The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 1


  Link had been dozing in his chair by the window. A knock to the head by Princess Zelda was not necessary.

  "Get up!!! Do you expect the Princess of Hyrule to be ignored by a young adventurer as yourself? I have urgent news for you. You have been summoned by King Zora himself. I am to accompany you on your journey and see what he requires."

  "Ok, I'll go," Link responds assuringly. Being the princess' royal guard sure has its drawbacks. Link thinks to himself what the good king himself could need.

 Impa creeps slowly into the room. "Zelda, are you sure it is right for you to be doing this on such short notice? Your birthday celebration is in a few days you realize. You do want to be in top condition of course, correct?"

  "Don't worry Impa," Zelda hastily responds," I have Link here to protect me!"

  Great, Link thinks to himself, more pressure, that's all I need...


  Link and Zelda leave the next day for Zora's River, his trusty master sword at his side. They crossed through the Hyrule Field and stopped by Lon Lon Ranch.

  "Good morning Talon! Asleep at your post again I presume?" Zelda calls out to the sleeping blob.

  "Huh? What.... Oh!! Good morning princess! My ranch is open to your excellency," the fat sheepherder declares. "I whipped up a nice batch of Lon Lon milk for you princess!"

  "Why how thoughtful! Thank you Talon, you've always been a trustworthy servant of mine. Is my steed ready?"

  "Ready and waiting Princess Zelda. Are you and Master Link going to investigate the creepy occurances at Zora's River the entire village of Kakariko has been mumbling about for the past day or so?" Talon inquires curiously.

  "What are you talking abou...."

  "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" the scream uttered from the stables.



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