The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 1 - Darkness Falls


The Triforce, sealed in the Sacred Realm. Evil, swarming about. Gannondorf, The King of Evil, awaited restlessly, waiting for his chance to escape. His chance was growing closer, five years after he was banished to the Sacred Realm. And the seal, trapping him inside. All this was about to be broken.

The Master Sword slept, sealed behind the Door of Time. A black mist began to seep in through the seal to the Sacred Realm, filling the room, where the Master Sword slumbered.

The castle town market was filled with excitement. People buying, selling, and trading their things. There was also a parade going on. This was a day of happiness and celebration.

This day, five years ago, was the day that Gannondorf was banished, and peace returned to Hyrule. People had slowly moved back to the castle town. People had slowly rebuilt castle town. And soon, the peace had returned.

Princess Zelda, following the king, who was leading the parade, was not all that excited. I've been doing this parade for five years now, and it's the same old thing every year. March in the band, greet some people, and do it all over again the next year!

She looked at all the excited people, cheering, laughing, and having an all around good time.

Then she noticed the Temple of Time. It seemed, somewhat different. Dark clouds began to form around the temple. The sky grew darker as the parade moved on. Something was up, and Zelda was worried.

"Daddy." she said.

"Yes Zelda? What is it?" replied the king.

"I'll tell you after the parade."


Zelda looked out the window, the rain pouring down. The parade was over. People were now in their houses, no more fun. Zelda felt a sense of danger.

The King walked into Zelda's room.

"What did you want to tell me dear?" he said.

"I think there is something wrong. Have you noticed the dark clouds around the Temple of Time?"

"There's nothing wrong. That always happens when it rains."

"I dunno. I've felt a sense of danger. Oh well"


That night, Zelda tossed and turned in her sleep. Zelda had a dream. Like the one twelve years ago, when she sensed that Gannondorf was seeking the Triforce. The dream when the Hero came out of the forest, holding a green stone. Only now, this was not about Gannondorf or the Hero. It was much worse.

She dreamed that the Triforce had been cursed by somekind of evil force. And then....

She awoke suddenly. Zelda got up, and began pacing around in her room. Zelda thought and thought about the dream. The princess knew what she must do.


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