The Towers of Two

By Zelda_girl

Author’s Note: I have made a change to one of the characters. I changed Gollum to Mullog, because I don't what to rely on someone else's creativity. Enjoy!

            A memory…

                   A Place

                        A Spell…

                             A Fall

                                 A Tragedy…

“You cannot pass!”


A crash…

“I am a servant of the Twilight Mirror, wielder of the Fused Shadows.”

Midna screamed8 0

WHOOSH! Crack!

“Go back to the darkness!”

Midna, no!”

“The dark Fire will not avail you, Shadow of Twilight!”

Fyrus cracked his whip as Midna clutched her staff.

“YOU SHAL NOT PASS!” the Twili cried, thrusting her staff into the ground. Fyrus lunged for the princess but fell over the collapsing stone and into the abyss. Midna turned around, only to be dragged down by the monster’s whip. She grasped the20hard stone and uttered one final sentence.

“Fly you fools.”

And she disappeared into the darkness.

“NO!” cried Seyo.

            Midna spiraled towards Fyrus in midair. She caught up with her staff that appeared to be floating as she fell. She grasped it tightly and dove after the flaming beast. She landed on top of the falling monster and struck him with all of her magic. His body burned her Midna’s skin.  She clutched at Fyrus’ horns, the only thing not burning.  They tumbled and fell lower and lower into the deep caverns of the world.   Fyrus snatched Midna in his fiery claws, but abruptly released his grip when he slammed against the stone wall around them and continued20falling.  Midna dove at the evil creature.  She landed on Fyrus’ head and thrust her staff into the beast’s skull.  The stone wall suddenly disappeared.  The scent of water caught Midna’s scorched nose and she looked down.  Below was a large underground lake as far as the eye could see, illuminated by Fyrus’ brilliant body fire.


                        Down they fell…


                                                Closer to the waters…

There was one final cry from Fyrus as they reached the waters surface.  Preparing for impact Midna scrambled onto the beast’s belly, as painful as it was.  She held on to the fiery skin and…

                                                            *  *  *  *  *


            Seyo jolted awake.

Midna!” he gasped, breathing as if he had been exhausted from a long run from some frightening monster.  His cries woke his companion, Bot, from his unusually peaceful sleep.

“What is it, Mr. Seyo?” he asked, placing a concerned hand on the Kokori’s shoulder.  He felt his friend’s shoulders rise and fall from exasperated breaths.  He wondered if he was speechless until Seyo said, “Nothing.” Then he lay back down, moving away from Bot’s touch. “Just a dream.”

Seyo did not dream for the rest of the night.  In fact, he never went back to sleep.  He was too afraid of what other things might be lurking in the back of his young frightened mind.


            He waited for Bot to rise, and then pretended he had been sleeping.  Oblivious to Seyo’s restless night, he packed what supplies they had, and he and Seyo departed, getting ever closer to Death Mountain.

                                                            *  *  *  *  *

            The two Kokoris climbed over miles of rocks.  They were getting closer.  They could feel it.  Of course, rocks were not the usual terrain they were used to.  Back in the Kokori Forest, there was nothing but soft, grassy hills to skip over and roll down.  However, that was long behind them.  Their feet had lost the feeling of grass as they slowly made their way up a large rocky foothill.  As they peeked over the summit, their hearts dropped to their stomachs as they gazed upon more rocky terrain and then a giant mountain range, the only natural wall blocking them from the Gerudo Desert, and Death Mountain.

“The Gerudo Desert,” Bot declared. “The sandy hell of this earth we don’t want to see any closer.” He ran his fingers through his blond, oily hair and sighed. “And it’s the one place we’re trying to get to.  It’s just where we can’t get.”

He turned to face Seyo with a hopeless look in his eyes.

“Let’s face it, Mr. Seyo, we’re lost.”

He shifted his gaze back to the distant desert and shook his head sadly.

“I don’t think Midna meant for us to come this way.  Not us.”

Seyo was silent for a short moment.

“She didn’t mean for a lot of things to happen, Bot…” His voice was soft, with barely any emotion in his voice. “…but they did.”

The air suddenly grew stale around Seyo, but Bot seemed not to notice the change in atmosphere.  Seyo looked toward the mountains that blocked the way to the Gerudo Desert and at Death Mountain.  His brain grew hot as an image of a great fiery eye flashed before his own eyes.  The eye’s catlike pupil shot wider for a spit second, sending a forceful blow to Seyo’s chest, right at the Ring that hung around his neck by a Hylian chain.  Seyo felt the air leave his lungs as if he had fallen out of one of the trees back home and onto his stomach.  He clutched at his chest where the Ring rested, gulping in a lungful of the foul air, signaling that they were close to the Gerudo Desert.  His heaving gasps began to slow and soften, but only a little.  Bot turned again at his companion in concern.

“Mr. Seyo?”

No response.

“It’s the Ring, isn’t it?” said Bot.

“It’s getting…heavier,” Seyo said, his voice breaking twice.  He held tighter to his brown shirt, but then soon released his grip when thirst overcame his shock.  He adjusted to a sitting position (as did Bot) and opened his water skin, tipping it at a 90-degree angle into his mouth.  A tiny trickle came out, but otherwise nothing.

“What food have we got left?” asked the also hungry Kokori.

“Let me see,” Bot said, digging into his pack for some nourishment. “Oh yes lovely.”

He pulled out a sack and reached in.  Inside there were small packages, each holding a centimeter thick piece of Hyrule’s bread.

“Disk bread,” he said. “And look! More Disk bread.”

Seyo smiled at Bot’s humorous attitude towards their lack of a variety in their food supply.  He held his hand out to catch a piece that Bot tossed a t him.  He ate it with slow care.  Bot snapped off a piece of his own and ate half of it in one bite.

“I’m not normally a fan of foreign food,” he said, turning the other half around in his thick callused fingers. “But this Hylian stuff – it’s not bad.”

“Nothing ever dampens your spirit.” Seyo’s smile widened. “Does it, Bot?”

Bot returned his smile for a second and then it faded as he looked into the west.
“Those storm clouds might.”

            Fog began to grow in the air, becoming so thick it looked as if all Seyo had to do was slice it through with Sting.  The sharp jagged rock was slippery with moss and dew.  It must have been early in the morning.  Every time of the day seemed the same then.  Even ni ght and day were no different.

            As Seyo climbed over yet another giant boulder, he took a moment to rest on his feet.  He wrapped his cloak around his fragile body to keep warm.  As he looked around he suddenly got the sense of unease.

“This place looks strangely familiar,” Bot said right after tripping over a rock to Seyo’s side.  “Why do you think that is?”

Seyo looked around again and grumbled, “It is because we have been here before.” His voice echoed off the rocks. “We are going in circles!”

Bot abruptly took a short sniff of the humid air and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“Ugh!” he moaned, stepping forward and looking over the wide open landscape before them. “What is that horrid stench?  I bet there’s a nasty swamp near.  Can you smell it, Mr. Seyo?”

Seyo came to his side and ran into the wall of stink as well.

“Yes,” he said, seemingly not phased. “I can smell it.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Bot saw Seyo slowly turn his head towards him with a look of fear in his pale blue eyes.  And then he said, “We’re not alone.”



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