The Reaper Is Born

By Link to the Legends

Author’s Note:

This line means that there is going to be a shift in perspective.


This line means that there is going to be a narration.

Prologue A – An Unknown Fate


            The sun broke over Hyrule Field again, signaling the start of a new day. Lives had resumed after the Battle of Demons, all were happy and well. All, except for the one who ended the war… Link, on top of Death Mountain. He looked out over Hyrule at the now peaceful land. The Goddess made their home at the former Lon Lon Ranch. He looked up at the sky and remembered all of the worlds he had saved from the demons. He remembered the friends he made along his journey. Then he looked back down at Hyrule Castle, the place where his love now resides, soon to be gone from him forever. “Everything I have done has been for nothing.” He shed a tear and didn’t bother to wipe it away as he turned towards the top of Death Mountain. Link looked into its depths. There was so much ash and soot that nothing could be seen into it from its highest peak, where Link stood. He moved towards the edge overlooking the insides. He lifted his right foot and held it out as if to take a step. With closed eyes, he said, “Now there is no hope for me.”


            “Link! Noooooooooooooooooo!” A voice shrieked on the side of the mountain.


            Yet Link had already cast himself into the molten depths of Death Mountain. After years of war, after years with darkness, it was all about to come to an end. He opened his eyes one last time, to see the soot cloud passing by him. Death would be his escape, from sorrow. He welcomed it with open arms.


            However, Link wasn’t always doomed like this. But to truly understand, we must learn from the beginning.

Prologue B – The Battle of Demons


            2 millenniums ago before the kingdom of Hyrule was ever founded and creatures of all sorts roamed the lands, the goddess and the only male god lived across the worlds in peace with nature and each other. Din, the goddess of passion and fire left warmth through all the nights and winters, then love for all through spring. Nayru, of peace and water to quenched the thirst of all creatures and gave peace to packs in struggle for land. The Ogre Deity, full of determination and darkness which even though was wielded by a god, was used instead to capture any evil that came from lands and his fierce determination made sure of it. He had no need to have name like the goddess, his power was great enough to show who he is. Then finally, Farore, of sleep and nature who made sure nourishment was given to all creatures for every need, then gentle sleep with peace and dreams. The goddess of light didn’t hold her reign long enough to be told in legends. After she witnessed he sisters create the worlds, she gave all of her power to live a mortal life. With what little power of light she had, she hid herself from the goddesses, to never be found again.


            No creature hated them, they were loved by all and so they loved all back. Yet this is even not true, for there is no peace that can be obtained, without angering someone, or something else in the process. For across the worlds, evil was being born out of the evil leaving the creatures of such worlds. One day, Din was walking through what 2 millenniums from now would be called the Kokiri Forest. Upon her walk, she came across a man of dark skin and red hair in the forest; he was chanting something unheard of to Din. As she approached, the man turned to her and stared at the goddess eyes with hatred and power burning inside him. Din felt this and was not afraid, but curious instead. As she approached again, the boy raised his hand and shot out of it a lighting ball at incredible speed. Din ducked just in time for the ball to miss, but hit a pack of foxes walking by, killing them instantly. Before she could turn back to the boy, he was gone, deep into the forest and out of sight to her.


            This was not the only evil appearing, even on worlds out side of Hyrule, across galaxies, evil made another birth that was never meant to happen. Farore was the first to come across it. It had a sword that stretched as tall as a drawbridge, but was being handled with one hand. The man appeared as an angel to Farore which dropped her guards. He had only one wing coming from his right side and long silver hair that stretched down past his waist. Farore toke him to be an angel from a battle and went to him, but tripped through shear luck, for at the same time, the angels sword past right over her head, missing her by no less than an inch. As she raised her head with fear in her eyes, the angel flew off at a rate that could not be surpassed by any animal know in any world.


            Soon there were 4 demons spawned from evil. One of the angels, another of cats speed and claws, another with arts that used the very evil of one’s heart to control them, the last, and leader, held darkness as his own. The Ogre Deity tried with all his might against each one. The angel used his sword at speeds that were unexpected for the sword’s size. The cat would vanish and reappear at speeds that couldn’t even be seen with magic. The man of evil from one’s heart carried a scythe as large as the Ogre Deity’s sword with moves that were not know from any form of martial arts.


            Yet as the Ogre fought with all his might and determination against the one with the power of darkness, he could not win. Instead of killing the god for good, the dark skinned man used the evil that was inside of him to control his mind, not through the man’s will, but as evil as its new side. With the help of their new allied god, the demons were brought to the land of Hyrule were the 3 goddess stood. Fear, yes fear was what they felt as the 4 appeared with their protector of evil as the demons own. The goddess felt fear for the first time in their immortal life knowing that this could be their end. The man with dark skin stepped forward and spoke “All you 3 have to do in order to stay alive is leave the worlds and give them to us as our own, so that we, the true power over time and space, can lay evil down across them.”


            The goddess turned to one another and saw the same look in each of their eyes, they knew that in order to let there be peace, passion, and the haven of dreams, they would need to stop demons. Even at the cost of their own lives. Din stepped forward trying to stall for time as Nayru and Farore started to cast the chant of evil’s bane, “Tell us who we are going to surrender to so that even though we may have lost, we wont be confused as well.” The dark skinned one only smiled and said, “Very well, I am Ganondorf, the commander to darkness and evil of all kinds. The one behind me with the wing of a dark angel is Sephiroth, the ultimate one-winged angel.” Then Sephiroth stepped forward and spoke “It is my apology that is must come to this, but I won’t let ladies with no battle experience stop me from ruling my world.” He said this with pride in his voice and evil in his heart. Nayru and Farore weren’t even close to done yet! “This one” Ganondorf said as he pointed to the man with gloves on each hand and sword off every finger, “is Kuro, the master of speed and assassination.” Kuro stepped forward and spoke with as though this were average, “You are all lovely ladies, and yet even that must come to an end, as with this world and the next after it.” A grin grew across his face. Ganondorf then grabbed the man with the large scythe and yelled, “This man is the rulers of hearts, Marluxia, do not doubt his weapon, it can cut anything in two.” Instead of speaking, he simply walked over to the side of a hill and did a horizontal slash and cut it in half.


            Din was growing nervous by the second, “Are you almost done?” she whispered out of the corner of her mouth. “Only one minute!” whispered Nayru.


            “You already know your friend here, the Ogre Deity? Instead of mind control, I made the darkness inside of him so powerful, that it has now taken over his mind!”


            Nayru tapped Din on the shoulder and shook her head with a frown and eyes so cold that it could freeze fire. It was in that moment that the 3 goddess looked at the land as it was and hoped that it would always stay like this. Din then shouted at the top of her voice, “Come and stop us if you want the worlds!” Ganondorf only looked at the ground and shook his head back and forth. “Fools your determination will be your down fall much like your dear friend here! I’ll have him kill you first!” And with that, The Ogre Deity charged the goddess. Nayru held up a ball of pure light and threw it into the sky. It blew and blinded the demons and the god. As the light shined all three together said “We the goddess of the light command the darkness in all to fall, that for the banishment of the 5 in front of us, we offer our selves the curse to never return to the Worlds, but be cursed to remain in the realm of light as the demons with the realm of dark. Have but a small amount of our power we controlled on this world remain in the form of the Triforce. Let our will be DONE!” The light grew unbearable and soon as quickly as it came, vanished, with the demons and gods with it. The demons now lay trapped in the realm of darkness like the goddess in the realm of light. The goddess themselves, Din would come to be known as Din of Power. Respectively, Nayru of Wisdom and Farore of Courage. The Triforce now lay hidden in the Temple of Time, only able to be unlocked by the holder of the master sword, the hero of time. For 2 millenniums after this moment in time, the Blade of Evil’s Bane still sits, waiting for the hero to come and claim it.


Authors note:

I just want to quickly add that Fierce Ogre Deity means Powerful Demon God.
Chapter 1 – The Freedom of Ganondorf


            It has been millenniums since the demons and goddess held the battle in time. It was forgotten through history, and went from legend, to myth. There the goddess sat in the Realm of Light knowing that through their spell they were trapped. “I’m beginning to miss the lands of Hyrule or the land of Technology.” Said Nayru sitting down, looking up.


“I know how you feel” said Din with sadness in her voice, “I miss giving new life to the worlds each spring and watching love walk across the lands.”


Farore tried to cheer them up, “We knew that this would happen, even if we are stuck here, we did the right thing. Besides, at least we are in the realm of light, our brother the Ogre Deity is in the realm of dark with the other demons. That is torture that none of us can know.”


Din looked at her and spoke, “I know but I still feel sorrow, even if my pride is more compel….” She didn’t finish.


“Din, what’s wrong, you look wo…..”


Farore didn’t even have the chance to speak, she fell on her knees and held her head.


“What’s happening!?!”


“I feel evil rising somewhere, being born.”


“But evil is always across the lands without us, so why does it hurt so badly now?!”


“It must not be any ordinary evil, it feels just like the evil we witnessed 2000 years ago.” At that they all looked up at each other and knew what was happening, but they all still shouted it at the same time.





            Down upon the lands a child was born to the Gerudos. They thought this man was one of prophecy saying that it was the rare child born male one only every 100 years. The child looked up into the world and thought to himself, “The world has changed a bit since I left, I may have only been able to bring back a small amount of my power to this world by mortal means, but if I can cast the spell before I die, I shall be reborn as the great demon lord I once was.” a slow and unheard chuckle started to come from this child.


Over the years Ganondorf still had some of his magic, but all of the spells he brought with him were weak. He decided to just wait till the rest of his power was brought back; he was going to bring with him not only himself, but the rest of the demons and the Ogre Deity with him.


Through the next 20 years, Ganondorf slowly but surely was learning the Gerudo’s way of self defense and battle strategies. He chose to come through them because they would immediately take him as their king like the prophecy said they would. Sure enough, they did just that. At the age of 26, he had the 4 spells that came with him from the realm of dark and a large broad sword that with the training he got became a fierce and powerful weapon. After much planning and consideration, he told his new army of Gerudo women that he was to leave for Hyrule and would return shortly. Till that time, Nabooru was in charge. As he departed for the castle, he knew exactly what was going to happen he would use the Triforce that the goddess spoke of as they departed to rule this land and then have enough power to cast the spell that would break the door an the realm of dark and strength the wall to the realm of light. He let out an evil cackle as he rode of faster towards Hyrule castle which was now just one days journey ahead.



            Meanwhile in the realm of light, the goddess were dumfounded at how the barrier was being breached. “We must do something in order to stop this!”


“Of course we have to but what in the name of the worlds are we going to do! Incase you have forgotten we are trapped in the realm of light as are the other demons, but now Ganondorf is out with some of his power at his disposal!” Din screamed at Farore as she walked away towards a small chair to sit on.


“There must be something; don’t we have just a little power over what goes on in the worlds now? Even if it but a little, we could surely do something good?”


“We have no real power over the worlds now all we can do is but give life to prophecies and that has never really done much but show who is going to be born, inherit the farm, be new ruler of the country, junk like that. For all we know, Ganondorf may alrea……” She didn’t get the chance to finish. Din jumped on Nayru and said, “What was that about the prophecies?”


“I said all we can do is give life to them”


“Exactly!” Din started to jump up and down with excitement


“Listen closely, we once made a prophecy ourselves that when true evil came to any world, a hero, the hero of time would come forward and vanquish the evil that was brought to the world”


Farore and Nayru started to understand what was happening, Din had a brilliant idea. They give life to the prophecy and let the true power within the one called the Hero of Time be awakened. “Din” Started Farore, “I never thought I would see the day you had a good idea, and I’m immortal.”


Din gave a cross-eyed look towards Farore and then they started. They repeated the prophecy that was handed down through the royal family of this world and the next. “When the day comes that evil once again walks across the land searching for destruction of the world, a boy will realize his true destiny as the Hero of Time. He will travel through the doorway of time and with the Master Sword as his key. It is with the end of evil the hero’s life will continue to be as he wishes with the only hardships he meets being his own troubles. Shall the day come that evil walks again, the hero will leave and save the world in trouble no matter the cost, for as told by us the goddess we proclaim it as such. We make this prophecy so!” I huge ball of light then erupted from the circle that they formed and it traveled toward the Kokiri forest were 11 years ago, a hylian boy with blond hair and blue eyes came to rest. This boy was the chosen Hero of Time as proclaimed, yet even as he slept in his bed, he would never know just how much is about to unfold. The one where the light landed and hit his target slept unaware. The sign outside his small tree home read ‘Link’s Home’.

Chapter 2 – The Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny


Link awoke from a peaceful nights rest and got out of bed. He walked over to his closet and got out a nice green tunic and Kokiri boots. He then went to a hand made coat rack and took of a green cap. Link yawned as he walked over to his door way and looked out upon Kokiri forest in all its gleaming glory he went to walk down the ladder when. BAM! He was hit broadside across the face. He fell to the floor and yelled, “What was that?” He spun on the ground hoping to trip who ever was there, but hit nothing he then got and looked in his house and around the outside, he didn’t see anyone, not even Mido. He turned back to the ladder when he saw it. A little blue fairy sitting on the fence of his house. “Hello, my name is Navi and you must be Link.” The fairy spoke in a tone that he really like, he never got a fairy like all the other Kokiri, but now he did.


“Yes, I’m Link, who sent you, The Great Deku Tree?” Link said with little emotion on his face, trying to control his excitement.


“No, I have been sent by the goddess to aid you in your quest” Navi said as if this was usual.


“Wait! I can’t go on a quest if I leave the forest I will die.” Link said getting worried. “Maybe you should start from the beginning.”


“Very well” Navi then took some time to tell Link about the battle between the goddess and the demons 2026 years ago, the current condition of the goddess and demons, and most importantly, the renewal of Ganondorf. “So you see, you are the Hero of Time which has passed through legends and the royal family, you are the only one who can stop Ganondorf.”


“I don’t want to. Its not like I don’t care about the fate of the worlds, I care for everything. I just care for the forest now and no one has ever been able to find the Kokiri forest, besides. If I leaver here I will die.” Link said. This gave Navi a moment of worry and realized that she would have to tell him.


“Link-you-aren’t-a-Kokiri.” Navi spat out all at once.




“You aren’t a Kokiri, you were brought here by your hylian mother 11 years ago as her dieing wish. Gerudos attacked her village and killed everyone. Your father was among the few who fought back.” Link was taken back by this, he never knew who his mother or father was, now he finds out he never will! Plus, not being a Kokiri? That was just unheard of. He has been raised as one all his life. “You see, you’re fathered died to protect you and your mother. Your mother died to protect you. The hardest thing to tell you are the person who killed them, who led the raid on the village, was Ganondorf, as a trial for his strength.”


Link didn’t know how this fairy knew all of this, just a moment ago; he was excited to finally be able to have a fairy. Now, he had to leave his only home in order to save the worlds and possibly worlds! “How can I know you aren’t one of Ganondorf’s servants come to lure me into a trap.” Link said with an accusatory tone. Navi didn’t seem to surprised by this, instead, she merely started to chant in ancient hylian language, Link recognized some words from the Great Deku Tree like ‘thuigrt’ meaning “summoning”. When Navi finished, she clapped her hands and 3 small gems appeared before her.


Link almost fell backwards at this, fairies almost never knew magic, instead, they protect with their surprising strength. Yet, here 3 stones were produced, one blue with 3 gems of equal size within it, another green with a swirled base on it, and the last one red with a V-Shaped base. “These are the Spiritual Stones. They are used to open the door of time. From what I have already told you, you’ll probably be able to guess what’s behind it.”


Link spoke in a whisper as he slowly grabbed each stone and put them each in a small bag that he had in his room, “The Master Sword, the Blade of Evil’s Bane.”




Link no longer than an hour after waking up, hoping for a day with joy among Saria and the other Kokiri, was now packed with the Kokiri sword, a gift from Saria for rescuing her from a wolf, the Deku shield, made from the bark of the Great Deku Tree, The gems Navi had given him, and of course, lots of food for the long journey. “Where are we going to go first” Link asked Navi who had gotten comfortable behind his ear.


“Our first trip is to go to Hyrule Castle and find Princess Zelda so that she may be able to give the melody to open the Door of Time.” Navi said. Link then climbed down from his tree home and ran as fast as he could to the bridge leading away from the forest. As he ran across the bridge he heard the last thing he wanted to hear right now. “You’re finally leaving aren’t you” He turned to look up into a tree and saw Saria sitting there looking down at him. “I knew that you would finally have to leave someday, I was the one who cared for you as a child.”


Link was very fast to say “You knew I wasn’t a Kokiri all along. Yet you still kept it a secret from me.”


“Yes I did, I was told to by the Great Deku Tree, if you had known, we feared that you might run away and be lost forever outside the forest, now it is time for you to leave, and I wont stop you.” Saria said all this with tears coming from her eyes.


“Saria, you have been the only friend I ever had for the past eleven years, you mean more to me now that anything else. I will miss you and hope that by stopping the evil called Ganondorf, I might be able to return.” Without even saying goodbye, Link ran away from the forest and into Hyrule field where he left Saria to cry to herself in the forest knowing that Link wouldn’t come back.



“Wow, it’s so much larger that anything I’ve seen before!” Link gasped at the sight of Hyrule field in all its glory. He could see the road cut into 2 different directions from where he was. One went up a hill and out of sight, the other went to the right and around a large rock wall. Link turned to Navi and said “So which way are we going to go, I have no idea where I even am right now.”


Navi said in response, “We should take the road to the right, we will be no longer than one days journey away from Hyrule Castle, maybe less.”


Link started a steady jog to the right and didn’t slow down or even stop for a breather. Navi was getting tired of flying so flew behind Link’s ear again to rest. After 8 hours of running, Link stopped for a quick bite to eat. He unraveled a piece of wolf meat. As Link ate each savoring piece, Navi could only look on in disgust. After he started to run again, he came over a hill and saw one of the most amazing sights. In front of him was a large wall made of polished stone that stretched for as far as his eye could see. Then to his left a little, he noticed a draw bridge that was down over a moat.  Link looked up at the sun and saw that it was almost down. He started his jogging again, but at a faster pace. He was about 200 meters away from the draw bridge when he looked behind him again and noticed that the sun was almost completely down. He made a fast sprint towards the castle drawbridge and got over it just in time before it drew up for the night. He looked around the market; it was empty except for a couple that was trying to have an evening. He had never seen the market before and wondered how crowded it was at morning. He didn’t have any money so he took Navi out from behind his ears and found that she was half-asleep. He whispered to her, “We’re going to sleep inside this storage room, don’t worry when we wake.” No sooner did he rest on the hay in the room did he fall asleep with Navi resting on top of his cap like it was a blanket.



Inside the castle was Princess Zelda, sitting in her room looking out over the castle garden. Even at night the flowers seemed to have the ability to still shine without light. She kept looking into the garden with a feeling of peace. Just a little over a week ago, a man named Ganondorf had somehow gotten into the castle at night. After much time with the king he had revealed himself to be the king of the Gerudos. He wished to disclose a peace treaty with the King of Hyrule. Zelda knew why the king had accepted, but was concerned with the speed at which he agreed with. Usually the king was good at checking and double-checking backgrounds, yet this time he said yes without even a thought. Zelda didn’t worry too much though, she never really had much of a care for politics.


Zelda was still troubled over something; she could feel it from the back of her head that something wasn’t right. She had decided to go see the magic hag of Kakariko Village about it within the week. Zelda left her seat from the window and went over to her desk and sat down to read a book that she had just gotten from the library. It contained the prophecies of the worlds. She had no idea what other worlds there were, but it interested her for some reason and she decided to check it out. As she flipped through the pages, the book almost began to turn itself and stopped on a page that held a prophecy that took up the entire page. She was still a little confused, but began to read it anyway.


When the day comes that evil once again walks across the land searching for destruction of the world, a boy will realize his true destiny as the Hero of Time. The boy will have the golden hair of the sun and eyes that are as blue as the deepest depths of the sea. The green clothes he brings with him are a sign of no true family that he has ever known. He will travel through the doorway of time and with the Master Sword as his key. It is with the end of evil the hero’s life will continue to be as he wishes with the only hardships he meets being his own troubles. Shall the day come that evil walks again, the hero will leave and save the world in trouble no matter the cost.


Zelda finished and was puzzled at what it said “A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes? What did that mean, and what about the green clothes?” She would just have to wait for whoever this was. Zelda closed the book and set it on her shelves of books to return to the library. She crawled into bed and stared at the sealing. She then asked herself as she fell asleep, “Has evil raised once more in the lands?”



Link awoke the next day with Navi on his cap still asleep. The hay got caught in his hair and he pulled it out with some pain. As he was getting up, the door opened and a guard came in. He looked at Link and needless to say was confused. “Why are you in here?” asked the guard.


“Well, I just came into the market when the drawbridge closed and I don’t have any money, so I decided to crash here for the night. I’m from the forest and I don’t know any of your laws so I apologize if I broke any of your rules.” Link said bowing his head toward the guard. The guard just laughed for a bit and then quickly ushered Link out of the room. Still laughing, he shut the door on Link and locked it. “That was a bit weird” said Navi, finally awake.


“Yeah, well we had better get to Hyrule Castle before tonight” Link said trying to lose thought of the guard. As he went back to the market, he wasn’t surprised to see that it was packed with more people than he had ever seen. Instead of letting Navi fly around, he gently grabbed her and threw her into his cap so she couldn’t be seen. Link went straight threw the Market towards the Castle and traveled up the slope. A short while later, he came across a large fence blocking his path from going further. Link looked towards the guard and asked if it was okay to go see the Princess. “Sorry kid” said the Guard, “You can’t see the princess unless you have an appointment.” Link turned away and started to walk back to the market. He had never given up on anything he already started and this was going to be no exception. He searched the walls and found what he was looking for, vines. He quickly started to climb up them making sure the guards didn’t see him. His green tunic gave him excellent cover. As he made it over the ledge he looked around from his new height and saw a clean way to the castle, he ran as fast as he could up on the cliff and over the fence, he then jumped down, careful not to attract the guard.


He slowly followed the road until he came to another guard in his way, instead of talking to him, Link quickly ran up the hill to his left and towards the wall outside the castle. When he got there, he climbed a wall of loose rocks and followed the small moat around until he reached a rather small opening in the wall, but it was high up. “Hey Navi, do you think there might be any way to get up there?”


Navi pulled Link’s cap up and came flying out; she looked fine and didn’t seem to mind what had happened to her. As she was pondering what to do, Link looked around and found a couple of small boxes against the wall. Navi turned to him and saw the boxes as well. “Well Link, the best thing to do right now would be to make a sort of stairs with those, then jump to the hole.” Link already knew what to do with the boxes, he was surprised Navi thought he didn’t. He didn’t care and he started to stack the boxes up like a stair way. When he finished he checked to make sure they would hold. They did rather well and instead of slowly walking up them, he ran back as far as he could then ran quickly up the stairs and jumped towards the hole, he grabbed on and pulled himself up into the hole. Navi quickly flew in after him. Shortly after they left, Talon came walking back around the corner. “Who did this to my boxes!?!”


Link crawled into the room the hole lead to only to find that there were a bunch of guards surrounding an archway that he couldn’t tell what was behind. He looked around and found a small stick near him. ‘This ought to work’ Link thought to himself. He quickly threw the stick over at the other wall. As he thought, all the guards went running towards the sound. Link took the chance and ran as fast as he could into the archway room and found a garden with shining flowers all around him. As he ventured around these plants, he saw one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen looking into a window with her face pressed up against it hard. Link slowly crept towards the girl and stopped in front of the steps. “Hello, are you princess Zelda?” Link said trying not to make him sound like a creep. Zelda turned around as fast as she could and gasped at Link. She didn’t need to know that this was the boy from the prophecy that she had read last night.


“Um, yes. Can I ask who you are?” Zelda said, extremely shy.


“My name is Link from the Kokiri forest, this is my fairy Navi, she claims to be sent by the goddess to help me stop a man named Ganondorf, would you….”


Zelda jumped on to Link at the mere mention of Ganondorf being evil. “So he is evil, how do you know this!?!”


“Can you please get off of me? Besides, I don’t know for sure, Navi here just told me!”


Zelda turned to Navi and said, “So how do you know he is evil, so far he as come proclaiming peace between us and the Gerudos. My father was eager to talk to him.”


“Make no mistake of what he says, he is Ganondorf, leader of demons that 2026 years ago tried to destroy the worlds. He has only brought a small portion of his power with him and he is attempting to gain control of the Triforce, the item left behind by the goddesses. It contains all of their power within each piece; only the Hero of Time can open the door and pull from the pedestal, the Master Sword. With its power, Ganondorf will be able to cast the spell to open the Realm of Darkness allowing the rest of the Demons to come, and the rest of Ganondorf’s Power.” Navi looked down at the ground as she finished. Zelda was still lying on top of Link as Navi spoke to them, after Link was done considering what he was told he turned to Zelda and said, “Can you please get off of me now?”


