The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 10


  The children of the Sheikah prepared to thwart the shadows of themselves, but all of a sudden something happened. Impa and Rauru appeared to them. "Now is the time of destiny!" Rauru shouted, as Impa and he appeared before them.

"You have no chance at defeating them if all of you go one-on-one against them. We will hold them back for you as all three of you attack them one at a time. We can only hold back 2 at a time, so you have to attack quickly and swiftly."

  With that, a golden light began to surround the shadow creatures, and the shadow of Saria came at them with it's red Power Saber. Saria led the way as the three attacked it. As they charged, it unleashed a powerful red beam of fire, which knocked Link to the ground. It also has possession of a crystal called Din's Flame, which happened to knock Zelda down to the ground. However, Saria, continued to attack the shadow, wounding it severely.

"Take this!" she said as the blade descended upon its black arm. The thing came right off. Now without a right hand, it was forced to fight awkwardly and carelessly.

"Now I'll finish you off!" Saria shouted to the creature. With a fearsome downstroke, the blade cut the shadow in two. The Triforce of Power on the hilt glimmered.


  Meanwhile, Zelda and Link were getting up as the next Shadow was unleashed, the shadow of Zelda. This time, Link and Saria were forced down with a blue wave. The triplets noticed that only the one with the Triforce that matches the shadow creature could attack it, although the many targets by them time.

This creature possessed a crystal known as Nayru's Death, which it used on Zelda. Before the spell could take effect however, she uttered an omen from the Book of Modura.

"Protectuss deus la magique tues kilus!"

With that, the black shadow that came upon her did nothing. She struck at the figure but it dodged her attacked and swiped at her, cutting her side. "AHHHHHH!" She screamed in pain as the shadow descended upon her. She rolled out of the way as she caught the bottle of blue potion. She drank it hastily as the shadow struck again. This time she dodged and sliced the sword out of its hand.

"Wahk sadhj hajdh hahska&ldots;"it uttered while crying in agony. Zelda came and stabbed it through the center. It melted in front of her eyes. The Triforce on her hilt glowed a deep blue.


  The last shadow came to face Link. Its body was an eerie green, unlike the others that were black. Zelda and Saria did not bother approaching it, for they would have no effect on the gelatinous creature. The Creature pulled out a jewel of its own, called Farore's Gust. This gem knocked Link to the stone- cold floor.

"Are you okay Link?" Saria and Zelda asked simultaneously.

"Don't worry," he said as he dodged a green ray of goo. "Be vanquished fiend!" He shouted as the sword plummeted down to the earth, missing the green monster by mere inches. It slashed back, but Link quickly raised his Mirror Shield and blocked the swipe. Link sliced again.

The sword went right through it! Link was so shocked, that the creature had time for another blow. The Green Saber came down. He rolled out of the way and took out his bow. He had another idea.

"Go light arrows!" He fired them repeatedly into the blob, and it melted into ooze. The Triforce on his chest glowed mysteriously.

Yet they were too late. By this time the Center Power had found Ganon.

"Look out!" Zelda cried, "Ganon is awaking!"


  It was true. The Center Power was revolving around the Prince of Darkness, and he was slowly being elevated above the rest. Ganon was back. The Center Power returned to its chest however, and Link and Zelda remembered Lord JabuJabu's words.

"Then you must give him the Center Power." Link was prepared to do just that, except Ganon just happened to pick it up first&ldots;


  But instead of the expected result, Ganon actually grew. "Ha ha ha! Hello Link and Zelda. And this little green one too. I bet you were expecting me to be destroyed by the Power of the Center Power. You couldn't be further from the truth! Actually you haven't heard the entire story. When the goddesses left this realm, they DID leave behind the Center Power, but they also left behind ME. I am the product of the Center Power and therefore am able to wield it. So now I'll have to say goodbye. There is a way out of this freakish land, but you'll have to find it for yourselves. Goodbye my enemies! Gya-ha-ha-ha!"

With that, a strange portal opened beneath the heroes and they were transported to unknown lands.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" they all cried out in anquish.

When the portal dissipated, Ganon turned to Balara.

"You are a foolish leader, just like that wizard Agahnim. You deserve the same fate as him!"


The details are too gruesome to mention.

"Now time to take the Triforce for myself." Ganon said. He searched diligently throughout the land but couldn't find it.

"Wait," he finally said to himself. "What was that I saw on their hilts before I vanquished them..."



To be continued&ldots;


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--Belgarath the Sorceror



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