied. "No apology needed. Now, we storm Hyrule Castle. Those pitiful Hylians should fall easily enough now."

The Kokiri forests seemed to be clearer now than they had been before. The shadows that had once permented the woods had now lifted, letting Harkin see what had not been seen before in the forest; a grand tree that towered towards the sky, its branches full of leaves. It almost looked like a face was on its trunk, but that was probably just the light playing tricks on his eyes.
"Art thou the child, Harkin of the Chosen Blood?"
He jumped in fright. Harkin looked at the tree again, this time sure that the face wasn't just some optical illusion; it had spoke to him! "I'm Harkin...I'm of the clan Tridelan, those beloved by the Goddess."
"Then thou art the one I have waited so long for. I am the great Deku Tree, father of the Kokiri forests and all within it. It was by mine protection that thou was under before thou found the Temple of Light." The tree's face seemed to smile, a great feat for such a stonic being. "My lord Alahyde hath informed me of thy task. The creatures of these woods will aid thee in finding those chosen by fate to restore the Balance."
"The Balance?" Harkin asked in confusion. Truth of the matter, he had never heard such a reference before in the stories of the Gods. He had never known there was a Fallen God until Alahyde himself had told of the Dark Brother Dragmire. "What's the Balance?"
The tree smiled and continued. "The Balance is that which keeps the forces of this universe in harmony. Four Virtues are what bind the unity of creation; Power, Courage, Wisdom and Love, the binding Force. When one of these grows too great, the Balance is upset. It is then that something must restore the Balance."
"The Sword Magnus?"
The tree's face motioned what seemed to be a nod. "Indeed, young one. Thou art the one chosen to restore the Balance. There are others as well; one of a soul twice born, a noble birthed from light and the shadow...thou must find them."
"But how will I know who they are?"
"You will know, young one," the tree answered softly. "You will know."

As the dark clouds blotted out the sun, a young Hylian man turned to the direction of Death Mountain. The evil scent in the air was from those accursed mountains, the was no doubt about it, but what caused this darkness, that he did not know.
Not as of yet at least.
"The Elders will want word of this," he whispered, then ran and leapt onto the back of his horse, racing off into the forest. His eyes kept watch for any sign of danger; the Kokiri forests were notorious of its wild inhabitants, if not tales of childlike forest people. It was, at least, a shortcut back to Isagale, where some of the Latyra clan leaders were living for the time.
There was also a large farm nearby as well, or had been. The Ulgranda had taken that place out mere nights ago, no survivors remaining, not even ranch hands. The man sighed, then gasped when his horse reared in halt. "Whoa!" he cried, calming his steed, then seeing the reason she had stopped; a young boy stood in fright on the path, backing away slowly and carrying a shining sword in his hand. "You alright?"
The boy merely nodded. This was probably going take a bit of time. "You shouldn't be in these woods," the man stated, his glance going towards the shadows of the trees. "People tend to die in these woods, I'm surprised to see you in here."
"Th-the Deku Tree said I'm under his protection," the boy stuttered, eyes wide with a fading fright. "The animals here won't harm me."
The Deku Tree? the older man thought in shock. I thought it was only a myth like those forest children...but...could this boy be one of them? He doesn't look any older than ten or eleven, how could he have survived here otherwise? "What's your name?" he asked.
"Harkin," the boy replied. The sword in his hands flashed, yet no light shone down to cause reflection. "Harkin Tridelan. I lived at the Alakahde Ranch not far from here, until the Ulgranda..."
"You're a direct member of the Clan Tridelan?" Now the man had worry. If this boy really was a full blood Tridelan, and had lived at the destroyed farm, that met the Sacred Law of Hyrule had been broken; someone had knowingly and willingly murdered a Clansman in cold blood. "Not a distaff, but full family Tridelan?"
The boy's nod only confirmed his fear; the Law had been broken. The man narrowed his eyes, then saw the sword in the boy's hands. "Where did you get that blade? There's nothing in these forests except for ruins."
"The Temple of Light," Harkin replied, and he turned his head in the direction of the forest ruins. "Alahyde appeared to me, he chose me to carry the Master Sword."