“Oh, sorry. I guess I kind of forgot. By the way, I read a prophecy about this. It said that when one true evil walked the land again, the hero of time would realize his destiny. From this I ask you one question Link, are you the hero of Time?”


Link looked at the ground and spoke with a mumble, “I have no real idea if I am, but from what Navi told me, I think I am” He met Zelda’s eyes for the first time and truly began to look at them. He couldn’t stop looking at her face, it was so smooth and her hair was long and golden like the sunflowers in the garden and here eyes were blue as the sky and the heavens. Zelda looked at Link in the same manner. Finally the trance was broken when Link said, “Zelda, we have the 3 Spiritual Stones of Time and we need the Melody of Time to open the door of Time. Can you give it to us?” Zelda stopped blushing and agreed, she toke out a Blue Ocarina with the Triforce engraved in gold on the mouth piece. She held it close to her mouth then said, “This is the Song of Time, with this, you will be able to open the Door of Time” She then played one of the most peaceful songs Link had ever heard, it was calming unlike Saria’s songs which were full of energy. When she finished, she gave the Ocarina to Link and he repeated it the best he could. When he finished Zelda was shocked and said, “No one has ever learned that song so quickly, well done.”


“I guess I had better go get the Master Sword” Link said putting the Ocarina in his pouch. Zelda grabbed his arm and yelled, “NO, you’ll never be able to defeat him like this, your untrained and without magic. You must first prepare. Here,” she said as she handed him a map of Hyrule. It was well detailed from paths across landmarks and names of towns and locations. Also on the map were 5 X’s with a names and number next to each. In order from 1-5, they were the Biggorons Sword, Fairy Bow, Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love, and Farore’s Wind. Link look puzzled at Zelda and asked, “What is this for?” Zelda simply said, “These are powerful weapons and magic spells. You will need each one for you journey. “Link nodded with thanks, “How will I meet up with you again, it shouldn’t take me more than 8 days to get all of this?” Zelda only smiled and said, “I anything goes wrong, I’ll meet you in the storage shack just inside of the drawbridge”. Link was disappointed; he was going to have to meet old mister crazy guard again, with Zelda.


He decided to go get Din’s fire first; it was right outside Hyrule Castle. As he was leaving, he heard Zelda creeping up behind him, living in the forest hunting for your own food can do that to ya. He turned and startled Zelda, she then said putting her hand on his shoulder, “I know little about your past, the prophecy told me that the green tunic you wear means that you have never met nor know you parents or any family.” Link was at first surprised then he felt his wound slowly open. Zelda saw his sad look and did the only thing she could think of. She took Link’s head and gave him a kiss on the lips. Needless to say, this shocked Link, but he didn’t mind it, he never kissed anyone in his life before not even Saria. When she stopped, she and Link were blushing and she said, “I bet you never had one of those before. Now go, you know what to fight for.” Link did know and he did want to fight for it. For Zelda.

Chapter 3 - The Gathering of Items and Death of a Guardian


As Link left the castle, he didn’t have to avoid the guards, he was given a letter from Zelda that gave him permission to enter and leave the castle as he pleased. Before he left castle grounds he went to where Din’s Fire was supposed to be. All he could find was a wall he looked around a bit and found what he was looking for, a small crawlspace just large enough for him. He did an army crawl through it and then emerged in a sparkling room. The walls appeared to have water and crystals fall from them and the floor was smooth and made of marble. As Link approached the alter before the fountain, the water started to ripple a little and then a huge fairy appeared and floated above Link. “Hello Link, I’m sure you know all about Ganondorf’s return, which is why you are here.” Link didn’t need to speak; she already knew almost everything about him.


Navi flew out of Link’s cap and up to the Great Fairy. “Hello Navi, it has been a while”

“Back to you ‘Great Fairy’”

“I see that this boy truly is the Hero of Time,” she said looking down at Link.

“Yes, we came because the Princess told us to gather 5 weapons before we drew the Master Sword. We are to believe you have Din’s Fire, may we have it?”

“Of Course.” The Great Fairy then spread her palm’s apart and clapped them together, a strange red light started to appear between them, as she drew her hands apart, a clear crystal with a red orb inside appeared. It looked as though the orb held fire within it that would never go out. The Crystal then gently floated down to Link. He let it fall into the palm of his hand. It was no bigger than an apple, but he could feel the power coming from it.  Before he could thank the Great Fairy, she twirled her hair around her then fell back into the water laughing like a child. Link was dumbfounded; he had no longer that a day ago been sleeping in a tree house, now he was finding magic spells.


After he got back outside, he decided to try the spell out. He held it in his right hand, and then moved his hand behind him. The crystal grew hot and Link then brought his hand up above his head and threw the crystal on the ground with his open palm above it. An orb of fire appeared around Link, he thanked Din that Navi was on the outside of his ear as she saw this and was enjoying the show, and then as he picked up the jewel, the dome grew extremely large then dissipated into thin air. “Glad that this thing is invincible, otherwise I would have just broken a very powerful spell.” Link said to make a joke.


“Don’t get so excited yet Link, we have still yet to get 4 more items. We should probably get Farore’s Wind next; it allows us to teleport anywhere within one league of where we are. It could help us get the other items.” Navi said uninterested in the spell that she had just witnessed. “From the map we have, it appears that Farore’s Wind is apparently in a place called Zora’s domain?”


Link agreed, he checked the map and saw that Zora’s Domain was a little over a days trip there. He started off immediately towards the drawbridge to leave. No sooner did he leave the Hyrule market, did the sun fall and the draw bridge slowly close. Navi was a bit worried about something. Link just assumed she was scared of the dark. He kept traveling in the direction of Zora’s Domain and found out that it followed the path of a river. Instead of a short uncertain trip, Link decided to head east till he came to the river, then head south until he came across the way to Zora’s Domain. Link found the river within the hour and stopped for a bit in order to drink some of it. While he was looking down at the reflection he noticed something behind him. Link didn’t bother to look behind him, he just rolled to his right as fast as he could, missing the claw that came down where he once was.


Navi was out of his cap immediately only to scream at the sight. The creature was sort of living skeleton, it was about the size of Link and had sort of Tunic on over him. Its eyes glowed red and it wobbled towards Link. He heard the same sound coming from behind him and turned to see another. “What are these things?” Link said calmly trying not to lose his cool and battle concentration.


“These are scalchildren. They have the ability to reform after death. I have never known how to kill them so do something please!” It hit Link that Navi wasn’t afraid of the dark, she was afraid of these things. Link did the only thing he could think of in that one moment, run. He dashed across the river with Navi trailing soon after him. The scalchildren where far behind because they couldn’t run. Link looked ahead of him and realized that after all of that running, they had reached Zora’s domain. Unfortunately, 2 more scalchildren appeared in front of Link. Instead of running this time, he took out Din’s Fire and quickly held down the spell as long as he could. He looked up to see the bones of the scalchildren turn to ash from the immense heat. He stopped and examined what was left. Navi flew towards him and said, “Magic must be the only way to truly kill these guys. That was quick thinking Link.” He didn’t bother to respond he was more worried at why these things had somehow suddenly come to Hyrule, was he and Zelda already to late to stop the evil demon ruler?



Zelda sat all day in her room reading book after book of prophecies for something that would tell her how to stop Ganondorf. The Master Sword would do a number on him no doubt, but in another prophecy she found, it said that the Hero would need the arrows of pure gold and blade of evil’s bane. They had already figured out how to get the sword, she just needed to find out what were the arrows of light? After going through the 3rd book she threw it on the ground and put her head over the desk and began to cry, she had no idea why she was crying, she just was. ‘I can’t give up now, Link is trying his hardest to prepare and so should I.’ With that she began to read again and after 4 more hours of searching finally found what she was looking for, the arrows of light. She began to read.


‘The Light Arrows are the key weapon to destroying evil, few evil forms could survive just one, and all who did were instantly paralyzed, even if but for a short while. The arrows lay at rest at the bottom of the Princess’s heart. Only she can give them to the Hero of Time, and only he can wield them. In order to gain the power of the Light Arrows, the princess must share her feelings towards the ones that she knows and loves.’


Zelda was quickly thrown back by the last sentence, ‘So, in order for me and Link to get the arrows, I must tell him how I really feel?’ Zelda had hoped for more time till she told Link about the way she felt. A date or some dramatic scene, she wasn’t ready and she knew it. Yet if they really wanted to save the Hyrule and the other worlds from doom and obliteration, she would have to tell Link. Zelda would have to tell Link that she…she…she…lo…loved him.


She knew that she did, they had only met each other for an hour maybe even less. Yet, she already knew that she loved him rather it is for his destiny, looks, pity, or even love at first sight. She had to tell him, as soon as he returned with the next 8 days, she would tell him her true feelings, and she couldn’t wait!



Link was relieved to know that all the running he did put him within a league of Zora’s Domain. When he finally arrived in Zora’s Domain, he had no idea what to think. To his left was a large waterfall that fell from the ceiling and into a just as large pool. It looked like there where extremely large fish in the water, but Link had no time. He decided to come back after he got Farore’s Wind. He walked to his right and up the large stairs till he came to a chamber where an extremely large fish was sitting on a ledge. He had his eyes facing opposite directions. “Hello there adventurer,” bellowed the fish. Link was really taken back by this; he didn’t know fish could talk. “I see that you have for Farore’s Wind,” He said this with a grin.


“How did you know I come for Farore’s Wind?” Link immediately shot back.


“Peace good adventurer let me introduce myself first. My name is King Zora, leader of the Zora people. We are half fish and half hylians that evolved through the years. We have the ability to breathe underwater and swim at fast speeds. As for Farore’s Wind, I just saw that you are holding Din’s Fire right now.”


Link looked down at his open hand. He did have Din’s Fire in it; he forgot to put it away after he took care of the scalchildren. “I’m sorry for my rude behavior you majesty, I thought that you may have been an underling of Ganondorf.” Link said trying to make an excuse for his rude behavior. “I have never seen you kind before. I have lived in Kokiri Forest all my life and have never seen any other race other than my own.”


King Zora looked down at him and smiled. “I understand, it is not too often that we must leave here ourselves. We only go through the small entrance at the bottom of our pool to go to Lake Hylia in order to get food for winter. Back to Farore’s Wind, you wish to have, don’t you?”


“Yes your majesty, the princess told me to retrieve it and the other spells before I continue on to defeat Ganondorf. May I please have it?”


“Certainly, all you need to do is go through the door behind me and follow it to a large room with a crack on the right side. Upon entering it, you will find the Great Fairy.” With that, King Zora slowly began to creep to his right. After what seemed like an hour of waiting, he the king stopped and there was enough room for Link to squeeze into. He followed the path till he got outside. He took the King’s advice and followed the right hand wall till he found a hole that was the same size as the one in Hyrule. He once again crawled inside. He came to a room that was similar to the one in Hyrule, except the walls were green.


 As he approached the fountain, the Great Fairy appeared before him. “Hello Link, I am aware that you have already seen my sister from Hyrule. She has given you Din’s Fire, and I shall give you Farore’s Wind.” She took her hand above her head and the other to her waist. She quickly slammed them together to create and green glow. She then twirled her hands above her head and then slowly stopped. A clear crystal much like Din’s Fire, was formed with a green orb instead of red. As he looked closer at the green orb, he saw that in contained powerful winds. “You can use this power to maneuver around Hyrule.” She then laughed and fell back wards into the fountain creating a splash. When Link went to check where she went, she was gone. He was starting to leave the cavern when he heard Navi say, “Why didn’t you get me up!?!”


After he had gotten out of the fountain, he decided to try the spell. When he tried the same thing that he did with Din’s Fire, it didn’t work. So he decided to throw it up, being as it was wind, he thought that if real wind got to it, something might happen. As soon as he had thrown it up, it glowed green then landed in his hand again. Link didn’t know what to do then so he took a step in the direction of Zora’s Domain and found him outside of it when he set down his foot. He whipped around to the ark of Zora’s Domain, then to Farore’s Wind. He realized how to use it now and thankfully Navi was still in his cap, other wise she would have had a long flight back. Link was exhausted from using the spell; he found that he had 7 days left to get the other items before he had to go back. He could tell because it was day and the scalchildren didn’t seem to come out. “Hey Navi, where do you think we should go next, it looks as if the Biggorons’s Sword and the Fairy Bow are equally apart from us.” Navi pondered for a second then said, “We should go for the Fairy Bow next because it is farther from Hyrule Castle then the Biggorons’s Sword, We can warp to the outside of the Forest then go in.” Link agreed with a depressed tone because he was already out of energy from using it once and again would be hard, but he had to make good time.


Link repeated the spell and warped outside Kokiri Forest. He wanted to say hi to everyone first. Navi being the busy buddy that she is said that it would slow them down, but Link knew he would just use the spell to get out of the forest if he was behind. He walked over the same bridge he did before to leave the forest. As he come across Kokiri Village, he saw everyone again. Link was going up to say hi when they all started to run from him. They ran into their tree houses and locked the doors. Link was appalled by this, he didn’t do anything wrong, just came home. Then he remembered. It is said through the Kokiri that if any leave, they will only bring back a curse with them.


Saddened, Link began to walk into the woods searching for the Fairy Bow. As he went further into the lost woods, he began to notice a song he never heard before. It wasn’t like ‘Saria’s Song’ which was usually played here. Link then started to run after it, going through passes and over hills, he finally ended up at a large open area with hedges that were extremely large and impossible to see over and fashioned in a maze. As he started to run into the maze, a wolf like creature jumped out at Link! Navi came out at the sound of the wolf’s battle cry, “That is a wolfo, it can only be hurt from behind, and it has the ability to block all other attacks.”


The battle started with the wolfo running up to Link then slashing at him. Link drew his sword and shield just in time to block it. Link tried furiously to get a hit in on the wolfo, but like Navi said, it blocks all attacks from the front. He then tried to jump over it, the wolfo just imitated Link and did a back flip to stop link from advancing. “Do you have any tips on how to get behind him!?!” Link shouted with his shield raised to block the wolfo’s attacks.


“Yes, let him attack, but don’t block it. His momentum will turn him around.” Link took Navi’s advice and put down his shield. As the wolfo raised his sword to attack Link, he back flipped the attack and the wolfo turned around from it. After Link landed, he jumped up with his sword above his head. He yelled as he dropped the sword down the wolfo’s back and it cried with pain. After it fell, Link was amazed as it disappeared into smoke.


“Why did it do that? That didn’t happen after I killed the scalchildren.” Link asked Navi.


“That’s because the scalchildren followed Ganondorf here and were not summoned by him like this wolfo. The Wolfo vanished because it failed to do as Ganondorf asked.” Link nodded and walked around the charred area that was left of the Wolfo. It took him about 10 minutes to navigate through the maze. As Link emerged from the maze, he still heard the song echoing from above him. He looked up and saw a long flight of stairs. As he ran up them, he heard a spitting sound and turned to find a Deku Scrub. He easily dodged the slow moving nut and held a smile on his face. The years of living in the forest allowed Link to know how to take care of these little guys.  He held his shield in front of him and waited till the Deku Scrub spat another nut at him. We it hit his shield, the nut reflected back to the Deku Scrub, scaring so bad that it jumped from its hole. Link then ran up to it and let loose with one fatal stab to the Deku Scrub. He didn’t bother to look at the mess that was left, he had already seen it before.


            When Link got to the top of the stairs, he saw Saria sitting on a tree stump with her eyes closed and her ocarina in hand playing the same song he had been listening to for the last hour. Instead of startling her, Link took out the Ocarina of Time and started to repeat the same song. Saria opened her eyes and saw Link. They swelled with tears as she charged and hugged him. Link was surprised by her actions; didn’t she think he was cursed like all of the other kids? “Saria, I came back because I need to look for something called the Fairy’s Bow. I need it to destroy an evil demon called Ganondorf. Do you know where it is?” Saria was taken back and looked even sadder than before.


            “And here I thought that you had come to say hello or even stay.”


“Saria, I did come to say hello. That’s why I didn’t just warp to where the map says it is. I wanted to see you. I walked in to Kokiri Village, but they all just ran from me because I left the forest in the first place. The reason why I’m asking you is because I think it might be in a Great Fairy’s spring, but I don’t know.”


“Do you mien it?”


“Of course I do.”


Just then, Navi flew out of Link’s Cap and said, “I know that you are Saria, my name is Navi, fairy sent by the goddess to help the Hero of Time save Hyrule.”


Saria looked astonished at what Navi said. She turned to Link with an amazed look on her face, “You’re the Hero of Time. That was said to be only myth, not even a legend. No wonder the Great Deku Tree told me to make sure you stayed safe, otherwise, if you had died, the world would have plunged into darkness.” Saria fell to the ground in front of Link and started to speak again, “Please forgive me for my rude behavior great hero. I’m not worthy to even be in your sights.”


“Saria! Stand up! There is no reason to treat me as a hero yet. I haven’t even done anything. Yet, even when I do, please, never do that again. You’re my friend, not an unworthy peasant. I may be the Hero of Time, but I’m also still Link at heart.” Link said trying to stop Saria from her worship. Navi was only sitting on Link’s head trying to control her laughter at the sight of this girl’s mood swing. “If you want to help me, do you know where the Fairy Bow is?”


Saria looked up at him and said, “Yes, it’s down those stairs. Just climb the ladder and drop down into the hole on top of the wall and you will be in the Great Fairy’s Fountain.” Link thanked her and once again said that someday he will return. As he started to head down the stairs, “Link” he turned to see Saria, “Keep practicing with that Ocarina of yours; it’s starting to get quiet good.” He smiled than ran down the stairs to the ladder and started to climb.



Zelda had finished up her Ancient Hylian, as quickly as possible then rushed back to her room to read more on the prophecies. As she read through book after book, she began to think, ‘It has been 2 days since Link left, I have to go to the shed soon incase he finishes early. Besides, the sooner I tell him about the light arrows, the more at ease I will feel about getting them.’ Then as she was returning a book, the door to her room opened. She turned to greet who came in, but then was frozen with fear as she saw that is was the leader of the demons, Ganondorf.


“Hello dear princess, your father wished for me to tell you that the ceremony recognizing the treaty between us Gerudos and the Hylians will be moved from next week to tomorrow. So get a fancy dress ready and be sure to look you best.” Ganondorf said trying to make him sound nice, but Zelda could already detected the evil plans he hailed at heart. Zelda watched Ganondorf’s face turn from her, to her shelves of prophecy books. “I see that you like to read. What’s more, on Hylian prophecies? Do you think that something bad is going to happen soon?”


Zelda looked scared and her mind was searching desperately for words, then she thought of something, “I was looking to see whether this treaty will be for the best or worst.”


“And what did you find?” Ganondorf said crossing his arms.


“That… That this will bring us good luck until the death of either you or my father.”


Ganondorf looked hard at Zelda and then gave a dissatisfied grunt he left the room. Zelda fell on her bed and took a deep breath. She began to wonder why he even came in the first place, if he really wanted to give her a message, he could have just used a servant. This was not good; Ganondorf definitely was on to her. She then thought to herself, ‘Maybe I can hide out at the Lon Lon Ranch for a few days. Malon would be glad to see me. I’ll just have to tell Impa to tell daddy that I’ll be back soon.’


Zelda started to pack all of her belongings into a well designed bag. She left a note on her bed that said, “Impa, tell dad that I’ll be a Lon Lon Ranch for a few days. You know I need to do this.”



As Link left the Fairy’s Grotto, he carried with him the Fairy bow. He put the string around his body so that it wouldn’t fall off. He lost count of the days that he had left, so he decided to hurry. Grabbing Farore’s Wind from his bag, he cast the spell and was outside Kokiri Forest again. “Hey Navi, we got Farore’s Wind, Din’s Fire, and The Fairy Bow. What should we get know?”


Navi pondered the map for a second then responded, “It would be best to get the Biggoron’s Sword last because it is so heavy. The weight would make it hard to travel for another item. So we should get Nayru’s Love now.” Agreeing with her, Link cast Farore’s Wind and found himself outside a huge building, yet still smaller than Hyrule market. He looked up and read the sign, “Lon Lon Ranch”. He decided to go inside and see what was there. As he entered, he saw a housing building to his left, what appeared to be a stable to his right, and a large race track in front of him. He knocked the housing door and no one answered. He knocked on the stable door and it slid open. Link stuck his head inside and saw 2 girls talking to each other. One of them had long red hair with a white dress and yellow top. She was petting a medium sized horse to her right, she was listening to the other girl speak who had golden hair, blue eyes…


“Zelda!!” Link shouted before he even realized that he was thinking it. Both of the girls whipped around to him. Zelda looked at him and a smile grew across her face. As Link stepped inside, she ran up and hugged him, knocking Link of his feet. As they both lay laughing on the floor. The red haired girl walked over and said looking down at Link, “Is this the guy you were talking about?”


“Yes” Zelda said getting up and brushing off her dress, “Malon this is Link, Link this is Malon” Link and Malon exchanged a shake of hands. “The reason why I’m here Link is because Ganondorf convinced my father to have the treaty signed tomorrow. As soon as I was told, I got a ride here to stay with Malon.”


“Alright, but I still have to get the Biggoron’s sword as well as Nayru’s Love. So you might have to stay here longer.”


“No Way! Now that you’re here, I’ll just go with you the rest of the way.”


“Are you sure? I had to go into combat already, I don’t know if I’d be able to protect you.”


“That’s okay, I can just borrow one of your spells. Malon, do you know if it would be okay for us to borrow Epona for a little while?”


Malon looked a little shocked at first then said, “I know why you want her, because she’s the fastest horse here, but what makes you think that you can tame her in a day?” Link took out his ocarina and started to play a song. He didn’t know what it was; he just made it up as he went along. As he finished, Epona turned to him and pushed her snout against his chest. He then in turned, started to pet her back. Malon just stood where she was and with her mouth hanging open. “Nobody has ever been able to tame her like that. What kind of song did you play anyway?”


“I don’t really know, I just started to play what came to mind. I thought that the soothing memory will allow her to trust me or at least calm her down.” At that moment, Navi came out behind Link, stretching out her wings and arms like she just woke up from a nap. Malon turned to her and was once again, shocked.


“Are you from the forest? I heard that only the Kokiri got fairy’s like that, but that they also die if they leave, so how are you still alive?”


Navi spoke instead of Link, “First of all, my name is Navi. I’m not one of the Kokiri fairies, I’m one sent by the goddess to help Link, the Hero of Time, with his journey. Link is not of the Kokiri, but a hylian as you can tell from his ears.” She said grabbing one of Link’s ears and giving it a tug, which made Link bend over that way. Malon then collapsed, from what Link, Zelda, and Navi guessed, of shock and surprise. Not only did she see a fairy, but find out that it was from the goddess, and that Link is the Hero of Time.


Link and Zelda quietly took Epona out of the stables and to the race track. Link was petting her while Zelda was getting a saddle for her. Link wasn’t going to start out cold on a horse. He got on top of Epona and started to ride her around the track at what was at first a steady jog, to a fast sprint. Of course he found it slightly uncomfortable, but he knew it would be better once he got a saddle. As he came to a stop in front of Malon’s House, Zelda came out with the saddle. Link and Zelda started to attach it. As Link was helping Zelda onto Epona, Link noticed that Zelda started to blush a little. He was taken back at first and started to blush himself. He didn’t really look that hard at what Zelda was wearing till now, she had on clothes like that of the Kokiri, “Zelda, why don’t you wear your normal clothes, that I saw you in before?”


“Well, the truth is that my dad doesn’t want me to leave the ceremony. So I decided to dress like a Kokiri and leave so that no one would recognize me as I was with Malon.” Zelda and Link were just outside of Lon Lon Ranch when Zelda started to tell Link something, “Link, um, I thought that you should know that there is something else that will help you defeat Ganondorf. They are the Light Arrows.” Link had already reached a small clearing, stopped Epona, and dismounted, helping Zelda down as she continued. “The only way to get them is through me.” Link turned with this and then looked at Zelda, she was bright red and was looking at the ground. “They… supposedly lie at the, um, bottom of my… heart” He was starting to catch on, he was turning red himself. The images of him and Zelda kissing in the garden were scrolling through his mind. Zelda took his hands and continued, “The way to get them is… to… tell you… how I feel… a…about you.” She was trembling as she spoke. She then suddenly reached for his head and whispered into his ear, “I love you”


As she finished those words, a bright light came from within Zelda, she out stretched her hands to her sides as the light came out of her and rested in the hands of Link, he looked down at what was there, and it was what appeared to be an arrow with a ball of light around it. Link looked at Zelda and saw that she was lying on the ground. Link ran over to her a put her head in his lap. She was still breathing and still alive. He laid her across Epona and then took out Farore’s Wind; he cast the spell and then found himself across a bridge that had a fence on the other side. He decided to set up camp under a rocky ledge that was there.


When morning came, he saw Zelda kneeling by his side. “Good morning, Link” Zelda said whispering. Link got up and put everything away. “Um, Link, about last night. What happened after I got knocked out?”


