By Alexandra Spears

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Chapter 1


Princess Reva of Hyrule was now fifteen years old. Her baby sister, Princess Kelcie, had just turned four. While the girls’ mother, Zelda, was Queen of Hyrule, they were living in the other-dimensional world of Termina. Before Kelcie’s birth, Zelda, her husband Sir Link, and Reva had been forced to flee for their lives when Balen, the son of Ganon, managed to take over North Castle--and Hyrule.

The family had been busy preparing to take back Hyrule. They had the backing of the Dekus, the Gorons, and the Zoras of this world. Their ancestor Link had saved Termina from the evil Mask of Majora centuries ago and now there was a debt to be repaid--the salvation of Hyrule.

In the meantime, Link and Zelda had settled down with their two daughters. Link held a job at Romani Ranch and Farm and Zelda kept house like any other woman. Reva was now finishing school and she was about to graduate.


The morning of Reva’s graduation ceremony, Reva woke up from a very intense dream. In it the Triforce of Wisdom was calling to her, saying that the time to reclaim Hyrule had come. She also kept seeing a young man just a little bit older than she.

She lay there in bed for a while, thinking. It had been five years since she’d last been in Hyrule. Five years ago she’d nearly lost her mother. Five years ago her world had been turned completely upside-down. Thankfully she still had her mother, and now she also had a little sister.

Finally she got up. Her last day of school had been yesterday, and today was the official ceremony. Children in Termina--as well as in Hyrule--started school at five and attended for ten years. Next year Kelcie would be in first year.

She got her robe and a towel. As she stepped into the hallway, her father emerged from the bathroom, wearing a robe, his dark hair still dripping a little. He was followed by her mother, whose golden hair was wrapped in a towel. “Morning, Mom and Dad,” Reva said with a knowing smile. Her parents were still madly in love with each other after sixteen years of marriage and acted like teenagers sometimes.

“Morning, Reva. Is Kelcie up?” asked Zelda.

“I think she’s still sleeping.”

“I’ll get her up,” said Link.

Reva went into the bathroom to take her shower.


The graduation ceremony was slated for that evening. It was to take place in the middle of Clock Town. Chairs had been set up for parents, relatives, and friends. There were a few Akindo Nuts hawking some goods, as they did at every opportunity; no one minded, because they usually had some good things to sell.

The Stock Pot Inn was the meeting place for the graduates. Reva and her classmates were herded into two rooms--one for boys and one for girls. “Wow, our graduation is finally here!” said Cecilia, one of Reva’s good friends.

Reva looked in the mirror and began fussing with her sandy hair. “About time,” she said.

“So what are you going to do?” Cecilia asked as she put on some lipstick.

Reva took a breath. “Remember my mother is Queen of Hyrule. I keep having these dreams that it’s time to take back Hyrule. That’s probably what I’ll be doing, getting involved in a war,” she said wryly.

“Ow,” said Cecilia.

“Well, I want to enjoy what peace I can have before things get started. What do you think of my dress?” She had on a green long-sleeved dress that fit snugly and had a knee-length skirt that flared out. Flat-heeled shoes were on her feet. She spun around, and the skirt flared so it was about level with the floor.

“I like that,” said Cecilia.


Link and Zelda led their younger daughter Kelcie to some seats. Kelcie was dressed in a pretty pink dress, white tights, and black shoes. Her sandy hair was in two ponytails secured with pink ribbons. She looked a lot like her older sister except she had brown eyes like their father while Reva had green like their mother.

Kelcie sat between her parents and impatiently waited for the ceremony to commence. Link gave her a lollipop to suck on, so she was content.

Soon the musicians behind the podium started playing, and the Superintendent of Termina Schools came up, waited for the musicians to finish, and started with a long, boring speech. The applause at the end was because the parents were glad the long-winded speech was finally over.

The Superintendent then began reading off the names of the graduates, starting with the student with the highest grades, who happened to be Reva. Link put his fingers in his mouth and whistled while Zelda grinned and rolled her eyes. “Yay Reva!” Kelcie yelled, waving her lollipop in the air. There were a few amused chuckles from the rest of the parents as she did this.

