Reflection of Shadows

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior


The summer air carried by the cooling breeze seemed to bring news from the west. Coming danger no doubt as the troubled air crossed the gentle sense of a small animal. The little cat purring at the smell of coming danger. Perhaps it was the excitement of coming battle that thrilled the little animal as a pair of cat green eyes opened to the world. The small black creature was more then excited as it looked to the woman sitting beside it. The silver of the angel like wings giving a slight flash of light from the moon.

“The wind brings news of disaster… An uneasiness is carried from miles.”

The young warrior just sighed looking over the land of Hyrule. The higher the place the more at home it felt. Looking out from Death Mountain was a true wonder, but nothing like the wonder sitting up top it. Hair of midnight black that shined with a blue hue, and long once white wings extending to a relaxed position upon the back, accented by eyes of crimson red and full lips. The look upon the young woman’s face was a sad one, masked in shadow as was the rest of her form.

“Mistress what is it?” The small winged cat asked slightly worried.

“Nothing MyshiekNothing.” Her voice was hallow and hurt filled.

“Mistress you can tell me… I sense something is wrong.” She questioned again climbing into the young woman’s lap. Petting the small creature ever so lovingly the woman half smiled as if this one friend in the world was everything to her.

“I was just thinking.”

“About what Mistress?” The creature asked between purrs.

“ About the past… It is funny I should find myself here yet again.”

“Why is that?”

With a sigh the memories flooded forward. There was so much history locked within Hyrule and much of it was tied to her.

“Dark creatures like us do not belong in such a grand Kingdom… I once… maybe even twice I tried to destroy it.” The woman answered back.

“Why would you do that Mistress?”

“I was under the leadership of Vondorian back then… I was a young vampire and followed orders without question. Even if in the back of my mind it didn’t feel right… Then I met a man that changed that.”

“How did you meet him?” The excited creature asked now which caused her Mistress to smirk reliving a pair of peal white fangs.

“Like I used to meet everyone… in battle….”

A shadowed figure dropped down behind Sheik on the other side of the island. The night sounds seemed to go silent as he stood and turned.

“You came.” Sheik said to the figure.

“And you were waiting.” Myst answered back. “You knew I would come for you. Didn’t you?”

“I knew your Master would send you… Why do you serve him? I can see the hatred you have for him.”

“I have my reasons.”


She found herself upon the ground with his blade at her throat.

“Give up and help us.” Sheik pleaded with her.

“I can not disobey my Master.” She yelled back. Sheik just shook his head and thrust his blade into her shoulder. The blade having been made from pure silver would have killed a vampire.

However Myst only growled at him, and then with a swift kick in the stomach he was sent flying back. She stood with her hand clasped around her wound. Sheik picking himself up from the ground looked to her in shock.

“You…you should be dead.”

“I am not that easy to kill. You will have to do better.” And that was just what he was going to do.

Throwing three Deku nuts on the ground, causing a bright flash of light to blind her. He raced forward jumping over the exploding Deku nuts and landing behind her. Myst was blinded but only for a moment before she realized where he had gone. Spinning around the back of her hand slapped across his face. Sending Sheik to the ground, she went to reach down but instead of catching hold of him she grabbed his blade. Her hand wrapped around it, and he within drew his blade. The sword cutting through her flesh. Blood poured from her hand as she recoiled back.

Sheik thrust his sword towards her while she was distracted with the pain. But she jumped to the side just in time for his sword to pass her by. Kicking at his hand she sent his sword flying into the air. It landed just behind her in the ground, as she advanced towards him again. Using the Deku nuts once again Sheik had blinded her, and jumped over. She was ready this time for it. And as she turned, she grabbed him by the neck and thrust him against the tree.


“Then what happened Mistress… Then what?” The animal demanded more from her Mistress. Never had she heard these stories. These memories seemed to bring happiness upon the woman like never before.


Together they walked up to the throne where Zelda lay to the side of her throne. Slowly they approached and as the steps where reached guards rushed in to take Link and Sheik. They fought at first but the surprise caused them to be defeated. The guards held Sheik and Link in place, as Vondorian’s voice filled the air.

“Welcome, welcome. I knew you would come sooner or later.” He said walking towards Zelda, lifting her head. Your just in time to see your Princess become the strongest she ever has been.”

“Don’t touch her!!!” Link yelled and struggled against the guards. Sheik looked towards Myst with disbelief.

“How could you? I trusted you!” Vondorian chuckled walking down the stairs to meet Myst. Who looked hurt herself for betraying them.