By the Gods! "You, are the Sword Magnus?!" The man couldn't believe what he was hearing. This boy was the sacred protector of Hyrule? This had to be a joke! Upon closely inspecting the sword, however, the man could not deny the truth; this was the Master Sword, which he had seen himself when he had gone to the temple ruins. "My name is Regalas," he finally said after moments of silence. "Regalas Veradal dai Latyra. If you're the Sword Magnus, the Elders will want to know about this. Get on my horse, we've got to get you to Isagale."
Harkin nodded and allowed Regalas to help him up onto the horse. The Master Sword was slipped into an unused saddle sheath, and the two were off, racing through the forest and exiting on a path to Isagale.

Ganondorf narrowed his eyes as he looked out at the graveyard. Tombs littered the area, some ancient, others new. Raising a new army would be no problem now, however. He had the dead to use in his first invasion. "Up!" he barked loudly. For a moment, nothing but the sharp crack of thunder was heard. Then, a hand clawed up from the ground, followed by more as the dead corpses rose up from their sleep. Ganondorf cracked a smile as the army of undead turned and bowed to him.
"Easy enough," her remarked, then turned to Agahnim. "I see you've been recovering. Feel up to exploring what was the Sacred Realm?"
Agahnim nodded. With the TryForce in the hold of his master, Agahnim could now walk into the Golden Realm and not be harmed. It was a relief to him, making his tasks much more bearable. "When you are ready."
Ganondorf smiled to his lieutenant. It wouldn't be long now before he would begin his storm upon this world, but that was only the start of things. Once Tylon fell, the other kingdoms were sure to fall, and it would not end there. No, once all of Hyrule was under his control, the shadows of his reign would spread out into the cosmos. Everything would be his to command, to rule, and at whim, to destroy.
He forced open a rift into what had been the golden Sacred Realm, stepping through the gate and smiling when a black shadow surged out from his footsteps, quickly swarming forward and racing to infect everything. "It's safe for you now," he called. Agahnim nodded and stepped through into the darkening world, the golden skies turning crimson red. "This realm shall be my throne," Ganondorf continued, looking around as his power surged through the Sacred Realm. "A realm of Evil, a monument to my Father. He indeed will be pleased with this."
Agahnim nodded, then tilted his head. Someone was approaching, not of their world, but of this one. "It seems," he muttered while turning to face the new arrivals, "that the Sacred Realm indeed has inhabitants."
"Are you the one who has claimed the TryForce?" one asked, looking at Ganondorf. His eyes were feral like a beast's, and it seemed his own form was being twisted just as primally.
"I am." Ganondorf narrowed his eyes as he looked at the group of now three. "Why do you seek me?"
The creature, hardly even still resembling a Hylian, Drow, or even Gerudo, bowed low, then looked up at the Gerudo man. "You are now master to us all in the Sacred Realm. We do as you command, be it for Light or Darkness."
Ganondorf smiled and looked to Agahnim. "Your service is noted," he stated, then gazed out towards the pyramid. It was easy now, with the power of the Gods in his hands, to cause it to reshape into a golden tower. "Well, I indeed am unbound in power." His teeth flashed, and then he turned to the creatures that had pledge service to him. "This realm is mine, and shall be the first of worlds that I command. It is not the Realm of Light, but now the Realm of Darkness, the Dark World! All that come here shall fall into my service, willing or not, for before I am done, all the cosmos shall be my empire! Come, we have work to do!"

As lightning crackled in the sky, Regalas and his young passenger raced into the lands that were Isagale. Some of the people that were outside bothered to turned and see the two going by, but it wasn't until they came to a large fortress-like building that Regalas brought his horse to a halt.
He slid off, helping Harkin down, then racing into the building, shoving open doors and ignoring bewildered guards all while the boy tried to keep up, carrying the Master Sword. As they came to the end of a long hall way, Regalas flung open the doors, causing everyone inside the chamber to turn towards him in surprise. "My lords!"
"Regalas, why do you intrude now during this meeting of the council?!"
