The Fall of the Hero of Time

By John Rodgers

Summary: "Link, a young boy from the forest has endured much before... but now that he has reached the age of thirteen a new evil is rising and once again, Link must face the force that wish's for only destruction. Link can prevail, but only if he can unlock secrets that even the goddesses of hyrule are not aware of."

Chapter 1: That’s life



A lone fairy stood on the top of a leafless tree watching the rising sun that shone over the treetops. She gave off a blue light around her but she was only a couple of inches tall. Before you knew it she got to her feet, jumped from the tree and flew to the ground near a pond. She stared at her reflection with a cheerful smile. She poked the water with the tip of her foot, and apparently satisfied with the temperature, she walked gracefully over it humming to herself leaving small ripples in the water behind her. When she got to the other side she gently ascended into the air and flew up to the deck that belonged to a house made from a large tree.


The blue blur flew into a little hole in the tree, large enough for a 10-year-old child to fit through. She hovered merrily around then landed on a bed next to a sleeping boy that appeared to be about 12 years old. The fairy sighed and patted his messy blond hair. He was wearing a short sleeved green tunic. The collar was shaped in a triangle, and he wore nothing underneath it except for maybe boxers. He had brown scratched up boots and a long green hat on his head and a belt around his waist.


She leaned over to whisper something into his ear and he opened his eyes slowly and smiled. He sat on his bed and tightened his boots and grabbed a pear from the fruit bowl and walked though the doorway.  The fairy sat on his hat and finally spoke. “Have a good sleep, Link?” she asked. Link looked up with his light blue eyes and smiled. “Yea Navi, it was just what I needed.  I haven’t had a good sleep like that for ages.”


Link had a long history that not many know about except for him and a few others that took part in his adventures.  His name was Link and he was the legendary hero of time told in stories. For in the land of Hyrule there echoed a legend that some day one person would drive darkness from the land of Hyrule. During his trials he had to obtain a special key to defeat the dark shadow.


The dark shadow was a man name Ganondorf from the western desert. While he was retrieving this key, the Gods did not look upon him as being ready to be a hero because he was too young.  His soul was kept in the Gods clutches until his body finally became of age. However, By the end of Link journey he was able to go back in time and back to his childhood by putting back the key in the gods possession Due to the fact that Link had to be doing this in the future no one knows of his hard ships and suffering. But what exactly was that key? It was the tool of legendary heroes, the weapon of all things right, the blade of evil’s bane, The Master Sword. But now that he knows the land is safe he can go back to his regular life living among the Kokiri; a race of kids that lived in the forest. The strange thing about these kids is that they never grow up, physically or mentally. Unfortunately for Link, he does not belong to this environment. Halfway though his journey he learned that he was only adopted and raised here. But the truth was he was really Hylain; the main race of Hyrule. Almost like humans except Hylians have pointy ears (with which they can hear the Gods) and a select few have magical properties. But those few are most commonly related to the royal family.


Link was just about done with his breakfast when a voice sounded from the distance. He looked down at the ground and saw a girl about his age running up to the ladder that he used for getting up to his house. The girl was also wearing green. She had green hair and navy blue eyes. Link climbed down the ladder and smiled at her. “What are you doing up so early, Saria?” Link asked jokingly. Saria giggled. ” Oh you know just making sure a knuckle head like you doesn’t sleep in all day and leave the work to the others.” Link blushed. It was true; Link has been known to be lazy when it came to helping around the village. Saria pushed Link back to his ladder and pointed at the deck. “Now you go get ready for the day. You have to do your chores. I’m not doing them for you this time.” Link sighed and went back inside his house and came back out with an ocarina, a golden bracelet and a sword. He climbed down his ladder and found Saria leaning against the base of his tree.  Link beckoned to her and offered his elbow to her. She grabbed it and they smiled at each other and started skipping though the village together.


Most of the kids were already awake, probably to get started on their share of chores so they could play the rest of the day. Saria and Link looked at a new house being built out of a tree.  In the other direction he could see some kids were fishing and harvesting berries and vegetables from the bushes and from the gardens.  Saria finally let go of his elbow and waved goodbye to him as she ran off to help with the harvesting. Link walked inside the house in the corner of their village and saw a boy sitting on a stump with a notebook and pencil. He walked over to the boy and asked. “Hey Mido what are my chores for today?”   Mido looked up from the notebook and sighed. “Oh great…. It’s you.” He sighed a second time and looked at the notebook. “Let’s see, ok today you need to help with the new house for about an hour, go hunting for some meat, and last but not least cut the grass in the village.” Link shrugged and nodded then ran out the door. He never liked Mido and wanted to get what he wanted and leave. Ever since Link was a little kid, Mido was always a bully. Now that Link was the same age as Mido he could stand up for himself. Link couldn’t wait for the day he could tell everyone he’s not a Kokiri and can become older then Mido, but couldn’t right now because Saria advised against it. Link tightened his grip on his sword and grabbed the top of some long grass and used his sword to swiftly slash in the middle. He worked on the grass for about an hour then looked over his work. He was satisfied.


He walked over to the construction for the new house. “Ok so tell me again who exactly is going to be getting this house?” He asked a boy named Fado.  Fado had brown hair and his hat covered his eyes. He looked behind him and smiled at Link. “A girl named Ashleigh, it was that girl that got lost in the woods and came here.” Link nodded and went to work. Secretly he was happy she got lost. Not to be mean but he was now not the only person that would soon grow up and have to explain why he is older to the other kokiri.


 He pleasantly put on his golden bracelet and fitted it into place. This was not just a regular bracelet. It was called a goron bracelet and it gave him the strengths of a goron witch.  Gorons were a species that had the appearance living rocks. They live only in the death mountain volcano far north of the forest village. Link worked for about an hour and a half, moving things into place, painting designs on the side and digging out the inside of the fat tree.  The house was not yet complete, but the main structure on the outside was done.



Link took out his ocarina and played a song that would remind you of the pasture and farms. Suddenly a beautiful horse came running out of the exit of Kokiri forest. The horse was red and had white hair. Link patted the horse’s nose and asked “are you ready for a quick trip to Hyrule castle Epona?” Epona whinnied and Link took that as a “yes” and mounted the horse. The sun was directly over their heads now. Link guessed it was about noontime. Link and Epona trotted to the other end of the village and passed though a big tunnel made from a hollow tree, kept riding and walked across the bridge. As he went over the rickety bridge the treetops started to cover the sun from beating down on him. He passed though a second tree tunnel that seemed to go on forever.  When he got out of the tunnel there was sunlight everywhere to be seen but with trees still to his sides. He walked along a dirt path in between the trees. He took one turn and the trees ceased appearing. He had left the forest and looked ahead of him. The skies were clear, the sun was bright, the wind was strong, and the grass was as green as it could ever get. Link pulled out his dusty old map, which he hadn’t used since his last. The area was huge. He was finally in the great Hyrule field.


          Link smelled the fresh air and gave Epona a little slap on her back and she was off galloping along the dirt path.  Link decided it was ok to rest a little so he placed his head onto the back of Eponas large neck, watching the scenery scroll by. He stayed in that position for a while until he heard a sound from his pocket. Link reached into his pocket slowly and pulled out Navi by her wings. Navi? What are you doing in there?” Navi yanked herself away from Links grip and brushed herself of and hovered next to Eponas head. “You crammed me in there when you were getting ready for your chores and you knocked me out when you dropped your big bracelet on my head.” Link sighed. “I’m sorry Navi, I’ll be more careful from now on.” Navi looked away from him raising her head into the air. “You make sure of that.” Link laughed to himself but made sure Navi didn’t notice. “So why are we heading to Hyrule market?” Navi asked looking towards the castle that was now visible since they passed the big hill. Link sighed. “Mido wanted me to go hunting for food, but it’s much easier to just go buy it.” Navi giggled to herself. “What are you laughing about?” Link questioned. “Well, I’ve been with you ever since you started your first adventure and I remember how you acted. A little boy who didn’t know what to do… But look at what you have become. I am actually very proud to have you as my partner. I’m grateful the deku tree assigned me to you and I love you more then a brother, your closer to me then a brother.” Link pulled on Eponas reigns and Epona stopped. Link looked at Navi with a smile. “I think of you the same way Navi, and I wish you had been there when I was in Termina.” Navi frowned. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where I was going, and I know you only got sucked into Termina because you went looking for me.”  Link smiled “It’s ok, I forgive you.” Navi flew over to Link and sat on his shoulder and leaned her head agenst his neck.



              After at least an hour of riding he arrived at the great drawbridge. Link dismounted Epona and patted her head. “Go explore for a while Epona. I’ll call you if I need you”. And with that Epona ran off into the field again. Link turned around and walked into the market. His hat was flowing in the wind with his sword strapped to his back, and a bag of ruppee tied to his belt. His first priority was to buy meat. He walked into the market alley and opened a door. The smell inside the shop stung his noise, but Link could not tell exactly what the stench was. Link walked up to the counter to a fat bald man and pointed to a ham, porkchops, chicken, some salmon, and beef. The fat man agreed and gathered the selected items. He handed them to link. “That will be 176 ruppee, sir.” Link pulled out one silver, one purple, a red, a blue and a green ruppee and handed them to the man.


              Link was walking out of the store with all the meats. But even he knew that if he kept them in the sun they would go bad. But luckily Link had an idea. Link brought the meats to a vacated area between buildings and placed them on the ground. “What are you doing Link?” Navi questioned. “You’ll see” Link stepped back and with great power he thrust both his hands behind him, kneeled, and yelled something in a different language, shot his hands into the air while wind twirled around him like a cyclone as a green ball was forming in his palms. Navi nodded. “Good idea” Link had just cast “Farores Wind”. A wind magic spell that teleports him or something else. Link took the ball and put the meats close to it and they seemed to just suck right into the green sphere. “To my house!” Link shouted as he threw the ball. He didn’t use much effort but the ball seemed to go miles up into the air.



            Link left the alley and walked to a shop that looked somewhat like a clown face. He entered and there was a scary looking man standing at the counter. However the man did look happy and had a big smile on his face. “Happy mask guy!” Link said and he smiled. the mask salesmen looked over at Link. “Hello my dear child.  May I offer you a mask today?” Link smiled. “You do remember who I am, right?” The salesman nodded. “Indeed I do.” Link walked over to the counter and looked at the salesman’s masks. “There were plenty. There was a bunny hood, with its long floppy ears. A Redead (zombie like creature) mask with its rotten flesh design. A skeleton mask with its red glowing eyes. A kryton mask, a popular mask among all the young hylian boys of hyrule. A Zora mask with its fish like face. A goron mask, its brown cheerful face could cheer up any case of sadness. A gerudo mask, with its feminine charm. Those masks and plenty more filled the wooden shelves of the shop. Link looked around for a while until one caught his eye. It was a mask with what looked like bandages covering it. Link remembered this mask from His quest in Termina. It was called the gibbos mask and it lets him talk to the living dead.  Link paid for the mask, knowing it will be useful, and left the shop.


Link looked around at all the people. They were rushing and dashing in all directions and the only thing you could hear was the chatting of the people. Link ran though the crowd and reached another store. He entered and saw it was a clothes store. He looked down at his tunic. It was very dirty and torn.  In fact this was the same tunic he wore for three years when he started his first quest. Link spotted a brand new green Tunic. He kept that in mind and looked at boots.  He chose a new pair along with the new tunic. He gave them to the man and the total was 230 Ruppee. Link was totally looking forward to a shopping spree today and as a result had a lot of money. He paid the man a red, orange, and two blue ruppee and left the store with the new clothes. Link yawned and noticed it was getting late. The sun hadn’t gone down yet, but he could see it as it slowly decreased into the horizon. Link decided on two more stores. He entered a potion shop, and there was an old lady at the counter. “Ah what can I help you with today my dear?” Link looked at the types of potions. There was a green potion that refilled the magic he had in him, a red potion that healed wounds and sicknesses, and a blue potion that did both. Link looked into his pocket and noticed he only had four bottles. He bought two red potions, one green, and one blue. He handed the money to the old women and left the store.


