The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 1


Author's Note: As you might have noticed in Chapter 3, I have melded together sections from Zelda's 2,3, and 5. Believe me, it is for the better this way and will make the storyline run more smoothly.

Chapter 4

    "Is this true Princess Zelda? If your father is dead, is Link really king of Hyrule?" King Zora inquiringly asked Zelda.

"It is true."

"So that means that my birthday is also in three days?" Link said.

"Yes. And that is not all. We will be 21 then, and the prophets foretold that if we did not acquire the Center Force by our 21st birthday, a Kokiri warrior would resurrect Ganon and he would rule over all of Hyrule."

"Are you speaking of Balara, Princess?" King Zora wondered.

"Yes, he was chosen to be Ganon's apprentice the moment he entered the Deku Tree," Zelda replied, " and if he is not defeated, Hyrule will perish and the Hylian line will end forever."

"So, it has been forseen," a voice called from behind Zora's throne. Link was awe-struck as the massive form of Lord JabuJabu appeared. He was taller and larger than King Zora by three times, and Ruto was dwarfed near him. "I know where the Ring of Din has been taken."

"Please tell us Great JabuJabu," Link and Zelda replied synchronically. Ruto began to giggle as she saw the obvious connection between the two.

"You must travel to the Desert of the Gerudo with all haste. In the center of the desert is Ganondorf's Grave. Balara has built an invisible fortress there to keep all who arrive away from his work. He is using shreds of the triforce left over from the making of the Golden Power to make copies of Nayru's Necklace and Farore's Bracelet. The only catch was he needed at least one of the Magical Artifacts. Since the easiest to steal would be the Ring of Din, he naturally decided to take it. By resurrecting Ganon, Balara will become ruler of Hyrule and Ganon will be Ruler of the Universe. There is only one thing I do not know. The location of the Center Power."

"Oh do not worry about that JabuJabu," King Zora said," Zelda is aware of the object's location."

"It is in a chest on Death Mountain," Zelda said.

"Good. You will need to take the Ring of Din from Balara. It is placed on his finger and can only be removed with his death. Link, this will seem familiar to you. The shadow you fought when you obtained the Triforce of Courage was Balara's shadow. You just barely overcame him at that time and he disappeared with Ganon atop the parapet."

"Why do we need the Center Power?" Link asked.

"You must take the Center Power and give it to Ganon."

"WHAT??????!!!!!!!" Zelda shouted, "How will that help us???"

"The supreme force of the Center Power can only be handled by the Gods. You must take the 3 artifacts to Ganon with the chest which holds the Center Power. The minute Ganon inserts the Center Power into the Triforce, he will be incinerated by its monstrous force."

"Link and Zelda," Lord JabuJabu said, "This is your quest. You must travel to Death Mountain to receive the chest of old. It is guarded by a Giant Stalfos, whom you have met before."

"But I destroyed him!" Link said.

"You destroyed his body, but not his spirit. He has been resurrected by Balara to guard the chest which holds the supreme force. Next, you must travel to Hyrule Castle and obtain the Triforce and the Book of Mudora. Use the book to open the way to the desert and bring you to the Grave of Ganondorf. Take these Nautical Goggles. They will allow you to see the invisible fortress where Balara hides. When you reach the fortress, slay Balara and resurrect Ganon. Give him the chest and artifacts, but don't make it so obvious that you are tricking him. He will shortly perish and the triforce will return to the Gods. Hyrule will experience a time of great peace and no danger will again fall over this land."

"Go now, for your time is limited, and let this forever be known as the Quest of King Zora."

"ME?" Zora wondered,"Why not the Quest of Lord JabuJabu?"

"I hate attention."

And with that, Link and Zelda set forth on their journey, the fate of Hyrule again resting on their shoulders. And if their quest was not completed in three days, Ganon would come forth over the land and destroy it with his minions.

Zelda readied her Magical Boomerang, and Link brandished the Master Sword. They both knew that their exploits in the next three days would change the land of Hyrule forever.

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