Captain Aaron Westley

Aaron was born on April 22nd 4529, in the forest village of Tarn in Eastern Hyrule. He was the oldest of two children; he has a younger sister called Ashleigh. His Father made a living as a provisioner, selling supplies to the various knights and adventurers passing through the village before they reached Valour Hold. Aaron was going to train to be a carpenter, but discovered he had an amazing skill with a sword when he helped defend the village against a Moblin attack when he was just fourteen years old.

Two years later, Aaron was busy practising, unknown that the great hero, Link was standing watching him. Link was passing through Tarn, on his way to Valour Hold. Impressed with the sixteen year old's skills with weaponry, Link brought him back to North Castle to train him as his apprentice. Aaron couldn't believe his luck, being specially picked out by Link! He immediately resolved to work as hard as possible.

In 4545, many humans began to join Kain's Communion, but Aaron genuinely liked the Royal Family, and stayed loyal to them throughout. As soon as he met Selina Rowen, he found himself in love with her, but kept quiet because she was over four years his senior. Aaron was present at the battle against the griffin Enzar and saved Princess Zelda from the clutches of Ganon during the same fight.

Ever loyal, Aaron found himself roped into Link and Zelda's latest quest - to reclaim the lost Triforce of Courage. To his delight, he found himself paired up with his beloved Selina, but the whole group found themselves in trouble when the encountered the dangerous Carcastan Sect. He helped out again later on, when Ganon used the Amulet of Nagul to try and steal the three Triforces. When Link married Zelda shortly after these events, Aaron was promoted to Triforce Protector, much to his joy.

In 4547, Aaron got married to his love of one year, Aimée Chateroux , a seamstress who worked at North Castle. They both only eighteen at the time, but felt they had something special between them. Less than a year later, they had a son together, whom they named Timothy. Life was good, until 4552, when Ganon returned in his human form, as Ganondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudo. A great war took place - Hyrule and her allies fighting against Ganondorf's army of Gerudos and savage Tanolians. Aaron led his own regiment of men, and succeeded in driving most of the Tanolian invaders north, into the Tantari desert, where his men then killed them. After the war, he took a young Sosarian boy called Sparks on as his apprentice. Sparks took over Triforce duty in 4554 and Aaron was made Vice-Captain of the Hyrulian Army, and given a place in the Royal Council. When Captain Krin retired from the post as Head of the army, Aaron was given the job in 4560.

Although shy and quiet, Aaron is confident around his friends. He and Link are best friends, and he is the godfather of Link's daughter, Brianna. He is one of the most skilled warriors in Hyrule, especially with a sword, and was one of the heroes of the Great War against Ganondorf. He mostly enjoys training, and going out hunting and fishing, and of course, frequenting the taverns along with Drake and Link! He is devoted to his family though, and loves them dearly. He is a human, but knows a little magic. Handsome and kind, he is a great friend of the Royal Family, despite his humble roots.

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