Link walked around the plaza for a while. He noticed a bunch of people crowding at an outside store. Link ran over and crawled though the people. There was an auction going on. Link raised his head high enough to see the item, it was a sling shot, and a very nice one by the way. The auctioneer was holding a stopwatch. “Come on people only 20 seconds left do I hear 300 ruppee? Do I hear 300 ruppee?” Link still had lots of money in his pocket and he wanted that slingshot. He shouted “450 ruppee!” Everyone looked at him with surprise. “WHAT?” a voiced yelled in the distance. “How much money does that kid have?” another voice shouted.  Everyone was in shock and Link ended up getting the slingshot. He walked away but one of the men was so angry that he grabbed Link by the shoulders and backed him into a wall. The man was about to punch him right in the nose, when Navi rushed out of Link’s pocket and hit the man right in the head. “BACK OFF!” she shouted. The man fell backward and walked away. “Thanks NaviNavi smiled. “That’s what friends are for, right?”  Link put all the stuff he brought into a bag and walked out along the stone walk towards the drawbridge. Navi was still sitting on his shoulder humming to herself. Link pulled out his ocarina and played Eponas song. It took about three minutes, but Epona finally arrived at the scene. Link mounted Epona and realized there was only a bit of sun left in the sky. He kicked Eponas sides and they were off.


       Link was originally headed toward the forest but then he passed the farm. He decided to get some milk. He grabbed Eponas reins and steered her along the trail, which eventually lead to the farm, which was surrounded by a thick wall, similar to the ones of Hyrule town market. He went though the opening and up a hill. There were two large buildings on either side of him. One was a barn and one was a house. The trail in between the houses led to a wide-open field, however much smaller then Hyrule field. He was on a farm called Lon-Lon; famous for its Lon-Lon milk and the same place he got Epona.  Epona walked along the trail and there was another large area surrounded by a fence. There were horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep filling up the whole fenced in area. Link dismounted Epona and put her by the shed. He walked around the farm looking for Talon.


 Talon was the owner of the ranch who was known to be very lazy so he often just made his worker, Ingo do all the work. It was a silent search for a while until a shriek broke the silence. “Fairy Boy!” shouted a voice from the distance. Malon, The twelve-year-old daughter of Talon was running towards Link.  Now even though he is a legendary hero, the only girl he can ever talk to without a problem is Saria and a select few in the village he was close to. Link had always thought that Malon looked cute but never really got to know her. Link started to blush. “H-Hi Malon.” She ran as close as she could to him without making contact and then finally stopped. She put her hands over each other on her skirt and started swaying back and forth like she always did. “Wow fairy boy, you sure are getting strong.” She said looking at his arms. Link opened his mouth to say something but nothing escaped his lips so he just smiled. “Oh fairy boy you’re so funny… speaking of that, where’s your fairy? You can’t be fairy boy without a fairy.” She said putting his hands on her hips. Navi flew out of Links pocket when she heard her name. “What do you two want?” Navi asked in a harsh tone. Link sighed. “And will you stop calling him fairy boy? He has a real name.” Navi demanded. Malon smiled but had a sour look after Navi’s comment. “Well all my friends call me Link.” Link said scratching his arm. “Ok then Link it is!” Malon declared. Link looked around. “Hey Malon, Where’s your dad?” Malon pointed over at the house. “He’s inside playing with chickens. Why?” She asked tilting her head.  “I need some milk and I came here to buy some.” Link said smiling. “So you didn’t come here to see me?” Malon sniffed, obviously faking. Link knew what was coming and started to blush knowing he had to make her feel better. “No, I umm choose to come here because I wanted to see you too.” The truth was that he came here because he wanted fresh milk, and Lon-Lon ranch has the best stuff, but he didn’t think about Malon, but Link was happy that she was here. Link looked into her eyes. She was so beautiful. Link wanted to say something but could not think of anything else to say except “bye” and he ran off into the house to find Talon.


Link entered the large farmhouse. The inside was musty and cold making it obvious that the house was not insolated. There was at least a dozen chicken on the ground which when they saw link, all came over to peck at him. Link started laughing as they crawled all over him and made him fall to the ground. There was a swarm of chickens all over him and Links laughter could be heard underneath, until another voice boomed out. “You like those chickens there boy?”  All the chickens immediately crawled off link and sat in their corner where a bunch of hay was. Link saw a big man. He was wearing blue overalls with a red shirt underneath. He didn’t have much hair on his head but he had a beard.  “Ah…. It’s you fairy boy. What brings you to these parts?” Talon yawned. “I got to get some milk. How much will two hundred rupees get me?” Link extended his hand and revealed five red jewels, and one purple jewel. “Two hundred eh?” Talon said smiling. That will get you four big jugs of our special Lon-Lon milk.” Talon went over to the closet and pulled out a jug about half the size of Link. “That’s great.” Link handed Talon his rupees and he went up stairs and retrieved the three other big jugs all filled with rich, creamy, Lon-Lon milk. “Hey Talon can I borrow one of the carts over there to get them to my house?” Talon thought for a second. “sure I guess you can.” Link left the house and attached the cart to Epona and started placing the jugs onto the cart. He mounted Epona and was just about to leave when Malon came running up to him. “I really can’t believe you tamed Epona, She was so wild that not even Malon could control her.” Link smiled, “It’s all thanks to the song you taught me. Well I gotta go, bye.” Malon waved as Link left the farm.



 At about 10:00 he arrived back at the woods. He gave the meats to the village chef but made it seem that he got them from hunting. His bones were sore and his eyes heavy, He took off his sword and put it under his table along with his goron bracelet and his new mask. He put his ocarina on the windowsill and walked back outside. The smell of smoke filled the warm dark summer night. He climbed down the ladder and saw a bon fire in the center of the village where they were serving ham and vegetables and some fruits. Some of the kids were playing with cards and some kids were singing songs, but Saria was looking at the stars appearing in the night. Link walked over to her and sat beside her. She was one of the few in the world that knew about Links’ adventure. The others were princess Zelda of Hyrule, and the six sages of the temple of light. Their names were Rarue the wise old man, the sage of light. Dauriname the goron, sage of fire. Ruto the Zora, sage of water. Impa, Zeldas body guard, sage of shadow. Naboroo the desert thief, sage of spirit and last, Links friend saria, sage of forest.


They talked and ate and played games with other Kokiri’s and then Link just got too tired to have any more fun. Link climbed up his ladder and got into bed. He looked at the moon and the light reflecting off his ocarina which gave off a beautiful sparkle. He thought of his day and what tomorrow would bring and finally dozed off to a sleep.






Chapter 2: Trail of blood



Link slowly opened his eyes. The warm morning breeze blew through his bedside window, while the sun peeked out from behind the trees. He sat up and poked his head out the window, smelled the morning fresh air and smiled.  He got out of his bed and yawned. Navi was sleeping in his hat on the ground. He lifted his hat trying not to wake her up and gently dumped her onto his pillow so he could put his hat on. Once secure on his head he walked out the door into the brisk morning woodland atmosphere.


One of the rules for being a Kokiri is the first one out of their house was to set up the picnic table for breakfast.  Link slid down his wooden ladder and walked on the dirt path until he was behind the village shed. He dragged out a long table and brought it to the center of the village. He then ran back to the shed and collected some chairs for everyone in the village. He placed nine chairs on each side of the table, put the tablemat over it and looked up at the sky. It wasn’t that sunny after all. There were dark clouds moving unusually fast in the sky and starting to cover the light coming from behind the trees. “Probably gonna rain soon.” He said to himself.


Link guessed all the Kokiri’s were still asleep so he climbed onto one of the cliffs in the corner of the village and climbed up a vine on the wall. When he got to the top he was in front of a big hollow log about five times the size of him. He walked into it and found himself in the woods. These woods were known as the lost woods. If you take even one wrong turn you’d be lost forever even if you traced back your steps. But being forest children, the Kokiri knew a lot about these woods.


Link traveled a little further into the woods.  He loved these woods; it was the only place he could be alone. He sat down against a tree and looked at the grass. It was strange; there were so many trees around him yet he could not see one leaf on the ground. It must be the work of the skull kids. The chirping of the early birds was the only sound in the woods. The lost woods were the only place Link could clear his head of all the worries of Hyrule and concentrate on himself, his imagination, and to be a kid. Ever since he was little Saria had taken him into these woods to play with her. Link closed his eyes and remembered the time in his life when he wasn’t a hero, when he wasn’t the one to carry a kingdom on his shoulders, when he was just a kid.


Then suddenly the chirping of the birds had stopped. An evil mist had filled the woods and then, it went completely dark as if the sun went out. The only light was from the glows of the forest including fireflies and glowing caterpillars (all of, which was very common). He stood up and stepped back a little and tripped. Link looked at what had tripped him. It was the body of a skull kid.  A skull kid was a child who got lost in the woods and never returned. He heard the howl of a wolf. He gasped in horror and looked around franticly. The bodies were all over the ground. They were covered in blood and flesh was torn off them revealing bones. Link staggered to his feet and ran the way he came. But out of the darkness something jumped on him.  The creatures around him didn’t provide much light, but just enough to tell that it was a wolf. Its bones showing and its blood red eyes were glowing. Its mouth was dripping blood. Suddenly the wolf bit link in the leg. Link screamed in agony and grabbed a nearby stone and stabbed the wolf in the side. The stab left a bloody gash but the wolf ignored it. Link pulled his leg away from the wolfs’ grasp but the skin on his leg was peeled off in two huge bloody scratches. He took a nearby stick and stabbed the wolf directly in the eye. The wolf cried in agony. Even though Link was the one who was attacked he couldn’t bare to hurt an animal like this. He pulled out the stick, and then the wolf retreated into the trees. Link let go of his wooden weapon and limped back the way he came.


Once he got out of the woods it was light again and he looked back at the woods then at the grass. He was leaving a trail of scarlet on the ground coming from the woods. He tried climbing down the cliffs he had climbed earlier. He could not climb down though, so desperate to get to his house, he threw himself off the ledge but always tried to keep his leg from being the part of his body that hit the ground. Once he was done with the ledges, he limped to the base of his house. The trip seemed to take hours. He tried to climb the ladder, but he could not. The pain was far too great to go any farther and his vision was now failing him. He was losing too much blood from his leg. He grabbed some leaves and wrapped them around his leg. He laid against the trunk of his tree and everything went black.