            Link stopped what he was doing and said, “AFTER, you told me you loved me, the light arrows appeared before me and I grabbed them, I put them in my quiver with the rest of the arrows. By the way Zelda” Zelda then looked up to him, he was beating red, “I… I… I…think I love… you …”


Zelda jumped on top of Link and put her face so close to Link’s that he could feel her hair against him. “Link, I don’t know why I feel this way. I’m just a kid, and yet, I can’t help the feelings I have for you. I wish I understood, but I don’t.”


Link rolled Zelda till he was above her and he said back, “I feel the same way you do, I know why you told me as well. From what happened after you told me, you needed to tell me to get the light arrows.” At that point Link got off of Zelda and looked across the bridge, his heart sank as he saw a woman guard the wall. She had purple slackly pants and a bare midriff. She had a bandana tied around her face like a mask. “What is she doing there? She’s definitely not hylian, so what is she?’


“Link, that’s a Gerudo, one of the people of Ganondorf. Their all women tribe, only one man is born every 100 years. When that man is born, he becomes King. That is why Ganondorf is king of the Gerudos.” Link nodded that he understood. He then walked back out of sight with Zelda behind him. He then looked at the map that Zelda gave him. Holding out his hand, he looked at where he was on the map, and then pointed to where the X was. After he finished, he took out Farore’s Wind. Zelda looked at it and asked, “What are you going to do?” Link smiled at her than cast the spell; he put his hand on Epona and held Zelda around him. When it ended, he took his hand off of Epona. Zelda whirled around to see what happened.


Link took out the map again and found that they were roughly 2 miles from the Great Fairy. He showed Zelda where they needed to go, then they both mounted Epona and started to ride forward. As they continued to ride, Link saw a large monument along the horizon. As they got closer to it, Link saw that the Great Fairy was inside it somewhere. This was unusual to Link because the other entire Fairy’s had been in hard to reach places. Link dismounted Epona and tied here to a palm tree. As Link and Zelda approached the hulking monument, Link saw something shine to the side of the temple. He turned to see a large sword raised. The sword didn’t scare Link; it was who was holding it. “Step away from the Spirit Temple and give me your weapons. No outsiders are allowed to enter the home of Ganondorf.” Link almost fell over from this, Ganondorf!


Link reached into his bag and tossed Din’s Fire to Zelda. He drew his Kokiri Sword and charged the woman. When she threw her blade down at Link, he side stepped it. He jumped on top of her head and then held the blade to her throat. “Listen closely to me” Link began, “I want to know where Nayru’s Love is. A map told me it is in here, but maybe you know better.”


“Link stop” Link looked to see Zelda looking at him, “You don’t need to kill her to find you’re inform….”


“It’s buried near the palm tree. Ganondorf told me to put it somewhere that I won’t lose it, now let me go!” Link and Zelda turned to the Gerudo and then back to each other. Link then hit the hilt of the sword to the Gerudo and she was knocked out. Zelda gasped at what Link did.


“Don’t worry, she’ll wake up within an hour. By then we’ll be gone to get the Biggoron’s Sword. By the way, what happened to the home of the Great Fairy that had Nayru’s Love?” Link asked Zelda this as if she knew. She simply raised and lowered her shoulders. Link went over to the tree and began to dig, not after 3 minutes did him and Zelda find it. When Zelda got up out of the sand, she saw a collapsed cave across the hill. She nudged Link then pointed towards the cave. His heart sank; he knew that this was the cave of the Great Fairy. She must have kept the spell from Ganondorf, but by using his powers… He couldn’t finish the thought. He just grabbed Epona and Zelda, and then warped to the bridge.

Chapter 4 – The Sword of Giants and Blade of Evil’s Bane


Zelda and Link were camped outside of Gerudo Valley. Link was hunting the birds in the trees with his Fairy Bow. It was amazing what kind of accuracy the bow possessed. When ever he aimed at one of the birds, he found that it always hit, yet he had never used a bow before in his life. When he came back to camp with 5 birds, he found Zelda curled up with her knees against her chest staring at the fire. It was in the middle of the day, but for some reason, she was acting like it was still dark. Link bent over towards Zelda and put his hand on her shoulder. She shook and then looked at him like she came out of a trance. “I just got our lunch; it should be ready within an hour.” He started to take all of the feathers off of each bird. He also cut each head off. Zelda was still sitting next to Link, she just kept staring at him. Finally, Link broke the silence and asked, “What’s wrong? I may not have known you for a long time Zelda, but I’m in love with you and I know when something is wrong.” Zelda merely smiled and put her hand on Link’s face and began to rub it ever so gently.


“I was just wondering where we will be 10 years from now. When were old enough to marry and I ‘ll be ready.” Zelda spoke so calmly and it made Link relax as well.


Zelda looked down at the dissatisfying meal before her. She was a princess and so it is natural for her to be used to well prepare food, not roast bird over an open fire. She trusted Link with her life and she was certain that he would give his own, yet she still wasn’t ready to have this.


Link looked at Zelda as he ate his food and realized what she was thinking. “Don’t worry about this stuff. I have been eating this kind of food since I was in the forest. I may not look that appetizing, but it can fill you up.” Zelda slowly lifted he bird and then took a bite. It didn’t taste so good at first, but as she began to eat more of it, she felt it tasted better and better. After she finished, she cleaned off her Kokiri clothes and then put out the fire. Link in turned threw away the bones and got out Farore’s Wind. “Hey Zelda, think that we should return Epona to Malon now that we have to go up a mountain”


“Yes, you are probably right. Malon’s most likely worried anyway.” Link, Zelda, and Epona appeared outside Lon Lon Ranch and found that Hylian guards were everywhere. Zelda and Link hid behind the wall. Link knew exactly what to do. He slowly took out his Fairy bow and shot an arrow above the guards head. Zelda gasped at what Link did, but smiled when he saw him sneak into the Ranch with Epona while the guards where trying to get the arrow out of the guard’s helmet. Link gently tied Epona to the ranch door then made his way out. When he reached Zelda she held his hand then said, “Time to go.”


Link and Zelda found them selves in the center of a village. Zelda looked around and smiled. “This is Kakariko Village. Most villagers who live here are here because of the volcano.” She pointed up the mountain and Link was more puzzled by the smoke ring than anything else, but he didn’t care. He had never even been out of the forest before, how was he to know how that worked out. “That’s were we have to go. A giant goron near the top of the mountain has the Biggoron’s Sword.” Link nodded that he understood. He and Zelda started to walk up the mountain trail. As they walked, a large boulder came rolling down at them! Link took out Nayru’s Love and squeezed it in his hands, a large blue crystal formed around them. The boulder hit the crystal and shattered into small pieces. When Link let go of the Nayru’s Love, the crystal disappeared. Link and Zelda slowly climbed the rest of the way.


When they got near the top, Link and Zelda took a break and sat down on a rock that was near the wall they had to climb. Before Link knew what happened, the boulder got up and hit Link of if it. Link twisted around and saw that the rock was moving towards him, he drew his Kokiri sword and pointed it at the creature. The thing stood there than said, “I don’t want to hurt you, just wondering why you were on me.” Link was in shock, he had never known what kind of creature this was. Navi flew out of Link’s hat and said, “Link, this is a goron. They are creatures that live in the mountains eating rocks as a food source. They are strong and built for endurance.”


“Oh, so your name is Link then. My name is Darunia. I’m the leader of the gorons, but why are you here?”


Zelda spook before Link got a chance to speak, “I’m princess Zelda of Hyrule, and we are here to retrieve the Biggoron’s Sword from Big goron.”


Darunia eye balled Zelda then turned to the mountain top and said, “You can try and get the sword from him, but I can’t promise that you will get it so easily, your highness. He has been sleeping up there for weeks now. Says he saw a bright light come from the heavens and land in the forest and that he won’t get up till the ‘Hero of Time’ comes. He’ll be there for while then.” Darunia walked over to a ledge, then rolled into a ball and fell. Link looked at Navi then asked her, “You were that bright light weren’t you?”


Navi looked at him then said, “Of course, I did say that the goddess sent me to you, did I not?”


Link shook his head then turned to Zelda and said, “We had better start climbing.” Zelda agreed then they climbed the small wall with ease. Link felt his heart sink when he saw an extremely large wall in front of him after the smaller one. Navi tapped Link on the shoulder and he turned to her. She was pointing a little left of the wall. He looked harder at it then saw the Goron there, sleeping like Darunia said. It was half the size of the mountain and covered the entire plateau he rested on.


Zelda had grabbed Link and already started towards the wall. Link walked side by side with Zelda, staring at her the whole way there. When she turned to him he blushed and looked away. Link heard her give a small giggle, then he felt her grab his hand. He looked at her and saw that she was blushing. He turned forward and began to walk a little faster, Zelda did the same thing. Link kept going at a faster pace until they were both sprinting towards the wall. Link reached it first and turned to see Zelda a little more than 20 yards away. Navi flew out behind him and said, “You really do love each other. And all this time I just thought you were being cute.” Link gave a hard look at Navi and she put her hands up to her face like she was about to be hit. Link grabbed her and put her back in his hat, gently of course. When Zelda finally reached Link she asked him, “Why didn’t we just use Farore’s Wind?”


Link looked at her and said, “Because I don’t know how to control the distance of the stone yet and it would be dangerous to warp here and end up inside the mountain!” Zelda looked up at the rising smoke and agreed. They began to climb at a relatively easy pace up the wall, stopping at every ledge there was. When they finally reached the top, they were gasping for breath. Zelda rolled over onto Link and held him in a hug. Link didn’t mind, in fact, he liked it. He raised his head to see that the sun was setting and there would be no point in trying to talk to the Big Goron in the dark. Link set up a small fire from the sign that was in front of a cave. He chopped it then used Din’s Fire to start it. Link and Zelda curled up next to the fire for warmth. Navi got out of Link’s cap and got on top of his hat and used the tip as a blanket. Before Link fell asleep, he felt Zelda once again curl up next to him and hug his chest.


As Zelda woke up, she was careful not to wake up Link or Navi as she began to stand up. She brushed of her Kokiri clothes and looked at the Big Goron. He was still sleeping like when she saw him last night. Navi woke up and flew onto Zelda’s shoulder and began to talk to her, “So why do you love Link? You’ve only known him for about 2 days now and it takes most people years to learn the love somebody. So why do you think you’re already meant for him?”


Zelda turned her head to Navi and said, “I don’t know why. Sometimes we can’t help who we fall in love with. We just do. I just fell in love with Link and he loves me, so I’m glad. Someday when we are both over this and Ganondorf is defeated, we can live together in the castle and I can introduce Link to everyone as the Hero of Time.”


Navi looked at Zelda and turned away whispering to herself, ‘I hope that you are right.’


Link awoke and turned to see Zelda talking to Navi, “Good Morning, ready to see if we can wake up this giant?” Link said in a joking way. Zelda giggled as a response. Navi flew back inside Link’s cap. Link and Zelda both walked up to the sleeping giant. Link got a better view of him during the day then last night. He looked a little like Darunia, but obviously much bigger and he didn’t have any hair. Link started to bang on the side of the Giant to see if it would wake him, no good. Then he tried climbing and jumping on him, no good. Then he got an idea, he picked through his bag and pulled out Din’s Fire. He walked next to the goron and then let loose with the spell. Instantly, Big Goron shot up and yelped with pain, Link ran back to Zelda and then started to shout, “Big goron, my name is Link, the Hero of Time!”


Big Goron looked down at Link after getting through his pain. He looked hard at Link and noticed the fairy bow around his back, “If you are the Hero of Time, tell me what that light in the sky was?”


Link reached into his cap and pulled out Navi gently. “This is the light you saw. Her name is Navi, a fairy sent by the goddess to help me with my journey.” Navi flew up and touched the goron on his nose.


“As Link said, my name is Navi. I am indeed sent by the Goddess to help him. I was the light in the sky that you saw. The goddess sent me through their power to him faster than I could have flown. I hope that this is proof enough for you.”


Big Goron just smiled and said, “Of course this is enough proof. I have been alive for centuries now and know that if you were a normal fairy, you wouldn’t be with Link here. And if you were a guardian fairy of the woods, you would have died leaving the forest. Now to business.” Link and Zelda walked up closer to the goron, “I can guess that what you need from me is my work, the Biggoron’s Sword. I made it centuries ago for a warrior who needed it to save his family. After he had saved them, he had returned it to me with details of how a Great Fairy touched the sword in battle and gave it strength beyond comprehension. If what I guess is right, you need it to defeat the evil that has come to Hyrule.”


Link and Zelda nodded together, “What you say is true Big Goron; I need that sword to aid me against Ganondorf. Once I have both your sword and the Master Sword, I will assure my victory.”


The goron nodded with approval. He got up and walked around the mountain and out of sight. There was a large crashing sound like a boulder was being moved. He then returned with a closed palm. When he bent down to Link again, he said, “This sword is my finest work, use it well Hero of Time.” As he set the sword down in front of Link, Link was amazed at merely its size alone. It was 4 times as large as the Kokiri Sword and looked extremely heavy. Link walked up to it and grabbed it; he was once again surprised to see how light it was despite its size. He still needed 2 hands to hold it, but Link could still swing it around without losing balance. Link sheathed it and put the strap around him and under the bow strings.


“Thank you for everything Big Goron. I have no doubt that this will aid me in battle. I hope to see you again soon.” Big Goron waved goodbye as Link and Zelda held hands and warped back down to Kakariko Village.


Zelda and Link landed just outside the trail to the mountain. Link took out the Biggoron’s Sword to admire it some more. Zelda was also feeling along the tip to see how sharp it was. Despite a little dust, it was almost brand new. “Zelda, do you think we could get something to eat before we head back to the castle?”


“Of course, I brought some rupees with me for just this.” They headed into a small house and paid one of the ladies 20 rupees for 2 bowls of soup. Link had never tasted anything so good before in his life. He had always hunted his food and cooked it over a fire, this was his first time tasting soup. He finished his bowl before Zelda even got past her second spoon full. She was watching Link swallow his like a drain. “Don’t chook to death on it.” After Zelda had finished, they walked back outside and warped to Hyrule Castle. As they appeared outside the gates to the Market, they both noticed a commotion going on just beyond drawbridge. As Link and Zelda approached, they found the King lying outside his carriage with blood coming out of his head. Zelda screamed and fell into Link’s arms crying. She had never felt pain such as this before. Link starred with disbelief at the sight. He never met the king yet he knew that this was horrible none the less. Zelda lay in Link’s arms crying for almost an hour before she even made a move towards her father.


“It was a horrible event, he grabbed his chest and fell over, knocking his head against the side of the carriage and thus, ending his life.” Link and Zelda whipped around to see true horror, Ganondorf. “It must have been a heart attack, probably worrying over his lost daughter, to bad we never found her; he might have then stayed alive.” Link realized that Ganondorf hadn’t noticed them yet, but he could tell that Zelda was getting ready to charge him.


“You Monster!” Zelda cried, “You killed him, you must have poisoned him.” Everyone was now staring at them.


“Well Well, it appears that the princess has returned, too bad she didn’t come soon enough. Guards!” Ganondorf yelled. The hylian guards came out from behind the carriage, “Take the princess back to her quarters.” Zelda ran to Ganondorf with a closed fist, but Link was already on her with Nayru’s Love in hand.


A guard swung his sword at Link’s head. In reflex, Link drew his sword with his right hand to block it. He made contact with the sword, but in an awkward position. As the rest of the guards tried to hit Link, he cast Nayru’s Love and made the blue crystal appear around him and Zelda. The guards swung at the shell furiously as Zelda tried to get out of it the same way, but neither prevailed. While still holding Nayru’s Love, Link sheathed his sword and took out Farore’s Wind with his other hand. He put his hand on Zelda’s back and then warped towards the only safe place he could see, a tall church outside and away from the market. When Zelda and Link landed, Zelda took of running towards the town, but Link grabbed her and pulled her back. “He did it. He killed my father. He killed my father for Hyrule!!”


“I know that and I can imagine the pain you feel right now,” Link said while still holding Zelda, “It’s the same feeling that I had when Navi told me that he killed my parents. I fell like I have enough anger to kill him, but if what Navi says is true, and what his with the solders at his command, we would never be able to kill him!” Zelda stopped struggling and fell into a heap crying as hard as she could. Link bent down next to her and hugged her. “If the legends are true, we can kill him once I have the Master Sword. We can do it together”


“You’re right” Zelda said wiping away her tears, “I’m sorry I got ahead of myself.” She turned towards the church and said, “You shot lucky Link, this is the Temple of Time, the home of the Master Sword.” She began to walk into it and Link followed close behind her. Link was amazed at the inside of the Temple. It was tall with tainted windows along each wall.  The floor was marble white with a red carpet heading towards an alter near the end of the room. As Zelda and Link walked up to the alter, Link read the inscription on it, ‘If the Hero of Time shall one day emerge, May he lay the Spiritual Stones along here to open the Door of Time along with the Song of Time.’ Link looked up after he finished and saw a large door with a sun on it. He looked back down at the alter to see 3 spots, each with a different engraftment on it.


Navi flew out of Link’s cap and said, “Link, Hero of Time. Zelda, Princess of Destiny. Together you will be able to open the Door of Time. Link, put the Spiritual Stones in order of engraftment. Zelda, take the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time.” Link was surprised with the power Navi spoke with in her voice, yet he started to do as she asked. Zelda got out the Ocarina from Link’s Pocket and was prepared to start. Link finished and turned to see Zelda looking at him with the Ocarina in her mouth, ready to go. He nodded towards her and she nodded back to him. The melody of time flowed out of the Ocarina peacefully and gently.


As Zelda started to play through it for the second time, the stones lifted themselves into the air and spun in a circle. When they came together a bright light erupted from them that caused Link, Navi, and Zelda to shield their eyes. When the Light went away, they saw the Door of Time open slowly until a crash was heard. Navi flew into the room and started to speak to herself, “Here it lies.” She looked at a sword 2/3 the size of the Biggoron’s Sword with a Triforce symbol on it. It had a bluish handle with the hilt fashioned with gold lines it. The most noticeable feature about it was that it was stuck in a pedestal. “The Blade of Evil’s Bane, The Master Sword.” Link and Zelda were in the room behind Navi staring at the same sight that she was. Zelda had grabbed Link’s back following him into the room while Link was walking cautiously towards the sword like it would pounce on him.


When Link was finally in front of the Master Sword, Navi said, “All you need to do is pull the sword from the stone to free it. Only the Hero of Time can do this.” Link looked at Zelda and smiled, telling her in his way that it would be fine. He took 2 more steps then grabbed the sword. He pulled it from the pedestal with all his might. Then he heard the sound of a sword being drawn. He never had time to look at the sword. Link, Navi and Zelda were frozen inside a large blue beam of light that surrounded the whole podium. A Golden Symbol grew beneath their feet and it grew and rose above them. The Triforce was floating just above their heads! But then it split apart into 3 different pieces. After that, they all passed out.

Chapter 5 – A Dark Future and Demon Spell


“Link, Zelda, wake up.” Link slowly opened his eyes and began to look around the room. It hadn’t changed at all. He turned to his left to see a man in monk clothes staring at them. The Link turned to see Zelda and was shocked. She was much older and was no longer wearing her Kokiri clothes. She was in royal princess clothes and had much longer hair. She was no longer covered in dirt and her skin looked softer then ever before. Then he looked down at himself and couldn’t believe what he saw. Link was still in Kokiri type clothes, but they were obviously larger and he had on silver hoses. His boots were far larger and he had brown gloves with the ends cut off to reveal his fingers. He started to search himself and found Nayru’s Love, Farore’s Wind, Din’s fire, the Fairy Bow and quiver, his Biggoron’s Sword, the Light Arrows, and most importantly, the Master Sword. “You have obviously seen your changes young hero.” Link turned back to the monk and saw that he was speaking to him. He had white hair that went from the back of his head to the front of his face. “My name is Rauru, the keeper of the Temple of Time. For the last 7 years, you and princess Zelda have been here asleep with the Door of Time shut. You were both far too young to take upon your destinies and I decided to seal you both in here for 7 years.” Link was dumbfounded. The last thing he could remember was pulling the Master Sword.


Zelda had begun to wake up and was feeling the same shock as Link did. She looked down at herself and noticed her long white gloves and her dress was fashioned with the Triforce on it. She looked to Link and was shocked again. He was much older and had the Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword around his back. His cap was longer and went down to around his neck. She followed his gaze and saw the monk there as well, “Princess, you have awakened at last.” Link ran over to her and held her in his arms as if he had just awoken from a bad dream.  She returned the hug and asked, “Link, what’s going on? Were both older and different, I… I’m just confused.” Zelda turned to the monk and asked, “Who are you?”


“My name is Rauru, keeper of the Temple of Time. I have been watching over you and Link. It was my decision to keep you both here because you were both far too young to take upon your destinies.”


Link then started to speak still holding Zelda, “Then why didn’t you just help us instead of sealing us away?!?”


“Peace Hero, I did this because you were far safer in here were no evil can enter then out in the open were evil truly exists.”


“What difference does it make now that we’re older?!? We can’t just learn something from getting older; you have to learn it through experience. So what did you accomplish?!?”


Rauru gave a hard look at Link and said, “Hero of Time, I was given my post through powers which you have not yet to comprehend. I would not have been foolish and sealed you away for nothing. I taught you more and more through you subconscious as you slept every day! The same for Zelda!”


Link was a bit surprised again from hearing the monk get a little mad at him. Zelda started to speak looking towards Rauru, “What… What has happened while we were asleep.”


He gave a deep sigh and sat down on thin air and gave a sad look towards them both. “Dear children of fate, more evil has entered and destroyed more in the last 7 years then all of history put together. What I am about to tell you, is a long and hard story.” Link and Zelda both let go of each other and began to listen.



As soon as you pulled the Master Sword from the stone, the Triforce was freed from beneath it. It has a mind of its own and knew as well that you both were too young to hold its power, so it separated into 3 different pieces. The Triforce of power, wisdom, and courage. Courage was granted to the Hero of Time for bravery that he will need on his journey. The Triforce of Wisdom was given to the Princess of Destiny for she will need knowledge of things that are yet to come in order help prevent. Power was meant to go to the King for the ability to rule the kingdom, but he was killed by Ganondorf. As soon as he saw the Triforce floating in the air above the King’s body, he grabbed it and merged with it on contact. He has since been using its power to ravage the land of anything that once gave hope and peace to people.


Monsters and warriors alike came to serve his power. He used the monsters to destroy for they have superior strength. Then he used the warriors to search for you two, because they can think before they act. Ganondorf didn’t know that you both were still sealed away and sent the guards to search through the castle, Hyrule Field, and even Kokiri Forest. Do not fear Link, the Kokiri Village is safe because only those who do not wish to harm it may find it. Past that, it is impossible to find.


What good people that survived his attack fled and hid among the mountains with the Gorons. The Zoras have fled into the Water Temple for no one who can’t breathe under water can reach it. Lon Lon Ranch was taken by force and all were slain inside, Malon, Talon, and Epona even. No one was prepared for this kind of onslaught, so no one stayed to fight.


Ganondorf has now sense given up on the search for you two. He now focuses his power on the one thing that he has come here to claim, the Freemont of the Demons. By doing this he will gain not only the rest of his awesome power, but free the rest of the demons and the Fierce Ogre Deity. The Deity will be able to use his godly powers to create a portal to the other worlds. You see Link and Zelda, not only does the fate of Hyrule rest in you hands, but the fate of all worlds. If you shall fail, nothing will be able to stop this dark reign. He hasn’t started to spell yet, and that gives you some time. I did some research and found that it takes at least a week to finish the spell with a mortal caster, even with the Triforce.


Link, before you go, you must know. Navi has since returned to the Realm of Light. Her mission has finished and she had no other need to remain. Her part of the prophecy was finished. Now go, both of you. Save all of Hyrule and the all the worlds.



Link and Zelda started to leave the Temple walking away with true sorrow now realized. They both had lost everything but each other. Now the only way to avenge it would not be easy. As soon as they exited the Temple, the Temple of Time shined and shook violently. Link and Zelda shielded their eyes from the light and heard a crumbling sound. When the light vanished, they were shocked to see that the Temple had somehow sunken into the ground so deep that there was no mortal way to reach it.


Link had had enough. He fell onto the ground and began to cry. He may be the Hero of Time, but what of it. All he wanted to do that day was play with Saria in the woods, now he must destroy an evil demon that with only a fraction of his power was able to destroy almost all of Hyrule. Zelda got to her knees and hugged Link, trying to comfort him.


After a few minutes, Link got a hold of himself and he wiped away his tears. He slowly got up and turned to help Zelda up. They would need each other for the rest of this. “Zelda, I… I want you to know. Nothing has changed. We have to destroy Ganondorf together. We have to bring peace to Hyrule, but through it all. I still love you.” He gave her a gentle kiss on her lips and she returned it. The rest of the world and their sorrows melted away in that moment. They both wished that it could never end. When they finished, they turned to the road to the market. Link drew out Farore’s Wind and instead of throwing it to cast the spell, instead whispered, ‘Umbra Bachetan’. He found himself shocked with what he did and turned to Zelda, “I guess Rauru was right about teaching us after all.” Zelda giggled a little then put her hand on his shoulder. Link aimed his sights at the entrance right before the market and moved.


