The Wisdom of the Ancients

by Belgarath

Chapter 2


As soon as they stepped out of the door, the first thing they noticed was the sky. The horizon produced no sun, but the sky was a radiant gold. Creatures as seen only in fairy tales were everywhere. A red phoenix flew in front of them and kept in its perpetual flight until it could no longer be seen. Then their attention focused elsewhere.

At the center of the Sacred Realm stood a mountain of monumental proportions. Its peak could not be seen and it towered above the clouds and the birds, clearly the center of this wondrous place. That meant that the Triforce topped the precipice and somehow they must get to the top, but no way in was visible.

The peak itself was not fashioned of crude stone, but instead of an exquisite marble and pearl, a beautiful gem in a fantasy world. Evil had not touched upon this place for a long time, and it seemed that it would be a long time before it would do so again.

Then Saria pointed out that surrounding the mount were six temples, all made up of gold. Each one had a statue in the center and each statue had a jewel in its forehead. Link decided it was time to go, so they headed towards the first temple and to see what the first ancient had to tell them.


Gendon was angry. He had gathered up an army and had it stationed in Hyrule Field, but he was still looking for answers. How could he possibly get to the Sacred Realm? He needed to consult the wizard Sahasralah, but the task of getting the information from him would be a challenge for sure. He pondered the idea for a long while. Iron Knuckle had gone out to get the wizard and bring him forth, but how did he know that the bumbling knight could capture him. Swaring to himself for his foolishness, he decided to take matters into his own hands. But where would the old coot be? He thought of this longingly as well and then remembered that his daughter, Impa, owned a house in Kakariko. With luck, he would find the befuddled sorcerer there, and when he did, things would not be pretty.


The triplets made their way to the first temple. This temple, which was fashioned of gold like all of the rest, was fashioned of tall pillars and each was topped with a blue stone of gargantuan proportions. The sapphires on the four pillars all pointed towards a center fountain, and in that fountain was a statue of the Goddess Nayru. It held in its hand a sapphire that must be bigger than a sword. And when the triplets approached, the sapphire began to glow. An apparition appeared and spoke unto them. Saria gripped the hand of her brother with fright. Little conversation had passed between the siblings since they had begun their search since they were still filled with awe and shock of the beauty of the place.

"Welcome my young heroes. I am the Sheikah Nituro, representative of the water on this earth. Hyrule depends on me to feed the peoples on its plains and give the fish in its seas places to live. What is it that you require of me?"

"We wish to know the purpose of our quest in this Golden Land," Link asked half-frightened.

"A wise question it is and worthy of an answer. You must go to the statues in this realm and pass the challenges in which the Sheikah spirits will give you. When and IF you complete their challenge, they will reward you with a shard from their jewel. I too have a challenge for you. Are you ready to accept my task, or do you feel that you can not live up to this challenge?"

Turning to Link and Saria, Zelda said, "Are you ready to do this?"

"As ready as we'll ever be!" Saria said."

"Let's get going," Link exclaimed.

"Then give Nituro your answer Link."

He turned to the apparition and spoke in a booming voice, "We

accept your challenge."

"So be it!" Nituro commanded. In moments the triplets were submerged in a room full of water. Quickly they surfaced and found a platform on which to stand.

"What is going on here…" Saria wondered. Almost immediately as she said that creatures began leaping from the water and attacking them.

"Look out Zelda!" Link cried out as he slashed one of them to bits with the Master Sword. Saria took out her slingshot and began to pelt them with Deku Seeds. They retreated momentarily while Zelda shot Fire Arrows at them. They repeated this sequence and soon the sea monsters were defeated.

"That was actually pretty easy!" Saria said with relief.

"Don't look now, but the worst is yet to come!" No sooner had

Link said that, then the water demon Morpha reared its ugly nucleus and picked up Zelda.

"Help me Link!" she cried out painfully. The liquid tentacle flung her across the room and into a wall. She lay there unconcious. Saria filled with rage...

"Take THAT you water fiend!" she said as she flung a deku vine at it. The vine wrapped around it and she pulled the nucleus out and held it there. Link took the Master Sword and slashed it up. After a few minutes of hacking, Morpha perished and a ray of blue light appeared in the middle of the water filled room. After that they went to check on Zelda.

She had a few bumps on the head, but after some medical attention she was good as new. The triplets went to the blue portal and transported back to the statue. Nituro spoke to them again.

"You have done well Triplets of Legend. You rightfully deserve this Sapphire Shard. Take it with pride and may Nayru bless you on your journey. You are truly the destined ones." Link went to the apparition and took the Sapphire Shard. They were one step closer to the Triforce of Legend!

"Good luck my friends and visit next the temple of the Emerald. There you will find another spirit to help you." And with that, the three of them departed for the next temple and the next piece of a jewel.

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