The next thing he heard was the voice of a girl and some boys talking near him. He opened his eyes slowly and there near the bed he was on, was Saria, Fado, and Number Two. Saria gasped and put her hand on Links cheek. “Are you ok Link I was so worried, we just found you next to your house, unconscious with a hurt leg.” Link observed his surroundings and realized he was in his house. His foot was now strapped up in bandages. It took a couple of seconds for Link to finally remember what had happened in the woods. He looked back at Saria and smiled “Thanks for bringing me here.” Saria smiled back and then lost the smile. “Link what happened to you?” Link took in a long breath and explained to the three what had happened in the forest. All three of the kids had looks of horror upon their faces. Fado stepped up and asked “But the wolves only live in the west section of the lost woods. They are way far away from us. Besides they are our friends. They would never attack us.” Link and all Kokiri knew this well. Link searched his mind for a possible awnser and then was reminded of the cold scary eyes he had looked into the belonged to the creature. He only came to one conclusion. ”Maybe it wasn’t a wolf” Link suggested. Fado looked puzzled. “But if it wasn’t a wolf what was it? You were the one who saw it, was it a wolf or not?” Link turned back to look at his leg and said quietly. “I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure…. It was a monster, or at least was just as bad as one.” Link looked at Saria and asked her. “What is wrong with my leg? Any bones broken?”  Saria looked at Links leg and shook her head. “No, it’s just scratched up and you lost some skin, along with a rather large chunk right here.” Saria said pointing to his thigh.  Link felt queasy thinking about it and decided not to take a look at it. Link got comfortable in bed while Number Two found some blankets and tucked him in. “you’d better go to sleep now. It will help your leg.” Link smiled at her and thanked her. Link closed his eyes and heard them leave the house. A couple of seconds after they left he heard an obnoxious voice in his ear and opened his eyes. Navi was fluttering above him and looking at his leg. "I heard what happened from Saria about the wolf and all.” Link was puzzled at that statement. “But didn’t they just leave the house?” Link asked. Navi looked at him strangely. “No of course not the last time they were in here was after your attack, I’ve been in here waiting for you to wake up, for more then six hours.” Link had a look of shock on his face and looked out the window, the sun was indeed setting and he crossed his arms. “Well this sucks! I just lost a whole day to play outside, and now I probably wont be able to leave for a couple more days!” Link exclaimed. Navi started giggling and assured him that if he just put some potion (which was under his bed) on the wound it would not be fully healed but at least allow him to walk tomorrow. “Is there anything you need before I go Link?” Navi asked with a motherly attitude. Link smiled, “Come to think about it, I am kinda hungry.” He said grabbing his stomach. “Well I bet, you haven’t eaten all day, Stay here I’ll be right ba-…WHAT?!?!” She had noticed that Link had given her a “Wow, your stupid look”. Link shook his head, “Do you really need to worry about me staying here Navi?” He said in a harsh tone pointing to his leg.

“Oh shut up, I’ll be right back with something for you to eat.” Navi said leaving the house muttering something about bothering to hang out with him. Link grabbed the ocarina on his bedside table and began playing a soft song on it that echoed though the village.


            About An hour later Navi came back in, carrying a bag about fifteen times bigger then her body. “Saria got this stuff together for you.” She said dropping the brown bag onto Links chest. Link opened it up and was pleased with what he had gotten; clearly it was all food the Village was going to eat tonight. Link put the bag onto the windowsill and grabbed a wooden tray from his bedside table. Inside the bag he found mashed potatoes inside a wooden container, steak and green beans both wrapped inside the same large leaf. He looked in the bag again and spotted a sugar cookie, one the size of his hand, and a wooden thermos with hot cocoa inside it. Last but not least was a fork and knife. Link smiled at Navi and she smiled back, and then she left the house through the window. Link had started to dig into the food.


            After a satisfying meal the only thing left was to drink the hot cocoa. He looked out the window and watched the sun disappear behind the trees. He had emptied his cup of hot chocolate and took out his ocarina and continued to play smooth relaxing songs that the whole village seemed to enjoy.





Chapter 3: Devils are in the land


After playing the ocarina for a long time link got board. He cant move, cant sleep, and cant have anyone over considering the fact it was 12:30 at night and Navi was asleep at his feet. Normally the forest children had kept their windows and doors all the time, night or day. But tonight was different. All the Kokiri’s in the village have closed their windows and their doors on account of what happened to link earlier in the forest. Link was now positive that it was not just any wolf that attacked him. But the thing that puzzled him the most was where it came from. That was the only evil thing he’s seen like that sense the evil mask in termina was on the loose. Link tried to put it behind him. He grabbed some of the potion and rubbed it into his wound. It stung like hell. Link wanted to itch it off but it just hurt more then. Some of the skin had already come back from the potion earlier. Link looked in the mirror across the room and saw himself and smiled. But then his eyes blinked a sickish yellow in the mirror and glew creepily and link fell out of bed in surprise. But luckily landed on his feet and hands without letting his leg make contact with the ground. Link looked back at the mirror but his reflection was back to normal. “ HOLY HYRULE LINK! What did you do that for?” yelled the little blue fairy now hovering in the air hands on her hips. “ Umm sorry navi fell out of bed in my sleep” link lied. He pulled himself back up to bed and closed his eyes tightly but sleep did not come to him. Navi had already fallen back to sleep, but this time in the fruit bowl.



       Link just finished his sixth hour of a sleepless night. His knees had no more scratches, or blood but scabs were all over the areas that did not get healed completely. Link attempted to stand up and he was able to, but he could hear the scabs cracking and splitting open. It did not bleed but they did sting. Link was just happy that he could walk now. He assured himself that it would be completely better in the morning. Link looked at the clock on the wall; it was 5:49 in the morning.  He grabbed his sword and shield and headed out the door.


It was the coldest in summer that Link had ever been through. He put his sword in its sheath and his shield on his back. Link headed to the East Side of the forest and stumbled upon the great deku tree. The great deku tree was the guardian of the forest but at the beginning of links first adventure two years ago the deku tree had died from a curse that ganondorf put upon him. Link approached the old died out tree slowly. He touched the rough bark of the tree and slid his hand down the side. “ I wish I could have saved you from death great deku tree.” He walked away from the tree and back along a path to the village but right as he was about to enter the village a vine wall covered the exit. Link spun around and drew his shield and sword. A skeleton was rising from the ground in front of the deku tree. It had a curved sword with blood on the tip and a golden shield. It had spiky armor on his shoulders. Link remembers fighting these monsters they were skeleton warriors called stalfo’s. It charged at link. Link was not expecting the attack so soon and was hit strait at the wall by the stalfo’s shield. Link rolled to the side barely dodging the sword the stalfos tried to stab him with.  Link jumped at the Stalfos his sword behind him ready to bring it down and do some damage. But the stalfo’s arm grabbed him and shook him, then threw him to the ground. The stalfos pointed his sword down at link right at the heart. The stalfos pulled his sword back ready to lunge it at him but link rolled out of the way and then did a sumer salt under its legs and jumped into the air twirling his sword around. It hit the stalfos multiple times but all it did was brake some of the old ribs off. The stalfos spun around and slashed at link but missed.  The stalfos jumped at link but link jumped sideways and stabbed the stalfos right where his heart should be link pulled it up cutting its skull in half. It fell to the ground and disintegrated into a dark mist and floated into the air.


          Link stepped over the stalfos having a feeling of victory and cut though vine wall and noticed that everyone in the village was up having breakfast. Link just realized he hasn’t eaten sense that smore the other night. He took a seat along with the other kids and helped him self to some smoked sausages and eggs. Link was lucky to have such good foods. Link only knew how to make a couple of things, most of then just having to be harvested. He was also just lucky that the chef of the village was good at her job. After a satisfying meal He thought best not to tell the other kids about what had happened but better to tell Zelda who would tell her father who is the king. Link mounted epona and sped off threw the forest He crossed the bridge and got into the hyrule field. The hot sun shone brightly on his head. He looked at the sun and galloped though the field.  Link looked to the east and saw Death Mountain; home of the gorons and at the base of the mountain was a town called kakariko Village. Also to the southern east (right above the forest) was zoras domain, home the zoras. To his west he saw Lon Lon ranch and to his north he saw the castle. If he went farther to the west he would eventually come to the Hylian Lake and the desert. When he arrived in the castle he dismounted epona and left her by the drawbridge. He ran though the market and up the stairs and took a turn. People were starring at him running though the ally and some yelled at him “what do you think your doing?” or “ be careful! No running!” But link ignored them all. He ran up to a gate but two guards grabbed Link and stopped him from passing. ”Hey kid! You have no business around the castle! Go home.’ Link searched for words to explain what he was here for. “I need to see princess Zelda it and emergency!” the guards both laughed and didn’t respond. Link waited a couple seconds “ There are monsters in this land! Were not safe!” the guards looked at each other and laughed harder then last time. Link drew his sword and shield threateningly and pointed his sword at the guards. “Left me go though or else!” link commanded. One guard chuckled “ You got guts kid to try and pick a fight with us” they both pointed the spears at link. Link looked around wildly for something to help him. He looked back at the guards and dropped his sword and shield looking behind them with a look of shock on his face. The guards turned around to see what it was. Link swiftly grabbed both his items he dropped and ran though the gate and the guards chasing him. He was laughing at the same time talking to himself. “ I can’t believe they actually fell for that!” He ran up a dirt path and took a turn. Ran up a steep hill. When he got to the top more guards were waiting for him. Link ducked and slid under one of the guard’s legs and kept on running. The drawbridge was closing. Link jumped out and tried to grab onto it but he missed and landed in the dirty water of the moat. He ducked under the water and heard the guards shouting. “ He got inside! Quick, open the bridge!” link smirked and kept swimming under the water until the moat took a turn he came up for air. There were no guards around. He climbed up onto the stone path and observed his surroundings and noticed a little waterfall coming from the side of the castle that was filling the moat. He jumped across the moat and grabbed onto the little space in the wall and pulled himself into it. It was very cramped in it but he could still move. Water kept getting in his mouth. He hoped that it was not what he thought the water was. He eventually came to a big garden.  But guards were blocking the path. Luckily they were looking the other way. Link spotted vines on the ceiling. He climbed some boxes and jumped at the ceiling and grabbed onto the vine. He crossed the ceiling like monkey bars. He finally dropped down when he was away from the guards but right in front of him was a big opening. Which if his mind serves him correctly is where he met Zelda the first time on his adventure. He ran though a tunnel and came to a big room with no ceiling. Just clear blue skies and clouds above his head. There was grass on the ground and flowers everywhere. He looked ahead of him and just as he remembered Zelda was standing next to the throne room window looking in on it. Link ran towards her but she turned around before he got to close. “ OH! Link! What are you doing here?” Link stopped to catch his breath “ ok first things first! Where does the water come from the goes into the moat though that little opening out there?” Zelda thought about it for a second and nodded to her self “ I’m pretty sure it comes from the kitchen…” Link accepted it to be better then he originally thought it was but then. “… Oh and the bathroom” Zelda had finished. Link felt like he was going to throw up but then concentrated again. “Well anyway really weird things have been happening in the forest. And when I say weird I mean like monsters have been appearing out of no where. Zelda gasped and held her hands to her mouth as Link told her the story. “ That’s not possible! Only ganondorf had the ability to make such monsters.” Zelda said. Link nodded. “ You need to tell your father. He will get everyone in the land safe while I investigate what has been happening. Zelda nodded and turned to the window and said softly. ”The demons are inside the land…”






Chapter 4: Day of dark return


                        Link stared at Zelda for a couple minutes then turned to leave. He felt zelda’s eyes drilling on the back of his head. “Link, please…. Be careful” link smirked and turned to her. “Princess what are you talking about… its me remember?” Link winked at her and turned to leave the courtyard. He took the same route he took to get there. Even though he was leaving he didn’t really feel like getting caught and dragged out, so he just snuck around the place avoiding the stare of the hylian guards. He finally arrived at and climbed back though the hole holding his breath. He closed his eyes tightly and fell into a body of water. He was back in the moat. He swam the way the water was pushing him and noticed as he went under it, the drawbridge was down again and a couple guards were still investigating.  Link chuckled to himself. “ Idiots ” Soon Link came to a waterfall about the size of five grown men. He relaxed and let the water throw him off the ledge and back into the water.  When the fall ended he was in a calm river. He quickly grabbed a tree branch and pulled himself on land.