Reva walked off and waited to one side, until the Superintendent read off each student’s name. There were about fifty in all, as the human/Hylian population in Termina still wasn’t all that big, accounting for maybe twenty-five percent. The rest were Dekus, Gorons, and Zoras.

“Congratulations to these fine students,” the Superintendent boomed, launching into yet another long, boring speech.

After the ceremony there was a celebration in Clock Town, a distant second to the Carnival of Time. Pictographs were taken of the graduates and their parents. One particularly enterprising Business Scrub had set up something of a pictograph studio.

Reva managed to get her mind off what would most likely be the near future. Right now she just wanted to be a normal teenager for as long as she could.



“You are doing extremely well, Dante,” said Nerissa as she ran through swordfighting techniques with the seventeen-year-old Hylian boy. The Gerudo woman had more or less taken the rather awkward young boy with light brown hair and blue eyes and made him more of a man. He was more confident now, and his swordfighting skills were superb. Clearly he was a natural like his ancestor.

“Thanks,” said Dante. “Nerissa...I was wondering...I’ve been having dreams where the Triforce of Courage is talking to me....”

Nerissa nodded. “You’re the next holder,” she said. She paused. “Well, it’s time for lunch. What say we head to Rauru Town and get a bite to eat?”

“Sounds good,” said Dante.

They got on their horses and rode through the Tantari Desert until the came to the road; then they headed west. One might think that Nerissa was Dante’s girlfriend but she was not, had never been. Nerissa thought of Dante as a younger brother. Dante had never kissed a girl, had never really been in love with one. He liked looking at them, but he kept telling himself he had to wait for that one special girl.

Staci apparently thought she was that girl. In fact, Staci, who was now sixteen, was in the Rauru Town inn when Dante and Nerissa entered. “Hello, Dante,” she said in a sickly-sweet, syrupy voice.

“Yeah, hi, Stace,” said Dante--rather unenthusiastically.

“Your girlfriend?” Nerissa asked teasingly.

“Yes,” said Staci.

“NO,” Dante said at the same time.

“No?” asked Staci.

“Look why don’t we just get something to eat?” Nerissa cut in.

Staci gave Nerissa a scathing glance, then turned and flounced off in a huff. Dante snickered. “I think she thinks you’re competition.”

“I’m easily twice your age and I prefer older men,” Nerissa grinned. “But at least she won’t bother you for now.”

“I keep dreaming about Princess Reva,” Dante started. “You know, I wonder if Reva may be the one....”

Chapter 2




“He is doing quite well and is very capable, my Queen,” Nerissa said to Belandru. “Dante has proven himself to me.”

“Good,” Belandru replied. It was night time and Belandru and Nerissa were in Nerissa’s chamber within the Tantari Desert cave. Belandru sighed. “My mother never wanted for Balen to be evil. She tried to curb him knowing who his father was. You know that I have a different father--someone from the town of Rauru.” She smiled wryly. “I used to love my half-brother, used to look up to him...but now I wish him dead.”

“When do we move against Balen? The other Gerudo are as anxious to see him dead as you are.”

“For now we wait and prepare,” said Belandru. “When the time is right we will march in and dethrone that usurper. I feel it in my bones that Dante will be the next King of Hyrule.”

“What of Link and Queen Zelda?” asked Nerissa. A thought came to her. “Dante told me he’s been thinking a lot about Princess Reva, the heir to the throne. Do you suppose...?”

Belandru smiled. “Very fitting, don’t you think, Nerissa?”


Balen was slouched on what he considered to be his throne in North Castle. The Triforce of Power hovered above a pedestal to his left. He’d ordered all descendants of the first Link and Zelda to be exterminated, whether they be male or female, no matter what the age. He just knew that a descendant of that couple would be his downfall.

His lackeys had reported that it was a done deal, that no more of the first Link and Zelda’s descendants remained in all of Hyrule or in Hyrule‘s sister country of Calatia. It had not been an easy task, locating all of them, but after some clever spying and looking up of birth records, the feat had been accomplished.

What bothered him, however, was the fact that Link, Zelda, and Princess Reva had never been found. Not one trace of them remained. His Molblin army had found Sir Link’s horse roaming around, but that was it. Balen had the army patrolling the Lost Woods day and night, as they had done for the past five years. Every hollow log had been searched, every leaf looked under. The problem was it was extremely easy to get lost in the Lost Woods unless you knew where to turn and when. You could walk in a straight line and still be walking in circles.

