The Triforce of Evil

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 8 - A Familiar Friend


Link was lonely. He thought about the song that Cyrio had taught him. He took out the harmonica. He looked at it strangely. Then he decided to play it.

Suddenly, a beam of light no wider than Link shot out from the clouds. Link looked in surprise. Someone had been sent from the clouds.

"Who ruined my vacation?!" Asked the being angrily. "Who summoned me? Who had the nerve to- Link!!" It was Link’s old lovable companion and friend, the Navi fairy! "I haven’t seen you in a long time. So you needed my help huh?"

"Uh, yeah." Link guessed. "I guess I’ll need your keen scent to help me on my quest."

"What’s it this time?"

Link told Navi his tale. He told her about the monster from the mist, the mirror, the harmonica, the other numerous things that happened to him, and what he was about to face.

"Well," Said Navi. "We’ll fight together and hopefully find the mirror."

Link trotted off to a mystical sphinx south of the town. The dirt path had become mud in the blood rain. The world around Link and Navi seemed so&ldots; dull, desolate. It seemed like a sad place to be at.

Unseen predators lurked up ahead. And one was hungry, for an average 22-year-old man dressed in a green tunic with a fairy companion. The creature was a large Nightmare Beast! It invisibly slithered up Link’s body, and into his ear. Link jolted for a moment.

"Did you see something, Navi?" asked Link, feeling a bit confused.

"Not a thing." Link and Navi kept going.


The two soon approached a large sphinx. Many legends told of this great sphinx and referred to it as, "The Great Shadow Sphinx". Link looked at it. He frowned, then said:

"There’s no way in!" He looked a bit disappointed.

"We’ll find a way in." Navi replied.


Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Cyrio and Tisso waited patiently. The church bells from a nearby church rang, and a time keeper yelled out:

"Ten ‘o clock."

Tisso looked worried. He, for a strange reason, had no faith in Link.

The sphinx’s door burst open. Link rushed in. There were strange glowing rocks inside the sphinx that put a blue effect in. It seemed, strange, and yet familiar. Link had seen pictures of a similar place, but where?

No time for thinking about familiarities, because a huge tektite leapt out from behind a huge statue! Link drew his sword and raised his shield. But one second too late. The tektite pounced on Link, and sank its teeth into his arm. Link pushed it off. Then he cut it into two with his sword. Little did Link know, but this was no ordinary tektite. It was a poisonous tektite!

After defeating all the monsters, Link had one last room to explore. He slowly opened the door. Link walked in. The door snapped shut behind him! A dark creature that was hanging from the ceiling now dropped down, furious that Link awoke it.

"Look out!" Navi called.

"It’s Zasashia!" Link said.

"Maybe you could shoot an arrow into its one eye?" suggested Navi.

"I’ll do that. But first&ldots;." Link pulled out the harmonica. He played the Hylian Battle Call. But it did not have just its normal effect that time. It also had some kind of side effect.

Link got out his crossbow, and shot at the creature’s eye. He dashed over, and sliced the monster’s eye repeatedly.

"DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!" Called Link.

He slashed and slashed and slashed. The monster was dead. And Link knew it too. The side effects began to kick in. Then, Navi said:

"Uh, Link, I think it’s dead." Link turned his attention to Navi now. She looked at him in fear. His red eyes and evil look scared Navi. Link took out a bottle he kept, and put Navi in it. Then he said:

"If I need your opinions, all ask for them!"

The side effect suddenly wore off. Link dropped the jar. It shattered. Link scratched his head a few times, then looked down at Navi. What happened? He thought.

A treasure chest appeared in the center of the room. Link opened it.


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