The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 3


   Link was shocked as this realization came over him. He only required one more of the mystical artifacts to access the Center Power, the Ring of Din; this was the artifact untrusted to the Zora's. Could this have any connection to the disturbance at Zora's River now, Link thought to himself? These are only some of the questions that plagued his mind during his ride to Zora's River. Zelda was silent on the ride, but Link knew that she also must be going through some inner turmoil.

It had taken them two days to reach the watery kingdom, but the Lon Lon Milk and berries picked along the way sustained them. Princess Ruto was waiting at the entrance of the kingdom to greet them, her tragic appearence signifying some type of discomfort or danger.

"What is the problem here, that we have been summoned on such short notice Princess Ruto?" Zelda declared commandingly.

"Come quickly princess, Lord JabuJabu has had strange visions recently, and we were hoping that Master Link could help interpret them," Ruto exclaimed rapidly.

"Lead the way," Link said heroically. The audience chamber of King Zora has been intricately carved with water throughout the ages, and is one of the most splendid sights in all of Hyrule. Link stood in awe and amazement as King Zora slothily crawled down to welcome them.

"Greetings Master Link, and your highness, Princess Zelda. I have come to you in my time of great need. Recently, my faithful servant, Lord JabuJabu has been experiencing horrendous nightmares which have woken him and sent him into hysterical rages. Only one thing could have caused this."

"Let me guess," Link interrupts," The Ring of Din was stolen."

"Why, yes. How did you here of the sacred legend only descendents of the royal families of Hyrule have been told?"

"I told him," Zelda declared.

"But that is forbidden!" Zora declared, "Only descendents of the races of Hyrule's Royal Families can be told."

"What?" Link wondered," Zelda why did you break a law that has been in existence since the beginning of time?"

"I didn't," Zelda exclaims," I should have told you this before Link..."

"What is is Zelda?" Link asked with an air of curiosity.

"Link... you are my twin brother."

Amazed and completely awe-struck Link now realizes what his uncle was trying to say to him before he died. Link thinks back to that fatal day...

"Remember Link, stay inside. It is too dangerous for you out there right now. The King has summoned me." His uncle was always a brave soul. Link disobeyed his orders and set out for the castle. Zelda telepathically communicated with him and told him of her troubles. Link entered the dank, eerie passageway under the fortress grounds, and made his way to the castle. He stopped in his tracks.

A gruesome sight lay before him. His uncle was battered and beaten, left to die on the stones. As Link crept closer, his uncle uttered something.

"Take this sword and this shield. These have been...(cough) handed down in our family for generations....(hack) I will teach you the motion of the sacred whirlwind attack, used by our ancestors since the beginning of time. Also, I have something to reveal to...(cough)... you. Zelda... is ....y...o......u...........r......" And his body became breathless and slouched noiselessly to the ground.

Link regains his thoughts and realizes his lineage has been revealed to him. So that is what the tattoo that had appeared on both his and Zelda's arms when they were sixteen had meant. They were both of the same father and mother, which means.... "I am the King of Hyrule!"


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--Belgarath the Sorceror


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