The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 3 - The Harmonica of Mists


"Link," Zelda said." This is the Harmonica of Mists.

" A harmoni-wha?" Asked Link.

"A harmonica." Zelda replied.

"A harmonica huh? Never heard of one. How do you play it?" Link asked. He had much enthusiasm in his voice. He loved trying something new, and playing this strange new instrument would be an adventure.

"You put your mouth on this end and blow." She answered, showing Link what to do. "You can play all the songs you had learned twelve years ago, but you cannot use the warping ones. You try it."

Link put his mouth on the correct end. He tried to play Zelda's Lullaby. It sounded like a sword being slowly scraped across a metal rock. Discourage swept across Link's face. Zelda chuckled. After all, it was kind of funny to see the Hero of Time mess up on such an easy task.

"Try again." Zelda said.

Link tried again. This time, a decent note actually came out! Then another. And then a few more came out. The combined notes formed Zelda's Lullaby! Link grinned. He tried a few more songs. It started to rain inside the basement.

Link looked embarrassed. He had forgotten the effects of the Song of Storms. Zelda looked angry. Her face showed it. As well as her wet hair and wet clothes. Link's hair and tunic were drenched as well.

The rain cleared up. Link's bangs draped over his eyes. Zelda's hair looked like it had been in the Niagara Falls. Her face loosened up a bit. However, Link's cheeks were cherry red.

"I must teach a special new song. It is called the Hylian Battle Song. Here is how to play it." Zelda said. She played the new song. Do dooo, do do do do do dooooo, do doo do do dooo do do do do do do doooo.

"Neat!" exclaimed Link. "Let me try." Link insisted. He tried a couple of times before he got it right. When he did, his vision became red for a second, and he felt a burst of energy.

"Whenever you are in trouble, play the Hylian Battle Song. It can restrain certain evil spirits for a short amount of time, and it will give you a sudden burst of energy! Do not use it too much though, because the harmonica cannot take that much, and the energy you get is magic, and it may have strange side effects! So be careful, Link, OK?"


"Here is a shield, Link," Zelda said." It is stronger than a Hylian shield, and can protect you from much damage! It is called the Battle Shield, and is only used by the Royal Family's best!"

"This is cool." Said Link. He, now, was very excited. He got a cool new shield and had the opportunity to play an instrument he had never even seen before!

"At this time," Zelda began to say. "We are low on swords. I cannot offer you one now. But why don't you visit the silversmith down in the town? Oh, and before you leave, take this identification card. Show it to any guard and they should let you through. This is also a discount card."

"Thank you." Link said in his politest voice. He had hoped it would make up for soaking the princess. Link walked back up the staircase.


Not much was going on at the silversmith's. Link was an impatient person, and couldn't wait for the silversmith to finish a spoon. He needed a sword and needed it fast!

Finally, the silversmith finished. He examined the spoon. He shook his head and made a tisk sound. Then he said:

"I'm gonna have ta' make a new one later." He turned to Link, who was at the time staring off into space, and said." What do you need?" Link jumped at the sound of the man's raspy voice.

"Huh? Me? Oh, can you make me a sword?"

"It costs fifty rupees."


"It'll take a little while, so why don't you come back later." Said the silversmith.

"OK. I will see you later." Answered Link, who already, could not wait for his sword to be finished.



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