Theoretically the Molblins should pretty much know their way around...but even they got lost and simply wandered. If Link, Zelda, and their daughter were in those woods, it would probably take that army another five years to find them, Balen thought ruefully.

Balen smiled licentiously as he thought of young Princess Reva. If she were alive she’d be fifteen years old by now. His father had been thinking about capturing young Reva to give to Balen--or even to share with Balen--but then his father had been killed.

“I wonder what you look like now, Reva. A rotted corpse, a skeleton--or a beauty like your mother?” Balen said aloud to no one.




“It’s almost time,” Reva said one summer morning at breakfast. Tonight was the Carnival of Time.

For the past several weeks Link and his family had been visiting the rulers of the Zoras, the Gorons, and the Deku. They’d even talked to the Gerudo Pirate Queen out in the bay to the west. She’d heard that there were Gerudo still in Hyrule and her women wanted to help out their Hyrulian sisters.

“Time for what?” asked Kelcie. The little girl often thought her big sister could be a bit weird sometimes. Then again, her big sister was a teenager.

“To go back to Hyrule and get that Balen off the throne,” Link said. “Your mother is Queen of Hyrule.”

“When do we march?” Zelda asked her daughter.

“The day after tomorrow,” Reva replied.


That night the family was at the Carnival of Time. They met up with Romani and Tom, and their two children. They had a three-year-old son, Tom Jr., and a two-year-old daughter, Cremia.

“Looks like we’re going back to Hyrule in a few days,” said Zelda to Romani.

“It’s time, isn’t it?” said Romani. She knew of the family’s situation. For the past five years Link had been working at Romani Ranch and Farm, which Romani and her identical twin sister Morani owned and ran. Tom worked in the Milk Bar.

“Yeah,” said Link.

“It’s sure gonna be a shame, losing a good, reliable worker such as you,” said Tom. “But you do have things to settle back in Hyrule...and I sincerely hope you succeed.”

“Well, we have armies from the Dekus, Gorons, Gerudos, and Zoras backing us up,” said Zelda. “It turns out that some of them had fled here before our ancestor arrived. And over a hundred years ago, more of them came here. There are only Gerudos left in Hyrule, and very few at that.”

At midnight everyone was gathered around the huge clock. Fireworks shot into the sky and the Indigo-Gos broke out into song on top of the clock tower.

It would very likely be the Hyrulian Royal Family’s last Carnival of Time.




The Gerudos were on the move in Hyrule. By night they, along with Dante, had gone into the Lost Woods not too far from North Castle and set up camp.

“I smell Molblins,” Larudra snorted. “I bet they’re all over the place.”

“Well, they won’t bother us, because they know we’ll just kick their rear ends all over the Lost Woods,” another Gerudo declared. “Just make sure they don’t see Dante.”

“Where is Dante, anyway?”


Dante had wandered off a little ways into the Lost Woods, careful to keep the camp in sight. According to his protectors, Balen had wanted to make sure that every last descendant of the first Link and Zelda was dead. He remembered his old friend giving his life for him, saying that he was Dante. But Dante still did not feel safe.

He wandered along, lost in thought. Suddenly he bumped into someone. “Hey!” said a feminine voice.

Dante looked up. He found himself face-to-face with a girl about his age. She had light brown hair and green eyes, from what he could tell in the moonlight. He blinked. She looked so familiar....

“What are you doing out here this late at night?” she asked.

“Are you...Princess Reva?” Dante asked.

“How did you know?” the girl asked, answering his question.

“You look like her....”

“I’m Reva. What’s your name?”

“Dante. I was planning on being King of Hyrule later on...since I’m descended from the first Link and Zelda....”

“My mother is Queen and I’m next in line,” said Reva. “I’m descended from the first, second, and third pair. Should anything happen to me, my younger sister Kelcie is next in line.”

“I thought Queen Zelda only had one child.”

“Kelcie was born after we escaped Hyrule,” explained Reva. “She’s four. And how did you plan on taking Hyrule?”

“I hold the Triforce of Courage,” Dante boasted. “I also have an army of Gerudos. They’ve been teaching me things.”

