The Legend of Zelda: Broken Links

By NoMan

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This is intended to be a radio program based on the videogame series The Legend of Zelda.The presentation is set up so that we hear the ambient sounds as the characters speak, as they perform actions, or when the narrator is speaking.The story is original, but is intended to contain almost every clichť that exists in the series.This was written shortly after Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons was released and has been unmodified from its original version except to convert it into HTML from MS Word.




Rinku:††††††††††††† (Male)Rinku is a mercenary and the narrator of this epic quest.As the narrator, he is much older and has gained a good perspective of the adventure he once had.Rinku, in his youth (played by a different actor), is running headfirst into a quest he doesnít understand, but is quickly learning.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Female)She is the Princess of Hyrule.Worrying what is best for her kingdom and for others, she is willing to put even her own life on the line to do what is right.But due to political restraints, she secretly has Rinku do her bidding.

Leon:†††††††††††††† (Male)Leon is the Captain of the Guards of Hyrule and a descendant of the heroic Knights.He is also rumored not only to be the descendant of the Legendary Hero of Hyrule, but also to actually be the Hero incarnate.Like Zelda, Leon was born with the kingdom crest on the back of his hand.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Female)Tingle is a forest fairy who follows Rinku around.She is always happy and will give Rinku a lead to follow.However, because nobody believes in fairies anymore, she can not be seen or heard.

King:††††††††††††††† The stern ruler of everything.After he was rescued from a hostage situation, he became overly protective of the Triforce until it disappeared.He is important, but rarely seen.





Bridge-Man (M), Man 1 (M), Man 2 (M), Woman 1, Woman 2 (F), Great Fairy (F), Ghostly Man(M), Dead Hand (?), Guard A (M), Guard B (M), Guard C (M), Tipsy (M), Turvey (F), Fake Rinku (M), Diplomat (?), Carock (M), Guard 1(M), Guard 2 (M), Guard 3 (M), Piaba (M), Jonesi(M), Demon (?), Triforce (F), Woman (F).




(The wind blows as footsteps are heard.It is night.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (A bit fatigued.)Is that it up ahead?I sure could use the rest from this bitter cold.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Weíre there at last.Saria Town.Bid the mountains good-bye.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Good riddance.

(Walks some more until a voice hollers out.)

Bridge-Man:†††† Who goes there?What business do you have in The Republic of North Hyrule?

Rinku:††††††††††††† My name is . . . unimportant.I seek refuge from the night and the ice.

Bridge-Man:†††† And what guarantee do we have that you are not a spy from the Kingdom of Southern Hyrule?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Long pause.)Uh, I suppose that you donít.

Bridge-Man:†††† (Thinks long and hard.)You may enter, but donít try anything.(Bridge lowers and Rinku crosses.)

(Wind sound slowly fades out as Narrator speaks.)


Narrator:††††††††† As I entered the large stone citadel that hid Saria town from the attacks waged on it by the creatures of Death Mountain and Southern Hyrule, I knew that a new chapter of my journey was beginning.I had lived to see more than my prophetic dreams told me, I was on my own.

††††††††††††††††††††††† According to Tingle...


Tingle:†††††††††††† Saria Town used to be a happy town on the river.Legends say that when recovering the Triforce of Courage, the adventurer Link stopped by and helped the people here.Known for its beauty, arts, architecture, and inspiration to the literary legends, this city was destined to be the next Venice!


Narrator:††††††††† But now I beheld the town as I finally crossed the heavy wooden bridge.Scarred walls protected the muddy huts, militaristic soldiers and mercenaries fought in the streets, the citadel was designed to ward off all who tried to enter, and despair clung to the sinking sanctuary.Perhaps I wouldnít be getting the rest that I needed.


(Bar sounds: people are shouting, laughing, crying, angry, but mostly loud.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† It is so nice to finally sit inside a building, regardless of where it is.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Not the friendliest of places.You donít suppose that the Hylian Guard will have followed us here?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Only if Leon or anyone else knew that I was still alive.

Tingle:†††††††††††† And do they?

Rinku:††††††††††††† For our sake, and our mission, I pray not!(Pauses to listen to the people and to reflect.)So, what happened after . . . you know.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Iíd rather not think about it. I almost lost you that night!(Pause.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Encouraging sound to make her speak.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Giving in.)Well alright.As you know, I left angry that night.I felt bad knowing that the wretched Princess was going to break your poor heart, so I went back to find you only to discover that you still had plans to encounter this man on Death Mountain.By the time I got there and finally found you, (begins to cry, but still holds her composure) you were so badly wounded . . .Your armor had been destroyed and your body laid on the cold tile as your insides oozed out and began to freeze. . . I was so scared that you would die, (sniffs) so I went to the only one who could help you: the Great Fairy.

Rinku:††††††††††††† The Great Fairy?

(A fight in the background reaches the climax.Tingle and Rinku pause to look and then return to the conversation.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Still emotional, but holds her composure gracefully.)Yes, the Great Fairy.She is the Fairy Queen who has not been well since the centuries have passed with nobody believing in her.This has weakened her, but she was still able to return you from the brink...(Begins to lose her composure.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† If I look like shit right now, I would hate to have seen what I looked like before.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Losing it.)The Great Fairy, whom the ages have betrayed, was more weak than ever after restoring life to your damaged body.Now she lays on her deathbed.If ever Hyrule needed a hero to save it, now is the time.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (In disbelief)Do you believe that I am the hero?I couldnít draw the Master Sword, Leon did that; I canít return to Southern Hyrule where the Princess is; I canító

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Interrupts.)Rinku!!The Legendary Hero, you may not be, but you are still our only hope!(In the distance, a crash is heard followed by screams.)So long as Leon doesnít find out that you survived, or anyone else for that matter, we still have a good chance of restoring peace to this war-tornó

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Interrupts; alarmed.)What was that?(Strains to listen through the noise.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† What was what?

Rinku:††††††††††††† We gotta go.I think Saria is being attacked.And in my situation, I canít afford to be he here if it is.(Stands up so quickly he knocks his chair over as he scoops up his bag and draws his cloak.)

(A crowd runs by outside screaming.)

Man 1:†††††††††††† (In distance.)Evacuate the town at once, weíve been breached!

(Glass shatters and the bar patrons scream.Beast roars.)

Woman 1:†††††† (Stunned but not scared, as if sheís already accepted the fact that she might be dead in seconds.)Holy shit, a daria.

Man 2:†††††††††††† (Unlike the woman, he hasnít accepted death, but fears it; his voice trembles.)Get back, sweet thing.Iíll get this rotten sack of puke and teach him aó(screams as an axe cracks into his ribs, the daria hisses happily).

Tingle:†††††††††††† It appears that they are looking for something, you donít suppose that they know about you..?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I gotta get out of here now!(Darts for the door across the broken glass and splintered wood.Daria hisses angrily as Rinku escapes.)


(Rinku is outside now as more people scream all at once.The voice talent can come up with some clips that the people of Saria might yell when being attacked by lyonels and dariasókeeping in mid that the town is made up of mostly hardened soldiers, their ďfor-hire associates,Ē and human cargo who have only heard about these creatures from childhood bed-time stories.They are all crowding and shoving, trying to evade the monsters who are murdering and burning the miserable town.Others are eager to slay the bizarre creatures.)


Woman 2:†††††† (Panic.)The gate is locked!

Man 1:†††††††††††† (Frantic.)Weíre trapped in this burning city with these beasts!

(Another crash and a giant reptilian squeel.)

Fighter 1:†††††††† (Gitty.)Good, Ďcause I wanna slay myself that thing that just rode in!

(Creatures laugh at this as they continue to tear things apart, the dodongo roar again.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Disappointment-fear.)Oh damnit!

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Pointing out the obvious.)As if the lyonels and darias werenít bad enough, now we have a lizardolf mounted on that dodongo!!

Rinku:††††††††††††† And here I thought they had all been slain when Piaba, Jonesi, and I recovered the Triforce of Power.(Pause.Speaking with adrenaline high.)Wait...the dodongo that tried to kill me that day took out an entire stone wall out of the mountain.That dodongo should have no problem knocking that iron gate open.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Donít tell me you are going to act like a matador, are you?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Smiles.)Thatís pretty much what I did last time.(Either that or ďGood idea, Tingle!Ē)

Tingle:†††††††††††† You are still recovering from happened to you on Death Mountain..!(Voice fades out by the time her lines are read because Rinku has already run out to get the attention of the dodongo and its rider.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† °Olť!°Olť!

(The daria growls and makes the dodongo charge at Rinku who darts away with the monsters in pursuit.He dodges people who in turn dodge the charging dodongo.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps out of the way.)Alley-oop!

(Dodongo slams into the gate and falls.Mounted lizardolf goes flying off to who knows where?)

Man 3:†††††††††††† Iím free at last, free at last!(Runs away with the towns people on his heels because they want out of the inferno which is Saria Town.Everyone who leaves runs across the iron gate before reaching the gravel path which has patches of snow on it.But almost everyone stays to fight.)

(Dodongo growls and gets back up.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, it still has some steam left; run for it!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Runs across gate and onto gravel as dodongo resumes chase.)So much for resting here for a while!

(The chase goes on for a short bit with Rinku running in fear and the dodongo occasionally roaring to show that it is getting closer and closer.Then, quite unfortunately, Rinku trips and falls, sliding across the ground as the roaring dodongo jumps on top of the screaming Rinku.Any action music is over now and the night sounds fill the air.Rinku keeps screaming for quite a while until he realizes that he is still alive and that the creature is standing over him.He stares wide-eyed, panting heavily.This part is filled with awkward silence between Rinkuís lines.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Very scared.)Hello there...(Dodongo growls.) that so?(Breaths heavily in fear for a little bit.)Are you going to eat me?(Silence.)Iíll take that . . . as a ďno.Ē(Pause.)I . . . am going to stand up now.(Stands up.)So, you arenít going to eat me?(Dodongo snaps and Rinku yelps.)


Narrator:††††††††† And so, in an ironic twist, the water town of Saria was burned to the ground.I was unable to rest for my all-night journey through Northern Hyrule.But, at least I escaped with my life and a new friend.

††††††††††††††††††††††† As it turned out, the dodongo happened to be the one that I saw that night before I walked into the ambush.It happened to recognize me after all the time I was recovering under the Great Fairyís care and was following me presumably for more of my beef jerky.I was happy to oblige; I would rather it eat my food than it eat me.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The dodongo may not have been quick on its feet, but any chance that I didnít have to walk, I took.Knowing that something else was able to ride the dodongo, I decided that it could carry me and my equipment to my next destination.I had a new form of transportation; transportation that could eat any creature that dared fight me as I made my way across the country.

††††††††††††††††††††††† As for the name of my new ďpet,Ē I opened a map, so that it would have a name indigenous to the land where I found it, and arbitrarily picked a location.My finger landed on the town of Kasuto, and thus the dodongo came to be called ďKasuto.Ē

††††††††††††††††††††††† With the exception of being tried for theft and treason, that near-death experience on Death Mountain, being alienated from my two best friends and the Princess, being hunted by minions of an ancient evil, and having only a single night to save the kingdom, things seemed to be going quite well for me.





Narrator:††††††††† I thought that my quest to recover the Triforce required a lot of backtracking.Well, the quest to RID myself of the Triforce would require much, much more.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Riding on Kasutoís back, with Tingle supposedly asleep on my lap, I finally had a chance to clearly reflect on the events that had transpired since I had fallen, butchered by the monsters of Hyrule, many weeks ago.Truth be told, not much seemed to make sense.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Huddled in my cloak and cowl, I tried my best to remember the events of that night.I remembered talking to a man in elaborate, royal armor who had the Master Sword at his side.Then, I was attacked and managed to wound the armored man who ran away.I don't remember the battle that followed, but I remember wanting to fall down and restóbut I couldnít.Zelda...Hyrule was depending on me.The soul was willing . . . but my body betrayed me and I fell.Half in a dream, I saw Zelda for a brief moment and I was cold and in pain.The next thing I knew, I was in a pool of warm water: the Great Fairyís fountain.


(Flashback, everything is echoy.Water runs and a soothing tune is heard.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Concerned.)Oh, Great Fairy!Rinku is going to die!!Is there anything else you can do?

Great Fairy:†††† Child, It is not by my powers that this foreigner has survived this long after sustaining such serious injuries.Something else is sustaining him.All I can do is lend him my strength to soothe his wounds and aid in his slow recovery.

Tingle:†††††††††††† I donít understand.There is no way he could have survived without some really powerful magic.No one but you holds such power anymore.

Great Fairy:†††† (Worried.)I know.


Narrator:††††††††† I woke up believing that the Great Fairyís fountain was the afterlife, but I soon was confronted by Tingle who, between sobs of joy, filled me in on events.Tingle found me laying partially covered in snow apparently after I was left for dead by Zelda.She immediately called for all remaining fairies in Hyrule to bring me before the Great Fairy, who was to thank for my rapid recovery.However, the Great Fairy was old, and since the belief in her and her kind had all but gone, she had very little strength left as it was.


Great Fairy:†††† Rinku, I am old.The ways of yore have been forgotten.Hyrule has turned its back on its heritage.But something has spared your life.You must return Hyrule to the way it was.I have given you the last of my strength so that you could recover...

Rinku:††††††††††††† All I was asked to do was recover the Triforce!No one asked me to be a savior.

Great Fairy:†††† We seldom are asked to do the things that we are required.Hyrule is slowly being destroyed by evil.First the Sheika vanished, then the Great Deku Tree fell victim to darkness, the Knights of Hyrule were slaughtered in the Imprisoning War, then the Gorons died off.(Pause.)Now my time is neigh.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Confused.)Wait, what was that about the Knights of Hyrule?

Great Fairy:†††† This is the myth that has been handed down, one that I have borne witness too.(Depressing sigh.)Centuries ago when we all were still young, a thief of the Guredo people from the western deserts laid siege to the land of Hyrule.He managed to somehow steal the essence of the creator Goddesses, the Master Force.Desperate to stop the Gerudo, the Knights of Hyrule gave up their lives to protect the seven sages who had the power to defeat the evil man.Few Knights survived, but their lives were not in vain.The Gerudo thief was banished from our world.Unfortunately, the ranks of the Knights of Hyrule never replenished.Although their bloodline continued, they were replaced by the Royal Guard.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Who was this thief?Whatever happened to him?

Great Fairy:†††† His name was Ganondorf Dragmire, better known as Mandrag Ganon.Before he was banished, he managed to keep possession of a fragment of the Master Force: the Triforce of Power.With it, he became an evil wizard and managed to manifest himself in Death Mountain.From here, he set out to reclaim the missing two pieces of the Master Force: the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage.But he was unable to.The Royalty outsmarted him and a traveling adventurer seemingly destroyed Ganon and recovered the Triforce of Power.Now a hero, the adventurer returned the Triforce of Courage, reuniting the Master Force.But the minds of Hyrule do not seem to remember.As history became legend and legend became myth, nobody knew that Ganon had returned.Disguised as the magician Agahimn, he was able to once again take control of the Master Force.And to ensure his survival, he banished the descendants of the seven sages that had defeated him the first time.But a descendant of the Knights, wielding the Mater Sword that the Knights used to defeat Ganon, put an end to Ganonís scheme.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Ever since then, the Master Force has resided in Hyrule Castle under the protection of the descendant of the Legendary Hero who defeated Ganon.

Rinku:††††††††††††† So if most of the Knights were wiped out in a war centuries ago, how could they fight the Royalty for possession of the Triforce?How could they raid villages?How could they . . . it doesnít make sense.

Great Fairy:†††† They arenít.The Captain of the Royal Guard, Leon, is the sole surviving member of the Knights of Hyrule.That is why the King wants him to marry his daughter.When Leon dies, so does the Knights of Hyrule.


Narrator:††††††††† ďWhen Leon dies, so does the Knights of Hyrule.ĒIf anything about this mystery bothered me, this bothered me the most.My entire quest was to recover the Triforce which Zelda would use to end the fight between the Knights of Hyrule and the Royalty.But if the Knights of Hyrule has whittled down to being made up of only one single person, what was the war really about?Who was the enemy?And why was everyone convinced that the Knights of Hyrule actually existed in greater numbers?

††††††††††††††††††††††† This made more questions.Who did our mercenary unit speak to when we found the Knights of Hyrule?Who was attacking the villages?I voiced these questions to the Great Fairy.


