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Princess Brianna Grâtia-Illustrísquídam

Brianna was born on the 15th August, 4552, in North Castle. She was the first daughter, and second child of Princess Zelda and the great hero Link. Blessed by the faeries, Brianna truly was a lucky child. She was born into peaceful times in Hyrule, where no terrible threats ruined her early childhood. Brianna grew up in a quiet, warm, loving environment, and was a pretty, happy child, loved by all. Although she looked very much like her mother, from an early age, she proved to be very different in nature, and prefered to act like a princess. Her main companions were her older brother Ewan, and Aaron's son Timothy, both of which, she adored. When she grew older, wanting a female company too, she was allowed her own hand-maiden, her best friend Alyssand.

Brianna has been said to be one of the most beautiful women in the whole of Demiari. She was the very stereotype of a perfect Hylian; blonde haired and blue eyed. A diligent student, Brianna loved to pore over old history books, learning about the past, studying ancient scripts in order to learn the difficult ancient Hylian language, or mixing different reagents to try and make new spells. Unlike her mother, Brianna chose to learn the magical art of thaumaturgy, which is one of the hardest in the field. Never mind studying, she also enjoyed painting, sewing and writing poetry, and sometimes played the piano. And, thanks to the teachings of her mother, she was a fine archer, and loved to ride on horseback, too.

In the year 4567, at the age of 15, young Brianna met and fell in love with Molasar, the only son of her family's hated enemy, Ganondorf Dragmire. Cleverly changing his last name to his late mother's, Molasar managed to woo Brianna into running away to the Gerudo kingdom and nearly becoming its next queen, a plan that her two friends, Timothy and Aden, put a stop to. However, Brianna viewed Molasar as her one true love, and after his death at Ewan's hands, she vowed she would do anything to revive him, even if it meant listening to voices no one else could hear.

In 4570, Brianna happens upon a young man named Jeremy, who has promise as a healer. Playing with his emotions, she lures him into a clever trap. Slowly, changes have come over Brianna, changes no one but those closest to her seem to notice. Gone is the beautiful sweet heir to the Hyrulain throne, and in her place, a dangerous young woman that will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals….

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