The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 2

Author's Note: Be sure to read chapter 1. It makes it much easier to understand the story. :-)


   Talon, Zelda and Link rush to the stables. A hideous sight lies in front of you. A Stalfos stands in front of Ingo, Talon's belligerent brother, ready to scalp him with a cutlass.

Link steps up to it. "Leave Ingo alone gruesome beast! I challenge you to a battle of might and wit. The better of us two will be victorious... and I'm sure it will be me!"

"I avait you voolish varrior," the stalfos responds with a heavy slur.

" Be careful!" Zelda utters to Link as he engages the monster. The stalfos dodges Link's blade thrust attack and prepares to launch the cutlass through Link's throat. As the blade comes down, his mighty shield is upraised against the creature, the engraving of the triforce upon it emitting an eerie glow.

"Vhat???" the stalfos declares," Vhat is this magic you possess?"

"You will now find out!" Link strikes with the force of 1000 Gerudo warriors and knocks the skeleton down. He utters a cry of death.

"I may not be a challenge vor you, but King Balara vill surely show you the vay of death! Uhhh....." He passes away silently, his warning echoing in Link's mind.

"Who is Balara?" Zelda asks Link, her expression is one of the puzzled nature.

"That name has not been uttered for a long time," Link replies. "Balara is a young kokiri warrior who used to train with me in the Magical Forest of the Kokiri. He was the one who first tried to foil the evil within our mighty Deku Tree. When he entered, a loud shriek was heard throughout the land. He was never heard from again. He was one of my dearest friends and possessed great magical ability. He was also first to receive the fairy of all the kokiri children. He was destined by the great Deku Tree to become the hero of his people, but alas he was never heard from again.... until now."

"It seems that he is in control of some enormous power at the moment... and I am afraid I might know what it is," Zelda exclaimed.

"What?" said Ingo, still shakey from his encounter.

"Balara must have acquired the Center Power."

"Center Power?" Link wondered," What is that?"

"The Center Power is told of in a story handed down through the royal family of Hyrule, and now Link it seems I must tell you," Zelda said.

"When the Triforce is put together, there is a space between the triangles in which the Center Power fits. The gods took it from the center of the Triforce when it was made because any normal creature could not handle this prized artifact. It was set in a chest on Death Mountain only to be opened with three magical artifacts, the ring of Din, the necklace of Nayru, and the bracelet of Farore. An aeon ago, the Center Power was stolen by an anonymous thief and he was consumed with the force and hatred of generations. The Center Power has been lost ever since.

"Now I have even more news for you. The Ring of Din was entrusted to the Zoras, the bracelet of Farore to the Gorons, and the Neckalce of Nayru to the Hylians. And now for the big surprise. Around my neck I wear Nayru's necklace, and around your arm you wear Farore's bracelet."


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