The Stormreaper War

By Rogue

Part 2

Chapter 17

Malon leapt from the balcony in the throne room and used her staff to knock the three down.
"Malon! What are you doing?!" asked Link.
"Kicking your ass fairy boy!"
Link deflected a swing from Malon with his shield. As she went to swing
again, Link used his special power to trip her up.
"I, Karina will never be defeated by you!" Karina screamed as she got
"Karina...? Link thought.
Link deflected another swing then drove his sword into Malon. She
screamed and then crouched down in pain. Suddenly, she changed into
Karina and then leapt up, letting put a wave of green light. She picked
up her staff and at one end a sword blade came out. At the other end, a
green orb appeared and glowed.
"I've had enough fairy boy. Now, it's time for you to die!" Karina
"Where's Malon?"
"The girl? Let's just say her powers are being used to help the
Stormreapers. Her whereabouts don't concern you, for you are about to
Karina pointed the green orb out at Link and a beam of laser energy flew
at Link. Using his shield, he went to block the laser but it was cleaved
in two.
"Hahaha!" she laughed.
Link rolled to his right and pulled out his Triforce Bow and Arrows. As
he pulled back on the bow, it glowed a pale blue and pierced the orb as
it shot out. The orb shattered and Karina was Karina was sent sprawling
from the explosion. Karina was slow to get up, but quickly retrieved her
staff. She snapped the staff in two. The two pieces turned into two
green sabers. Karina leapt out at Link and attacked with a barrage of
thrusts and swings. Link was able to deflect the attacks but without a
shield he would not last long. Link backflipped out off Karina's way to
buy some time. He charged up his sword and shot out 12 red triangles
that hit Karina's body and burned. She dropped her swords and fell to
the ground. Then, before Link could strike the fatal blow, Ganon and
Mido combined their power and shot out a wave of silver energy, which
hit Karina. She started to grow and then as she grew to an enormous
size, she exploded.
"She always did have an explosive personality," joked Mido.

Chapter 18

"Well, she's gone, but where's Malon?" wondered Link.
"What did she look like?" questioned Mido.
"Kinda tall, about 5"9, great singing voice, pretty. Did you see her?"
"As a matter of fact, yes. She was taken by a group of Moblins to the
Lost Woods, I think the Sacred Forest Meadow. However, you can't get
past the gate without the key. The only key, besides the one that was
destroyed along with, is the Kokiri's sacred treasure, which is not
allowed to be given to anyone except the leader of the Kokiri. Even so,
you are a close friend of the Kokiri and you have proven your bravery by
helping to destroy Karina. I will give you the Kokiri Emerald as a sign
of honor and respect. Take this treasure my friend and good luck! I hope
you find your friend!"
A green light came down from the ceiling and the Kokiri Emerald floated
down to Link's hands. Link carefully placed the jewel in his pouch and
thanked Mido. He then headed towards the entrance to the Lost Woods with
Ganondorf. As he neared the entrance he saw a new shop that must have
been built recently. The shop had a Triforce crafted on the sign above
the door, so he went in. Link and Ganon saw many beautiful weapons and
armor in the shop.
"Hello! What can I do for you?" asked the storekeeper.
"Well, I was just browsing, but I need a shield. My Hylian Shield was
severed in two by a laser attack. Do you have any shield more durable
and powerful than a Hylian Shield?" asked Link.
"Hmm... I see. It really depends on your sword. The size and style of
your sword determine what kind of shield you will need. Can I see your
"Sure I will show it to you, but I can't let you hold it. I has extreme
"Incredible! The Master Sword! I thought you might have had this
legendary sword! You must be Link and you Ganondorf. A long time ago, a
mage from the Royal Guard gave me a shield and said to give it to a
warrior named Link, who had the legendary Master Sword. He also said
that a Gerudo wizard called Ganondorf would be with him. His most
important instruction was to you the shield in a time of need. He told
me to go to the Kokiri Forest when there was a time of peril in Hyrule.
I was able to take a leave of absence from my shop in the Hyrule Market
and come here 2 days ago. Anyway, here is your shield. It's called the
Triforce Shield. Well, does it feel right?"
As Link accepted the shield he looked at its beauty. It was a black
shield, trimmed with a strong, shiny metal, and crafted with silver and
gold. In the middle of the shield, a gold Triforce was in the middle of
the shield. When Link held the shield, the Triforce glowed brightly and
its power flowed through Link.
"It's amazing and feels weightless!" Link exclaimed.
"I have some other items if you wish, but they don't come free. Magic
arrows are my specialty," added the clerk.
"Thanks, but we're in a hurry. Maybe we'll come see in the Hyrule Market
sometime," replied Ganon.
"Sure thing. I'm going back there tomorrow. Until then, goodbye and good
luck fighting the Stormreapers!"
Link and Ganondorf headed into the Lost Woods and made it to the meadow
gate. Link placed the Emerald in the lock in the slot and retrieved it
as the gate slid open. There he saw Malon chained to a post. Link pulled
out his sword and slashed the chains.
"Link! Thank you! I have something to tell you! I think I may be a great
mage of Hyrule!"

Chapter 19

"A great mage of Hyrule?!" How?" Link asked.
"Well, when I came here, I went looking for you in the Lost Woods and I
wound up here. I walked into this meadow and this guy suddenly appeared
out of nowhere. He said that one day I would serve Hyrule in a way I
could never have imagined. He then cast some spell on me and
disappeared. I think he might have been some kind of wizard. Then, a
group of Moblins captured me and brought me to Karina. She questioned me
on why I was here for a couple of hours, then locked me in a jail cell.
Finally, she had me brought to her throne room and she touched with this
weird green orb on a staff. I think it might have been her magic source
or something. She then ordered some Moblins to chain me here. These
chains weren't just ordinary metal chains. They were magical chains of
some sort. I could feel them tapping my magical power. The chains would
boost and drain my powers at certain times. That's why I wasn't able to
break them. Well, if you don't mind, I would really like it if you would
accompany home. So, let's go!"
"I agree! Onward!" shouted Ganondorf.
They headed out of the meadow and before they reached the Lost Woods, a
legion of Moblins, Stalfos, and Wolfos appeared. Link drew out his sword
and shield and before he could react, the Triforce on his shield lit up
and shot out a beam of light onto Link's sword. Link responded by
shooting out rays of power at the marauders. Malon and Ganondorf reacted
by casting an infinite arrow spell, which shot out hundreds of arrows at
the monsters. Within seconds, only a few Moblins and Stalfos remained.
Link slashed and sliced up the last of the monsters. The heroes then
left the Lost Woods and headed towards the exit out of the Kokiri
Forest, when Malon had an idea.
"Stop! Where are we going?" she asked.
"Hyrule Castle. We need to see Zelda," Link replied.
"Fine. Hold on to your supplies and let's go1"
Malon threw her hands in the air and opened a portal. She dropped the
portal on them and they were magically transported to Zelda's room.
"Link, you're back! Malon, good to see you! Where are your horses?"
Zelda asked.
"Uh-oh," Link said.
"Let me take care of that," Malon ordered.
She then teleported to the Forest, found the horses and teleported them
to the stables at North Castle.
"Magic is great, isn't it?" Malon joked when she reappeared.
Chapter 20

