The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 5 - Doomed to Suffer


Link was dreaming. He was on a quest to find the Triforce. He found a golden tower. It was made entirely of gold! He ran up a half mile of stairs. He had to fight his reflection in a mirror, and then&ldots;.

He awoke suddenly. Link found himself on a bed in a hospital. He rubbed his forehead, then realized what he had dreamt about. He dreamt about his favorite hero, the one person who had been a greater swordsman than Link himself, Garin! But why?

Link heard of Garin when he used to live in Kokiri Forest. The Know-it-All Brothers had told of a great warrior, Garin, who discovered the Triforce. This was very strange to Link.

Link, still lying in bed, examined himself. His arm suffered from a 3rd degree burn. He had long bloodstained bandages around his chest. Princess Zelda and some other mysterious person stood there looking at Link. Zelda was unusually happy, probably happy to see Link awaken.

The mysterious person was dressed in a dark cloak, and his (or her) face could not be seen. The dark figure was holding a bottle of a blue potion and had a spoon. Link looked out the window. He figured it was around midnight.

The cloaked person was about to give Link the blue potion, when the building shook! The cloaked figure leaped out the window. The building rumbled, then collapsed on Link and Zelda!


Link awoke the next morning in great pain. He could barely move his head, and his left arm (along with the rest of his body) was trapped under tons of rock. His right arm, still burnt, was bleeding.

Link turned his head towards Zelda. Blood was running out of her mouth and dripping from her nose. Zelda's eyes were closed. Link hoped that she wasn't dead. He took the time to find out where he was. There was nothing but ashes and burnt buildings and except for the remains of a half burnt door, you could never have told there used to be a town.

Link tried to move his legs, but he couldn't feel them. Oh no! Link thought. I can't feel my legs!! Link was scared. Zelda looked as if she was dead or dying, and it seemed as if Link had no chance for survival.

Just then, the shadow of a tall figure appeared. Link said:

"Hello?! Who's there? I need help!" Just then, Link felt a sudden relief of pain as the rock was lifted up off of Link and Zelda.

"I am Tisso, a descendant of Garin." Replied the man. Link's eyes widened. A descendant of the great Garin?!

"I can't feel my legs. Help me." Link said.

Tisso blew a small whistle. Very soon, a chariot came by. Tisso picked up Link and Zelda and put them into the chariot. Then Tisso said:

"Just sleep. We will be at the closest hospital in about a day or so."

A DAY!?!? I might already be dead by then! Thought Link. Link closed his eyes, and soon he fell asleep.


Link woke up. A smile swept across Tisso's face. He walked up to Link and said:

"Good to see you awake. I'm afraid, however, that your legs were crushed and you're left hand shattered under all that weight." Link became very worried. "Here, drink this, it will make you heal faster." Link said:

"How is Zelda?"

Tisso slowly turned away. It was then that Link finally realized what had happened. He then said:

"You mean?" Tisso nodded. "NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

The hospital became silent.


Link was in the hospital for several days. On the day he fully healed, Tisso barged into the room. He seamed happy, whereas Link was sad. But it didn't take him long to for Link to feel the way Tisso did when he said:

"Link! Great news!! They've found a way to revive Zelda!!!"


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