Damon Owen

    Damon was born on the 2nd January, 4517, in Darunia in East Hyrule. He has a twin sister called Rosina, who was 3 minutes younger than him. Damon's father worked as a carpenter and his mother was a barmaid. The family had a happy life in Darunia, but when Damon was 16, the whole family moved east to the forest village of Tarn. There, his father became a woodsman and Damon became his apprentice. He was already well-skilled, for he had begun to learn the art of archery at the age of twelve. Damon regulary commuted to the nearby town of Darunia to buy certain goods that were not available at the village. In 4536, his father encouraged him to apply for a position as a town guard, to which Damon was readily accepted because of his fine archery skills and polite manner. However, Damon found life confined within the town walls as a guard dull and uninspiring, and after only 12 months he resigned and resumed his career as a woodsman.

In 4537 Damon married his childhood sweetheart, Joy Trubial, whom he had continued to court even after his family moved to Darunia. Sadly, she died in 4543 whilst giving birth. Their child also perished. These were hard times for the woodman, but his family and friends rallied together and helped him the best they could. Dion Insequi, Damon's boyhood friend from Tarn, was instrumental in his friend's recovery - his good humour and never ending enthusiasm proving a good tonic for Damon's torment.

In 4545, Damon met Link and Zelda for the first time, and readily agreed to join their cause against the evil Kain. Damon assisted during the final battle with Kain's real identity, Enzar. He then returned back to Tarn, only to be called back to North Castle later on by Princess Zelda. During his journey there, along with his old friend Dion, unexpected events occured. Dion had purchased a map which supposedly led to the location of the third Triforce. The two explored Kuria Island, only to find several Hylian scrolls (which later they found out, from Zelda, pointed to its location under the Ruto Mountains), and two shards of the Triforces Enzar had shattered. They joined on Link and Zelda's quest for the third Triforce, and were captured by the evil Carcastans, but luckily escaped.

In 4550, the mild-mannered Tarnian was finally appointed as the ranger of his boyhood home - it became his proud duty to look after the land and the creatures surrounding the forest village. Damon has proved to be a loyal servant to the Hyrulian crown, and has served the Hyrulian army several times in the Royal Archery Regiment, most notably during the Great War of 4552 against Ganondorf, and the False War of 4553 against Catalia.

In 4553, Link introduced Damon to a childhood friend, Fayzie Kokiri. Fayzie's husband had persihed only months before, and Link and Fayzie had embarked upon an ill-advised, albeit brief, affair. Unable to care for Fayzie and her young son in the way he wished, Link asked Damon if he would ensure that the two were well cared for. Damon obliged willingly, although he could not foresee that he would soon fall in love with the vulnerable Catalian, a feeling she too would reciprocate.

Despite the initial difficulties their relationship faced, the two overcame all problems, and were happily married in 4554, much to the joy of Dion Insequi, who had feared his friend would never remarry and become 'a lonely and bitter man'. Damon and Fayzie's love was to produce many children. In 4555 their first child was born, a girl, whom the named Fay. A year later, Fayzie gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy, Sarah and Jack. In 4560, they had another boy, Nate and much to the couple's surprise and joy they had a final child in 4567, a third boy who they named Wolf.

Damon is a friendly, kind and down to earth gentleman, although he is often shy around those he does not know. He has a great knowledge of the lore and ways of the forest, and makes an excellent companion for anyone travelling through such territory. His agility and stealth make him an excellent ranger, as does his exceptional archery skill.

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