                        He sat down for a second in the mud, catching his breath. He was back in hyrule field next to the Ericho River. He took out his trusty ocarina and played a familiar song, “Epona’s song”. He waited for minutes but the horse did not come. It was weird; the horse usually came in mere seconds, no matter where in hyrule. He played it again and again, but nothing happened. He dashed to the castle drawbridge and ran across it. He looked around wildly but saw no horse. “ Oh no…” he muttered to himself. He left it right next to the guardhouse. He looked around the market and asked around if they saw any horse come by. Their awnser was all no. He headed back to the guardhouse and opened the door and shouted. “Has anyone se-” A wave of fear hit him in the gut. All the guards were on the floor with scarlet liquid beneath them. Link turned around but was grabbed by the throat and picked up. Link opened his eyes and an angry look spread across his face. A man with dark green skin and black armor with jewels placed all over it was holding link by the neck. Link gasped for breath “ How did you?!” The man chuckled and said softly. “ Its takes more then a pathetic boy with a butter knife to defeat me, you merely succeeded barely in stalling my quest for power.” He threw link to the ground and stepped on links head. Link squirmed all around trying to escape but the more he moved the more the man pressed down on links head. “ I ganondorf will not be delayed anymore of having complete control!” Link stopped squirming and gasped for breath as ganondorf moved his foot onto links neck. “ Hey you!” shouted a voice from the distance.  Link didn’t care who it was who had just talked, but he was relieved they had came. “ In the name of hyrule, you are under arrest. For assault on a child!” Link opened his eyes and saw a group of guards with staffs and shields. Ganondorf chuckled and drew out a sword that’s blade glow maroon and its handle was in the shape of a bat. Ganondorf chanted a strange incarnation. In a strange flash of light the huge sword was separated into two smaller swords. Ganondorf kicked links body out of the way and attacked the guards. He slashed one of the guards and was instantly cut clean in half, Blood spurting everywhere. Ganondorf held back his swords for a couple seconds observing the rest of his foes. Then slashed it at two guards. The swords instantly caught fire. He grabbed the last guard and threw him up into the air. Ganondorf chuckled and twirled around, then hacked the guards head clean off. The guard’s body fell to the ground with a thud. Ganondorf stared at the blood and bodies on the floor with glee. Ganondorf turned around to face link but link was already gone. Ganondorf growled and stuck his swords in the ground. “ No matter, I will see him soon enough…”


                        Link was running through the fields as fast as he could ignoring the need to catch his breath. Dark clouds were covering the sky. Link ran faster but could not stay that way for long. He stopped to catch his breath. He was next to Lon Lon ranch. Link started to walk along the dirt path breathing very heavily.  When Link reached the entrance to the Kokiri woods, He headed across the wooden bridge. When he stepped on one of the logs it snapped. He tripped and fell right onto his face. A loud crunch was the only thing link heard. His whole nose went numb, and blood started to trickle out of it and his eyes started to water. But still link got right to his feet and headed into the village.


                         Link ran to his house and grabbed his weapons as well. Except he grabbed his other shield this time instead of his wooden one. His shield was made from iron and it was painted blue with a red eagle painted on it along with three triangles at the top. This shield was the famous hylian shield, the ones the knights of hyrule used. He drew his steal dagger known as the Kokiri sword. A divine treasure of the Kokiri’s. He pulled his hat over his head and jumped off the deck and landed on his feet. Everyone looked at his with confusion on his or her faces. Saria walked up to him and asked puzzled. “Why do you look like your getting ready to fight someone? And… Oh, what happened to your nose?” she asked. Saria took out a tissue from her pocket and wiped links nose with a very motherly look on her face.  Link looked around at the kids and dragged her over to the trunk of his house and whispered. “ He’s back, I don’t know how but he’s back.” Saria’s eyes widened. “ What happened when did you find this out?” link stared at her for a second then explained what had happened at the castle. Saria thought to herself. “ Well last time he was around, he had to work his way up to power in secret. But it sounds like he’s even more powerful this time. The whole kingdom will know of this man.” Link said quickly and saria butted in “Link, we need to find the other sages!” link pondered this for a moment. “Well first we need to figure out what to do to protect everyone.” “We could possibly get everyone into Termina.” Saria suggested. But link had already thought of that and came up with a bad side to that. “But I’m not sure how we could do that without letting ganondorf finding out where we are going. Then endangering the innocent people of Termina, But whatever it takes we have to do it quickly. He’s bound to be able to take over the castle in a matter of hours. He killed five hylian guards in ten seconds with not even a scratch on him.” Saria stared into Links eyes for a couple seconds then threw herself into links arms and started sobbing. “ This is terrible.” She paused for a second to wipe her eyes then turned back to link. Hyrule needs a hero, Can we still count on you?” Link looked at her sadly. “ I’ll always be there for anyone in hyrule that needs help.” Link said softly.


                         Later that day, both Saria and link were feeling uneasy, although it did not stop them from doing their day to day activities. It was probably around 2:00, the sun was slightly lower then the center of the sky. Link spent his day doing chores in the village.  He raked the dead leafs off a couple of the lawns. (Other Kokiri had gotten the same job), He had repaired the crack in the bridge he had made earlier, and he had been fishing for that nights dinner. He had to have caught at least seven fish. Finally after he had finished all those chores his nose had stopped bleeding, but the pain was tremendous if his nose was touched. So he assumed that his nose was broken. He visited 2 and she had put a cast on his nose. “ What’s the matter link, you seem upset today?” 2 had asked him. Link looked at her and smiled. “ Oh it’s nothing, just umm… its nothing, don’t worry bout It.” 2 had smiled at him but she did not look convinced.


                         Finally, the time Link was looking forward to the most. “ Dinner time!” Mido had shouted from the center of the village. All the Kokiri in the village had started to fill the picnic table, but Link and Saria had managed to get seats next to each other on the end. Link was hungry; Link had probably the biggest appetite in the whole village. “ Oh boy!” Link said excitedly as he reached for a piece of chicken that was half way across the table. But before he could get one Saria slapped the back of his head. “ LINK! Have some manners…” She pushed link back into his seat, but laughed at link stare so longfully at the food.


                         When it was links turn to get some food he had a mountain of different things on his plate, including fried chicken, fish (same ones link had caught), gravy, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peas, and cranberry sauce in that order.  While Saria and everyone around them (including Fado, the know-it-all-bothers, and 1 and 2) had only a couple things on their plate.  Link grabbed a fork and knife and started to dig into his food. Everyone close to him was starring at him, half-amazed, and half-disgusted.


                         After the big meal, Link rubbed his belly. “ What’s for dessert?” Sara sighed. “ I think you have already eaten enough.” She said giving him the same “ stop it your embarrassing me” look she often gave him.               


                        Later that night as Link was in his bed, He thought about how lightly he had been taking this, Link now had Ganondorf on his mind, and the more he thought about it, the worse it became. It was hard but link had finally reached some sleep, not that it would last for long.


                        Link had a dream. Ganondorf was standing at the entrance to the Kokiri village; Saria was standing by his side. Her eyes were white and missing their pupils. She was drooling but then Ganondorf took his huge sword and sliced her in half. Link had been standing a couple yards away from this, so he attacked. Link swiped at Ganondorf but his attack had done nothing due to Ganondorf armor. Link however had drew his bow and a golden arrow. As his pulled back the flax bowstring and fitted the arrow into place, The arrow tip had become engulfed in a golden glow. He released the Light arrow, which had hit Ganondorf in the center of his forehead.  Ganondorf howled in pain but then instantly transformed into a giant pig like monster. But Link had only had a few seconds to see it because below him had turned to water. He looked down then back up. Ganon was gone and Zelda was in his place. She opened her arms as if waiting for Link to hug her. Link ran at her but a tidal wave hit him aside, He opened his eyes once again and he was in a Dark realm. He was standing on a platform that seemed to be overflowing with water like substance. On it, were six platforms, all different color. He was standing in the center on a large Triforce. He was standing in the bottom right triangle. He looked to his side and Princess Zelda was standing on the bottom left triangle next to him. He looked back at the different color platforms around the Triforce. Saria was on the green one, Rarue was standing on the yellow one, Princess Ruto was standing on the blue one, and Impa was standing on the purple one. Naboroo was standing on the orange one, and Darunia was standing on the Red one. All of them had smiled at Link but then when Link looked at the Top triangle of the Triforce, Ganondorf was standing there, with his bat sword, The only thing different about him was a strange mask, he was wearing, It looked so familiar, and Link knew he had seen it before, but before he could remember Ganondorf had slashed at him and Zelda. The attack did not hurt or harm link in any way, but it had killed Zelda. The whole Place had then fallen apart, and Link fell, fell, fell into the darkness.


                         Link woke up sweaty, his head felt like as if he as just dumped his head in a bucket of warm water. He looked out the window and noticed the moon was high in the sky. Link wanted to think about his dream some more, but was too tired. He grabbed his pillow and turned it over and laid his head down. He fell asleep once again.




Chapter 5:  No escaping fear



            Link woke up the next morning, The Air outside was moist, and fog was the only thing he could see with a small exception of the outline of Saria’s house Link got to his feet unfortunately and started to get dressed.  He started to think about what he was going to do today; it was crummy outside but then… He remembered yesterday’s events. Suddenly the only thing on his mind was Ganondorf. He kept worrying about the castle, about Zelda, and about Epona. Link put his tunic over his head and fitted it into place. He put on two wool socks and after that, his boots. He grabbed his belt and tied it around his waist.  He grabbed his Sword and shield and attached them to his back. Last he put his Green hood like hat onto his head and walked out of the house, to join the other kids for breakfast. He wanted to tell everyone. The danger they may be in, but Saria thought it best to not to.


The picnic table was set up, and a large black tarp was held up a couple yards above the table by four wooden polls. Link took a seat and started eyeing everyone suspiciously while eating his loaf of bread and stew. Getting the crazy idea that there was a spy around them.


When he was done he brought his dishes to the river and washed them. He brought them to the shed and put them in the dishes, bowls, and silverware box. Link heard some footsteps behind his he spun around and drew his sword and cornered the person agenst the wall. Then mido screamed. “ What do you think your doing?” link quickly put his sword back and ran out the door. “ Ok link you have to calm down.” He said to himself. He tried to act casually, but fear was swimming inside him. Going to Termina finally became a good idea to him, even if last time he was there he was in danger from a skull kid with a menacing mask of dark power.  Link didn’t understand. Nothing made sense. Why was he feeling so uneasy? He was the hero of time. He had defeated Ganondorf before, and He had the Triforce of courage, Why is he scared? Link looked at his left hand and a golden Triforce was glowing on the back of his palm.


 Link looked at the thunderclouds covering the lost woods that were heading this way. Link looked around for something to do and then saw that the new house was just about done. He walked over to it and asked if he could help. The working kids nodded and link went to his house and grabbed his goron bracelets and went over and helped loading furniture into the house. While the other kids were painting designs on the inside, Link saw saria in the corner knitting a quilt for the bed.


After about three hours work the house was finally complete. Link just realized something. He had never met the girl this house was for. He went and asked saria about it and saria said the girl had been living with the know-it-all brother’s link nodded and walked out of the house and suddenly got soaked. He didn’t notice it was down pouring.



Mido and fado were moving around stones for a garden or something in one of the corners of the village. They both looked at link in horror. Clearly mido must have told some other of the kids because all the kids walked away whenever he came anywhere close. He went back into his house and found Navi dancing on the counter looking at her in the mirror. She saw link in the mirror. “ Oh hi link. Oh man do you look stressed.” Link looked at the clock. It was 4:30. Link threw himself on the bed. He thought about Zelda hoping she was all right. Maybe she went into hiding like last time ganondorf was around. Zelda had taken the name of sheik and didn’t reveal herself to link that she was Zelda until the near end of his adventure.” So what’s the matter?” Navi asked him while fluttering next to his head. Link sighed and looked at her. Navi could tell from the look on his face already that it was not good. Link started to explain his encounter with Ganondorf. “ That’s not good…” Navi said sadly.  “But don’t worry Link, I’ll be there with you every step of the way, just like last time. Link smiled at her and turned over and stared outside.