"Show-off," Ganondorf taunted.
"Enough. Let's get down to business. Do you have the Kokiri Emerald?"
Zelda asked.
"Yeah," replied Link, "You can take it."
Zelda reached out and took the Emerald from Link. She placed in the
Cache next to the Goron's Ruby and turned back to Link.
"Okay, that's done. I already know about how Malon got her powers,
because I read her mind. Another thing, the rescue forces are leaving
tomorrow, so you can either rest, practice your skills at Spectrum Hold,
or both. It's your choice. I have talked to General Khadgar and Queen
Aquino and you will be commanding a squadron of troops designated as
Hero Squadron. Your job will be to lead other troops into the Domain and
gain some ground right away. You will need to cut off any means of
escape, so they can't get away. Your job will be the toughest there is,
but I have handpicked Hero Squadron and they should do well. One
advantage you will have is that you have some of the best Zoran warriors
and scouts under your command. Try to secure the perimeter and take some
Stormreapers as captives. We need some information on their troop
movement and future plans. All three of you will be given a rank for
which to command with. Link, you will be a Major. Ganondorf, you will be
a Commander. Malon, you will be a lieutenant. After the
battle, you will be knighted and will drop your rank. Well, that's it. I
suggest you go to Spectrum Hold to meet your comrades and maybe learn
some new techniques."
"That sounds good. Will Aquino give us the Zoran Sapphire?" asked Link.
"I'm not sure. I asked her, but she depended on how you helped the
Zoras. That's about it. Good luck and I'll see you in 1 or 2 days. Link,
Ganondorf, and Malon headed to the entrance of the completed Spectrum
Hold. Link talked the guards on duty and led his friends inside.
"We have two choices. One, we can go to the magic training area. Two, we
can go to the weapons training area. What do you want to do?"
"The druids have pretty good magic capabilities, so let's boost out
magic to even things up."
"Sure thing, Ganon. Let's go!"

Chapter 21

The three of them walked down the hall and came to the courtyard, where
many mage apprentices were taking instructions from the teachers. They
walked over to the sign-up desk.
"Good day. What can I help you with?" asked the clerk.
"We just wanted to practice our skills for tomorrow. We don't need a
teacher, just an area we can use to try new things."
"Sure thing. You can go to the far end of the courtyard. It's the
advanced area. Mercuris trains there everyday now."
They walked over to the advanced section and saw some statues, targets,
and green bottles for magic boosts. Link pulled out his Triforce Bow and
notched an arrow to his string. As he pulled back, the arrow turned an
eerie green. He let go of the arrow and the arrow turned into 5 flaming
green skulls and shattered a target.
"Nice," Ganondorf said.
Ganon then took out his sword and stuck it into the ground. The sword
shined and then a lightning bolt came out of the ground hitting a statue
of a Moblin and the moblin exploded.
"Good," congratulated Malon.
Malon suddenlly spied a Stalfos sneaking into the Hold. She chanted some
strange words and then cast 25 orange balls into the air. The balls
turned into screeching phoenixes and hit the Stalfos dead on. The
Stalfos disintegrated as the phoenixes scorched him.
"Impressive, most impressive. You must have acquired your power from
some incredible source," said Mercuris.
The warriors spun around and saw Mercuris standing there with a magic
staff encrusted with jewels and a purple sphere on top of it.
"Let me show you something. Guards! Bring out the octorok!" he shouted.
30 guards led an enormous octorok into the courtyard and unchained it.
Every person in the courtyard stood back while Mercuris prepared to
attack. The octorok shot out a barrage of rocks, but all were deflected
away by Mercuris's energy field. He then twirled his staff sending out a
rainbow of colored daggers. Each one spun, letting out a kaleidoscope of
light and color, then pierced the octorok. The daggers infilcted heavy
damage and created a portal inside the octorok's body. The portal
swallowed up the octopus, sending it to the gap between dimensions.
"That my friends, is real magic. You can go back to practicing now
except for the three guests," Mercuris said.
As Mercuris walked over to them, Link used his special power to take the
staff away from Mercuris.
"Excellent my boy! That is a great power you have! I have never seen
anything like it. What is your name?"
"Link? All right Link, I would like to challenge you in a test of magic
and battle. No, it's not to the death. It's just a test of skills. Here
are the rules:
1) You may use any weapon or spell that you know.
2) Help from anyone is illegal and if you get help, you are
3) You can't send your opponent to the Void.
4) First person to give up wins.
Do you accept my challenge?"
"Yes," replied Link as he drank the contents of one of the green
"Well then, draw your weapons and fight!"
Chapter 22

Mercuris whipped out his metal boomerang and flung it at link. The
boomerang shot out like a comet and changed into 3 boomerangs then hit
Link. Link got up just in time to block an energy strike from Mercuris.
Suddenly, the Triforce on Link's shield started to glow and then shot
out in the air. The triangles turned into 3 golden eagles and hit
Mercuris. Mercuris recovered and thrust his hand towards Link. Five
black asps shot out from each of his fingers and sunk their teeth into
Link. Link slashed them off and pulled out his Triforce Bow. When his
let loose an arrow, the arrow multiplied and the arrows flew towards
Mercuris. Some of the arrows hit Mercuris, and some of them hit the area
around him. As soon as the arrows were within range, they exploded. The
ion charged arrows drained the wizard's power and knocked him to the
ground. Link used this opportunity to use his force power to pull
Mercuris's staff towards him. He spun the staff and the jewels on the
staff let out colored bands, which tied Mercuris up. Link walked over
to Mercuris, drew his sword, and pointed it at Mercuris's neck.
"You lose," he said.
"Well done. It was truly a good fight. Since you defeated me, you
deserve a prize. Here is the Wand of Eurydice. It will enhance your
magic power and overall skills. Someone with your talents should be able
to wield it with ease. Congratulations Link!" Mercuris exclaimed.
Mercuris then picked up his wand and headed back to his chamber at North
Castle. Just then, a soldier rushed over to the warriors.
"Link! You are needed right away! The rescue forces are leaving early
and before they head off, you need to meet your squadron. I am Squad
Leader Adam Troy, one of the members of Hero Squadron. Hero Squadron is
made up of Sergeants or Lieutenants like me. When the battle is over, I
shall take command and will be promoted. Well, we should get going.
Shall we?" asked Adam.
"Absolutely! Let's get ready to rumble!" shouted Link.
The four leaders of Hero Squadron headed off to see their troops and
prepare for battle.
Chapter 23

