The Return of a Warrior

by Kirstie McKenna

Chapter 3


"Kasildera, I see you were not careful enough to take the time to see if your theory was true." Gannondorf said with an evil laugh.

Go Link, take Zelda and Saria with you, run! Kasildera thought to Link, and the three ran. none of them even made it to the end of the passageway. Link was first, his body slowly froze into a state that he could not move. he was about halfway across the hall. Saria was next, she was three quarters of the way to the end of the hall before she froze. And, Zelda, almost out of the passage froze last.

But Kasildera did not freeze. instead, she began to circle Gannondorf, her hand on her slim left leg, ready to grasp a small, cylinder shaped lump.

"Let them go, I am the one you want." She said, and Zelda let out a ear splitting scream as she tried to move.

"Kasildera, don't be a fool. If I have to dispose of Zelda to get her triforce, your my next choice." Gannondorf said evilly.

"You'd have to kill me first." Kasildera said.

"I have my own ways of manipulating people, who come from a place like Orca." Gannondorf said.

"I would never give myself or my people to your hands, you know that." Kasildera said, still circling Gannondorf.

"Kasildera, you'd have made a perfect Gerudo queen, you know. Brave to the last." Gannondorf said.

"I can strike you down now if you don't release them." Kasildera said, grabbing the cylinder lump from her pouch and revealing what looked like the hilt of a blade without a blade.

"Mortal weapons cannot harm me, and magic ones will only strengthen me, Kasildera." he said.

"Do you wish to deal with the Amber Warrior?" Kasildera asked.

"No warrior can defeat me!" Gannondorf said.

"I can." Kasildera said and suddenly, a blinding amber light shot through the air. "DIE!" Kasildera screamed and began to flashed a double bladed staff made of amber energy. She spun it in circles, and it shot of amber bolts of electricity at Gannondorf. He zapped them before they hit him, but when he shot his own black bolts at Kasildera, the broke against her staff of amber.

"Orcans shall rise again!" Kasildera shouted at hit her staff to the ground. the room shook and Gannondorf shook violently, but suddenly stopped shaking. Kasildera's amber staff shut itself off.

"Nice try Kasildera, you did better than Link did for your first encounter with me, but I am stronger than you think." He grabbed Kasildera by the arm and bound her with black magic ropes, that wrapped themselves around her with the snap of his fingers.

"Now, give me your triforce of passion, or let me make you." Gannondorf said with an evil laugh.

"You have not seen the last of the ancient ways of the Orca's, Gannondorf. I still have magic left in me, that you can never reach. My triforce shall remain where it is." Kasildera said with a hard stare. Gannondorf seemed more frightened of her gaze than of her magic.

"Fine, I'll deal with that later." Gannondorf said and moved to the frozen Saria.

"Saria, do you know that I want you for something more than your power as a sage?" he asked her.

"I know what you want, my triforce attribute, compassion. Well, it is something that comes with the heart, not taken by magic." Saria said calmly.

"That and another thing, the secret of your people. The Kokiri are stronger than most races in the way of protection, and I want to be like that. Tell me the secret and you go free." He said.

"Never. I am not as stupid as you think."

"Zelda. give me your triforce, before I show you my dark side." Gannondorf said, moving on to Zelda.

"I know your dark side, King of Pigs. And even if you tried to change me to you dark warrior, it shall fail. Because my heart is held in the light, it's light shall shine through. You know me too well, as I know you. I am not afraid." Zelda said, looking rather brave, but fear shining through her eyes.

"Do you know that with a Gerudo queen like you, Hyrule might obey me better? Considering you are the 'just and fair' Princess Zelda, they'd never expect you had turned dark." Gannondorf laughed evilly.

"I'd never marry you, king of flies. No matter what way you put it, I'd never marry you, ever." Zelda said, suddenly hitting Gannondorf with a volley of words.

"Not only do I hate you, but I know who I truly love. My father and Link. Not you. and I love my country. I would NEVER, EVER do anything to hurt it. Even if you use some sort of evil magic to make me evil, the pure and good Zelda will live on. And SHE shall keep the dark Zelda from hurting the kingdom, and she can hurt YOU!" Zelda seemed to break the spell that held her and moved her arm, to slap Gannondorf in the face, but he caught her.

"Zelda, come with me. Your precious Link will give me something that will convince you to give me what you have, and what Kasildera has." He grabbed her by the arm and motioned for several Gerudo warriors to come bring Kasildera and Saria.

"Let me go you scum!" Zelda screamed wriggling in Gannondorf's grip. suddenly, it seemed as if her spirit had snapped. she fell in a limp sleep against Gannondorf's arms.

"Gannondorf, let her go. I'm who you want." Kasildera said, twisting in the magic ropes that bound her.

"Queen of Orca, you must realize that I am in control now, and there is nothing you can do about it." Gannondorf said, and two Gerudos grabbed Kasildera and dragged her to a small chamber outside of the passageway. Gannondorf dropped Zelda in the cell, and Saria followed. But Link was dragged away, almost lifelessly to what they all knew was the torture chamber. The steel door shut, and the ropes that bound Kasildera faded into nothing. A few minutes later, they heard the screams of Link, "Gannondorf, you Pig! I'll never give my triforce to you! And Zelda won't either! Nor my sister!" slowly, it faded into words they could not here. Zelda was still asleep, and Saria could not wake her.

"We both know what comes next, Gannondorf's sick toying with our brains. I survived it once, but I do not know if I can again." Kasildera said, her voice in a low whisper.

"Why did he call you 'Queen of Orca'?" Saria asked.

"I am a queen of a sea faring country, surrounded on three sides by water, called Orca. Our people are called Orcans. Link is not by blood brother, but brother by adoption. He is pure Hylian, as I am pure Orcan. Saria, we must prepare Zelda for what will come. It may be hours before he comes to us, or minutes. We must find a way to wake her from the dream world, or she will not be able to live through the test. We must go into the dream world ourselves to wake her, I'll do it. Saria, if I do not come back in 1 hour, than you must wake me. Zelda's fate is on my shoulders." Kasildera said, and closed her eyes.

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