Ganon's Plot

By Alexandra Spears

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*note* This story follows Quest for the Master Sword. It’s continued in Ascension.


For Ganon, excursions to the Overworld were rather few and far between, as his powers were limited there, but he had a reason for this particular excursion. He was lurking around North Castle, home of his nemeses, Princess Zelda and her husband, the hero of Hyrule, Link.

Link and Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom in their possession, while Ganon had the Triforce of Power. Whoever had both Triforces had rule of Hyrule. Which, of course, meant Ganon needed to eliminate Link and possibly Zelda.

Peering through some hedges near the castle, Ganon studied Princess Zelda, who stood not far away--just inside the gate. She was heavily pregnant, and from what he could gather the child was due to be born at any time now. Ganon had plans for the child, and he needed to keep a close watch on Zelda.

“Link!” Zelda called. She was clutching her belly. “The baby’s coming!”

Ganon grinned evilly. Time to spring into action.


Zelda held her belly and leaned against the wall as Link ran towards her. “Here, Zelda, let’s get you into the castle,” he said as he put his arm around her. “Easy now....”

Link guided Zelda to a ground-floor room. On the way there he sent a guard to fetch Impa, Zelda‘s nursemaid who was also a midwife. “Link, it really hurts,” Zelda wailed.

“I know,” Link said soothingly.

Zelda sat down on the bed and kicked her shoes off her feet. She then lay down carefully, first swinging her legs up onto the bed. Link took her hand and gently smoothed her long golden hair from her face. He found himself feeling a bit guilty, since he was the one who’d gotten her pregnant.

“Don’t say it,” he said.

“What?” Zelda asked.

“That I did this to you,” Link replied.

“Link...I wanted it as much as you did. We’re married, we’re expected to have children--” She was cut off by another contraction.

Soon Impa came in. “Do you want Link to stay with you?” the old woman asked Zelda.

“Of course,” she said.

“All right, take all your clothes off...just put on this gown,” Impa instructed.

Link helped Zelda sit up and take off her maternity dress and undergarments. He then slipped the loose gown over Zelda’s head, and she poked her hands through the short sleeves.

“It may be a while...this is her first child,” Impa said. “I’ll be in and out, checking on her.”


Ganon had gone back to the Underworld. He sat on his throne, thinking how best to accomplish his goal. Standing up in front of his throne, he snapped his fingers and teleported into the next Underworld chamber, where his Evil Jar sat.

He pointed at the jar, and a pale pink bolt of light shot from his gnarled finger. In a flash of pink light, a Gibdo--a mummy creature--appeared before him. “I need you to capture Princess Zelda. She is in labor,” said Ganon. “Bring her here alive, as I have plans for the child.”

So saying, Ganon used his magic to disguise the Gibdo as an old woman. “Go and don’t come back until you have Zelda and her child.”


It was getting on towards evening. Link tried to offer whatever comfort he could, as it seemed to him that Zelda was in a lot of pain. He found that she hated to be touched whenever she had a contraction. He also found that during a contraction her grip became substantially stronger.

“Link, I’d like a drink of water,” Zelda requested.

“Okay, sweetheart,” said Link. He kissed her lips gently, then left the room, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

Zelda lay back on her pillows, having just had another contraction. She used the time to rest and prepare for the next one. Impa had said that she was almost fully dilated.

She closed her eyes. Long moments later she heard shuffling footsteps. Opening her eyes she saw an old woman come in. “Who are you?” she asked.

“Um...the midwife,” the old woman said.

Zelda shook her head. “Link already sent for Impa.”

The woman shrugged...then suddenly she transformed, becoming a Gibdo. “LINK!!!” Zelda screamed.

The Gibdo grabbed the princess and used some of its bandages to tie her arms together. “Ganon wants you in the Underworld, you and the baby,” it said.


Link was just returning from the kitchen with Zelda’s glass of water when he heard her screaming. “Zelda!” he cried, dropping the water and running towards the birthing room.

Impa was also running towards the room. “She’s gone!” she cried. “Someone has taken Zelda!”



"You sure picked a good time to attack, Ganon," Zelda gasped. She was lying on a straw pallet that had a couple of old blankets on it. There were chains around her wrists.

"Yes, I did, didn't I?" Ganon purred, sounding quite pleased with himself. "I have plans for that child of yours, Princess. If it's a boy, I intend to raise him as my own son and teach him the ways of evil. If it's a girl...well...I know of someone who might like her as his wife in a few years...."