     A little later he got up off the bed and took an umbrella in the corner and went outside to put it up. The kids were all sitting under the tarp eating supper. He walked over and sat next to saria helping himself to some ham, leftover peas, and squash. Link and Saria sat both eating and listening to the jokes of the others and laughing. It was the first time all day he could actually take his mind off ganondorf. He finally convinced himself that the king would take care of it. After his third helping of peas and squash, he was full. Until they brought out the chocolate pudding. Everyone got a bowlful with whipped cream on top. Link felt hungry again and gobbled it down. All the kids cleared the table and then the know-it-all brother’s started a game of blackjack (the Kokiri referred to this game as “green tree”). Link and saria both joined in on the game. In the end saria ended up winning the game. The bonfire they usually had was not going due to the rain and wind. Everyone was now starting to go inside but before link went in he noticed the new girl sitting in the rain next to the pond. Link went over and sat next to her. “Hi I don’t think we have met before” he said to the girl. The girl did not respond but slowly turn her head to face him with a blank look on her face. Link started to speak again. “ Umm my names link, what’s yours?” she turned her head back to face the pond. And said quietly but good enough to hear. “Ashleigh” link smiled “well Ashleigh, I suggest you go inside you don’t want sleep soaked.” The girl nodded and link got up to leave.


He ran inside his house and fell on the bed navi was already on the windowsill. “ Hi Link, what’s up?” Link extended his arms to her and she hoped onto his finger. “ Nothing really…” Link said casually. Navi sighed. “ So, When are we leaving?” Link looked puzzled. “ Leaving what?”  “To go fight Ganondorf of course!” Navi shouted as though it was obvious.  “ I’m not going to, I’m no match for him without the master sword, and he’s probably guarding the temple of time day and night to make sure I’m not to get in there. The kingdom of hyrule will fight him, The only reason I needed to get involved, was because Ganondorf was believed to be on hyrule’s side, but now that the King is prepared for him, Hyrule will stand a chance.” Navi however was not pleased that link said this. “ Link! I thought you were always going to be there for hyrule, I think both you and I know that only the master sword can defeat Ganondorf. I think you’re scared…” Link gave navi an angry look then turned away from her. Navi sighed. “Link I’ll be back by morning.” She said as she fluttered out the window before link could say anything. Link knew she could take care of herself.

 But Link now felt horrible. It was true, Link was scared. Navi was right. He is supposed to be a hero, how can he just be abandoning the people of hyrule like this? Link had been taking this too non-seriously. Link put his pillow over his face. He muttered something underneath it; He needed to get ready.  He needed to be preparing for the fight with Ganondorf. He got out of the bed and ran out the door.


            He ran into Saria’s house. “ LINK! GET OUT GET OUT!” Link ran back outside after two seconds of being in her house. The blood was draining from his face.


            Saria came out five minutes later with her pajamas on. She pulled back her hand and punched link as hard as she could right on the nose. “ OWWWWWWW!” Link shouted” MY NOSE IS BROKEN YOU KNOW!” Link was holding his nose in pain. “ Next time, maybe you should knock, before YOU WALK IN ON A GIRL CHANGING!” Link Somehow managed a smile and giggled.  “ Now, what do you want?” Saria asked with her hands to her hips. Link cupped his nose with his right hand. “ I wanted to train with you, sense Ganondorf is back… But I think I just got enough pain… man that smarts.”

Saria stared at him. “ Ok fine.” She snapped her fingers and the scenery around them seemed to melt away. Suddenly when everything around them was gone, a new piece of scenery took place. They were deep within the lost woods. “ Wait Saria” I forgot my sword and shield.” She sighed and clapped her hands, His sword had appeared in his left hand and his shield was strapped onto his right.


            Saria smirked. “ Ok Hero, come at me with your best shot.” “What if we hurt each other?” Saria grinned “oh don’t worry, I’m using my sage powers to make replicas of ourselves and put our spirits inside of them. Our real bodies are back on the village in autopilot. Link thought about this for a second then nodded his head clearly impressed. Link dashed at her and swung his Kokiri sword and her. But before the blade touched her, She had disappeared in a gust of wind. She appeared behind Link and held out her hand. “ Nice try, hero.” A huge ball of wind had hit Link in the back and sent him flying into a tree. “ Ouch.” link muttered under his breath. “ Ok that’s it.” Link ran at Saria and jumped clear over her. He kicked her in the back and then made a quick movement with his hands and He instantly teleported in front of her, and slashed his sword right at her. The fighting continued on for a while until they got board.


Saria had put them back into there own bodies. Link found himself sitting on his bed in his house. Even though his body was not doing anything he was as tired as if he was. He undressed into his boxers, and got into his bed and pulled up his blankets. He laid his head onto his pillow, and fell into thought. He thought about Navi. What is she doing? When will she be back? He thought about Epona.  Is she harmed? Where is she? These questions and more raced through his mind as he slowly fell asleep.





Chapter 6: The First Assault



       Link woke up the next morning and worry flooded though him. Navi wasn’t back. He hoped nothing happened to her. He walked out the door and onto his porch. Kids were already eating; link climbed down his ladder and ran over to the table “ good morning saria.” Yawned link. Saria glanced back and swallowed her mouthful of food and smiled “morning to you too.” Link sat down beside her and helped himself to a blueberry muffin. Everything was beautiful in the forest today. Then saria looked at him. “Link?” she asked quietly. Link looked up with his mouthful of food. “Yea?” saria blushed. “Well, I was wondering… why you ran away from ganondorf? I mean you are the bravest person I know. Why did you leave Ganondorf to destroy the castle?” Link felt terrible now. He just realized how many lives he could have destroyed by leaving. “Well… I wasn’t ready… I didn’t have anything to really fight with. You must look at it this way, that if I didn’t leave… I would probably be dead right now, and I’m the hero of time I’m the best chance we got. So if I ran in there ill-equipped, it would be stupid.” Link still felt bad about putting himself in front of others, But that’s what he learned on his recent journey that he’s the best hope for the world.


Link was just about to get up from the table when a flapping noise filled the wooded village. Clearly everyone noticed the sound because the Kokiri were looking around curiously. Then out of the skies a million bat like creatures call kneese, shot at the children latching onto the kids and biting. Link (dodging all the kneese) ran to the ladder and climbed up. Everyone was screaming and panic was filling the woods. He grabbed his slingshot and a bag full of nuts, and his Kokiri sword. He ran back outside and hid behind a tree and shouted. “Everyone get in my house!” all the kids ran to links house tearing the kneese off them, except for saria who ran over to link and having sage powers, created a barrier around them. The ground was already had drops of scarlet from the kid’s wounds. Link loaded his slingshot and shot one of the kneese. Saria kept the barrier up as link shot down kneese after kneese. The door and windows of his house were closed.


After about half an hour of loading and firing the bats were gone. Saria released the barrier and they both got up looking at each other in astonishment. Links arms were sore, and saria looked totally exhausted from keeping a barrier that long. The bodies of the kneese lying everywhere in the village were turning to black smoke and disappearing. But the black smoke was hanging in the air. Then the smoke gathered together and formed five stalfos. Link bit his lip. Then he charged at a stalfos. He slashed at one of them and its sword arm fell off. Link was just about to cut the head off. But another stalfos slashed him in the arm where his shield should be. Blood trickled down his arm. Link wiped the blood with his other hand and slashed at the already wounded stalfos legs then stabbed it in the skull. He went to attack the stalfos in front of him but a green blast of energy hit it into the wall. Saria blasted it using a power that she called the “nature beam”. Link then ducked underneath a swing from the stalfos at his side and swung his leg at the stalfos legs and it fell to the ground. Link raised his sword up high to stab it, but another stalfos grabbed link by the arm and threw him to the floor. Links sword fell out of his hand and one of the stalfos took it, and the other two got in front of it and prepared to guard. Link noticed he still had his goron bracelets on. He grabbed a stalfos arm and flung it over his shoulder. The stalfos hit the ground hard and shattered into pieces. Link did a backhand spring and karate kicked the stalfos guarding his sword. The sword flew out of its hands and flew into a tree where it stayed. Then links hylian shield flew out of nowhere and knocked the stalfos head right off. Link look around and noticed saria had thrown it like a Frisbee. Link grabbed both his sword and shield and looked at the last remaining stalfos and pointed his sword strait at it. The stalfos griped it sword and shield tightly and swung at link. Link blocked it with his shield and smiled. He held his sword in back of him sticking it out. He then grunted and shouted “sword spin!” Everything grew dark and links sword glowed blue. He waited a couple more seconds and it went red. He spun around holding his sword out and a big Ring of Fire formed around him. It directly hit the stalfos in the ribs and the stalfos was cut up into small pieces. Saria ran over to link and threw her arms around him. “ Link that was amazing!” Link nodded with a serious look on his face and walked to his ladder.


Link ran back inside his house and looked at all the Kokiri kids cramped inside his house. “ Ok guys you can come out now the kneese are all gone.” The kids were all heading to the door when a scream broke the silence. Link realized it at once. “Saria!” he bolted outside and saw 4 Lizofos tying her up and Ganondorf over seeing it. Lizofos were lizard like warriors. Just like a stalfos but instead of being a skeleton, it was a lizard. Link jumped from his porch and drew his sword and shield. He ran over to stab Ganondorf in the back but ganondorf swung around and punched link in the face, knocking him back to the ground.  Ganondorf drew his giant black and red sword with the bat for the hilt. “ You pesky kid! It’s too bad I didn’t kill you at the town market!” link stared for a minute.” Yea I bet you didn’t last five second up at the castle! That’s why you decided to bully the Kokiri here.” Ganondorf laughed. “You really don’t realize my power! I took over that castle, the land and all the citizens are mine! The only reason I’m here if for your sage friend.” Link was now afraid of ganondorfs Power but he didn’t want to show it. He was not sure if ganondorf was telling the truth or not but link decided to attack with full power anyway.  Link ran at Ganondorf swinging his sword but ganondorf slashed links sword with his and (being 10x larger) knocked Links sword into the air and it landed on the ground. Ganondorf tripped link and pointed his sword at links heart. Link was defenseless. Ganondorf pulled his sword back to lunge it into his chest. Link closed his eyes and waited for his doom. But it never came.



          Link woke up in his bed all sweaty.  Fado, Mido and Two were there. Link was in his boxers under his bed sheets. He looked around confused. “What’s happened?” he asked before he could even make a guess. Fado looked relieved to hear link speak. “Well that weird man with the monsters was just about to kill you, but right after you fainted, all of us ran onto your porch and fired our slingshots to distract him and use deku nuts to blind him with the flash they make when they hit the gro-” link butted in. “ I know what deku nuts are and what they do.” Fado sighed and continued. “While he couldn’t see we ran and grabbed your body and we all ran into the lost woods.” Link nodded in understanding. “ Where did gano- err I mean the man go?” Fado explained that an old looking owl came and made the man disappear somehow.                     


