A Link to the Past
The Missing Scenes

By Juliet A. Singleton

Author’s Note: I hope this counts as a change – I always felt there were a few bits of a LttP that needed a bit more elaboration, I think if the game was made now that there should be a scene explains Link, Zelda and Ganondorf’s connection to each other. This is written as if it were a real story/film, obviously for the game it would be pared down a fair bit. I hope people understand where I’m coming from with this. .





  The Princess of Hyrule watched the young boy leave the sanctuary, her heart somewhat heavy and full of foreboding. Although she trusted her instincts about him implicitly something deep down inside her said that the whole saga was far from over. There was something else, something waiting, deep in the shadows that no-one in  this world could see. She knew it would be the last time she saw Link for a very long time to come. Tears streamed down her porcelain-like face, her azure blue eyes glittering with sorrow.


  Oh Link… 


  Even as a young child, Zelda had always known that she was different. Her father had told her that the goddesses had bestowed her with a gift. She felt and saw things in her dreams, things that often came true. But not long ago, something else began to happen in her slumber. She reached out into a mind, a mind that was dark and malevolent. The mind encroached her own, promising it would find her. It told her she had let it find a way to escape and return from the void it had been sealed in for many, many moons. Zelda had awoken, screaming and no-one had been able to take the darkness away. The next day, Agahnim arrived at the castle.


  She had begged and pleaded with her father about the strange man, but the King did not listen. Everyone in the court whispered in hushed voices that the heir of Hyrule was slowly going mad. She did not sleep most nights, because when she did, the darkness intruded her dreams, laughing and taunting her.


  But that fateful night that Agahnim had dragged her down into Hyrule Castle’s dungeon, Zelda came upon a new psyche in her sleep. This one was untainted and courageous, filled with light so pure it almost blinded her. In her desperation to be free, Zelda had used her power to connect to someone who could help her. Someone else who also shared the power of the goddesses. That someone had been Link.  


  Like the malevolent being she had somehow roused, Zelda’s mind awoke that of a boy who had never known he was different. They were connected, all three, by the very power of the goddesses themselves. Their destinies were now entwined.


  She let out a sob because it was her fault for what had happened. She had released something on Hyrule that should have been resigned to the shadows forever. This was only the beginning of the destiny that lay ahead for the young boy, the future that had been pre-ordained  for them all. The Princess, the Hero and the Evil. A shiver passed through her because she knew that the darkness was waiting for her, that soon it would strike. She had wanted Link to stay with her through the night because being beside him, those shadows seemed to recoil. His virtuousness shone so bright in his brown eyes and the darkness was afraid of him.


  As slumber began to overtake her later that evening, she reached out to the hero, feeling comforted by his presence. That was when he told her.


 However hard it seems Zelda, I will always be with you in our dreams…


  It was the only way they would ever be together. Though he was miles away, Zelda always knew she just had to close her eyes and she would see him every day. And that filled her heart with something no evil could ever blot out.




   Even the sacred forest glade didn’t seem as bright as usual. Link knew something ominous was about to happen because the air was heavy with foreboding and dread. So much had changed in such a short time and he still didn’t understand how such a thing could happen to him.


 He was doing it for her. The Princess. His uncle had often spoke of her, describing her as the brightest thing within the walls of the palace. Pretty and intelligent, she was also kind to all that bowed before her. The King had of Hyrule had done a good job to bring her up without a mother.


  Link would never have imagined getting the chance to talk to the Princess, never mind become close to her. He’d only known her a short while but already he felt like there was something between them. He wasn’t sure what the connection was but it was there, tangible, incredible. She had come to him in his dreams and now it was the only way they could remain close. He only hoped that she was safe within the Sanctuary’s walls where he’d reluctantly left her to proceed with his quest.


  Zelda had told him that a darkness had come into Hyrule and was waiting to taker a stronger hold.  Link didn’t understand it, but he could feel it too. It was in the shadows but with the Master Sword by his side, Link felt a courage that he’d never realised before. He knew it couldn’t get to him like it had to the castle guards. His uncle may have died trying to protect Zelda but he hadn’t had an artefact of the goddesses on his side. He hadn’t had evil’s bane. Link held the blade aloft, fascinated, as he studied the ancient blade with its intricate etchings and elaborate helm. The three pendants he had procured had allowed him to lift the sword from its ancient pedestal and the air was charged with static.   


 Suddenly, within his mind there came a familiar voice. Sahasrahla!


  Link, it is extraordinary that you won the Master Sword that makes evil retreat... With this shining sword, I believe you can deflect the wizard's evil powers. The destiny of this land is in your hands. Please, Link...


  Link sheathed the Master Sword close to his side and hurried out of the secret glade. There was no time to be wasted. He had to help the Princess and Sahasrahla and defeat Agahnim once and for all. No-more would the evil wizard keep a hold over Hyrule Castle. He would avenge his uncle’s death and take back what was rightfully Hyrule’s.


  I’m ready Zelda…It is time…





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