They walked onto the main training ground where all the rescue forces
were checking supplies and sharpening weapons. Link and his friends
followed Adam to a group of Hylian soldiers, Zoran warriors, and Kokiri
"Hello. I am Link. In this battle, I will be your commanding officer. I
heard you were the best, and I expect the best. Now, state your name
one-by-one," Link commanded.
"Luke, Chandler, Triteus, Neptonius, Lance, Brutan, Malcolm, Kydo,
Rodan, Pierre, Glacis, sir!"
"All right. Triteus, Neptonius, and Glacis, you will sneak in first and
scan the area. Luke, Lance, Brutan, and me will follow you. Malon, you
will take Kydo and Rodan and try to snipe the Stormreapers from a
distance. Ganon, you will head up the back with Chandler, Malcolm, and
Pierre. Our main objective is to block off any means of reinforcements,
so the rest of the rescue forces can come and take out the druids. We
also need to capture one of them. Intelligence needs some help and we
are the ones to supply it. Now before we leave, I want you to know that
my command is temporary and necessary. Princess Zelda put in command for
all the reasons above and that I'm the best warrior in all of Hyrule. I
don't like to brag, but that's the truth. Well, check your supplies and
let's go prove that were the best!" shouted Link.
Link led them out of Spectrum Hold and towards Zora's Domain. The trip
took them a day to reach the fountain. When they reached the fountain,
they saw a druid guarding the fountain. Kydo, the Kokiri archer, let off
a sleeping dart and the guard passed out.
Brutan, the Zoran rancher, ran out and dragged him back to the group and
tied him up. Ganon put on a sleeping spell, so he would stay out longer.
Link went over to the fountain, played Zelda's Lullaby, and watched the
fountain dissipate. Link waved his hand and the three scouts snuck in
and came back out.
"Sir, we found a few squadrons hanging around. The King's, I mean
Queen's, Chamber has 10 guards protecting it," Triteus reported.
"O.K. You guys head back in and make sure you're not seen. Ganon, Malon,
do you have some sort of illusion spell?"
"Yeah. What do you need with it?" Ganondorf asked.
"I need you to simulate a group of Hylian soldiers by the water. Can you
do it?"
"Yes! Give me two minutes!"

Chapter 24

A couple of minutes later, everyone was in position. Ganondorf and
Malon's hands glowed a pale orange and they shot a dozen tiny crystals
into the water near the domain fountain. The soldiers out of the water
and alerted the guards. The guards rushed out and when they went to
attack, the illusions vanished. At that moment, Link, Kydo, and Rodan
let off some arrows. The arrows' tips glowed an ice blue and shot out a
beam of ice on each guard and froze them. The arrows multiplied and
shattered the druids when they hit. A squadron of druids came rushing
out from the Zora Shop. Ganon quickly let out a barrage of laser knives.
The knives sliced off their arms and sent an electric shock through
them. Link and Brutan ran forward and slew the blinded druids. The
warriors took out the final guards and headed to the Queen's Chamber.
There they saw King Zora's rotting head, which was covered with maggots
and flies, stuck on a pike. The disgusting sight made them cringe. Link
saw that there was a note attached to the pike. He pulled it off and
read it.
If you're reading this, you have slain my troops and recaptured the
Zora's pathetic Domain. Well, congratulations you fool! You have played
right into my hand. While you and your big, brave army was battling my
soldiers for rule of the Domain; I have killed the soldiers stationed at
Lon Lon Ranch, and have taken it over. To give you proof, I have let
Talon and Ingo free. They shall be in your presence in a short while. I
wouldn't suggest trying to reclaim Lon Lon Ranch unless you can get past
my reinforced force field. Good day and by the way, you've been had!
"Dammit!" Link screamed.
"What's going on?" Ganondorf asked.
"We've been tricked by Alleris!"
"I'll explain it on our way to the castle!"
Chapter 25

"Shit! Alleris has Lon Lon Ranch?" asked Ganondorf.
"Yeah, plus a strong force field. I don't know how to break it," replied
"Link, Link!" Queen Aquino called as she walked over.
The entire Hero Squadron bowed as the Queen came in their presence.
"At ease. Link, you, Ganondorf, and Malon are to be honored for your
stunning victory. You three shall be knighted and will retain your rank
in the Hylian Army. As a personal reward, I will give you the Zoran
Sapphire as a token of my race's gratitude. I know that you're in a
rush, so we can have the ceremony later. I'll just give you the Sapphire
and you can take your men back to Spectrum Hold. Good luck, Link, and
thank you!" Queen Aquino said as she opened a portal and the Zora's
sacred treasure came forth.
"Thank you, Your Highness! Hero Squadron, move out!"
They headed down Zora's River and when they reached Hyrule Field, they
saw the black orb surrounding the ranch. Suddenly, an arrow struck
Rodan. Kydo rushed to his side.
"Hold on my friend! We can heal you!" said Kydo.
"Now...(cough) take my boomerang...(cough) it was my best weapon and I
want to give it to my best friend. (cough)" Rodan said as he took his
last breath and closed his eyes.
Glacis was then hit with pike in the leg. Talon, Ingo, and 18 druids
stepped out from behind a ledge.
"Sorry about your friend. He wasn't really that good of a fighter
anyway. We just came to tell you that we have taken over Lon Lon Ranch
and that our next job is to kill you and your puny squadron of troops!"
boomed Talon.
"I thought Alleris let you free!" Malon cried.
"Oh, he let us free, under one condition. We become druids! Then he gave
us special powers like this!" Ingo exclaimed as his arms changed into 2
rock slabs and he pounded the ground.
Link and the rest of Hero Squadron fell to the ground. They got up and
Malon healed Glacis.
"You want a fight Talon?" Link asked.
"You bet!" Talon screamed back.
"Then prepare to die! You messed with the WRONG squadron!"
Chapter 26

