The Return of a Warrior

by Kirstie McKenna

Chapter 2


"And Zelda, don't forget Zelda." another added.

"Why Me? What did I do?" Zelda asked, near tears.

"You and Saria together have more power than all the other sages combined, and with you having the triforce of wisdom, it is quite tempting to him to just take you both and use your magic for his evil, as a sage of death." Naborue (Juliet, is this correct spelling? if not please correct it!) said.

"Where can we go that we'd be safe? nowhere?" Zelda asked, angrily now.

"Zelda, I'll find somewhere, I promise." Link whispered.

"Hyrule needs you, Link. You are the country's savior. Saria and I will find somewhere safe by ourselves, we have no choice but to." Zelda said, wishing there were two Links to save her country and to save her.

"My first duty is to you, Zelda." He said.

"The longer you wait before helping the people, the more people are being murdered in their beds!" Zelda cried, wishing she were not in danger so that Link could help her people.

"Hyrule's fate rests on your shoulders, Link. If you do not save Zelda and I, or we are captured, than Hyrule is good as killed. But if you do not help Hyrule, thousands of innocent people die at Gannondorf's hands." Saria said gently, touching Link's shoulder.

"How can I let two of the three women I love the most to the fate's of Gannondorf? I wish there was a warrior to aid me." Link said sadly.

"Now their is. Link, my brother, I have a plan to keep Zelda and Saria safe. You don't know me, but I am your sister, Kasildera." A girl with raven black hair emerged from the shadows of the temple into the light, which reflected off the triforce necklace on her neck and bounced off the walls, casting light everywhere.

"The warrior has returned." Saria said, and Zelda joined her with "A savior has arisen in the midst of our plight."

"What is going on?" Link demanded, looking at Saria and Zelda, standing side by side with their power flowing from them, a sign of their magic.

"A warrior has returned in the midst of our troubles, your sister. She holds the 4th triforce." Zelda said automatically.

"4th Triforce, my sister? You've got to be kidding!" Link said in shock.

Kasildera approached, her eyes a bright amber. "Link, it's been so long and I cannot hardly even say hello. All right, Zelda, Saria, Link: this is the plan. There is a secret passageway here," Kasildera pulled out a map of the Hyrule castle and pointed to a small passage marked with red. "No evil magic can enter through it, none at all. So we are safe for a while or until Gannondorf turns our magic against us. Now, it is also invisible, and that makes matters more complicated for us. I have found a way to get across the moat without any trouble, and the door opens soundlessly. so we have no trouble about being heard. But the Gerudos will cause trouble for us. If we can't get in there double quick and close the opening before they notice us, they'll send arrows after us and we might get hit. So that is why it is so deathly important for us the keep to ourselves, and go under the cover of night." Kasildera waited for someone to say something, yet no one did.

"Also, we need to be quiet and stealthy, so invisibility and night would aid us much. Any Questions?" No one asked anything, so Kasildera took it that her plan was good enough.

"All right, Link, play the Sun's song, and make it night. Than warp us to the outside of the castle. No questions asked, and we need silence! Not a word is to be spoken until we are in the walls of the castle and safe. Now, let's GO GO!" Kasildera saw that Link wasn't playing the Sun Song, or even pulling out his ocarina.

"Link! What's wrong with you! We need to get out before Gannondorf comes here to get Saria! She can't be here when he comes! Speed is of importance, don't you trust me?" Kasildera finally caught on, Zelda and Saria were the only ones who believed her.

"Prove to me that you are for us and I'll go." He said.

Kasildera shook her head and began to roll her hands in a ball. An amber light began to form in her hands, and as she made the circle wider, the light got stronger. A Gerudo came out of no where, and Kasildera let the ball of light fly, hitting the Gerudo warrior. The woman fell to the ground.

"They've already sent someone to see if Saria's here! We need to leave now, please Link!" Kasildera closed her eyes and reached out to him, mentally. She pictured her mother, her father and their home, everything she could remember. Suddenly, it was Link who broke the connection between the two.

"Kasildera, let's leave; now." he grabbed his Ocarina and played the eerie Sun Song. Than he warped to the Hyrule castle. Kasildera grabbed a hook shot off her waist and fired it across the water, it hit a stone and snagged on. In the darkness, Kasildera swung across the water and threw the hook shot to Link, he and Zelda crossed and Saria came last.

"Now for level two." Kasildera whispered and a tapped a stone in the wall. A panel slid open silently, and Kasildera ushered the two girls and her brother inside. Than she pressed another stone and the panel slid shut. Kasildera spun amber light in her hand to see they were not alone-they had walked into the hands of Gannondorf.

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