They appeared right were Link was looking. He didn’t feel fatigue or anything from the spell either. He was glad for this. Remembering Zelda, he took out Din’s Fire and handed it to her. “You’ll need this more than I do” He said patting the Master Sword. Zelda thought to herself, ‘Maybe I will be able to cast this better than Link thanks to the Triforce and Rauru.’ As Link and Zelda entered the Market, they found it burned and in shambles. Skeletons of families still laid on the streets from death. The buildings were severely burned with no was to repair them. The sky was blackened from the smoke of the flames and appeared that it would never clear. Zelda felt even sadder at this and Link felt the same.


Link’s ears perked as he heard a groaning sound coming form behind a wall. He drew the Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword at the same time. He was surprised with how well he was able to handle either of them now. His new strength allowed him to lift the Biggoron’s Sword with one hand. The Master Sword was in his left hand the Biggorons, his right. They were in an X shape as he edged around the wall. He turned his head slightly to see a creature walking around. It had a wooden mask and looked as if it was burned at the stake. Zelda gasped and put her hand to her mouth, “That’s a Redead. A creature brought to life after death from unnatural means.” Link turned to her with a surprised look. “What else do you think the Triforce of Wisdom is for?” He shrugged. “It is most dangerous because they have the ability to strike fear into the very hearts of its victims.” He understood and waited till the Redead turned around and faced the other way. Link took the opportunity to strike. He ran from behind the wall and slashed at the Redead by pushing both blades forward to end with open arms. He flew through the creature and landed on a knee. He turned and saw the Redead sway, then fall apart into 4 different pieces. He saw Zelda with her hand to her mouth, surprised with what Link was capable of.


“Rauru most have a lot of power to be able to teach me that over 7 years.” He sheathed both of his swords and walked over to Zelda, stepping over the remains of the creature. He looked up and saw movement behind Zelda! “Zelda, behind you!” She didn’t bother to turn. Zelda chanted something that Link couldn’t hear, and then a ball of fire appeared in her hands. It flew above her and charged itself right into the creature behind her. After she finished she was amazed at her own abilities as well. “Next time we see him, we thank him for this.” When they went to see the remains, they found nothing but a pile of ash.


As they continued their venture through the market, they had to repeatedly battle enemies from all directions. Most were Redead, some were Keese, but all were deadly. Zelda fought with Din’s Fire, using it to burn the creatures to nothing more than ash. Link fought with the Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword, using them in a 2 sword battle stance that left no enemy alive. For 2 hours they fought, barely breaking a sweat out of it.  As the enemies finally stopped attacking, Link noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He sheathed the Biggoron’s Sword and walked over to it still holding the Master Sword. He gasped when he saw that it was the royal carriage that was carrying the king. The curtains were burned off and the wood was burned as well, but as Link bent down next to it, he saw the crown of the king under it. He reached for it, and then he heard a growl from behind. He stopped reaching and instead turned, using the moment to hurl the Master Sword at the creature. It hit the Wolfo right between the eyes. It let out a horrible scream towards the sky as it burned itself. The Master Sword fell to the ground, making a clank as it hit.


Zelda came up to Link and saw the sadness in his eyes. He looked back at her, and then moved his head towards the carriage. Zelda looked at it gasped like Link did. She ran over to it and fell down on her knees, quiet at first. Then as she sunk lower to the ground, she saw the same crown that Link did, and she began to cry. The same cry that she did 7 years ago when she saw her father die. Link slowly walked over to her and put his arm around her. “He will pay for this. He will pay for everything he has done, with his life.”



“Ganondorf, how much longer must we wait.”


“Patience Kuro, I’m working as fast as I can to free you all. Don’t think for a minute that I wish keep you there. The rest of my power still lies there as well.” The conversation was taking place at the top of Ganondorf’s Castle. It replaced the old Hyrule Castle. The only reason why he hadn’t started the Freemont spell sooner wasn’t because he needed more power, but the right location. The only place to perform the ritual was at the highest tower of all the land. That was Hyrule Castle, now that Ganondorf had it, all he needed to do was put up the markers for the ritual. “I have finished with all of the preparations. Within the next 4 days, you all shall be free. That fool Rauru thought that the spell he found would take a week. He didn’t know that it will only take 4 days to free you all. Then I shall strengthen the wall of the Realm of Light”


There was an evil snicker from across the void. “When we all are free, there will be no one left to stop us, now that the goddesses are trapped in the Realm of Light themselves.” Sephiroth spoke in his usual calm voice. Ganondorf merely responded by cracking his neck. He started to chant something while moving is hands in an odd fashion. Then all through the castle, each marker that had been placed began to glow with a dark aura. A portal was starting to appear above Ganondorf’s head. He didn’t laugh or even look up. He was going to finish this as quickly as possible.



Zelda noticed sensed a powerful aura that caused her mind to ache. She bent over already on her knees flexing her gut as if to flush out the presence. Link could tell Zelda was in pain and started to ask, “What’s happening?”


Zelda looked up to him with watered eyes and said, “It’s him, he starting the ritual. I can fell it already.” She slowly got up off her knees, still holding her head, and began to walk towards the direction where it was coming from. Link followed close behind her, with both hands at each sword, ready for combat. She continued to walk forward, slowly going up a hill away from the market. Link looked up at where they were heading and was hit with a feeling that made his anger burn even more. He ran to Zelda and stopped her, she turned to him and saw that he was pointing up the hill. She followed his direction and saw one of the most terrible sights she ever has known. It was supposed to be Hyrule Castle, but now it was darker with spikes coming out of the walls. The moat was replaced with lava instead of water and there was no bridge across. On top of the castle, they both could see a portal being formed above their heads.


“How the hell are we supposed to get across?!?” Link shouted at the sky. He looked around furiously looking for anything that could give them passage. Zelda didn’t bother to look around. She bowed her head and put her hands together with open palms. She began to chant something that she herself couldn’t understand and Link couldn’t hear. Slowly, a bridge of light began to form before her. Link stopped searching through the rubble and turned to her. He saw the bridge and was awe struck. When she stopped, a full bridge was formed that lead across the moat to a large draw bridge. Link cautiously took the first step and told Zelda that it was clear to go. They walked across together with closed hands.


When the reached the drawbridge, Link tried to see if there might be a switch around it, there wasn’t. “Zelda you wouldn’t happen to know how to get around this, would you?”


Zelda shook her head and said, “If there was, I would have already done it.” Link bowed his head like he understood. Slowly, he began to draw his Biggoron’s Sword and face the drawbridge. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and out. Then, as fast as lighting, he threw his sword down as if he was trying to cut an enemy in two. Instead, he cut the draw bridge in 2. There was a sound of straining on the chains, and then they gave into the weight and snapped. It was Zelda’s turn to be surprised, she put her hand on Link’s shoulder and he looked up to her with a grin on his face. He sheathed the Biggoron’s Sword and hugged her.


“Everything has changed in the future. For good and for bad.”

Chapter 6 – A Demon’s Tower


The size of the tower alone was enough to freak them both out. They weren’t scared of it, rather shocked by how much the castle had changed. There was a large skull shaped door across the bridge from them leading into a large cylindrical tower. It was blocked off from entrance by what appeared to be a dark filled aura. There were also doors around them, each heading off into another direction of the castle. The doors each had a different symbol above them, each reading something that Link couldn’t understand. “Hey Zelda, do you have any idea what this might mean?”


“Let me see,” Zelda responded as she went past Link and looked up at the symbol. She squinted her eyes at it as if in hopes to read it better. “’The portal of… Marlu… xia… lies beyond… here.’ That’s what it says.”


“Who is Marluxi…” Link was hit with an idea. “What if Marluxia, is a name of one of the demons that Ganondorf is hoping to free. That would explain why there are 5 doors. The 4 demons that are still trapped and the Fierce Ogre Deity.” Zelda started to understand, and she showed with slowly realizing fear in her eyes. “We have to destroy all of the portals somehow, and then we will be sure that even if the spell worked, there would be no where for the demons to go.”


“Link, and here I am with the Triforce of Wisdom.” She giggled a little and Link laughed along with her. “We might as well go through this one first. Thanks to either the Triforce or Rauru’s training, I know that Marluxia has the ability to control the darkness in one’s heart. He also carries with him a scythe that has the ability to cut through anything. “Link shivered at the thought of fighting him. They walked through the door together, not knowing what may lie beyond it.


When they went through the door, it vanished behind them. They didn’t have the time to notice. They were both staring into what one might describe a room of darkness; there were platforms around the room with glassy floors to them. There was no ground beneath everything, they all disappeared into a floor of darkness. At the far end of the room, Link could just make out the outline of a door. “Lets just use Farore’s Wind and warp.” Link took out the diamond with green wind inside and said, “Umbra Bachetan”. Nothing happened, Link shouted the spell out of fury a few more times then gave up and thrust the spell away.


“You should have known Link that a demon like Ganondorf wouldn’t have made it that easy to get to the portal.” Zelda said as if she already knew it wouldn’t have worked”

Link swore at himself and regrettably said, “Guess we better get started” Link sighed when he was done gawking. Link went first across the glassy bridge. It wasn’t very wide and one slip could mean disaster. Zelda walked carefully behind him holding on to his shoulder with her left hand. Link looked to his left followed the path till the reached a wide platform with a switch on it. Link could tell that it must activate something to help them get across, but at what price. Link grabbed Zelda’s hand and stepped on the switch. A long glassy bridge appeared before them that lead to another platform. They didn’t waste anytime and immediately started off as a sprint across the bridge. Zelda almost slipped twice, but Link’s hand kept her alright. As they were reaching the end, Link could see that the bridge was starting to disappear. He pulled Zelda ahead of him and grabbed her like a bear. With all his might, he jumped as soon as the bridge completely vanished. They landed on the platform with a roll, causing Zelda to end up on top of Link. She blushed and quickly got off brushing her dress. Then she stopped as she heard a gurgling sound. She and Link turned to see a creature that looked as if he were melting before them.


Link didn’t waste anytime getting out his swords and preparing for battle. “Link, be careful. That’s a like like, it’ll eat you in less that a minute.” Taking Zelda’s words to mind, he ran up to the like like and did a slide cut. As he slid across the floor, the like like bent over towards him, only to miss and have a large cut put in his side. It jiggled side to side mad with pain. Link only took this time to hurl the Biggoron’s Sword at it. It flew straight into its side and it collapsed into a pile of mush. As Link went to retrieve his sword, the gunk that was started to burn furiously in a dark flame and disappear like the Wolfo. After sheathing his sword, Link looked to Zelda and smiled, telling her that it was okay. He turned ahead and saw that there was a clear cut path towards the exit, but the ice here wasn’t a bridge. They were just platforms that spread across each other towards the door. Link gave a sigh of despair and said to Zelda, “Can you jump these on your own?”


Zelda gave Link a dirty look and said, “Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t jump a few blocks!” Link held his hands up in defense. Before Link could do anything though, Zelda had already gone. She was jumping the ice blocks well, making sure to brace herself so that the ice wouldn’t carry her of the platform. Link wasn’t far behind, doing the same thing that she did; only he used his sword to stop himself. After a couple of jumps and stops, they finally reached the door. Zelda waited for Link to get across, and then they both went in together. Inside was a large dark orb that was hanging by another dark aura, similar to the one in the main room, but smaller. Zelda went up to it and put her hand on it. It didn’t sting her back, but she couldn’t get through it either. Then Zelda started to speak as if she were possessed, “Only the light can pierce the darkness.”


Link was confused, “What are you talking about.”


“Link, your light arrows.” As if on instinct, Link took off his bow and pulled a light arrow on the sting. As he pulled it back, the arrow began to glow brighter than it already was before. He aimed at the ball of darkness and let the arrow fly. It blew through the dark aura as if it were smoke and made contact with the ball. It grew out of proportion, then blew up before them. A spell must have been broken, because Link and Zelda found themselves back in the main room, but the door was still missing behind them. Zelda and Link gave out a big sigh at the same time. Then Link put his and on Zelda’s shoulder, “One down, 4 to go”



            Marluxia gave out a scream as he disappeared from view in the portal. Ganondorf was shocked by this. He had done nothing wrong. All of the portals were in place and each with a puzzle and room that took years to build. “Ganondorf!” yelled Kuro from his part of the portal, “What the hell just happened to Marluxia!”


Ganondorf was searching desperately for words, “Nothing was wrong, the only thing that could have happened was his port…” As soon as he said the word, he knew what happened. He stopped the spell and looked out over the top of the castle to see a rainbow bridge from one end to the drawbridge. Only the drawbridge wasn’t there. Only the chains were left, hanging by their hinge. “Shit! There must be intruders.” Ganondorf walked back over to the portal and said, “It appears that there are a couple of trouble makers in MY Castle. Do not worry though, even though Marluxia isn’t here, I’ll still be able to bring you the rest of you back. Faster even.” The rest of the demons snickered at the remark and regained their cool. Ganondorf began the spell immediately. As he continued though, he couldn’t help the thought, ‘Even if they get through all the portals, they will still have me to deal with.’



Link and Zelda walked around the rest of the castle and found another door. It had a symbol above it like the other door. Zelda red it out loud, “’The portal of… Seph… ir… oth… lies beyond here.’ I believe that Sephiroth is the angel demon. He has a huge dark wing and a sword that is longer than any ever made before it.” She opened the door without even waiting for a response from Link.


As they entered the room, they found it to be similar to the other one. The door disappeared behind them and there were no floor or ceiling. In fact, it appeared to stretch on forever. There were 6 eyes, 3 lined up on each wall and the doorway to the portal was extremely far away being as there were no platforms as well. Link looked closely at the eyes as if to see a secret to a puzzle. Instead of waiting, he shot it with an arrow from his quiver, just a normal one though. It hit the eye and it closed shut. When it did, 3 platforms rose from the endless pit beneath them. There wasn’t nearly enough space in between them to jump to the door, but he was getting the idea. Link turned to Zelda, “With your Triforce of Wisdom, can you see which eyes to hit and which ones to not?” She nodded in response.


“First, hit the far left eye.” Link did and then 3 more platforms rose, but there still wasn’t enough room in between for them. “Now shoot the middle eye on the right.” As he did, 2 platforms went down and 4 new ones came up. “Go for the closest eye on the left.” Link did and then there were enough platforms in all but one spot to make a straight line. “Lastly, hit the middle left eye.” When Link did, 3 platforms rose on the side of the line of platforms. Link gave Zelda a pat on the back for the job well done, she only giggled in response. Link and Zelda made their way over each platform and eventually got to the door. When they entered, they found a portal nearly the same as the other one, except that this one was silver and not dark. Regardless, Link took aim with a light arrow and sank it into the portal. Like the other one, it exploded and they found themselves back in the main room with the door behind them gone.



Sephiroth made grunting sound followed by a scream, not of pain, but rage. Ganondorf knew what happened, but was shocked none the less. “Ganondorf!” Kuro shouted with rage, “What is going on? Already 2 of us are gone, what do you intend to do if we are gone? Even if you are able to bring back just your power, we won’t let you have all of it without us!”


Ganondorf was in shock, he had carefully planned this from the beginning, how could it be falling apart by the hands of just 2 small kids? “Do not worry yourselves, I will send forth my phantom to take care of the pests. Surely they will go for yours next Kuro, it is, after all, the closest one to them.” Kuro wasn’t scared, he was angry that Ganondorf could only send a phantom to take care of them. Worst of all, if he failed, then he would stuck in the Dark Realm for even longer. Ganondorf stopped the spell for a second time to start another. He drew his broad sword and drew his own blood with it. As the blood fell before Ganondorf, it began to take his form! Small at first, but growing rapidly. When it was finished, the figure before him was almost identical to Ganondorf. The only noticeable difference was that the fake Ganondorf was black as night, clothes and skin tone. “Go forth my phantom. Bring me back the heads of the pests that are invading MY castle.” The phantom bowed to Ganondorf, then began to sink through the floor, heading for Link and Zelda.


“Now, there is a bright side to this mess.” Ganondorf said rubbing his head, “With there being only 2 of you left to get out of the portal, it should only take me mere hours to finish, even less if somehow the boy and girl succeed.” Without waiting for a response, Ganondorf began the spell again.



Link and Zelda were still going through the castle, looking for the doorway to the next demon. Unfortunately, Ganondorf changed the whole inside of the castle instead of just what was inside of them. After hours of searching, they finally found the doorway to the next demon. Without even hesitating, Zelda read the inscription, “The portal of Kuro lies beyond here.”


Link looked at Zelda and said, “You seemed to have gotten down reading these. You didn’t even stutter when reading that one.” Zelda turned to him and smiled with a blush. When they opened the door, they didn’t find any special traps or puzzles. They didn’t find an empty room. They found a dark figurine of Ganondorf standing before them. Link didn’t hesitate to draw his blades and go into battle position. Zelda took out Din’s Fire and readied it.


“You must be the pests that my master spoke of.” The dark figure said with a monotone voice that was so cold, it could freeze water. Link and Zelda didn’t respond, the only emotion they showed was pure hatred for the thing in front of them. “So it seems you carry the blade of evil’s bane, yet not even that will be enough to stop my master. Even if you some how get past me and destroy the portals, my master will simply sweep you aside like the pests you are. After that, it will only take another 7 years till the portals are finished again! You will never succeed in your quest.”


Link snapped. He ran towards the figure and swung the Biggoron’s sword first with all of his might. The dark figure pulled a large dark broadsword out of his back and blocked Link’s first blow. He then threw his leg at Link. Link put the flat end of the Master Sword up to block the blow. The leg made contact with the sword and Link dropped both defenses in order to do a ground spin, hoping to knock the figure off his legs. Instead of tripping him like Link had hoped, the figure rose off the ground and started to fly around him, like a bee hoping to get sting its victim. It pointed its sword at the sky, then without saying anything, a ball of dark matter formed at the top of the broadsword. Looking down at Link with an evil grin, the figure threw the ball at Link. Link instantly jumped out of the way, watching the ball of darkness disappear into the ground. When he turned back to the dark figure, he saw another ball coming at him! There wasn’t enough time to get away. What was he going to do?!? “Link!” Shouted Zelda from across the room, “Use the Master Sword!” Without even looking to her, Link tried to slice the ball in half, only to find that instead of cutting it, it pushed it into another direction. Link smiled to himself, knowing that he could now take away the advantage.


The dark figure threw another ball at Link. This time, Link hit it so that it flew right back at the figure. All the figure did was hit it back to Link. They hit the ball back and forth to each other, with it gaining speed every hit. Finally, the ball got so fast that when Link hit it, it was coming back at him before he had enough time to hit it with the Master Sword. Instead, he hit it with the Biggoron’s Sword. Searing pain flowed through Link like a river. All of his muscles tightened and he was forced to bend over. “So this is the end for the great Hero of Time.” Link could here the ball heading towards him, but he didn’t have the strength to get out of the way. He closed his eyes and waited for the end.


“Aaaaaaaaaaargh” Link heard a scream from above and the dark ball fade away. He looked up to see the dark figure of Ganondorf burning ferociously in blue flame. Link turned to Zelda to see that she was using Din’s Fire on him. Somehow, she was able to turn the flames so hot, they were blue. Not wasting time, Link picked up the Master sword in both hands and jumped towards the figure. It looked up at Link and Link saw the look of horror and defeat on his face. Link pushed the sword through the dark figures body, cutting him clean in two. As Link landed, so did the 2 halves of the dark figure. Link turned to it, expecting it to burn like all of the other creatures, but instead, it seemed to dissolve into the air, as if the sword had burned him to ashes. Link smiled, then fell back.


Zelda ran over to him and bent down, “Are you okay?”


“Yeah” Link answered, “Just… a little… tired.” That was all Link said before his passed out.



            Zelda gasped as if he died, but she saw that he was still breathing and she began to relax. She looked around to make sure that there were no more surprises in the room. She saw nothing; all that was left was the one door all the way on the other side of the room. Link was just tired out after fighting that dark figure of Ganondorf. Zelda sighed with relief. She then started to heal him with the spells that Rauru taught her. Then she took Link over to a wall and laid him down next to it. She then lay next to him, using the warmth of him as a blanket to sleep.

Chapter 7 – The Lesser Half of A Demon


            It had been at least 5 hours ago when Link and Zelda found themselves asleep next to each other on the floor. As Link and Zelda found themselves back in the hallway, Zelda started to hold her head with her hands again in pain. “What is it?” Link asked worryingly.


“The… portal… is finished. … The Fierce… Ogre… Deity is coming.” The words that Zelda spoke made Link tremble were he stood. “There’s no time… to… destroy his portal. We… have to stop… Ganondorf.” Link understood without question.  Slowly, he help Zelda up and took her right arm around his side, to help her move towards the stairs. They quickly made their way back to the main entrance, to their surprise; the shield around the stairs was gone. They didn’t stop to admire their efforts though, for time was of the essence. As they climbed the stairs, Zelda started to whimper in pain from the shear power that was coming. Link hated to see her like this. After what seemed like hours of climbing, they finally made it to a large door that had a abnormally large golden lock on it. Without hesitation, Link took out the Biggorons Sword with his right hand and set Zelda down while she was still holding her head with her left hand. Link took the same pose as with the draw bridge, took a deep breath, then sliced the door and lock in half. He looked up to see Ganondorf looking back at him. Link looked at Ganondorf and saw the pure loath towards him from the yellow eyes. He had a long grin stretched across his face. His cape laying on the floor and his right hand opened towards the dark portal that hovered above him. Link loathed the very sight of him. “Li… Link?” Link turned to see Zelda started to regain her strength. He grabbed her hand to help pull her up. Zelda turned to Ganondorf and experienced the same hatred towards him that Link did.


“Come forth, Fierce Ogre Deity!!” Ganondorf shouted at the top of his lungs. He slammed his open hand onto the ground. Suddenly, out of the portal above him, came a man that had the sword and armor of a warrior, but the looks and eyes of a god. He looked at Link with glowing white eyes, holding a blade that had 2 beginnings and one end, each path a different color. One was green and the other purple. It spun around itself one and ended at an extremely sharp point. One look at him and Link knew that this was the god turned towards darkness. The very god that Ganondorf had manipulated to open portals across the worlds. Fear struck Link and Zelda like an arrow through a heart. “Deity, take the rest of my power and meet me on the peek of Death Mountain. I will start the ritual to bond with it after a take care of these pests.” The Deity held up an orb the size of Link’s head. Inside of it, Link could see the evil swimming within it. Zelda could only grunt at the very power that was held before her. The Fierce Ogre Deity smiled then, quickly jumped off the side of the tower. What Link and Zelda didn’t see was how he used his massive blade with one hand. He pushed against the wall with it to land across the lava moat. He then ran fast as a horse, towards Death Mountain. Ganondorf smiled towards Link and Zelda, “You 2 have been interfering with my plans long enough. You ended the possibility of releasing all of my fellow demons at once. Now you have postponed even further the combining between my and the rest of my power. For all of this you shall die.”



Ganondorf started the battle by throwing a fist to the ground, creating a shockwave that crumbled some of the floor around them. Link pushed Zelda into the wall were the door used to be and charged Ganondorf with both of his blades out. Zelda got out Nayru’s Love and Din’s Fire and began to wonder what she could do to help. As Link slashed at Ganondorf with the Master Sword first, it was blocked by Ganondorf’s massive broadsword. Link could feel the evil pulsing through the sword. Link tried to stab Ganondorf with the Biggoron’s Sword, but it was quickly blocked by a gauntlet on his left hand. Link broke away and started to swing at Ganondorf with a flurry of strikes. Ganondorf blocked or dodged every one. They were a blur to Zelda as she was attempting to spray Ganondorf with Din’s Fire. Through his combo, Link left an opening that Ganondorf took to quickly hit him with the hilt of his broad sword into Link’s gut. He bellowed over with pain while Ganondorf didn’t hesitate while he hit him with a punch that glowed of darkness. Link flew back 20 feet and almost fell of the side of the tower. Zelda shrieked and started to run over to Link. Ganondorf saw this and took the opportunity to throw a ball of energy, similar to the one the dark figure used, at Zelda. She noticed the attack just in time to activate Nayru’s love and bounce the attack off to the side. Ganondorf looked at her and said, “Impressive young princess, perhaps that fool Rauru has taught you and Link a bit about swords and magic. However, he never seemed to explain to you, that you and the pathetic boy Link will never be able to defeat me.” Zelda ran over to Link and activated a more advance type a Nayru’s Love that didn’t require her to hold it. She used the time to heal Link with her magic. Ganondorf hit the crystal with a large energy blast that caused Zelda to flinch in pain, for while she used this type of Nayru’s Love; pain came, just not as much. Slowly, Link got to his feet as Zelda started to pant from the use of so much magic.