Great Fairy:†††† These are dark times, Rinku.I am wise, but in my age find it hard to see through deceit.But the Triforce is once again threatened after all these centuries.Times have changed but the conflict is always the same.It has been proven that the Triforce has been and always will be abused.You must leave this place and rid ourselves of the Triforce.Return it to the place from whence it came: the Golden Land.

Rinku:††††††††††††† And how will I do that?I canít smash it with a rock?

Great Fairy:†††† The Triforce is vital to Hyrule, it mustnít be destroyed.The Golden Land is where the Goddesses originally hid the Triforce and there it shall return.Go north of Death Mountain to a territory once ruled by the King. The hero named Link who recovered the Triforce of Courage set stones to release a seal around the Great Palace so he could enter.You must do the opposite.Remove those stones, restore the Binding Force around the Palace so that no evil may enter.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I can do that.Then what?

Great Fairy:†††† You will then journey to the Great Palace.With the Triforce you will be able to pass through the Binding Force.Inside you will need to find the only surviving gate into the Golden Land and open it.Enter the Golden Land, restore the Triforce to its former location, and then seal the gate as you leave.

Rinku:††††††††††††† How?

Great Fairy:†††† By any means necessary.To aid you in your quest, search the Death Mountain cemetery for an item.(Sighs.)I must rest now.With little strength left, I will not last much longer in this world.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I thank you for your help.

Great Fairy:†††† I thank you more for the mission you have begun.


(Wind blows and grass rustles.Kasuto growls.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Startled, he bolts up and looks around.)Woah, what is it?Why did you stop walking, Kasuto?

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Wakes up, flies in the air, and shivers.)Whyíd we stop?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Shhh.

(Silence as Rinku and Tingle strain to hear through the wind.Then, Tektites leap out from the tall grass and attack.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Startled.)Tektites?I thought these things were only water and mountain dwelling!

Tingle:†††††††††††† In Southern Hyrule, yes.But here, things are a little different!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Draws his sword, shield, and then spurs Kasuto and shouts.Eager for the challenge, he speaks to Tingle.)Lets see how well I can fight mounted.(Spurs Kasuto againówho groansóand shouts.Swings sword and slices a Tektite who squeals and disappears in the typical green smoke.A bunch of Tektites are jumping all over the place as Kasuto stomps around and through their clusters.Then, Kasuto lunges at one.)Ha!I was right, Kasuto will eat anything.(Rinku deflects a Tektite with his shield and then cuts it open.)Where are all of these creatures coming from?(Cuts up another Tektite.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† I donít know, but here comes another one!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Makes a sound as he dodges the Tektite and then Kasuto stomps it.)The map I have says that there is a bridge a bit farther north.We should be able to make it there even while under attack.Letís go!(Spurs Kasuto towards the bridge and kills another Tektite.)

(A terrible birdís cry is heard, followed by a few more.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Whatís that?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Birds called Mobies.They are evil creatures, keep going!

(Kasuto gallops along as a few Tektites leap up and Rinku swats them down all the while a few Mobies swing down only to be brushed away by the blade of Rinkuís sword.)

Tingle: (Panic sound.)Rinku, stop!The bridge is out!

Rinku:††††††††††††† There are too many creatures to fight on this side, I really have no choice, I need to cross.(Spurs Kasuto.)Giddy-up!Come on, faster!Yah!Yah!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Iíve heard stories of horses leaping across severed bridges, but a dodongo!?I hope you know what youíre doing.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I hope that Kasuto knows to jump once we get to the canyonís edge.(Spurs Kasuto one last time.)Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

(The lumbering dodongo makes a stumbling trip and plummets off the canyon with the tektites jumping after because Rinku is still sitting on it.The birds dive after as well.Kasuto hits the water below with a giant splash with little splashes and squeals of the Tektites behind.The river rages with fury as Rinku and Kasuto are tossed down the rocky waters.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Spits water out of his mouth.)That was a disappointing failure!Kasuto, I hope you know how to swim because these white waters are full of rocks and enemies!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rather than repeat your experience in the swamp, if you see an Octorock, just deflect its attack with your shield, concentrate on the skeletal fish that will try to leap out and eat you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Skeletal what?(Bago-Bago fish jumps out at attacks.Rinku yelps and blocks.)

(Octorocks jump out of the water and spit rocks as Rinku spills down the waterway on Kasuto, who canít swim very well and groans to stay afloat.The Tektites keep jumping at Rinku as do the Bago-Bago.This is accompanied by the Mobies swooping down to peck at Rinkuís face.Rinku fights them off while still trying to stay on the wet and slippery Kasuto.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† The good news is that the waterís so rough that the creatures canít follow us anymore.The bad news is that I think we wonít make it either.(Water roars and Rinku, Tingle, and Kasuto yelp as they are washed away.)

(Water is softer now and Rinku is heard wading to shore with Kasuto at his side.Fade in his voice as he approaches the beach.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Freezing cold.)Well, at least that time I didnít pass out.The past few times Iíve been around water Iíve almost drowned.But that water is so damn cold and the wind isnít helping me get any warmer!(Shivers and opens bag.)I hope my map survived.I could really use to know where I am.

Tingle:†††††††††††† From the looks of it, we are by the Kingsí Tomb.It is where the Kings of North Palace are buried, at least before North Hyrule became a Republic.

Rinku:††††††††††††† When did that happen?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Shortly after the King was returned after his kidnapping.Disputes arose over the Triforce and over land and taxes and other boring stuff.But the result was something that split Hyrule into different countries again.Not since before the Imprisoning War has Hyrule ever been so divided.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I found my map.You are right...Kingsí Tomb.According to the Great Fairy, there should be a temple around here.Before the ocean receded, it used to be the Island Palace, right?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Yes.But now it is the Mountain Ruin.Although it is part of Eastern Island, there should still be an ancient passage from the mainland someplace in this cemetery.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I hope that this doesnít involve more grave-robbing.

Tingle:†††††††††††† What do you mean?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Remember back at the Great Fairyís fountain..?



Great Fairy:†††† Enter the Golden Land, restore the Triforce to its former location, and then seal the gate as you leave.

Rinku:††††††††††††† How?

Great Fairy:†††† By any means necessary.To aid you in your quest, search the Death Mountain cemetery for an item.(Sighs.)I must rest now.With little strength left, I will not last much longer in this world.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I thank you for your help.

Great Fairy:†††† I thank you more for the mission you have begun.


Rinku:††††††††††††† And so you stayed to attend to the Great Fairy while I gathered my repaired belongings and set off to find that item.It was almost dusk and so I needed to hurry if we were going to be departing for North Hyrule at nightfall.I rushed to the cemetery, not knowing what I would find...


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Searching for anything, brushing off the dust from grave markers, checking an old tree, and the like.He mumbles.)

Voice:††††††††††††† (Startled.)Halt!Who goes there?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Wha...Princess?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Now she is scared.)Rinku?Rinku is that you?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Yes, itís me!

Zelda:††††††††††††† How do I know that you are not a Poe spirit playing tricks on me?I have not disrespected these graves, so why do you come after me?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Iím not a ghost.The Great Fairy rescued me the night I was ambushed.Look, I still carry the wounds of that night.

Zelda:††††††††††††† . . . I donít believe it.I thought you had died!

Rinku:††††††††††††† You are not the only one.And we should keep it that way.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I agree.

Rinku:††††††††††††† What happened to Piaba and Jonesi?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I donít know.I am not allowed in the dungeon anymore under Leonís orders.Not even Father is.I donít know what Leon is up to, it frightens me . . . Rinku, I saw you wound that armored man at Spectacle Rock that night.I later saw Leon bearing a wound in the same place.Leon was the one you spoke to that night.

Rinku:††††††††††††† The Great Fairy gave me some more information on Leon.He is the last of the line of the Knights of Hyrule.When he dies, the Knights are extinct.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Confused.)Are you sure that you heard her correctly?Leon may be the last of the line of the Legendary Hero, but of the Knights of Hyrule?If that were true, who would the Royalty be fighting against in this civil war?Iíve grown up with the Knights, the Great Fairy must be mistaken.

Rinku:††††††††††††† All I know is that almost every member of the Knights of Hyrule perished in the Imprisoning War.And how come you never told me that your father was kidnapped?

Zelda:††††††††††††† That?It wasnít important, it happened shortly after I was born.My mother died in childbirth and Father went to visit her grave shortly after her burial when he was captured.In fact, the reason I am here is to visit my motherís grave.What brings you here?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I was told to find an item here.I wasnít told where, I wasnít told what it was, I was just told to look here.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, where is the Triforce?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Actually, it is with the Great Fairy right now.She believes that the only way to stop the fighting is to return it to the Golden Land.There is a portal in North Hyrule that will take me there.I am leaving tonight.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Truthfully, I donít know what to do right now.I am so confused.I didnít even know she existed!But I am sure that it would be wise to listen to the Great Fairy.The legends say she is a wise being.In fact, I could help you in your quest!There is a diplomat going to visit North Palace this evening.I could convince my father to let me go.We can meet up there and return the Triforce to where it belongs.I owe it to you to help this time after what happened...

Rinku:††††††††††††† Are you sure that is wise?

Zelda:††††††††††††† If I help you find this item you are looking for, you will have to let me come.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sarcastic, as if Zelda would be dead weight in his quest for the hidden item)Uh, okay.Itís a deal.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Good.Now follow me.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Stunned.)What?

Zelda:††††††††††††† The Great Fairy probably sent you out here to find a sword.That is the only thing I can think of that would be out here.The adventurer Link of Calatia was buried here centuries ago after reuniting the Triforce, waking the sleeping Princess, and helping rebuild Hyrule.He was buried with his magical sword which legends say could ďzapĒ foes.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Stunned still.)You tricked me!You knew what was here and you tricked me.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Hmm.

(The two walk over to a grave.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Not very fancy.

Zelda:††††††††††††† He wasnít a fancy man.He spent most of his youth wandering the world until he came to Hyrule.Help me push the grave back.

Rinku:††††††††††††† No problem.(They push and strain and eventually it moves back revealing stairs.They descend.)Could sure use a light in here.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Shhh.(Whispering.)Ghosts haunt these graves, we shouldnít disturb them.

Voice:††††††††††††† Ghosts, you shouldnít be afraid of ghosts!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Whispering, annoyed.)Rinku, did you hear what I just said?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Whispering.)I didnít say that.

(Torches light the room.An old man sits in the middle of the room.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Who are you, old man?

Ghostly Man:†† Well, perhaps grave robbers should be afraid of ghosts, breaking into tombs and all.(Floats into the air and transforms into a shadow with a sword and shield.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Get back, Princess!(Draws sword and shield.)I havenít had a one-on-one sword and board fight in a while.(Attacks and swords clash.)

(The fight features clashing swords as Rinku agressively attacks and the shadow swings at the same time, their swords clash.The fight can go on for a little bit, like a minute or so in total.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Alerting Rinku.)Rinku, the shadow is mimicking every move you make.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Grunts.)Iím up against the wall!Itíll take all I have to just keep it away from me!(Kneels and begins jabbing repeatedly.The shadow blocks, but when it tries to attack, it steps into a jab.The creature screams in agony and fades away.A door is heard opening.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† You did it!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sighs and stands up.)Fortunately it didnít know how to block and throw an attack at the same time.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I think I heard a door open in the back of the tomb.

(The two walk over to the back of the tomb and through the door.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Here is his coffin.And look!In the back, you were right!A sword.Pretty short, thoughólooks more like a dagger!(Pulls it from the pedestal.)But woo! is it light!A little polishing and the rust will come right off, right Princess?(Pause.)Princess?(Startled.)What the--?


Rinku:††††††††††††† The Princess had fallen to the ground.I carried her outside where she regained consciousness.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Princess, are you alright?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I donít know.I set my hand to rest against the sarcophagus when I fainted, I guess.But I had a dream, a terrible one!I dreamt that come dawn, Hyrule will be covered in evilís shadow and no matter what we do, it will never leave! Rinku, if the Great Fairy said you need to return the Triforce to the Golden Land, you must do it now, you can not wait!

Rinku:††††††††††††† What about you?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Iíll be fine, we can meet up at North Palace for the diplomat event.Just hurry!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Gets up and runs off.He shouts back.)See you soon, I hope...


Rinku:††††††††††††† And so I returned to the Great Fairyís fountain for you and the Triforce and we set off for Saria.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Why didnít you tell me you met up with the Princess?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I guess it slipped my mind as I was hurrying to be off!But now you know and now you understand my apprehension to go digging around strange graves.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Sarcastic.)Thanks for telling me.(Back to normal.)Now letís get looking for that passage to the ruins.If we have until morning to cover ALL of North Hyrule, weíd better search fast!


Narrator:††††††††† And as we searched, another cold wind blew and particles of snow drifted upon my wet body.Kasuto crawled off for shelter from the wind, but I couldnít afford to rest this time, not even to dry off from the river.We needed to find that entrance as soon as possible.





Narrator:††††††††† I must say that my night in North Hyrule was filled with more adventure than I had in one day in South Hyrule.Saria was attacked, I got a ride, was attacked, fell in a river, and now I was in a tomb that led to the ruins where I would find my first crystal to re-create the Binding Force around the Great Palace that a hero name Link undid centuries ago.

††††††††††††††††††††††† To my great misfortune, all of my belongings were soaked after my trip down the Moruge River, including my towel.To make matters worse, the frigid night air made drying anything out impossible.In fact, if I left them out to dry, they would sooner freeze solid and do me less good.So the only thing left to do was suffer through the night in my wet clothes.Even though I didnít think I would actually use it, I put on all my armor just to retain what little warmth my body still had.

††††††††††††††††††††††† But things appeared to look up when Tingle and I were able to quickly locate the grave with the secret passage that led to the ruins.The key word here is ďappeared.ĒOnce we got to the ruins, things didnít look so great.The ruins had completely collapsed.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Still very cold.)Just searching for that crystal could take all night, not even thinking about how long it would take if the other five temples are in such disrepair.

Tingle:†††††††††††† It isnít the crystal itself that we are looking for, we need to find the figure stone of the temple and remove the crystal from that.And the figure stone is very big.


Narrator:††††††††† The search quickly led us into the inner reaches of what used to be the Island Palace.The moon barely provided enough light through the collapsed ceiling, but I wasnít about to complain.But there was one thing that I would bring to Tingleís attention.


Rinku:††††††††††††† There are a bunch of passages that lead to other areas of the ruins, but stones and fallen blocks keep me out!I could use Jonesi and his bag of bombs right now.

Tingle:†††††††††††† left Kasuto in the cemetery, right?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Yeah.Why?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Then where is that snorting sound coming from?

(The snort is now audible.Rinku turns and jumps just as a spear crashes down on the ground.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Scared.)What the hell is that!?

Tingle:†††††††††††† It looks like a mounted Ironknuckle, but itís a ghost.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Phantom Ironknuckle.Great.(Slaps on helmet and draws sword and shield.)I suppose Iíll be needing my armor after all.(Steps out to attack, but IronKnuckle rushes him and he dodges.)Tingle, any ideas on how to dismount it?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Get Kasuto.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I donít think that is an option right now.(Dodges another attack.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Well, the boomerang dismounted the goriya from the aquamentus.This guy is heavily armored, so try something stronger, like that crossbow you repaired while fighting the Ghoma Queen.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Whips out the crossbow and loads a bolt into it.Then, he whispers to himself.)Ready...aim...(Shots the bolt and misses.)Damn!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Try again!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Dodges a spear thrown by the IronKnuckle, loads bolt, and takes aim.)Ready...aim...(Fires bolt and misses.Ironknuckle laughs.Rinku hisses.)For the love of..!

(Ironknuckle charges Rinku on the horse and Rinku leaps away and slides across the floor.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Angrily loads a bolt.)I donít have enough arrows to carry on like this!(Aims.)Ready...aim...(Fires bolt, Ironknuckle stops on horse and screams.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Itís stunned, do something!Knock it off!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Throws crossbow to the ground and draws sword.Darts at his enemy, jumps, and crashes into IronKuckle, sending it on the ground.Ironkuckle swats Rinku who flies across the room and into some fallen rocks.Rinku yells in an inverted, contorted pain.)Aaaagh!


Narrator:††††††††† After being hit clear across the chamber, I impacted some fallen stones.My body shuttered with that special kind of pain you get when your body is almost frostbitten.Everything throbbed and my wounds from the Death Mountain ambush reopened.