The man bowed in apology. "Your forgiveness, but this matter is urgent, it concerns the darkening of our world that I have no doubt you've all seen by now." He turned back to Harkin and nodded for him to step forward. "Elders of the Clan, we are in a dark hour, and the boy is evidence of it."
One of the council members narrowed his eyes at Harkin, looking at his every feature. "How," he asked with knit brows, "does this child bear proof of a dark hour?"
"Show them the Sword."
Harkin blinked, took a deep breath, then stepped forward and set the Master Sword down before the council. The blade flashed before he moved away, leaving little doubt as to it was indeed the Sacred Blade.
"The Master Sword forged by the Gods?!" one of the members of the council exclaimed in shock. "Who drew it, and why did this boy carry it to us?"
"This boy is the one who drew the Sword," Regalas replied, noting the murmurs and whispers of disbelief that swept through the council. He had expected they wouldn't believe it, that a young boy not even of age was the one who pulled the weapon of the Gods from its slumber. "If you want proof, who else but the Sword Magnus appoint by Alahyde would even be able to touch the blade? I will challenge any of you to do so!"
One of the men in the council snorted and walked down from his seat. "A child would not be our savior," he spat, reaching down and grasping the hilt of the Sword. Even as his fingers curled around the handle, he was sent flying back, slamming into the ground and gasping for air. The Sword, however, now stood erect in the ground, much like it had in the Temple of Light.
"As I said," Regalas stated while stepping away from the Master Sword. "None but the Sword Magnus may touch the Master Sword, as we have been taught by the prophecies. Harkin, show them."
The boy looked around at the room as everyone stared at him. Some laughed and remarked that he would merely be struck down as well, that the Gods had not been paying attention before when he brought it there. That remark caused his courage to rise, and he grasped the hilt of the Sword, then pulled it back out of the ground, shocking all but Regalas.
"By Latyra," another of the council members gasped. "He is the Sword Magnus...but this boy, why him?"
"His family line holds that answer," Regalas again answered, then turned to face Harkin. "He is from a farm in the Androga province, but despite his home, he's one of the Goddess' beloved. This boy is a Tridelan, pure-blood and chosen by Alahyde as our protector against the darkness that even now grows!"
"Your name," came the order as a wizened man stepped down from the highest most seat. The reverence the others held for him made it clear that he was the head of the council. "I am Sahasrahla of the Clan Latyra, one of the few left in this area not distaffed of the Clan. Tell me, what is your name?"
"Harkin," the boy whispered. His previous resolve was starting to fail him now, but a small voice told him to hold on to that spark of courage. "Harkin Tridelan, son of Arewon and Deline Tridelan."
A smile formed on the old man's lips. "And how did you come about to bear the Sacred Blade, young Harkin?"
"In the temple in the Kokiri forests."
Again, that whisper of disbelief came. That this child could survive the notorious forest was beyond believing. Sahasrahla held up his hand to silence the whispers, then brought his attention back to Harkin. "How did you draw the Sword from its sleep?"
Harkin gulped, now barely holding any courage left. "I followed a light to a chamber," he recounted, tightening his hold on the Sword in hopes of gaining some bravery from it. "In the room, I saw the Sword in a stone, and then Alahyde appeared to me, and said that he had chosen me as the Sword Magnus. He said I had the choice to accept or not, but that once I accepted, I could not give it up."
"Even Gods cannot undo some powers," Sahasrahla mused, his words nearly echoing those Alahyde Himself had spoken. He turned to Regalas with worried eyes. "You found him in the Kokiri?"
Again, that flash of worry. "Then indeed dark times are upon us. For a Sword Magnus to be needed means only one thing." He turned and thrust out his hand, causing a great image of the TryForce to appear. "It has been claim by a dark soul. Someone has taken the TryForce from the Sacred Realm of Light., and proven themselves a threat to even the Gods. Tell me Harkin, did Latyra and Harkanian appear beside Alahyde?"
"No." Harkin heard the worried whispers that came in response. "Alahyde said that They had been killed." This time, gasps of horror stopped him. He took a deep breath before continuing. "He said They had been killed by the leader of the Ulgranda, a man named Ganondorf."
