The Wisdom of the Ancients

by Belgarath

Chapter 1


Zelda, Link, and Saria proceeded to the Pedestal of Time in the Temple in Hyrule Market. They knew they had to get to the Sacred Realm, but they had yet to figure out how.

"Would placing the sword back into its stone work?" Saria asked.

"That would just make me younger, little green one. Are you implying that I look old for my age?" Link questioned rather heatily.

She answered him with a smirk.

"Enough you two," Zelda commanded,"we have work to do. Link, I

have a theory. Take the medallions from your sack and place them on their corresponding insignias on the pedestal. That will succeed in calling the sages together, and we can get the rest of the information we need from them."

Link did as she ordered and the medallions were placed on the protrusion of the pedestal where they belonged. Link stood back to see what would happen...


"What's wrong Zelda?" Saria and Link inquired simultaneously.

"You little fools... only the Seventh Sage, me, can call the

other sages from their sacred home and command them to come. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to inquire for their guidance."

And that she did. Zelda moved to the center of the pedestal with the Ocarina of Time and played the Song of the Royal Family on it. This song had some really interesting powers Link noticed. It has done a lot for him and Zelda so far.

The room filled with a blue light and the three of them were transported to the Chamber of Sages. And with good timing to because...

Gendon was on the march. He would not let anyone get away with running from him. He wanted the Triforce, more specifically, the Essence. And he wanted them soon. He would go to the Sacred Realm and claim the relic as his own. But he, too, faced the dilemma of getting to the Golden Land where the Triforce rests. Then he thought of an idea.

"Iron Knuckle!" he called out as they marched back to the castle.

"Yes milord?" he answered, a bit formal.

"Search the land and bring the wise man Sahasralah to me. I must

have a talk with him."

"As your highness commands, it shall be so. And I will see to it that it is done. That everything that ever will have been, will be done for the king who's named Gendon!"


Author's Note: If anyone here has ever read Romeo and Juliet, look carefully at the above quote. It is all in iambic pentameter. :) Sorry for the interruption, but I just had to point that out.

The Triplets of Destiny were now in the Chamber of Sages. Saria, one of the high ones themselves, assumed her place on the green insignia for this moment. Zelda beckoned to the Sages.

"I beseech you, help us. We are in need of the Triforce and are hoping that you could point out its location for us. We need to get at it before Gendon does, or he will have the ability to make the Essence."

"The Essence?" Link wondered. The sages knew, but Link was stuck out on a limb here.

"The Essence is the relic that is formed when the Center Power is placed within it," Rauru said. "The one who holds the Essence, becomes a supreme ruler, a god. "

"OR Goddess!" Ruto pointed out a tad angrily. She did not want to be seen as an inferior to men. Or even humans for that matter.

She is a fish, you know.

"Ignore her for now," Impa said. "She can be like that at times.

She always thinks she's in charge. Has she got a lot to learn."

"Let's get down to business and actually try and help our comrades here," Nabooru offered. "The last thing we need is Gendon ruling the cosmos, so we might as well help them as much as is humanly possible."

"That's right, big sister," Darunia said. "Our big triplets need as much help as we can give them. Why don't we start giving them some, big brother?" he said, looking at Rauru. Darunia always had the way of calling everyone "big" something or other. It must be the Goron tradition or something.

Rauru saw that all of the other sages had left him with the responsibility of giving them the information, so he started...

"The Triforce is located at the very center of the Sacred Realm, but do you think it is easy to get it? It held off many, except for Ganon during the Imprisoning War, but he was the only one to make it to the top. If you are to get to the center of the Sacred Realm unharmed, you must go out and find the six statues of the 'ancients.' The ancients are the Sheikah who guarded the Triforce in its very early stages. They will give you the information you require and will help you in any ways you see fit. But be warned, this task will not be easy, and after you reclaim the Triforce you will have to face Gendon again... And the next time, Marin will not be there to save you. Good luck my companions, and listen to the Wisdom of the Ancients, for it can only help you."

"Excellent explanation, Raury," Ruto said.

"Call me by that name again, and you will deeply regret it my little friend. I feel like seafood for dinner anyway..."

That immediately made her quiet.

Saria joined Link and Zelda and they opened the door of the Chamber of Sages and went out into the mysterious land of the Sacred Realm.

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