(Slow, steady steps of the dismounted IronKnuckle approach the fallen hero.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, get up!Itís coming for you!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Groans miserably.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† You didnít let pain get the better of you at Spectacle Rock.Donít let it now!There were hundreds of enemies there, here there is just this one, do something now!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Yells and swings his sword, slashing the Ironknuckle who stood inches from him.The IronKnuckle stumbles back and moans as it disappears into a smoky fire.)And I have how many more Palaces to go?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Five, after this.But get up, Rinku.There is something on the floor where the IronKnuckle met his end.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Groans and sits up.)Itís a bracelet.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Hylian lore says that some bracelets give the wearer great strength.And this looks like this might be one of them.


Narrator:††††††††† In much pain and with much skepticism, I tugged off my demi-gauntlet and clasped the bracelet around my wrist.I was suddenly nauseous.Although I still throbbed and shivered in my water-soaked armor, I didnít care.A wave of power coursed through my tired limbs and I was ready to continue my quest.


Tingle:†††††††††††† Are you okay?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I feel terrible, but I do feel somehow stronger.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Try pushing one of those boulders.(Rinku gives her a funny look.)Humor me.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sighs.Places both hands on the rock and pushes and it scrapes across the ground.)Hm!You were right!(Pause.)I wonder how many more times I will be breaking the laws of physics while here in Hyrule?(Walks down path he just cleared and Tingle flies after him.)

(Walking down passage.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† So, um, Rinku...what do you plan on doing once you return the Triforce to the Golden Land?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Pause to look at Tingle.)I plan on finding Piaba and Jonesi.Too many mercenaries have died here in Hyrule.I will not let them go too.

Tingle:†††††††††††† And if you find them?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Weíll probably catch up with the rest of the group.Theyíre most likely wondering why no one has contacted them after our months of absence.

Tingle:†††††††††††† And if you donít find them?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I would leave Hyrule.I couldnít bear knowing that this was the land where so many of my friends were tortured and slain.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Twinge of sadness.)So either way, you leave.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I suppose so.(Longer pause.)I see something ahead; it might be the figure stone.

(A whistling noise suddenly appears.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Jump!!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps as a giant axe swings down and splinters the tile on the ground.)I found the figure stone alright, but it seems that our friend Phantom Ironknuckle still wants to play!

(IronKnuckle groans as it pulls the axe from the ground.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Watch out, Rinku.It may be slower with an axe, but remember what it did to you without it.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sarcastic.)Thanks for the reminder!(Swings sword which bounces off the armor.)My sword does nothing!(Jumps as the axe smashes into the ground.)I need something stronger!

(IronKnuckle pulls axe from ground.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Those rocks look pretty heavy, grab one when the Phantom IronKuckle is incapacitated and bludgeon it!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps as another axe attack closes in.As the IronKnuckle strains to pull its axe free, Rinku strains to lift a fallen boulder and, upon doing so, chucks it at the IronKnuckle.He makes a throwing sound.The boulder smashes the IronKnuckle flat.)Would you say that was a crushing defeat, Tingle?

Tingle:†††††††††††† I never knew you to make bad puns...please donít start now.


Narrator:††††††††† With the IronKnuckle defeated and an artificial strength to assist my journey, I removed the first crystal from the templeís figure-stone.If any of the ancient legends were true, the Binding Force surrounding the Great Palace would begin to surround the ancient ruin.I gathered my belongings that were strewn about during my two encounters with the enemy and returned to the cemetery where Kasuto was waiting patently.

††††††††††††††††††††††† According to my map, there was a harbor town north of the cemetery called Mido.Although I didnít have time to rest, I was dead set on detouring to this town to buy a towel, dry clothes, and to see if they provided transportation to the eastern island.Fortunately, the trek wasnít too far away from where I was off to next.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Being in a hurry, I was unable to absorb Midoís rustic charms.It was a quaint little town built on the shores where the ocean met the dry desert.Commerce was based on sea-side shops and inns, so keeping the old-fashioned look was actually good for business.And to my great fortune, there were still some retailers open.I purchased a towel and dried my clothes by a fire in the town square.Sure I got a few awkward looks for walking into town in cold, wet armor with a dodongo at my side, but I was too tired to care.

††††††††††††††††††††††† I soon departed the town dry and refreshed for the Midoro Palace, hidden in a deep, swampy valley.


(The scene is in the swamp and Rinku is walking through it.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† This is terrible!The swamp waters are frozen.Riding Kasuto may save my strength, but it is a bit slower than I would care and now this ice swamp will slow us down even more.I think that Iím going to have to go in on foot.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Looks like it.Be careful not to slip.

(Rinku steps/slides over the frozen mud.But, he soon slips and yelps in pain.He gets up and continues.Sound of a Bubble from ďOcarina of TimeĒ is heard.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† It may be because I am tired, but I think I saw something up ahead.Like a floating light.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Swamp gas reflecting the moonlight?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I donít know, but it is pretty spooky.Everything around here is dead.The trees are dark and so frozen that they canít decompose, the dead vines hang limp like empty nooses.This whole valley is death in abundance!When the map said I was walking into a swamp, I was expecting some sort of life, fungus, mold, algae...I see it here, but it is all just so...dead!

(Bubble sound again.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Gah!Rinku, look out!(Rinku draws his sword but the bubble attacks, knocking the blade from Rinkuís hand.)Kill it, it is a Bubble, a will-o-the-wisp of the swamps!

Rinku:††††††††††††† I canít kill it if I canít swing my sword.It was knocked from my hands and fell someplace over there!The best I can do is block it with my shield until you find it for me!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Use the sword you found in the cemetery with Zelda, the one you said you went grave robbing for!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Annoyed as he blocks attacks.)I left it and some of my other gear with Kasuto so I could traverse the swamp easier.I didnít think Iíd be needing my bed sheets, food, drinking cup, or an extra sword with me when in the swamp!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, there are two more coming your way!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Blocking more attacks.)Then hurry up and find my sword!Iíll see if my boomerang can keep them at bay.(Like in the NES game, the boomerang slows them down, but Rinku still is doing mostly blocking and running/sliding around until the ice begins to crack under his feed.)Hurry!Iím skating on thin ice over here!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Iím looking!Iím looking!(Pause.)I found it!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps, slides across the ice to his sword, snatches it, and slices the enemies to ribbons who disappear into a puff of smoke.)Why does every enemy I defeat have to disappear in a puff of smoke like that?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Youíre welcome for finding your sword.(Answering his question.)The smoke?I figure that they are returning to their evil master.What comes from Ganon should return to Ganon.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Walking again.)So you believe in Ganon?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Even though he hasnít been heard of since the Legendary Hero Link destroyed him centuries ago, his beasts still roam Hyrule.It is the likes of Leon that it seems we need to worry about.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Iíll second that!(Silence as he walks.)I see the Midoro Palace ruins ahead, lets go get that second crystal!


Narrator:††††††††† Fortunately, the figure-stone was easier to locate this time.Unlike the Island Palace ruins, debris that blocked our path was easily cleared with the Power Bracelet.Unfortunately, nothing in Hyrule ever comes easily.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Okay, two crystals down and four to go!(A hand tears through the ground and grabs Rinku.)Aaaagh!(Another hand sprouts and clutches Rinku.)Tingle, what are these!?

Tingle:†††††††††††† I donít know!Iíve never seen anything like it before, but if I had to guess, Iíd say it is a Dead Hand.

(As if Tingle was announcing it, the Dead Hand rises from the ground to eat Rinku.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Struggling.)Looks more like the evil dead!Get me free!(Struggles more.)Yah!(Rolls away as Dead Hand attacks.But more hands sprout, grasping at Rinku.)Hands off!(Severs hands with sword, but more return.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Aim for the body, not the hands!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Gotcha.(Leaps and makes ďhaĒ sound as he cuts downward onto the creature who screams and burrows under the ground.)Its gone, but its hands are still attacking me!(Hands grab him and begin pulling.)Theyíre bringing me under!!(Struggles to get free.Screams the following.)Tingle, help!

Tingle:†††††††††††† There isnít much I can do, Iím a fairy, remember?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Panic-filled.)Then use magic or something!Or get Kasuto!Donít just stay there, hurry!Go, go, go!(Squirms and fights but continues being pulled down.)I guess Iím gonna find out how long I can live buried alive.(Takes a deep breath as his head goes underground.Silence.Then, Rinku is hit.)Agh!(He is hit again.)Aowuh!Wh-where am I?Why canít I see?

Dead Hand:†††† (Spits while talking, vocal cords are decomposing.)In the underground labyrinth.These dark caves be-ith where many have died before yeh.Ye shall join them, ye who has the Triforces.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Over my dead body; you arenít getting your hands on them!

Dead Hand:†††† Yeh donít have a choice.I know ye have them, handeth them over or I will remove them from yeh cold corpse.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Come and get it.(Insulting.)But why does a pathetic beast like you want it anyway?You canít handle it.

Dead Hand:†††† (Hissing.)The Master has sent for it.He has-ith removed the Master Sword as a threat against him and now all that is left is yeh and the Triforce.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Insulting even more.)So Iím right.You canít handle the Triforce, youíre just some hired-hand to do the dirty work.And then, when you are all alone here in the dark, you will say to yourself, (mocking) ďI-ith wish-ith I-ith had-ith kept-ith it-ith.ĒBecause you know, your Master will be living it up in his rich castle macking on all the lovely ladies.

Dead Hand:†††† Mind yeh tongue.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Be a pawn for the rest of your after-life.I donít care.Iíll be dead.(Hands tighten, Rinkuís ribs pop as he groans in agony.)

Dead Hand:†††† I can crush-ith you now, ďhero.Ē


Narrator:††††††††† The Dead Hand was tightening its grip, I couldnít breath and I could have sworn my ribs had just collapsed.I could only stall until Tingle and Kasuto found me.


Dead Hand:†††† Yeh cries of agony amuse-ith me.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (In pain.)If you crush me, you crush the Triforce.

Dead Hand:†††† Nay, I know ye have the Triforce in yeh back bag.But the more I squeeze, the more it presses into yeh body, like a knife slowly being pushed into yeh soft flesh.The Master will take pleasure in seen the Triforce bathed in blood once again.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Gets squeezed more and he screams.)

(A pounding sound is heard, steady and constant.)

Dead Hand:†††† (Hisses.)What-ith is that?

(Ceiling crumbles and then a roar is heard as Kasuto crashes down with no grace what-so-ever.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Groans as he struggles free in the chaos.)Free at last!

Dead Hand:†††† Daaagh!Suffer-ith a fate worse than death should you leave these caves.No matter what yeh do, come dawn Hyrule will be owned by the Master!Death by dawn!Death by dawn!Death by dawn!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (While Dead Hand screams ďDeath by dawn.Ē)But your death comes now.(Grabs sword and plunges it into the creature who screams, falls to the ground, and disappears into the typical green smoke.Rinku stops to breathe.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Are you okay?When you werenít there when we returned, I figured that we needed to dig to find you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Thank you Tingle.(Turns to Kasuto and pets it.)And you, you are so much better than a horse.Youíre not graceful, you canít move fast or swim, but youíre swell.(Kasuto growls.)So how are we going to get back up?I canít even see where we are to know where to go.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Judging by our fall, we canít climb out, just see where this path leads.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I suppose.(Begins walking and trips.)Ow, when I canít see where Iím going, it will be pretty hard.What is this I am walking on.(Feels the ground.)Bodies!Dead Hand was right, several had died down here.I feel rusted swords . . . ruined armor . . . arrows!I was running low, I could use to re-fill my quiver.(Picks up the arrows and pockets them.)What else is here?More rusted stuff . . . bones . . . what the?What is this gizmo?(Rolls it around in his hands, it clinks and rattles.)Iíll keep it until I get into some light to see what it is.Come on Tingle, letís go.We canít spend all night in this cave, we have four more crystals to find!


Narrator:††††††††† The prospect of escaping the caves before dawn was dim, but we had to try.There were now two people, Zelda and the Dead Hand, who said that Hyrule would be covered in darkness come morning.I needed to hurry up and enter the Golden Land, but I first needed to rendezvous with the Princess.Twelve hours is not enough time to save the world!





Narrator:††††††††† Whoever constructed the underground labyrinth designed it so that it would open up to the overworld in almost every thinkable location.The passage I came upon fortunately opened up in an obscure cave just southwest of North Palace.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The castle looked as if one had reached into the heavens and strung stars across its turrets.The white lights shimmered in the cold night air.Like Hyrule Castle, North Palace was an ancient building, but this palace seemed somehow more sophisticated.Outside the palace were a few pavilions and wagons that I immediately recognized as belonging to the circus that found me when I stumbled down Death Mountain after finding the Triforce of Power.They still hadnít patched the hole I made when I came crashing down.


(Outside the Palace.)

Guard A:††††††††† Halt!Dismount that creature at once, put your arms in the air.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Dismounts Kasuto and raises arms.)I wish no harm, sir.I wish to enter North Palace.

Guard A:††††††††† You wear armor, bear arms, and ride a beast of evilís creation.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Inquire within to the Tipsy-Turvey Traveling Troupe and tell them that their daredevil juggler has arrived...with an animal show: the only tame Dodongo.They call me Fly Boy.

Guard B:††††††††† (To Guard A.)They never mentioned an animal show in the list of performances.

Guard A:††††††††† (To Guard B.)Check just in case.(To Rinku.)You stay here.


Narrator:††††††††† My only hope of entering the castle was if Tipsy or Turvey remembered me from that night I fell into their laps.I just hoped that the guards wouldnít search me, because if they did, they would surely arrest me for having in my possession the complete Triforce and two crystals from the ruined palaces.


Guard B:††††††††† (Walking back.)Yeah, they know you.They confirmed it when they called you Fly Boy.But they didnít know anything about a Dodongo.It stays out here.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Very well.I hope that the crowd wonít be disappointed too much when they donít see that particular act.

Guard A:††††††††† Itís for safety.Hurry up, the show is starting in the back courtyard.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Yes sir!(Darts off.)


Narrator:††††††††† My ruse worked.I hurried to the Courtyard where I was shocked at the number of people.I was shocked even more so when I noticed how much Leon stuck out in the crowd, searching for something, most likely me!I didnít know how he got here, but I needed to change out of my armor to hide!


Turvey:††††††††††† (Excited.)Fly Boy, youíre back!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Eh, yeah.Listen, Tipsy, Turvey, Iím not a performer . . .

Tipsy:††††††††††††† Youíre a daredevil!Letís get you into the Tipsy-Turvey garb!

Turvey:††††††††††† Here, put this on.It is baggy enough to fit over your armor so you can do those wild stunts without getting hurt.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Belt is undone.)Tipsy, what are you doing?Thatís my sword!

Tipsy:††††††††††††† It will get in the way of your juggling.Weíre gonna have you juggle something larger than those three triangles.It will get in the way.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I donít have time, I need to find Princess Zelda immediately.

Turvey:††††††††††† Oh, yes.She is in the crowd.As a diplomat from Southern Hyrule, she is sitting in the balcony to the left of the stage.I even saw the dreamy Captain Leon roaming the crowd

Tipsy:††††††††††††† Now go put on your clothes, hurry, your special act will be starting soon.


Narrator:††††††††† The conversation was so quick and one-sided that it hurt.Before I knew it, I was wearing a costume that resembled my surcoat with the addition of a dopey green cap.In the event of an emergency, which seemed to follow me since my arrival in Hyrule, I slipped the tiny lightweight sword from the Heroís grave under my costume.Perhaps having a short sword wasnít such a terrible thing.


(In front of the giant crowd.)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Announcing.)And now, simple peasants, ladies, and gentles: both I, Tipsy . . .

Turvey:††††††††††† (Announcing.). . . and I, Turvey, present to you the last-minute addition of the daredevil Fly Boy.The juggler who . . .

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Loud whisper to the leaders from off stage.)I canít juggle!!

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Thrown off-guard.). . . who, uh, makes up for his mediocre skills with the addition of breath taking acrobatic feats . . .

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Loud whisper.)Iím not an acrobat!!

Turvey:††††††††††† (Trying to recover from this second admission.). . . while being, uh, launched into the air by that trebuchť!(Crowd gasps in horror and begins muttering.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Too shocked for words.). . . gah . . .

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Announcing.)We present to you now, Fly Boy!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Slowly walks out onto the stage.)