Link knew the owl he was talking about. It was Kaepora Gaebora. An old wise owl that instructed link on his first adventure. Kaepora Gaebora possessed special powers and was the wisest thing in hyrule next to the great deku tree before the deku tree died. Link wearily smiled. Fado? Where’s saria?” From the look on Fado’s face, he could tell it wasn’t good news. “ Those Lizards took her. They were too strong for us. I’m sorry…” Fado’s head was hanging. Link jumped out of bed but fell to the ground instantly. Fado ran over to help him up. “ Your legs broken” you have to stay in be-“ Link shouted at the top of his lungs right then. “ YOU THINK I’M GOING TO SIT AROUND WHILE MY FRIEND WAS KIDDN-.” Then mido butted in. “ WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT!” he pushed link onto the bed. “ YOU WANT TO HELP HER AS MUCH AS WE DO, BUT YOU CAN’T. YOU ACT LIKE YOUR BETTER AT THIS STUFF! YOU ACT SO SUPIRIOR LIKE YOU THINK YOU’RE A HERO OR SOMETHING!  WHAT MAKES SARIA LIKE YOU SO MUCH? YOUR NOTHING!” With that mido stormed out of the room. Link was sitting on his bed with shock and anger swimming in his eyes. Fado sat in the chair next to the table. “Link don’t listen to him, he’s just jealous of you. He has a crush on saria and he takes his anger that she doesn’t like him back on you because you’re her closest friend. He knows your probably the best warrior here and has the best chance of saving her.” Mido has always been a bully to link ever sense he was brought here before his parent’s deaths in the last Great War of hyrule. “ Link pulled up his covers and under them wishing he had something to heal his leg. He heard fado and Two leave the room.


      The twilight in the sky was just about gone. The sun vanished over the trees but you could still see the pink and orange where the sun deceased from the sky. Link felt cold and his leg was going numb from the lack of movement and pain. Link quietly fell asleep but was awoken in the middle of the night by an annoying blue light in front of him, along with the fluttering of wings.





Chapter 7: Past Reflects Present


Link opened his eyes and saw navi floating above his face. “NAVI! You’re back! What in hyrule were you doing?” Navi descended onto the bedside table. ”Well after I heard about ganondorf, I knew the sages should know about this so I went and got them but I could only find five of them.” Link had a look of relief on his face. ”Where are they?” Navi smiled. “ Their outside, go see them.” Link grunted. ”I can’t my leg is broken” Navi put her hands to her hips “Great going….” She sighed before she flew out the window. 


Thirty seconds later Ruto, Naboroo, Darunia, and Impa were coming though his door. Naboroo was the first to speak “Come on link, Navi told us everything we have to go!” link grunted. “Not everything….”  There was a small pause “what do you mean” peeped up Ruto. Link sighed “ well I can’t leave… my legs broken… and we lost someone… Saria.”  You mean she’s dead?” asked Darunia. “ I hope not.” Link sighed “She was taken by Ganondorf.” He paused for a moment then spoke again. Impa? Do you know where Zelda is? Ganondorf said he took over the castle.”  Then a voice came from no where. “ I’m right here” Zelda appeared right between Impa and Ruto. “Me and Impa escaped from the castle and yes… He did take over the castle. Impa pleaded me to make myself invisible till we got here.” Impa shot her a harsh glare. “ Princess, It was for your safety…” Link butted in. “ you sages wouldn’t happen to have some bone repairing Power? Would you?” Darunia laughed “Brother were SAGES! Miracle workers, ones with power from the beyond, whatever you like to call us.”  Dauriname put both his hands over links leg. And one hand glowed blue, and the other glowed red like he was a big magnet. Link could feel his bones moving around until there was finally a fit. Then a golden light surrounded his leg. “ There we go good as new.” Darunia said wiping his hands together. Link jumped out of bed and started walking around. “ Thanks brother!” Link said to the Goron.



 Link got out of the house and onto the porch “but what if Ganondorf comes to this village while I’m gone? He could set the whole place on fire!” Navi was sitting on links hat when she peeped up. “ Ring the emergency bell and tell everyone right now that they should hide in the forest “ link looked at her happily. “And I thought you were an annoying little pixie.” Navi pouted. “ Of course I’m no pixie! Pixies are vile and gross not to mention troublemakers, unlike a sweet, little, harmless, pretty fairy like me.” The group laughed at her remark then headed out the door.



  Link Ran over to the bell about half his size and pulled it back and let go. Loud bangs were filling the village. Link climbed to the top of the tree it was hanging on while everyone started filling into the village out of their houses. Link cleared his throat “ Everyone can I have your attention!  Everyone glanced up at him sleepy eyed. “I’m leaving this forest for a while! To look for saria! If any of you have the least bit of respect for me do this. Please if anything happens RUN! Go into the woods and hide.“  While the villagers started talking in concern about this, link jumped from the Tree. Zelda next to him. “So we’ll leave at first light of day.” Link told her and the other sages. They all agreed and headed to the bottom of links house except for link and Zelda.


They walked together though the village and up onto the cliff that leaded to the lost woods. They both sat on the ledge “Hey Zelda I was wondering…” Zelda looked at him. “Yes?”  “Well… you have the Triforce of wisdom so I wanted to ask….” Zelda was confused. “Go on.” Zelda edged him.  “ I was wondering if you know how my parents died, because I know I was raised as a Kokiri, but the deku sprout will tell me in four years that I am really hylian and that my mom died after giving birth to me in this forest.” Zelda looked at the stars. “Link….  I know your pain. I lost my mother when I was born. Your life already remarkable as it is, is also filled with sorrow, suffering and questions. Never to be know what having a family is like.” She paused for a little reflecting on her words  Your mother had a curse laid apon her. Similar to the one the deku tree had. It was put upon her not from ganondorf but a different man. A masked man. I do not know his name.” She cleared her throat obviously getting ready to tell a story.


“ Your mother was at hyrule Market in her house when the masked man came though the door. Your mother and father were taking shelter from the war because your mom was so close to having you. The masked man laid the curse upon her and she was forced to run, she ran strait though the flames in the field, The Warriors fighting, and the arrows flying, to find somewhere to give birth to you when she stumbled across this forest. The deku tree took you in after your mother died giving birth. And that’s the story of your mother. “ Link sat there in awe. “ and what about my father?”  Zelda sighed. “Your father… one of the best warriors my dad has ever had and I’m guessing that’s where you got your swordsman ship traits from.  Your father got into a duel with the masked man.  You father beat him and retrieved his mask. Remarkable how your dad did it. That man was the cause of the war. Link your probably don’t know what mask that is but it is an evil mask that has power beyond even ganondorf. The mask is called-“ link butted in. “Majora’s mask? I know about that mask when I went to termina a skull kid had it and I had to get it back” Zelda leaned over closer to him and stared at him in the eyes. “ Then you know the power it possesses?” link nodded. Zelda started talking again. ”Remarkable how your father beat him as I just said, but the way he died. That is a mystery. Most people think the mask backfired on your dad when he touched it. But I have no complete sure awnser for how he died. But I know that he was never seen again after that.” Zelda got up to leave. “But Link, The good thing to all this is that your mother and father risked there lives for yours. Do not feel bad. They did not die in vain. Because if you weren’t born, look how many would have died then.” She smiled and gave link an encouraging look, then walked away down to the other sages.  Link did not move. He laid in the grass reflecting on what he just heard. He just traveled as far back in his memories as he could. But could not reach any of his mom while she was dying.  He closed his eyes and the tears running down his cheeks. Until he could not open his eyes again. He fell asleep crying.





Chapter 8: Preparations


    Link woke up when the Sun hit his eyes. He was still on top of the hill and he looked around taking in the beauty. The morning birds were singing and the cool morning smell made him want to dance. But then he remembered that they were leaving today. The sages were waiting at the exit of the woods all ready, and just waiting for Link. Link ran to his house and took all his equipment he ever collected, including, his bow and arrows, his slingshot, his deku nuts, his boomerang, his hookshot, his bottles, his magnaton hammer, the lens of truth, and his bombs. He stuffed everything into a bag made from cloth. He put his Kokiri sword and his hylian shield on his back and walked out of the house. He climbed down his ladder and joined the sages.


 “Well you guys. First things first. We got to find saria.”  Link Declared. Darunia picked up Zelda and Ruto (them being kids) and put them on his shoulder. And Link, Impa and Naboroo walked beside him.  They walked over the Forest Bridge and though the giant wooden log that led to hyrule field. The wind blew in their faces. The sun was just rising. The group walked along the path. Link fixed his hat because it was slipping over his eyes. Zelda and Ruto watched him while they were giggling to themselves. Link glared at them and then yawned “Why can’t I be carried?” link complained. “Sorry Brother I only have two shoulders, plus it’s always ladies first. You should remember that if you hope to get a girlfriend someday.” Link blushed. Link started to drag his feet. “ I forget the last time I had so much stuff on me.” Link said pulling up his belt. There was long green grass and pink and yellow flowers beside the path. He grinned and tried to show off his happiness. But inside him He knew he would be fighting ganondorf before sundown. But He knew it wasn’t going to be that bad, I mean He has the ancient sages of hyrule with him minus Saria and Rarue. Speaking of which. “ Hey guys? Where’s Rarue?”  Ruto smiled. “ He’s probably in the temple of light waiting for us. But the only way to get there is if we are in one of the six temples throughout the land.”



              They walked for about two-hour’s when they finally got on top of the big hill in the field and could see hyrule castle. Link could not believe what he was looking at. Where once a marvelous Kingdom once was, is now a pile of ruble and on top of that were pikes sticking out of the ground with skulls on top on them. Obviously Ganondorf was trying to construct new walls with the pikes. The moat was completely dried up and a giant thundercloud was covering the area. All the houses were gone in their place was giant fires. Bones everywhere, blood spilled, and an evil mist of darkness. Link could only see the outline of hyrule castle. He was relieved it was still standing but he knew that Ganondorf was somewhere inside it. But then another standing building caught links eye. The temple of time where the divine sword, the master sword rested He knew Ganondorf could not destroy the temple because the gods over watched it so much, making it a very holy place. Too holy for someone as evil hearted as Ganondorf. But Link guessed he probably had monsters guarding it no doubt.



        Everyone looked surprised and astonished except for Zelda and Impa who had already seen this. Impa spoke up first. “We better rest up before going in there.” She pointed to kakariko village. It was up a path next to the castle.  The group sprinted across the bridge over the River and ran up the path. They arrived at the village. It started to rain. Link shivered with each drop that hit him. They headed to Impas house. But on the way they saw what looked like an army. It had villagers, soldiers, and knights all in a line. There were tents everywhere. Out in the open, In between houses, and even some on top of roofs. (Only flat ones though) The group moved forward though the crowd. Until Zelda squeaked. They all stared in the direction she was and standing in the rain in front of all the men was the king of hyrule. “ DAD!” Zelda shrieked. The king turned around. “Zelda!” Zelda hopped off of Darunia shoulder and ran at her dad and gave him a hug. “Daddy I thought you died! I’m so happy to see you here.” Impa walked over to the king “daphines, we are traveling with the hero of time and a couple of the other sages. Surely your daughter has told you of the hero of time, right?” The king smiled. “Ah yes she has I’m looking forward to seeing him. Where is he?” Impa beckoned link forward. Link walked forward slowly. “This young lad, His name is Link.” Impa said patting link on the shoulder. The king chuckled. “You’re just as I pictured when my daughter told me of you. Minus the green though.” The King said smiling Link didn’t know what to say so he just smiled. “Daddy we have to go.” But before the king could respond Zelda ran off to Impas house.


The group followed Zelda and went inside the house on the hill in the corner of the village. When link walked in he saw a cow in a cage and a table in the middle of the room. And in the corner were some stairs that lead upstairs. Impa walked over to the table. “Ok, so lets rest up for a little and get your weapons ready. We’ll leave right after were all set.” Link grinned. “ I can’t wait to start taking out baddies!”


Link placed his bag down on the table and squatted next to the cow cage. “ What’s the point of having a cow in here Impa?”

Impa smirked. “Well, When I was younger I was a very skilled horse rider. I won that big lump of lard in an obstacle course one day. And I figured Hey why not? Free milk right?” Link smiled but he had started thinking about epona again. “ Hey Zelda?” Link asked from across the room. “Hmm?” she replied not fully paying attention. “ Do you know where Epona is?” Zelda frowned. “ Sorry link, The Triforce of wisdom only gives me knowing of common knowledge. It doesn’t help me with personal knowledge and mind reading.  Besides you should keep better track of your pets.” Link’s face went sour. “ She was horse napped by Ganondorf, Smart one.” Zelda blushed. Opps… sorry.”





