King Charles of Lemmink

     King Charles was born in 4525, in the small town of Ranical of Lemmink, the first son of King David and Queen Connie. The two new parents were on one of their adventures, and weren't expecting the child so early. He was born on 4:20 of the 25th day of May. Three years later, the queen gave birth to two twin children, Angela and Elisabeth. During Charles' young life, back when he was known only as Prince Charles, he enjoyed spending his days adventuring the land, but because of the danger involved in this, his mother didn't usually let him. But not caring, many times he snuck out anyway.

     The first 14 years of his life went by fairly slowly, until David and Connie had another child, a little boy, John. As the child grew older, Charles had a new partner in his travels. The duo spent many eventings adventuring the lands, but nothing dangerous, for Charles was extremely protective of his young brother. Without his brother, he went on a few adventures, slayed a few dragons, but nothing really big. At the age of 18, as was the custom of the land of Lemmink, Charles inherited the throne from his father David, although he had no wife.

      In 4545, Charles went alone on a trip to Hyrule, a neighbouring country. As he travelled to North Castle, he saw it to be under seige, and tried to help out. He also set out to slay Sal,one of Hyrule's most promient dragons, but Link stopped him from doing so. He pretended to be nothing but a humble traveller, and succeeded in fooling the whole court for a while, aside from Nick, who was a close friend of his from a few years back. When Zelda was supposedly 'killed', Charles befriended Link, and offered to help him avenge the person who had killed the princess. Link guessed who he was, and Charles knew it was time to confess to everyone who he really was. Staying in Hyrule, he made some great friends, and pledged to be an even closer ally.

      Charles' help came in handy during the Great War in 4552. He and Nick led a regiment together, and discovered the Tanolian's hideout, which was situated in the caves complex where the Carcastan cult had resided many years previously. On his way back to Lemmink, he passed through his sister country of Catalia, and discovered a maiden who ahd injured herself on at trap aimed to snare wild animals. Her name was Rachella, and Charles took her back to Lemmink with him, and let his best physcians nurse her back to help. Love blossomed between the pair, and they soon wed. In 4554, they had a daughter, whom they called Beth, and a year later, they had a son called Jack.

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