“I bet,” Reva said.

“Not THOSE things!” Dante protested, sounding flustered. “I mean swordfighting, things like that!” He looked over his shoulder. “Queen Belandru and the rest are probably wondering about me. Would you like to meet them?”

Just then, three more figures came up to them--Link, Zelda, and Kelcie. “Where’ve you been?” Zelda asked. “We’ve been worried. We’re all getting ready to march tomorrow. We‘re heading for the Great Palace in Eastern Hyrule to discuss strategy.”

“This is Dante--the holder of the Triforce of Courage,” said Reva. “He has an army of Hyrulian Gerudos. And he’s a distant relative. Dante--my mother, father, and sister.”

Link shook hands with young Dante. “My daughter has had dreams about you,” he said. “Say...since we’re obviously on the same side, why don’t we join our armies together?”

“Good idea,” said Dante.

Dante led the family to the Gerudo camp. “Where have you been?” Nerissa asked.

“This is the Royal Family of Hyrule,” said Dante. “They came here from a land called Termina. And they have armies of Gerudos, Zoras, Deku, and Gorons.”

“This is excellent!” exclaimed the Queen. She turned to Link and his family. “I am Queen Belandru. Balen is my half-brother; we had the same mother. I have been preparing my Gerudos to get Balen out of Hyrule...and admittedly we wanted to place Dante on the throne....”

“That is still a possibility,” Reva said, batting her eyelashes at Dante, who smiled back.

“And what am I, chopped liver?” squeaked an indignant voice.

“Oh, and this is my guardian fairy, Flit,” said Dante. “Daughter of Sprite.”

“Sprite’s daughter? How is she?” asked Link.

“Oh, she’s fine,” said the thirteen-year-old fairy. “She sent me to find the holder of the Triforce of Courage five years ago, when you disappeared. She’s been hiding out at the fairy spring with my grandfather, King Oberon.”

“Balen is your half-brother?” Zelda asked, realizing what Belandru had just said a few moments ago.

“I’m ashamed to admit it,” said Belandru. “Our mother tried to keep him from evil...but to no avail. It was his bloodlines.”

“Must be hard,” said Link.

“Not anymore,” sighed Belandru.

Chapter 3


“We need to secure ships for our armies,” Link said the following morning at the combined camp in the Lost Woods. Gerudo thieves and pirates had guarded the camp in shifts. They’d successfully fought off Molblins and kept Dante’s and the Royal Family’s presence a secret.

Malisanne, the Gerudo Pirate Queen, flipped her long red ponytail over a tanned shoulder and grinned. “My pirates are just the women for the job, Sir Link,” she declared.

“Malisanne, you really should teach us the art of piracy,” Belandru smiled. “We usually live out in the desert.”

“If you would be so kind as to send some of your women with ours, I’m sure we could pass that knowledge on,” Malisanne said agreeably. The two Gerudo Queens had become fast friends.

“We could simply swim to East Hyrule,” said King Mikael of the Zoras, father of Reva’s friend Princess Lalu.

“It would be pretty dangerous,” said Link. “There are Zolas in those waters, I’m sure. They’re former Zoras who decided to follow Ganon and were changed.”

“Perhaps we should be on a ship, Father,” Lalu suggested. “We could always just go for a swim off the ship.”

Mikael thought about this and slowly nodded. “It would do no good to lose our men before we even go into battle.”

“What’s the situation in Hyrule, Belandru?” Zelda asked her fellow queen.

“Obviously Balen has had complete control over the past five years,” Belandru replied. “There are some who follow him willingly. Those are the ships we should take over.” Here she nodded in Malisanne’s direction. “The rest of the people, good honest people, live in fear. He taxes them heavily and some are in slave camps. He also likes to experiment with torture.” She shuddered. “I lost my brother long ago.”

“Does the Great Palace still stand?” Zelda asked.

“Oh, yes,” said Belandru. “In fact, the holder of the Triforce of Courage is the one who can unseal it now.” She beckoned Dante over to her.

“A mark has appeared on Dante’s hand in recent days,” Belandru explained as she held Dante’s right hand up. On the back of it was a mark in the shape of the symbol of the Triforce: three triangles in a triangle formation.

Reva looked at her own right hand--and to her surprise she found an identical mark.