Talon went to pull a dagger out of his cloak, but the dagger was knocked
away as Kydo's Kokiri Boomerang hit Talon's hand. Link seized the moment
and tripped Talon with his force power. Brutan and Pierre charged
forward and knocked some druids to the ground. Ingo threw a spear into
Pierre's foot and watched him howl in pain. Luke and Lance leapt in the
air and kicked Ingo to the ground. Chandler and Malcolm rumbled forward
and attacked a few druds with a flurry of Hylian Staff Combat
Techniques. The druids could only try to block and fail. Malon shot out
a dozen pink needles, which turned into Deku Babas and gulped 7 druids
in one bite and then burned to the ground. Ganondorf pulled out his
sword and used his Ground Lightning Attack to electrocute 6 of the
Stormreapers but Malon and a druid shot Ganondorf with poison arrows.
Ganon fell to the ground as the poison spread through his body.
"Malon, quick! We need to get the poison out of him! Kydo! Help her!"
Link screamed.
Malon rushed forward and inspected Ganondorf and the arrows.
"Link, this is Skullta Blood Poison! We need some Deku Bark!" Malon
"Ah! Take some of my lucky Deku Wood! I have plenty of it!" Kydo yelled
as he shoved his hand toward Malon.
Malon crushed the bark and mixed it with some cloudy liquid. The potion
turned blue and then orange. She poured the liquid down Ganondorf's
throat. Ganon shot up and cough up some black gel.
"He's fine!" Malon called.
Link dueled with a druid and then drove his sword into the druid's
"Link! Come get some!" Talon taunted.
"Sure thing!" Link said.
Talon came at Link with an axe. Link had to grip his sword with both
hands to keep him alive. He then back flipped to put space between him
and Talon. He then brandished his Megaton Hammer and rushed Talon.
Talon's battle-axe was a formidable weapon, but the overwhelming power
of Link's Hammer was too much. The axe flew from Talon's hand and he was
pinned to the ground by Link's sword. At the same time, only talon and
Ingo were alive from what was the druid group.
"You can stop struggling! We're taking you to the castle to straighten
you out!" Link shouted.

Chapter 27

"Let me out of here! Let go of me you clods!" Talon yelled at Link and
his troops.
"Malon, can you put him to rest for a while?" Link asked.
"Yes," she replied, "Father, go to sleep."
Malon put a sleeping spell on Talon and did the same to Ingo. She then
followed Link over to where the rest of Hero Squadron was resting.
"Attention! Up on your feet men! We need you to keep those two under
watch. I want 4 guys at a time guarding that cell and another 4 near by.
If they get out, I'll know whom to look for. We cannot let them get out,
for it's a matter of losing a war or winning it. Since Rodan was killed
and Glacis is in the infirmary, there will be 3 watches. Kydo, you will
be in the first watch then when it's switching time, you can take
Rodan's body in a wagon for the funeral in the Kokiri Forest. I'm sure
that Mido would want one of the Chosen Kokiri to be buried there.
Finally, as a reward for outstanding service, you will all receive a
huge rupee! Spend the money wisely and the next time I need to command a
squad for a special mission, I know who lead!" Link cheered as he headed
to Zelda's Chamber.
"Link! It's so good that you're here! We really need to talk!" Zelda
"Sure," Link said, " and take this."
"Thanks, I was hoping you got the Sapphire. Well, I deciphered more of
the prophecy. The force field is a sign of only a week left. The book
also says that only thing that can break it is the Golden Cache that has
all the treasures in it. We only need the Gerudo Pearl and the Hylian
Diamond, then we have all the treasures. I think my father will give us
the Diamond. I'm also having some artisans fashion some leather straps
to the back of the Cache so you can use it as a shield/weapon. The Cache
is said to be super strong and have advanced magic abilities when it's
filled. The Pearl, however, is the problem. I don't think the Gerudos
will give it to us. Even so, I may have found a solution. Yesterday, an
enormous Cyclops attacked their fortress. These creatures are only found
in children's fables so this has to be Stormreaper work. You need to go
and kill it as quickly as possible before it heads elsewhere.
"Well then, let's slay a beast!" Ganondorf shouted.
"Good luck and be careful!" Zelda warned as Link, Ganon, Malon, and Navi
headed to the Royal Stables.
"Link, I don't have a horse!"
"Oh, I think Zelda wouldn't mind if you took Sunlight. The horse
wouldn't even notice the difference!" Link joked.
"If you say so."
They bridled the horse and took off. Even with their horses, it took
them until nightfall until they reached the bridge that connected Hyrule
Field and Gerudo Valley. The bridge had been torn down, so they had to
jump. They made it safely and boarded with the carpenters for the night.
They woke with a start when they heard a loud roar and then felt the
ground shake. They gathered their weapons and rode at a lightning pace.
As they saw the fortress, they got their first glimpse of Cyclops. It
stood over 0 feet tall and had fists the size of the Hyrule Castle
drawbridge. The Cyclops was about to pummel the fortress when it saw our
"Rwwaarrrr!" it bellowed.
"All right, this is a piece of cake. We just blind it and kill it," said
"Yeah. I read that in "The Two Easy Steps to Kill a Cyclops" Manual,"
Ganondorf remarked sarcastically.
The monster charged and they split up and formed a triangle around the
Cyclops. Ganondorf's armor lit up and he shot out a gigantic red
fireball. The fireball exploded in the air and turned into a giant red
dragon. It spewed fire and had razor-sharp claws. It engaged battle with
the Cyclops. The Cyclops sent out an eye beam, but the dragon twisted
and sent a flame of fire at the Cyclops's arm. The cyclops howled in
pain, but retaliated by throwing a huge broadsword at the dragon. The
dragon's tail was severed and the dragon fell to the ground. Malon acted
quickly by sending a blue comet at the dragon. The dragon turned blue
and flew up. The Cyclops hit the dragon with his fist, but his fist
froze. Link shot an arrow, which turned into 50 whirling blades, and
broke the fist into pieces. The dragon then dived at full speed into the
Cyclops, freezing the one-eyed terror. Ganondorf cast a rock storm on
the frozen beast and it shattered. The three walked over to the pieces
that were once a Cyclops.
"Man, I am awesome," Ganon boasted.
Chapter 28