Turvey:††††††††††† (Whispering.)Why didnít you tell us before-hand that you didnít know how to juggle?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Whispering.)I tried, you were in a hurry.

Turvey:††††††††††† (Whispering.)Well, youíre now being launched out of the castle.No one will notice if you canít juggle or do acrobatic feats.Just the fact that you will be launched half-way to Termina will astound them.


Narrator:††††††††† I was sick.I was supposed to meet with Princess Zelda, not get shot out of the castle from a catapult as a circus act.As I looked out at the crowd I noticed Leon had taken note of me.He had this weird smile on his face.He knew I was still alive, or at least alive before I was sent flying into the ether.I looked to the left where Zelda was supposed to be.She had turned white upon seeing me walk onto the stage and seemed just as queasy as I when the trebuchť was wheeled out and I was placed inside of the basket.


(The basket is cranked down.)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Announcing.)Watch as this brave boy straps on his helmet.Watch as he climbs inside of the basket from which he will be launched.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Uhh...

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Under his breath.)Get in.(Runku climbs inside and then falls into the basket.The announcing continues.)Watch as he takes his juggling pins.

Turvey:††††††††††† (Announcing.)And listen as he gives his final words.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Pathetically.)I wanted to do an animal show!

(Crowd chuckles.)

Turvey:††††††††††† And now the count down, from ten!

(Crowd counts down.)


Narrator:††††††††† I peeked from the basket.Leon still had his eyes on me and Zelda was frozen solid.


Turvey:††††††††††† Happy landings, Fly Boy.You had better come back to us alive.

(Crowd reaches zero, the lever is pulled, the weights drop, the arm swings, the entire machine groans and shakes from the energy, and Rinku is fired into the sky after making a quick sound of surprise which is barely audible over the noise of the catapult.The crowd goes ďoohĒ and ďaah.Ē)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† (Announcing with uncertainty.)Heíll be back.


Narrator:††††††††† Something must really have wanted me alive.I survived near-death experiences recovering the Triforce, I survived being ambushed at Spectacle Rock, and somehow I survived my fall from the sky.Falling into a new wood forest that broke my fall, I found myself quite alive with bruises and welts in the place of broken bones.But now wasnít the time to celebrate, nor the time to suffer post-traumatic-stress.It was time to vomit.My stomach was so upset from that exploit that it seemed that everything I ate for the past five years was about to come up.I quickly picked my wounded self up and hobbled back towards North Palace, or what at least what looked like it.My vision was still blurry.


Guard B:††††††††† (Shocked and energetic.)Holeeeey sheeet, that was amazing Fly Boy.

Guard A:††††††††† (Alluding to something naughty.)Your stunt caught the attention of the Princess of South Hyrule.She said to send you to her if you returned.(Speaking normally, but still impressed.)And the Captain of the South Hyrule Guards even wants a word with you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Still nauseous.)I think I would like to see the Princess first.

Guard A:††††††††† Very well, I will lead you to the inner chambers.

(Fade into the inner chambers.)


Narrator:††††††††† I was led down a long, guided hallway into a large chamber.It was probably a throne room before the monarchy was rebelled against and the republic took its stead.It was the most fancy room I had ever seen in my life.Hyrule Castleís courtroom was impressive, but this took the cake with stained glass windows, guided ornaments, and rich tapestries.The room was filled with people from all over the globe.Apparently there was a meeting of important leaders, which was going to be starting later that night.


Zelda:††††††††††††† (Softly so that others canít hear.)Rinku, Iím glad you made it.What was up with that stunt before?I thought we didnít want to draw attention to you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Softly.)I know, but it was the only way I could enter the castle.(Brief pause.)I have some good news and bad news.The good news is that I retrieved two stones from the ruins.The bad news is that my gear and the Triforce is still with Tipsy and Turvey and that I couldnít get a boat from Mido harbor to the eastern island.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Annoyed.)Then go get your satchel!You canít leave something that important unprotected.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Well excuse me, Princess.But I was hurried onto the stage before I knew what was going on.And whatís with all the people?

Zelda:††††††††††††† The Republic of North Hyrule has gathered leaders from around the world to discuss the wars that are breaking out all over.The festivities were just a ploy to show the people that nothing is wrong.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Just like that party at Hyrule Castle when we first met.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Exactly.I canít just walk out with you to continue the quest.I want you to get your stuff, leave the castle, and meet me in Rauru Town.I wonít be wearing a gown, so I hope you will still recognize me.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Of course I will.Iíll get right on in.(Walks away through the crowd.)Excuse me, kind gentle.(Pushes through.)I beg your pardon.(Walks up to the door.)

Guard C:†††††††† What do you think you are doing?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Iím leaving.Iím a member of the Tipsy-Turvey Traveling Troupe and I would like to return to myó

Guard C:†††††††† Please, stay in here and enjoy the meeting.

Rinku:††††††††††††† But I am not royalty, a diplomat, or of any importance.Iím that circus performer who wasó

Guard C:†††††††† Well, you get to stay in here anyway.


Narrator:††††††††† I knew immediately that something was wrong.This guard was unlike the two I encountered in front of North Palace.They were clean shaven, tidy, and didnít take too kindly to me.This man was scraggly, smelled like a traveling mercenaryóI should knowóand was too polite.I needed to warn Zelda, but I found that I was a trifle too late.


Man:††††††††††††††† (Yelling.)Alright, nobody move or the Princess gets it!

(Crowd erupts into verbal chaos.)

Man:††††††††††††††† (Shouting.)Everybody be quiet!My men have this room surrounded.


Narrator:††††††††† This was a bluff.He had only one man, and he had simply locked the door.


Man:††††††††††††††† I am Rinku, the mercenary.I have come for the Triforce.Surrender it or die.

Zelda:††††††††††††† You will never get your filthy hands on it!

Fake Rinku:†††† Mind your tongue, Princess, you wouldnít want to lose it.


Narrator:††††††††† This imposter was a few years my elder and looked nothing like me.But, it wasnít as if these people knew that.I realized that from here on out, the public should only know that I was Fly Boy the daredevil.I slowly drew the Heroís sword I recovered from Linkís tomb.Fortunately, the baggy clothes Turvey gave me did an excellent job of concealing my armor and sword.


Zelda:††††††††††††† The Triforce is not oneís to give or to take.It serves the people and the land.

Diplomat:†††††††† The lot of us have no knowledge of the Triforce.Take the princess and spare our lives!

Fake Rinku:†††† Do you hear that, Zelda?Spare their lives, they are innocent.Give me the Triforce or watch them die.Shall I step on their faces until their life wiggles free of their body?Shall I hang them from the chandeliers?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I do not have it . . . it has been missing from Hyrule for the past five years.That is why South Hyrule has been in civil war.

(Crowd mutters in amazement.)

Fake Rinku:†††† So, your monarchy has been lying about the location of the Triforce?

Zelda:††††††††††††† The Hylian guard was unable to recover it.The Hylian Throne knows not where it is.

Fake Rinku:†††† (Grabs Zelda.)The ďHylian ThroneĒ is an inanimate object, my dear.You are bending words, perhaps avoiding having to say ďI donít know.ĒDo you know?


Narrator:††††††††† Before she could answer, I was about to lunge forward with my weapon when my arm was grabbed.


Guard C:†††††††† Rinku, look what we have here: a hero!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Growls.)

Guard C:†††††††† Keep your cute little sword, nay, (laughs) that dagger where I can see it.

Fake Rinku:†††† Ah, the circus performer!He survived his little trip into the sky and now he thinks he can survive Rinku.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Well Iíve traveled all over the world as a performer and Iíve heard the stories.And the Rinku Iíve heard about comes from a mercenary group that wears animal tails into battle.The wise and steadfast Piaba is the wolf.The fierce and sly Jonesi is the fox.And Rinku is ďLittle Bunny.ĒHow tough can a mercenary who wears a rabbitís tail into battle be?

(Crowd mutters in confusion.)

Fake Rinku:†††† Silence!(Crowd obeys.)Your tongue is just as barbed as the Princessí.You shall be the first to perish!Bring him to me.(Throws Zelda to the ground.)


Narrator:††††††††† I didnít have time to think, with all my energy, I thrust my the sword forward and I felt the sword draw on my energy.The fake guard parried my thrust upward, but I was shocked at what happened.


(An NES sound effect that everyone should be familiar with echoes in the hallóa pink beam of energy launches from Rinkuís sword tip.The beam hits the chandelier which falls downward, crushing the fake Rinku.)

Guard C:†††††††† (Stunned.)What the fuó (gets hit with the butt of Rinkuís sword.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† You shouldíve let me go!

(Doors burst open.)

Henchman:†††† Rinku?Get that circus dude!


Narrator:††††††††† Okay, I was wrong.Perhaps he really did have the room surrounded.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Runs up to Zelda.)I think the two of us need to!(Kicks out stained glass window and the two leap out.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† I canít save Hyrule in a white evening gown.

Henchman:†††† Grab the longbows.Start shooting!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Grabs Zelda and yanks her away as arrows begin falling down.)We need to stop by the circus for my stuff.They have several clothes there.

(The two run for a bit and soon arrive at the Troupeís tent.)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† Oh my god, Fly Boy!What are you doing with the Princess?I heard some noise back there; you didnít just kidnap her, did you?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Absolutely not!I need a change of clothes immediately.Mercenaries are after us and I canít escape in something this fancy.

Turvey:††††††††††† I have some riding clothes that are very durable and fit for a Princess, come with me!Tipsy, dear, help Fly Boy keep those thugs busy!

Rinku:††††††††††††† And give the Princess all my stuff!I wonít have time to go back and claim it.

Turvey:††††††††††† Will do.Hurry Princess, this way!(Hurries away with Zelda.)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† Iíve never fought before.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Aim for the joints, face, and groin.Aim beyond where you will actually hit.And nothing is ďdirty.Ē(Thugs come charging in.)Get ready!(Shoots beam at guy who falls back.)

Tipsy:††††††††††††† I used to be a lion tamer.My whip should do the task.(Snaps whip at thugs.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Kicks a guy and hits someone with the butt of his sword.)Sounds good to me.(A few more whip-cracks and kicks/hits, and the thugs are subdued.)Well, that was pretty easy, these guys had no training.(Looks up.)I gotta go now, Tipsy.Thank you for all your help.

Tipsy:††††††††††††† No problem.Just get going!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Runs off to meet up with Zelda.)Princess, are you ready?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Yes, I got your stuff, the Triforce, and your old sword.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Great, now letís go!

(They run through the courtyard, over the drawbridge, and outside the Palace.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Quick, mount Kasuto!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Which one of these horses is Kasuto?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Who said anything about a horse?(Whistles as the awkward Dodongo stomps forward and growls.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Nowís not the time to ask how you tamed a Dodongo.(She and Rinku climb onto the beast and storm off.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† If you think Kasuto is odd, wait until I tell you about my invisible friend Tingle.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Coming from a mercenary called ďLittle Bunny,Ē I donít even think that I want to know.


Narrator:††††††††† With the chaos caused by the false me, Zelda and I made off into the dark night with nobody knowing that we were even still together, let know where we were going.That made our trip to the Parapa Palace easier; but, as I said before, nothing in Hyrule ever comes easy.





Narrator:††††††††† Much like the Harbor Town of Mido, the Parapa Palace was located in a coastal desert.The dunes rose and fell like tidal waves and sand danced in the air like fog.The desert was very still and very cold.I waved my hands in front of me in hopes of clearing the dust out of my way.But it was no use.I was tired and desperately needed to rest my eyes.Surprisingly, Kasuto was still wide awake and had a step more lively than mine.I was supposed to be leading the Dodongo on, but instead it seemed to be keeping me from falling down from exhaustion.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Stops walking and jostles Zelda.He is tired.)Princess, wake up.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Stirring, tired.)Are we there already?

Rinku:††††††††††††† No, but I would like to rest.Could you lead Kasuto while I take your place and sleep mounted?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Still sleepy.)But I donít know too well where we are going.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Well, since I have no idea where we are going, that makes you the expert.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Whatís up with the fog?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Thatís the strangest thing; it isnít fog, itís unsettled dust.(Sounding like a tired child.)Now could you please move?I want to lay down.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Slides off of Kasuto.)Very well.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Climbs onto Kasuto and slides down to rest.)This will be the first break Iíll have gotten since Saria Town.

(A burst of sand and Kasuto wails, rears back, and tosses Rinkuówho yelpsóinto the sand.Zelda yelps too while jumping back and ducking as a Geldarm emerges from the sand.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Stunned.)Itís a huge caterpillar!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, be careful.That is a Geldarm.Its head is soft, aim there.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Shouts over to Zelda.)Princess, Tingle says that we should attack its head.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Shouts back.)How often is this invisible fairy friend of yours right?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Under his breath but still louder than usual speaking.)Most of the time.(Reaches into bag as Geldarm reaches down to bite Rinku who rolls out of the way.)Princess, take this crossbow.Iíll distract it while you shoot it.(Throws Zelda his crossbow.)I hope you can hit it!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Gotcha.(Loads bow.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Jumps over to the beast and swings his sword which glances off the scaly skin.Gets knocked back.)Any time would be good.(Gets knocked back again.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Shouts back.)I like to aim before I shoot.(Pulls trigger and bolt is fired.It hits the Geldarm in the head.Is screams and falls into the sand and vanishes into smoke.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Nice shot there, Princess.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Smiles.)I never miss.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Youíre obviously a Hylian native so you might know: why do these creatures always disappear when they are slain?And how come at Spectacle Rock they appeared in the green smoke to attack me?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Serious.)When we left North Castle I said that I had learned some important information while you were away and that I would tell you when I was better rested.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I remember that.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I suppose that this would be a good time while it is fresh on my mind.Iíll tell you as we continue to Parapa Palace.

Rinku:††††††††††††† I suppose this means I wonít be able to sleep.(Mounts Kasuto again and Zelda leads.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Select legends speak of a relic called the ďEvil Jar.ĒThe evil wizard Ganon was a vicious ruler and rather than risking his own minions steal the Triforce from him, he cast them into a jar.He could summon his minions anywhere in Hyrule from this jar, but once they were defeated, they returned to the jar to face Ganonís wrath for their failures.

††††††††††††††††††††††† I was reminded of this legend as I had nightmares of those monsters ambushing you at Spectacle Rock.They appeared out of smoke and then disappeared when you defeated them, just like that Geldarm.That requires magic that rivals that of the Triforce!I began to question who would have such power, and who would have been able to lure you there.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Fatigued.)With such power, could the Master Sword be somehow cursed?While in the Midoro Palace ruins, I was attacked by a Dead Hand who said that its master wanted the Triforce and had made sure that the Master Sword was removed as a threat.

Zelda:††††††††††††† No!The Master Sword was forged to resist magic.That is why only the Legendary Hero of Hyrule can draw it.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Thatís what Leon said when I found it in the Lost Woods and failed to make it budge.He lifted it with such ease as he then dragged me back to jail.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Ever since you were put on trial, he began acting differently.He carried the Master Sword wherever he went, would oftentimes disappear for long periods of time, trained constantly with the Knights, and isolated himself from me...(Trails off with a hint of remorse.)

Rinku†††††††††††††† You care for him.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Renewed strength, as she speaks, she gradually begins growing more angry.)No, I am sure that he is our enemy.Why else would have demanded you bring him the Triforce?Why else would he have had so many of those monsters attack you like that?And after your supposed death, I further suspected him as being a traitor when, an intimate moment... I felt the wound you gave him at Spectacle Rock!I later found Leon snooping around Fatherís room and in my own room!I decided to return to him the favor and searched his quarters.Hidden away in a locked chest I found a hideous relic.I fear that it could be what the legends of the Evil Jar are based on.With that, he could summon the monsters that attacked you.And when I said that I was going to North Hyrule as a delegate for our Kingdom, he insisted that he come with me.I protested to Father, but Leon has had a profound impact on him, a modern day Agahnim.Even Father wanted Leon to escort me.I honestly believe that it was Leon who put the idea in Fatherís head that he and I be wed.

Rinku:††††††††††††† And at North Palace he seemed pretty happy to see me get launched out of that place on the trebuchť.I donít think that the mercenary who attacked you shortly thereafter wanted to cash in on my famous reputation.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I just wonder where he got this power all of a sudden.(Silence as she leads Kasuto through the desert.)Are you still awake?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Unfortunately.(Pause.)Just like everything else in my body, my hand hurts.That got me to thinking, you and Leon both have a mark of the Triforce on your hands, right?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Unsure where he is taking this.)Yes...