Zelda winced as she felt another contraction. She found herself wondering who would deliver her child.

"And once your child is born, Princess...I will eliminate you once and for all...and then I will go after Link!" Ganon howled merrily. He laughed evilly.

"You won't get away with this," Zelda managed.

"Oh but I will," Ganon contradicted. "The minute your child is born--you will die!"

Tears came to Zelda's eyes. She hoped Link was all right and on his way.


"Be careful, young Link," Impa told the young father as he got ready to head to the Underworld.

"You bet I will," he said. "Just make sure everything's ready for when I come back with Zelda. I just hope she hasn't given birth yet...."

" may be a while," Impa told him. "Still be careful."

Link headed to the stables and mounted his horse Catherine. "Let's go, Catherine, Zelda and the baby need me!" he said as he gave her a gentle kick with his heels.


"I am getting tired of waiting," Ganon said in a low, menacing voice. "I don't have time to sit here and wait for that baby to arrive!"

"That's just too bad," Zelda shot back defiantly. "It's not like I have any say in how long it takes!" For once she hoped that the labor would last a long time so as to give Link time to arrive.

"Who says I have to wait?" Ganon mused. "Tell you what, Princess--either that child is born within an hour, or I will simply take this dagger and cut the child out!" From one of his large sleeves he produced a long, sharp dagger. "And I'll leave you alive while I do it!"


Link had chosen the Underworld entrance closest to Ganon's throne room. It was a lot quicker than fighting his way through the Underworld, not to mention safer.

This particular entrance was hidden in the trunk of a tree. Dismounting Catherine, Link reached up and pulled down on a branch. Immediately a door slid up, revealing a winding staircase that led into the depths of the Underworld. The young hero did not hesitate to go down those steps; his wife and child needed him.

Almost immediately Link was attacked by Stalfos. "I have no time to deal with you boneheads," Link snapped as he whipped out his sword and began firing off magic bolts. Normally he didn't mind playing with them a bit, but today he had no time for fooling around. This time he was serious.

The three Stalfos had no time to react; in flashes of soft pink light they disappeared, transported to Ganon's Evil Jar. Link didn't even stay to watch them disappear. He was already closing in on the entrance to Ganon's lair.


"I can't wait any longer!" Ganon snapped a little while later. Going over to the pallet where Zelda lay, he roughly pushed the gown she was wearing up to her breasts, so her belly was exposed.

"No--please--!" Zelda cried as she pulled against the chains that held her wrists.

Ganon brandished the dagger. "Now, Princess--I just need you to hold still...," he drawled as he raised the dagger over her belly.

"NO!" Zelda screamed. She tried twisting and turning. It was hard when she experienced contractions. "Leave me alone...just wait until the baby is born...!"

"Hold STILL!" Ganon demanded.

Just then, the door to the chamber burst open, and there stood Link, looking furious. "Game's over, Ganon," he snarled.

"Link...please help me!" Zelda sobbed.

"You don't even have to ask," Link replied as he swung at Ganon.

Ganon charged towards Link, who sidestepped him and tripped him up. While Ganon was recovering from this indignity Link went over and slashed the chains that held Zelda captive. Zelda managed to get to her feet; she had to lean against the wall during yet another contraction. She managed to pull her gown back down, as she had on nothing beneath it.

Link ran towards Ganon and gave him a good roundhouse kick. He then aimed his sword down at the fallen wizard and gave him a few zaps with his sword, de-energizing him and sending him temporarily to his Evil Jar.

“Let's get you out of here," Link said to Zelda.

" water's broken," Zelda cried. It was true; he could see fluid trickling down her legs.

Link quickly but gently lifted Zelda into his arms and hurried her out of the Underworld.


"Just a little more, Princess," Impa urged from the foot of the bed where Zelda lay, giving birth to her child.

Zelda clutched Link's hand and pushed again. " have one heckuva strong grip when you're in labor," Link noted.

Impa carefully eased the child out of Zelda's womb. "It's a girl...a beautiful baby girl!" she said over the baby's loud cries.

Zelda fell back against her pillows, catching her breath. "I did it," she said softly. She looked over at Link, who was grinning from ear to ear.

Impa cut the cord and gently cleaned the child off. She then diapered the child and wrapped her in a blanket, then placed her into Zelda's waiting arms. "So what is the child's name?" Impa asked.

"Reva," said Zelda. "Princess Reva of Hyrule."

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