The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 8


  Zelda and Link have entered the towering Invisible Castle of Balara. They pause to take into the account their surrounding environment. There was something very strange going on. The tower was glowing blue. There was no sign of any creature or monster as of yet, but they both knew what would eventually happen.

  They entered the next room, their sabers twitching at their sides. Directly in front of them was a school of gel-like creatures. Zelda took out the Book of Mudora. Link wasn’t exactly sure why they needed this reference for their journey, but he knew it must be important.

  "Mooka tooka lacki mussh!" the words emanated from Zelda’s lips. A vast majority of the creatures melted on the spot. But then something started to happen.

  The slime from the gels combined into one large Zol creature. It was literally three times the size of the Stalfos they last encountered. It opened its large mouth and a poisonous gas spewed out. Link used the spell of Nayru’s Love to encase Zelda and him in a protective shield.

"We’ll have to take this thing out with conventional weaponry," Link stated.

The twins lunged at the Zol with their Twin Sabers. They slashed a gaping hole in the side of the blob, but were thrown back with its massive strength. They weren’t hurt though, because the love of Nayru protected them. The hole in its side was enough to destroy the beast. The children of Hyrule moved on to the next room of the dungeon.

  There was A closed door at the end of the dungeon with no visual way to open it. Six statues lined the walls. Zelda could here a faint humming noise.

  "I don’t like this," Zelda said. A fireball shot out from each statue in the wall.

  "DUCK!" Link shouted. He knocked Zelda to the ground as the fireballs passed over their heads. Zelda threw her boomerang at one of the statues. It bounced down lifelessly. Link tried using Din’s Fire. It too had no effect. Zelda took out a magical wand.

  "Froza hitua ereta coldae freez!" An ice beam shot out in all directions. The statues were all effectively frozen in unbreakable glass. A chest appeared against the wall. Link and Zelda took the key inside the chest and ascended the stairs behind the locked door.

  The stairs climbed for a short period of time. As they were about to enter the door at the top, a sound came from Link’s ocarina.

"Zelda&ldots;" a voice called out.

  "Impa?" Zelda replied.

  "Yes, it is me. I wish to warn you that Balara’s power can not be dispelled unless both of you defeat him together. Zelda, use a seperation spell on this Ocarina of Time."

  "As you wish." Zelda recited from the Book of Mudora.

 "Mishka hutio morea toyra geratia hmoyp tooka puwar wuzdim couragus separta maintenant!"

 Link and Zelda were instantly transported to a seperation in the space-time continuum. They had entered the pedestal of sages. A blinding light burst forth from the Ocarina of Time. The symbol of the triforce appeared in midair. The Ocarina entered the space where the Center Power would fit in the almost real incarnation of the Golden Power. The white light became brighter as a crashing sound was heard, as if a vase had just been shattered. When the light cleared, Zelda and Link stood awestruck at what had happened. The Ocarina of Time had split into 3 separate ocarinas!

  The voice of Rauru the Sage boomed.

  "Behold the Ocarina of Wisdom!" The precious sapphire Ocarina descended into Zelda’a hands.

  "Behold the Ocarina of Courage!" This emerald green Ocarina was placed in Link’s hands.

  "Behold the Ocarina of Power!" This ruby red Ocarina floated down to the hands of &ldots;

  "Me?" Saria said as the Ocarina rested silently in her hands.

  "Yes," Impa’s voice came from the Ocarina. "You have been chosen to go with Link and Zelda on their mission."

  "But how?" she exclaimed, "I can’t leave the Kokiri Forest?"

  "Oh, but you can! You see Saria, I have yet another surprise for the royal family."

  "What are you talking about Impa?" Zelda asked inquiringly.

  "Zelda and Link are related to Saria. You are triplets."

  They all gasped in shock.

  "Does it not make sense. Our entire civilization is based on three. Din, Nayru, Farore. Triforce. Medallions to open the Temple of Time. All of these include 3. This is the number on which our civilization has been based. The Twin Sabers in which you hold can actually be seperated again to form the Tri-Strike Rapiers. These are the only weapons which can dispel Ganon from this realm forever."

  "But how is it possible?" Saria said, still under complete shock.

  "Oh come now. You have had the symptoms since you were born. You were all given the power to play the Ocarina, to handle the Triforce safely, and to uphold power, wisdom, and courage throughout the kingdom."

  "How do you know this Impa?" Link asked.

  "Because&ldots; I am your mother."

  Again the pair of three were shocked beyond belief. The realization of the days events were overwhelming. Zelda thought for a moment.

  "Then we are Sheikah!" Zelda exclaimed.

  "Quick you are Zelda. The job of the Sheikah is not what you think. The Sheikah, as Balara has told you, is the only true race of the Sacred Realm. But there is more. The Sheikah are the descendants of the Gods. The reason we have not heard from our Gods since creation is because they have locked away by the evil force of Ganon. Ganon was created when the Center Power was left. Ganon is a direct offspring of the Center Power. This is why he is immortal, and why he keeps returning. To destroy Ganon, you must destroy the Center Power. If Ganon acquires the Center Power, he will be contained with it, but he can be released. I do not know how to destroy it. That is something you must learn."

  "Go now, triplets of legend. Destroy Ganon and let our Gods be free," Impa and Rauru shouted.

  The three reappeared on the staircase. They opened the door and could not believe what stood before them.


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