“Zelda,” Link said leaning over to her, “I will end this, relax.” For some reason, Zelda regained her strength from these words. Link gave her the encouragement to keep fighting, even though he said he would end it. As Zelda ended Nayru’s Love, Link batted an energy ball back at Ganondorf. It hit him in the chest, but this only caused him to grunt with a small amount of pain. Then Link had an idea. He took Ganondorf’s opening as a chance to hit him with a Light Arrow. Quickly taking off his bow, Link fired a Light Arrow at Ganondorf as soon as he looked up. It hit him right in the forehead. Balls of light exploded from the arrow and Ganondorf bent over in pain. Link jumped with the Master Sword in hand. As he came down, he swung at Ganondorf with all his might, but Ganondorf jumped back quickly before the blade hit its target.


Ganondorf looked up at Link and said, “You pose quite a good fight, but darkness will win. It killed your parents before and it will kill you!!” Ganondorf floated above Link and started to hold his hands above his head. A dark matter, much stronger than any of the other ones, started to form above his head. Ganondorf laughed as he started to throw the ball at Link, but quickly it dispersed into 8 smaller balls of energy as Ganondorf was suddenly set ablaze in blue flames. Link didn’t need to look to see that it was Zelda’s doing with Din’s Fire. The energy started to fly around, almost hitting Link as he batted them away. Then he heard a load shriek from behind him. He turned this time to see Zelda on the ground with a black aura around her. Link ran over to her and slide to her side. One of the balls had found its mark on Zelda. Link checked her pulse. She was still breathing, but unconscious. This didn’t quell Link’s anger. He turned to Ganondorf, his once calm and peaceful blue eyes full of rage and anger that he had kept inside from the learning of his parent’s death, to the death of a king, and now this.


Link took out his bow and shot 3 Light Arrows at Ganondorf at the same time! He was still recovering from the fire when he saw the arrows. He hit one with his sword, the other with his gauntlet, but the last found its mark on his chest. Ganondorf screamed in pain as the balls of light once again came flying out. Instead of running to him, Link quickly grabbed the tip of the Master Sword with his left hand and flung it at Ganondorf. Ganondorf was recovering from the arrow when he looked up and saw the blade coming at him. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” The sword found its mark, right into his skull. Ganondorf screamed in pain and rose of the ground as he was still struggling to get the sword out. Finally, he disappeared in a flash of bright light and the Master Sword fell into Link’s open hand. “Goodbye, Demon of Evil.”

Chapter 8 – Aid from the Goddess


            Link ran back over to Zelda and he bent down next to her. She was still breathing, but it was obvious that she was in a lot of pain. Link looked took her head in his hands and began to stroke her hair. What could he do? The Fierce Ogre Deity was still standing on top of Death Mountain, waiting for Ganondorf. Hyrule was destroyed and he had no idea where to get any help. Then Link had an idea, he grabbed Farore’s Wind out of his pouch and said, “Umbra Bachetan.” He set didn’t need to see where he was heading to know where it was. He was going to the very place where he grew up. He was going to Kokiri Forest.


            Link landed just outside the Lost Woods with Zelda still unconscious in his arms. He walked into the forest looking for his village. Rauru said that only those that wish it no harm may enter, so he should be fine. He followed the same path that he did as a kid 7 years ago, hoping that everything was going to be the same. After much searching, he found the same bridge that he crossed to leave the forest with. He said a breath of relief, knowing that Kokiri Village was just on the other side. He crossed the bridge and went through the hollowed out log and gasped at what he saw.


            All around him, trees were burnt and evil creatures walked. Wolfos were still running around the village looking for something to eat. His tree house was no longer standing and was now a pile of ashes. He was dumbfounded as to how this could happen, or was the Kokiri saying true about the curse? Link didn’t have time to think, He gently slung Zelda over his right side and pulled out the Master Sword with his free hand. “Come and get me you filthy bastards!” Link shouted at the top of his lungs. All of the Wolfos turned to him. Some howled while others just started to attack. One jumped off the bridge above his head thrashing his claws at Link. Link easily side stepped this and returned with a quick stab to the head to the Wolfo. Link didn’t watch the beast burn, he quickly slashed his sword horizontally behind him, hitting a Wolfo with surprise. 5 more Wolfos were coming at him. Link took Nayru’s Love from Zelda’s pocket and activated it by squeezing it. All of the Wolfos hit it only to be knocked back. They recovered and quickly started to attack the diamond shell, hoping it would break. Link carefully set Zelda down on the ground and he drew the Biggoron’s Sword. Once he was ready, he disabled Nayru’s Love and started to attack. He hit the first Wolfo with his Biggoron’s Sword to knock away its guard. Then he followed with a slice attack from the Master Sword. As the Wolfo screamed, Link did a X-cut on another Wolfo beside him. Link turned to check on Zelda and saw that Wolfo was making a move for her. Link furiously threw the Biggoron’s Sword at it. “This ends now!” Link picked up the Biggoron’s Sword and held the hilt so the sword was facing behind him. Link put the Master Sword in front of him and Biggoron’s behind him. As he closed his eyes, the swords began to glow with fierce intensity. Then all at once, he spun himself like a top, releasing a tremendous amount of power on the remaining Wolfos. As he spun, a large circle of fire began to grow around him. The Wolfos were cut in half by it, despite their defenses. When Link stopped, he looked around to make sure that there were no more enemies. Then his attention went back to Zelda. She was still lying on the ground were he had left her. Link didn’t notice till now, but she was a mess. Her once elegant dress was now ripped apart and covered with blood and dirt. Her hair was spread out as if it alive, yet her facial features were still all the same. Link picked her up in both arms and went to the only tree house he saw that was still standing. It was Saria’s house.


            Link laid her down on bed inside her house. He noticed a smile form across her face as he laid her down. It brought back peace to Link after witnessing the damage down to his home. He sat in a chair next to her. He sat there, stroking her hair, hoping that she would be able to recover. He couldn’t get the image of her being hit by Ganondorf’s energy blast out of his head. He shed a tear from the memory that happened only a short while ago. Link, The Hero of Time, would sit here and protect Zelda, The Princess of Destiny and his love, for as long as need be.



Meanwhile, in Zelda’s Dreams, she was walking through a dense forest surrounded by a fog that blanketed the landscape in a rather peaceful way. “Zelda!” She heard someone say from behind her. She turned as if she already knew who it was. There stood Link. “How does my love feel about the day?” He asked as if they were married.


“Just admiring the woods that we stroll in.” Zelda answered before she even knew what she was saying. Link gave out a chuckle as he walked towards her.


“Never before have I seen you look lovelier.”


Zelda tried to respond, but found she could not. It was as if someone else was controlling her and she was stuck inside herself watching. “Oh Link, my love. I wish these days could never end.” Then she found herself within Link’s warm embrace and his soft lips against hers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.


“If only we could be wed Zelda.” Link said with a sad voice. What was he talking about! Of course they could be wed, as the only remaining member of the Royal Family, she could choose her husband ignoring the blood line. Yet once again, she was unable to respond.


When she opened her eyes, she was standing with Link in the Grand Hall of Hyrule Castle. Yet like before, she wasn’t able to show any emotion towards the sudden change in environment. She saw that Link no longer had his Kokiri clothing, but a long loose fitting white shirt and semi-loose black pants with the cuffs hanging over his Kokiri boots. He still had his green cap, but she only saw the tip because he also had a cape that went around his neck and covered his head with a hood making him somehow, unrecognizable. Zelda opened her mouth as if she was going to say something, but before she could say it. A woman came through the door and spoke, “Reaper of Demons, it is time to depart.” Zelda looked at her; she had green hair that flowed elegantly down to her hips, red eyes that pierced her very soul, and a blue dress that had the midsection cut off and 2 long silk pieces flowing from her shoulders to her wrists. Why did she call Link the Reaper of Demons? That was a title in ancient prophecies that was never supposed to be used. Link walked away from Zelda. As she watched him go with watery eyes, a wind blew through the room and she saw the hilt of the Master Sword, Biggoron’s Sword, a shield that held her reflection and a knife that had the Sheikan teared eye on it. But there was also a mask around the back of his belt. Before she could see exactly what it looked like, she awoke.




Link saw Zelda’s eyes slowly flicker to life again. She turned her head towards him and whispered to him, “Where are we?”


“This is the inside of my friend’s tree house. We are in what’s left of Kokiri Village.” Link said with sadness in his voice as he spoke the last sentence.


“What do you mean what’s left? Rauru said that as long as no one meant it harm, Kokiri Village couldn’t be foun…”


Link cut her off in mid-sentence, “But it was found Zelda. Maybe Ganondorf used his powers to break the spell or maybe the spell itself wore off. It doesn’t matter. All the matters now is that my home is destroyed and my friends gone.”


Zelda saw that Link was on the verge of tears. She hated to see him like this. He was the one she loved. She sat up in the bed and bent over to hug Link. Link graciously returned it. Zelda could feel the wetness from his tears begin to stain her dress. She couldn’t help it any longer; she too, began to cry with him. Like lost kids in the woods, the held each other for comfort and cried from their sorrows.


After what seemed like hours, they finally ended. Link wiped his face and so did Zelda. He helped her off the bed and they left Saria’s house. “Where are we going to go now?” asked Zelda.


“To finish this conflict. I’m going to the top of Death Mountain. I’m going, to kill a god.” Link said coldly.


Then as if in answer to his words, 3 bright lights appeared in the sky. Link and Zelda watched with unblinking eyes as they saw the balls of light float to the ground. One was green, another blue, the last was red. Then as reached the ground, the light faded and 3 beautiful women were now in their place. They were all holding their hands out as far as they could to their sides with their heads in the air and eyes closed. Then they all relaxed at the same time and opened their eyes towards Link and Zelda. Not taking any chances, Link drew his Master Sword and ushered Zelda behind him. “Do not fear us Hero of Time. We are here to help you,” spoke the lady in green. Her voice was just as beautiful as she was and still full of command. Link slowly lowered his sword as she continued to speak, “We have come to aid you in your upcoming battle.”


Zelda was looking at them from over Link’s shoulder. The one that was speaking had green hair that flowed elegantly down to her hips and green eyes that offered peace. Her clothing was also all green. It was a dress with long loose sleeves and gown. The woman to her right had blue hair that curled around her body and arms. Her eyes were as blue as Lake Hylia’s waters. Her clothing was a blue dress that had the midsection cut off and 2 long silk pieces flowing from her shoulders to her wrists. The last woman was to the green one’s right. She had long red hair that was fashioned like a pony tail. Her eyes were red that pierced her very soul. Her clothing was a red dress that had no sleeves went down to her ankles with gold triangles on the side. She also wore gold bracelets on either arm. “Hero, we must first thank you and explain everything.”


“Why do you need to thank me?” Link asked.


The Red woman spoke now, “Because, it was you who killed Ganondorf before he could finish his spell. Because you did, it backfired and freed us from the Realm of Light instead of further trapping us.”


Zelda started to speak up, “Why were you trapped there in the first place?”


Then the blue woman began to speak, “Before we go any further into questions, let us introduce ourselves. I am Nayru, goddess of peace and water. These are my sister goddess.” Pointing to the red girl first, “Din of passion and fire and Farore of sleep and nature.” She finished pointing towards the green woman.


Link and Zelda were awe struck. “Th… The… The Goddesses!!!” Zelda finally spat out. Link fell to one knee and bowed with the Master Sword in front of him with the tip in the ground and his hands at the hilt. Zelda followed with a simple curtsy.


“Rise young heroes. It is us who should be bowing to you.” Din said. The goddess all at once bowed with their hand at their gut and the other behind them.  Zelda felt an honor that she never felt even as princess and Link felt the same. The goddesses were bowing… to them.


Link came back to his senses first, “Do you know what happened to the Kokiri?!?”


Nayru smiled and said, “Do not fear Hero of Time. They have taken safe haven in the Forest Temple. It is well guarded with magic that we created. It was built after all, in honor of Farore. Before you ask, the reason why the spell wore off his because the Great Deku Tree, after centuries of service to the Kokiri, finally passed away. When it happened, the shield protecting the forest gave out.” Link was saddened. The Deku Tree had been one of the few people who cared for him as a child.


“Link, come forward please,” said Farore in her caring voice.  Link came forward as asked. “You wish to kill the Fierce Deity, yes?” Link nodded and Farore sighed, “He is our brother and it pains us to see him like he is. He may not have ever said it, but we know that he would rather die than be used by darkness.” Link began to fell sad for the deity. “Please give me the Ocarina of Time.” Link did as told and pulled it out of his bag and gave it to her. She moved it around in her hands as she began to chant something that Link couldn’t follow or understand. A light began to emit from the Ocarina as Farore went on. When she finished, she held the ocarina back to Link. He saw that it had more holes in it and was fashioned to fit him perfectly. “Link; in order to kill our brother, you will first need to know how to weaken him. For this, I teach you the Song of Storms. Its powerful rain that can sooth the darkness of souls. Since he relies on the darkness for battle, this will weaken it.” Farore pulled out a harp and began to play a song that was fast and smooth. The clouds moved across the sky as if to answer the song. The more she played, the more the clouds gathered. As she hit the climax of the song, the clouds emptied themselves onto the ground. As the rain fell on him, Link could feel his sorrows melting away in the rain. It fell on him like an endless blanket. As Farore finished, the clouds rained for a bit longer, but finally stopped. “Link, before you try this, you should know. That I blessed the Ocarina so that it can control other instruments around it.” Link gave a puzzled look which only made Farore laugh. “Here let me show you.”


She laid her harp on the ground and produced a set of Goron drums as well next to her. She began to play a different song, but to Link and Zelda’s amazement, the drums and harp played along. Not the same notes, but in an orchestral kind of way. Farore pulled the Ocarina from her mouth and said, “You will already know how to use it, it was made for you. The advantage to having more instruments near you is because it allows more power to the song you are playing, assuming that it is a song of magic. Playing it with Song of Storms will allow further distance in the storms area. The reason why I tell you this is because you will need to gather as many instruments as possible. For you will need to cover all of Hyrule before it will weaken our brother enough for you to fight him.” Link nodded to tell her he understood. He bagged the Ocarina.


Din then came forward, “Hero, let me see your hands.” Without question, Link lifted his hands, palms down, towards Din. He felt honored just to have her examine him. She took of his red gloves and examined his hands. Then she put her hands just above his and began to chant. As she did, a goldish aura began to arise from Link’s hands. He was frightened at first, but decided not to question the goddess. Then metal started to form around his hands. It came out of no where and started to rap itself around his hands, it went to the end of his former gloves to the midpoint of his wrist and elbow on both hands. When she finished, the gold gauntlets now where attached to his hands, feeling weightless. “Link, I have given might that even we do not posses. These gauntlets were created without our knowledge and it was luck that we came across them, it is the strength you now poses is equal to if not greater than our brother.” She looked around and saw what she wanted to, she motioned her head towards a large tree. “Go try and lift that.” Once again, without question he did as she asked. Her stabbed his hands into the base of the tree and pulled with all his might. Zelda gasped at the strength he had. The whole tree, roots and all, he lifted above his head. He turned towards the goddess, amazed with his own strength. Din pointed towards the spot where his house once stood. He walked over to it, taking large heavy steps. When he reached the empty land where his house once was, he slammed the tree into the ground, thus re-planting it. “Use this strength wisely and remember, strength is not the only key to victory.


Nayru looked not at Link, but at Zelda instead, “Come her Princess of Destiny.” Zelda, like Link, obeyed. “Young Princess, I know of your love for the hero and his love for you. Yet for all of his power, even he can use your strength. For this I give some of my own wisdom, the wisdom of healing magic.” Nayru began to chant in what Link could easily mistake as a singing voice. As she finished, Zelda glowed with a blue aura with her eyes closed. “Now lets see if it can work,” Din said with a smile across her face. She turned towards the hero who took a step back from the devilish look she was giving him. She through a knife out from behind her, but to her own amazement, Link side-stepped it and caught it.


“What was that for?!?!” Link yelled in a panic.


“I just wanted to inflict a minor wound to see if Zelda could heal it.” Din said childishly.


“Just ask.” Link toke the knife and stabbed his bicep with the tip. He flinched a little, but got over it. Zelda walked over and put her hands over the wound. A blue light began to glow under her hands and Link could feel the pain slowly subside. When she lifted her hands and the 5 of them saw that the wound on Link’s arm was gone, not even a scar was left. Link and Zelda’s eyes met, she smiled just from the moment.



Up on Death Mountain, The Fierce Ogre Deity stood. Holding the orb that contained Ganondorf’s magic within it. He already knew that his weaker form had long since died at the hands of the Hero of Time. This was why he wasn’t waiting for Ganondorf, he was waiting for Link. He wanted a challenge after all these years and Link would be the perfect candidate.


“Fierce Deity” A voice from another dimension called. The Fierce Ogre Deity on smiled, he already knew the voice and he did not fear it.


“Hello Marluxia. What might you need.” The Fierce Deity said coolly.


“Do you still have the orb of Ganondorf’s power?”


“Of course, its right here.” The Fierce Deity said gently throwing it up and down.


“Good. Listen, it may be Ganondorf’s power, but you can still use it. The only set back is that you can’t form with it. The spell that Ganondorf used to free us is now gone with what the Hero destroyed, but you can still weaken the barrier around it from the outside.”


“And how long would it take you to get out after I did this?”


“Not long at all. It will take us far longer to break out of here than the spell itself will take to cast. We won’t emerge at the same time unfortunately, because the hero and his princess destroyed our portals during the spell, some of us are closer out than others. In fact, Kuro will most likely be the first out.”


An evil grin grew across the Fierce Ogre Deity’s mouth. He held the orb out in front of him and he peered deep inside of it. As his mind wandered the globe, he saw what he was looking for. He looked up into the sky and shouted with all of his might, “Personila Fillita Umbratan!!!” A dark orb of enormous power grew over his head. He clapped his hands together and the ball of darkness disappeared into the dark night sky.


“Very good Fierce Deity. Very Good.” Marluxia whispered into the winds.

Chapter 9 – Battle with a God


“Young Heroes,” Din began to say, “Do you, um, know anywhere where, um, we can… stay? We don’t want to return to the Realm of Light after already being there for 2000 years. I don’t mean to make it sound demanding, but someplace that overlooks Hyrule Field would be nice.” Zelda could tell that she was nervous about asking a mortal a place to stay. Link and Zelda pondered the thought, Hyrule Castle was still in shambles, Death Mountain is to hot and is now where the Fierce Deity is. Then Link had an idea.


“How about where Lon Lon Ranch used to be?” Zelda looked at Link with surprise. “Its right in the middle of Hyrule Field and I’m sure that I could clear the place out if there are still any monsters there.” Link was trying hard to make the goddesses comfortable here, Zelda could tell.


“But Link, that’s where Malon and Talon were… killed.” Zelda looked at the ground with watery eyes. Malon had been her friend since they were 5.


“Young Princess and Hero, can you please take us there?” Nayru asked excitingly. Link nodded and pulled out Farore’s Wind. Farore looked at him with a pleased look on her face.


Link once again whispered, “Umbra Bachetan.” The goddess and Zelda already had taken hold of his shoulder and arms. Link imagined Lon Lon Ranch in his mind, back when he was still just a kid. He took a step, and they were there.


“Oh, this is place is gorgeous. I had forgotten the beauty of the land.” Nayru said with her hand clasped together in front of her face. She ran towards the open gate of Lon Lon Ranch with Link close behind her, fearing the worse. Din, Farore, and Zelda walked behind them. Link was relieved to see that there were no monsters anywhere. Nayru had run out to the center of track and had lain down on the soft grass. Link walked into the house to see what it was like. The bottom floor was nice. It reminded him of his old home back in Kokiri Forest. He walked up the stairs and went in the door. What he saw made his heart drop. There on the ground lay Malon and an old man. He recognized Malon from her clothes, of course she was much older. The old man was probably Talon, her dad. They were both covered in blood and lay lifeless on the floor. Malon was half-way on her bed with a large sword wound in her back. Talon was laying face up on the ground with a spear still inside his heart. They both had horrifying looks as if they had seen death before it got them. Link backed away from the sight and fell of the stairs. He did a back flip and landed, but he collapsed on to his back from such a sight with his hands in his face.


Zelda opened the door saying, “Link, this was a great idea. The goddesses love it he… Link what’s wrong!?!?” Zelda bent down next to Link and pulled his hands off of him. He had a look of terror on his face. When he saw Zelda he hugged her tightly and started to whisper in her Hylian ear.


“The… They… a… are still… up… upstairs.” Link was talking as if he had seen a ghost. Zelda forced herself out of the hug and started to shake sense into Link. Finally he got a hold of himself. “Zelda, Malon and Talon. They are still upstairs. They’re bodies are still there, covered in blood.” Zelda gave a horrified look and ran up the stairs. Link stared at the ground as if lifeless. He kept staring even after Zelda gave a loud shriek and the same sight that Link had. Link only looked up when he heard the door creak open and he saw Farore standing before him.


“Hero, what is wrong? Why do you look scared?” Link didn’t answer. Farore even bent down next in front of him. “Link. What. Is. Wrong.” Farore said in with emphasis in each word to get her point across. Zelda came running down the stairs crying. She tripped on a step and fell down, but she still kept crying for her dear friend. Link acted, he got up with the same cold stare, and he helped Zelda up. She was still crying as he helped her stand. He took her into hug and she returned it, holding him as hard as she could, still crying.


“It’s okay Zelda. It’s okay to cry. Let it out. It’s okay, I’m here for you.” Link said trying to comfort her. He was brushing her hair with his left hand. Farore made her way into the bedroom and gasped at the sight. Being a goddess, she must have seen worse, but this still left its mark on her. After what seemed an hour, Zelda finally started to stop crying. She looked up to Link with still watery eyes and said, “How could anyone be so heartless. She was an innocent. She was my friend.”


“We have already avenged her death,” Link said. “We have already killed Ganondorf, but know I must kill the Fierce Ogre Deity.” Link said while he was beginning to take a serious tone. Zelda looked up at him with surprise. Link turned to Farore and asked, “Lady Farore may I please borrow your harp and the Goron Drums?” Farore produced the drums on the ground and the harp in Link’s hands. He placed the harp on the ground and turned towards another door at the other end of the house, he opened it to find another bedroom with a violin across the bed. “Perfect,” he muttered under his breath. He took it and put it next to the drums and he took out the Ocarina of Time. Zelda was about to say something, but Link ignored her. He started to let the Song of Storms flow from his Ocarina. As he began to play, the violin played itself into gentle undertone melody that carried the song even further while the drums gave power to each note that was played. At one point in the song, the ocarina fell silent and the harp started to play instead. Zelda listened to Link play. It was one of the most beautiful pieces she had ever heard. She let it flow through her like air in a tree feeling at peace even with the gruesome sight still in her mind. As Link finished, they started to hear the rain pound on the roof outside. Without waiting, Link took out Farore’s Wind and warped to Death Mountain.



The Fierce Deity was still standing on top of Death Mountain when he saw the rain cloud gather. His eyes clenched together when he heard the Song of Storms being played into the wind. He could hear a violin, drums, and his ‘dear’ sister’s harp. Nothing could be done now he realized, he would just have to wait until the hero arrived. Then he would kill the Hero of Time and take over as ruler of the Demons! He looked into the sky and saw the cloud stretch over his head and he felt the rain fall on him. His glowing white eyes opened in shock at the feeling inside of him. He felt a battle inside him of good vs. evil. He dropped his sword and caught his gut. He could feel the very fabric holding him together ripping. “The darkness is the only way to power. I must stay in the darkness.” The Fierce Ogre Deity kept fighting the light inside, fighting what used to rule him. The Fierce Deity screamed a powerful war cry and fell onto his hands and knees. He felt himself weakened, but able to control himself again. Breathing heavily, he lifted his sword and stood up again. As he lifted his head, he saw Link before him, already holding the Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword, ready to fight. The Fierce Deity looked at him. He was smaller, weaker, a mortal, yet he still had the courage to challenge him. What kind of a foolish act was this?


“Fierce Ogre Deity, the god turned to darkness, it is my duty as the Hero of Time to kill you and the evil that you wish to unleash. That is what I am supposed to fight for, now I’m fighting because you made Zelda cry. You made her fall in pain from the sight of her friend’s body. I will not forgive that! I swear, I will kill you!!” The Hero screamed at him. The Fierce Deity was quite impressed with this boy’s bravery. Looking closer at him, he saw why. On his left hand, there was the symbol for the Triforce of Courage. The Hero raised both swords into the air above his head then yelled at the top of his lungs, “Acquiro Acies!” Then his blades did separate actions to these words. The Biggoron’s Swords emitted a huge stream of fire from the hilt along the blade itself, unaffected by the rain. The Master Sword began to glow a brilliant bright blue light.


“Foolish boy, do you really think that I have nothing up my sleeve?!? Watch and witness the power of a true god.” The Fierce Deity grabbed the hilt of his sword with 2 hands and pulled on it with all of his might. Then with a sudden tug, the sword split into 2 separate blades. They were no long crossed and instead, curved separately. Link didn’t flinch. “Now let’s see how fast a god and kill a hero!” The Fierce Deity charged Link with both blades to his left side. Link did the same. As they approached each other, their blades hit and a massive shockwave was sent out across the mountain.