Again, the whispers, save that this time, they were of anger. Harkin knew that if what he had told them got this reaction, nothing would compare to that from what was left to say. "Alahyde also told me that Ganondorf is a God-blood, the son of the fallen Brother, Dragmire."
"What?!" came the expected cry of horror. "The Dark God does exist?! That means there's not just a dark era, the end of all Hyrule is upon us!"
"That's enough, Nagar!" Sahasrahla bellowed. He clenched his fist and forced the image of the TryForce to vanish in a burst of light, then turned to Harkin. "You bring us dark tidings, young one, but you, we cannot blame, nor can we blame Alahyde. This is the work of Dragmire, and it only confirms what I have long feared about Ganondorf ul Dragmire. If he indeed has the TryForce, then little can stop him, save one thing."
Harkin tightened his grip. "The Master Sword," he whispered, looking down at the weapon as it flashed in confirmation. "Alahyde said that only it could fight the power of the TryForce."
Sahasrahla nodded, then raised his head when a messenger ran into the chamber, panting for breath while a look of horror was in his eyes. "What news do you bring?" he called.
"An army!" the young man cried, terror trembling in his voice. "It's like nothing I've ever seen! Twisted beastmen, some never recorded in history. There's also walking dead, worse than re-deads or gibdos! They march as soldiers, and there are Drow among them!"
Once more that cry of horror erupted from the council, until Sahasrahla called for silence in his booming voice. He turned to the messenger with concerned eyes. "How many could see?" he asked.
"I could not keep track of them all," he replied with regret. "But at least an army of thousands, with most being the walking dead."
"Naz'gua," the elder whispered, his voice holding a tinge of fear in it. The utterance of the word caused a silence that even his own commands could not force. Regalas stared at Sahasrahla as if he had uttered blasphemy to the Gods. "Yes, the Black Tongue, Regalas. I will not offer apology, for it may yet be heard again in all Hyrule if we do not hurry!" He turned to Harkin and knelt down to hold eye level with the boy. "I fear that you are not ready for your ordained fate," he stated with sorrow. "However, you must still try as you can to aid us. Regalas will take you to the Castle of Hyrule, you must find Raura, he is the Sage of Time."
"My duty it to stay here and protect you," Regalas stated. Sahasrahla slowly rose while the young man continued. "I have sworn it just as my father did."
"You must take the boy and go," came the elder's order. "You can do nothing more here, Isagale is finished!" He held up his hand before Regalas could again protest. "The Clan leaders must be warned of Ganondorf's power. This boy is not yet ready for his destiny, and Alahyde knew it when he anointed him as the Magnus. He must be protected until he is ready to face Ganondorf."
"But the council of Isagale-"
Sahasrahla shook his head even as words of anger erupted from the council. "They cannot understand that it's hopeless to even think Isagale can be won, but we can delay this army. You must reach Raura and the Clan leaders. King Grevian knew this day was coming the moment we heard rumors that Ganondorf had killed a clansman years ago, he'll get the Knights of Hyrule massed to meet the threat, but you must go now!"
Regalas opened his mouth to again object, then looked at Harkin. It was fate that he had found this young orphan, this boy who was the Sword Magnus. His duty should be to stay and fight, but it was his fate to stay with this child until he was ready for his destiny. He nodded to Sahasrahla, then held Harkin by the arm. "We have to go, now," he stated. Harkin nodded and followed as they ran for the chamber doors. Regalas stopped, took one last look to Sahasrahla, then continued running with Harkin to the courtyard.
"Epona!" he called, the cream brown horse racing over at the call. Regalas helped Harkin up while the boy slipped the Master Sword back into the saddle sheath, then mounted his horse and spurred her into full run. Mere moments before they reached the gates, the walls came falling down, stone crashing to the earth as beastmen set foot into the heart of Isagale, teeth dripping with saliva, some with blood staining their bodies and fur.
"I know!" the man yelled, turning Epona around and racing towards the rear gate while the army of beastmen and undead came into the city. Archers and spear men raced to stop the army while Regalas spurred his steed on, only to find the rear gates shut.
