The Return of a Warrior

by Kirstie McKenna

Chapter 1


"No, No!!!" Zelda woke up screaming, the dream had seemed so real, so horrible. Her father; dead; killed by Ganondorf who had come back from the dead; and Link! Oh, Link was supposedly dead and she was supposed to become some sage of death; to do Ganondorf's evil bidding; she had to warn her father. She pulled on a pair of breeches, ones she wore for riding and a simple shirt. As she slipped into some sandals, she heard the sound of battle outside her door.

"I'm to late!" Zelda thought; pained at the thought. Is my father now dead or dying in bed? The question haunted Zelda for half a minute until she heard a hissing from the window.

Zelda ran to it, and saw Link handing on the window sill; trying to get Zelda's attention.

"OH Link, I had this dream you were. . ."

"Not now Zelda, we must hurry. Now; get now here so we can get out of here." Link cut in.

"Of course." She said and climbed down the castle wall vines after grabbing her light fencing sword.

As she dropped to the ground after Link, she heard her castle door being burst open by Gerudos.

"Now let's hurry." Link mounted Epona waiting outside Zelda's window and helped Zelda aboard. They galloped away as the Gerudos caught on to Zelda's path down the wall.

"After her!" She heard the Gerudos cry as a dozen soldiers came rushing after them.

"Take over, we are warping to the Forest temple." Link said, handing the reins to Zelda.

The ocarina played the eerie tune and Zelda and Link found themselves standing before the sages of the temple; Saria one of them.

"Link, you and Zelda must complete a task for us; you must hide Saria for us, the hour is desperate. Soon Ganondorf will be here." the oldest sage said.

Easy enough said, hard to do. Zelda thought.

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