Vondorian placed a hand on her shoulder with a grin.

“I am her Master, Her father. And her love. Do you really think she would turn on me?” He let out another laugh taking Myst into his arms. “Well, done my dear.”

“Thank you Master.” She said giving him a fake smile, as he returned her gesture. Leaning in he pressed his lips against hers, and she returned the action. It only lasted a second or two before Vondorian pulled away from her with a scream.

His hands clenched over his heart, and a blood running down from his fingers. Myst stood there with the look of hatred upon her face.

“I guess I am a killer after all.” The bloody wooden steak in her hand, she had slain him through the heart.

“How…How could…you?!…I…I…gave you…life.” His words were pain filled and fading as he slide down to his knees. His body slowly fading to dust as he spoke.

The guards release Link and Sheik as Vondorian’s body turned to a pill of ashes. Myst whispered to herself.

“No, you killed me.”


“You actually killed your own master? Mistress you must be very strong.” The small animal declared looking up with bright eyes.

“Yes… I did it to free Hyrule and myself from his grasp… But I was wrong… I will never be free from him.” Her voice was now filled with fear. The one thing that could bring such a strong warrior to her knees. That was her only weakness, the one man that had laid claim to her for all eternity.

“But you are free Mistress.”

“No Myshiek.. I will never be free… There in the dark he waits.. He waits for my will to weaken.. Destroying my life from the first day his vampire eyes fell over me.. Destroying everything close to my heart. Affecting the lives of those around me… That is why I am alone… My friends in the past have paid the price for being at my side, and I will not subject others to it… Not even if I would want nothing more then to be with them.” The look upon her face suggested there was a certain someone she was referring to in that moment.

Closing her eyes a memory passed through her mind. One she wished never to left fade away with the wear of time.

“Because I love you that’s why!!! That is why I am always hitting you… Why I always push you away… You can’t understand how dangerous it is around me…” Myst pleaded with the dark figure in font of her. There he stood the man, the dark creature that had stolen her heart. They were the same, both once just normal Hylains and yet changed forever by chance. Both embracing what they were and who they were. Delighting in the dark gifts they had been given.

It was clear by the emotionless expression upon his face there wasn’t going to be an answer anytime soon. Myst found herself wondering if he felt the same. They had been fighting together for years. Off and on their paths would cross and each time it would bring an unspeakable feeling to her. However now the feeling of rejection set in as he remained silent. Foolishness was next to set in making her blush slightly but also hate herself for even saying anything of that nature to anyone.

Looking away in aggregation she went to walk away saying “Just forget it.” And under her breath adding. ‘It doesn’t matter to you anyways.’ However before she could even take a step his firm grip was upon her arm and their lips were locked. After all the battles between them, the endless fighting on both their parts. Never one nice word was spoken between them, not even the hit of affection anywhere in the air and now this.

Myst melted into the kiss at first feeling dazed and confused yet in an oddly happy way. This was all new to her and she could feel her cheeks turn a shade of red as their lips remained in place…


Looking down to the battle field she just simply said good bye in her head. Vodorian had been defeated again, but he would return. Myst knew he would never stop, not until she was his. Which made being with him all the more dangerous. Taking one last look at her love she closed her eyes to fight back the tears.

“This is the way it has to be… He’ll be safer this way… They will all be safer this way.” She kept saying to herself as a tear trailed down her cheek. With one last look her figure was gone lost in a wave of black flames.

A single lonely tear trailed down her cheek as the small animal looked to her Mistress kindly.

“What is it Mistress…. Is it something I said?” The small animal asked only to get no reply. Rubbing close to her Mistress’s face she said kindly. “Not to worry Mistress I will not leave you… You’re not alone at all.” Stated in a very cheery tone the young woman couldn’t help but chuckle slightly as she wiped the tear away.

“Thank you Myshiek, but enough with the memories… We have a job to do.. If you are up to it?” She said down to her little winged cat.

Taking off into the air the animal looked to the woman with a smile.

“I am more then ready… Evil beware, The Mistress Mysterious is coming!” She yelled into the night. Her voice echoing off the emptiness of the darkness that seemed to fill the small yet grand Kingdom. With a small sad smile Mysterious extended her long black feathered wings and with a single flap she was in the air. Disappearing into the far of distance just beyond the castle, where the battle would begin yet again for the Kingdom of Hyrule, and deep down she held the hope that such a battle would bring those she remembered so well back into her life.



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