Rinku:††††††††††††† Each Triforce represents something: Wisdom, Courage, and Power.Do your marks mean anything?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Yes.I am the embodiment of the Triforce of Wisdom.Leonís mark is that of Courage.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Leon is the Legendary Hero, wielding the Master Sword, who bears the mark of the Triforce of Courage.It seems odd to me that these characteristics make that of a villain.If anything, I would suspect whoever had the mark of Power on his or her hand as being our enemy.If what I understand of the legends are correct, if the last owner of the Triforce of Power had died, a new representative would have been chosen.So why is it that Leon represents Courage, you represent Wisdom, and nobody represents Power?That is, unless, the previous bearer of the Triforce on their hand is still alive.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Snaps.)But Ganon is a legend; but if real, he is dead.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Put off.)I never said anything about Ganon, did I?(Silence.)


Narrator:††††††††† That last sentiment gave Zelda and myself plenty to think about.We were silent until we reached Parapa Palace, or at least what was left of this temple on the oceanís shore.The salty sea did little to provide any life to the still desert.Even on the waterís edge, the foggy dust filled the thick, frozen air.By now, my lungs were probably filled with the fine sediment that drifted before me.Fortunately for me, I was able to doze for a while before finally arriving.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Do you know what would make entering this ruin easier?Stairs.

Tingle††††††††††††† If you had something to catch onto it, there is some debris up here that you could attach a rope to and climb up.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (To Zelda.)Princess, Tingle tells me that there is something we could tie a rope to and climb into the Palaceóif we could get it to hold.

Zelda:††††††††††††† What do you have that we could use?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Not much, but take a look in my bag while I see what else is around here.(Walks off.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, it seems that youíve been ignoring me ever since Zelda tagged along.Whatís going on?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Caught off guard.)Well, uh.Well, I canít see you and you havenít said much.So I guess youíve been out of sight and out of mind.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Hmph.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Walking over, slightly baffled.)Rinku, we donít need a rope when youíve got this in your inventory (shakes gizmo found in caves with Dead Hand).

Rinku:††††††††††††† What is that thing?I found it after I defeated the Dead Hand in the Midoro ruins.

Zelda:††††††††††††† This?Itís actually a very useful item called the Hook Shot.It is a grappling hook.(Raises it.)Grab hold of the handle.(Rinku clasps it.)Ready?(Fires hook shot, it catches, and the two are pulled up.)Keep it, we might need it again.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Puts hook shot away.)Woah, look at this place.I bet it sure looked nice before it collapsed.


Narrator:††††††††† From my limited knowledge of architecture, the palace had probably looked very Greek.The rubble had at one point had writings on them and ancient statues, now ruined, surrounded us.It was difficult to navigate the palace not only because the fallen pillars and roof, but because the floating sand blocked visibility.


Zelda:††††††††††††† (Moves some rubble and looks up and speaks.)I see that you still havenít changed out of that circus outfit.

Rinku:††††††††††††† More layers to keep me warm.Plus, youíve got circus clothes too.I wouldnít want you to look silly all by yourself.

Zelda:††††††††††††† What?I think that this looks like a nice riding outfit.(Walks off.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Well excuse me, Princess.

Tingle:†††††††††††† What did I tell you, Rinku?Sheís a snoot.(Sighs.)When will you learn?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Shrugs.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† And just between you and me, I think that this place is eerie.My fairy friends say that when those monsters of Ganon appeared in Hyrule many years ago, one of the largest, fiercest dragons flew north to hide in the desert.It is called the Gleeok.Normally, Gleeok has three heads, but I heard that this one had more.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Given my terrible luck, Iíll probably find out.Most of the quote ďlegendsĒ seem to be quite true around here.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, I found the stone.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Runs over debris, slides down a slope on his heels, and trots over to Zelda.)Thatís great!Three more to go.How much time do we have until sunrise?

Zelda:††††††††††††† With all this sand, I canít see the sky to tell.

(Deep woosh sound is heard that gets closer and closer.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Whereíd that wind come from?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Ow!The sand is getting in my eyes!

(Roar of dragon.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Tingle, the next time you have some sort of legend or prophesy, donít tell me because then I wonít have to fight it shortly thereafter!


Narrator:††††††††† The Gleeok flew overhead, spitting fireballs down at us from each of its five terrible heads.Zelda and I ran for cover, blinded by the swirling sand that hit us at high velocities with each flap of the Gleeokís mighty wings.It seemed to have us trapped in the area with the figure stone.Once again, I had to fight what seemed to be the boss of the temple.I may not have had the expert warrior expertise of Piaba or Jonesi at my side, but having Zelda at my side was better than nothing.Even Tingle fought along side in her own unique way.I slapped on my helmet and readied my shield and the magical short-sword.


Tingle:†††††††††††† Its body is its weak spot, but you wonít be able to hit it there while it is flying.Plus, it will always block your attack with one of its heads.Aim for them first.But bewareó

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Interrupts.)Aim for head.Gotcha.(Jumps out.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Wait!

(Gleeok swings down and spits fireballs.Rinku raises shield and blocks them, but each fireball knocks him back several feet and he grunts as he falters backwards.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Donít mess with a man who can shoot light from his sword!(Shoots beams at the Gleeok.)


Narrator:††††††††† I hit the Gleeok right between the eyes, on one of its heads at least, and its neck withered and died, but its head still remained!Free of the body, it zoomed around me, spitting fire while the rest of the Gleeok flew back in the air to circle.


Zelda:††††††††††††† Iíll take that floating head out, you go for the other four heads still attached.(Draws crossbow, loads it and shoots.The arrow hits the Gleeok head but has no effect.)I hit it, but it does nothing!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Then aim for the Gleeok and help me decapitate more heads!Iím going to get on those pillars and see how close I can get.(Takes out hookshot and is swung up to a pillar using it.Then he jumps off at the Gleeok.)Ha!(Swings sword, cutting a head clean off.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Loads bolt into cross bow and lets it sail right into a head which falls off.)Another perfect shot!

(Gleeok flaps wings madly, creating a violent windstorm.The three severed heads swoop around, spitting fire every which way.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† I canít see anything, whereís the Gleeok?

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, fire the hook shot to your left!(Rinku does so as the Gleeok smashes the pillar.)Fire it above you to the right!(Rinku does so as the Gleeok smashes the pillar.)Hook shot to lower right!(Rinku does so as the Gleeok smashes the pillar.)Above you!(Rinku does so as the Gleeok smashes the pillar.)Release and attack!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps and slices off another head.)Four down!(Lands on ground and rolls due to momentum and then fires beams from his sword which severs the last head.)

(Gleeok screams and falls to the ground, shaking the debris on the ground and causing more to fall from above.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Get under my shield, Princess!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Yelps as she ducks underneath.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Its decapitated body is shaking the ruins down into nothing!I canít get close to finish it or a clear shot.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Leave that to me.(Loads bolt, aims and fires.)

(Gleeok screams drops in pitch as the bolt pierces its body and it tips over and explodes into green smoke.After a quick moment, the debris ceases to fall and there is silence.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sighs.)Iíve fought giant lizards, giant crabs, giant bull-dogs, giant insects, giant dead fish, chickens...what is there left for me to fight?A giant pig?(Changing topic.)I want this night to be over; things canít get any worse after we complete this quest, right?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I suppose.(Turns and begins to walk.)Letís go.We need to figure out a way to cross the sea and get those last three crystals.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Starts walking.)Mido Town is a bust.Like I said, I couldnít secure any boat.Nobody is going out tonight.

Zelda:††††††††††††† If what I understand is correct, there should be an area where smugglers ship around here.We just need to find them and convince them to let us ride with them to the island

Rinku:††††††††††††† Easier said than done.


Narrator:††††††††† Leaving the Parapa Ruins in worse shape than we found them, Zelda, Tingle, and I set off into the swirling fog-like sands of the desert hoping to happen upon smugglers.It was either that or waste time back-tracking to Mido and trying to buy a boat with almost no money.Guess which one we ended up doing?





Narrator:††††††††† The Parapa Desert was not a pleasant place to be.Where once sand floated in mid-air like a dense fog, now heavy winds blew, throwing the sand into our faces.The winds got so heavy that Zelda, Kasuto, Tingle, and myself were actually dodging flying stones.Things failed to improve when the ground became narrow and uneven with the angry ocean below splashing upwards with terrible force.Fortunately, Zelda spied an oasis ahead where it seemed that our troubles could be able to be momentarily forgotten.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sighs.)A place to rest, finally!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Not quite yet, Rinku.You wait here.Seeing how violent the winds are right now, if the smugglers are in this desert, they would probably be here.(Walks away.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Iíd say!I think that the desert tried to eat us as we left the palace ruins.(Pats Kasuto who purrs in a reptilian sort of way.)How are doing?Do you have sand in your eyes, sinuses, and clothes?(Stops to listen to the wind and the violent waves.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku.I fear that we may not have enough time to finish our quest.We have three more stones to find and the moon is already setting.North Hyrule is a lot bigger than Southern Hyrule and given the distance we still have yet to travel and the time we have to do it in, it would take all of our remaining time just to reach the Great Palace.

Rinku:††††††††††††† That isnít encouraging.(Silence, save for the background sounds of wind and waves.Rinku opens up his pouch and looks through his things.He is surprised.)Hm!I donít remember putting this in here.

Tingle:†††††††††††† What?

Rinku:††††††††††††† This instrument that the Princess gave me when I agreed to find the Triforce, I could have sworn that I left it in the dungeon before leaving to meet Leon at Spectacle Rock.(Blows a note.Pause.Begins tooting a simple tune, Ballad of the Windfish or something.)You know, Iíve often wondered what is beyond the sea.Iíve been tempted to take a boat and go out there.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Why donít you?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I donít seem to have good luck around water.Seeing how Iíve almost died each time Iíve gotten wet in this adventure, Iíd probably get caught in a storm and washed up on some deserted island or be left stranded in the middle of the ocean clinging to my shattered boat.

Tingle:†††††††††††† That isnít very optimistic.

Rinku:††††††††††††† For all the traveling Iíve done with my mercenary unit, it seemed as if I was in the same place, never moving.When I got here, it felt as if I actually began doing something different.I wouldnít mind staying, if I had the chance.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Then why donít you?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Like I said before, this is also a place where a good number of friends died terribly.It doesnít look like Iím wanted, and my unit probably needs me.I canít live in a Hyrule fantasy forever.(Silence of profound reflection.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Walking up.)I found the smugglers.They are willing to let us cross the sea with them, Kasuto included, but with a few conditions.One is that we pay them.I covered that already because I brought money with me.Condition number two is that we tell nobody about their operations.Condition three is that we donít ask any questions.Condition four . . . is, or at least was, that we all had to be female.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Confused)What?

Zelda:††††††††††††† You see, the smugglers are Gerudo, a race of all women.They donít take kindly to men, which is why I wanted you to wait here.

Rinku:††††††††††††† So how am I supposed to cross with you?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I told them that you were blind and mute.So grab a blindfold, put a rag in your mouth, and letís get going.


Narrator:††††††††† Confused, but interested in seeing an all-female smuggling ring, I used a scrap of partially transparent cloth to use as my blindfold.I can certainly say that I was glad that I did; and I was also glad that I wore heavy, rigid armor, to conceal my reaction to being glad . . . and I will leave it at that.


(On the sea in a closed boat.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, how are you doing?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Mumbles something incoherent, much like a mute would sound.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† I hope that means that you are doing okay.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Gerudo woman walks by.Rinku makes a shy but definite glad ďmíhmmĒ sound.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Put off and partially disgusted.)You can see under that blindfold, canít you?(Silence from Rinku.)Thatís it, Iím going on deck to wait until we arrive at Darunia.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Mumbles something that would have been ďWell excuse me, Princess.Ē)


Narrator:††††††††† And so I sat until there was a sudden violent jerk of the vessel.We stopped moving!Then the sound of a loud ratchet was heard as it felt as if we were being pulled out of the water.None of the smugglers sounded alarmed, so I kept my cool.After several minutes, the sound stopped and Zelda found her way to me and led me on deck.Just as I thought, the ship had been picked up, but I was amazed at how high we were.The ship had been pulled up a tall cliff face to where the Mountain Town of Darunia sat overlooking the ocean.But there was no time to sight see.Once out of range of the smugglers, I abandoned my blindfold and gag and headed towards where the map said that crystal number four was: Maze Island.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Princess, do you think that we will have enough time to find the rest of the crystals AND make it to the Great Palace?Tingle thinks that we only have time left to make it to the Great Palace.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Adding in.)And even that would be pushing it!

Zelda:††††††††††††† We canít doubt ourselves now.We have to keep going.

Tingle:†††††††††††† I think she agrees.


Narrator:††††††††† We crossed the desert mountain pass, trekked through a dark mountain forest, and then crossed an ancient bridge that connected The Eastern Hylian Island to Maze Island.The excursion through the mountainous isle was hazardous; we were required to leave Kasuto behind due to the obstacles.But thanks to the map, we navigated our way to the ruined palace.


Rinku:††††††††††††† I canít find anything here.This thing collapsed in on itself.I hope that the figure stone wasnít smashed when it happened.

Zelda:††††††††††††† No, there must be a way to find the crystal.

Rinku:††††††††††††† If this Triforce is so powerful, why donít we use it to find the stones we are after.It would save us time.Better yet, we could use it to destroy the bad-guys.

Zelda:††††††††††††† We should not rely on the Triforce to do things that we can do ourselves or risk the path to corruption.

Rinku:††††††††††††† BUT if I am unable to do something, could it potentially automatically assist me?Back when I was trying to get the Triforce of Wisdom, I was put on trial by the Zoras.They would have sentenced me to death had not the Triforce responded by floating in the air and putting on a light and sound show.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Confused)The Triforce reacted to protect you?That only has happened to those with the mark of the Triforce on their hand.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Plus, the Great Fairy said that it was not she that saved my life after being attacked on Death Mountain, she simply helped me recover.Could the Triforce possess the power to have kept me alive?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Yes, but I donít know why.Iím the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom, so that fragment protects me.Leon is the keeper of the Triforce of Courage, so that fragment protects him.And you donít look to me like the keeper of Power, plus you donít have the crest on your hand.

Rinku:††††††††††††† True.(Reflects.)Well, kings have power, and your dad is king.He probably need protection when he was kidnapped.Since he came back unharmed, perhaps he is the keeper of the Triforce of Power.

Zelda:††††††††††††† We donít have time for this.Just look for an entrance.(Long enough pause for Tingle to butt in.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Now that you two are done hypothesizing, can I point out that if somebody moves this rock, we might be able to enter the palace ruins?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Tingle found an entrance.(Pushes boulder aside.)Ladies first.(Zelda walks down steps and Rinku follows.)Dang, it is so dark in here.I mean all of the dungeons and temples Iíve been in have been dark, but I canít see anything!

Tingle:†††††††††††† This darkness doesnít feel natural.Plus, itís colder in here than outside.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I think that something is in here with us...

Rinku:††††††††††††† Look out!(Jumps and knocks Zelda over.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, what are you doing?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I agree, we arenít alone.I saw a glimmer of light, I thought it was a trap.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Stands up.)I know a spell called Dinís Fire which will allow us to see down here.(Zelda goes quiet and a gush of wind blows and a fireball materializes.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† The room is empty!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Draws sword.)I donít think so, Tingle.(Silence.)There!(Shoots beam of light at unknown enemy.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† That is a wizrobe.Theyíre evil wizard demons of light and movement.They never attack solitary.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Whatís that chanting sound?(Suddenly, chanting fades in.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Watch it!


Narrator:††††††††† Suddenly, the room was filled with silent robed wizards.They may not have been the source of the chanting, but they were the cause.Without making a sound, the wizrobes vanished and reappeared, casting spells which sent energy waves cascading across the chamber.


Zelda:††††††††††††† Donít try to block their attacks, theyíre too powerful.(Loads crossbow and aims.)Instead, avoid them and attack when they appear, before they can ready their enchantment.(Fires a bolt and a wizrobe explodes into smoke.)


Narrator:††††††††† Sound advice for those wizrobes that didnít move much.But some of them were constantly moving and fading in and out of view.These were a problem.As one advanced towards me, I focused all of my energy and swung hard when it came into view.Zelda didnít have as much a problem with these wizrobes because her weapon allowed her to shoot them from a distance.In fact, I attribute our survival to her sharp aim.


