The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 7



  Link and Zelda rode quickly toward the Desert of the Gerudos, the place in which the Invisible Fortress of Balara is hidden. They stopped at Lon Lon ranch along the way. Ingo was out in the field, working as a slave after his treachery against the Princess Zelda. They knew that the battle ahead of them would be exhausting, so they took with them a battle of Lon Lon Milk. The soldier they had met at the gate was also there, and he was busy eating a leg of roast cuckoo. Zelda told the soldier, whose name is Korte, that Hyrule Castle and Market are now free of any danger and it is safe to return.

"Forget it," Korte said, "I like it right here. I’m considering retiring. I’m old enough already, and it seems like a good idea."

"Suit yourself," Link said, "Don’t get lazy in your olden days."

"I’ll be fine."




  At ten o’clock, they left for Gerudo Desert. When they reached the entrance to the barren wasteland, they realized the bridge was out.

"How are we going to get across?" Zelda said.

"I have the hook shot Zelda, but we won’t be able to get the horses across."

"Well that’s what we must do."

They took the two chests, one holding the triforce and one holding the Center Power, and threw them across the chasm. The two chests landed safely on the opposite side. As Link was attempting to cross the gap with his hook shot, two Gerudo warriors appeared. They each had an empty gaze, which could most likely awaken a dead rat. They picked up the two chests and were gone in a cloud of smoke. All of a sudden, a greenish light appeared in the sky.

"Ha ha ha!!! I must thank you Link. You have just succeeded in retrieving the two objects it was impossible for me to acquire on my own!"

"Balara!" Zelda and Link shouted in unison.

"How did you guess? Honestly though, did you really think that you could stop Ganon from resurfacing and taking over the cosmos? You are a stubborn character, Link. I’ve never really liked you very much. You will soon feel the power of the almighty Ganondorf Dragmire! HA HA HA!!!" And with that, the face was gone.

Zelda held onto Link as they swung across to the opposite side of the bridge. They took only the twin sabers, nautical goggles, ocarina of time, and rations that were needed to survive. It was high noon when they entered the desert.


  The barren wasteland was completely clear of any vegetation whatsoever. Not a single cactus showed its spiny head from the surface. It was clear however that there are creatures living there. There were snake skins leftover from the process of shedding. And there were also eggs of some sort scattered everywhere. Link placed the nautical goggles of King JabuJabu on his head. Nothing was clear to him yet. It was evident that they had to travel a little farther.

At one o’clock, Zelda and Link were getting kind of hungry. They stopped to share the Lon Lon Milk and the roast thigh of cuckoo they had received from Talon and Malon. They had a small discussion about what they thought would happen if they failed, but it would be better not to go into that.

When their lunch was finished, they decided to leave their all of their gear, except the Ocarina of Time and the goggles.

"Die!!!" A war cry was uttered.

"Link look out!" Zelda shouted. Link turned around to see three Gerudo warriors charging at him. The twins brandished the Twin Sabers and prepared for battle. One of the Gerudo’s was on horseback, while the other two charged on foot. They all carried mean-looking cutlasses.

Link took a swipe with his saber and knocked the cutlass out of one of the charging warrior’s hand. He than kicked him into the sand and knocked him unconscious. Zelda took aim with her magic rod and grounded the soldier on the black stallion. It lay encased in an unmeltable ice forever. Link couldn’t help but notice Zelda’s darker side. It was only during battle, too.Link stabbed the last Gerudo through the stomach, and he fell to the ground motionless.

  It was three o’clock and a glimpse of a dark object came into view. "I see something," Link calmly stated.

"What are you talking about? I can’t see a thing Link." Zelda was positively baffled.

"That’s because you are not wearing the nautical goggles," Link told Zelda "We are approaching it," Link stated.

"It’s about three hours until sunset. We can’t waste anymore time. The fate of the world will soon be decided." Zelda seemed more aggressive than ever before.

They reached Balara’s fortress, but realized it was very difficult to enter a castle without a door. Link wondered what to do.

"Believe in yourself Link&ldots;" It was Saria.

"Saria?" Link said.

"Yes. Use the melody I taught you Link. It has the power to undo Balara’s curse. Remember Navi when you do it," Saria proclaimed.

"I will," Link replied.

"Good. Remember, if you need to speak with me, don’t hesitate to call. Good Luck." And with that, she was gone.

Link raised his Ocarina and thought of Navi&ldots;

He was up against Ganondorf for the first time. He was struck down by Ganondorf’s heavy blade and was lying in defeat on the ground. Ganondorf was above him ready to suck the life out of him, when Navi appeared and distracted Ganondorf. It was time enough, so that she was able to give up her life to save Link. Link slayed the Gerudo King, but was always in constant grief because Navi was gone&ldots;

Link came back to his senses and played Saria’s Song. The notes filled his heart with a warmth and the gate to the Invisible Fortress opened. The tower itself was visible now, and Zelda noticed its overwhelming height. They both entered quietly, only a short time left before the fate of the world would be decided.



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