Chapter 9: Time for a fight


         An hour passed until somebody finally spoke. “Ok everyone, ready?” Darunia asked.  Everyone nodded.  They went outside and joined the king of hyrules army. Naboroo looking at Impa strangely “ I thought we were going to sneak into ganondorfs castle.” Impa looked at her. “The plan is to stick with the army and once we get close enough our team will sneak in.” Naboroo nodded to show she understood. It finally started to rain. Link looked up at the dark sky. He drew his sword and shield and waited for the king’s commands. Surrounding him was a large amount of soldiers. There were swordsmen, hammermen, axmen, archers, Calvary, and some other races including the zoras and gorons.


             The king was on top of a roof in the village. “Okay everyone! MARCH!” The whole army moved forward. Link was amazed at the amount of noise all the footsteps were making. The sages by his side they moved to the front of the army. They exited the village when Ruto peeped up to link and the sages. “ We can’t draw attention to ourselves.” Ruto said quietly. “Why?” link questioned without really paying attention to the subject. “To keep them from attacking us stupid!” Ruto sighed.


 The army was eventually at the drawbridge gate. Link took his bow and arrow and focused his energy into his bow. The tip of the arrow eventually glowed white and the arrow tip glowed light blue. Link fired at the thin chains holding up the drawbridge and shot. The chains were covered in ice. The Army was looking at link, wondering how he had done that. “ Ice arrow.” I got it from the gerudo a while back.” The archers then fired over the wall. And moans and screams of ganondorfs army could be hear from the other side. The Hylian army could see they were trying to put down the drawbridge but thanks to Link they couldn’t. The hylian archers fired as much as they could until a bomb finally blew the drawbridge apart from the other side. Monsters of all kinds spilled out of the walls and charged the hylian army. There was Moblins, Powerful Pig like creatures. They had long staffs and their muscles were huge. But not the smartest of creatures. There were Iron Knuckles, Large Monsters that were covered head to toe in armor. They carried Large Ax’s. There were Poes, Ghost-like monsters that carried around Lanterns. There were Darknuts, The same as Iron knuckles except they only carried sword, and sometimes, shields.  There were Dodongo’s, Large Creatures that had rock hard skin, razor sharp teeth, a tail two times the size of its body, and it could breath fire. There were bubbles, They were floating skulls with bat wings, and could catch fire at any time. There were Redead’s and Gibbos. Redead’s were zombies, and Gibbos were Mummies. But they both would attack by jumping onto you and sucking the life out of you.  In addition to all of these there were also Stalfos, Wolfos, Kneese, and Lizofos. Link got into a fight with an iron knuckle and Ruto and Zelda were attacking a dodongo with all they had. Darunia was fighting three stalfos at once, Impa was attacking two Poes and Naboroo was fighting a Lizofos.


The battle raged on for an hour at the least. Until there was finally room to sneak in. Link, Navi and the sages all ran into the old hyrule market there was some hylian soldiers in battles with ganondorfs army but the gang snuck right past. They all ran into the temple of time entered the master swords chamber. Then they saw a figure next to the master sword. They approached it and it was rarue. The sage of light!  The old sage turned around and grinned at link. “ I knew I would see you again, Hero Of Time.” Link informed rarue of the battle taking place right outside the walls of this temple and how saria was taken. “Well young hero, It seems that sense Ganondorf is back you must wield the sacred weapon. He stepped aside to reveal the master sword. All the sages stood on their symbol engraved in the stone on the floor. The only one missing was Saria’s.  “Wait, won’t I Time travel if I take this out?” link asked. “That, is for the gods to decide.” Rarue said calmly. “Well here goes nothing!” link exclaimed as he gripped the master swords hilt. Navi on his shoulder and the sages of hyrule surrounding him. With a mighty pull he lifted the legendary sword out from the stone. Blue waves of power surrounded him and the sages.


Link fell into the Darkness. Everything was black. He saw visions of the past, present, and future, but they went to fast to even get a glimpse of them. He felt a mix of emotions. He felt his body go numb until he realized the master sword was not in his hand. He landed on blackness and could not see anything but blackness, except for the master sword in the pedestal that he just pulled it out of. Link was puzzled at why it was there again but still he ran towards it. He grabbed the hilt and pulled once more. The sword came right out this time and floated away and turned into darkness itself. But then Link looked at his hand. The Master sword was in it and on the back of his hand the Triforce piece was glowing. Then everything was white, then it became blue.


The surroundings were starting to take place once again. He was back in the temple of time The Triforce was glowing violently on his hand and he was gripping the master sword. Everything was back. The sages looked at him with a relieved look on their faces. “How much did I age?” Link asked. “Thankfully not at all.” Zelda said. “Were ready to fight him…”spoke out Impa. Link left the Temple with the sages behind him and the master sword in his hand.


He Ran though the market. Blood was everywhere in sight. The rain had stopped but there was an evil mist in the air. Link walked up the path to the castle.  He felt his power get stronger with each moment he was holding the master sword. The sages were following him looking calm. He kept walking forward knowing that this would probably be the hardest battle he has ever had. When he got to the front of it the drawbridge was already open. Link and the sages were just about to cross it when they heard an Evil laugh. The most hideous laugh in the world.


Link Spun around and drew his shield. Ganondorf was floating in the air with his arms folded. “ You pesky heroes think you got a chance this time? Just because I was caught off guard last time doesn’t mean you’re stronger. Oh no, no, NO! You haven’t witnessed the ultimate power I hold! You pathetic FOOLS! He snapped his fingers and what looks like at least fifty monsters surrounding him.  They all floated to the ground and he held out his hand and the bat sword appeared in his hand along with a black shield with barbwire and spikes on it. The shield had blood on it and his sword glew red in the center but what looked like black flames coming off the edges of the blade, In his other hand. Ganondorf then looked at links party in disgust. “ This will be too easy for me.” Then link noticed above ganondorf the same crystal that Ganon was keeping Zelda in on his previous adventure was there, except saria was inside. ”SARIA! HANG IN THERE!” Link got prepared to fight. Then the monsters ran at the sages and started fighting them. Zelda and Impa were both fighting 7 stalfos, a swarm of kneese was attacking Ruto, Naboroo was using her twin blades to fight two iron knuckles, and Dauriname was fighting six dodongo.


Link however was completely ignored by them. Link was puzzled at why none were attacking him unless… link turned around but just as he guessed, ganondorf was going to attack. Ganondorf leaped at him and hit him in the cheek with his elbow. The force was so strong that Link went flying into the Iron Gate and he slid to the ground.  Ganondorf approached link but link scrambled to his feet and slashed at ganondorf. Ganondorf blocked it with his shield. Ganondorf jumped in the air and brought his sword down and stabbed the ground. The ground shook and made link lose his balance. Ganondorf charged at link but link jumped out of the way and stabbed Ganondorf in the arm. Ganondorf grunted, then attacked again.  Link was caught off guard and Ganondorf managed to smash his shield into links face. A million little thorns and some barbwire cut into links face carving scratches and cuts on his face. With wet blood trickling down his face, Link jumped and slashed Ganondorf right across the face. Ganondorf yelled in pain and then grabbed link by the neck and lifted him off the ground. Link had made a bloody cut going from Ganondorfs eye to his neck. Ganondorf was getting ready to plunge his sword right into links chest, but luckily a beam of white light hit ganondorf in the side and made him drop link. Link looked at the source of the beam. It was Zelda. Link got back to his feet and slashed ganondorf in the arm. A bloody gash was formed and Ganondorf screamed in anger. None of the sages were hurt yet. They were fighting very well. Almost half of ganondorfs monsters were gone. Link and Ganondorf once again charged at each other. Then a bolt of lightning came from the sky and hit right between link and ganondorf and shot them both Backwards. Link got ready for the fight to continue. This was going to last a while.




Chapter 10: A New Quest


       Ganondorf got to his feet and dashed at link. Link couldn’t dodge and was grabbed by ganondorf. Link was held up in the air as ganondorf pulled back his hand, which was now turning, black and purple, as if it was on fire. Ganondorf threw his fist at links stomach and sent link flying until he hit a tree. Link had never had such a blow to the stomach area before. The pain was unbearable so much that he felt like he was going to die.  He fell to the ground and landed on his back. He managed to put all of his energy to stand. Suddenly a yellow glow surrounded link. He noticed Zelda was casting a spell of energy on link. He felt able to move and jump but still found it hard to breathe. He caught a wink from Zelda then got his head back into the fight.


Link Dashed at Ganondorf. Ganondorf swiftly slashed at his foes feet, but link jumped in the air and over him. He landed behind Ganondorf and was about to stab but ganondorf quickly spun his leg right at links feet and made link fall to the ground Ganondorf slashed at Links chest and it left a huge bloody mark and links tunic was now ripped. Ganondorf was just about to slash at him again but luckily Darunia ran over to him and smashed Ganondorfs head with both of his fists together. Ganondorf fell to the ground in pain Ganondorf growled violently and screamed. A huge ball of fire formed around him pushing back everyone near him. “That’s it!” Ganondorf screamed. He floated up in the air and laughed maniacally. He pulled out an object from his cape. The object had spikes coming out of its sides. I looked like a face with its yellow eyes right above the center and the weird designs on it. Link recognized this object. ”NO! IT CAN’T BE!” screamed Zelda. Ganondorf put the object over his face. “IT’S MAJORA’S MASK!” Link shouted. Ganondorf put on the strange mask and everything grew dark. The mask glew purple and black and then with a blast of fire the mask was attached to his face. “MWHAHAHAHA! You sages don’t know what you’re up agenst!” Ganondorf formed a large lightning bolt and then threw it at link. Link was familiar with this attack and link slashed at the bolt of lightning and sent it back to ganondorf. But instead of hitting it back Ganondorf threw out his chest as if willing to be hit. The ball of electricity hit his chest but just seems to go into his skin. Ganondorf had absorbed the attack! Ganondorf rose his hands up and hundreds of rocks the size of links fist rose from the ground. Ganondorf looked at all the rocks then smirked. He violently thrust his hand in links directions and the rocks flew at him. Link expected this so he was already behind his shield by the time they went for him.


When the rocks had stopped, Link got to his feet. He Pulled out his bow and fired a Light Arrow at Ganondorf. Ganondorf deflected the arrow with the back of his hand. “ PatheticGanondorf landed on the ground with ease. But right when he did this A rainbow of different color beams shot right at him. Link spun around and noticed the beams were coming from the sages. They were giving it everything they had. However Ganondorf was not affected. In fact he seemed annoyed, and nothing else. He slowly walked Toward Zelda. His sword in his hand, he whacked her in the face with the sword hilt. She fell to the ground in pain. Link and the other sages ran to her aid, but when they were a couple feet away from Ganondorf, They all froze, they couldn’t move a muscle. “ I want you to stay where you are, so I can savor this moment.” Ganondorf said looking longfully at the young princess. He picked up her left hand and held her high above the ground.  A design of the Triforce that glowed a lush golden appeared on her hand. But it seemed to fade away when Ganondorf held up his Left hand and displayed a similar design. “ No…” Zelda said weakly. Ganondorf let out a hideous laugh of triumph. When the Triforce had completely disappeared from Zeldas hand, It had appeared on the back of Ganondorfs Left hand. He had two of the Triforce triangles on his left forehand now. “ Finally, I possess two of the sacred relics. But, That still leaves one more…” He chuckled and looked at Link, who was right behind him. “ I’m sorry princess…” Ganondorf said tauntingly looking back at Zelda. “…Your destiny is about to end, permanently.”   With that, he quickly stabbed her violently clear through the chest. Zelda eyes had instantly sprung wide open as Ganondorf dropped her to let her body hit the cold ground.