Rinku:††††††††††††† That was some great shooting.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (In one breath.)Thank you.Now shall we continue?(Begins looking for crystal.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Walking and looking.)Compared to the outside, this ruin looks pretty good.In fact, this palace is in the best shape out of them all!

Zelda:††††††††††††† No, I think that it was rebuilt by the wizrobes.The bad faÁade was probably meant to confuse people.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Their plan didnít work because we came in regardless.


Narrator:††††††††† Nevertheless, the temple was elaborately constructed.With trick doors, puzzle-like switches, rotating platforms, elaborately hidden keys to locked doors that hindered our progress, chasms that dropped down the planetís lowest depths, and the confusing floor plan made navigating the chambers aggravating-ly difficult.And the silent wizrobes poised to attack around every corner made it seem less likely that we would ever leave the palace any time soon.


(Sound of a wizrobe being defeated.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† This is getting tiring.We need to find that last crystal fast!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Well it looks like that last batch of wizrobes were guarding this locked door.Since itís the only key left, I suppose that this big key fits.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Sarcastic.)Brilliant logic, Holmes.

(Door is unlocked and opens.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Wow!There is an entire arsenal in here.And they all look like weapons used by the creatures weíve been fighting.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Somewhat concerned.)Not all of them.

Rinku:††††††††††††† There are those spears used by the molblins yonder.And here are goriya boomerangs.And the armor used by...

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Interrupts, speaks in a confused tone of voice.)I see those, yes.But these longbows are used by the Hylian Guard.And so are these swords.(Hears Rinku sorting through the weapons.She snaps, but in a non-threatening way.)What are you doing Rinku?

Rinku:††††††††††††† Most of this stuff is junk, (goes through some more weapons) but there is some good stuff in here: (pulls out a lamp) a lantern so you donít need to use that Dinís Fire spell, (sorts some more and pulls out bombs) some bombs to clear boulders and such, (goes digging some more) and (walks over to another pile, moves through it) Ooh!A nice, curved, shiny, METAL shield blank.Iím sure you would agree that my plywood and canvas shield is looking pretty frayed.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, all of your equipment looks frayed.Plus, it looks like you canít move with all of that stuff hanging out of your bag.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Straps helmet on.)There, wearing my helmet gives me less stuff hanging out.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Giggles.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Laughs.)Now you look just ridiculous.Letís go, (sarcastic) hero.There is still more of this temple to explore.Letís not waste our time pack-rat-ing.(Walks away.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Rinku stumbles forward, making lots of noise with his newfound gear banging against itself and his armor.Tingle laughs some more.)Hey, wait up!It never hurts to be prepared!(Walking and making noise with his equipment.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Two swords, two shields, a boomerang, grappling hook, bombs, lantern, bracelet, flute, armoróyouíre a walking weapon inventory, which rivals that of a small army, let alone what Kasuto is carrying outside!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Smiles.)I think that Iíll grab this longbow while Iím at it.(Snatches one.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† When we come across whatever guards the crystal, youíre going to be too weighed down to be of any use!

Rinku:††††††††††††† What makes you think there will be one?The number of wizrobes weíve beaten so far more than overcompensates for a single head boss.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Every time that youíve gone into a dungeon or a temple or a ruin, youíve had to fight a boss.Get over it!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Distant.)Rinku, stop fooling around and hurry up!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Yelps as he jogs forward with everything banging together on his person.)Coming, Princess!(Runs up to Zelda.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Hereís the figure stone.But I donít see the crystal set anywhere in it.

Rinku:††††††††††††† So, if it is removed from the stone, does that mean that we didnít even need to come down here?

Zelda:††††††††††††† We came down for the crystal and we will get it.Too much has gone wrong during our quest to save Hyrule.To be safe, we need that crystal in our hands.

(Dinís fire goes out.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† What happened?That Dinís Fire spell you cast to light the place just quit working.

Zelda:††††††††††††† I noticed.

(Low rumbling noise, the chamber is breaking apart.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† The floor is opening up and falling!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Shrieks.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps, slides, and grabs her.)But YOU wonít be falling..

(Rumbling comes to an end as Rinku pulls Zelda up.A swirling wind blows.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Whatís with the swirling mist?Its like a vortex or portal or something!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Stunned.)Tingle!I can see you!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Amazed.)So can I!

(Terrible voice fills the air.)

Carock:†††††††††† Fear me, heroes, the return of Carock the Wizard, reviver of the slain, slayer of those who oppose the Master.You have brought the Triforce into my lair and I shall take it from you, that which my resurrected companions were unable to do.

††††††††††††††††††††††† For your troubles that you have brought upon the Master, you shall be cast into this pit that is without a bottom.

Zelda:††††††††††††† The Triforce will be returned from whence the gods placed it.Your Master shall never get it: not by my will, but by the will of the Hylian gods.

Carock:†††††††††† (Laughs.)I do appreciate irony, your Highness.(New train of thought.)And, it is unfortunate that you have chosen the losing side, the Master had great plans for you.One day you might have become Queen.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Angrily.)And she still will, pal!

Carock:†††††††††† (Nasty.)Well said, ďhero.ĒYour usefulness ended that night at Spectacle Rock.Your refusal to surrender the Triforce to the Master is long overdue for punishment.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Stalfos, rise from your graves!

(Bones fly in the air and form into Stalfo Knights.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† There are two Stalfos here, one for both of you to fight.They are immortal warriors, so focus on throwing them into the pit.

(Music beginsóa game of Super Smash Brothers MÍlťe.Hyrule Temple music plays.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Draws sword.)These bone-heads wonít know what hit them.

(This fight scene will be ripped straight from the game.The voices for Link and Zelda will provide the sound effects to their respective characters in this radio show, but the Stalfos grunts and sounds can be added in by actors.The battle ends after the Stalfos are tossed out and the explosion sound characteristic of Super Smash Brothers is heard.The Hyrule Team victory music is then played.Once the fanfare music ends, the spooky music that plays for Carock returns as he speaks.)

Carock:†††††††††† You defeated two Stalfos Knights, congratulations.But now fear me, heroes, the return of Carock the Wizard, reviver of the slain, slayer of those who oppose the Master

Tingle:†††††††††††† Yes, you told us this already.

Carock:†††††††††† Insolent fairy.You shall perish too!(Laughs as a sound indicates that he becomes flesh, ready to fight.)

(Rinku and Zelda attack with all that they have, Rinku having more weapons to chose from, but none seem to hurt Carock.)

Carock:†††††††††† (Laughs.)You can not hurt the return of Carock the Wizard, reviver of theó

Rinku:††††††††††††† Will you shut-up already?

Carock:†††††††††† To finish you three off, gladly.(Large-scale magic explosion goes off and Rinku and Zelda go flying and land hard.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Hurt.)Ow . . . Thatís it, Iím going to equip that new shield I found in the armory.

Zelda:††††††††††††† You canít equip armor or items in the middle of a battle.

Rinku:††††††††††††† That logic is about as stupid as taking turns when you fight.(Swaps shields.)See?Nothing to it!(Explosion and Rinku goes falling down the pit.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Yells out.)Rinku!!

Carock:†††††††††† (Laughing.)And carrying on a conversation in middle of a fight is just as stupid.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Angry, furious.)Youíre going to pay for that.(Pause.With a hint of self-doubt.)Go get Ďem Zelda!

Carock:†††††††††† (Laughs.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Leaps up.)Yaaah!(Lands.)Donít cry for me yet, ladies.This hookshot saved my life.

Carock:†††††††††† Suffer!(Casts a spell, which reflects off of Rinkuís shield and causes an explosion beneath Carock who flies out of the arena and explodes in the Smash Bros. fashion with the terrible Nintendo 64 crowd sound going ďoohĒ when an opponent is tossed out.)

(Swirling mist and wind disappears, the temple returns to normal.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Everything is back to normal.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Yeah.I canít see you anymore.The Princess probably canít see you now either, or hear you for that matter.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Youíre right.That was weird.(Pause.)But look here: the crystal!Carock had it all along.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Now that we have it, it will take us about an hour to return to the entrance of the palace.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Not necessarily.I used Dinís Fire to light our way and I shall use Faroeís Wind to return us outside.(Wind sweeps them away.)

(Outside, the wind drops the main characters off.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Keana Reeves, Matrix style.)Whoa.(Jack Nicholson, Batman style.)Where do you get those wonderful spells?

Zelda:††††††††††††† My father taught them to me.He wanted me to be well versed in magic, science, and politics.He has great plans for me when I become Queen.

Tingle:†††††††††††† (Having heard those words before, she is suspicious and worried.)Hmmm.


Narrator:††††††††† With dawn rapidly approaching, the three of us mounted Kasuto and made our way south to Nabooru Town.I honestly had no idea how we were going to find two more crystals AND make it to the Great Palace.I was tired of the whole ordeal.Oh, how easy and liberating it would be to quit.





Narrator:††††††††† The crystal that we needed to find next was on another island far from where we were.According to Zelda:


Zelda:††††††††††††† A few decades ago, before North Hyrule broke away from Southern Hyrule, my father set up a mining operation based on the ruined Island Palace.The ancient corridors of the temple snaked its way down to the ocean floor where many precious gems, ore, and minerals can be found.Unless the mining operation disturbed it, the crystal should still be there.From what Iíve been told from representatives of the Republic of North Hyrule, operations in the mine have ceased due to superstitious reasons.Nobody really wanted to work there to begin with, but when monsters supposedly appeared, everything was abandoned.


Narrator:††††††††† At least we wouldnít have to go searching for an entrance this time.

††††††††††††††††††††††† My map showed that the Eastern Island stretched out so far east that it almost reached the Island Palace ruins.It was on this cape that a pulley system was built so that people could be transported from the small island mine to the main island.The cables were ancient and frayed, the gondolas were rusted and insecure, the pulley was inoperable, and the ocean was a white, foamy anger against the jagged rocks below.But, being the brave mercenary that I was, I had but one thing to say.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Hell no!

Zelda:††††††††††††† It is the only way to reach the Island Palace.That is unless you want to swim.

Rinku:††††††††††††† If we put our full weight on that thing, it will break and we will have to swim anyway.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Sarcastic.Steps on gondola and taps it with her foot as she speaks.)Aw, is Little Bunny afraid of a gondola?

Tingle:†††††††††††† That was below the belt.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Gee, the few times my friends called me that it was funny.You make it sound insulting.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Well excuse me, ďhero.ĒBut we need to hurry.Like you said, we barely have enough time to make it to the Great Palace let alone retrieve the crystals.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Actually, it was Tingle who said that.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Grabs Rinku and pulls him onto the gondola with her.)Get on and start pulling.

(They pull the rope and the gondola crosses the raging ocean to the Island Palace.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Wow, when Zelda said that they got up and left, she wasnít kidding.All the mining equipment looks like it was laid down while in the middle of the job!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Dissatisfied.)But it looks like they took the time to lock the iron gate leading inside the ruins.I wonder if it is meant to keep us out (troubled) or something inside?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Either way, we need to get in.But what can we use as a key?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Lights a bomb.)I have a key right here.

(Rinku and Zelda run aside as the bomb detonates.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Sarcastic.)How very subtle of you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† The gate may still be standing, but it is now so misshapen that we can easily slip through.

(Inside the ruin, water droplets fall.The floor is a mix between stone and metal.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Cold shudder.)This is terrific.Itís freezing cold out in the night air, but it is so cold in here that everything is frozen except for that water droplet that just went down my shirt!(Slips.)Shit!(Gets up.)Everything down here is frozen, rusted, and smells bad.What exactly were they mining down here anyway?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I forget.But there was supposed to be minerals and ore, like I said beforehand.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Did they find anything?

Zelda:††††††††††††† I donít think so.

(They walk in the darkness.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Whoever was mining in here must have been schizophrenic.The passages down here make about as much sense as that maze we were trapped in last time.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Except there arenít any wizrobes this time.(Sound of Like-Like can be heard.)But there is that weird thing.(Draws sword and shield.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, donít go near it.Itís a Like Like, theyíre famous foró

Rinku:††††††††††††† I can take on this gelatinous tube.(Steps forward and the creatures lurks forward suddenly and gobbles Rinku.)Ugh!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Shoot.I tried to warn him.(Rushes to get out crossbow and loads it.)I just hope that I donít hit Rinku when I shoot it.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Be careful!

(Zelda shoots a bolt, loads, and shoots another bolt.The monster explodes.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Falls to the ground.)Oof!

Zelda:††††††††††††† As I was saying.The Like-Like is famous for eating people and their belongings.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Angry.)It ate my shield!!

Tingle:†††††††††††† Itís a good thing you have a spare.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Hopefully, that serve as a lesson.

Tingle:†††††††††††† Hey, look!This ice here looks like there is something behind it.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Princess, can you use Dinís fire to melt that ice?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Yes.(Ice melts as she casts the spell.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† A hidden passage.What would you two do without me?


Narrator:††††††††† The passage led down.At times, I could hear the angry ocean pounding above us and the ice groaning, as if it was going to snap.I could easily understand why the miners abandoned the mine.I still had a headache from being attacked by the Like-Like when we came across another puzzling lock.Unfortunately, the only way of operating it was a rusty mechanism.It would take more power than any of us had to get it to move.


Tingle:†††††††††††† I saw a hammer a ways back, perhaps we could use that.


Narrator:††††††††† Tingle led us to the hammer, which was just the thing to knock the rust off.I had no idea how to work the giant machine, but I was able to get it in working order.Zelda in turn fiddled with it until, with a loud bang, it began to work.(Engine sounds are now heard.)

††††††††††††††††††††††† It turned out to be an automated pulley system.Pistons turned a giant wheel, which pulled a tattered rope attached to mine cars that came through a door that opened when a car was passing under it.We jumped on a car and it led us to where the miners were creating a new tunnel.It was also the location of the figure stone and the largest sea urchin that Iíve ever seen.The sea urchin, called a Digdogger, was not alone.Several Like-Likes crawled out of a pool of water as reinforcements.The Digdogger spit out globs of who-knows-what at us and the Like-Likes prepared to eat us.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Princess, you take the Like-Likes out while I fight the sea urchin.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Very well.

(Rinku attacks Digdogger and Zelda shoots the Like-Likes.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Rinku, you arenít hurting it, itís too big for you!I hear that it is venerable to sound, though.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Jumps back out of harmís way.)That flute . . . I could use that.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Rinku, look out!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Dodges as Zelda shoots a Like-Like.)Thanks, Princess! And now for this big boy!(Blows a shrill note on the flute and the Digdogger screams and explodes.)Whoa!It just became a hundred smaller urchins!

Zelda:††††††††††††† Then we need to get them all!

(Rinku and Zelda shoot, blast, slice, butcher, stomp, the little urchins.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† Theyíre moving super fast.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Gaah!One hit me!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Got you covered, Princess.(Kills a few more.)Are you alright?(Gets hit.)Ow!

Zelda:††††††††††††† I will be.Iíll use a spell to protect us from these things...Nayruís Love.(Naryuís Love is cast and the remaining creatures are slain.)Now letís get that crystal and be gone!That Digdogger weakened the area here.(Cavern moans.)We need to get out fast!

Rinku:††††††††††††† I got it.(Bricks begin to fall, ice cracks and water crashes in.)Shit!Quick, into the cart.(They jump inside.The machine is heard again as the cart pokes along.)

Tingle:†††††††††††† The cart is going too slow!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Not if I cut it free.Gravity should move us faster than that old machine.(Cuts the rope and the mine car speeds ahead with the water roaring behind them.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Shouting angrily over the noise.)Did you think to wonder where this mine shaft leads?Weíre going down and the exit is up!

Rinku:††††††††††††† We didnít have time for anything else.Now hold on!!

(All three yell as water roars and washes them out.)


Narrator:††††††††† Water, it seemed, was out to get me.The icy cold water washed over us and knocked our mine cart over and swept us out to sea.But I couldnít complain too much.Given the amount of equipment that I had in my bag, the heavy armor I was wearing, the five crystals, and the three Triforce pieces, I was shocked that I even made it to shore, let alone survive the entire ordeal.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Zelda, however, didnít seem so fortunate.Her face was blue and her hands were purple.I turned her to her back and saw no signs of breathing.I thrust my body weight down onto her chest, causing water to come out of her mouth.But still, she did not breathe.I thrust downward again, to the same result: water came out but she did not breathe.If she wouldnít breathe for herself, I would have to do it for her.Lifting up her chin, I blew air into her mouth and felt her pulse while waiting for a response.For a third time, I pushed down as hard as I could onto her chest.


