The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 4 - Shattered Like Glass


The pressure of evil was building up inside the Sacred Realm. Soon, the pressure was so great, that the gate to the Sacred Realm shattered like glass, and the evil escaped! A black fog of evil hurled out of the Sacred Realm, and into the Temple of Time!

The Master Sword fought hard with all its might. As strong as it was, the Master Sword was no match for so much evil. A twister of darkness formed around the Master Sword. The evil magic concentrated on the legendary blade. The sword gave up, and from the evil magic, turned to solid rock!


Permanently encased, the Master Sword was doomed. The black fog burst open the Door of Time, and rushed out of the mystical Temple of Time.

At first, the people of the town starred at this amazing site in awe. But the fog began working its magic on the castle town. White fireballs plunged toward the ground at the helpless people. People screamed as they were being burned to the bone. The sound of burning skin was horrible. The smell of charred flesh was enough to make you sick.

At first, Link did not notice all of the people outside. He paid for his new sword (a Hylian Sword) and left. Link’s eyes widened as he witnessed the destruction of the town. Link unsheathed his sword, and drew his shield and began for battle. He remembered his harmonica. And the song.


Link took out the Harmonica of Mists, and played the Hylian Battle Call. Everything became red for a split second, and Link felt much stronger. Abruptly, a gigantic creature appeared. Then, a voice shrieked the town. It said:

"Feel the power of evil. Meet our friend, Zasashia, the saladanger!!!"

Link rushed towards Zasashia like a torpedo. Zasashia became mad and spit out a large fireball. Link, ready for anything, raised his shield. The fireball hit Link’s shield and sent him flying back.

The shield became very hot! It became so hot, that it began to burn Link’s arm! Link quickly tore the shield off his arm, and screamed in pain. He watched as the towering menace picked up a husky lady, and claimed her for a snack.

The town was burning, and everyone (except Link) was either dying or dead. Furious, Link got up and charged towards the monster once again. This time, instead of a fireball, Zasashia slashed her claws at Link. Link was flung into a building, with blood rushing out of his chest. The impact of Link to the building knocked him unconscious. He fell asleep, unaware of what was about to happen.


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