The Return of a Warrior

by Kirstie McKenna

Chapter 4



"Zelda, where are you? It's me, Kasildera." Kasildera called. She was in a beautiful place, a tropical island with beautiful turquoise waters lapping upon the sandy shore.

"Zelda, come. It's your friend." Kasildera knew it would be hard to get Zelda to awaken, but it was worth a try.

"Kasi! Over here, this is a beautiful place. Let us walk together." Zelda called, walking along the shore.

Kasildera rushed over, remember how her mother used to call her by that name.

"Zelda, do you remember how you got here?" Kasi asked.

"Yes, I was with Gannondorf and I fell asleep. But let's not think of our troubles here. After all, this is paradise until I must awaken." Zelda said happily. But Zelda was not in the breeches and shirt she had come in. She was in a beautiful white dress, with golden triforce symbols embroidered on it.

"We must go back Zelda, Gannondorf will be testing us when he comes for us, and if we are not ready we might die." Kasi said, trying to bring her friend back to the real world.

"I don't want to leave, I like it here. I am free from my troubles here." Zelda replied, gazing out to the sea.

"Zelda, Link is counting on us. If we don't wake up, he dies. Dies, Zelda. No longer able to come back to us. We wouldn't see him until death then, we both love him. He depends upon us, Zelda. We must awaken and prepare ourselves, so that we can save him. Zelda, please. I don't want your future husband, the King of Hyrule to die, nor my brother. Let's wake up." Kasildera pleaded.

"I don't either. If waking from paradise means his life, than I will awaken." The world around them began to fad, become misty, hazy, and than unseeable. Than the stone wall cell came to view. . .


"Your back! Oh, I am so glad. I was afraid you might never wake. . ." Saria's voice faded away, and 3 Gerudo warriors came in.

Without a word, the three girls were in chains on the wall.

"Magic." Zelda said, and the warriors were gone.

"What happens next?" Saria asked.

"The interrogation. The whole time, only think of those you love and how much you love your country. Zelda, do not think about the Triforce, that is how he is able to manipulate you." Kasildera said. Shortly, Gannondorf came in strutting proudly.

"How is Link?" Zelda asked, concern in her voice.

"He hasn't given me what I want, yet. He will when I begin to use you for my bait." Gannondorf said with an evil laugh.

"You'd be surprised what one young princess, a young queen, and a sage can do." Zelda replied, her eyes closing, and when she opened them, her eyes were violet.

"Tricks won't scare me, princess." Gannondorf said, approaching her.

"As manipulation will not scare me, for Hyrule is stronger than you know." Zelda said.

Gannondorf began to speak harshly in a language Kasildera and Saria could understand, waving his hand around.

"Gannondorf, you are more foolish than I thought. Speaking in the old language does not scare me, even if you say that Link does not love me. For I know he does, perhaps not the way I do him, but I love him just the same." Zelda said, her now purple eyes shining with a look of trapped memories, like reliving a beautiful scene over and over again.

"You won't be so confident when the little Orca queen gives me HER triforce."

"Who says I'm giving you anything but my anger? For killing my people. For killing my family, my true brother, my love. Who says I'm not going to be angry? No one. But my anger is not at you, but your evilness. I do not hate you, just your ways." Kasildera replied, even though the statement had not been directed to her.

"Ah, Kasildera. It was YOUR fault that Jonathon died, for you did not stop him. He would only listen to you, but you did not stop him. It is YOUR fault." Gannondorf accused.

"I tried, but I knew that love would out rule all. He is with me now, and we do not regret anything we did together. For he knows me, and he knows how much I loved him. He is not dead, for the earthly body is only temporary, you know that Gannondorf." Kasildera responded, her eyes becoming hard to see as a mist came over them.

"It is your fault, you are to blame for the death of so many of your people. And it is all because of your passion Triforce, if it was given to me you would not be responsible." Gannondorf said, acting as if he spoke the truth.

"The triforce is not to blame, nor am I. I asked my people to defend their land and they did. YOU are responsible for their deaths, as of the death of your mother, father, brother, sister and so many other innocent beings. YOU are the king of death, for you kill with what you think is no shame. But inside, you can hear the voices of the people calling, crying, whispering. You are the one who is responsible, not me. And the voices of the innocent cry out 'Guilty, guilty!' and your mother says 'Gannondorf, I love you. But you must face your own crimes, the faces whom are now dead.' How many of your victims had faces, families? How many were small children, mothers, fathers? How many had no reason to die? How many, Gannondorf? Thousands, Millions? Or more? How many? How many will haunt your dreams?" Kasildera asked, her tan skin becoming deathly pale. "How many?"

"None! They all deserved to die, they were my enemies! They stood in my way! My way is right!" Gannondorf screamed, covering his ears.

"How many were killed in their beds, not on any battlefield? At least 1,000? Or perhaps 2,000? Or even more? How many were fathers, ready to die for their families? How many died because you told them that it was the best way, how many thousand people died at your hand? How many did you kill yourself, or your own people did at your hand? How many?" Kasildera continued to rant, her face deathly pale still.

"MAKE THEM STOP, ORCA QUEEN! MAKE THEM STOP! AHH!!!!" Gannondorf screamed and hurled himself against the wall. The chains that had bound Saria, Zelda, and Kasildera broke, and the girls fell to the ground. Gannondorf's dead body lay on the floor. Or, was he? Kasildera reached out to his body, using her mind and realized he wasn't dead. Only stunned. Link came stumbling in. His shirt was in tatters, and it was obvious he had been tortured.

"Link!" Zelda cried, and threw her body against his, and they embraced.

"Oh Zelda, I feared the worst, when he said he'd be back with you." Link whispered.

"I'm fine, Kasildera got him out. We need to send him to a place worse than where he came from." Zelda said, pulling out the embrace.

The four joined hands and magic flowed from them.

"Send this king of evil to a land of death, a place where he can never return." They chanted together, and a bright flash shook the castle. Suddenly, they were all in the throne room and all dressed in royal clothes. All was right, and they had won. Gannondorf would never return, or would he?



"I proclaim The Princess Zelda of Hyrule, and the Hero of Time Link husband and wife." Zelda and Link stood together, to be married. As they kissed all of Hyrule cheered.

"Long live Princess Zelda! Long live Prince Link!" the Hylians cheered. But the loudest cheer was that of Kasildera and Saria.

Hyrule was saved and Gannondorf could never return, could he?

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