“Dante can get us into the Great Palace,” said Zelda.

“His power over the Triforce of Courage will keep the enemy out,” said Belandru. “The Great Palace is a safe haven for us.”

“So when do we start procuring some ships?” asked a Gerudo pirate, appearing bored with all the talk. She wanted action.

“Let’s head for Mido,” said Link.


A few days later Link, Zelda, and their army were situated near the graveyard just south of Mido. The Gerudo women had gone to “procure” ships, as they put it. The Gerudo thieves knew which ships belonged to whom. The Gerudo pirates would take over the appropriate ones.

While they were waiting for word that the ships were available, Dante and Reva wandered off together. Each one felt an attraction to the other. Reva had learned that Dante was seventeen, and Dante now knew that Reva was fifteen.

“I kept dreaming about you, even though everyone else in Hyrule thinks you and your family are dead,” said Dante. “You know, I’m wondering...why isn’t your dad King of Hyrule even though he’s descended from royalty?”

“Because my mother is the immediate heir,” Reva replied. “It’s tradition. But she could change things and proclaim my father as King. It doesn’t really matter because my father helps her out a lot anyway. Had we been killed, from what I understand you would have been next in line...I heard about our distant relatives being slaughtered.”

“Yeah, we’re the only descendants left,” said Dante. “It’s’re my really distant cousin but so distant we’re basically not related.”

“Is that good or bad?” Reva asked, smiling coyly. She really liked this handsome young man.

“The not really related? I think it’s good,” said Dante as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Before either of them knew it, their lips met in a soft kiss. “My first kiss,” Reva whispered when they parted.

“Mine too,” Dante admitted. “And I’d like a second one....”

They kissed again, this time more fervently. They had only known each other for a few days, yet because of dreams they felt as if they’d known each other forever. And they knew that they were meant for each other.

“We should stop,” Reva said a few moments later as she gently pushed him away. Both seemed to be out of breath.

“Yeah,” said Dante. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and held Reva’s hands. “Reva, will you marry me?”

Reva blinked. The question had startled her. Yet something in her prompted her to give her answer in the affirmative. “Yes,” she said. Thirteen was the youngest a Hylian girl could marry and she was fifteen.

“We’ll have to set a date later. Like after we kick that Balen guy out,” said Dante as he stood up.


“Reva, would you run that by me again?” Link asked as he looked up from polishing his shield.

“Dante asked me to marry him and I said yes,” Reva repeated.

“Isn’t that kind of soon? You’ve only known the guy for a few days,” said Link, looking at his daughter with a frown.

“Link...I think it’s all right,” Zelda said from behind Reva. “Besides, Dante seems like a nice young man.”

Link stood up. “I have no problem with him. It’s just, well, kinda sudden, that’s all. We’ll be grandparents in our thirties!” He chuckled. “It’s your choice, Reva. Just that my little girl is growing up so quickly....”

“You still have Kelcie,” Reva pointed out.

“When were you thinking of getting married?” asked Zelda. “I mean, we’re planning a war right now....”

“After things have calmed down,” said Reva.

Link and Zelda hugged their daughter. “I think we should be congratulating you,” said Link. “We’re just so preoccupied with this war right now....”

Just then Nerissa came running up. “We’ve procured ten ships,” she said. “We’re going to have Gerudo pirates at the helm of each. The most able seawomen.”


The journey to Mido was uneventful. A few at a time, the army embarked on the ships, which were now bound for the Great Palace. Actually they would be at the port near Nabooru, which had been named for a great Gerudo Queen of the past. The ships would help during the war they were planning.

The journey eastward was every bit as uneventful. The ships docked at the port west of Nabooru. There some of the Gerudo pirates said that they would stay on the western shore and make sure no one came to reclaim their ships.

“All right,” said Malisanne. “We’ll be sure to give you directions to the Great Palace.”


The Great Palace was situated on the southwest side of East Hyrule, in some rather high mountains. It was accessed by what had been, one time, the Path of Fire. Link remembered having to go through that once.

Fortunately the path was solid instead of lava now. The troops marched on along the path, some thousand strong. There were about two hundred and fifty soldiers from each of the tribes. It might be a small army relatively speaking, but Link was sure that it would be enough.