(Zelda and Rinku are cold, wet, and shivering.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Spits out water and coughs, turns and vomits onto the sand.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Are you alright?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Weakly.)I will be.Could you help me up?(Rinku helps her up.Zelda is frantic now.)Rinku!Do you still have the Triforce?You didnít lose it when we were washed out?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Opens bag and is disappointed.)Well, it looks like I lost a lot of stuff back there, but the Triforce wasnít one of them.

Zelda:††††††††††††† What did you lose?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Says the items he lost as he checks for them in his bag.)The lantern, my original sword, a few pieces of armor, most notably my helmet, the boomerang, the bombs, power bracelet, and (disappointed) the map.And Kasuto has the rest of my stuff, waiting for us to return to the gondola.

Zelda:††††††††††††† We are going to have to do without all of that.I can hear birds in the distance, we have little time until dawn.I can use Dinís Fire to dry us off, but we are going to have to continue as is to the sixth palace.


Narrator:††††††††† With no time to lose, Zelda strained to remember a map of North Hyrule so that she could lead us to the desert where the final crystal would be found.Evidently, all that studding that her father made her do paid off.We hiked in the dark, cold night as fast as we could.It was the longest night I had ever experienced.Some nights only seem long, but this one night I could say WAS long, as if something was delaying the sun so that we could make our deadline.


(Walking briskly.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† So, Rinku, is Tingle with us right now?

Rinku:††††††††††††† I donít know.I lost track of her during the fight.But Iím sure that sheíll find us.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Thoughtful.)Hm.(Pause.)Having a near-death experience really makes you think about your life.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Iíve had so many near-death experiences that Iíve grown used to them.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Stern.)Iím being serious here.Iíve been spared from death.The world would be different had I drowned.But I didnít, so how can I change the world, how can I live better?

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Sigh/breath heavy.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† I though about becoming Queen of Hyrule eventually.What will that be like; what kind of a ruler will I be?I know the kind that my father wants me to be, heís spent all my life training and schooling me.In fact, that was the only time anyone really saw him, that is until your trial.

††††††††††††††††††††††† I also thought about Leon.Even though he is several years younger than I, much like you, I can always remember being with him.Until now, it seemed that we would spend our lives together.But after finding out that he attacked you at Spectacle Rock when you didnít give him the Triforce, I donít know.

††††††††††††††††††††††† And then there is you, the one who I dreamed would appear to return the Triforce and save Hyrule.It seems as if Iíve known you forever.You may not be the Legendary Hero, but you remind me so much of Leon, except that you havenít betrayed your country, (distant) or me.


Narrator:††††††††† This was my chance to finally tell Zelda how I felt about her.My heart raced as I tried to think of a way to say it.In silence I thought it over.


(Silence as they walk.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† Something doesnít seem right.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Pushes Zelda aside, who yelps.)Waió

(Trap snaps and Rinku is caught.)


Guard 1:††††††††† We caught him!

Guard 3:††††††††† Finally.We donít know how you escaped from the dungeon again, but we have you now.

Guard 2:††††††††† Youíre coming back to Southern Hyrule with us.Your trail awaits.

Rinku:††††††††††††† Southern Hyrule guards?How did you cross the border?I thought you werenít allowed here.

Guard 1:††††††††† Yes, typically once a criminal crosses the border, we lose jurisdiction.But the border patrol town of Saria was burned down.And, from what I hear, after you invaded North Palace and were run out by Fly Boy of the Tipsy Turvey circus, the Knights of Hyrule took advantage of the situation and attacked.The castle was sacked.

Guard 2:††††††††† So with no government to rule this area, we were free to come in and get you.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Shocked.)North Palace was sacked!!Shit, it isnít even dawn and things are going to hell!You NEED to let me go.

Guard 3:††††††††† And why is that?

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Steps up.)Because I say so!

Guard 3:††††††††† Your highness!We were told that you died in the attack on North Palace.

Zelda:††††††††††††† No, I am quite alive, thanks to Rinku who got me away just in time.

Guard 1:††††††††† Your highness, why are you wearing circus clothes?

Zelda:††††††††††††† So that we could escape.Now, let Rinku go.

Guard 2:††††††††† We canít do that, Princess.The King has ordered that we return him.And since you are alive, we are to bring you back with us as well.The King has priority.(Draws sword.)I donít want to hurt you, your highness.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Rushes to Rinku and releases the trap.)Run!

Guard 1:††††††††† After them!


Narrator:††††††††† It was horrible.Zelda and I ran in the direction of the sixth palace as the guards chased us.Unfortunately, there were more traps and one of them caught Zelda.


Zelda:††††††††††††† (Yelling.)Keep going!Hurry!


Narrator:††††††††† With a guilty heart, I left Zelda behind.One of the guards stopped to apprehend her while the other two stayed on my tail.Not having the energy to run in my condition, I stopped, turned, and let two magical beams fly from my sword.The two Hylian Guards instantly dropped to the ground.I couldnít check to see if I had murdered them, I had to get to the sixth palace as soon as I could.The eastern skies were already beginning to glow orange as the sun slowly approached dawn.





Narrator:††††††††† Long, faint shadows were cast onto the golden sand as I finally arrived at Three Eye Rock, the location of the sixth palace.The desert region was riddled with seismic activity.The palace was uneven as some sections jetted higher than others and others dropped into scars where lava flowed like blood from the earthen flesh.The lava provided a welcome warmth from the frozen air.

††††††††††††††††††††††† At one point, this palace had the most twisting and turning, maze-like corridors of them all.Fortunately, the earthquakes had split the temple open, revealing the weather-worn figure stone in the deepest lava pit, a long distance down below the surface.


Rinku:††††††††††††† Tingle, if you are here, it would be nice of you to tell me.(Pause.)Well, Iím going to climb down into the abyss now.


Narrator:††††††††† I was alone.I had always felt alone all my life, but now that there was nobody around me, I was scared.The only way I could muster the courage to continue was to pretend that Tingle was still there.I narrated my every step as if she was there listening, waiting to intervene and tell me what to do next.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Climbing down, grunting.)Whew.It sure is getting warm down here.(Continues climbing down.)The figure stone looks like it is sitting in lava.I donít know how I am going to get to it.But, ah!Here is a platform where I can rest.(Climbs down onto platform.)It looks like those fallen pillars can act as bridges over the boiling lava while those sinking bricks can be used as stepping stones.(Disappointed.)But I still donít see a way to the figure stone.

(Odd sound is heard as Fire Slugs crawl out and attack.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Aaagh!(Dodges attack.)


Narrator:††††††††† A colony of Fire Slugs came at me.Even though they were slow, there were everywhere.I couldnít move without stepping into another one.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Zaps the slugs.)Go away!(Zaps more.)Too many!I had better get to that stone now before these things burn me.(Jumps onto pillar and runs down it.Runs and jumps and zaps slugs as he goes along.)Whew!Itís hard to be a sprinter AND a jumper while wearing this much armor in such a hot place!

(Lava spews out of the ground as three roars are heard.)


Narrator:††††††††† When I least expected it, three dragon heads emerged from the lava.A red dragon head spewed a stream of fire at me while I slipped on the ice that a blue dragon head coated the ground with.A black dragon head was into physical attacks and tried to bite me, fling me, or crush me.Their long necks wiggled as each head tried to somehow slay me.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Not being stupid, I figured that the ice dragon would help me defeat the fire dragon.When the blue dragon head lowered to blast me with frigid water, which would coat the ground and myself with ice, I raised my shield and bounced the stream from the ice dragon to the fire dragon.The red dragon screamed in pain from its sudden case of brain freeze and vanished into flames.


Rinku:††††††††††††† One down, but now I need to figure out how to take out these other two.(Spends some time dodging attacks and blocking attacks.)The lava pit!I can use it to take out the ice dragon.But how do I pull its head into the fire?


Narrator:††††††††† I had lost most of my equipment when I went out to sea after the ill fated mine cart ride.The only thing I had left that I could think to use was my hookshot, but I was too small to pull the dragon down.So, I quickly fired the hook into the dragon and affixed the hookshot onto a giant boulder and set the hook to retract.The dragon was not strong enough to move the boulder and was pulled down, face first, into the lava.I lost another item, but at least I took out another dragon.Now the black head remained.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (Shoots beams from his sword.)Yaaaagh!(Gets knocked down.)


Narrator:††††††††† The black dragon writhed around terribly in spastic movements.I watched in horror as it smashed into the figure stone, sending the sixth crystal airborne and into the lava pits.Without thinking I leaped out over the lava and grabbed onto the dragon.As it lurched, I clung to it and reached out with my free hand as I snatched the crystal as we both flew over the molten rock.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Taking advantage of clinging to the dragon, I drew my sword and plunged it into the side of the beast.


(Dragon screams and earth trembles.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Yells.)

(Giant earthquake shakes everything down and disaster is everywhere.)


Narrator:††††††††† I was flung from the ruins as the dragon shook them down into the molten earth.I hit the hard, desert rock just outside of the imploding ruins.I felt my elbow armor split in two upon impact and my arm shot with a violent pain.The dust settled and I took inventory.I had all six crystals, the Triforce, the Heroís sword from Linkís crypt, the reflective shield from Maze Island, Zeldaís flute, and a broken elbow armor piece that was lodged inside my arm.


Rinku:††††††††††††† (In pain)Aaagh!(Rinku pulls elbow armor out of arm and pants.He tosses it to the ground.)The sun is already rising.It is morning.Am I too late?(Foot steps are heard.)Oh, no.

Leon:†††††††††††††† I was told by my guards that I could find you here.They have Princess Zelda, you know.I need you to come with me.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Still on the ground bleeding and in pain.Draws sword and readies shield.)But I wonít go yet.

Leon:†††††††††††††† You donít even know why I am here, or where I need to take you.You arenít the only one on a quest.Iíve spent the past few days searching for the missing sages of Hyrule!We both want to see Hyrule saved, we just . . . have different ways of doing things.

Rinku:††††††††††††† You want to torture people and ambush me to get the Triforce.It is from you that Hyrule needs saving.(Gains strength, is hesitant, but lunges at Leon who blocks the attack.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† You wish to battle the Legendary Hero of Hyrule.You may have Linkís magical sword, but I wield the Heroís Master Sword.(Draws the Master Sword.)You have no idea who you are dealing with.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (In pain.)Ugh . . . I . . . canít.Something is wrong.

Leon:†††††††††††††† What the hell?The sun!

Rinku:††††††††††††† An eclipse?Itís still night.The sun hasnít risen yet, I still have time!!(Darts off.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† (Voice fades as Rinku runs off.)Halt!You need to come with me.You arenít prepared; you donít have the magical weapon, the Silvó


Narrator:††††††††† I could hear Leon as he took off after me.I didnít know if it was because I didnít want my extended time limit to run out, but I just couldnít fight him.As I ran, I could feel everything beginning to fall into place.I was approaching the end.An unknown power swept over me and I sped off in the direction of the Great Palace.I never ran so hard in my life, managing to leave Leon someplace behind in my dust.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The Great Palace was located in the Valley of Death.I would say that the name was a misnomer.The Midoro Swamp was a valley of death, this was a valley of hell.As I finally approached the mountains that enclosed the Valley of Death, I finally beheld its horror.Carved out of a deformed mountain, I could see the Great Palace sitting like Lucifer in his throne.Below it, sulfur and fire drained down from the pores of the mangled body of the mountain.The eclipse of the morning sun cast everything in a terrible light.Everything was dark, cold, and vile.

††††††††††††††††††††††† But I had no time to gawk at my destination.I was long overdue.


(Ghosts of Rinkuís conscience.)

Dead Hand:†††† Turn back.You can not face the Master.

Piaba:††††††††††††† Foreigner, you do not belong here, you are unwanted.

Jonesi:†††††††††††† You led your friends into death.Your mercenary family, Piaba, and Jonesi are dead because of you.You abandoned Zelda.You abandoned Tingle.You abandoned Kasuto.

Leon:†††††††††††††† You are not the Legendary Hero.You can not achieve anything.

Tingle:†††††††††††† The sun has already risen, you failed.The eclipse marks the dawn of the Masterís new age.

Carock:†††††††††† Your body is weak, you have lost your items.You can not pass.

Zelda:††††††††††††† You disappoint me, Rinku.You are unworthy, a failure.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Breaking down.)SHUT UP!!(Runs through the fire and sulfur pits with the ghosts whispering doubts into Rinkuís mind.They are getting louder, talking over one another.It slowly becomes noise, a buzzing in Rinkuís head.He is groaning in pain.)Leave me alone!

Leon:†††††††††††††† Thatís right.Fall, fall like you did at Spectacle Rock.

Jonesi:†††††††††††† We could have helped you, but you let us die.

Piaba:††††††††††††† Why does a whelp like you think that you can do anything?

Tingle:†††††††††††† You didnít let anyone get close to you, now you will die alone.

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Screams and falls to the ground as multiple foot steps surround him.Hissing and howling of demons are heard.)

Carock:†††††††††† The Triforce is ours.

Dead Hand:†††† Take him before the Master.He wants to finish this nuisance off himself.

(Rinku is dragged away as the ghost voices fade.)





Narrator:††††††††† I hadnít realized I that was ambushed until after I was apprehended.My captors were demons, the vile creatures that had attacked me at Spectacle Rock.For an unknown reason, they were taking me to the Great Palace.The farther up the mountain we went, the more creatures I saw by the hellish light of the sulfur and fire pits .Every creature that I had defeated it seemed lined the path to the Great Palace.But even worse than the monsters was the number of corpses that lined the path.They were Hylian Guards.But not all of them were dead.Some of them stood alongside the monsters, jeering at me as well.


(Rinku is still being dragged.)

Guard 1:††††††††† You evaded us in Kakariko village, you escaped from us in Hyrule Castle, and you even escaped when we caught the Princess.But now, you belong to us.

Guard 2:††††††††† Foreigner, Iíd pity your fate if you didnít deserve it.

Demon:†††††††††† (Laughing.)The Master has such terrible plans for you.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (In the distance.)Rinku!

Rinku:††††††††††††† Princess?What happened?It looks like there was a battle here.

Zelda:††††††††††††† No, it was a massacre!(On the brink.)They had orders to get information from me no matter what.I told them everything.So the guards brought me here to wait for you, so they could thwart our plans.(Sobs.)

Dead Hand:†††† The Master is back!Kneel as he speaks.

(The army of darkness bows and kneels as the armored monster known as The Master steps out.Rinku gasps as Zelda continues to cry.)

King:††††††††††††††† (Silent, then speaks loudly and with a voice of evil.)I am the Master of Hyrule, the Lord of the Triforce.Hand to me what was once mine or suffer like the Guards who would not obey my orders.A foreigner such as yourself does not deserve to be in its presence.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Father, why?

King:††††††††††††††† (Angrily.) The Triforce has always been mine!I need its power to rule this land.But little boys like this one here always seem to interfere with my plans.First I was sealed in the Golden Land with only the Triforce of Power by one boy and his fairy.Then I was slain in Death Mountain while attempting to escape by another adventurer.Those heroes met their ends and I came back to take what was mine, but the last of the Knights of Hyrule fought me in the Golden Land and I fell once again.

††††††††††††††††††††††† But I have returned. Being the Keeper of Power, having the Keeper of Wisdom as my daughter, and manipulating the Keeper of Courage, the Triforce was under my control at last.Since I controlled the Keeper of Courage, the Master Sword was no longer a threat.But the Northern Provinces broke away and the monarchy was failing.I needed something to give me more control.

Rinku:††††††††††††† So you created a civil war.The Knights of Hyrule had all died but Leon, so you sent your minions out to masquerade as them so that you looked like a hero.And this kept Leon busy so that he wouldnít discover your secret of being the ancient evil Ganon!

King:††††††††††††††† Very smart.But then the Triforce was snatched from under my nose by Zelda here and hidden, I was losing my power again.I sent my minions to find it, but then you arrived.You were supposed to retrieve the Triforce for me, but you didnít.So I arranged to have you murdered by my less than human followers.I had no idea that you would survive, or even manage to create the Binding Force to surround the last entrance to the Golden Land inside this Great Palace.But that doesnít matter now.You are about to die and the Triforce is mine.

