Lost and Found

By Sir Calibur

It was finally all over. The conflict that had lasted for seven years had finally come to an end. After nearly a century of gruesome bloodshed, years of conflict with an almost unstoppable evil that’d threatened to spread far beyond the borders of Hyrule, peace was finally returned to the ruined kingdom so that they would given the opportunity to live anew an era of happiness anew. The people would need to be given time to rebuild from the ruins. It was a second chance, if you call it that, to live a happy life without the threat of imminent doom.

Well, not everyone. The Hero of Time shared no such feelings of joy.

How could she leave him standing there like that? He’d looked so forward to the end of the war so much so that they could finally have a chance to be together without all this fighting and violence, but she abandoned him there anyway. She left him staring after her in shock, unable to find a reason for her departure as he racked his mind for one. Was it something he’d done? It…it couldn’t be… They’d done how many things together… He'd had so much planned for them after the war. He knew how they could jumpstart their lives again, how to make it so they could finally stand at the same height. He’d looked forward to raising a family with her, but now he couldn’t, not without the woman he loved.

There was no one who could replace her. No one else had been there through it all with him. She’d stuck by him till the end. Every time he thought he was gonna die, she was there to help tend to his wounds. When everyone else had left him behind, she stayed with him to ease the pain. If it hadn’t been for her, he never would have made it through that stupid quest. She kept cheering him on every step of the way.

He owed it to her to try and find her. He would search every inch of the world over until she came back to him; and if he didn’t find her? He would search the world over again. He could never leave her behind, no matter what she did to him when he found her. If she had moved on and forgot about him…it…it would be hard to move on. He cared for her so much. There were so many things he’d wanted to tell her before she left. How much he loved her, how much she meant to him. Gah, he had to stop doing that! He was going to find her! He had to find her! He couldn’t just abandon her…if it had happened to him. If he had learned one thing from his quest, it was that you don’t give up on the people you care about!

After months of traveling, despair began to close in on him. He couldn’t find her. He’d been everywhere…but he just couldn't find her. He was beginning to give into hopelessness, the feeling that he’d never see his love again. Weren’t they meant to be together? Finally exhausted, his limbs threatening to snap as the strain of travel took its toll, he stumbled into the pristine chamber of one of the many mystical Fairy Fountains. Perhaps the Great One who lived there would permit him a painless death so that he might see his beloved again. She must be waiting for him up there…at wherever they go after death…. Perhaps that would be the simple answer to his problem…

And then there she was, but a stones throw away from him, her beautiful blue skin illuminated brightly upon the sleeping being. She seemed so beautiful now…had she become one of the Great Fairies? Surely only the Gods would allow such beauty to be held by beings such as them? Was Navi now beyond his reach? No! He banished such doubtful thoughts from his mind as he inched towards his love. For but a moment, he forgot all the pain throughout his body, and simply stared in awe at her. Never before had he been entranced by anyone as he was by her. It was as if every other thought had been wiped from his mind, leaving only his fantasies of them together.

He slowly knelt down before her, the Fairy still undisturbed by his presence, and began to cry. He'd come so far, endured so much, and he had been rewarded with what he wanted most in the world. He had been given a second chance at happiness. Perhaps the Gods that he had begun to lose faith in were truly the mystical being they had been praised as, for they'd had mercy upon his soul.

He could do nothing but cry for finding his love, but the tears only served to clean from his eyes the dreariness that had befallen them. With weary, trembling hands, he reached out and stroked Navi's silvery hair, running his hand through the majestic locks as if they were gold. Never had he felt anything so soft. Not even the cloth used by those of royalty could possibly be as silky as this Fairy's hair. Withdrawing his hand from her head, he slowly began to caress her bare shoulder, tenderly massaging her skin. She felt so fragile, her skin softer than even that of a newborn, the color of her skin only enhancing the sensation of being able to stroke her. She only twitched the slightest bit, seeming as though she was about to awake, only to relax under his gentle, caring hand.

His next step was one he had longed to do even before this moment. Allowing his hefty equipment to fall gently to the floor, he lay down next to the sleeping Fairy, staring at her closed eyes and watched as she breathed. Her breaths were not dainty, as some might guess, but rather strong and deep, almost like those of a warrior. Of course though, if you did call Navi a warrior, you had to realize she was a fighter of a much different sort. She held no weapons, no tools of war, yet she was one of the bravest heroes ever to live upon the land of Hyrule.


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