"Bravo, bravo! Nice job you guys! Link, it's good to see you! Who are
your friends?" Saboorno asked when she came to greet them.
"Saboorno, you don't recognize me?" Ganondorf asked.
"No, you are a Gerudo male... Ganondorf?! Is that you?!" Saboorno asked
in surprise.
"Yes. My friends Link and Malon and I came here to ask Samedi something.
Samedi is in charge right?"
"Yes, my Lord. When you and Nabooru vanished, Samedi took over and
appointed me as his second-in-command. If you want, I can take you to
him, my liege."
"Okay, just don't call me liege and Lord. I'm not the Gerudo king
"As you wish."
Saboorno led them into Samedi's chamber. Samedi was seated at the end of
a long conference table.
"Hello Link? Ganondorf, is that you?!"
"Yes, Samedi, it is. Can we sit down?"
"Absolutely. What do you want to talk about?" Samedi asked.
"We need the Gerudo Pearl. It's essential to defeating the
Stormreapers," Link replied.
"The Gerudo Pearl? It's our prized treasure. When the Gerudo first came
to the desert, they found an extremely large and beautiful pearl while
they were digging for a water hole. The Gerudo Pearl is about the size
of a grapefruit, and is the largest pearl in all of Hyrule. I can't just
give it to you," Samedi explained.
"Really? Who just killed that Cyclops out there? I think we did. That
Cyclops would have turned this fortress into rubble without our help.
You owe us big," Ganon snapped.
"Yeah. If we don't get your Pearl, we will never be able to defeat the
Stormreapers, let alone my home, Lon Lon Ranch," Malon retorted.
"Ok, okay. First, we need to discuss the Stormreapers in depth. Have you
ever noticed that they like to resurrect dead beings? They attacked me
and my troops with that Cyclops and skeletons, plus, they used Julius to
attack you," Samedi explained.
"What? How do you know about Julius?" Link asked in astonishment.
"I have many spies. In fact, you have been followed since the day you
helped us in Hyrule Field. Anyway, to bring back creatures from the
dead, you have to have some sort of ties to the land from where the dead
died. I found an ancient book hidden in a rock wall behind the fortress
that I think might have some answers to your problems. The cover writing
is in ancient Hylian and says 'The Two Spawns of the Goddesses.'
However, the rest of the book is unknown to me because of a magical key
lock that was fitted on the book. If you think you can break the magic
seal, you can have it. You'll probably need a magic key of some sort,
which I can't begin to tell you where you can find it. Well, that's it,
so you can take the Gerudo Pearl and the book."
Samedi raised his hands and an abnormally large pearl appeared from an
orange portal. Samedi then handed Link the book.
"Good luck, Link and I hope you can find a way to get rid of those
druids!" Samedi said.
Link, Ganondorf, and Malon hopped on their horses and rode all through
the night to the castle, while Navi helped light the way. They found
Zelda waiting for them in the stables.
"Hello! I see you took Sunlight. Did you get the Pearl?"
"Yeah. We also got this book. Samedi said it can help us but we can't
get the book open. There's a magical key lock on the book," Link
"Well, we can see what we can do. My father gave me the Diamond after
much arguing, so all we have to do is put the Pearl and get rid of those
druids," Zelda replied.
They walked up to Zelda's room and took out the Cache from its hiding
place. Link placed the Pearl in its place. The Cache shined a bright
gold and the treasures shined bright, radiant colors. The sages then
appeared out of thin air and their new leader Impa spoke.
"Rauru told us that you would fill the Cache and that we would be needed
to represent our races. You must give the order to amount an army and
then attack Lon Lon Ranch before it's too late," Impa told them.
"All right, I'll go tell General Khadgar," Link said.
As Link turned to leave, the hilt of his sword hit the Cache and a
small, gold box came out of the bottom of the Cache. Link picked it up
and opened it. Inside there contained a small, silver key. It cast a
magic aura around the room. Link took the key and put the box back in
the Cache. Link then put the key in the book and read some of it when
the book opened.
"It's impossible!" Link shouted.
Chapter 29

Everyone huddled around Link to look at the book as Link read the
"When the goddess Farore created the wildlife and the creatures of the
land, she created 6 species of dominant intelligent life. These were the
Gerudo, Gorons, Hylians, Jadians, Kokiri, and Zoras. The Gerudo, Gorons,
and the Zoras were completely different from one another. However, the
Hylians, Jadians, and Kokiri were very similar. All 3 possessed magic
abilities and had pointed ears. They also used telepathy. The Kokiri,
however, stayed looking forever young, until their age grew long, then
they died. They cut themselves off from the rest of the world, and only
a chosen few were allowed to go into the Kokiri Forest to trade with the
Kokiri. This left the Jadians and the Hylians. The Jadians had only one
difference from their counterparts. They were shape shifters. The
Jadians could turn into anything they desired. But, to wield this power,
they must have their treasure, the Jadian Amethyst, under their control.
The Jadian Amethyst was an extremely rare green amethyst. It was forged
between an amethyst and emerald deep within the earth. This treasure
allowed them to be even more powerful. The Jadians soon learned that an
enormous amount of power came from the union of the 6 treasures of
Hyrule. The Sphere of Allegiance, as it was called, radiated magical
power throughout Hyrule. It protected the land from evil and war. It's
power was only less than the Triforce itself. A group of Jadian mages
named the Black Squalls stole the Amethyst from it's spot in the Sphere
and took it to their hideout. They used their evil magic to corrupt it
and reveal the hiding place of an ancient book created by the first
Jadians. The Black Squalls were born after 5,000 years after the
creation of the book. The book contained the secrets of black magic. The
mages then began to learn and master the evil magiks. They created
horrible apparitions and monsters that terrorized the land. The other
five races became angry with the Jadians. The Jadians that were not part
of the Black Squalls protested that they had done nothing wrong. War
soon erupted between the Jadians and the other five races. The Jadians
and the Black Squalls united to form as one army, but after 3 long
years, they were defeated. The remaining Jadians and Black Squalls were
banished to another dimension, along with their treasure, and sealed
off. To prevent the return of the Jadians, each race had its finest
craftsman come forth and join forces to build the Golden Cache. The
Cache had five slots for the 5 remaining treasures. When all treasures
were in place, Hyrule had the power to keep out the Jadians. The nomad
Gerudos then took over the desert lands that once belonged to the
Jadians. This wiped out any remnants of the Jadians. The Golden Cache
remained intact until the Imprisoning War, when the treasures were taken
from the Cache, and the Cache was hidden. Years after the War, the
Jadians will appear again. Calling themselves the Stormreapers, they
will start a war with the 5 races once again. Their evil leader will be
in search of not the Sphere of Allegiance, but the true essence of
Hyrule, the Triforce. With the Triforce, the evil leader can make
permanent portals between the two dimensions. There is only one person
that can stop the Jadians: The Hero of Time. Once The Hero of Time has
passed the trials of Hyrule and filled the Golden Cache, he will be
ready to fight once more for the freedom of Hyrule. The final battle
will determine the future of the land, but who will be the victor is
unclear. Heroes will be tested, treasures will be revealed, but the real
mystery is whether Hyrule's wounds can be once again healed."
"This is incredible! Where do we go from here?" asked Zelda.
"We get every available fighter in Hyrule that can get here in a day,
and we fight," Link said coolly.
"Yeah!" the heroes cheered before setting off.