††††††††††††††††††††††† (Turns to Zelda.)And as for you, young lady.I am ashamed that I didnít teach you better.You would have made a great Queen.

Zelda:††††††††††††† With the Triforce in your control, would you have even let me succeed you?

King:††††††††††††††† It is always wise to have an heir.But it seems that you are not worthy after all.You have been very busy, running around behind my back.

Leon:†††††††††††††† (Angry.)Perhaps you should watch your back better!(Shoots holy beams from the Master Sword, which paralyzes the King.)

(Army roars in amazement and anger as they stand to fight.)

Demon:†††††††††† Lord Ganon!

Guard 1:††††††††† Itís Captain Leon!The King says to no longer obey him.

Guard 2:††††††††† Kill him!

Leon:†††††††††††††† (Runs up to Zelda and Rinku and unbinds them.Talking fast.)Hurry, we need to enter the Great Palace now!The world is falling apart; while searching for a way to kill King Ganon, I was witness to all the evils he has done just in this one night.Saria was destroyed, North Palace was sacked, and the Great Fairy has been slain!

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Rushed.)Rinku, give me the Triforce.I will use it so that we can pass through the Binding Force.

(The three Triforces glow and the Binding Force opens.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Come on!

King:††††††††††††††† No you donít!(Roars as he leaps after them.)

(The four are teleported into the Golden Land.)


Narrator:††††††††† The armies of the King had vanished.We now were in a dark void.The kind of place where dreams can form or be broken.Above the floating islands of rock and ancient ruins, the Triforce hovered in a light that illuminated the barren land for miles.The King, Ganon, was furious that he was once again in the Golden Land, but seemed happy to know that we were there with him.Leon was poised with the Master Sword, ready to strike.Zelda was unsure if she could watch Leon face the man who raised her.And myself, I stood in awe of what had just happened.


King:††††††††††††††† The Triforce will be mine.As Keeper of the Power, I call upon Din to reveal my true form!(Laughs turn into pain as he mutates.He then stomps forward.)

Rinku:††††††††††††† Heís a giant pig!(Steps backwards and draws sword.)Step back, (angrily) heís mine.

Ganon:††††††††††† Can the little mercenary really fight the King?Step forward.I shall slay you all at once or individually!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Drops sword.)I . . . canít.(Falls to his knees.)I canít face him.I couldnít fight Leon, I canít fight Ganon.(Yells in confusion.)

Ganon:††††††††††† (Laughs.)The whelp shall perish now!(Gets hit by Master Sword holy light and groans.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† Why take him when I am the Legendary Hero.While you were busy keeping track of his adventure, I was out on my own quest.I got something that you should know aboutóthe weapon that has defeated you in the pastóthe silver arrow.

Ganon:††††††††††† Die, Hero!(Swings pitchfork violently and quickly.Leon blocks but is thrown onto the ground.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Screams.)Leon!!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Yells and then grunts as the pitchfork of Ganon passes through his body.)

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Screams.)Rinku?

Leon:†††††††††††††† Rinku!You took that hit for me!

Rinku:††††††††††††† (Bloody and hard.)I couldnít fight him, or you.But I can protect the Hero...

Leon:†††††††††††††† I will defeat Ganon in your name, Rinku.

(The final battle!)


Narrator:††††††††† The King of Evil, the Dark Wizard, Ganon.By what name he went by, Leon stood short in comparison to his ancient nemesis.But he was determined to bring down the greedy pig-demon that towered above him, brandishing a crooked, skeletal pitchfork.Zelda and I watched, it was not our battle to fight.

††††††††††††††††††††††† With great force and deadly speed, Ganonís weapon seemed to be everywhere at once.Leon helplessly blocked the blows and was thrown down to the ground multiple times.But he rolled forward, just under a blow that landed behind him, and thrust his sword upward into Ganonís stomach.The hideous beast roared and sent blood flying onto Leon who had a Silver Arrow pre-loaded into a crossbow.He shot this holy weapon into the chest of the demon who wailed in agony.

††††††††††††††††††††††† But the mighty evil wouldnít be taken down by this alone.With a violent motion, Leon was thrown backwards and slid across the ground as Ganon stomped towards him.The Dark Wizard raised his pitchfork and summoned a ring of fire which mutated into fiery bats.Leon did his best to dodge the creatures, but they flew right at him, homing onto him as he darted from them.Ganon laughed at this sight and threw his pitchfork at Leon.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Leon dodged the pitchfork and charged Ganon, once more plunging the Master Sword deep into his enemyís body.As more blood exited this new wound, Leon shot a Silver Arrow which landed in Ganonís ribs.With two arrows protruding from his body and two gaping wounds from the Master Sword, Ganon was screaming in agony, but wasnít about to admit defeat.He kicked Leon aside, who was at his witís end.Leon too was bleeding profusely.He had burns from the bats, gashes from the pitchfork, and a few broken bones from being hit so many times with the Power of Ganon.And without the Master Sword, which still was deep inside of Ganonís chest, Leon seemed helpless.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Ever resourceful, the tyrannical pig cast himself in a cloak of darkness, invisible from us all to see.Teleporting himself around the floating isle, he would appear to blast Leon with a surge of fire and then move.Although Ganon was able to cloak himself from sight, he could not mask the Master Sword, the Silver Arrows, or the blood that rushed from his body.As Ganon teleported behind Leon, Leon flipped backwards, pulling the Master Sword out of Ganonís chest, and slashed him across the spine.Finally visible again, Ganon fell to the ground as all nerves to his legs were cut by the Blade of Evilís Bane.His blood stained the golden sand a black color as it rushed from his multiple sword and arrow wounds.The last Silver Arrow was loaded into the crossbow and aimed between the eyes of the King of Evil.


Leon:†††††††††††††† You have betrayed us all, your Highness.You manipulated your subjects, the Hylian Guard, myself, your daughter, and the Triforce.

Ganon:††††††††††† She isnít my daughter, she was the Triforce of Wisdom and belonged to me!You belonged to me!

Leon:†††††††††††††† Your reign has ended.

Ganon:††††††††††† Go ahead.Iíve been murdered before.The people of Hyrule will forget, evil will return, and so will I.Iím immortal.(Laughs.)I am immortaó(Silver Arrow pierces his skull and he falls limp onto the ground.

Leon:†††††††††††††† No.Youíre not.(Becomes light headed and swoons.)


Narrator:††††††††† As I lay on the ground, bleeding, everything began to make sense.Zelda rushed over to me and was crying.She was saying something that I couldnít understand.She lifted me up and pointed over to something laying next to Ganonís corpse.It was a tattered doll wearing frayed armor.Its stuffing stuck out of a wound to the chest.

††††††††††††††††††††††† I was dizzy and felt as if I had just woken up from a dream.The Triforce hovered over us and bathed us in a cool light.For the first time in my entire life, I felt complete.As if I was one person.It was then that I realized what Zelda was talking about.


Zelda:††††††††††††† (Hysterical.)Heís been transformed into a doll!

Leon:†††††††††††††† Listen, can you hear the Triforce?It is speaking to us.

Zelda:††††††††††††† What are you talking about?

Leon:†††††††††††††† Shh.Listen.


Triforce:†††††††††† This is the essence of the Triforce.For many years the Triforce has protected Hyrule from danger.But the people of Hyrule grew careless, their thoughts became greedy.It was then that Ganon was able to return.His minions murdered the Queen as to lure the King to Death Mountain.Accompanied by his trusted knight, the King was captured.The Kingís knight was the Legendary Hero of Hyrule.By sacrificing him to Ganon and shedding his blood, Ganon was revived and masqueraded as the King.

††††††††††††††††††††††† When Ganon returned to Hyrule, he discovered that the Keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom was a baby Princess Zelda.Having just slain the Legendary Hero so that he could be revived, he expected a newborn infant of the Knightís line to be born with the crest of Courage.Controlling Zelda and the infant of Courage, meant that Ganon would control the Triforce.But a loyal servant of the deceased Hero realized the danger and found the infant with the crest of Courage first.He needed to remove the Triforce of Courage from the infant so that Ganon could not control it.Playing an ancient melody called the Eulogy of Emptiness, the mantle of the Legendary Hero was made manifest in the shape of a small doll.This doll was the essence of the Triforce of Courage.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The servant of the deceased knight then hid the doll in the knapsack of a mercenary who was departing Hyrule after a few months stay.You could image the surprise when the mercenary found not a doll in his bag but a baby when he returned to his unit.Being an extension of the Triforce, the child knew not good from evil and did only what he was told, such as being ordered to retrieve the Triforce by Princess Zelda.Being an extension of the Triforce, the child could never harm one who bared the mark of the Triforce on their hand.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The real Hero, with the crest on his hand, was raised in Hyrule and was trained by the Hylian Guard.The Heroís doppelganger was raised in foreign lands, but knew when it was time to return to Hyrule.As part of the Triforce, he was able to dream of the future.As part of the Legendary Hero, he was able to retrieve the Triforce and protect others.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Being a doll, the doppelganger could be revived from death until itís job was complete.The Triforce kept the doppelganger sustained so that he could return the Triforce to the Golden Land and protect the Keeper of Wisdom and the Keeper of Courage, his true self.Now, Hyrule is safe.The divided soul of Leon and Rinku has been reunited.The doppelganger, now no longer needed, has returned to what it really isóa doll.You will remember your own past, but will remember life as Rinku just as clearly.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The battle is over.Return, now, to your home.

(Zelda and Leon are teleported back to Hyrule.)


Leon:†††††††††††††† Weíre back!But what about Ganonís minions at the Great Palace?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Look!The Valley of Death is sinking into the sea!

(In the distance, the mountain sinks down, taking every bad-guy with it.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† I guess itís off to the Evil Jar with them.


Narrator:††††††††† The sun rose on a brand new day.Hyrule had been saved, but much damage had been done.Zelda and I returned to Hyrule Castle in Southern Hyrule where the remaining Guard, who were loyal to the people of Hyrule as opposed to the evil king, welcomed us.But there was one thing that I needed to check that was bothering me the entire night.


(In the dungeon.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† Jones?!Piaba?(Unlocks cages.He is happy.)Youíre okay!Ganon didnít kill you after all!

Jonesi:†††††††††††† (Fatigued from being in jail so long and very confused.)What trick is this now?

Piaba:††††††††††††† (He is also fatigued.)Whereís Rinku? What have you done to him?

Leon:†††††††††††††† This may be hard to explain, but . . . how do I say this?You seeó

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Walking down steps, somber.)Rinku died saving Hyrule.

Leon:†††††††††††††† (No longer happy.)Wha?

Jonesi:†††††††††††† What?

Zelda:††††††††††††† You men are free to go.I deeply regret all that you have endured and I intend to compensate you for your losses.Now if you would leave the dungeon, you will find two maidens who will wash you up.

Piaba:††††††††††††† (Angry.)We want some answers.Weíve been locked up in here for months, tortured by that man, and now you say our friend is dead?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Once you are refreshed, we will tell you everything.

Jonesi:†††††††††††† Anything to leave this cell.Letís go.(Walks up steps with Piaba and slams door behind him.)

Leon:†††††††††††††† (Angrily confused.)What are you doing?

Zelda:††††††††††††† You can not just walk in here and expect them to believe that you are Rinku.

Leon:†††††††††††††† But I am, or at least half of me is.They may not trust me as Leon, but I kept them alive down here.They were never tortured under my orders and I did my best to make sure that they were safe.That is why I didnít allow anybody down here, because I couldnít trust anyone, I kept them isolated and protected.And since I am Rinku, they are my friends.Why wouldnít they believe me?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Think about everything that has happened.(Walks up steps and exits through door.)


Narrator:††††††††† She was right.Those two could never believe that I was Rinku, no matter what I told them, be it tales from bygone days or secrets exchanged while adventuring.It was better that they believed that I died a hero.I reflected on their experience and my experience in prison.As Leon, when I found out that they had been tortured and that others had been killed in the dungeons, I realized that something was very wrong.I told Rinku not to tell anyone so that he wouldnít be killed for knowing such information.I kept Jonesi and Piaba quiet so that they wouldnít be killed while in captivity.I was Captain of the Guards by title only.Ganon, the King, was controlling everything.And when I began to get wise, he tried to frame me.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Piaba and Jonesi were invited to stay for Zeldaís coronation as Queen of Hyrule.They would receive metals of honor for helping return the Triforce.While waiting for Zelda to appear for the grand ceremony, I managed to find my two war buddies dressed in the finest I had ever seen them.


Leon:†††††††††††††† You guys did a lot for our country.Iím sorry if I came off as a dork.

Jonesi:†††††††††††† (Indignant.)Whatever.

Leon:†††††††††††††† I got to know Rinku really well before . . . his death . . . and I know that he wants you to know that he appreciates you joining him.You came along to help him not because you thought that he couldnít do it, but because you cared.He was family.That is why you put up with him when he ran head-first into danger. To remember him, I am sure that he would like you to have this: the rabbitís tail that hung from his belt.From Little Bunny to the wise Wolf and red Fox.

Piaba:††††††††††††† (A little shocked.)Uh, thank you.

Leon:†††††††††††††† No.It is I who am thanking you.(Pause.)Good bye.


Narrator:††††††††† I left them as the royalty wondered why the ceremony hadnít started.I made my way up to Zeldaís chambers where I found her sitting in her gown.She was ready, but unwilling to leave the room.


Leon:†††††††††††††† That is a far cry from the circus clothes I last saw you wearing.

Zelda:††††††††††††† (Sighs.)Leon . . . Rinku . . ?I donít know what to call you.

Leon:†††††††††††††† Since I am both, I could combine the two names.Leo-inku.Lionk.Link.The Legendary Hero.Link.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Well then, Hero . . . I donít know what is going to happen.My dreams told me that you would come and save Hyrule, which you did.But I donít know what will happen next.Weíve been so distant since weíve returned from the Golden Land.

Link:†††††††††††††††† Actually, that is why I came.Half of me is Leon and wants to stay here as the Hero and protect the kingdom, and you.But half of me is also Rinku and wants to return to my mercenary family and leave Hyrule behind with you in my company.But as one person, neither the Hero Leon or the Triforcesís living double Rinku, Iíve decided that both decisions are not for me.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Youíre leaving, arenít you?

Link:†††††††††††††††† Yes, but I donít know where.Kasuto is in the stables with all of my supplies.Iíll always remember the time we saw each other in our dreams and when we spent the worldís longest, coldest night in circus clothes.

Zelda:††††††††††††† As will I.But you will return?

Link:†††††††††††††††† I might.Iíve spent nearly two decades living two separate lives; I need to figure out who I am.

Zelda:††††††††††††† Fare thee well, Hero.

Link:†††††††††††††††† (Awkward silence.)Before I leave, before you become Queen, may I ask the Princess Zelda for a kiss?

Zelda:††††††††††††† Of course.(The two walk towards each other when the door opens.)

Woman:††††††††† Princess, the guests have been waiting for hours.You need to come with me now.

Link:†††††††††††††††† Go on, Princess.I shouldnít keep you.(Silence.)

Woman:††††††††† Come on!(Walks out with the princess in hand.)


Narrator:††††††††† And there I stood in Zeldaís empty chambers.I still had the instrument that she gave me almost an eternity ago.That and my memories were all I had left from my time spent in Hyrule.

††††††††††††††††††††††† As the ceremony began, naming Zelda as the new Queen of Hyrule, I departed from that land.The Triforce was safe, the Master Sword was returned to the Lost Woods, the entrance to the Golden Land was sealed, and Ganon and his minions were slain.There was nothing more in Hyrule for me.Riding Kasuto, I wondered what life would be like beyond the seas.Would I ever find Tingle?Would I find myself?

††††††††††††††††††††††† In my youth, I dreamt of the future.My days in Hyrule gave me dreams of the present and of Zelda.Now that years have passed, I dream only of the past.These images haunt me.Perhaps it is a sign that I should finally head back home.Hyrule is a different place now than it was when I spent my time adventuring there in my past lives as Rinku and Leon.I long to hear Tingleís peppy voice.I miss the sounds of the land.I miss Zelda.News from the land tell of her great deeds as Queen and I hear that she and the new King have given Hyrule a new Princess Zelda.I would love to see the infant Princess too.

††††††††††††††††††††††† My mind is set, I have a new adventure before me.I will return to Hyrule.




~ Finale†††††††††† .


~ The Legend of Zelda ~

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