The Looming Shadow

By Wm. Jay Carter III (Hero of Geeks)

Author's Notes:

A few words to begin: I do not claim the names and situations of these characters as my own. The Legend of Zelda, Link, Zelda, the Triforce, Hyrule, and all other related names are property of Nintendo. In no way do I intend to profit from these properties, nor do I expect any to regard the following as my own invention. While I do claim the characters and situations which are unique to this story (please see the Timeline in the appendix), let it be known that as for the rest I am taking artistic liberties with someone else’s ideas; poetic license with someone else’s plot. This story is purely for amusement purposes only.

With the legalities firmly established I do wish to say that I have embellished greatly upon the original story, and not unrealistically so, I hope. It is my hope that this story be seen as a complement to the games, a fleshing out of the background stories, if you will, in an attempt to resolve some of the hidden connections between characters and provide one perspective as to how the games fit with one another. I submit that many fans may disagree with my placement of the games, but for reasons of my own—which are no less thought out than anything else I have done here—I have placed them where I have. Please, enjoy the story as it is. I sincerely hope you do.

Thank you for reading my work,

—Wm Jay Carter III {HHE, HG}

For those who wish to understand my thought process as I put this together or for a chronology of events, please see the appendix at the conclusion of the story. The contextual game progression is understood to be:

MC, OoT, MM, FS(A), TP, ALttP

Other games could be placed within this context, but I am drawing upon these for the purposes of the current story.


Being the first of three episodes composing the work "Shadows of the Past," which chronicles the events surrounding the Ocarina of Time.

This, the first episode, begins with the account of Mudora, thirty-nine years prior to the birth of the prophesied Hero of Time. Mudora, the Sage of Shadow and Master of the Sheikah people, is 34 years old. Under the direction of the Hylian king he gives accounts of the happenings in Hyrule since the beginning of time.

Please note changes in time as indicated at the beginning of relevant sections and chapters.