Sir Dion Insequi

    Dion was born on the 4th of January, 4516, in the country of Dubatio, North West of Hyrule. At the time of his birth the country of Dubatio was on the brink of civil war so his parents decided to leave for safer lands for his sake. When the family arrived in Hyrule they settled in Western Hyrule in Mido, but later moved to Kasuto in Eastern Hyrule. Dion was an only child, and his family is one of the most respected, and wealthy, in the whole of Hyrule never mind the rest of the world. Dion's parents were already incredibly wealthy before they arrived in Hyrule having made a fortune from diamond mining in Dubatio, but now Dion has created his own personal fortune from his art. He already has several famous paintings and sculptures to his name and has designed many famous buildings throughout Hyrule including the Communion Halls and the Great Library in Mido.

Before Dion discovered his artistic side, he was a keen archer and honed his skill to near perfection at a very young age. The generous Dubation was keen to pass his knowledge to any who asked, and this was how he and Damon Owen cemented a friendship that was to last a lifetime. The two initially met when Dion's father, Raul, commissioned Damon's father to build him a grander home in Kasuto. Damon was on hand to assist his father, and a 12 year old Dion watched the work with great interest.

However, at 17, Dion was conscripted into the Dubation army to protect his birth country from foreign invaders. The young Dubation jumped at the chance, for he saw that for the first time he could truly put his archery skills to use and he joined up with the Dubation Archers Unit. Even the horrors of war could not bring down the Dubation's renowned spirit, and he was often on hand to raise the morale of his friends when times were low. It was during his time in the Dubation Army that Dion met a young Prince Nicolas of Dalsona, and the two soon became firm friends. For five years, Dion fought against the Tanolians, who proved a tougher opponent than any might guess. In the end, it was a daring dawn raid, carried out by Dion, Nicolas and others that saw the leader of the Tanolians killed, Lieutenant Abortio. Dion himself was the man to slay Abortio, and he still maintains to this day that he had never produced a sweeter shot. With their leader dead, the Tanolians began a frenzied retreat which saw many of them die with an arrow in their back. With the war at an end, the men whom had fought for so long to keep their country safe were proclaimed as national heroes, alive or dead. Dion was singled out for his contribution and knighted for his deeds by the King of Dubatio.

In 4539, Dion returned to what he regards as his 'real' home, Hyrule. Whilst he had been in Dubatio, Dion had taken up wood carving to while away the long evenings and had discovered he had quite a talent for it. His mother, who had always been artistic, encouraged her son to explore other creative mediums such as painting and stonework and at the age of 24, Dion sculpted he first stone masterpiece, an amazingly intricate and detailed bust of his mother, Fabiola. Buoyed by his success, Dion went on to win a commission from the Dubation King to create a memorial for those who had lost their lives in the recent war. This was a particularly personal piece for Dion, for he had lost friends in the war, and lived through it himself. It took him nearly four years to complete, but the wait was more than worth it, and the stone memorial was proclaimed a masterpiece and a touching dedication by all who saw it.

Dion has been involved in several of Link and Zelda's adventures, although he has been at his most prominent when Hyrule has been at war. He served in both the Great War and the False War, both times captaining for the Hyrulian Archers Regiment. His and Link's friendship was most at risk during the Great War, when the Hyrulian hero was influenced into thinking Dion had shot him on purpose. The issue was soon resolved however, and the two have remained good friends ever since.

Dion is a confident, trustworthy and what some would call insanely cheerful character who has always maintained his honour. He may sometimes come across as a little arrogant but he would do anything for his friends and his countrymen. Intelligent, handsome and wealthy Dion married Lady Alanis Fontaine of Dubatio in 4556. He had spent many years courting the daughter of Dubation nobility, but only saw fit to propose when he was satisfied by his own personal success. The two have had three children, Lance, who was born in 4558, Artemisia, who was born in 4559, and Ivan, who was born in 4566.

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