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This is the Zelda character biography section for mine and Kirsty's fanfiction series. Spanning over 13 books, as well as Link, Zelda and Ganon, the stories are rich in characters from all over Hyrule and beyond, friends and foes. Most of the biographies here feature portraits of the various characters, they are photo-paintings and many are based on famous people - see who you can spot! Remember this section DOES contain spoilers for our stories so if you haven't finished reading the series yet proceed with caution.

S ince there are so many characters featured its hard to write-up for every single name mentioned. I'm hoping to add missing biographies of the most important characters and at some point will provide a listing of minor characters with short descriptions also. Simply click on the links opposite to bring the biography you want into this box. If you'd like to help out by writing up a missing biography you are more than welcome to send one in.

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