Chapter 30

The mobilization took a couple of days, but the Hyrulian Army was ready.
The Sages had reunited with loved ones, and were preparing for war.
There were Gerudo and Hylian cavalry, Kokiri and Hylian archers, Zoran,
Kokiri, and Gerudo scouts, with infantry soldiers of all races. The
supreme commander was King Luther, with the rest of the Hyrule leaders
as his primary Chieftains. Even though King Luther was in charge, Link,
along with Ganondorf, Malon, and Zelda and the Sages were going to lead
the charge. Zelda was off talking to the Sages and their troops, while
Link was meeting the new members of Hero Squadron. Glacis had enlisted
with the infantry instead of rejoining Hero Squadron, so he was out.
With Rodan dead, that left 2 spots open, plus the new members. Adam Troy
had introduced the Gerudo Baron and the Goron Nigul as the replacements
for Glacis and Rodan. 6 cavalry and archers of mixed races made up the
final 12, making 27 soldiers in all in Hero Squadron. Ganon and Link
went to issue the briefing.
"Commander on deck!" Ganondorf called.
"At ease. Listen up! Ganon, Malon, Princess Zelda, and myself will be in
the lead. I will take down the field and 5 of you will help Nigul break
down the main gate with a battering ram. Once the door is down, we need
to get to the stables secured. Then we can sling some ropes and ladders
over the wall to allow more of our troops to get in. Our archers will
rain arrows over the wall, but while they will shoot blindly, Head Mage
Mercuris will guide them to their mark. This battle is not going to be
easy. We will have to be practically flawless if this plan is going to
work. I can't tell you everyone is going to come back, but I can tell
you that all of you will be remembered in the minds of Hyrule. Well,
let's go because time is not on our side!"
Zelda rushed over to Link before he could get going.
"Link, we need to talk to Malon, plus Talon and Ingo if possible. The
King and I have decided to bomb a portion of the wall so we can get more
troops in. We have some Goron demolitionists that need to talk to them."
"Well, Talon and Ingo are still in jail, but Malon is here. Hold on.
Malon, can you come here?"
"Yeah, what is it?"
"Zelda and these demolitionists need to know the weakest part of the
wall, so we can bomb it."
"Oh! Do your have to?!" she pleaded.
"Yes! Now, where is the weakest part?" Zelda questioned.
"OK. The south wall has a couple of weak cracks formed by soft ground
shifting. If you put a dozen bombs there, the wall will collapse and
leave a giant hole. That should give you the room you need. The rest of
the wall is pretty strong, so you'll need at least twice that to break
the other parts. I just hope you'll repair it when this is over."
"All right! You guys get your troops ready and head out. We have a
battle to win!" Zelda cheered.

Chapter 31

The army marched out of Spectrum Hold and stampeded onto Hyrule Field.
AS Link was scanning the field, he thought he saw Kairu watching from
the ledge that hung over Zora's River. When he looked again, he saw
nothing. Shrugging it off, he kept on walking. At about a little after
noon, they were ready to surround the ranch. Link armed the Cache and
raised it up at the force field. The treasures lit up a shot off a wave
of rainbow light. The rainbow swallowed the ranch and dispersed the
force field. The army then moved close to the ranch as the archers took
their position, and fired a rain of arrows. A few screams were heard
from inside the ranch, and Nigul took action. Leading the battering ram,
he started to smash into the door. Suddenly, a wave of javelins were
shot over the wall and felled some of the Hyrulian Army. Link sensed
trouble and hurled a pouch of bombs over the wall. There was an
explosion as an invisible guard tower blew up, killing 13 druids.
Ganondorf took Link's staff and used it to cast an anti-invisibility
spell. A number of towers appeared around the ranch. As they opened
fire, the army fell back, but some brave Gorons started to use
hit-and-run tactics to bomb some of the towers. Link took out his bow
and fired off some fire arrows, setting flame to a few of the towers.
Nigul had finally taken down the door and rushed in. Link, Ganon, and
Malon casted a large Nayru's Love spell over Hero Squadron, and charged.
They faced fierce opposition from heavily armed druids. Link watched in
awe of one of the more powerful druids shape-shifted into a Goron, and
was able to break through the spell and slay Lance. Link ordered the
Gerudo cavalry leader of Hero Squadron Prinzedorf to take his men off
their horses and send a messenger telling Zelda to blow up the wall.
Prinzedorf got his men off their horses then sent Gebanon, his fastest
rider, to go to Princess Zelda. Baron, Chandler, and Pierre were finally
able to get into the stables and sling some ropes and ladders over the
wall. Before Malcolm could join them, he was decapitated by a vicious
swing from an axe.
Link was fighting like a machine. He sliced, then chopped, then parried,
then stabbed. Many a druid fell before his enchanted sword. Suddenly, a
rapier sliced him in the shoulder as the spell wore off. Link tripped
her using his force power, and buried his sword into the female druid.
Malon used her magic to make some vines shoot up from the ground and
trap the druids, as the Hyrulian soldiers sliced them into pieces. A
large explosion rang out as Zelda and her bomb squad had blown up the
section of the wall and charged into battle, followed by legions of
warriors. Alleris and Oliveri, along with some fresh troops, then
appeared out of a portal and started the mow down the new soldiers. Link
and Ganon noticed that most of the arrows were hitting Hyrulians, not
Jadians. Link climbed a ladder and saw Mercuris casting spells that took
the arrows off their mark. Ganon, Luke, and Nigul were able to fend off
any Stormreapers from getting to Link, but Triteus was not so lucky. A
druid tripped him and Triteus was impaled on a fallen spear. Link was
now sure that Mercuris was making the arrows miss on purpose, so he
pulled out his boomerang and stopped him from doing any further damage.
Alleris then teleported over to Alleris and Oliveri and started to kill
soldiers in the Hyrulian Army.
"Traitor!!!" Link screamed out so loud that it was heard by all.
"Ah! You finally figured it out my boy! Alas, now you are to die!"
Mercuris taunted as he turned into a enormous knight with two giant
single-bladed axes.
"Ganon, Malon, you know what to do," Link said calmly as he handed them
the Wand of Eurydice.
Ganondorf and Malon took the Wand and closed their eyes. They chanted
some words and a blue aura surrounded Link. Link grew into the same size
as Mercuris.
"Now that the odds are even, let's dance!" Link called.
Mercuris charged Link but Link sidestepped and threw him to the ground.
Mercuris's armor shone brightly then the spikes on his armor shot out at
Link. Link used his shield to deflect a few of them, but two of them
buried into his right leg. Link pulled them out, as his eyes became red
with rage. Link slashed Mercuris over and over, bringing him to his
knees. Stabbing in and out, Link hacked and sliced ruthlessly until his
sword was covered with blood and Mercuris lay in a pool of blood.
"That's what you get you pitiful traitor!!" Link shouted before
Mercuris's body vanished.
Link grew small then collapsed to the ground.

