Gods of Shadow

By Wm. Jay Carter III (Hero of Geeks)

Author's Notes:

Greetings and salutations indeed!

Once again, I am contacting you via Gossip Stone to relay the latest and greatest of the happenings in Hyrule! Shad would like you to know that we are well situated in our little rooms in the second storey of Hyrule Castle itself! Egad, the utter jubilation! I am pleased to report that our environs have greatly improved our ability to articulate the tale as we have discovered it and we hope you enjoy the more cozy description of Hyrule's fair lands. Forthwith the journey proper shall commence, but until then please enjoy this short interlude to tide you over.

Also, for those who have not yet heard the first portion of our tale, please refer to the first three episodes!

Dearly and dutifully,

The Hero of Geeks (and Shad; Historian of Hyrule and Cohort in Confundities)