Queen Balayna Anacreon of the Gerudo

    Balayna was born on August 3rd 4524, in the secret Gerudo Valley in the country of Benlucca. Her name means 'She of the Sunset'. Like most Gerudo women, she was taught to be a great warrior. Balayna also learnt some magical skills, and as she matured, she was soon recognised as a good leader, and by the time she was 27 years old, she was second in command of the group. To her horror, as it had been predicted, their Great King, Ganondorf Dragmire returned in 4552. He had been away from the small race for thousands of years, and the group had dreaded his return. She instantly knew what he seeked, and as he brainwashed the group into following him, the strong Balayna set sail for Hyrule to warn Princess Zelda that Ganondorf was back, and wanted the Triforce more than ever.

Out of all the women in the tribe, Ganondorf picked Balayna to be his wife, despite knowing of her deception. They married against her will, and she became Queen of the Gerudo. However, gathering up her faithfullest friends, the ones who Ganondorf hadn't managed to brainwash, she led a secret revolt, helping Hyrule rather than Ganondorf. She got the cure to the drug Ganondorf had administered to Link and Zelda, and gave it to them, and also saved Leigh from death. However, she later discovered that she was pregnant, with Ganondorf's son. She knew that the child was evil, as soon as he was born. She named him Molasar, which stood for "He of the Night". The labour was long, and difficult, and Balayna soon died, from her great loss of blood.

Balayna was greatly loved by the Gerudos, she was a good and wise person. They were deeply saddened by her early death, and after, thanks to Balayna's scheming younger sister Faylita, who wanted to keep Ganondorf's customs, took most of the group and they became evil. Faylita killed what remained of Balayna's followers, and brought up Molasar herself.

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