Chapter 32

Malon rushed over to the collapsed Link and teleported him to safety.
Ganondorf realized he was in command of Hero Squadron and took action.
Along with Prinzedorf, Baron, Nigul, Neptonius, Pierre, and Luke, he
formed a fighting line. They slashed and cut and stabbed away at their
opponents. A few druids rushed Pierre all at once, and as Neptonius went
to help him, he was slain by a dirk to the back. (A dirk is a weapon
that is a mix that is like half dagger, half sword.) Pierre retaliated
by upper cutting with his single-bladed axe, and cleaved two of the
druids in half. Luke was able to slay the other two. Suddenly, Lance
came up to join them, and was slain along with 2 of the Hero Squadron
archers. Ganondorf realized the opposition was more than he expected and
ordered to fall back. 5 members of the cavalry unit were killed as they
retreated. The other 7 were captured with the rest of the archers. As
Ganon was marching back, a daring druid rusheed him, nad tripped him.
Before the druid could kill Ganon, a sword seemed to grow out of the
druid's chest and he fell to the ground. Link suddenly appeared from
behind the Stormreaper and extracted his sword.
"Will you please get off the ground, Ganon? We don't have time to lay
about!" Link joked.
"Yes, sir."
Along with Ganondorf, Malon, and the rest of the fighting line, Link
struck back at the opposing druids. Link's force courageously battered
back the advancing foes and was slowly pushing them back. Luke, after
fighting so bravely, was overwhelmed and killed. Adam, along with Kydo,
Brutan, a Kokiri named Elcar, and a Zoran named Atlantias, appeared out
of nowhere and took out a squadron of Stormreapers together.
"Sorry we're late sir! Chaps can be decent fighters can't they?" Adam
greeted Link.
"They can, but Hero Squadron will always be better! Heerrrroes!" Link
"Heerrroes!" the rest of the squadron cheered back.
From then on, the attack was one-sided. The druids fought hard, but he
overpowering numbers and skilled fighters in the Hyrulian Army proved to
be too much.
Alleris and Oliveri saw defeat was near and sprang into action. Olvieri
led a pincer movement into Princess Zelda's regiment to distract them.
Alleris swiftly made towards Zelda and made a punishing dive tackle into
her. Zelda was easily taken down and was on the brink of unconsciousness
as Alleris pulled her up and pointed a dagger at her throat.
"Stop all fighting or this little wretch dies!" Alleris boomed over the
All fighting ceased and the attention turned to Alleris and Zelda.
"Ah, that's better. Just to make sure none of your pitiful army can kill
me while I talk, I'll create a force field. Good. Now then, all
Stormreapers fall back to my position. If any of you Hyrulians tries to
harm my men, she dies. Next, we are leaving without trouble or she's
"Coward! Face me in battle or are you just another weak leader who has
big words, but small action!" Link called out.
"Link, you little worm! I am more than capable of taking you on. I just
want to see if you're man enough! If you want Zelda back, come and get
her! Until then, bye bye!"
Alleris and his druids vanished into one large portal.
"Bastard!!!" Link screamed.
King Luther rode over to Link.
"Link, normally I would lead an operation of this kind, but the peace of
Hyrule is on thin ice and I need to stay here. I want you to go rescue
Zelda. You are the most capable soldier in Hyrule. I believe you are the
only one who can save her. Take any supplies you wish, and save my
daughter. Alleris will probably put some kind of spell on her to keep
you from rescuing her. Take this Ice Medallion to save her. It may also
come in handy."
"Thank you, milord. I won't let you down."
"I'm sure of it. Farewell, Sir Link, and return the princess of
Luther led the army out of Lon Lon Ranch until only Hero Squadron was
"Well, what do we do now?" Malon asked.
"I don't know. Navi?" Link questioned.
"Sorry, I don't have a clue."
"I do!" Kairu called.
Everyone turned to see Kairu riding in on a white horse.
"Kairu! Were you watching us?" Ganondorf asked.
"Yes. Now, we have work to do. First, only one thing can open and take
you through the portal to Jadeland. That is the Portal Globe. Shield
your eyes, this is gonna be bright!"
Hero Squadron shrowded their faces as a white flash swept over the
When they looked up, they saw they were wearing gold tunics with white
embroidering. Ganon had on white armor with gold spikes. There was also
a portal opened in the middle or the corral.
"Go through that portal and follow Kaepora Gaebora, the wise owl. He
will lead the way. I must leave no, but I won't be far away!"
Kairu jetted off out of the ranch.
"Well, this is it. I have to go, but none of you are required to go. Who
is with me?" Link asked of his troops.
"Link, I speak for everyone when I say were in it until the end!" Adam
"Okay! Let's go!"
The warriors ran off and leaped into the portal.
As soon as they appeared out of the portal, an owl swooped down from the
night sky and landed on a tree branch.
"Hoo hoot! Long time no see, eh Link?" Kaepora asked.
"Yeah. I haven't seen you since I got the Mirror Shield. Okay, what do
we do now?"
"We need to get to Alleris's Chamber in Stormreaper Spire. If we cut
through this forest, we can get there. There's a hidden staircase can
take to get his chamber without going through all the guards. The
problem is that we need to get through the heavy outer perimeter. You
better be prepared, they're waiting for you! Let's go!"
The trip through the forest was a difficult and arduous march due to the
density of the woods and the darkness. Finally, they spotted the bright
torches of Stormreaper Spire. A dozen guard towers shot up around and in
the castle. The guards were alert and fully armed to the teeth. There
looked to be no way in.
"Okay. Here's what were gonna do. Malon, you and Adam will lead 5 other
soldiers and create a diversion among the guard tower. Each of you will
shoot on guard tower with 2 fire arrows. Then, start shooting arrows and
bombs at the towers. This should give us time to get inside. Everyone
except Baron, Prinzedorf, Chandler, and Nigul will be raiding the
towers. You four will be accompanying Link, Ganondorf, and I as we try
to get to Alleris's Chamber. Got it, good! Let's do it!" urged the owl.
Malon and Adam got into position and fired. So did the rest of the
diversion group. The night sky set alight as the arrows burned and set
fire to the unsuspecting towers. They set off hurling bobs at the wall
and towers. An arrow shot out and pierced Brutan in the shoulder. He
ripped it out and turned to see Link and the rest of the other group
"Nooo!" he screamed as he raced off to help.
"Wait!" Adam warned.
It was too late. Brutan was instantly slain by 6 arrows. The group
followed Malon and Adam as they dashed into the woods at lightning
speed. They finally looked back and saw no one, so they stopped.
"Okay," Malon said between breaths, "they're trapped. We need help.
Let's go get some!"
"Ah, so nice of you to join us! Make yourselves uncomfortable!" Alleris