Link could feel tears rolling down his cheeks. But he could not do anything to stop them. “Zelda… Zelda… Zelda…” was the only thing that went through his mind. Ganondorf snapped his fingers, and Link and the sages could move again. “HOW DARE YOU GANON!!!” Shouted Rarue. The old Man warped to behind Ganondorf, but before Rarue knew what happened, Ganondorf spun around and slashed his sword right at the old mans neck. The body fell to the ground while the head went flying into the air and eventually landed next to Zeldas body. The sight was horrible, as blood was pouring out of the now headless neck.


Link couldn’t stand it.  Link charged at ganondorf with full force, and let go a barrage of slashes with the master sword and finished it with the most powerful stab he had ever done. Link let go of the sword as it was now stuck in Ganondorf. Link could not tell if Ganondorf felt any pain, due to the mask. Ganondorf just stood there for a minute not doing anything… blood leaking out of the stab wound. Until then when the sages least expected it. He shot a fireball three times the size of link, Right at Princess Ruto. Now being A Zora, She is weak agenst something so hot as fire.

The only noise that could be heard was the young princess’s screams. When the inferno cleared up. Her whole body was black and… well, its too gruesome to explain.


            Ganondorf chuckled. “ Three down… four to go. But to make sure you don’t escape…” He dashed at link and grabbed him by the hair. “ I’m saving you for last.” He growled as he whacked links head agenst a nearby Tree With incredible force. And with that mighty blow to the head… it all went black.



            When Link woke up, Ganondorf had just picked him up by the arm. Link was dangling in the air, unaware of what was happening. “ Finally, the last piece!” Ganondorf said laughing. At these words Link was wide-awake. He threw the hardest kick he could throw right at Ganondorfs face. Getting himself lose, and knocking Majora’s mask clear off Ganondorfs face. Link landed on his Feet, He reached for his sword but he noticed it was not on his back. He looked around wildly for it and saw it in Saria’s hand. Wait… SARIAS HAND?!?! Link Ran over to Saria’s corpse. “ No… NO!” Link shouted as loud as he could. “ This can’t happen! Ganondorf… I’LL KILL YOU!” He grabbed the master sword and dashed at Ganondorf. Ganondorf swiped his sword at Link but before the blade touched Link. He had disappeared and appeared again right behind Ganondorf releasing a mighty slash right at Ganondorfs back. The evil King grunted. The slash had left a huge cut going through his armor as the blood trickled out of the inside.  Link held his hands together as if he was holding a ball of something in his hands. Suddenly a red sphere HAD appeared there. “ DIN’S FIRE!” Link shouted. As he smashed it into the ground.  A wave of flame had hit  surronded link then quickly expanded. ganondorf directly into the Iron fence.  Link Once again disappeared in a gust of Wind and had appeared again running at ganondorf three feet away. Link Held out his sword ready to stab it right through Ganondorf. But the master sword was smashed out of his hand. He looked at what caused this, and he noticed Majora’s mask was back on Ganondorfs Face.  Ganondorf punched Link in the gut, then punched him in the face.  Ganondorf grabbed the master sword lying on the ground and picked it up along with Link by the Hair.


             He brought them both over to a stone wall. He took the sleeve of links tunic and stabbed the master sword into the stone wall through his tunic. Link was now dangling from the wall and no matter how hard he tried he could not get free. “ Why did this tunic need to be so strong?” Link questioned himself, obviously scared of what was gonna happen next. Ganondorf pushed his face into Links. “ You’ve failed… HERO OF TIME!” He punched Link in the cheek. And again in the stomach.


             Ganondorf Continued to beat link for a while, Until finally. Link couldn’t stand anymore. He started to cry because of the pain. Ganondorf chuckled. “ I’m sorry, hero… Does it hurt? I thought a Hero… such as yourself would be able to stand up to me and be a fair match. But then again, are you really a Hero… now?” He grabbed Links hand and watched as the Triforce was disappearing from links hand. Ganondorf let out a maniacal laugh. “ Finally… my wish will be granted.” He sneered. The two Triforce marks disappeared from Ganondorfs hand. Same as Link’s had disappeared from his hand. The dark clouds were starting to separate, as A ray of light shot down from the sky. Three golden figures were coming out of it. One on what seemed to be engulfed in blue fire, The other in green, and the third one in red.


             The Three figures were making a Triangle. In the sky, Leaving a trail of flames (the color of whichever one was leaving them) Until they had made a Triforce Design. They all Flew strait to the center and in a large explosion The Triforce was now golden. It started to descend to the earth where Ganondorf was waiting for it, gleefully.


            The Triforce was now in front of Ganondorf, It was about the same size as him. Ganondorf Placed his hand on what seemed to be a liquid surface. Then a Three women’s voices came from nowhere. They said every single word at the same time.   “ State your Wish, Great-one that has gathered together the scared artifact that is the Triforce.” Ganondorf cleared his throat. “ Great goddesses of hyrule! I want you to cease your existence. To die without a corpse! And to give me your powers! Give me hyrule! Give me everything you have created! I wish for you to disappear forever and leave me with everything you once had, have and will have!”



Meanwhile Link had been hanging his head helplessly. However all hope is not lost. “ Link! Oh no… Here I’ll help you.” It was Navi, Navi pulled the sword with all her might, but the sword would not move an inch. “ Stay here” she said as she flew away. Link looked hopelessly at where she disappeared. The Triforce was now glowing violently until finally it seemed to have burst. Shards of each Triforce were hanging in the air. Then it seemed Like the were being pulled magnetically back to Ganondorf. They hit him with extreme force and dissolved right into him. “ I feel… SO POWERFUL!” Ganondorf shouted. His Hair had now caught fire and was raging uncontrollably.  A Black Cape had suddenly appeared on his back, while his armor was now, instead of black, It was purple and maroon. His eyes had now gone entirely Red and his mere skin seemed to be turning into a shadow of some sort And to make matters worse… Majora’s Mask had seemed to sink right into him. He now had spikes on the side of his head and you could stills see the purple patterns on his face.


            Link looked into the Sky, The clouds had begun to form back together and it started to rain violently. Lighting was flashing every two seconds. Link looked at the horizon and he could get a glimpse of hyrule field. Volcanoes were spurting from the ground and lava was flowing out of them, sending the once majestic fields, into a lake of lava. Fortunately Link saw Navi speeding back towards him. When she arrived she had a blade two times the size of her, and it seemed like she was tired from carrying it. She handed it to Link. Link grabbed it thankfully and cut his own sleeve off. He landed on his feet, Hoping Ganondorf didn’t notice. But too late. “ I don’t think so… hero.” Ganondorf turned around.  The Triforce was now full with the three triangles on his left hand. “ Your fate will be the same as your friends.” But right then Navi flew in front of Ganondorf. “ I don’t think so you monst-ACK!” Ganondorf had swiped her to the ground with his hand. Before the poor fairy could get up though… He stomped her into the dirt. When he lifted his foot. The fairy’s body was covered in A golden liquid, which link took as being fairy blood.



Link watched Ganondorf approach him slowly. Link had run to the stone wall and pulled the sword with all his might. Finally after a couple seconds of pulling it came out. Link Gripped the sword in his left hand and his shield in the other. “ I’m not afraid of you ganondorf.” Link said bravely, but still with some fear in his voice. “You should be” Ganondorf said with ease. Ganondorf reached for links throat.  But before he touched Link he was shot back by an invisible force. “ You shall not harm this child!” A powerful voice had come out of nowhere. Just like when Ganondorf had touched the Triforce, A woman’s voice. “ Link, The chosen Hero. Let me aid you.” Link had no idea about this voice. Who was talking, But because of the situation he was in now, He would trust anyone, or anything. Including strange voices.  “PLEASE HELP ME!” Link shouted to the unknown voice. Then, Link passed out.



Link Woke up to Birds chirping. He opened his eyes slowly. “What the?” Link felt sore all over from the fight. He observed his surroundings. He was in a palm tree. “ How did I get up here?” Link asked himself confused. “ Welcome hero” said a voice form behind him. The voice was calm, but with much power in it at the same time, just like the one that had spoken to link before he was here.  Link turned around and saw a Golden Woman; she looked exactly like the figures that created the Triforce in the sky. The only thing different about her was the flame engulfing her. It was purple.“ Are you the one who saved me?” Link asked with his eyes wide open. “ Yes, I am” The figure said calmly. “ Who are you? And why did you help me?” Link questioned her. The figure smiled. “ Of course, I have not introduced myself, I am Eroniyan.  And I helped you because, The World needs a Hero and the only one that can save it, is you.” Link sighed. “ But, I have already failed. I’m not fit to be a hero.” Link grabbed his legs and wrapped his arms around them. Eroniyan looked down at link, “ The power you hold, is a great one, young hero. You fight for truth, righteousness and everything good. And the reason you fight for, in my opinion, is the strongest power of them all. It’s drives you to go on even when almost all hope is lost.”  Link sighed. Then Eroniyan continued. “ Now, Link the hero, listen carefully. For I can not be with you for long. The Triforce, The legendary relic of the goddesses was once just A force. One force that worked together, not separate. As you know, The three goddesses created hyrule. Din, With her power, created the earth and carved the lakes, mountains, valleys, fields, and so on and so forth. Nayru, With her wisdom, She poured knowledge into the Land and applied Law to the world. And Farore, With her courage, she provided life to uphold the laws of the world. Once their labors were complete, They named the New World, Hyrule. Then departed for the heavens, leaving The Triforce behind. But have you ever noticed the missing piece of the Triforce? The Missing piece that if provided, would create A whole all-powerful force?” Link thought about this, “ you mean the missing triangle from the center of the Triforce?” Link questioned. “Correct.” Eroniyan said happily. “ I am, that missing piece. I am The Fourth Goddesses that created hyrule. My sisters Farore, Nayru, and Din, banished me from the group when Hyrule was very young. But back, When the Triforce was once a one all-powerful force. It represented one more element. That element is…Time.” Links eyes were wide. “ You’re a goddess?” Link asked amazed. Eroniyan smiled at him and nodded. “And now, hero of time it is my turn to plea for help. You are the only one that can stop Ganondorf. He has murdered my sisters and now he is the strongest being in existence. Even me, being the only true goddess left can not stand up to the power of my three sisters. Please great hero of time, You are the only hope for the world, as we know it.” Link nodded in understanding.            “Wait, before you go. Where am I?” Eroniyan looked down at him. “You are in the kingdom of Termina, After I was banished from being with my sisters I applied Time, to the Land of hyrule. Which as you can guess, allows time to flow, and people to advance in life. Well when I was banished my followers from hyrule settled in this land, They named it termina. And ever sense, I have watched over them. All these people that live here, are descendents of those settlers and Are in some way, Cousins of the people in Hyrule. Link… The ocarina that you possess is the Ocarina of time, Correct?” Link nodded. “That was what I left in place of the force of time. The ocarina is my creation. And you may recall, when you were in termina last time, Whenever you played it, I was able to help you. Unlike in hyrule.” Link did remember this. Whenever He was running out of time to stop the skull kid, He played the song of time, that Zelda had taught him, to move back to the past, to speed up the flow of time, or slow it down.  “ Great goddess of time?  I will aid you.” Eroniyan nodded. “ Now, I must leave you, but at the same time I will always be with you.”  Eroniyan then without warning, burst into a million tiny shards that seemed to hang in the air. The flame she left had gone out.  Link looked up at the golden shards in awe, and then they swarmed at Link. Engulfing him in a magnificent power. He looked on his fore hand, and there rests the crest of the Triforce. Except the only section lighting up, was the upside-down middle one. Link Had Received the Force of time.


End of

The Legend of Zelda

Secrets of the Triforce

Book One

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