The Quest of King Zora

by Belgarath the Sorceror


Chapter 9


  Their eyes were wide. Sitting there in the middle of the room was the Triforce itself. And the chest holding the Center Power was right beneath it. The triplets watched in awe as the chest began to open.

"Behold the day has come! Ganon will live again and bring chaos and destruction to all the land! No one shall be free of Ganon's evil tyranny. Arise Prince of Darkness and vanquish the foes that have tried to thwart your actions for centuries." Balara uttered the Oath of Death as the Saria cried out, "We can't move!"

It was true. Their legs had been rooted to the ground, held in place by the branches of Evil Desert Sprouts.

"You shall now watch as he rises to life before our eyes!" Balara took the hand carved replicas of Farore's Bracelet and Nayru's Necklace and placed them into the sockets in the stone chest inside of the wooden box. The stone chest slowly revealed its contents.


  Laying in the chest was the Center Power. It glowed with blinding colors, all the known colors. Its mysterious power waiting to be wielded by a person worthy of it. Balara brought the Triforce over Ganon's body, and placed it over the mound of dirt on which he lay.

A voice echoed from the Ocarinas. "Now is the time! Play the Song of the Royal Family! This is the reason it has been handed down for generations. All in preparation for this moment!"

"But I don't know it!" Saria shouted out woefully, "What will I do?" "Have faith Saria! You know the song. You have heard Link play it before; besides every member of the Sheikah knows it. It is born with them. Now play!"


  The beautiful music of the Ocarinas filled the torturous tower with a feeling of happiness and wonder. The things that happen next are uncanny.

The Ocarinas began to encircle Balara. The Ocarina of Power played the Song of Power and Balara became strong. A reddish glow surrounded his body.

The Ocarina of Wisdom gave Balara tremendous insight. His body emitted a deep, compelling aqua color.

The Ocarina of Courage gave him the power to resist evil. His body glowed a forest green, one that would make even Mido happier.

The combined force of the Ocarinas dispelled the evil spirit from his body. He collapsed on the floor, but the spirit prepared for battle with Link and his siblings.


  Then something happened. The shadow split into three spirits and prepared for battle by brandishing three Tri-Strike Shadow Sabers.

The triplets prepared for battle, brandishing the TRi-Strike Rapiers with incredible skill.

Each took a shadow, and each found themselves incredibly at risk, as the shadows were at least 5 times more powerful than each of them. The blades of each clashed shockingly as sparks flew from all the swords.

"That's it!" Zelda cried out. She took out the Book of Modura, at the same time dodging a thrust from the shadow warrior.

"Moosha wisdumus powerusta curageus trius strikuds rapiersusa killus tues maintenant!"

A golden glow surrounded the Tri-Strike Rapiers, and the Triforce was getting closer to them. Then it broke a part and the triforce was embedded in the hilt of the mystical blades.

"Now we're ready!" Link said as he charged the shadow creature. Zelda and Saria did likewise, a new power at their fingertips. The power of the triforce.



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