"You asshole," retorted Link.
"Now, now, that is such bad language. You might not want to upset the
gods before you die!"
"Bring it on!" Ganon shouted.
"Hehe. Be good now!" Alleris commanded as he coiled up Ganondorf with a
red-hot chain.
"Arrrrragh!" Ganon screamed.
"Enough! I don't want you to die, yet!"
"What do you want?" Link demanded.
"It's not what I want, it's what I'm supposed to do. You see, when we
first came here, this was a desolate place. Barren and useless. We
Jadians were angry at the Hyrulians and that miserable cult. We turned
their powers against them and killed them. A leader stepped forward. His
name was Alleris. He led us into a time of prosperity. WE cultivated
this land and made it wonderful. We used our magic to make it a
paradise. It was green with trees and grass, and its clear waters gave
us life. Yet, we still missed our home. We soon forgot about it until
some wretched Hylian troops came and pillaged our homes. They said we
would now receive yearly punishment for our crimes. Finally, Alleris
stood up and thwarted the Hylians. We drove them off and sealed the
portal until we were ready for them. We then planned for revenge. Alas,
under Alleris, we didn't get the chance. On his deathbed, he foretold of
our sacred treasure and it helping the chosen one seek revenge on
Hyrule. This would only happen 5,000 years after his death. After he
died, a search was on for the Jadian Amethyst. It was never found until
recently. As the founder of the treasure, I became the chosen one. I was
rightly named Alleris at the time. I used the treasure to open a portal
and enter Hyrule. Now, I will finally get my race's revenge as I use the
Triforce to destroy Hyrule! Hahaha!"
"You forgot one thing: The Triforce pieces are buried within Zelda,
Ganon, and me. Explain that one."
"Fool! I know of this now. Zelda; I knew of, Ganon; I discovered, and
you, I saw that only you could have the Triforce of Courage. I will sap
your life force, then before I kill you, I will extract the Triforce
pieces from you! This time, the Triforce will not be divided. I am fit
to hold the Triforce. I am the King's brother!"
"No, you can't be!"
"Yes. At my birth, one of the mages of Hyrule became wicked and used
every ounce of his power to send me here before his power consumed him
Now, enough talk! Oliver, escort the prisoner!"
Oliveri came in with Zelda. She was fully chained and shackled to the
wall with Link and Ganondorf.
"Oliveri, take the rest of these Hyrulians and lock them up before
Nigul resisted and was instantly slain by Olveri. Kaepora lead the
others in silence and was moved along.
"Now, feel my wrath!"
Alleris used the Amethyst to send green tendrils to sap the life out of
the heroes. The bodies slumped, but were living.
"Now, Triforce of the god Din, come to me!"
Ganondorf's body glowed red as the Triforce of Power and the Heart of
Light came forth.
"Ah, a bonus, I'll keep this for later. Alleris said as he locked in a
Before Alleris could kill Ganon, Ganon sprung out from the chains and
grabbed the Triforce of Power. He ran off and was warped to the Sacred
Realm before going farther.
"Damn! Anyway, I'll just do you two at the same time. The power of
Farore and Nayru come to me!"
Link's body glowed yellow and Zelda's blue as the Triforces of Courage
and Wisdom came from them.
"The Triforces are color coded, nice. Anyway, prepare to... "
Malon shot forth a lightning bolt at Alleris and threw him to the
ground. Link broke his chains and used the Ice Medallion to free Zelda.
"I brought the Hyrulian Army for help, Link!"
"Good. Malon, free Hero Squadron and get rid of the Stormreaper Army!
Leave us to this! That's an order!" Zelda commanded.
"Yes, ma'am!"
"Miserable curs!" Alleris moaned.
"Shut up! You want the Triforce? Come and get it! If you can kill me,
you can have it!"
Challenge accepted."
Alleris whipped out a Flame Sword, and a Green Shield. He stood before
Link and prepared to do battle. Alleris swung and Link parried. Link
Triforce Shield pulled the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom to Link, and
went into Link's shield. The shield turned into a glowing ball and chain
and Link hurled it at Alleris. Alleris took the hit on his arm but
retaliated by slicing Link in his leg. Link got his shield back just in
time to block another blow. Link stabbed at Alleris and missed, but he
shot off an ice beam at Alleris with the Ice Medallion, blinding him.
Alleris howled as Link slashed across his chest. Alleris put away his
shield and pulled out his cat-o-nine-tails. He battered Link mercilessly
as Link's shield clanked away. Link punched Alleris in the face then
stuck his sword in Alleris's shoulder, pinning him and rendering him
"You failed. There is no mercy for you, Alleris! You shall die now,
coward!" Link screamed as he hacked away at Alleris until there was only
a pile of flesh and blood.
Link took his shield and pulled out the Triforce pieces.
"Here, take these. You are the possessor of the Triforce," Link said to
"Did Ganondorf take the Triforce of Power with him?"
"Yeah. That means he's still a threat."
"Oh. Thank you for rescuing me."
"No problem."
"Guys, we... eww! Is that...?" Malon asked.
"Yeah. I had to scrape some of that crap off my boots."
"Man, that's sick. Anyway, all the Stormreapers are dead except for
Oliveri. He got away."
"Forget him. We'll deal with him later. Now, take Link's Ice Medallion
and open that chest. What's inside is yours," Zelda commanded.
Malon stuck the Medallion in the chest and opened it. She turned around
and held the Heart of Light. Its power surged through her and vanished.
"Am I the Light Sage now?!" Malon asked.
"Yes," Link said.
Kaepora then came forth.
"You have done well, heroes. Now, I must leave for good. You see, after
I gave Ganondorf the Heart of Light, I felt something was wrong. So, I
stayed in Hyrule and watched over you. But now, I, Rauru, or Kairu, or
Kaepora, whatever you wish to call me, pass my legacy to Malon.
Farewell, heroes and never stop fighting evil!" the former Sage of Light
said as he floated up to the heavens for good.
"Well, let's go home," Link said.
When they returned home, a great ceremony was held. Link became the
Triforce Guardian, and Zelda became the Triforce Holder. They alone had
the power to have the Triforce. The Sages returned home to their races
and helped rebuild unity in Hyrule. Link and Zelda decided to ride to
Lake Hylia on Epona and Sunlight. They reached the lake in time to see
the sunset. Link saw how beautiful Zelda was as her hair shone gold in
the light and her jewelry sparkled. Feelings of love and happiness swept
over him. Suddenly, a vision of two shadowed figures came to him as they
plagued Hyrule and another mysterious land. Link came out of the vision
and was worried. Another dark time would soon be upon Hyrule, and it
would be the worst yet. Link knew Zelda, the Sages, and he would be
tested once more. Their destinies were on the line. Link and Zelda rode
home as Link thought about the future.

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