The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 6


  Link and Zelda, the chest with the Center Power on their horse’s back, arrived early in the morning at Hyrule Castle. Zelda knew that this next part of the quest would be by far easier than the last part. Or so she thought&ldots; Link called up to the guard standing watch at the gate, "Let us in. It is Link and Princess Zelda, returning from our voyage."

"Why should I do that! Ye hath no proof that thou art who thou says thou art?"

"Is this proof enough for you?" Zelda said, flashing the pendant around her neck at the guard.

"Well, maybe&ldots;" he replied.

"Or how about this?" Link took out the Ocarina of Time and played upon it the Melody of the Royal Family.

"Ye hath proof enough. Thou art freeth to enter," the guard hastily replied, "But I warn you. The rest of the guards are being controlled by something. I was frightened to let you it, because I thought you might be a zombie like the rest." Terrified, he crouched out of sight.

"Take refuge at Lon Lon Ranch my friend," Zelda replied. Take this letter to them as authorization to do so. "Ha ratyh mutooki pacha," and with that, a letter of authorization appeared in the guard’s hand.

"I will do as you say, your majesty," he said while bowing low. And with that he was off. Link wondered what had befallen Hyrule Castle at this time. The two could only wonder as they entered the fortress.




  The market seemed normal as they entered, but something wasn’t right. They both could sense it. They readied their Twin Sabers for the battle they knew would be coming. Almost as if he felt it, Link looked behind him to see a pack of Mutant Wolfos coming after them.

Zelda attacked a creature, stabbing it straight through and destroying it. It disappeared in front of their eyes. Link did the same and it happened again. More Wolfos started to appear.

"Do you have any ideas Zelda?" Link said as he destroyed another beast. "As a matter of fact, I do." She took the spell book from her bag. This mystical ancient book looked familiar to Link&ldots; Of course!!! It was the Book of Mudora!

"How did you acquire that Zelda? I locked it away in a fairy fountain to keep it from evil’s hands.

"I have servants," she said, "and you told me where you hid it. So I thought to myself, ‘Why not take the book handed down for generations in my family and use it for a good cause?’ It seemed like a good idea. Plus it would be very difficult to get out of this situation without it. I am going to need your help to use a spell of this magnitude."

Link and Zelda joined hands and uttered this spell:

"Mishty warhet hjurt guort ghteroity nadkfa mastdsa matooka MI!!!"

With that, all the wolfos were dispelled from this realm, and sent to dwell in the underworld.

"Let’s get to the Triforce Chamber," Zelda commanded, "We’ve wasted enough time already."


  Link and Zelda ascended the stairs that led to the tower which held the Triforce of Legend. The moment they opened the door to the anteroom, a batch of zombies was seen munching on the body of a fallen soldier. They turned to the door as it opened. Seeing fresh meat, they moved into an attack position, ready for dessert.

"Only fire will harm these creastures," Zelda said. She brandished a rod and spoke from the ancient, Hylian text. "Mosha tryuid flamos kastew aresta!" The bolt of flame took out one of the three attacking monsters.

"It’s my turn," Link shouted. He raised a crystal above his head. "Let the magic of Din, Goddess of Power, flow through me." Zelda realized what she was staring at, and nodded in silent approval. Link screamed, "Din’s Fire!"


With those words, he was surrounded by a shield of flame. He ascended upon the creeping creatures, and rammed them.

"ROOOOAAAARRRRRR!!!!" they cried out in screams of rage. The taller of the two zombies slashed at Link. Its powerful arm left a gashing wound in his side, but burned its arm in the process.

"AHHH!" Link cried out in agony. Zelda rushed to his side and whispered in his ear.

"Joki utiop roity ma slop," she whispered quietly. A mystical aura surrounded Link. She had activated Nayru’s Love. Link had always wondered how to do it, and now he knew. The war scar was instantly healed and the zombie incinerated.

"Let’s get going," Link said, "The triforce is in the next room."




  As they entered the room, they saw a tall, Kokiri warrior trying to get at the triforce.

"Balara!" Link shouted.

"Ah, we meet again my old friend. I see I was not the only non-Kokiri among the tribe. You were also able to exit the forest we used to call home. You see, Link, I was never a Kokiri. Let me tell you."

"After the Deku Tree flung me out of its large trunk, I was sent beyond the realm of earth and time. I was beyond the land of Hyrule altogether. In fact, I traveled to a far-off land. You may have heard of it. It’s called the Sacred Realm."

"But the Sacred Realm is in Hyrule?" Zelda retorted.

"That’s what you have been led to believe. But in reality, the Sacred Realm lies at the homeplace of our Goddesses. I also found out one tiny fact. There are only one true race of the Sacred Realm. And I am one of them. They are known as the Sheikah."

Link gasped in horror. "So that is why you were always the most nimble of us all. And why you always felt this burning need to leave the Kokiri Forest. You were sworn to protect Hyrule’s Royal Family. And thus, you were sworn to protect me."

"So&ldots; let the truth be known. You are of the Hylian race. So that is how you were able to leave the forest unscathed. Well I am sure of one thing. In the final bout between us, I will NOT be protecting you."

"There does not have to be a bout Balara. We can stop now."

"It WILL happen Link. And there is nothing we can do about it. It is a prophecy which the goddesses have made since the beginning of time. We must duel, and we must duel to the death!"

  At that moment, Zelda noticed the Ring of Din on his finger. She was about to lunge for it, when she remembered it could only be removed with his death. She silently took out her dagger. She thrust it with the most stunning act of dexterity ever seen, but Balara was aware and disappeared. The dagger struck the wall and fell inanimately to the floor.

"He’s gone," Link said.

"And to think that she is a Sheikah like Impa," Zelda said.

With that, the twins took the Triforce off the stand which Balara was trying to steal before they arrived. They proceeded to get to their mounts and ride into the sunset. Tomorrow would be the day of destiny. The day the world lives&ldots; or dies.



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