Zelda still sat inside the small house of her former friend, hoping with all of her heart that Link would come back to her. Din opened the door and came inside. She was still wet from the rain, but didn’t seem to mind at all. She looked at Zelda and saw her worried look. Din smiled and walked over the princess and said, “He’ll be fine. Besides, he was chosen by destiny to do this. Only he can for even with all of our magic, my sisters and I would never be able to destroy him.” Din looked back down and Zelda to see that this didn’t help her. Obviously telling someone that someone they cared about was about to fight something that the god’s couldn’t destroy wasn’t a very good idea.


“Din, you and your sisters created Hyrule and all of the other worlds, correct?” Zelda asked.


“Of course we did.”


“Then… Then why don’t you use that kind of power on the Fierce Deity!?!” Zelda got up yelling at her.


Din was taken back; she never heard a mortal talk to her like this. “Well… That’s because… um, well.” The goddesses had taken a vow never to tell any mortal about this, but Zelda could be trusted. With a deep sigh, she said, “After we created the worlds, a lot of our power was dumped into them. The great power that we once had was spent on the creation of life and time. The power that we were left with is still massive, but not nearly enough to take on a demon. The reason why the Fierce Ogre Deity is better than us is because he did not help to create the world.” Zelda sat back down absorbing what she heard. So the goddesses weren’t as strong as the legends told. She let out a sigh.


A loud banging on the door shocked Zelda and caused her to shriek. Din turned to the door and took a defensive position in front Zelda. “Zelda? Are you in there?” Her eyes brightened with glee. She ran to the door and opened it to see her former nurse standing before her.


“Impa!” Zelda yelled, giving her friend a big hug. She had red eyes of the Sheikah and black hair tied in bundle around the back of her head. “Where have you been for the past 7 years? I thought that Ganondorf may have killed you during his raid.”


Impa looked down at her and said, “I have been hiding in the Shadow Temple with the few other Sheikah. After Ganondorf gave up the search for you, I began my own search. I looked across deserts and mountains, but to no avail.”


“Impa, I was trapped inside the Temple of Time with Link. He pulled the Master…”


Zelda was cut off by another voice from outside, “Impa, can I come in yet?”


Zelda looked up to see a smiling Impa. She walked over to the door and put her hand around the outside. “Princess, among my search for you, I did happen to find someone that I think you will want to meet.” She swung the door open to reveal a woman standing in the rain with a traveling hood pulled over her. She stepped inside and took off her hood and what Zelda saw, she could never forget.



After their swords collided, Link drew back his Master Sword and went for a stab to the gut. But the Fierce Deity side-stepped it to his left so he was now holding his swords in reverse. He swung down the purple blade at the glowing Master Sword, blocking it from a possible horizontal cut. He hit Link with his left knee into the side. Link’s jaws clenched with pain, but he didn’t waver. He pulled both swords away and dropped to the ground for a sweep kick. The Fierce Deity merely slammed his sword into the ground, blocking Link’s foot. He took the opening to try and slice Link in 2. As the blade came down at Link, he brought The Biggoron’s Sword up for protection. “I must say Link, I’m disappointed. I expected much more of a fight from the Hero of Time.” The Fierce Deity smiled at Link.


“Sorry to disappoint you.” Link said as he pulled the Master Sword across the knuckles of the Fierce Deity. In response, he pulled out of the attack and picked up his grounded sword. He rubbed his knuckles with his hand while looking at Link with anger in his eyes; he charged Link once again both swords behind him. When he was a good 3 meters from Link, he stopped and stabbed both swords in front of him. Link did a back-flip just in time to avoid the blow. He didn’t have any rest time when he landed, because the Fierce Deity was already starting his attack. He swung one blade up from beneath him. Link managed to block it with his Biggoron’s Sword, but was caught off guard by the Fierce Deity’s punch to his face. Link flew 26 ft. away and landed sliding across the rocky top of the mountain. Link stopped himself by thrusting the Biggoron’s Sword into the ground. The Fierce Deity didn’t give Link any time to recover. He rejoined his sword and swung it horizontally, releasing a massive energy disk. Link saw it and hit it with the Master Sword, sending it flying through a rock.  Link looked over to see that the disk cut the rock clean in two, he would have to be careful. The Fierce Deity started slicing the air like mad, sending a huge amount of energy disks at Link. Link pulled his Biggoron’s Sword out of the ground and began to bat the disks away. He never once stopped his blades from moving, in fear that it would leave just enough time for one to get through. Instead, he spun the swords around his body and head, using the gaining momentum to hit the disks away. The Fierce Deity raised his sword above his head, and with a might yell, brought the sword down as hard as he could onto the ground. An energy disk, larger than the others, started to head towards Link. His Biggoron’s Sword clashed with it like the beam itself like it was a sword. Even with his golden gauntlets, he was having a tough time of keeping the beam away from him. Carefully, Link moved his to the left of the disk, hoping to get out of its way. The Fierce Deity came charging at Link with his sword above his head. Link saw him just in time to block his massive blade with the Master Sword. The Fierce Deity could feel the light of the sword flowing into him like the darkness in his sword to Link.


Link pulled his Biggoron’s Sword out of the path of the disk. The energy disk flew only inches from Link’s back, cutting off the end of his hat. Link swung the Biggoron’s Sword at the Fierce Deity with all of hit might, but the Fierce Deity pushed up his sword so that he was blocking both blades with his sword. They both pushed away and landed several yards from each other. They were both panting for breath. The Fierce Deity smiled at Link and said, “It… appears that I… underestimated you.”


“Good, because you’re… just as hard as I… thought you… were going… to be.” Link said back. Link sheathed both of his swords and brought out his Fairy Bow, while the Fierce Deity was pulling apart his sword again. Link cocked an arrow and aimed for the Fierce Ogre Deity’s head. He let the arrow fly right at the target. The Fierce Deity bent to his right side and hit the arrow with the green half of his sword. He followed up by doing a 360 degree turn to his left, parallel to the ground. With the gained momentum, he threw the green sword at Link! Link saw this just in time through the rain to dodge roll to his left. The tip of the blade hit Link on the back of his leg. It wasn’t more than a scratch, but the darkness that was in the blade seeped into the cut and burned like salt over an open wound. Link screamed with pain and grabbed his leg. The Fierce Deity ran up to Link with the other half of his sword in hand.


“Hero of Time, you fought well, but no mortal can beat a god like me.” The Fierce Deity pushed the blade from his right side into a stab attack with both hands. To his surprise, Link bent back and grabbed the sword with his right hand. The golden gauntlet gave him the strength and protection to hold on. The Fierce Deity was in a panic to get his sword back, but Link wouldn’t let go.


“God turned to darkness; I swore that I would kill you. I never break a promise.” Link pushed the Master Sword through the Fierce Deity’s armor and into his heart. The Fierce Deity gagged on blood and wobbled backwards. He looked down at the glowing sword, then up to the heavens and let out a powerful yell. While he was screaming, the Master Sword grew brighter inside him, letting the light flow out of his, mouth, ears, eyes, and nose. With his last breath, the Fierce Ogre Deity looked at Link and said with a sorrow filled face, “Tell my sisters, that I’m sorry.” The Fierce Deity collapsed onto the ground, lifeless.


The skies cleared and the rain stopped when the god died. Link walked up to him and drew out his sword. The Master Sword was no longer glowing and the Biggoron’s Sword was extinguished. Link looked down at the Fierce Deity and saw him set on fire! Link backed up in confusion, but continued to watch. Ash began to rise from the flames and parts of his body disappeared. Then the flame slowly was put out and all that was left was a mask. Link walked up to it and picked it up. He looked at the front of it and saw that it resembled the face and hair of the Fierce Deity perfectly. It had the war markings and white hair. Link put it into the bag with the goddess spells and whispered into the air, “I’ll tell your sisters deity. Sleep now, in the light.”

Chapter 10 – The Telling of Tales


            Link decided to walk back to Lon Lon Ranch. He was too tired to use Farore’s Wind and he wanted to see what the mountains were like again. As he started to walk down the mountain path, he noticed that the Biggoron was no longer in the spot where he received his sword. ‘He must have just gone into hiding or something like that.’ Link thought to himself. A breeze blew over him and he felt the wind go over his head. He took off his cap and saw the damage the disk had caused. His favorite hat was cut up to look like an open cylinder. Link threw it over the side of the mountain and began to ponder what was the reason for the mask the Fierce Deity left behind.


After he reached Kakariko Village, he found no one there. The builders weren’t running around like they used to. The chickens weren’t spread out over the place. The beggar wasn’t there either. Somehow, everyone seemed to disappear. Link sat down next to a well. He pulled out the mask and began fiddle with it around his hands. He turned it over and over as if hoping to find some kind of hint as to what it really was.


Link finished with it facing the ground in his hands. ‘Let’s see what this can do’, Link thought as he began to raise the mask towards his head. When it was just inches from his face, it felt like the mask jumped out of his hands and onto his face. Link wrenched his head up in pain. He felt it pulsing on him, morphing with him. The darkness of it was invading his every being. Clouds began to form over head again with lightning streaking across them. Link fell on to the ground hands and knees as the mask morphed itself with his face. Then lightning fell on him, causing him to rise into the air. All at once, it ended. The clouds still lay across the sky, but Link was no where in sight. Instead, a god stood in the middle of a village, holding a blade crafted so only he could wield it. He looked at himself in a panic. He had on a ghost white tunic and thick metal plate armor. His once green cap was now a ghostly white as well and his white hose was black. He walked over to the well and peered inside. Link looked at himself in shock. He had the same face painting, the same hair, the same glowing eyes, as the Fierce Ogre Deity. He backed away fell down. He could feel the power flowing with in him. In hope, he ran as fast as he could towards Lon Lon Ranch.


Link was marveled at his own speed. He traveled across Hyrule Field as if he were on Epona. He looked ahead and saw Lon Lon Ranch already coming up over the horizon. Hope filled his body again and he ran even faster towards the building, with the clouds following him from behind.


As he entered the ranch he saw the clouds were over head, darkening the skies. Mustering all of his courage, he opened the door to find not just Zelda, Din, Farore, and Nayru, but 2 other woman as well. Zelda looked at him and shrieked. She shrieked not out of fear, but the conclusion that if the Fierce Deity was here, Link had failed. The goddess got in front of her and the other 2 woman. Link looked before them with a serious face. The clouds behind him made him look more sinister than they ever imagined. “Please, I mean none of you any harm.” Link said, his voice was not his own, but deeper like the Fierce Deity’s.


“Brother, we know of your treachery. You joined the demons and now you wish to finish us. We will not allow it!” Din screamed holding her hand out in front of her. Fire began to form around her hand, and then it was released. It hit Link hard in the chest; he stumbled backwards, but was able to maintain his balance. Din kept firing more and more fireballs at him, each one only caused him to stumble further from them. With all his might he yelled.


“You don’t understand. It’s me Link!!” Din stopped her attacks and Link saw shock on her face. “I killed the Fierce Deity. I killed your brother. A mask was left behind from his ashes. I put it on out of curiosity and now I am him!” Nayru stepped forward and put her hand on his face, and then she put both hands on his face and pulled. The mask came off and the clouds above disappeared from view. Link let out a gasp for breath as if he were underwater. He could feel the darkness leave him. He looked down and saw that he was once again in his own body. He felt entirely out of energy after the mask was taken off. The energy required wielding it plus after just fighting the god him self toke a lot out of him. “At least I beat him.” Link then fainted.



Zelda rushed over to his side and gasped. She saw his green cap was missing which showed that his blond hair was tied in a bundle. He had a large cut on the back of his leg and several tares through his tunic and hose. Link would latter tell her that the cut was just a scratch at first, but the darkness opened it up like a crowbar. Zelda turned him over to see him breathing easily. She let out a sigh of relief. “So, my mighty hero was able to kill a god. What more could I ask out of him?” She let out a fake laugh. She turned to the goddesses to see that they were looking over the mask. “What is that?”


Nayru walked over to Zelda and put her hand on Zelda’s shoulder. “So far as we can tell, it is a mask of our brother’s face. We can feel his power within it as well as fragments of his soul, but it isn’t nearly enough to conquer Link’s. That’s why he was in complete control of Fierce Ogre Deity’s body,” Nayru explained. Zelda let out a long oh sound to tell that she understood.


“But… How did it come to be?” Zelda asked.


Nayru smiled, “We won’t know until Link wakes up, will we?” She winked at Zelda, giving her the message. Zelda put her hands on Link’s face she concentrated hard. A blue light started to glow around her hands and onto Link’s face. The blue aura now started to flow around Link like light. Zelda stopped and started to breathe rather hard. It took a lot out of her. Link’s eyes fluttered open to see Zelda kneeling over him. He felt for his wound, but it was no longer there. He looked up to Zelda and smiled. He knew exactly what happened.


“Thanks Zel.” Link said.


“Zel? Who’s that?” Zelda questioned.


Link let out a chuckle and said, “It’s your new nickname. Do you like it?” Zelda only laughed and her head bent down with eyes closed. She opened them only inches from Link’s. They peered into each other’s blue spheres then embraced in a passionate kiss. Link and Zelda held each other with all their might, never again wanting to be apart from each other. Like true lovers, they meant every move they made.


“Ahem,” one of the women coughed. Link and Zelda stopped and stood up blushing a crimson red. “It appears that you 2 care for each other Zelda.” The woman spoke to Zelda. Link looked at her. She had black hair curled into a bundle behind her head and blood red eyes. Her face was a little less than pale with a smile that brought back some of the color.



Every one was now inside of the house, sitting on either couches, chairs, or in Link’s case, the table. The 3 goddesses sat on one couch with Zelda and the other mysterious figure next to her on another. The woman with blood red eyes was seated on a chair next to them. “Lets start with introductions.” Din said to break the silence. “My name is Din, goddess of passion and fire.” Instantly, the 2 women’s jaws dropped. The red-eyed one went down on one knee instantly while the other one did a formal curtsey. Din giggled a bit then started to speak again, “There’s no need to do that. Link and Zelda did the same thing when they first saw us, but it really isn’t necessary right now.” Both women sat back down, still in shock.


“My name is Nayru, goddess of peace and water.” The women’s jaws dropped even further than before.


“And my name is Farore, goddess of sleep and nature.”


“This… This is incredible!!! The goddesses are… are here!” The blood-eyed woman said, “I never thought that I… would get the… the… privilege!” She fell down onto her knee again, but with her head bowed and hand right hand on the ground. “I, Impa of the Sheikah, vow to be your servant to the goddesses for all time.”


“Hmm. Sorry, but we think that you will do much more by just caring for Zelda.” Farore responded.


The blood-eyed woman, now Impa, didn’t seem to mind. “Very well, I will carry out my duties till the end of my days.”


He found it to be unneeded, but Link introduced himself anyway. Zelda did the same. Then the woman next to Zelda said something that made Link’s jaw drop like it did when he first saw the goddesses, “My name is Sylvia. I am the queen of Hyrule, Labrynna.  I am also Zelda’s mother.” Link couldn’t believe it; he thought that Zelda was an orphan after her father died. Apparently, her mother was alive and well.


“Um, if it is alright your highness, could you tell us how you got, um, here?” Link was nervous not to anger the queen. She only smiled and began to tell her story.



After Zelda was born, my husband and I were very happy. We would dance together in the halls outside Zelda’s room, remembering the day I found out I was pregnant with her. Yet the happiness did not last. My sister from the kingdom of Labrynna, Ambi the 14th, grew fatally ill. I immediately departed for her upon the news, only to realize that I had arrived a day to late, and she was gone. Both Hyrule and Labrynna mourned that day. A burial was held for her in the royal garden.


When we were finished, there were matters to discuss. There was no one left to take reign again over Labrynna and I was the last of the royal family there. I was split between taking up reign in Labrynna or staying in Hyrule. I started to think that it would be best to live at Labrynna for a while with Zelda, but my dear husband thought otherwise. He insisted that I stay with him. He said that the kingdom needed them both, that he needed me.


My heart was shattered. I was torn between two decisions that I couldn’t make. I took me months to decide, but I finally thought I had a solution. I would depart for Labrynna while Zelda would stay with my husband. I knew that you would grow up to be a respected leader and admired woman, so I thought that it would be best. My husband cried over my decision, but ultimately, he knew I was right. We did agree that you would live with each of us, one year at a time.


I departed the next day for Labrynna, the long road that was built in the name of the goddesses still stood then, but it didn’t during my journey. As soon as I crossed the road, a mighty storm was set loose that destroyed the very foundations that the road stood on over the seas. I realized then that there would be little way of ever seeing you. I have learned from Impa that your father told you that I had died during the storm. Unfortunately, that is really what he thought happened to me.


After 10 years, life had stayed the same. I eventually married a knight in service to Labrynna. He was a handsome man that loved me for me and not for my title. We even had a daughter, your sister Zelda. We named her Tetra meaning love for the seas. Only 8 years after her birth, Impa came to me. I recognized her immediately for she cared for me as a child as well, Zelda. She told me that she was looking for you because you had been lost during the reign of Ganondorf. I left immediately without word to my daughter or husband. We traveled across lands, oceans, and mountains in search for you, only to finally find you, fighting evil itself. Impa and I traced you back to here, thanks to her Sheikah skills. Now, here I am.



Link and Zelda listened to the story with undivided attention. Much of the information was unimaginably hard on Zelda. She found out that she had a sister, that her father suffered for years thinking that her mother was dead, and that she was heir to the throne of Labrynna and Hyrule. As Sylvia began to finish, Zelda was the first to react. “Mother, all this time you have been alive, and now you come back to me with news that I am both overjoyed and sorrowful to hear.” Zelda lent over on to her mother and said, “I’m so glad your okay.” Tears started to flow down her cheeks, she didn’t cry, just tears came from her. Link watched with a small smile spreading across his face. These tears of joy made what Link did, all worth while.


“Link,” Farore began to speak to him, he turned to hear her, “Would it be alright if you told us about what happened to our brother.” Link could easily pick out the sorrow in her voice as she spoke. Impa, Sylvia, the other goddesses, and Zelda all turned to him with curiosity in all their eyes. Only the goddesses showed sorrow on their faces.


Link straightened himself up on the table, “Sure I will.” Link retold the entire battle scene. From the strengthening of their blades, to the battle scars that they both suffered, even the turn of events when he fell on the ground has the Fierce Ogre Deity charged him. He described in great detail the end, how Link had stabbed the Master Sword through the Fierce Deity’s chest and the glow emitted. Link slowed down then looked up to the goddesses with watery eyes. The goddesses were confused a little, “Din, Farore, and Nayru. Your brother wished for one thing with his last breath. It is eternally scarred into my mind the way he looked and the sorrow he wore when he said it.” A few tears began to run down Link’s face, as did the goddesses, “The Fierce Ogre Deity said that he was sorry for all the pain he caused, for causing your 3 to suffer.” The 3 great goddesses of Hyrule did the last thing that Link thought they would do (for being goddesses), they broke down and cried. Din held her face in her hands while Farore and Nayru held each other, crying on opposite shoulders. Link could her Din whispering to herself through her sobs, ‘Brother, oh dear sweet brother’. It was probably the hardest thing to ever happen to them.


Eventually, the goddesses started to calm down and regain control. They wiped away the last of their tears and looked at Link with fake smiles, “Thank you for telling us. We realize it was needed to be done, but we had no idea that he still felt for us through his own pain.”


Link was careful when asking, “Do you know how that mask came to be?” Pointing his hand towards the Fierce Ogre Deity’s mask, this rested on a small table next to them. The goddesses looked towards it and Din answered.


“It is the collection of his power. His body, strength, even weapons are all kept inside of it. The only thing that we can guess, this is what happens when you kill a god.”


“Um, can I ask a question?” Zelda spoke up. The goddesses turned to her as did Link. “I thought that the gods were immortal, so why is it that Link just killed one?”


Farore smiled at Zelda through her tear stained eyes. “Gods are only immortal to one thing Princess. Time. Time flows over us like air through a tree. Never able to change it or kill it. A blade can easily destroy us if it is wielded by someone who has great strength, like Link” She said pointing towards him. “Demons are no different. THIS reminds me.” The 3 goddesses turned to Link and with a smile on each face. Link was extremely confused, so Nayru began to explain.


“Link, Hero of Time, slayer to the Fierce Ogre Deity. We have news to you that can either be good or bad, it all depends on how you look at it.” Link gulped as he expected the worst, “The Fierce Ogre Deity was the god to demons, and he was the one who would slay them if any where to arise. Yet as the legend goes, a demon with incredible power took the darkness within him and strengthened it until it over ruled the light. He had become a demon of sorts that day, a god that acted like a demon. Link, the reason why we tell you this is because you killed him. You are the first mortal through out history in any world since their very birth that was able to kill a demon or god. It is the most important sign to tell us what your real destiny is.” Link started to feel his heart beat quicken, faster than every before. “You are the Hero of Time. A brave warrior that prophecies say would travel through time to save the world, and you have. But you also killed a god. With that act, you became the most legendary hero ever to live. You have become the fabled, Reaper of The Demons.” Link thought that his heart would explode from such news. Even the Kokiri knew about the legend. How would he of ever thought that he would be him? Zelda and Sylvia both gasped and through their hands to cover their mouths. Impa stared at him with wide eyes as if in hopes to see the very makings of his soul that made him the Reaper.


“Li… Link.” Zelda started to whisper. He turned to her with shock on his face as well. “You… You are the greatest hero who has… has… ever walked Hyrule before.” Her face had gone paler than Impa’s face was before. “I… I don’t know what to… to… to say.”


Din started to speak to Link again, “Reaper of the Demons, former Hero of Time. It is our duty as the 3 goddesses to train you to be prepared for the coming of more demons. I will train you with fire magic that will able you to use new moves in combat and fire spells. Farore will teach you wind and earth magic that will enable you to warp upon free will and then some. Nayru will teach you water magic that can calm the seas and summon whirlpools.” Link was in shock. He was going to be taught combat, by the GODS! “Originally, the Fierce Ogre Deity would help teach you how to use darkness, but unfortunately, you will have to teach that to yourself due to the fact that you killed him.”


Nayru started to speak again. “Reaper of The Demons, it may be best for you to go and collect other items that could be of help to you in the future. They are kept among each race across Hyrule. It would be best for you to get these first because, while your there, you can tell each race that the war in Hyrule is over.” Link nodded slowly to tell that he understood. Then questions came to mind.


“I have 2 things to ask. 1. You said that the Forest Temple is where the Kokiri are hiding. Am I to assume that the other races will be hiding in the other temples?”


Farore smiled and said, “Yes, Reaper, each race will be hiding in the temple which god they worship to. The Forest Temple for Kokiri, Fire Temple for Gorons, Water Temple for Zoras, Shadow Temple for Sheikah,” Impa’s eyes shined at the mention of her race, “and the Spirit Temple for the Gerudos. Each Temple is also made to offer prayers to each one of us. Forest is for me, Fire is for Din, Water is for Nayru, Shadow is for every Demon, and Spirit is for the Fierce Ogre Deity.”


“Alright, now my next question is simple.” He took out Nayru’s Love, Din’s Fire, and Farore’s Wind, “Will I need these after I start my training?”


Din stood up and walked over to him. She rapped the palm of her hand on top of Link’s grabbing the spells at the same time. “No, Reaper to the Demons. After your training is complete, there will no longer be any need for these. But you should keep Farore’s Wind until you go to each Temple.” She held up Nayru’s Love and Din’s Fire. Din’s Fire slowly crept into her skin as Din absorbed its power. A Red aura started to glow from her as she took it in. “It’s great to have that back.” She tossed Nayru’s Love to, guess who? It to dissolve into her skin, but was followed by a blue aura instead. “Link, you will need this.” Din produced a map that looked similar to the one Zelda gave him when they were still kids, it even had 5 red X’s on it as well, but they were in different places. “This map tells you where each temple is. Each race is still hidden within the temples, so tell them the good news, and ask for each item that I have also listed.” Link looked back down to the map and saw that there were indeed more weapon names next to each X.


Link stood up and grabbed the Fierce Deity’s Mask and bagged it. Farore looked down and saw that the pouch was already stretched to fit the mask. “Young Reaper, take this in place of your old pouch.” Farore pulled out a medium sized bag that glowed from whatever power it contained. Link emptied his old pouch and put every thing into Farore’s. He was shocked to see that after every thing was in it, it still felt light and wasn’t stretched at all. “That is a pouch which I have blessed; it will allow an infinite amount of items to be put in there, regardless of size. It will help you store all of your items that you are going to gather.” Link tied it around his belt and was marveled at what it could do. He put the Fairy Bow and quiver in it as well because, the string of the bow was started to feel uncomfortable. When he went to go put the mask, it wouldn’t fit. “Reaper, it appears that you will have to strap that to your belt.” The mask somehow fit into his back belt loop quite easily.


“Link,” Impa said, Link turned to her, “I will wait for you at the Shadow Temple, I’m sure that I can help you while you are there.”


