The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 7 - Calatia, Land of Adventure


It was to late by the time Link saw it. With strong powerful legs, it leaped at Link and Epona. Link managed to dodge it, but Epona was a sitting target. She just had no idea what to do.

It leaped onto Epona. She moved around, trying to knock it off her back, but its sharp claws cut into Epona’s neck. Blood squirted everywhere, like an automatic sprinkler that pops up at 6:30 in the morning right as you are about to go to work, and gets you wet. Epona collapsed to the ground. Her beautiful white mane was now blood stained.

Link took out the harmonica and played the Hylian Battle Call. He unstraped the crossbow from his back and aimed it at the creature that attacked Epona. Steady, just a little more. Link fired a golden arrow into the creature’s giant purple eye. It shriveled up and collapsed to the ground.

Link ran towards Epona. He looked at her. Epona looked at Link for the last time. Then, Epona gave out one last cry that pierced the air.

Link got a terrible thought. It made his bones chill and Link began to run. Fast. He darted away from the death site. Not watching where he was going, Link tripped over a rock. The fall knocked him unconscious.


He awoke. It was mid morning. And, could it be? Zelda was standing there. In front of him. Smiling happily she approached him. Then her face turned to a frightened sight. The sky became gray. A swarm of moblins came rushing towards the two!

It was then that Link realized that he had no sword or shield. One moblin rushed towards Zelda. He speared her right trough the heart! Zelda gave off a deafening scream that chilled the air. She began coughing up blood, and collapsed to the ground.

Link stood there, awe struck. Another moblin with a sword charged at Link. It struck him in the stomach and held it there. Link screamed in pain. He was in torment. Then everything faded.


Link woke up all wet. He finally realized that he had had a dream, no, a nightmare! It seamed so real. He saw that it was raining. But this was unlike any ordinary rain. This rain was blood red! Link finally realized the pain that this rain inflicted! Link dashed towards the nearest town.

The town elder’s was peaceful. She sat in her rocker and called for her helper. The elder said:

"Get the door. Our visitor is coming."

The helper answered the door. Link looked at them as if to say, Do you want me to come in? Strangely, as if to read Link’s mind, the helper nodded. Link slowly approached the house.

"Sit down, please." Said the elder. Link took a seat on a log chair, similar to the ones the Kokiris used. "You have traveled far, as I can see."

"Yes I have. My name is-" Link didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence.

"Link." The elder finished it for him.

"How’d you?" Link asked.

"A prophecy tells of a stranger from Hyrule named, Link, that journeys to our village."

Link examined the photo that Tisso had given him. Then he looked at the elder and once more at the picture. Then he got out the piece of paper.

"Can you take a look at this?" Asked Link.

The elder examined the note very closely. Her eyes got wider and she motioned for the helper to go away. Then she said:

"You shall see Garin soon." And with that the elder disappeared and Garin soon appeared!


"Garin!" Gasped Link." Is it really you?! Are my eyes not deceiving me?!"

"It is I, Garin. I know your purpose here, even before you do! You have come for my Triforce blade, the only thing that can destroy Rysomolani. But before I can give it to you, you must prove you are worthy. I want you to slay Zasashia and bring me her heart to prove you have done so. Take this shield. It will help you. And take this ring. It will protect you from the blood rain."

"Blood rain?!" Link question.

"Once a year, the clouds pour down the rain of blood. The rain of blood is deadly to the skin. The gods made the blood rain to show of their power and the punishment to anyone who challenges them. Before you enter the lair of Zasashia, be sure to visit the Pond of Prophecy. Now go! Time is not on your side. If you cannot revive Zelda within 60 hours, all will be lost!"


Link dashed. He looked at the ring. It was a beautiful blood stone red, and shined a mystical brightness. He looked at a sign:

" This is the Pond of Prophecy. If thou seek the future, stare into the pond and thou’s future shall be shown."

Link stared in. The reflection absorbed him. Almost like a dream. The dreamed pulled him in, and Link saw the future&ldots;.

&ldots;. Link drew his sword. His vision was red. He saw Zelda, Cyrio, and Tisso. Their shape slowly changed into moblins. Link charged at them and cut of one’s hand. He sliced off one’s arm, and slashed at the other’s leg. They collapsed to the ground. Link saw some guards rush in. One shot an arrow at Link with deadly accuracy. The arrow pierced Link’s heart and he fell to the ground&ldots;

&ldots;. Link drew back from the pond.


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