"Ithka!" he swore, using the ancient tongue of his ancestors. "The army of evil on one end, and a shut gate on the other! We're trapped here!"
Harkin felt his head go light, a faint feeling pouring through him just before a blaze of light slammed down from the skies and tore down the walls. Regalas stared in shock, then looked up to see a hole in the red clouds in the sky, green light slowly fading, but it was enough to tell him that Alahyde was indeed watching. "Praise to the Gods," he whispered, then kicked Epona into full sprint. They raced away as the undead Drow reached the inner heart of the city, Regalas looking back to witness a bolt of lightning lash out from the robed figure of Sahasrahla that struck down a cluster of beastmen.
He could hear the cries of the elder's spells, but in the end, Regalas knew that it was all so that he and Harkin could escape and warn the royal family. "Harkanian, God of Power and friend to the traveler," he whispered, knowing that the God was dead, but still hoping that some spirit of Harkanian's influence remained. "Let us be swift, let us be untouched by delay, and let us be safe from harm..."
"Even if My Brother cannot bless you, I shall."
His hearts told him that this was the voice of Alahyde himself. Regalas smiled faintly and held his course. They would reach the Castle of Hyrule, he knew that without a doubt. And Harkin would be ready for what he was fated to do.

Hours later, as Isagale burned in flames, Sahasrahla stood amid the destruction. He had survived the death of the council, only to be held while the lord of the dark army stepped towards him. He alone in the council had fought back, and for that, the forces of Ganondorf had spared him for their master.
"So, you are the Elder of Isagale."
He raise his head in defiance as the red-haired Gerudo man approached him. Beside the Gerudo, a Drow stood, wrapped in cloaks to hide his scars, but his eyes still showed. Sahasrahla showed no emotion to his enemy, only resistance and pride. "If you seek the boy, he's already gone."
The red eyes went narrow. "What boy?" Ganondorf growled as he grabbed the elder by the collar of his robes. "Tell me, old man. What boy has already gone?!"
A smile finally broke on the man's face. "The Sword Magnus," he stated with pride. "He has already left Isagale, and is safely on his way to end your plans."
Ganondorf snarled as he realized who the Sword Magnus was. Impossible as it seemed, it was the only answer to who his uncle had chosen to be his champion. "The farm boy," he muttered, then turned to look at Agahnim. "I told you that he should have been killed, he's a Tridelan!"
The Drow bowed his head in shame. "I beg your forgiveness, I didn't not think a child would survive a forest so known for its danger."
"Veth'nak!" the Gerudo swore. He noticed that Sahasrahla hadn't even flinched from the language he had spoken. A smile formed. "You know that tongue well, don't you?" he asked softly. "You know then, that it is the black language of the Drow when they first exiled into Kazah'dur. They worshiped my Father, and still do to this day, but His language is not often used even by them."
"There are those of us Hylians who are not afraid to speak it when needed," the elder spat. His defiance shined like a shield, making sure that Ganondorf knew he was not broken. "You control naz'gua, Gerudo, wraiths of the Shadows. Your stench is fouler than that of the dead, son of Dragmire, and when the Sword Magnus strikes you down, may your soul burn forever in the Inferno!"
In an flash, Ganondorf grabbed Sahasrahla by the neck and twisted hard, bone snapping and killing the old man instantly. He turned to Agahnim and growled in anger. "Begin the raising of those dead that our Dark Worlders didn't feed on, but leave this one dead. He has spirit, I'll give him that much of respect."
The Drow bowed and walked off to carry out his orders. He paused as he looked down to see a dead child laying on the ground, dead but un-spoiled by the feeding of the beastmen. Something stirred in him at the killing of one so young. He glanced back at his master, then at the child.
"Not you," he whispered softly. "I will spare you children of our need, I have that much left in me."
As he continued on his way, something called to him. It was faint, but he still heard it. It seemed to be calling to him not to continue his service to Ganonodorf. For a moment, his scars seemed to heal as he stood there, but halted and stayed as they were when he continued walking out into the fields of the dead.
"I have no use for compassion," he whispered as he cast the spell that would raise a new army. "Pity is all that remains, and very little of that I have."

To Be Continued...

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