Link sighed and walked over to Zelda. He took her hands into his and gently whispered to her, “I’ll come back.”

Chapter 11 – Forest, Fire, and Darkest Grave


Link stood outside the Forest Temple of Kokiri Forest. He remembered how long Saria would drag him here through her own secret passage way. She would sit down on the same stump just about everyday, playing her song, Saria’s Song. The melody would flow through the body and ease pain. All of the Kokiri would dance to it and the Great Deku Tree would bend in the back in forth in his own dance. Link took in a deep breath and smiled at the happy memories. Sadly, those days were gone. He was the Reaper of the Demons; he had a job to do. Link looked down at the map again and chuckled. He still couldn’t believe that Saria had been right next to the Forest Temple everyday with him, and he had never thought twice about the building. He looked up to it again; the stair case leading to the entrance was shattered. It was on a high rise with vertical walls on every side. The trees around it covered view of it from just about every side except the front. “I’m coming Saria.” Link jumped up and grabbed the end of the stair case and pulled himself up.


The inside of the temple was huge. As he entered the main room, he saw 5 exits from the room and a large brown platform in the center of the room. There were 4 torches one either corner of it all burning a different color. As Link approached, the candles spread out into a fire circle. Link immediately pulled out the Master and Biggoron’s Sword and prepared for battle. Sure enough, the flames disappeared and were instead replaced with 4 ghostly creatures, each holding a small lantern that burned the color that they had come from. “Greetings stranger, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Poe Sisters, helpful guardians to this temple.” Link slowly sheathed his swords, but held on to the Master Sword with his left hand just in case. “We trust that you are here for no harm, hmm?” The Red Poe said.


Link shook his head, “No I am here to find the Kokiri. I am of need of an item that they posses and I wish to tell them that it is safe to come out, the 7 years of darkness are at an end.”


The Poe Sisters turned to each other as if to speak, but no words were spoken. Instead the Green Poe floated close to him and waved her lantern in front of him. Green flames started to dance around him, but to no harm. As the flames extinguished, the Green Poe gave a satisfied grunt and floated back to her sisters. Link listened carefully with his Hylian ears to what they were saying.


“There is no evil about him; my lantern would be able to sense it.” The Green one said.


“That is true, but maybe we should have him destroy the monster that lurks within the walls.” The Purple Poe spoke.


They all gave a nod to the idea. “Yea, that thing has tampered with the entire temple and has caused the Kokiri to hide in the rooms below with no light or nature. It’s as if it were solitary confinement.” The Blue one said.


“I’ll do it.” Link said.


The Poe Sisters turned to him slowly and said, “Did you hear our conversation?”


Link smiled and said, “I’ll admit, I’m too curious for my own good.”


The Purple Poe floated up to him, “Very Well. A creature has somehow sidestepped the magical barrier around the temple. We noticed it just in time to get all of the Kokiri into the rooms below. The creature is far too massive to make it in there, so they are safe. But we still need to destroy it and we do not have the power to destroy it. Do this, and we can let the Kokiri out.” Link nodded in acceptance once more. “You will find the thing most likely sleeping again in the room over there.” She moved her lantern to the door opposite of where Link came in. “It rests on the ceiling and has one huge eye, beware of it.” The Poe Sisters twirled till they were flames again on the torches. Link ran up to the room and opened the door.


He slowly walked in and heard the rustling above him almost instantly. He looked up into the black room. He scanned the ceiling for a bit but could see nothing. Finally, he saw it. One huge eye almost floating around the top of the room. It looked back at him and smiled with its eye. It crawled a little further then fell to the ground in front of him. It had 8 legs and one huge eye. It almost looked a lot like a spider. “Hello there, you must be my snack. I was getting a tad hungry. Of course though, I like to be a bit more formal with my meals.” It started to circle Link. Link merely followed it with his eyes and an unmoving body. “My name is Queen Gohma.”


Link quickly retorted, “Queen of what? Ugliness?” Gohma’s eye quickly clenched as she dove at him. Link jumped out of the way and pulled out his swords. Gohma landed and turned back to him. Her eye was glowing red as she ran at him with one of its legs raised. Link swiped his sword at the leg and it fell to the ground with blue blood oozing out of it. Gohma gave a high pitched screech and backed off. Her eye looked as if it was going to pop. She turned and started to climb up the wall. Link sheathed his swords and took the Fairy Bow and quiver out of his bag. ‘No more sifting through stuff.’ Link thought to himself as he cocked an arrow. Gohma looked down at him and started to shake. Link aimed at the most vulnerable thing he could see on her. He let the arrow fly and it found its mark. Gohma’s eye spun like crazy as she fell to the ground. Link put away the Fairy Bow and quiver and pulled out the Master Sword from his back. He jumped in the air and holding the Master Sword so it was facing the ground. The blade slid through Gohma’s eye like a knife through heated butter. There was no more struggle because, Gohma died instantly. Link pulled out his Master Sword and began to wipe it off as he walked back into the main room.


The Poe Sisters appeared again the same way as before. “I have successfully slain the spider.” He said holding up the Master Sword. The Poe Sisters nodded their heads as they looked to one another.


“Well done, now we can release the Kokiri.” The Red Poe floated through the ground and the platform began to follow her. Link jumped on top of it as it fell through the ground into a new room. Link looked ahead and saw a small doorway in front of him. On instinct, he ran towards it and opened the door. Inside was a room that reminded him of a library. The walls were lined with books around the entire circular room. His hylian ears picked up the sound of whimpering. He ran towards it already knowing what he would find. He moved a book case with the Golden Gauntlets and found all of the Kokiri inside. They all looked at him with fear and Link understood why, the closest thing that they had ever seen to an adult was the Poe Sisters. As if by call, the Purple Poe sister floated into the room and to the Kokiri. They all breathed a sigh of relief as they saw her.


“Hello young Kokiri. It is good to see that you are still well. Thanks to this young man here, you can explore the rest of the temple again. What is your name?” The Purple Poe asked. The rest of the Kokiri were also waiting for a response.


Link took a deep sigh and said, “You all already know me. My name is Link.” All the Kokiri gasped and stared at him with fearful eyes. They all backed away again, all except one.


“Li…Link. Is that really you?” Saria stepped forward, away from the other Kokiri. She looked exactly the same way that Link had seen her 7 years ago. She looked confused instead of scared. He made eye contact with her and both just stood there. Childhood friends now separated by fate for one to grow up and the other to be forever a child. Saria started to swell with tears and she ran to Link. He got down on one knee and welcomed her with a hug. Link remained calm while Saria was hugging him so hard that he could feel her nails driving into his back. “I’m so glad your okay! I thought that you may have died at the hands of Ganondorf!” She eventually started to calm down her sobs becoming more spaced apart. She wiped away the rest of her tears and asked, “So what happened to your hat?”


Link felt around his head and remembered that he threw his hat away after the Fierce Ogre Deity cut most of it. “Lost it in a fight,” Link muttered.


“Okay, now what happened while you were gone?”


“Well the short version is I was trapped in the Temple of Time by the Master Sword, became the Hero of Time by killing Ganondorf,” Saria and some of the other Kokiri cheered, “Came back to Kokiri village to find it in shambles and The Great Deku Tree dead, met the goddesses, went to Death Mountain to kill the Fierce Ogre Deity, succeeded, and the worst/best part of it all is, I became the Reaper of The Demons.” Saria and all the other Kokiri gasped. Even the Purple Poe was shocked.


“You… You’re the Reaper… of The… Demons? That’s incredible!!” Saria shouted as she gave him a tighter hug. All of the other Kokiri jumped and latched onto him. The force caused him to topple over with laughter. Every one was okay, it was so good to know that they respected him now. The Purple Poe let out a bit of a laugh at the sight. He was able to conquer, evil and gods, yet he was outmatched by the force of children. Eventually the rest of the Kokiri started to get off of him.


“Hey Saria, the goddesses are going to train me soon and they told me to gather some items. One of them is here. Do you know about the Longshot?”


Saria nodded here head like an eager girl on Christmas. “Yeah! It’s in this room. Follow me!.” Saria grabbed his arm ran behind him, Link was taking big steps to keep up with her as she ran through the library. “This is it.” Saria stopped in front of a door. The sign above it said, ‘Armory’. Link was really confused to see an armory attached to a library. Before he could do anything, Saria had opened the door and ran inside. He followed her into a large massive room that contained a walls filled with swords, axes, bows, arrows, and even whips! Saria ran to the far end of the room with Link walking close behind her. She stopped in front of a glass case that had the weirdest looking contraption that Link had ever seen. It had a small handle big enough for one hand, what looked like the end of a sword was put on the end of it, and the rest had a chain across it. Saria lifted the glass and took it out. “This is the Longshot. It is a very handy weapon that we, the Kokiri, have used for a long time. Let me show you.” She aimed at the ceiling of the room and pressed a button on the handle. The tip-of-a-sword flew through the air and suck itself into the ceiling. The chain followed it. Saria released the button and she flew into the air after it. She was at least 25 feet in the air when the Longshot came out of the wall and she started to fall. Link immediately caught her as she fell. She smiled up to him in his arms. “It works better when your heavier.” She giggled as Link set her on the ground. He took the Longshot from her and put it in his bag. He bent down and gave Saria another hug before taking out Farore’s Wind and warping to Death Mountain, to find the Gorons. “Link, I’ll always be here for you.”


He appeared in the same spot that he had fought the Fierce Ogre Deity. The only sign of the fight now was the sliced rock that the Fierce Deity’s disk cut through. ‘Better find Goron Village.’ Link thought to himself. He started to head down the mountain until he came across the path that he and Zelda took as kids. A faint memory came back to him. He remembered resting on a rock when the goron appeared. ‘Hey my name is Darunia, leader of the gorons.’ ‘I have to find him,’ Link thought. He followed the path that Darunia took and came to a ledge. He looked left and right, then he saw a set of stairs, leading down to where Darunia fell. He ran down the steps as fast as he could, finally appearing before a small cave hidden within the rocks. As Link entered, he saw one of the most amazing things. It was a giant city hidden in rock with tunnels, homes, shops, even a main room. Link walked through the place, awed by the power it must of taken to craft this. As he descended into the lower levels, he heard a scratching noise. He slowly approached a giant rock with the noise behind it. Link lifted the Biggoron’s sword and took a deep breath. He swung down, chopping the rock in two. He pushed both halves away and saw what was making the noise. All of the Hylians.


It dawned on him that Rauru said that most of the Hylians that survived made it to Death Mountain to hide with the gorons. “Who are you, what do you want?!?” One of the Hylians screamed, Link could tell that they were very much afraid of him.


“Relax, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m looking for the Gorons.”


“They all went into the Fire Temple, but we were unable to follow because of the immense heat. Now who are you?!?”


Link decided not to tell them that he was the Reaper of the Demons, that might only make them more afraid. “I’m the Hero of Time.”


Most of them laughed at this remark. “Yeah right, great hero. Why don’t you give us some kind of proof?” Link pulled out the Master Sword and he held the flat end of the blade against his face, so the Triforce symbol was showing to the Hylians.


They all gasped at him, “Great hero, we are sorry that we were rude. What news do you bring?”


Link sighed with relief, “I have killed Ganondorf and freed this land from evil. You can all return to Hyrule Village, but it will need to be rebuilt.” He was saddened that they would have to return with most of their homes destroyed and way of life almost vanquished. Families were split and now they would have to find each other again.


“Th… Thank You!!” They all ran up to him like the Kokiri did, but this time Link knew better. He took out the Longshot and pushed it into the ceiling. He was pulled up while all of the Hylians below him stared up at him.


“Do any of you know how I could get into the Fire Temple?”


The Hylians looked amongst themselves in question. Then an old woman appeared out of the crowd and said, “The gorons keep a special tunic that allows other races that aren’t immune to heat to enter the Fire Temple. It is kept in the leaders room, but the door is far too heavy for any of us to lift.”


Link pushed the button to release the Longshot and he fell back into the crowd. He landed hard, but relatively unharmed. “Thank you for your words of wisdom miss,” Link said thanking the old woman. She smiled and bowed her head in response. The rest of the Hylians in return, bowed towards Link. He flushed red from all of the unwanted attention. After what seemed like hours, the Hylians slowly began to make their way out of the cave and down in descent for Hyrule. For home.


Link went down story after story, trying to find Darunia’s room. When he finally reached the lowest level, he saw just one door that looked like it weighted 2 tons. ‘This must be it,’ Link thought. He walked up to it and felt it with his hand, it was unusually warm, but other than that, it seemed fine. Link flattened both of his hands put them behind him. With a great shove, Link pushed both of his hands into the stone! He began to lift the great block with all of his might. It wasn’t as heavy as the tree in Kokiri Village, but heavy none the less. When the block was halfway up, Link put his hands underneath the block and lifted it the rest of the way. It locked in place and he made his way into the room. It was small and informal, not what Link expected a Goron leader to do, but what did he know about Gorons? There was a bed big enough for 1, a desk with an unlighted candle, a rug in the center of the room, and a chest in the corner of the room.


He walked up to the chest and saw that a large lock was wrapped around it. He smiled and took out the Biggoron’s Sword and with a quick slice, took care of it. It fell to the ground with a clank. Link opened the chest to find a tunic that looked a lot like his, only it was red. He took it out and laid it across the bed while taking off his green tunic. He put on the red tunic and felt that it was actually cool despite its color. Thankfully though, this one had a hat. Link looked around himself with the new tunic and found that if fit him quite nicely. He started to leave the room, but was stopped by a sudden heat wave. He looked back into the room in confusion. As he did, he was hit with another heat wave. Link walked to the far wall that had a statue on it. As Link felt around the corners of it, he found that it got hotter and hotter. ‘Maybe there’s a way into the Death Mountain from here.’ Link yanked on the statue and found that it slid out of the way quiet easily. He looked behind it and sure enough, there was a pass.


Link walked down the path and found himself inside Death Mountain. Thanks to the tunic, he wasn’t burning up like the Hylians said they would of. Link started down the path that the gorons made into the mountain. It was a simple dirt road, but that was because most stone would melt on contact with the lava. He walked further into the mountain when a stone archway caught his eye to the left. It was like the archway in the entrance to the garden in Hyrule Castle, but this time, there was a stone well instead of a garden. He bent over and peered into the depths, but couldn’t see beyond the soot. Thankfully there was a ladder in front of him. Knowing that this must be the entrance to the Fire Temple, Link began to climb down the ladder. It took him 5 minutes to reach the bottom, but when he did, he saw the real entrance to the Fire Temple. It had torches on either side of the room and statues of gorons as well. Link walked up the stair in front of him and saw a large mural that showed a Goron that looked a lot like Darunia, smashing a dragon with a large hammer.


Something in the room to his left made a banging sound. Link pulled out his swords and slowly crept towards it. He kicked open the door read for battle, but instead he saw several gorons moving around a large room. They were moving rocks from one side of the room to a well on the other. One Goron saw him and panicked. “Intruder!” Several Gorons came running and all gave Link the same face of unwelcome ness.


“Please, I mean you no harm,” Link said in his defense. “I come to you as the Hero of Time.” On que, Link raised the Master Sword for the Gorons to see. Their eyes grew wide and they began to bow like the Hylians before them. “All I need to tell you is that the war is past. Ganondorf is dead by my hands. Now I need to speak to your leader, Darunia.” The first Goron came up to Link, looking a bit nervous.


“He is not here, Great Hero. He left to kill Dodongo with the Megaton Hammer. That beast has been eating our food supply and we are forced to put most of it into a safe so he can’t get it, but it’s causing most of us to starve.” The Goron looked over at the wells in anger. “If you don’t mind me asking, what business do you have with him?”


Link sighed and said, “I need the Megaton Hammer by order of the goddesses.” The Goron looked at him with a mixture of surprise, and fear.


“You… you can s… see Darunia in Do… Dodogn… go’s cavern.” The goron pointed a shaky hand towards the door that Link came in from. “He lives in the… the… the room across from this o… one.” Link thanked him and headed off.


Link opened the door to find himself in a large room with a bridge that stretched from one end to the other. Under it was a thin layer of lava and several rocks around it. As he looked over the bridge, he saw Darunia walking towards the other way. “DARUNIA,” Link shouted in hopes of him hearing. Darunia did indeed turn to face him with a look of determination on his face. That brightened up when he saw a Hylian here. Link ran as fast as he could towards him, panting when he finally got there.


“Who are you?” Darunia asked. Link looked at him and smiled.


“I shouldn’t be surprised you don’t know me, we did only meet once before.” Darunia’s face started to brighten up.


“Link, is that you? My you’ve grown these past 7 years; you even got the Biggoron’s Sword.” Darunia said pointing at the hilt of the Biggoron’s Sword. “But what blade is that?”


Link gently pulled out the Master Sword before holding it in front of him. Darunia looked at it closer and gasped. “Link, you’re the Hero of Time!?! What an honor that must be. So why are you here, and in the Goron tunic?” Link took some time to explain the situation that he had already literate several times before. Darunia listened without question till Link finally finished. “I see, so you are here to get this?” Darunia held up a large metallic hammer that looked extremely heavy. It was at least 2 feet in diameter with a point on the other side. It was short for a weapon, but most likely deadly.


“Yes, the goddesses say that I will require it.”


Darunia sighed and said, “Unfortunately Link, the Megaton Hammer is a precious Goron item. I can’t just give it to you.” Link looked at the ground, saddened. “However, you could earn it fairly. I’m sure that the other Gorons have already told you about Dodongo, the last survivor of the dinosaurs. He just came right out of the wall, eating his way through. If you can kill him for us, then we will let you have the Megaton Hammer.”


“I’ll do it. Don’t underestimate me either.” Link said with a small grin. Darunia laughed a little and began to walk back towards the side of the bridge he was heading for. Link followed close behind him.


“Here we are,” Darunia stopped in front of a patch of dirt that had a large print marking on it. Darunia looked at Link and said, “Good Luck.” Darunia shoved Link on to the dirt. Link was about to get up when the dirt around him collapsed into a large room. Link was just able to get out his Longshot and shoot it into the wall before he hit the ground. He looked up to see Darunia do a salute and lay on his belly to see. Link swore to himself then looked around the room. To his horror, a large reptile like beast was walking towards him. It stood a good 3 stories tall with rocky skin and deep black eyes. Link was regaining his senses when Dodongo took in a deep breath and let out a long stream of fire. Link just jumped out of the way, but was caught off guard by the beast rolling at him. Link quickly took out the Longshot and shot it into the wall. It pulled him out of the way just in time. ‘I can’t fight this thing! There must be another way to kill it.’ He puts away the Longshot and feels around him as if in hopes of finding a powerful weapon. He does. Link pulls out the Fierce Ogre Deity’s mask from his belt loop. Link lifts it to his face and he pears through the eyes of the mask right at Dodongo. Dodongo has stopped rolling and is now looking at him as if in fear. He began to breathe in deeply, preparing another fire blast, just as Link sets the mask on his face. Link’s body begins to rise into the air while he jerks back and forth from the changing of his body. Dodongo stops his attack and stares at Link with what one can guess with fear. Darunia looked in closer as if he would get a better view. A huge lightning bolt crashes through the Fire Temple and hits Link, forcing him back to the ground. An extremely bright light started to emit from him. Dodongo began to whimper as Darunia moved his head out from view of the hole. When the light started to fade, Darunia looked inside and almost fell in. Standing there was no long Link, but the Fierce Ogre Deity.


The Deity stared at Dodongo with glowing white eyes. Dodongo began to move away and cowered into a corner. The Fierce Ogre Deity drew his massive sword from behind him and raised it above his head. With a powerful battle cry, he sliced the blade in front of him, causing the bright disk to fly out of it. Darunia looked on with total awe at what was happening. The disk flew at Dodongo who was now scratching at the walls like a dog hoping to get out. The disk flew into its back and out of its gut. Dodongo screamed with pain and fell backwards. Link walked up to him as he rolled on the ground in pain. Link stood in front of his head with the same glowing eyes. “Goodbye.” The sword found its way all the way inside of Dodongo’s head. He flayed around on the ground for another 5 seconds before he finally lay still, dead. Link took off the mask and started to breath rather frantically. He put the mask away and saw the already rotting carcass of Dodongo. He looked up and sighed with relief. He took out the Long shot and aimed it right below the entrance to the room. He fired and he was wrenched up to Darunia. “So, how did I do?”


            “The better question is, what did you do?” Darunia was looking at Link with fear.


            “Relax, you know how I told you I killed the Fierce Ogre Deity?” Darunia nodded, “Well after I did, that mask remained of him. Whenever I put it on, I become him.”


Darunia let out a sigh of relief. “Reaper to the Demons, it is with my title as the leader of Gorons that I proclaim us to be Sworn Brothers.”


“Sworn Brother?” Link questioned.


Darunia chuckled under his breath and explained, “It is a binding of people if you will. It starts when someone does something of great importance to the other. It could be saving their life, their mate’s life, their house, anything. Now, you saved not only me, but an entire race, that qualifies for a Sworn Brother.” Link nodded and let out a long oh sound. “Now if I ever return the favor of equal value, we will become real brothers. Your name will appear on my family tree as mine on yours. It has been down only a few times before, but still remains deep within our culture. Do you accept?” Darunia held out his hand.


“Sworn Brother Darunia, I accept.” Link grasped the hand and shook it. Darunia wrenched him forward and gave him hard hug. Link could feel the air being pushed out of his body. Finally, Darunia let go of him.


“I believe that you said you came here for this.” Darunia held out the Megaton Hammer before Link. He took it and put it into his bag. He smiled at Darunia and said, “Till next time, Sworn Brother.” He vanished with Farore’s Wind.


Link appeared in Kokiri Village, actually the very spot that he came to after the Fierce Deity battle. Now though, it was filled once again with people. The beggar was no longer under the deck, but the tree. The builders were all sitting on an unfinished wall, singing to each other, laughing. The cuckoos were every where again and the red-haired lady was chasing them as well. He smiled and took out the map to see where he had to go, and to hide his face from fans. He saw a path lead into the graveyard that the Shadow Temple was just behind. He took slow steps to avoid hitting anything.


“Excuse me, you seem like you are lost. Can I help you?” Link froze. He wanted to avoid being seen at all costs, but it looks like there was no way out. He lowered the map and saw the cuckoo lady standing there. She smiled at him and asked, “Where are you going?”


Link thanked the goddesses that she didn’t recognize him, but it dawned on him that someone else might. “Listen, can you tell me where to find the Shadow Temple?” He already knew where it was, but he didn’t want her to think anything about him.


She smiled, “Sure, it’s just beyond the graveyard. Just follow this path straight, then take a left, not going up the stairs.”


“Thanks,” Link walked off. That was too close. He had to be more careful to concealing himself. After a short walk, he found himself inside Kakariko Graveyard. There were 3 rows of graveyards in front of him and one row on either hill to each side. Link walked across the path, reading some of the names that appeared on the plates. After going past the 3rd row, he saw a name that scared him. He bent down next to it and read it over and over again, making sure it was right. It was. His face grew pale and cold with fear and his heart sank faster than a stone in water.


“Link, good to see you’re here.” Link turned to see Impa standing before him. She looked the same as before, only there were 5 other people behind her, all with red eyes. He already knew that these were the other Sheikah. “I’ve already told my fellow Sheikah about you. They find that they owe you a debt for killing Ganondorf.” She smiled towards one of the taller Sheikah. He had blond bangs and was wearing loose black clothes that had the Sheikan symbol on the torso, each sleeve, and each leg. “We have decided to give you this.” Impa produced a small knife that had the Sheikan symbol on the hilt. The blade was in a small sheath that was decorated with black and red glass. Link took it and pulled the blade out. The most noticeable feature on it was not the fact that it was slightly bent, but it was pure black. Not like other swords that shined in the sun, this one looked like it could shine off darkness. “It is the Sheikan Knife. It is kept with the leaders of the Sheikah. It makes a very handing assassination tool. It is impossible to see in the darkness and it makes no noise through the air.” Link sheathed it and put the belt loop it came with above his belt. Link fashioned it behind his back with the hilt facing his left side. He pulled the knife of its sheath and began spinning it across his fingers. The other Sheikah smiled that he knew how to use their gift.


Link sheathed the knife and said, “I am sure that this will aid me greatly in my travels.” He put his hands together and did a formal bow. The whole time he acted and spoke, he held the same expression and tone, both empty. No emotions came out of his mouth or showed on his face. Link gestured goodbye, then he vanished with Farore’s Wind. Impa had only seen Link once, but he was full of life when she did. And that was only hours ago. What happened? She and the other Sheikah made their way back to Kakariko Village. They were going to help them rebuild all of Hyrule.


Link appeared in Hyrule field, out of sight from the entire world. He looked into the sky and began to weep. He would never have thought it possible to see what he saw, to see what he had asked for in his dreams every night since he found out he wasn’t a Kokiri. He had thought that it would turn out better, that it would a wonderful moment. But this was the opposite of what he felt. Darkness, started to cloud his mind.

