The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 6 - The Mirror of Reflection


"The Mirror of Reflection?" Said Link.

"Yes. It makes an object opposite of what it is! Since Zelda is dead, the mirror makes her alive. Do you understand?" Asked Tisso.


"OK. The hard part is getting it. It is guarded by Zasashia, the same demon that is responsible for burning your arm." A woman popped her head in the room and said:

"There is someone here to see you, Link." The dark cloaked man walked in!


"Greetings, Link," He said in a dark voice. "I am Cyrio. I have come to help you on your journey. First of all I must tell you why all of this is happening. When Gannondorf made his wishes on the Triforce, the Sacred Realm began to fill with evil. However, unlike most evil people who would have touched the Triforce, Gannonforf put a curse on it as one last twisted act of revenge. Over time, the Triforce became the Darkforce. It began spawning monsters in the Sacred Realm. Soon, the power of evil became so great, that the seal could not hold back the evil any longer. The main force of evil is a spirit called Rysomolani. Rysomolani is very powerful, and even the Master Sword cannot defeat him! Here, take this crossbow. It will help you out on your quest. Here is a sword and shield. I will give you this map, and mark the location of the Mirror of Reflection. This is a map of Calatia, so becareful!"

"Here," Tisso said. " Take this, Link. It is a picture of my great great grandmother, Garin’s wife. Show her this note, and tell her that I sent you. Goodbye, Link, I hope we see each other again."

"Goodbye, Tisso." Said Link.

"Oh. One more thing," Said Cyrio. "I must teach you a new song. It is called the Song of Happiness. If you feel lonely, play this song. Here is how to play it." Cyrio took out a flute. He played, doooo do, dooo doooooo doooo.



Soon Link was off. Then he remembered something. He took out the Harmonica of Mists, and played Epona’s song. Link waited for about five minutes. Epona came running towards Link.

"What the?! This song really is magical!!" Link climbed aboard, and made his way for Caltia.

Link was traveling through a dark canyon. The canyon lead to the boarder of Hyrule and Calatia.

"OK, Epona, let’s be ready for what lies ahead&ldots;"


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