The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 1


Chapter 5

    Link and Zelda hastily traveled to Death Mountain. It took them half a day to reach the summit of the monstrous crag. They gazed in awe as a massive fortress stood before them. They both knew what must be done, and they silently entered the frightening dungeon, their weapons ready at their sides.

As the first room came into view a strange voice uttered a warning:

"Go vack now! Or vrevare to meet your voom!"

"Stalfos! I await you!" Link cried out to the eerie emptiness.

"HA HA HA!!!" the Stalfos guffawed, "You vill surely die! I have been enhanced vith magic var beyond your comvrehension!" The heavy slur was obviously annoying to Zelda's ears. The laughing faded as a group of Keese descended upon Zelda.

"Die villainous creatures," and with that her magical boomerang destroyed half of the beasts while the others continued to attack.

"Look out Zelda!" Link's voice echoed throughout the castle. He raised his mighty blade and cut through the oncoming bat-warriors.

"That was close," Zelda said, and they both continued on into the dark doors of the dungeon.

Zelda brandished a new weapon, the Hylian crossbow. She proved to be very skilled with the medieval killing device, taking out various slime-like Gel creatures. As they entered a large amphitheater inside the mountain, they stopped to gaze in wonder. Their amazed faces suddenly turned scared as a band of reptilian Ropes charged at them. Behind the Ropes, an IronKnuckle was shouting out commands to the reptiles.

"Destroy them!" the IronKnuckle's voice boomed in the enormous, natural amphitheater. Every Rope in the pack was headed toward them.

"Prepare yourself Zelda!" Almost as if she had read his thoughts, she was already taking out a mysterious wand and spellbook.

"Mi zakhan morsht tokka mo patuu!" With those fateful words the Ropes turned against their master and tore him limb from limb.

"AHHHH!" He uttered as the Ropes descended upon them. Link turned his head to avoid watching the gruesome sight.

"Let's move on," he told Zelda, who was glaring in satisfaction at the spell she had just cast, "Warn me next time before you do that."

They had arrived at a dead end in their journey.

"Now what? Tell me Link. You do this all the time; you should know by now what to do here," Zelda asked Link in a somewhat angry tone.

"I know what to do Zelda. Don't get so tense. I have seen a different side of you here in these caverns," And with that Link took out a power bomb and lit the end, "Look out Zelda! Get back!"

They ducked behind a spiky rock as the bomb exploded, revealing a hidden tunnel. As the bomb exploded the rock they were resting near began to move.

"That's no rock," Link said, "I've encountered these monsters before in the Golden Land. They have to be destroyed with this!" Link took out the megaton hammer he discovered in the same palace he found the rock creatures.

"Prepare to be vanquished cruel felon!" Link hit the creature with the megaton hammer and it flipped over revealing its soft belly. Zelda came in then and slashed the creature with her magical dagger. It was immediately incinerated by the flaming cutlass.

"Let's get moving," she said. They entered the cavern of the Stalfos.


    As they entered, the torches near them became lit. With every step they took, the torches on both sides of them became bright. They stopped as the torches began to surround a shadowy, skeletal figure. The Stalfos turned around and revealed himself. It had in its hand the Giant's Claw, the most powerful blade in all of Hyrule.

"Do vou recognize me, Link? Ve've met before. I'm sure you have met ve, Zelda. Does vis help your reasoning?" And as soon as those words were uttered, the frightful image of Agahnim the wizard appeared before them.

"You see?", the slur now dropped, "I have been resurrected by the great power of Balara. He will rule all of Hyrule, and Ganon will become supreme dictator of the Universe! I will rule at Balara's side, and you will be our eternal slaves! Prepare to die!" Agahnim flashed a thunderbolt at Zelda. Link jumped in front of her, and raised his Hylian shield against the light.

"Ma gresha ni tookhut jickbah poutta!" Zelda uttered the sorceress words of the Hylian line and Link's Master Sword became super-charged.

"What are you doing?" Agahnim shouted at Zelda.

"You will see foolish sorceror! My powers exceed yours by ten-fold!" The Master Sword of Legend split in two as the words were spoken. Zelda than rearranged the pieces of the mystical object with her mind and formed two rapiers. These slick new sabers were placed in the hands of the twinsand they prepared to fight Agahnim.

"The Twin Sabers of legend? How did you learn of these ancient arts Princess?" Agahnim questioned the newly found out sorceress.

"You see Agahnim, I was born with these mystical arts, but they could not be used until I united with my brother Link."

"Brother??? Agahnim cried, outraged and full of rage, "Well then the legend is true. You are destined to destroy the evil powers in the universe. I will do all in my power to stop you. Especially with this!!!" The Giant's Claw was flung at Link's head.

He had no time to react! Suddenly Link received a message from Zelda: Use the force within you Link! Link concentrated on the mighty sword and shouted one word.


With that word, the blade stopped and Zelda and Link plunged at Agahnim with their sabers.

"Die fiend!" they cried in unison. Those were the last words the wizard heard as his form became lifeless with the force of the Twin Sabers of Legend piercing his body.

Link and Zelda ascended to the summit. There in front of them was the chest which held the Center Power. It had no obvious way in which to open it, but that was not what they were concerned with.

Hurrying with the chest, they rushed down Death Mountain. They arrived at their stallions and strapped the chest to the horse's back. With that, they set off into the sunset, only two days left until the fate of the universe would be decided.

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