Chapter 12 – Truth Revealed with Spirit and Water


Zelda was in Lon Lon Ranch with her mother and the goddesses. Her mother and her were feeding the horses that survived the raid. She petted one across face in awe. This animal was so gentle and noble at the same time. Riding faster than anything else in all of Hyrule. It was a truly magnificent animal. She sighed lost in thought when her mother snuck up behind her. She had a bucket of water ready to be dumped on her daughter. She was right behind her with the bucket raised when the door slammed open. She lost her balance and the bucket fell on Sylvia and Zelda. They both shrieked and sunk their heads between their shoulders, soaked. Sylvia turned to see Impa in the doorway, holding back laughter at the sight. “Looks like, hmph, that you 2, hmmph, are really bonding. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Impa finally broke out. Sylvia and Zelda both gave her the same look that they were irritated.


“Impa, why are you back so early?” Zelda demanded.


“Well, ha, you see, ha ha, Link has already been through, ha ha ha, the Graveyard. I and the fellow Sheikah have already given him the Sheikan Knife. Although, he seemed blank the whole time we presented it to him. Like he had seen a ghost.” Impa started to ponder being over her laughter.


“A ghost? Couldn’t it have been a Poe?” Sylvia asked.


“No No. There are the Poe Sisters who are guardians to the Forest Temple. Link must have already met them so it wouldn’t make since to be scared of another. Although,” Impa started to shake her finger up and down like she was getting an idea, “He was crouched over a grave when we appeared there.”


Zelda started to wonder what it could have said. Link had been in the Kokiri Forest all of his life, so there would be no body… “Impa! Can you take me to the same grave?!?”


“Sure, we could see what it said.” Impa and Zelda left the small barn and went into Hyrule Field. Impa raised her hand and through it to the ground. A blinding light appeared for just a few seconds, but they were gone went the light faded. They appeared in Kakariko Graveyard, thanks to the Sheikah Teleport. Impa and Zelda walked up a small hill and they stopped before a grave. “This is the one he was reading.”


They both bent down to read it and Zelda gasped. Impa continued to stare at it with wide eyes. The grave read a terrifying message to them that was meant to bring peace to heart.


Here Lies The Couple That Fought Against The Gerudos For Their Village


Joanne and David

Parents To Their Lost Child





Link continued to weep for them. His parents died for him, now he met them in their grave. He had dreamed that he would find their bodies above the ground, holding each other, side by side, in a way that true lovers were. He dreamed that he would bend down next to them and see their faces smiling up at him in their deathbed and down from the heavens were they reside. Now cruel reality set in. He would never see their face, he would never see them happy, and he would never see them smile. He felt alone again without hope.


His tears began to lessen and his sobs became spaced out. His parents had been gone all of his life, why should now be any different? He raised his head and got to his feet. With his face still stained with tears and his still torn, he said “Demons of the Worlds, I will make you pay for all of the pain you have caused. For all of the Lives you have ruined. For all of the love you have destroyed, especially mine.” Link took out the map that Nayru had given him. He had gotten the Longshot, Megaton Hammer, and the Sheikan Knife, now all that was left was the Mirror Shield in the Spirit Temple and the Zora Boomerang in the Water Temple. ‘How in the world am I going to get into the Water Temple? Rauru said that no one can get there unless they can breath underwater.’ Link thought hard. Zora were the only people that could breathe underwater, like the Gorons and fire. An idea hit link, ‘Maybe the Zora have a tunic that can let me breath underwater like the Gorons and their fire tunic.’ Link looked down at it. He smiled as he took out Farore’s Wind and warped to Zora’s Domain.


He appeared at the same doorway that he had used to come in a kid. What he saw scared him. All of the water was frozen. The lake, small pond, even the waterfall was frozen in place. There were no Zoras either. ‘What is going on?’ link walked up the doorway that he took as kid into King Zora’s throne room. As he entered, he saw the king wasn’t there. Only an empty slate was left. ‘Maybe he’s in his room.’ Link went into a doorway that was to the right of him. The door itself was massive to fit the king and the room inside was much more royal the Darunia’s had been. This one had gold décor along every wall and ceiling. A crystal chandelier hung above the center of the room. The bed at the end of the room was amazing; it could fit all of the Kokiri kids in it. It had long blankets and was decorated with small emeralds along the seem. As Link walked up to it, he saw a blue tunic laying across it. It looked as if someone had thrown it in a hurry, that was probably what happened. Link took off his Goron Tunic and put on the Zora Tunic. The minute he did, felt like he could breathe anywhere. It was a weir felling. It was like all of the moisture that he had breathed in was gone.


‘In the name of the goddesses, please let this work,’ Link said as he put his head into a bucket of water in the room. To his surprise, he could breath! It almost felt refreshing. He took his head out without needing to breath. His head wasn’t wet either. ‘Looks like I’m set.’ Link took out the map again to see where the Water Temple was. Apparently, it was underneath a lake called, Lake Hylia. “Time to go,” Link vanished with Farore’s Wind.


He reappeared on a small island in a large lake. There were 2 bridges extending north and south. One back to main land and the other to another island with a small pedestal on it. ‘Time to get to work.’ With the Zora tunic on, Link took a dive into Lake Hylia. It was an extremely refreshing feeling that swept over Link. It felt almost as if the battles of the past were being washed away. He pushed himself lower and lower into the waters of the lake, not even feeling the weight of the water pushing down on him. As he reached the bottom of the lake, he say the doorway into the tunnel. The problem was, it was closed with a large grate in the way. ‘Thank Din for the gauntlets.’ Link swam down just under the grate and grabbed it. He pulled up with all of his might. A clank was heard, signaling that the grate had been released. Slowly, it began to rise on its own, and Link let go. When there was just enough room for him to get through, he did.


The main room of the Temple was massive. It was completely submerged with a tall 3 story building in the center of the room. There were small caves on each wall with strange fish swimming through the water. Link swam to the top of the room and found a small platform big enough for him to climb on. As he did, a fish jumped up to him, biting him on the arm. Link winced in pain, but pulled the fish off and held it until it died of suffocation. ‘That’s weird, it’s a piranha, but piranhas never have armor!’ Indeed. The fish had on a thick plate of armor. Link tossed the fish aside and went into the door behind him.


The inside of the tower was hollow. The only thing inside of it was the water and a few platforms, but Link could easily jump to the bottom if he wanted to. He peered down to the bottom of the tower and saw a silverfish creature swim under the water. “A Zora!” Link jumped into a dive and descended into the water. He swam as fast as he could to the bottom of the tower, hoping that he might have found the Zoras already. When he finally reached the bottom, there was only one Zora instead of all of them. Link looked at her, yes, her. She looked beautiful for a Zora, her scales almost reflected the little light that the water offered, her fins danced around her as though silk. “What are you doing with my father’s tunic?!? That was left at Zora’s Domain for the Hero of Time!”


Link came back to his senses, “Sorry. Let me introduce myself. My name is Link, the Hero of Time.”


The female Zora blushed blue and did a slight bow with her waist while keeping her eyes fixed on Link. “I apologize for being so rude. My name is Princess Ruto of the Zora.”


Link did a small bow. “Princess can you please tell me where I might find the rest of your race. I wish to tell them that Ganondorf’s reign has finally finished. It is safe to come out.” Ruto grinned clasped her hands together just below her head. “I am also in need of an item that your father might possess. It is called the Zora Boomerang.” Ruto nodded her head that she understood.


She tilted her head towards a small doorway that missed Link’s attention. “The rest of my race has taken shelter above a room where a giant fish resides.”


“Giant Fish?”


“Its name is Gyorg. It is a massive fish with extremely thick armor. It can travel almost everywhere in the temple, because the temple is connected with a series of tubes. I believe that you have met its children,” Ruto said pointing at Link’s arm. It was bleeding slightly, but enough to notice. “Only the smallest rooms like this one are safe. My race has taken shelter above the creature because, it is above water and out of reach, but they are becoming dried out. We need someone to defeat them for us.” She swam up to Link and put her face only inches from his. “Can you do this task great hero?”


“Su…Sure. Just please let me have some breathing room your highness.” She swam back a little, letting out a small giggle. Link ignored it and swam towards the door and opened it. He appeared in a large room that was filled with water. It had only one platform in the center and a cage above the surface. Link couldn’t make out what was in it, so he swam up to the surface. He froze when he heard a movement behind him. “What was that.” Link took out the Longshot and turned.


In front of him he saw a giant fish, almost a large as Dodongo. It had a sharp set of teeth that protruded out of its mouth. The armor on it looked as thick as bark on the Great Deku Tree. It swayed left and right, to keep itself afloat. Its eyes were staring at Link. ‘That might work.’ Link slowly lifted the Longshot, aiming at its eye. Gyorg didn’t even notice until Link hit the button and let it fly. The point made contact with its eye and it swam away extremely fast. Link swam as fast as he could towards the platform. He made it and moved towards the center of the platform panting rapidly.


“Are you alright?”


Link shot up, almost thinking that it was the fish talking to him. Then he looked up and saw the cage. It was filled with Zora!


“Did that fish get you?”


“No, but it cant now.”


“Yes it can, it can slide across that platform!” The information got to Link just in time, for Gyorg sprung out of the water, hurdling itself towards Link. He was just able to hit its armor with the Master Sword, only to knock it away. It slid back into the water most likely preparing for another attack.


“That was quick thinking. It looks like you got to my tunic without any trouble though Link.”


His head tilted towards the cage and said, “King Zora?”


“Yes I’m up here. And with some weight loss thankfully.” A laughter erupted from the Zora despite the situation.


“Can anyone tell me how to kill this thing?”


“Sorry. If we knew, we would have done it. The armor protects its sensitive skin, making pain impossible.”


‘It’s armor… that’s it!’ The idea hit Link. He took out his Megaton hammer and followed the movements in the water. The fish was circling him with the sweet idea of a new kind of meal. The ripples slowed down and moved back against the wall. Link held the hammer in both hands and crouched into a battle stance. The ripples charged the platform, then Gyorg erupted from them! It slid across the platform on its side and it’s jaw was open and ready crunch him with its sharp teeth and powerful jaw. Link jumped as high as he could. His boot grazed the scales of the giant fish. Already prepared for this, Link raised the Megaton hammer and started to descend on Gyorg. One of the eyes looked at him with a shocked look.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Link swung down with all his might. With the combined strength of the golden gauntlets with the weight of the Megaton Hammer, the armor protecting Gyorg shattered like glass. The Zoras stared down at him from their cage with great awe across their face. Gyorg flopped around the top of the platform, unprepared to fight now. Link put the Megaton Hammer back in his sack and took out the Master Sword. He pulled the sword behind him and glared at one of Gyorg’s eyes. It let out a powerful roar as if going to kill Link, but Link had already thrust the blade into its now soft skin. It thrashed back and forth with pain, but Link kept the blade in it, pushing it deeper and deeper into it. The giant fish let out one more powerful yell before falling silent.


Link pulled the Master Sword out of Gyorg and sheathed it. He looked back up to the Zoras and smiled at their look of awe. “That. Was. Amazing.”



Zelda walked into Lon Lon Ranch in her still tattered and ripped dress. Her face was expressionless as if hope had been drained from her. Impa had warped back here while she walked. “Its okay, I just need time to think.”


“If you think that is best.” Impa had replied.


Zelda had thought about everything she did with Link. From the moment that they met in the Castle garden, to skipping 7 years together, to killing Ganondorf, to meeting the Goddesses. Then alone, he had to kill the Fierce Ogre Deity and he found the grave of his parents by accident. She couldn’t imagine what it must be like. Hope given by gods, yet shattered from a simple grave. She at least knew that her mother was alive and she had a sister. But Link was alone in the world. No one was left for him, except, her. She smiled when she found that out. Realization of how much she must mean to him. “Thank Nayru for Ganondorf.”


“Did you hope that he succeeded, princess?” Zelda’s head shot around to see Farore bending of a small plant. She was rubbing her hand across it, bringing it to life again. “Princess?”


“N… No. I meant that I was glad that Ganondorf came to be because without him, Link and I would never have met.” Zelda tried herself sound childish.


Farore giggled a little then began to stand again. The plant she was curing was blooming into a beautiful white rose. It had was perfectly symmetrical with the petals peeling of the sides little by little. “It is true that evil exists and it destroys leaving almost nothing alive, but it is darkness that allows us to see the hope in dark situations. Even something that has been overtaken by darkness can become beautiful again with a little faith.” She winked at Zelda and walked past her towards a leafless tree.


Zelda looked back towards the white rose that Farore grew. “I’ll remember that Lady Farore.” She smiled and walked back into the barn to help her mother.



Link climbed back on top of the island in Lake Hylia. Princess Ruto had come back into the room after the battle was over. As beautiful as she was, she wasn’t Link’s type. Yet she was almost forcing herself onto him after he killed Gyorg. After he got the King down, King Zora gave him the Zora Boomerang. Link swam as fast as he could away from Ruto after that.


“There is only one place left to go now. The Spirit Temple.” He wasn’t exactly excited to go. The last time he was there, a Gerudo attacked him, proclaiming that he had intruded into the house of Ganondorf. What’s to say the Gerudos haven’t changed since then. Now here he stood outside the Spirit Temple with the heat of the desert pushing on him. Every Temple so far had some kind of demon in it, so Link knew it was safe to assume this one had one, too. With a bold step, he entered the Spirit Temple.


As Link entered the first room, he noticed to separate paths. One to the left and another to the right. He took a quick look at the left one to see that it was just a crawl space, far to small for him to fit into. He moved towards the right door and was just about to grab the handle when a Gerudo blew through the door. She was running backwards as if watching something. She ran right into a surprised Link, knocking them both off their balance. She landed on top of Link with a large spear in her hand. Her back was on Link’s chest and her loose red hair covered Link’s face. She turned her head to look at him, moving the hair away. “Who in the name of Din are you!?!” Link could already tell that she was frightened about something.


“I’m Link, the Hero of Time.”


Her face went white and she got up, but didn’t bother to help Link up. “There’s a Gold Knuckle behind me. It’s slow but strong, so let me know once you kill it, okay.” Without waiting for a response she darted down the stairs and out of the front door. Link followed her with his eyes, but they quickly shifted when he heard what sounded like falling metal. He looked at the doorway that the Gerudo came out of. Maybe 20 steps away from the door way was a enormous creature completely covered in gold armor from top to bottom. It was caring a large silver axe the looked sharp enough to cut hair. Link rolled on his back and jumped to his feet, pulling out his Master and Biggoron’s Sword.


“This shouldn’t take to long.” Link charged the creature with the Master Sword raised. The Gold Knuckle swung its axe, but it was quickly blocked by Link Biggoron’s Sword. Link swung the Master Sword at it’s head, but was shocked that the sword only scratched the armor. The Knuckle was raising its axe again. Link thought fast and jumped his feet onto the Knuckle. Before it had anytime to react, Link jumped off of it, putting some distance between them. He sheathed his swords and took out the Megaton Hammer. “If I can’t cut you, I’ll smash you.” Again, Link charged the Knuckle with the Megaton Hammer, but the Gold Knuckle was faster. It raised it’s axe in time to block Link’s blow. Link drew back and swung for its legs, but the axe dropped to the floor and stuck in the ground, blocking his blow. Link pushed off and put away his hammer. The Gold Knuckle stared at him with it’s red eyes and axe raised. “If I had magic, I could of killed you already, but now you can die by the hand of a god.”


Not wanting to miss the battle, the Gerudo girl snuck back into the main chamber. She watched this hylian named ‘Link’ hack and smash, but to no avail. Now he was pulling out a mask, ‘The Hero of Time must be crazy.’ But before she knew it, the light coming from the door stopped, block by the dark clouds in the sky. Now only a few torches lit the room. She continued to look at Link as he put the strange mask on his face. Instantly, a bolt of lightning shot through the roof of the temple, crashing down on him, but he didn’t move. ‘Must of done this before.’ The girl sounded calm, but her face was ice white with fear. After a few seconds, the lightning went away and Link no longer stood there. Now there was a slightly larger man with a white tunic and black hose. He had a well-designed chest plate, but the most noticeable feature, was the large twisted sword he was holding. He whispered something that she couldn’t hear, then he swung the sword, sending a disk off light hurtling towards the Gold Knuckle. Before the Knuckle could raise his axe, the disk went through him and the wall behind him. It looked down at himself, and then his top half slid off and landed next to his legs. The strange man lowered his sword and put his hand to his face. He pulled on his face and the mask came off with Link standing once more in the man’s place.


“A wonder I had to do that.” Link looked to his right to see the same Gerudo cowering behind a small pillar with the spear she was holding on the ground. She was frightened almost as much as Zelda when she saw Malon’s body. “Are you hurt?” Link asked in his most sincere voice.


“Who… What… are you? What do you want!?!” The girl screamed at him.


“I am the Hero of Time and I was sent here to get the Mirror Shield and report that Ganondorf is dead so it is safe to leave this temple. Does that answer your question?”


She ran to a wall and pushed in one of the blocks. A hidden door was pushed in and slid away. She disappeared inside before Link could say a word. She remerged again holding an odd looking shield. It had a red rim, but the most peculiar thing was that Link could see his reflection off of it, perfectly. She threw it at him and screamed, “Leave us alone you demon. No hero would turn into that… that… thing!” Then she ran past him into the doorway she came out of before. Link bent down and picked up the Mirror Shield and marveled its beauty.


“Sorry to bother you miss.”

Chapter 13 – Home at Last


Link came into Lon Lon Ranch with every item the Goddesses asked. The Longshot from the Kokiri, the Megaton Hammer from the Gorons, the Sheikah Knife from the Sheikah, the Zora Boomerang from the Zoras, and the Mirror Shield from the Gerudos. He had slain 4 creatures in each temple as well. He was still torn from tombstone of his parents. Never being able to meet them, yet Zelda always came to him in his mind whenever he thought of his parents. She was his light in his darkness.


As he went into the housing building, Zelda sat on the couch in her still mangled dress and hair. She was reading a book lying in her lap. She looked up to see him come in as a smile drew across her face. “Your back!” She threw the book aside and ran up to give him a large hug. He gratefully returned it. “Impa and I found your parents grave.” Link looked a bit shocked at first, but was quickly replaced sorrow again. Zelda saw this and said, “Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. You must think I’m horrible.”


Zelda put her hands on her face and made muffled sobs. “Don’t worry about it,” Link said, “I’ve already accepted it. My parents are dead and buried. There’s nothing left but to move on.” Link sounded so hollow as he spoke as if he was lying to himself about it, but Zelda didn’t bother to press on it. It just wasn’t her place.


“Ah, you have returned young Reaper.” Link and Zelda turned back to the doorway to see Din leaning on the frame of the door. “I trust that you have brought all of the items we requested?” Link untied his goddess bag and laid out each item on the small table in the center of the room. Din smiled and said, “Very good reaper. Now I need a short word with my sisters, I’ll be right back.” With that, she pulled the door shut walked away.



“So Din, did he bring everything?” Farore asked in the middle of healing a withered tree.


“Yes, he showed me each of them. What should we start him on first.”


Nayru quickly spoke up, “We should give him at least a day of rest first. He has earned at least that from us.”


Din shrugged and said, “Fine, but then what should we start him on tomorrow.”


The goddess each began to think about what would be best. Fire? Water? Earth? Air? It was hard to decide. Each was needed, but in what order. Farore was the first to speak, “He grew up with the Kokiri, right?”


Din gave her look that said, ‘Well duuuuuuuuh!’


Farore bowed her head, “Sorry,” then she resumed her idea, “That means that he probably doesn’t under stand magic fully, so maybe, we should just give him a lesson first then let him decide.”


Din stared at her, then slowly started to nod her head up and down, faster and faster. “That would be perfect, and I thought Nayru was the god of wisdom.”




“I’m only teasing, gees.”



Back inside, Link and Zelda waited patiently for the goddess to return. “So, where did you mother and Impa go?”


Zelda smiled and said, “My mom and Impa went back to the ruins of Hyrule. Apparently, Impa saw the hylians descending from Death Mountain. When she informed me and my mother of this, my mom decided it was best for her to go to them. I wanted to go with them, but my mom merely smiled and said,” Zelda turned her gaze to Link, “‘You should wait here for the one you love.’” Link smiled and back in response. Slowly, their heads drew closer together. When they were only inches from each other, their eyes both closed and their lips locked in a gentle kiss. Link’s ears perked as he heard the slow squeaking of the door opening. He and Zelda both broke away from each other, both blushing madly.


Din, Farore, and Nayru all came through the door with wide grins on their faces. “Reaper, we have to ask you a question,” Din said. Link nodded for her to go on. “While you lived in the Kokiri forest, have you ever learned much about the ways of magic?”


Link shook his head back and forth, “No, the closest thing I’ve seen to magic is The Great Deku Tree.”


Nayru smiled and said, “Of course, we assumed so. We asked you because before we can teach you magic, you must understand it.” Nayru motioned her head towards Farore. She cleared her throat and began.



Magic is a powerful tool that mages can spend years trying to understand, and only come up with a basic spell such as Din’s Fire. It takes years of dedication without guidance, and a while even with it. Don’t worry, we helped create it, it will go by a little faster than that. Magic comes in 6 different forms. Light, Dark, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. The 3 crystal’s that you found during your quest were preserved spells that we created while we still existed in the worlds. When we were trapped in the Realm of Light, the Great Fairies each took one of the crystals to hide their power. Even though they were basic spells themselves, they were still extremely powerful. The 4 elemental magic’s, earth, fire, water, air, all derive from each of us. When we cast spells of our own natural order, we don’t require speaking because the magical element is already bound to us. The Fierce Ogre Deity was bound to Darkness, when you wear the mask, you will be, too.


Light and Dark are both opposites and are the same. The both can create powerful weapons and spells, but Light can also heal wounds and injuries while Darkness embellishes them. One is not able to exist without the other. For without darkness, you would not be able to grasp the glory of light.


Each magic way also has an emotion that awakens even more power. Fire is anger. Water is sorrow. Air is freedom. Earth is determination. Light is joy. Darkness is loneliness. Whenever you feel any of these emotions, your magic power that responds to that element will increase dramatically.


Simple spells can be activated with a small hand gesture and proper spell call. The movement for my Warping spell, Farore’s Wind, is a slow arc with your right hand going from your left to right side. Then a quick push in the direction you wish to travel while saying the spells name.


While Rauru did teach some decent magic spells for enhancing your preserved spells and swords, the language he taught you isn’t as powerful as the language we speak now. He was a great man, but he believed so hard that the ways of the past were better, he didn’t bother to even attempt the ways of the future.


Now that I have told you the basics and powers of magic, we leave it up to you to decide what spell to start your training in tomorrow. We will await your decision till then.



The goddesses ascended the stairs and entered the small bedroom. Link could hear the small clink of the door locking into place, letting him know that they were going to bed. “I’m going to take a guess here.” Zelda turned to him in confusion. “But did you and the goddesses already give Malon and Talon a proper burial?”


Zelda’s eyes watered from the memory, but she was able to chook out, “Yes.”


Link frowned and let out a sigh. He just sat there for the longest time with Princess Zelda of Hyrule and Labrynna, at his side. Hours after the meeting, they were still sitting there together. Zelda put her head on Link’s shoulder and nodded off to sleep without a word. Link looked at her and smiled. He gently lifted her head, got up, and set her head where he was just sitting. Link went into the room he found the fiddle in and got a few blankets of the bed. When he came back Zelda was already curled up for warmth. Link laid the blankets on her and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek, “Good night my princess.”



Link walked outside and climbed one of the trees that Farore had restored. He got on a sturdy branch and sat on it with his back against the trunk of the tree. The sun was just setting into the horizon. Link watched it like he would seven years ago as a kid among the Kokiri. A kid without worries or fears, just living to live. The sky became a wonderful gold and pink color as the sun gave its final bow before disappearing below the rocks of Gerudo Valley. Stars started to dot the skies and the full moon rose in a wonderful radiance. As Link bowed his head sitting in the tree. He said only three more word before nodding of to sleep. “Home at last.”

Epilogue - Kuro revived


Over the days after Link returned. The goddesses taught him spells that he thought he would never learn. Zelda was by his side ever day and every training session to smile at his progress and kiss him good night. The goddesses loved Lon Lon Ranch and helping the Reaper of the Demons train.


Impa and Sylvia stayed with the people in Hyrule to help rebuild. It would take months before Hyrule Castle was returned to its former glory, months before the market would return to normal, but now hope was restored. Hope was brought back to all of Hyrule, thanks to the Hero of Time, Reaper of the Demons, Link.



Across the worlds and stars, the last thing that anyone wanted to happen, happened. The spell that the Fierce Ogre Deity casted with Ganon’s power did work. The barrier that was already weakened the most from Ganon’s first attempt broke. Kuro, the demon of speed and assassination was free. After 2 millenniums, he walked his original world once more. With his 2 sets of claws, he was going to destroy the world. His power may take time to regain, but it would return, eventually.








To Be Continued In…


The Legend of Zelda:

Reaper of the Demons

Book 2

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