After a few days’ journey the Great Palace, which truly lived up to its name, loomed in front of them. It was several times the size of North Castle, which itself was pretty huge.

“Really, I’m surprised there are no monsters around,” Link remarked.

“He doesn’t let them wander around a lot,” said Belandru. “He’s organized them into his own army. He even has a small squad of Enforcers to make sure people pay tribute, collect taxes, things like that.”

“I think this is where you come in, Dante,” said Zelda.

On one of the pillars there was what seemed to be a drawing of the symbol of the Triforce. Dante pressed the back of his right hand to it, and the golden glow that was around the palace disappeared instantaneously.

Taking his young fiancee’s hand, Dante headed into the vast palace.

“This palace has two thousand rooms,” Zelda said.

“Enough for our army,” said Link. “I knew this place was huge when I first went into it....”

Instead of the desolation Link had been half-expecting, the Great Palace of Hyrule was absolutely beautiful and breath-taking. Its wide corridors were lined with seats and portraits of various members of the Royal Family, past and present, adorned the walls. The main corridor opened into a vast atrium that seemed to be more like a large museum.

Link carried a sleepy Kelcie over his shoulder as they walked in the palace. The little girl had her thumb in her mouth.

“Everyone can pick whatever room they like to sleep in,” said Zelda. “For the Zoras, there is a huge swimming pool in the north wing on the bottom floor. The Zoras would probably be better off finding rooms in the north wing, since this palace is so huge.”

The palace seemed a bit noisy with a throng of nearly a thousand carrying their possessions and heading off into various parts of the palace, which was easily twenty stories high. Link, Zelda, and their daughters headed off to find a room. Dante followed them.

Zelda knew the way around the huge palace. She found the master bedroom, which was three times the size of Link and Zelda’s bedroom back at North Castle. An adjacent room would be shared by Reva and Kelcie.

“Here, son, here’s a room for you,” said Link as he showed Dante to another room that was adjacent to his and Zelda’s. “ sneaking in to see my daughter, okay?” His lopsided grin showed that he was teasing; however, there was a serious undertone to his voice.

“Yes, sir,” said Dante.

Link patted Dante on the back and went into his room with Zelda. The room was luxurious. It had a huge four-postered bed that was at least twice the size of an ordinary king-sized bed. There was a canopy over it, and curtains that closed on all four sides. It had an adjoining bathroom with a huge bathtub.

“I need a bath. Care to join me?” said Zelda.

“I don’t mind at all,” said Link as he eagerly started stripping off his clothes.


“So what’s our plan?” Link asked some time later as he and Zelda lounged in the bathtub together. They were sitting on the steps at the shallow end.

“We need to build up a bigger army. We also need to position our troops in strategic places. We should start trying to recruit in Nabooru, Darunia, and New Kasuto. This is going to take some time,” Zelda replied.

“How will we find out who’s opposed to Balen and who sold out?” Link wondered.

“I think the Gerudo thieves would be good for that. They get around really well,” said Zelda. “I was thinking about sending soldiers to West Hyrule.”

“We’re going to have a meeting tomorrow then?”

“Yes, give everyone a chance to rest up,” Zelda replied.


The following morning, after a good breakfast, Link, Zelda, Dante, Reva, and the tribes’ leaders convened in a conference room. Kelcie was in there as well, sitting quietly on her mother’s lap.

“First off we need to start recruiting people from Nabooru, New Kasuto, and Darunia,” said Zelda.

“We have a pretty good idea as to who would join our side,” said Queen Belandru. “My women are pretty good spies as well.”

“I also want to send people to West Hyrule,” said Zelda. “I was thinking the Gorons could situate themselves in the Death Mountain area--which is where the original Hyrulian Gorons lived. The Gerudo thieves and pirates can hole up in the Tantari Desert cave if that’s all right with Queen Belandru. The Dekus can camp out in the forests near North Castle, and the Zoras, the waters along West Hyrule’s eastern shore.”

“Sounds good,” said the Deku King.

“To be in our ancestral home,” the leader of the Gorons sighed wistfully.

“I’m sure our sisters would be willing to share,” said Queen Malisanne.

“Let’s send scouts first,” suggested Link.

“Good idea,” said Zelda.

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